Johnny Depp’s exes Vanessa Paradis & Lori Anne Allison say he didn’t abuse them


Johnny Depp has a great press machine. His publicist is one of the best in the business, and all of his Pirates of the Caribbean money means that he gets his pick of the top-tier crisis managers and press flacks. So given all of the information that has come out about Johnny Depp in the past 72 hours, I would imagine that a lot of calls have made, a lot of strategizing has been done and a lot of new talent has been hired. I’m expecting a new crisis-mode strategy to emerge from Team Depp in the days, weeks and months to come. Because what’s happening right now with Team Depp is pretty pathetic and obvious. I’m actually embarrassed for Laura Wasser, his divorce attorney, who is trying to convince the court of public opinion that Amber Heard is lying about everything. So what do you think about Team Depp’s strategy of having his exes speak out? First, Johnny’s first wife spoke to TMZ:

Johnny Depp would never lay a hand on a woman and isn’t capable of hurting anyone … so says Johnny’s first wife, Lori Anne Allison. Lori, who was married to Johnny from 1983 to 1985, tells friends she doesn’t believe Amber Heard’s claim that Johnny brutalized her multiple times during their short marriage.

Lori’s saying Johnny never got physical with her during their relationship … he never even screamed. She calls him a “soft person” who is even kind to animals. Lori and Johnny had a dog during their marriage and he was more loving with the pooch than most parents are to their kids. Lori and Johnny are still friends and spoke as recently as last week when she called to offer her condolences over his mother’s death.

[From TMZ]

I think it’s totally possible that Johnny was never abusive to his first wife and he was repeatedly abusive to Amber Heard. One story doesn’t negate the other. Plus, a lot happens in 30-plus years, especially if a person is a drug-and-alcohol abuser. I think it’s possible that Depp is a nice guy when he’s sober and he’s a monster when he’s drinking and/or using. But all that being said, obvious PR plant is obvious.

After TMZ published that story, they did one on Vanessa Paradis’s statement. She issued a hand-written note to the media which said:

Johnny Depp’s long-term partner and mother of his 2 children is scoffing at Amber Heard’s domestic violence claims … insisting Johnny is a loving man who has never been physically abusive to women. TMZ has obtained a letter from Vanessa Paradis, to refute Heard’s domestic violence allegations. Paradis, Johnny’s partner from 1998 – 2012, calls him “a sensitive, loving and loved person.”

Paradis has 2 kids with Depp — Lily-Rose, 17, and Jack, 14. She calls Heard’s claims “outrageous,” adding, “In all the years I have known Johnny, he has never been physically abusive with me and this looks nothing like the man I lived with for 14 wonderful years.”

Paradis’ view of Johnny syncs up with that of his ex-wife Lori Anne Allison, who also said he was never physical with her … never even screamed.

[From TMZ]

I wondered if Vanessa Paradis would offer her thoughts publicly on anything and the only surprise here is that Vanessa didn’t wait a day or two so the statements from Johnny’s exes didn’t look so coordinated. Johnny and Vanessa still have minor children together and they (reportedly) share custody amicably and without drama. They were also together for 14 years, and I’ve always thought that Vanessa (out of everyone) had/has the goods on Johnny. I remember reading that Vanessa stayed quiet by design during their extended break up process and that Depp gave her a decent-sized chunk of his fortune as some kind of post-split settlement. The specific details of that settlement were never revealed, and I would be willing to bet the terms of the settlement were attached to a non-disclosure agreement. Which says to me that Vanessa is speaking now because Johnny and his people asked her to.

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Photos of Depp in Portugal on Friday night, courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Pinky says:

    Then he should have stayed with them. If they could manage his addictions, delusions, and bouts of violence, he was an idiot to leave.


    • yellowrocket says:

      These women with their oh poor johnny is misunderstood, he’s an artist, he’s passionate, he needed a strong woman to handle him, amber just didn’t get him. That narrative is so frustrating.

      • Fiorella says:

        I think they are saying he didn’t hit Amber because he doesn’t hit women. Doesn’t make sense to me , but I disagree that they are saying she should have acted differently, they are saying she’s a liar

    • B n A fn says:

      I’m saying there are lots of money and favors being exchanged. I believe her. This brings me back to my former post yesterday. She know he was an abuser, she should have never marry him. She has to own up to her mistakes too. Anyone remembers Bill Cosby. Lots of famous and regular people saying they did not believe that he had molested 50 women. If Amber is lying it will come out in the wash and that water in the tub will be dirty, just saying.

      Btw, his movie is tracking about $20m less than expected this weekend. Now his friends are trying to prop him us. He went one time to many

      • Boo says:

        I agree. Vanessa would look terrible by extension if she knew and went on to have children with him, and raised those kids in that environment. She’s covering for herself and their kids about Johnny. He most likely is paying her a lot for it too.

        I’ve always thought Vanessa is like a female version of Johnny anyway. He should have stayed with her.

      • hplupoi says:

        How many people say that Bill Clinton didn’t sexually harass and abuse women for years? How many times are people going to say he was never prosecuted so it didn’t happen?

        It is beyond me how we can all accept the abuse from Bill Cosby and now Johnny Depp but Bill Clinton is above reproach when it comes to his behavior.

      • Pinky says:

        @hplupoi What the heck does Bill Clinton have to do with anything? Is he running for President? Or are you implying that Hillary Clinton should not be elected because her husband is a lech? Any candidate could be judged poorly by his/her spouse. Sure. But a better analogy would be to compare apples to apples. For instance, you’d have to say Donald Trump–a man actually running for President–is just as bad as Bill Clinton in his treatment of women, if not worse. But I imagine your reply would be, “he was never prosecuted so it didn’t happen.”


      • Honey says:

        So only presidential candidates must be judged for their actions? It’s funny how people turn up their nose at Camille Cosby but Hillary is supposed to get a free pass.

      • Saraya says:

        “Or are you implying that Hillary Clinton should not be elected because her husband is a lech?”

        Nope, she shouldn’t be elected because she aided and abetted her husband’s abuse of women. She’s the Bonnie to his Clyde.

      • Pinky says:

        @Saraya If that’s what hplupoi meant, then she should say that. But that’s not what I got out of her statement. And then Trump’s Melanja should be side-eyed as well for abetting her lech. We can go at this all day….


      • Frankie says:

        No one knows the truth. The reality is they are both vile people who are cabable of anything. Amber is capable of lying and JD is capable of lying. There is a lot of money involved. Personally if I was Amber and all this happened I would want the world to know, I would want very quick divorce and I would want his money unless I did have any but that’s just me. Keep damn money just let me go

      • Bridget says:

        ‘She should never have married him and needs to accept responsibility’ – that’s literally victim blaming.

      • Fiorella says:

        No one cares about Camille Cosby other than wondering what her life is like, how long she knew he was a creep, why she doesn’t move on. She has no public endeavours to support or not support. Also didn’t she make rude statements about her husband’s victims ?

      • JenYfromTheBlok says:

        Just because someone abuses drugs or alcohol doesn’t mean they will automatically behave abusively towards a partner. Add a likely component of JD’s pursuasion/blame/addiction to the fact that he didn’t have a history of abuse is the likely package for her trust in him. Saying AH needs to “take responsibility” is ignorant victim shaming.

      • Rosalindy says:

        @Saraya-I don’t think comparing Bill Clinton to Cosby is a valid argument. Clinton didn’t drug and rape scores of women. Also for @honey-Clinton may be a womanizer but the same thing applies here-he’s not a rapist.

      • Saraya says:

        @Rosalindy – No, Clinton is not merely a womanizer. He has repeatedly been accused of various incidents of sexual misconduct (sexual harassment, groping, etc.). To minimize his actions by labeling them ‘womanizing’ is anti-women and reinforces rape culture. He is not some rascally, lovable skirt-chaser. He’s a predator.

      • Marieeeee says:

        Mel Gibson’s wife Robyn also publicly stated that he was never abusive to her, and while that may have been true, we all heard the Oksana tapes. In both cases the men left a long term stable(ish) relationship with children for a much younger woman who they clearly did not respect or regard as equals. I believe it’s very possibly Johnny was not abusive to Vanessa, but viewed Amber in an entirely different way which made abuse possible because he saw her as “beneath him”

      • M.A.F. says:

        Not sure why politicians are being brought into this but whatever.

      • bitchytrollop says:

        People who attack Bill and Hillary Clinton curiously always leave put that all of the accusers against him were funded and supported by a coterie of the same sort of people who will tell you Barack Obama was actually born in Kenya. Curiously enough, though Donald Trump has been accused of rape by at least four women and of various acts of sexism by at least fifty others, he nevers gets mentioned in these sort of talks.

        Also never mentioned? That Kenneth Starr, who pursued Clinton for a consensual relationship, has been disciplined for punishing rape victims at his school while allowing student athletes to rape and assault women with impunity.

      • Rosalindy says:

        @Saraya-you’re still saying that Clinton is on the same level as Cosby-a person who drugged, molested, assaulted, and or raped multitudes of women. You’re entitled to your opinion but I don’t agree with it. Also, I don’t think my statement in anyway perpetuates rape culture.

      • katie says:

        Hillary shouldnt be elected because SHE is a lech.

      • Jib says:

        So why do we believe Amber but it’s ok to call his ex-wife and gf liars? I tend to believe them unless he dies get violent with alcohol. But I hate people saying they are lying. Why would they? Money? Then you are all saying they are selling themselves. Not cool.

    • Moxylady says:

      The real problem with this is that the two women say- well. He never was like this with me. Which implies that if he is like this now, it’s ambers fault. She’s the problem. She pushes his buttons. And look! He doesn’t torture animals like some serial killer! He deserves a medal. Ugh. Such appallingly low standards.

      • PandaCookie says:

        Totally puts the blame on Amber. My esteem for Vanessa, who I’ve always liked very much, just went down. Saying the claims were “outrageous” wasn’t cool. We all knew his PR team would get quotes from her and others. I don’t believe them, I think they were paid off and Vanessa is protecting her children’s interests. Very disappointing. The only way for JD to get redemption imo is to admit it–take responsibility for his own behavior and get help. The covering up makes it worse.

      • Fiorella says:

        Oh weird I totally didn’t take it like that. Thought they meant she’s lying because he’d never do that. Either way their statements don’t prove a thing

      • noway says:

        No I would not say Vanessa and Lori’s statements, true or not, imply it was Amber’s fault at all. I would say that type of thinking is part of the problem we have when we speak about domestic abuse. Reality an abuser can be perfectly normal in one relationship and abusive in another and it is not the fault of the abused ever. This type of thought really needs to be eradicated from the conversation as it is not helpful either way and it is just plain wrong.

      • annaloo. says:

        I have a hard time with this. I really do. I have a hard time with this because I’ve gone through the experience of a woman levelling a completely out of character and very serious criminal accusation at my younger brother, only to find out that she was extremely emotionally unstable and was trying to take him down for rejecting her. And I also have a parent who – when she was done with the marriage to my father – left, taking absolutely nothing. It wasn’t life or death, but sheer determination to leave a life she hated, including being a mom.

        I struggle with it because I, as a human, don’t think that it’s not for nothing that Vanessa, the woman he was with for 14 years and left, defends him.

        I struggle that Amber asked for alimony to sustain her lifestyle, despite stating the very serious life or death level that she feared for her very life.

        I am just having trouble reconciling this sort of information from my own life experience..and maybe I have mommy issues, I don’t know. But if my life were in danger, I would cut him – and everything connected to him – loose. Once any sort of financial stability came of my own- I would have left. And I can only speak of my own thinking and acctions, and have left men, several times, for lesser reasons.

        I am not trying to start fights amongst celebitchy readers, whose opinions and commentary I truly enjoy.. I just have trouble with this, having seen other sides from a few situations in my life…the conclusions so immediately drawn condemning him….unlike Cosby, I just do not see the smoke. But, obviously, think there is still so much more to find out. Or maybe I am blind. Til then, I just don’t know what to think. I really liked Ed Scissorhands, I like Depp’s public image. I hate to see heroes fall. 🙁

      • Greyson says:

        @annaloo – Re: Amber asking for spousal support, think of it this way. Johnny has a lot of friends. How much work do you think Amber will get following going public with abuse claims? His friends in Hollywood will likely blacklist her, since guilty or not they’ve worked with Johnny for decades and he’s made them hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars..

        She will also need money for lawyer fees, security, secure housing, and all that jazz. Post divorce she will not be able to make the money she previously could nor have the indepedence/anonymity in public she once enjoyed.

      • Jib says:

        Annaloo, I, too, struggle with this. Some women do make false accusations. As a woman and an old-time feminist, I don’t feel it’s misogynistic to say that. All women are not saints. We are the same as men – truthful and liars. And the people on this thread are very free to say things like Depp paid Vanessa off, she said it to save face – accusing her of lying.

        I tend to believe a track record. But I’m also,open to evidence. It will come out, and then we’ll know, but to call his exes liars and money grubbers is the same as saying AH is lying.

      • Patsy says:

        I doubt very much that Vanessa would say anything other than the truth. I think she and her kids have seen sides of these people both Amber and Johnny that we have never seen and her opinion be respected for what it is her opinion – there is no way she would lie about her feelings on the issue and I doubt very much that she would lie to cover up abuse.

    • KB says:

      If he’s such a saint, why did she divorce him and why did Vanessa break up with him? If you’re going to tell us how great he was, tell us what went wrong with this angel on earth!

      • amilu says:

        This! I would love to hear their truthful reasons, too.

      • Kitten says:

        Why should Vanessa suddenly talk about the intimate details that led to the dissolution of her marriage when she never has before?

        Jesus. Vanessa is not on trial here. She has ZERO obligation to divulge the details of her relationship with Johnny nor should she have to answer for HIS abusive behavior. She’s not the one currently flinging sh*t in a messy divorce–that’s on Johnny and Amber. Johnny is not her headache anymore.

        Additionally, there are eight million reasons why a marriage could end in divorce. Insinuating that Vanessa is lying is no better than insinuating that Amber is lying. Let’s just be different and for once, extend the same courtesy to both women and give them the benefit of the doubt.

      • noway says:

        So now you are a saint because you don’t beat your wife. I am sure there are many reasons short of domestic abuse why you would divorce someone.

      • Carol says:

        @kitten I agree with you. I also believe JD’s first wife and Vanessa when they claim they weren’t physically abused by JD and I believe Amber’s claims that Johnny Depp was violent during their relationship. JD seems to me to be having major substance abuse issues and when your under the influence, it can majorly increase the chance of becoming violent. It can completely change your character. And if pain and anger were involved while boozed up, seems that JD was struggling with his mother’s ailment, I can see him taking it out on Amber. I don’t think JD is a serial wife beater though

      • Stacey says:

        Going to the police for help because the man you love beats you isn’t flinging mud. Thats rock bottom. When you are so deep in it that you would tell your horrible secret to a stranger (a cop) in a moment of desperation and hope that they can help you….. My heart breaks for her.

        This whole thing has had me in tears all week. Those of us that are members of this unfortunate club know the red flags and know Amber told the truth about her abuse knowing it will open a can of worms and people will judge her. These are some of the reasons why we don’t come foreward- we are afraid of the fall out. Its horrible enough when the man you love beats you but to relive it all and subject yourself to the court process and the judgement… Amber is really a strong person. The red flags are all over the investigation reports. The violence was escalating. Good thing she left now before it got worse.

      • SilkyMalice says:

        Aw, Stacey. So sorry. I agree with you that it is good she left now and that she is a strong person, and so are you.

      • Emma - The JP Lover says:

        @KB, who wrote: “If he’s such a saint, why did she divorce him and why did Vanessa break up with him? If you’re going to tell us how great he was, tell us what went wrong with this angel on earth!”

        I’ve seen this several times now and just couldn’t not ask … didn’t Johnny Depp leave Vanessa for Amber Heard? I don’t recall Vanessa ‘breaking up with him.’ I recall seeing stories about Depp and Heard and then an announcement that Johnny and Vanessa were no longer a couple.

      • lindi says:

        I also have the trouble with this – because i have seen in my own life relationships where the woman was the heavy emotional abuser and when the man finally reactes and threw some shoes, one of wh

      • Patsy says:

        Why does anyone divorce

    • lisa says:

      yeah this doesnt really mean anything to me

      he should have settled out of court

    • Trashaddict says:

      Pinky, for God’s sake, it is not up to ANY person to “manage” the addictions of their partner. The responsibility for that lies with the addict. While addiction is a disease, you take responsibility for your own health, just like a diabetic who knows they have to take their insulin or suffer the consequences. Just another way to make women feel they are responsible (read “guilty” ) for everything that goes bad around them. Enough.

      • SilkyMalice says:

        Yeah, pinky, wtf. Open mouth and insert foot yet again.

      • Pinky says:

        @Trashaddict Of course the responsibility is on the addict! My statement was facetious yet it still implies he makes bad decisions, all around. But I’m pretty sure you and @SilkyMalice know that’s exactly what my statement meant….

    • Original T.C. says:

      Also let’s remember that Mel Gibson’s first wife Robin (?) and mother to his million plus children testified in his favor that he had never hit or abused her when his girlfriend took him to court. There was clear evidence he DID abuse the girlfriend.

      Just because you don’t abuse previous partners does not mean someone else accusing you of abuse is lying.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        That’s an excellent example, OTC. I believe Amber and her witnesses. I also believe Johnny was somewhat more in control of himself in his days with Vanessa, and that she may have tended to look the other way about his behavior.

    • ronaldinhio says:

      My hugely physically violent father has never beaten or battered my stepmom. ( Her kids are another matter)
      She gets to say regularly that she knows he would never lay a finger on a woman
      This goes against our extensive lived experience and the black eyes of her son’s but she smugly and repeatedly says it to anyone who will listen.
      Maybe he didn’t hit Paradis but that doesn’t mean he didn’t hit Heard. She should mind her business

  2. Megan says:

    So disappointing. I can’t help but think money or favors changed hands.

    • HH says:

      I had the very same thoughts.

      • Capepopsie says:

        Me too!!
        I was really really hoping someone from his
        past had the courage and integrity to offer
        Her their support!!

        I’ m sure she is telling the truth. And I doubt
        He was “an angel” in his previous
        Relationships and turned into a “devil”
        With Amber.

      • ronaldinhio says:

        Addictions can worsen as can violent and erratic behaviour associated with the mix of cocaine plus alcohol.
        I think we forget that Paradis has skin in the game. Her children’s inheritance could be massively effected by these accusations. She has also no doubt signed a non disclosure agreement over anything that went on during their marriage. No matter what it makes sound financial sense for her to come out batting for Depp

      • tantricweave says:

        About 15 years ago one of my students told me her sister had her collarbone broken by mr. depp and received a settlement. Im sure there are others out there.

    • mila says:

      his first wife obviously know nothing about him since they were married 30+ years ago. people change.

      VP will not say a thing, she has two underage kids with him, she probably thinks its for the best for the kids to still have a delusion of a great dad, since they seem to be on good terms with him.

      Moss will support him if she has to. He supported her during Coke Kate scandal.

      Mickey Rourke supports him. The same guy who shot his then wife, Care Otis.

      Hollyweird at its finest. Most of them think that abuse is killing someone… Just look at imdb pages, its so gross. He is still a hero. And BTW he is in Europe days after him mum passed away, yet people still think AH orchestrated the whole thing just to spite him. He is having a ball. The more I learn about this, the more I am sure that he is an abuser and I am really trying to be objective since I do not know them.

      • Liv says:

        Or maybe they are right and Johnny did nothing. Maybe he was just abusive with Amber. Some people are not good for each other (I mean both of them). Or maybe he abused all of them and they got money to keep quiet. The only person I believe in this whole scenario is Vanessa. She’s a decent person and I think it’s rude to assume that she lies for him.

      • Emma - The JP Lover says:

        @Liv …

        Agreed. It would be sad if people dismissed Vanessa’s statement about Johnny Depp simply because it doesn’t fit their narrative of Depp’s abusive of Amber Heard. How jaded have we become if we insist that the only way someone could say something decent about a person is if they’ve been paid to do so? Why can’t Vanessa’s words and her daughter’s words simply just be the truth?

      • Mia says:

        @Liv, @Emma, I completely agree. Vanessa’s narrative doesn’t fit what some people have already convinced themselves is the truth, so therefore she must be lying. *insert sarcasm* How about we quit it with the double standards? These were three very different marriages, it’s highly likely that he treated them all differently based on his mental/emotional state at the time and whether he was using. It doesn’t mean Lori and Vanessa are lying and were paid off, just because their experiences don’t line up with Amber’s (assuming AH is telling the truth at all).

      • Chaser says:

        Come on guys. Look and actually read VPs statement. She says that behaviour isn’t consistent with the JD she was partnered with. That’s a pretty significant choice of wording. It’s pretty obvious that JD has had a downward spiral since their split and is somewhat a ‘different person’. She’s alluding to that and making her statement based on who he was not what he is now. She knows full well he’s lost control.
        I think she’s managed a statement that protects her children while been open ended a little.

      • norah says:

        there is another friend of depp’s who is saying that amber is to blame

    • Intuitive says:

      I agree. Maybe Vanessa (very mistakenly, in my opinion) is trying to protect his reputation for the sake of his children. But I don’t believe her for a moment. I’m sure I read on here clips of interviews Depp gave talking about his anger issues and how she was able to talk him down. Must have been like walking on eggshells…

    • kibbles says:

      At the end of the day, everything is about money whether people want to admit to it or not. Especially when it comes to millions upon millions of dollars. Many people will stay silent or even lie and defend a horrible human being if it means being set for life or buying an extra island, mansion, whatever. I truly believe Vanessa Paradis has been and is continuously being bought by Johnny. Of course, he is also the father of her children and they had a long relationship together. Like so many other women throughout history, she will protect him irregardless of what she knows about the skeletons in his closet. The shameful aspect to all of these celebrity abuse cases is that the partners or exes of these horrible men continuously set back women’s rights and add more ammo to misogynists who enjoy the public victim shaming. Same goes for Camille Cosby. Johnny is absolutely capable of being nice to one partner and beating the crap out of another. People change especially when there is some sort of addiction to drugs or alcohol involved.

    • Patsy says:

      She’s loaded, wealthy family, been working since she was very young, first single Joe Le Taxi at 14, consistently worked in films and music since 1987. She has real character and would not compromise her integrity for money.

  3. original kay says:

    Never physically abused me, she says. Nothing about emotional abuse. That screams volumes to me.

    also, people can define physical abuse differently, perhaps. maybe Vanessa was pushed around, but she doesn’t consider that wrong. People take all kinds of abuse and don’t even recognize it for what it is.

    • B n A fn says:

      @o Kay, money talks. Plus, VP has children for him, I’m thinking he is still supporting her and his children.

      • Mira says:

        Of course hes supporting his children. He’s supposed to hes their father. Paradis has a very successful career in france, and she is from a rich family. I don’t think this is about money for her.I think she is possibly speaking her truth and also protecting her children. I don’t think she should speak on ambers truth though.

    • Artemis says:

      Exactly. What about emotional abuse? His team trashed Paradis when they broke up. Johnny and Vanessa used to claim (in the beginning) that they never fought yet at the end of their relationship and after the split, details emerged of their bickering and Johnny basically being resentful for Vanessa keeping him on a tight leash. Well, clearly the man needed some ‘rules’.

      Ryder implied her first boyfriend kept breaking things around her. And Depp himself said that Paradis was able to talk him down when one of his moods came up which could be pretty intense. But he needed her to talk him down, very strongly so.

      I think all of his partners witnessed at least one his self-confessed rage moods at one point during their relationship and mistook it for passion.
      As for his first wife, even if what she says is true, then why is her statement important? She knew him as her partner 3 decades ago. Bye Felicia, that’s not relevant! People change, sometimes for the worse! Anybody defending him is not relevant considering it’s Amber who was abused in 2016. He’s been spiraling down for a long time now.
      Also, how horrible for Amber if they are all telling the truth. As if abused women don’t struggle enough with the ‘why me?’ question.

      These women should be embarassed.

      • Wilma says:

        Such glowing reports are always circumspect, especially since Depp has talked openly about having anger managment issues and bouts of rage.
        After these reports you kind of wonder why these women split up with him in the first place like Madonna and Sean Penn… Really sad that this is probably due to money and dependence on a certain lifestyle.

      • Bridget says:

        Wasn’t his drinking also an alleged factor in their split?

      • Fiorella says:

        Artemis that reminds me about the hotel trashing.. Is that not violent behaviour (not soft and gentle behaviour as described by Lori and vp)

      • Artemis says:


        Even when he turned 50 and dating Heard, he said he had less ‘rage’. That was on Ellen’s show in 2014. The dude admits to his vices and people still don’t want to know!


        I googled and this came up:

        The constant bickering led to vicious spats. “They’d have blazing fights,” says the friend. “Vanessa would take her frustrations out on him.” Depp, in turn, “started to drink heavily.” from US magazine. They basically put the blame on Paradis for the fights and his inability to cope with it in a healthy way.

        Also she was the one that spoke out when the rumours of a split were rampant, she denied them and then not even 6 months later, they split with Depp’s team ready to paint him as a victim to evil controlling shrew Paradis. And he was already dating Heard too!


        Apparently, that doesn’t count as DV for most people? I don’t even know at this point. He could go Chris Brown on somebody and they would still paint him as the victim!

      • Stacey says:

        Artemis!! You struck a nerve when you said, as if abused women don’t struggle with the “why me?” Enoughas it is. So true.

        We were both broken after the beating and I asked him. Did you beat up your ex wife or is just me? My boyfriend has been beating me for months and the last time he beat me til I went unconcious, he said “i never touched my ex wife. She never made me mad the way you do. You make me mad and its your fault.”
        We need girlfriends like you that remind us it isnt us that is the problem- its our abuser.

        Thank god for women like you. You are our saints from heaven in moments like this. Someone who looks you in the eyes deep into your soul and tells you, this is not your fault.

      • Patsy says:

        I would prefer a partner who broke things around me than someone who broke me. The fact that he has trashed a few rooms in no way implies that he has beaten someone up.

    • Michelleb says:

      I thought that Vanessa’s wording was very careful too. She does not say that he was/is never abusive to her, only that he was never physically abusive to her. What she does not say here screams more loudly to me than any defense.

      As others have said, Vanessa may be limited in what she can say regarding Depp – whether for financial reasons, an NDA, or because of their children. If she did suffer emotional or verbal abuse by Depp, she may not even consider that abuse. I know many women like this. This type of abuse is more insidious. My father was abusive to my mother in the last 10-ish years of their marriage, but it was years after divorce and therapy that she recognised that he was emotionally abusive as well as the physical abuse that she endured.

      It also makes sense to me that Depp’s first wife denies any abuse, and I can believe that she was never abused. They were both very young then and this was prior to Depp’s many years of alcohol and drug abuse. My own father has been married three times. His first marriage right out of high school only last a few years, and he did not abuse this first wife. This was also before my dad became an alcoholic.

      Everything was fine early in my parents’ marriage too, until social drinking became heavy drinking, which became alcoholism. He turned into a monster when he was drunk. I cannot detail the physical abuse here, because it is just too much for me. Anyway, my mom finally left him after his violence turned towards my siblings and I. We left when he was at work one day, calling my aunt and grandparents to help us carry away what we could while my dad was absent. I’m not in contact with my dad now – that is too toxic for me – but by all accounts that I hear through family members, he is abusive to his third wife too. My dad is also bipolar, who often self-medicated with alcohol – has done so since he was diagnosed around 40 years old.

      Reading the reports of Amber Heard’s situation, especially the legal documents has been triggering for me – surprisingly so, as it has been years since I’ve dealt with this issue in my family. However, the way that it has been described in these legal docs is so similar to my own experience that I just had to stop reading about it yesterday for awhile and crawl into bed with my dogs and cry for mom, myself, Amber and every woman who has been through domestic violence.

      Sadly, it is far too common to be disbelieved and the abuser often uses that fact against the victim. My dad always did that. He was the perfect, upstanding doctor and to everyone else he was kind and fun. It was difficult to get people (especially my dad’s side of the family) to see that he wasn’t that way with us. Poor Amber. I just cannot imagine going through this in a media storm.

      • Chanteloup says:

        I’m sorry for your experience, and I share your tears.

      • GreenieWeenie says:

        I don’t know how old you are now, but just FYI–I can say that these things often get less emotionally disruptive with time and distance. It was all very familiar to me too.

      • PandaCookie says:

        I’ve got a sociopath doctor in my life too Michelleb and it is terribly frustrating to see how he uses his social status to hide the monster he is. He gets full respect in the community and no one would ever suspect what a pyscho deviant he is.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        I’m sorry, Michelle. Your early life sounds so difficult. When you need to turn away from this for a while, you’re very wise to do so. I think when it’s your own father who was the abuser, and your mother the abused, it’s got to be even harder than it is for those of us who escaped a violent partner. I find myself unable to look away from this Amber-Johnny mess because it so mirrors my own past with a well-known and widely admired secret-abuser, and she is showing so much more courage in the face of it than I did. When it’s a parent, though, you can never completely put it behind you: being estranged from your father is necessary, but it’s also an enduring grief and it’s the loss of a parent.

    • GreenieWeenie says:

      Also, why does it matter how he treated his ex partners? What does that have to do with how he treated Amber? Both of his ex-partners were his peers. Amber was not. When he was with his last partner, he apparently cut way back on drinking, etc. Clearly not the case with Amber. I don’t want to hear testimonials from ex partners. I want to hear an explanation for WHY HIS CURRENT ONE has an imprint of an iPhone on her face that multiple people say was from him.

      • Wren says:

        I can see how it would be relevant if he had NO history of violent behavior, substance abuse, anger issues, or anything of the kind and now suddenly he’s being accused of domestic violence. It wouldn’t exonerate him, but it would be worth considering.

        But that’s not the case, and even these womens’ supportive statements aren’t even all that supportive when you get down to it. One who parted from him 30 years ago and one carefully worded, dry note. If, say, a man I knew intimately was being accused of such behavior I’d have a whole lot more to say than that. But no, we get the equivalent of, “well, he never hit me……”

        It is a very interesting point you make, Amber not being a peer. It would explain why his behavior seems to have escalated. He probably felt he could treat her however he pleased, and when she did not respond “properly” or questioned him he flipped out. She said as much in her court filing. If he regarded her more as a possession than a partner, it would explain a lot.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        That really needed to be said, Greenieweenie, and you said it so well.

    • Wren says:

      I believe Vanessa is telling the truth. I also believe that she could tell a whole lot more truth if she so chose.

      It’s very telling how specific her statement is; at face value she’s refuting Amber’s claims, but when you actually read what she wrote, Vanessa does nothing of the kind.

      She’s bound by her duty to their children, and likely an NDA from their split, and of course she’s going to support him. But she isn’t exactly going all out here. I have no doubt Johnny is kind and loving, but that doesn’t mean that’s ALL he is.

      • Fiorella says:

        Great points wren. I bet Lainey will say that too

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Exactly, Wren.

      • Mia says:

        Thank you, someone with a logical, rational, well thought-out response instead of just a knee-jerk “She’s lying and was paid off! I have lost all respect for her!” response.

  4. yellowrocket says:

    Johnny has admitted himself that he had rage issues in the past so some ex girlfriend saying she never even heard him scream is nonsense.

    Even if he never raised a hand to another woman, and I have my doubts Vanessa is lying, he still hit Amber. He left a mark on her face. He was seen attacking her by witnesses. His mission to discredit her is making me despise him more.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about Amber the last few days, I hope she has good people around her keeping her away from trolls on tmz and daily mail and directing her to places like CB to see that she has support.

    • Ashley says:

      I honestly do not believe Amber. Her friends are the only witnesses in all of this. Her injury looks suspicious. The police said there was no evidence of any crime when they came to the house. I believe she and her friends set this all up to extort Johnny and are running a smear campaign against him. If she has video of it like she claims, she needs to release it asap. Nothing is consistent in her story.

      • Palar says:

        Thanks for your opinion. It’s wrong but thanks for sharing.

      • Mike says:

        Her neighbor and the local police are also witnesses.

        I hope you never find your dumb self in a situation like this and no one helps you.

      • minx says:

        Amber knew she would be blamed for filing right after his mother died, and she did it anyway. To me that speaks volumes.

      • pretty says:

        His bodygaurd or security person was also there. Amber specifically names that security guy’s name, actually.

      • Yellowrocket says:

        Let’s test your theory Ashley, what’s Amber’s end game? Johnny Depp is one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. Look at Amber’s interviews on Kinmel and Letterman, they both claim him as a friend 10 seconds in, as do most high profile directors and actors.

        If she wanted to extort money, the smart option would be to have a kid, or to blackmail him by taking secret videos of drug use. She would make way more money and her reputation would be intact.

        She is being pulled apart across the media and is risking a lot of professional connections in a career that she has been building for the last thirteen years.

        I don’t think your theory makes sense.

      • Megan says:

        @Ashley – The judge, who I assume is quite expect in these matters, found the evidence provided by Amber sufficiently credible to issue a restraining order knowing full well it would create a media circus. Clearly not a decision that was made lightly.

      • Ashley says:

        It just seems fishy to me. Her story doesn’t add up.
        @Mike, the police said there was NO EVIDENCE of any crime committed.
        If he was so abusive, why did she marry him? Why does she want money from him after constantly proclaiming to be “fiercely independent”. She had the resources to leave. I am not buying her story. There are REAL domestic violence victims out there and she is not one of them.

      • Colette says:

        @Ashley Post the link of the police statement.Not TMZ’s statement but the actual statement from the police.As for the spousal support,a lawyer has stated why that had to be included now.If she wanted money she could have gotten pregnant and collected child support for 18 years rather than spousal support for 7 months/ half the length of the marriage.

      • Artemis says:

        There are REAL domestic violence victims out there and she is not one of them.

        Please go volunteer in a women’s refuge for 3 days. The variety of domestic violence survivors will either make your head explode in disbelief or accept that people have different backgrounds and different reasons which compel them to marry and stay with an abuser.

        As a support worker, I’ve helped many women and not all of them are easy to deal with. Without going into detail, I can say that it’s the most difficult and unrewarding job I had but it has made me open my eyes that people are NOT black and white and you cannot force your opinion to fit reality. You’re just making your own reality for a situation you don’t understand.

        There is no perfect victim, there is no ‘prototype’, holding out for such things will only have you dismiss many other people suffering from DV.

      • lisa2 says:

        so because her friends are the only witnesses that make it unbelievable. People say the same thing when children are the only witnesses. The police didn’t say there was “no evidence of a crime” she may not have had a visible bruise. sometimes bruise take longer to appear. Amber didn’t file charges at that time. So there was just a report taken. People should stop rewording the facts in words that suit there opinions.

      • Capepopsie says:


        You must be very young or
        Unexperienced, or perhaps
        Both, My dear.

        As someone said up thread,
        All the signs of abuse are there
        If you have the knowledge to
        Recognize it. Sadly. My heart
        Really goes out to Amber!!!

      • Mimmy says:

        I agree with you. She is after money.

      • truthie says:

        I tend to believe he is like that nursery school poem, “when he is good, he is very very good, and when he is bad he is HORRID.” No excuse for his behavior. But, she comes off as a calculating goldigger if she says he was abusive the entire time of the relationship and yet she MARRIED HIM. Was he Ok with bisexual affairs and not seeing him for a month at a time or does that maybe – just maybe – push his buttons pretty d*** hard? He is in the wrong but this seemed a cynical cash grab the whole time, including now. They both should have permanent restraining orders, someone needs to restrain her from his bank account and fun trips to Tiffanys. He needs a big dose of court ordered anger management, possible time for assault, and she need almost zero $ settlement.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Truthie, please note that the trip to Tiffany’s was back in April, not this past week.

      • Beatrice says:

        @Ashley You should be able to express your opinion without being called dumb or out of touch. Frankly, I’m not sure what to believe in this case since the public is caught in a PR cross-fire between these two. She could be lying or he could really be an abuser. Nothing is ever what it seems when Hollywood is involved.

      • isabelle says:

        Oh and his BODYGUARDS are also witnesses.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        I’m not convinced by her story either. You all can yell at me if you want. But she claims he was abusing her the whole time they were seeing each other? Why would you marry the son of a bitch if that were true?

      • imqrious2 says:

        The police said no such thing. You are citing a TMZ “source” at LAPD, of which is probably one of those clowns at TMZ. Please get your facts straight before making a statement as truth.

      • Mia says:

        @Palar, an opinion is not “wrong.” It’s an opinion, how someone feels about something is not right or wrong. Facts which can be empirically proven are. To tell someone, “Well, you feel wrong” is pretty rude and offensive.

    • Artemis says:

      Yup, Depp said he needed Paradis to talk him down when one of his rage moods was coming up. She’s lying then. And she met him while he was still getting arrested for getting rage moods so she knew how he was right at the start.

      • Saks says:

        Yes, and if I remember correctly, he beat or threatened to beat a paparazzi outside a restaurant while being with her

      • Artemis says:

        Yes, they weren’t dating for that long and he did fight with paparazzi. But sure, he’s sweet and all that…

    • sherry says:

      You know who else said he had rage issues? Kate Moss. So far we’ve not seen any, “Johnny was always wonderful with me and I was never abused,” statements from her.

      Maybe because she doesn’t need his money and because she knows what kind of a monster he can be.

      • Artemis says:

        Yeah but Moss was defended by Depp when she was in a media shitstorm in 2005 due to her drug use (with Pete Doherty) and people were questioning her mothering skills. Whether he did because her team asked him to or because he voluntarily did it, doesn’t matter. If he sticks up for her, I can see her being neutral (not saying anything) or defending him. I cannot imagine her actually saying anything bad about him. His exes always seemed overly in to him years after the break-up. Especially Moss and Ryder, 2 exes who have implied he’s got violent tendencies.

      • Mira says:

        I am aware that americans don’t know much about Paradis with the exception of her relationship to Depp. Fyi Vanessa Paradis is very successful in her own country she also came from money. This doesn’t have to be about money. I think its misleading to place her in the camp with his other exes. Paradis has kids with him, her situation is a lot more complicated she is not only speaking up for him, she has to consider her kids too. She shouldn’t be compared to moss.

        Moss is actually the one who for the longest time spoke about him as the love of her life and seem overly into him years after the break up. Paradis and ryder seem to have moved on. Again Paradis is in a different situation, because of the kids.

      • Artemis says:


        Moss did say those things and she did go even more into the deep end after him, despite becoming a mother and having a chance for a more sober lifestyle, but Ryder went of in the deep end too and she wasn’t the party hardy girl like Moss. She started struggling with her mental health and clearly wasn’t over him for years too.

        I think that break-up triggered her mental health issues but she always seemed like a tough person who couldn’t deal with the media glare and pressure anymore. I’m glad she found herself again and choose a different lifestyle in Hollywood.

      • sherry says:

        @Mira – With Paradis I think it has more to do with not wanting to trash the father of her children. She doesn’t want their kids reading that their father is an abusive jerk all over the internet.

      • qwerty says:

        To be fair, Moss doesn’t do statements, period.

    • khalissa says:

      ” Post the link of the police statement”
      “On May 21, police responded to a domestic incident radio call,” LAPD officer Jane Kim said in a statement. “The person reporting did not insist on a report nor was there any evidence provided by the victim that warranted a report. Officers conducted an investigation and determined that a crime did not occur. The officers cleared the scene and left a business card.”

      Another officer said that “if there had been any signs of abuse, officers would have conducted an investigation, regardless of what Heard said had happened.” He added that the 911 call was made at night but they were not sure who made the call. “It could have been the neighbour or it could have been her. The police and her were at the scene. He [Depp] wasn’t there,” he said. LAPD also said that there is currently no criminal investigation.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        so it’s okay to out bill cosby and JD, but NOT bill clinton….you people are hilarious…I’m not even a Trump supporter, but y’all are so dumb if you think that…if Clinton sexually abused women, and his wife knew, then, I’m not voting for her….y’all take Mrs. Cosby to task, what’s the difference? I believe Amber, and fell terrible for her…I also feel terrible for Clinton’s victims..

      • Melly says:

        I worked at a shelter for abused women and children in DC for 4 years. This type of police report is very common. The woman calls/has someone call the police to stop the immediate threat to herself (or to her children) and once the police arrive they decide not to press charges because they are afraid of the outcome. If the guy gets arrested for domestic violence, he’ll make bail quickly and probably be more enraged. In Depp’s case, he likely wouldn’t even be booked and the police report would ignite a media circus that Amber was clearly trying to avoid.
        Why people stay in DV situations or handle these situations in certain ways shouldn’t be examined through a logical lens. In a lot of cases, DV causes the victim in the situation to behave in a way that most people think is illogical, but fear and embarrassment can do that to a person. Working at DV shelters, you hear stories of women who stay in abusive situations because they can’t see a way out and/or have all of these reasons why they stay – reasons that seem crazy or completely illogical to someone looking in from the outside. Amber is probably feeling embarrassed that the whole world is reading about her being a victim (no one likes feeling powerless) and it’s made worse by the fact that she was victimized by one of Hollywood’s heavyweights. She is knowingly sacrificing her career and will likely never get justice for the crimes committed against her.

      • Liv says:

        Melly, I totally believe what you say and you obviously have a lot of knowledge. But how do you realize when someone is lying? I mean there is a small percentage of women or men who claim someone abused or raped them to get what they want. How do you know? I think it’s a very tricky topic, because there’s such thing as shaming the victim and not believing them.

      • Melly says:

        Some disgusting people do lie about being assaulted (sexually and physically) but that number is really, really small. Like so small. In general, you should believe the victim and look at the evidence. People who lie about being assaulted are generally trying to get something, like custody of children or a huge financial settlement. Amber is losing way more then she is gaining. Her career is over, no one is likely going to give her an audition let alone a part. The amount of spousal support she is asking for is really small when compared to Depp’s overall worth, and arguably she deserves to be compensated for the loss of income she will undoubtedly have because of his actions. Also, did she try to blackmail him? If she did, you know Depp’s team would be making that public. Further, if she was after a big financial settlement, there are A TON of better ways she could have gone about it. A video of him using drugs, a video of him being obviously high, etc. that could have yielded a much higher profit without the fallout she will get from accusing him of DV. As a woman in her line of work, going public about being abused by a major & beloved Hollywood player is not a good career move. She also knows that he has the money to destroy her in the public eye and that she never had the support of the public to begin with (she’s been called a home wrecking gold digger during the entire time they were dating & married). She also has witnesses who wrote sworn affidavits, it is a felony to lie in those. Do you think her friends would risk their freedom so she can get $50,000 a month for 7 months? I seriously doubt it.
        From my experience, when people lie about DV it tends to be obvious. Everything about what I have read about this story makes me believe Amber. It adds up. I’ve never been a fan of Ambers but I’ve loved Depp for YEARS, so it breaks my heart. I hope Amber has the emotional support she needs.

      • bitchytrollop says:

        For starters, the police themselves have a huge domestic violence problem. Fully forty percent of officers have had an “incident” in their past. That means that a woman who calls the cops has an almost-fifty percent chance of not summoning help to her door, but another bstterer.

        Second, the LAPD is the worst.

        Third, I lived in LA a long time. My fownstairs neighbor had a violent boyfriend, and one day he decided to beat her up. This is what 911 said to me: “Ma’am, that is a private matter between him and HIS girlfriend.” That’s verbatim. My roommate and I, and four other tenants had to get together to argue with the landlord to call the cops, because while they didn’t care if a woman was being beaten, they cared when the landlord finally called and said the BF was damaging the landlord’s property.

      • Intuitive says:

        Thank you for your insight, @ Melly. You make great sense and I agree.

    • Patsy says:

      But was he seen attacking her, the witness statement released said he was shouting and swinging a bottle, but stated that the alleged abuse happened before she got there

  5. als says:

    Wow, who would have thought the upscale, elegant Vanessa Paradis, the woman that was a symbol of class during their ugly split, considering she was dumped for a 20 year old, would get herself involved in such a dirty scandal of her alcoholic, drugged out ex. And with such urgency!
    I guess class needs money to support itself.
    And since we’re at it, Amber was called a gold digger. What would Vanessa be today without Depp? Depp became a bigger star during their relationship, Paradis became a keeper of secrets I guess.

    I have a feeling this scandal is going to affect not only Depp but the images of his exes as well. Good!

    Even Madonna did not do this much for Sean Penn. Even Madonna had more class in a similar situation. But I guess Madonna has her own money, she hasn’t built her luxury life on keeping silent.

    • Fifi says:

      Vanessa does not need any money from Depp. She has her own. She was recently a jury at the Cannes film festival and has several films lined up. She has a brilliant career with or without Johnny.
      She has never talked about her ex boyfriends. May it be Florent Pagny or Lenny Kravitz, she has never openly spoken about her relationships even when they did. She is genuinely a classy lady and I find some of the comments made here against her quite appalling. She is just a mother, trying to protect her children, not a gold digger by any means.

      • Maureen says:

        Vanessa is a HUGE star outside the US. She was even before she met Johnny.

        He truly may not have ever hit her or his ex wife. He was apparently sober during much of both of those relationships. Addicts do things that are absolutely despicable and things they might never do when sober. This is well documented.

      • Artemis says:

        If she was trying to protect her kids, maybe she could have asked the father of her kids to not trash her in the press like his team did? I don’t know, it’s pretty messed up you go and defend him but can’t be bothered to defend yourself after 14 years of putting him with his rage moods and drug abuse.

        When they broke up, people were very anti-Vanessa too, discrediting her fame and relationship (she was also called a social climber and talentless) and making rude remarks about her looks but LO AND BEHOLD, she comes out in defense of Depp in DV claims and she’s a hero, a classy lady, a true example of class. Just because she stands by Depp I’m sure. If she said anything else, we would be on a thread circa 2011 when she was nothing to do Depp stans/fans.

      • Gabrielle says:

        Exactly. Whether Vanessa believes Amber or not, she is doing what she feels is the right thing for her children, as any mother would do. Who is amber to her when it comes to protecting her children?

      • CornyBlue says:

        If I may how is this protecting her children ?? What do they need protection from ? Was an angry mob going to burn her children at the stake ?

      • claire says:

        Yes, apparently some believe to support one woman, you must tear the other ones down. It speaks to how people think to the extremes, ignoring nuances and gray areas.

      • tback says:

        I don’t understand how Vanessa’s statement serves the purpose of protecting her kids. What is she protecting them from? Those kids likely know the full truth about their father. Kids living in DV situations are aware of what is going on. The kids know if Johnny is capable of what he’s accused of. So, if Amber’s accusations are untrue they know. If Amber’s accusations are true, they now see their mother lying & covering for their father, which tells the children that this kind of behavior is OK. Really bad message for the children actually.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        If Vanessa is lying for Johnny, it’s possible that the thing she’s trying to protect the kids from is knowing that he abused their own mother. She might think it would be more traumatic for them to know that one parent abused the other than it may be for them to know he abused another girlfriend. But it’s also very possible that Vanessa is telling the truth- Johnny was never (physically) abusive toward her, and her motives for reaching out to defend him aren’t money, but wanting to protect her kids from thinking Dad abused Mom, not wanting the public to think that happed if it didn’t and start up disturbing false rumors about it in the tabloids, her own disbelief that someone she once cared for (and might possibly still care about a little bit) is capable of that kind of behavior, and maybe some dislike/mistrust she might have for Amber. Even if Vanessa and his other ex weren’t ever physically abused by Johnny though, they shouldn’t assume or imply that that means Amber is lying about him abusing her.

      • Mia says:

        Agreed, Fifi. The fact Vanessa is now being put on trial here is just insane, offensive and downright disgusting.

    • AliceToo says:

      Vanessa has her own money and doesn’t really need Depp’s. She’s had a flourishing career since she was 14, even if most North Americans don’t know that. For the record at least in France, she’s probably far more well known than he is as she’s been in the public eye there for over 30 years. My french mother in law refers to Depp as “the guy who was with our little Vanessa”.

      You know, if Vanessa had been all about the money as you seem to be implying, she’d have had the means to take him to the cleaners when they split. “Class needs money to support itself”… she’s never needed a man to support her in her entire life. She’s been financially independant since she was 14. She has a singing career (30+years), an acting career and a lucrative Chanel contract for 20 years or so. You may not like what she is saying in regards to the time she spent with Depp, but where do you get off trying to cast someone with their own, hard earned accomplishments as needing the money just because what she experienced with him doesn’t coincide with what Amber Heard says her life was like with him?

      • Megan says:

        She is rumored to have received a $150 pay out from Johnny to ensure a quiet separation. So, no, she does not need money, per se, but she does seem to be fulfilling the terms of the agreement.

      • AliceToo says:

        I don’t think that whatever she received after 14 years together and two children, even if it was to ensure a quiet separation and regardless of any agreement she may or may not have signed, covers this particular situation, well after their relationship ended. And if she did recieve 150 million (guessing that’s what you meant), she most certainly doesn’t need any supposed “payoff” as the original poster on this particular thread implied.

      • Mia says:

        Thank you Alice, you said everything much better than I could. Vanessa is not the one who should be put on trial.

    • Suzy from Ontario says:

      Vanessa didn’t need Depp. She was very famous in France and was making lots of money on her own. Some called her the French Madonna. Just because she wasn’t huge in the US doesn’t mean she wasn’t successful in Europe, which happens quite a bit. Vanessa was modelling, acting and singing and didn’t need Johnny’s money. I suspect she may be saying what she is for her children’s sake, misguided as that may be. Frankly, I’m impressed she isn’t more bitter. A lot of women scorned would have jumped on the bandwagon. I don’t know if Johnny was a regular domestic abuser, at least in terms of truly beating women, but he’s always had a history of trashing hotel rooms and you don’t do that without some anger issues. Drugs and alcohol abuse can make that much worse and Johnny has clearly fallen back into abusing at least alochol. When he was with Vanessa, I think he was sober and there are rumours that she dumped HIM, or at least kicked him out of their home, when he started drinking again, so maybe he’s an abusive drunk. Plus I noticed a blind in BlindGossip that seemed to suggest that Kate Moss was a victim of abuse during their relationship. I notice she hasn’t spoken out:

      • norah says:

        but on the other hand it cd suit vanessa to prop up johnny because if she didnt like amber what better way than by saying that she is a liar – and as a result her – amber gets thrashed and vanessa uses the ” i need to protect my kids card” -? vp may be rich of course and doesnt need his money but this wd be killing two birds with one stone – supporting johnny/making sure that her kids keep their inheritance from amber

    • Misti says:

      You are not seriously comparing Amber Heard and Vanessa Paradis pre-Depp.
      Amber had flop TV shows and roles in B-list movies in her resume. I think her film Syrup made $.03 at the Box Office. She was just many in a sea of attractive actresses nto getting naywhere and her personal life was her soundbite. Heard’s career or her talents had nothing to do with her exposure.
      Paradis’ career was another level.

      • als says:

        Yes, Misti, I am comparing her because she compared herself to Amber when she wrote that support letter for Johnny to serve him. Through that letter she implies that she was too a partner of Johnny and as such, she is saying that he did not abuse her, unlike Amber, another partner of Depp, that is saying she was abused.
        You are right, before her letter, Vanessa could not have been compared and no one actually did, but then she compared herself to Amber.
        And to everyone that pointed that she is actually a big star outside of US (although I am from outside of US and I only know her from ‘Joe, le taxi’ and her latest fashion appearances) and she comes from money, I apologize, my bad. I had no idea. But you do get that just makes everything worse, right? If she did it for the money, it’s understandable, if she did it out of some twisted logic, it sucks.
        And the kids logic…just one comment: I see no logic there. If she’s got the money and power, where is the fear coming from?
        Or maybe she did it because she likes Johnny, just as he is.

      • Taxi says:

        This is not an excuse for violence, just a comment so please don’t flame. Amber, pre-Depp, didn’t have much of a “career” and worked hard for attention any way she could, including publicizing her bi-sexuality. She went for Depp hard & may not have gotten the career boost she expected.
        I think some personality combos bring out the worst in each other. I also know couples in which one party deliberately goads & provokes the other to elicit rage & the subsequent “I’m so sorry. I’ll get you anything you want.” (One wife freely admits that’s how she got a big emerald ring, a full length mink coat, and carpet in their dining room replaced with a hardwood floor.)
        I don’t know if Amber’s accusations are true – I’d like to hear from the bodyguard witness. I can’t tell from the pictures that her bruise “is in the shape of an iPhone.”

    • Amy says:

      There is more than money at stake for Vanessa. She has minor children with him. She may well be very cautious around him because she is afraid he will interfere in her relationship with them.

    • Veronica says:

      Vanessa Paradis is very well established financially. She’s a favorite of Karl Lagerfield and Paris runways. This isn’t a money issue for her. I imagine it’s more about her children and wanting to protect them from all of this. I’m not going to dump on her for this statement – it’s an ugly situation all around, and it’s Depp’s PR that is really to blame for this attempt to deflect from the current issue. She’s in a rock and a hard place where this one is concerned.

  6. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    My first husband wasn’t physically abusive for a long, long time. He was loving when we first dated and were first married. He drank a lot, but was a “happy” drunk. Then he drank more and added cocaine and became emotionally abusive. That got worse and worse and he added prescription painkillers to the mix and finally became physically abusive. I left. My point is that Johnny probably wasn’t abusive to his first or second wives. Alcoholism and drug abuse changes people, I believe Amber.

    • yellowrocket says:

      Sorry you went through that GNAT. I agree, who knows how his addiction has grown and diversified in the last few years.

      Their experiences have nothing to do with Amber’s. I believe her too.

    • als says:

      Of course people change, we know that. But I wonder why do these two ex wives pretend they don’t know that? Why are they in such a hurry to jump when he tells them to? Their statements just prove even further Depp’s circle of power.
      I got to say, I did not believe a woman like Paradis would get herself involved in this. I thought she was tougher than this, above this.
      If she was called in front of a judge to testify, that I get, but to jump in the circus to save her wealthy clown…again, I thought she was above that. I guess nobody is above money. And to think people questioned Amber’s request for spousal support. Money is important.

      • SloaneY says:

        Or maybe she’s just telling the truth as she sees it.

      • noway says:

        It is also possible that these women had a very different relationship with him, and they still like him and feel like he could never do this so they are speaking out. I especially understand Vanessa she has two kids with him, and she is defending her kids’ father.

        I know everyone feels they are getting all true impartial information, but really they are only getting the sensational as that is what sells the story most. Whereas, I do think Amber was most likely abused by Johnny, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was wrong. Also, I would almost guarantee that the story being told now is missing a lot of crucial pieces of info, maybe in Amber’s favor or maybe in Johnny’s but who knows. I am just trying to stay more impartial, and thankful they did not have children together who would be thrown in this mess. I feel sorry for his kids, but at least they have their mother.

      • Kitten says:

        @Sloane @noway @ GNAT- thank you for this. Some of these comments practically blaming Vanessa for Johnny’s abusive behavior are insane, I mean truly irrational.

        As others have pointed out it is absolutely possible that Johnny never abused Vanessa but did abuse Amber.

      • Wren says:

        Or perhaps they truly loved him. Would you be so quick to leap up and slam your ex, who you loved and have (still minor) children with? What benefit would that be to you or your family?

        I believe that when Johnny isn’t in the midst of one of his rages/benders he’s wonderful. He is a kind, loving, charming man. It’s very difficult to throw away the good times even when someone you love does something terrible.

        Love and loyalty are strange things, and even so I don’t see how all of these statements are mutually exclusive. He may never have been abusive before now (though we know he was ragey and violent), but his decent into addiction has escalated his poor behavior.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        @als, I don’t know that they are pretending. If you had a long relationship with someone who was gentle and nonviolent, it might be impossible for you to believe he had changed so much. I don’t know.

    • Nancy says:

      GNAT: For the record I really hate your first husband. I hope no matter how much Amber hates Johnny now, she is telling the truth. He’s a good old boy and even if guilty will probably be forgiven, ala Woody Allen. I’m so wrapped up in my own mess, I haven’t heard his side. The devil’s chasing me with a pitchfork, now I broke my toe. Lol….you promised it would get better, do you have a timeframe? Lol…….the truth has a way of coming out, so I’m sure Depp will get his.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Nancy, it took me quite a while, I’m sorry to tell you. I felt heartbroken all day, every day for months. Then a minute, then five minutes, then an hour each day I would fell normal again. It was very gradual, but I’d say after a year, the hurt and pain were very diminished. I was still angry for another year or so, and then that diminished. It took me a while to trust again, but I was eventually able to. We each have our own time frame. It hurts like hell, I know, but it WILL get better, slowly, bit by bit. You will laugh again, love again, be able to remember the good things again without your chest constricting until you cannot breathe. It will get better, my friend. Hang tough. The other side of this is a better, stronger, wiser, more compassionate you. It’s a time to look at your life and decide what you want it to be, and set a goal to be happy. I’m so very sorry you are passing through this darkness, but it will make you see and appreciate the light all the more when it comes again. My thoughts are with you.

    • SilkyMalice says:

      I’m so sorry for what you went through GNAT. Thank you for sharing your experience. I believe that Johnny’s addiction has grown through the years to include much more than just alcohol, just like your ex-husband.

      I believe Amber too.

    • Jen43 says:

      Exactly. Who knows what kind of toll years of alcohol and drug abuse do to a person? They can completely change someone’s personality. I am glad you got out, GNAT.

    • Chanteloup says:

      That’s exactly the same combination that almost killed me, GNAT, and the trajectory from gentle, loving man to terrifying addict my husband went through, after 16 years of marriage. It really screws with my head.

      Blessings to you.

    • Keaton says:

      Yep. All the women in this situation may be telling the truth.

    • Doodle says:

      My father was an alcoholic, a happy drunk up until the time I was a teenager. He got meaner and meaner as time went on. He wasn’t physically abusive, but boy, was he mean!

    • what's inside says:

      Where I grew up, the woman’s advice to another is that if he ever hits you, that it will never stop. My first husband did the thing that I told him never to do – never, ever hit me no matter what. We loved each other, but his demons took over and we destroyed our marriage ending in a life-threatening situation that involved physical and mental abuse as well as a threat of violence with an AR15 assault rifle. He was in an alcoholic rage (he had a terrible temper and a drinking problem), I refused to be cowed, and that culminated in the threat to my life. He ripped the phones out of the wall so I could not call the cops. It was a long night of begging and pleading for forgiveness. At the moment he slapped me I knew that the rubber had met the road and we were done. I told him to get out the next day when he sobered up and he apologized and begged daily for the next 3 weeks for forgiveness. Finally he moved in with one of his partying friends in the city. It took another 5 years before he would agree to the divorce. His family did not believe me at first and covered for him including hiding the weapon, but he eventually admitted everything to them. I learned a very important lesson from that relationship that took 17 years of my life. Love will not conquer all, alcohol in someone who has anger management issues will produce paranoia and barn-burning rages that can end tragically, and you cannot save someone who does not want to be saved; they have to want to do it for themselves. For me the signs were all there right from the beginning and I was so foolish to have ever married him in the first place. Once I divorced him, he called once to apologize for every single rotten thing he had said or done to me and though I forgive him, I would never, ever have another thing to do with him or anything that reminds me of him. The smell of alcohol on someone’s person is nauseating to me now and a big flashing warning sign.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        What’s Inside, I’m so sorry for what you went through. Thank you for your post, which describes an escalation into violence so well when an ever-worsening addiction is the cause, or when it exacerbates an already-existing anger-management problem. Harrowing story. You handled yourself with such courage and dignity in that situation.

      • Dlo says:

        What’s inside, I beat myselfuo all the time for wasting so many years in a similar situation. That was 18 yes ago I left and have only been forgiving of myself in the last 4 to 5 yrs. Yes, I still need therapy but do not have the money. I guess I am saying Forgive Yourself, the abuser took away a lot more than you realize

      • what's inside says:

        He made me very, very cautious and unwilling to put up with bad behavior. It was 10 years before I felt that I was ready to try to be in another relationship and another 10 before I found my current husband. My ex used to have a saying, “There is never enough time to get it right, but always enough time to fix it.” I used to laugh and agree, but in 20/20 hindsight I see that there was time to get it right after all. My feeling at the time of the separation was how could I have made such a mistake and then after accepting responsibility for my part in that debacle, the thought process changed to if I could make that kind of a mistake that I needed to sit down and figure out what was in my head that I would do that to myself. Ten years later, I figured it out and realized that women tend to make deals with themselves about what is and what is not acceptable in love and relationships, overlook little things that gradually multiply, sacrifice more than they should to maintain, and then get God-smacked when it is too far gone. Beauty, youth, wealth, intelligence will not protect you if the relationship is a bad one, only time, distance, and your God-given moral fortitude will.

      • SilkyMalice says:

        Dlo, what’s inside – God bless. I read your stories and it break’s my heart. You got out, you were strong.

  7. Palar says:

    Who cares about the first wife’s opinion. As for Vanessa I’m assuming Johnny was relatively sober for a good chunk of that relationship which reduces the likelihood of abuse significantly.

  8. lucy2 says:

    They say he wasn’t abusive with them, OK. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to Amber.

    • Original T.C. says:

      Exactly. Also remember how all Depp’s girlfriends lose a lot of weight once they spend longer in the relationship? It’s always been said it’s because Depp likes his women very thin. Now I’m wondering if they also lose weight from him stressing them or emotionally abusing them?

  9. Sara says:

    my father was a kind, gentle and mild.mannered alcoholic. I never once saw him even raise his voice when angered. years after his death my mother told me that he had violently slapped and even punched her during drunken episodes. I believed her of course but I can’t even imagine him doing took some time for me to reconcile those two sides of my father.
    My point is I think Amber is entirely truthful. I believe her completely. But I understand why the mother of his children would be incredulous if she has not witnessed this.

    • siri says:

      She can think whatever she wants, or even be surprised by these accusations, however, she issued a public statement. And whether or not it is meant as a defense- it surely will be viewed as such.

  10. Sullivan says:

    Maybe their experiences with Depp were as they described. It doesn’t invalidate Amber’s experiences. It seems Amber married the worst version of Depp – a sloppy, drunk, drugged-out-of-his-mind, abusive loser.

    • B n A fn says:

      But, but, wasn’t JD and KM had a drugged and alcoholic relationship. I’m guessing that was about 15 years ago. I believe Johnny was arrested for trashing their hotelroom in nyc. I’m waiting to hear what KM has to say.

      • Pamels says:

        Well, he defended her during her cocaine scandal..

      • claire says:

        All of these instances people keep citing with him have a common thread: that when he had these episodes, he threw things and trashed property. I don’t know. I guess it could be possible that in those previous times, none of the objects he was throwing around made contact, as this time the phone did, so maybe they don’t look at witnessing these episodes as abuse – that they considered it an attack on objects not themselves.

    • Veronica says:

      There’s also a major power discrepancy here that didn’t exist with the previous relationships. Paradis and Moss were both well established when he was with them. Allison had him before he really exploded into the mainstream. That’s something that gives me pause when examining this situation because it definitely changes the dynamic involved here.

  11. Gabby says:

    If they can’t see how far he fell off the wagon during the past couple of years, it’s a shame.

    I understand how difficult it is to imagine that someone you once loved and shared your life and children with could do such a horrible thing. It’s a lot easier to deny it because they had the ability to keep him in check. And I’m glad that they never went through this.

    I think Amber didn’t mind his addictions at first, and it was ok because she was getting everything out of it that she wanted. But when it got worse, there was no stopping it because he was already in full blown addiction mode.

    I believe that he is a really nice guy when sober, which is why we have never heard aomething about him like this before.
    I’ve seen people change completely, right in front of my eyes, when they got drunk. Adding druga just makes it worse.

    It does not rid him of his guilt, though. Drugs and booze may let the monster come out to play, but ge had a choice of not using it ever again when he was sober and able to see the damage he did to that girl.

    Why in the world would she divorce him if it’s a lie? Why not wait to get more money or improve her public image first? There is no reason for her to lie.

    • Ashley says:

      She didn’t mind his addictions because Amber is an addict herself and an enabeler.

      • Anna says:

        The statement that Amber is an addict is unsupported libelous speculation. Depp on the other hand looks like a junkie for some time now. He shows up drunk to work functions. He went on record in the past about his addictions.
        Don’t turn it around. He is the f-k up here.

      • Ashley says:

        It’s well known in Hollyweird circles that this girl is an addict and she also has enabled Johnny by drinking around him knowing well about his struggles. They are both f ups here. She is not innocent.

      • Megan says:

        Please don’t feed the trolls.

      • Snowflake says:

        So what? So it’s OK to hit her? If she was an innocent angel, she wouldn’t have married depp. It doesn’t mean he didn’t hit her.

      • Zuzus girl says:

        Ashley- please give sources for your “well known” or it didn’t happen. I’ve heard a lot of things about Amber, many not positive, but never that she is an addict. Even if she was an addict, how does that make domestic violence okay? She probably was gold digging…still not okay to hit her.

      • Sarah says:

        If someone isn’t trying at all to curb their addictions, someone else drinking near them doesn’t make them an enabler! They are going to drink no matter what. If he was trying to get sober, that would be a different situation.

        And please tell us, who are these “Hollywood circle” sources you have Ashley? You can’t make any claims you want with nothing to back it up. If you don’t believe Amber because only her friends witnessed the abuse, I in turn believe nothing you say as your evidence is far weaker.

      • JJxxxx says:

        @Ashley +1.

        If you read the revealed CDAN blinds about Johnny and Amber, they tell pretty much everything about this horrible, destructive story.

        Depp, like many actors, is a weak person with little to no self-control, a massively addictive personality and – thanks to his success – the money to surround himself with yes-men and enablers. That’s sad because he does a lot of kindnesses too and keeps them under the radar. Like most people he is a mix of good and bad and this situation is similarly not black and white.

        Depp’s destructive habits when he was young and with Kate Moss and Winona are legendary. Whether it’s right or wrong that a partner should be the one to keep someone on the straight and narrow, Vanessa Paradis – who is not to be f*cked with – did that for him. And then – like many men his age – he was stupid enough to throw it all away for Amber.

        Of course it does not make violence against her OK (nothing does) but Amber is a major drug-loving party girl and a massive enabler. She either thought she could control him by supplying him with drugs or didn’t think that far ahead and just thought “hey, this A-list guy likes when I bring him the party. If I keep doing it, I can ensnare him and that’ll be the boost my career needs” without any thought to the consequences. There is a reason why he has grown so bloated, seedy and incoherent since hooking up with her.

        But then it got out of control. Sometimes when you play with fire, you get burned. Amber didn’t so much play with fire, she pretty much dumped a ten-gallon drum of gasoline on it.

        Vanessa should know better than to come out and say Depp would “never” do this. She knows better than anyone what he is like. It’s most likely she still wants to protect him and their kids, hates Amber for “stealing” her man and blames her for Depp’s downward spiral.

        Depp can settle with Amber, but her accusations have already been a huge part of the reason why Alice 2 flopped and mud like this sticks. He was already on the way down, this will hasten that fall. And his back catalog (which was worth billions in repeat fees, DVD/streaming etc) will be seriously devalued. That will cost a lot of powerful people a lot of money.

        While abusers in Hollywood continue to make money for the right people, they enjoy protection. Bill Cosby’s propensity for drugging and raping was widely known for decades – but it was only after his star waned and his shows dropped in value that it all came out. (And for the person upthread who mentioned it, there is absolutely no possible way that Camille Cosby could not have known what he was up to and let it slide for her own personal gain.)

        Whistle-blowers who threaten these income streams are not treated well (cough – Bryan Singer gay rape – cough). So Amber better get all the money she will ever need out of Depp now because her career is likely over.

        Hollywood is not a nice place.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        So, pictures of bruises, friends who were witnesses, Depp’s known history of addiction and anger management problems, and Amber’s behavior (especially the eagerness to divorce Depp so quickly and willingness to say something that could mess up her image and career)= not a reliable story, she’s lying, but blind gossip on a site= The Truth? Stans are out in full force.

      • SilkyMalice says:

        Can I see the photos of Johnny’s bruises please?

    • Intuitive says:

      Amber was quite young when she met Johnny, maybe she didn’t understand or recognise the extent of his addictions.

      Also, does marrying someone who is rich always equal gold digger?! Maybe she just loved him!

  12. Joss RED says:

    Why do celebrities love to throw/smash phones at people’s face? I really don’t get it! Johnny, Naomi, Russell, etc, etc…

  13. Alix says:

    And OJ never killed anyone before Nicole.

  14. vanessa says:

    Or maybe Vanessa is simply saying this because he was never actually abusive towards her not because his team asked her to. I don’t know she lived with him during during 14 years, maybe she knows better than us individuals. And wait so do some people actually taught she was going to wash her dirty laundry in public and harm her young kids by the same occasion ?

    • lisa2 says:

      She knows about her experience.. she doesn’t know about Amber’s.. And if Johnny didn’t hurt her; it doesn’t mean he didn’t hurt Amber.

      There are people that have killed someone.. they haven’t killed everyone they know.. so you can only talk about you. and you are not the other person.

      • vanessa says:

        Yeah it doesn’t not change what i said. Maybe he was never abusive towards Vanessa paradis and did beat up Amber Heard. Vanessa never lived with them so she can’t know the truth but she can’t also blame publicly the father of her children who (she says) never abused her knowing it will hurt them.

      • greenmonster says:

        Yes! Both women can only speak about their experiences with Depp. The first wife might have never had to face an abusive Depp – but that was over 30 years ago. Maybe she is also getting some money for her statement, but she could still be telling HER truth.

        VP might have never been abused by Depp, but he was also clean (or cleanish) when he was with her. I guess she came out with a statement to protect the kids in some way.

        Nonetheless, JD was/is in a very bad shape for a couple of years. He went from “indie-movie” star to box office superstar and then all of a sudden almost all of his movies bombed. That combined with drugs, alcohol and MOSTLY a history of outbursts can be fatal. AH might just have met him at a point in his life, where he hasn’t been before. So no other wife should say she is lying. It’s not their story, it’s Amber’s.

    • Colette says:

      It doesn’t matter ,OJ Simpson’s first wife said the same thing.He never abused her yet there is photographic evidence he abused Nicole,his second wife.

      • vanessa says:

        Anyway Amber says she has proof so the truth will come out soon or later. As for Vanessa she is standing with someone she knows, has lived and has kids with as she should.

      • lisa2 says:

        but she shouldn’t says someone else’s claims are “outrageous”. That’s like calling Amber a liar. And she can’t know that. She wasn’t there. If as Amber has said she has video proof. Vanessa owes her a big apology. So will a lot of people.

      • noway says:

        This bothers me people think Vanessa is standing by him, and that makes it almost seem like blind faith or hiding her head in the sand or worse enabling them. When she just may be standing up for the person SHE KNOWS. I actually knew a woman who was married to a serial rapist, and she had no idea because that was not the person she knew. It took a lot for her to believe it was true, because she had all these experiences which were much different with this person. I know it is possible for these people to be very different to different people. The conclusions people make about friends, spouses and others I think are often misguided because you feel like you would know, and that is not always the truth.

    • Kitten says:

      Perfectly stated, Vanessa.

  15. Bey says:

    there is a special place in hell for women who doubt other womens words when it comes to abuse by men.

    • DavidGandyFTW says:

      What a load of crap. Just because someone accuses someone doesn’t mean they are automatically speaking the truth, simply what because they accuse they other person of is awefull.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        Bey, thankfully we still live in a country where the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

    • claire says:

      Oh lord. Take it down a notch.

    • Kitten says:


  16. OSTONE says:

    I find it disappointing that women protect a perpetrator. That a smear campaign is done against victims of violence and those who speak up, and that it usually comes from other women. We have so long to go as a society. I thought more of Vanessa.

  17. joanne says:

    i totally believe what Vanessa said “this Johnny looks nothing like the man i lived with for 14 wonderful years”. Johnny was mostly sober when he was with her. his demons appear to be the drink and drugs. an addict is a different person when using than when sober. Johnny today is a totally different man than the one they saw. i believe Amber got the worst version.

    • Kate says:

      By his own accounts at the time, and hers, and that of their mutual friends, he was very heavily drinking in the last 5 or so years of their relationship. Not to mention when they met he was spiralling downwards fast. He’d just come off of filming Fear & Loathing and was heavily into drugs.

      He may never of abused her, but it certainly wasn’t because he was anything nearing sober during their relationship. He’s always been a huge mess, he just didn’t start to look like one until a few years ago.

    • JJxxxx says:

      Amber was pretty instrumental in creating the worst version.

      • Snowflake says:

        I know right?! Cant expect a man to actually be a man and take care of himself. They’re so weak….that d@mn woman took that sweet, innocent Johnny and tarnished him. Smh

      • Veronica says:

        You don’t “create” other people’s behaviors. A grown adult – much less one more than two decades older than his spouse – is responsible for their own behavior. It’s victim blaming to suggest otherwise. If he did harm her, he’s responsible for that action, not her. She doesn’t have to be a perfect human being to deserve being treated with basic decency.

      • Lady D says:

        Thanks, Snowflake. I really needed a grin about now.

      • Snowflake says:

        @ ladyD
        Sure 🙂 hope your day gets better

  18. Johanna says:

    I don’t think its a smart move from Laura Wasser to take on this divorce and represent Johnny Depp. Why taint herself with an alleged wife beater and addict? Whatever the PR machine is trying to spin, this is not a good look for Depp and I don’t think his team can PR themselves out of this one. Also props to Amber to take this to court, because this is definitely a David vs Goliat situation that could harm her Hollywood career and reputation substantially. I’m sure so many women has suffered in silence in Hollywood over the years, fearful of what would happen if they spoke up about the abuse.

    • Anna says:

      I thought the same thing, how embarrassing for Laura Wasser. In the beginning it almost felt as if she was blindsided by the dv, that maybe her client withheld information. Anyway, for Wasser’s sake I hope so. she doesn’t need to rep him. She’s rich.

      • Johanna says:

        Agree, I don’t think she fully knew what she was getting into. The smartest thing would be to pull out early and part ways with JD now. More awful details might come up during the divorce hearings, things that such a high profile lawyer wouldn’t want to be a associated with or have to defend.

      • Sam says:

        Huh? If you have a problem representing murderers and rapists, then don’t be a lawyer.

        Based on the timeline so far, what looks bad for Laura Wasser is that she let the DV allegations go public, which is not in the best interests of her client.

    • Tammy White says:

      She’s a lawyer…it’s not going to harm her career.

    • noway says:

      Seriously, she is a divorce lawyer this is what they do. Sorry to tell you my guess is she has done messier divorces that just may have not gotten the publicity. If she somehow settles this with a reasonable settlement, which I bet will occur, she will be seen as a great divorce lawyer. I think her career is fine.

  19. teatimeiscoming says:

    And? Why do I care about what these two have to say? They aren’t privy to the details of this couple’s private lives.

    No one wants to believe the father of their children can be abusive. That desire doesn’t negate the person’s actual behavior.

  20. Pamels says:

    Here’s what Lily-Rose just posted on Instagram: “My dad is the sweetest most loving person I know, he’s been nothing but an wonderful father to my little brother and I, and everyone who knows him would say the same ❤️”

    • Lynnie says:

      I feel it would be more damning for him if she had stayed silent. That being said maybe he’s never hurt Lily Rose or her brother. Doesn’t negate what he’s done to Amber.

      On another note I wonder if she picked up on his actions subconsciously and this is affecting the men she chooses to date.

      • noway says:

        Oh please she is 16, her real dating life is fairly limited that comment is a huge stretch.

      • Mimmy says:

        I disagree. Abuser is abuser, there is always a pattern.
        Im not buying into her story. Amber is after money.
        Time will tell.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        @Mimmy: Do you really believe that somebody has to abuse every person they have any kind of relationship with (spouses, children, siblings, coworkers, etc.) in order to be an abuser? There have been enough people talking about abusers they’ve encountered or dealt with that shows that’s not always how it works. People period, even when they’re not abusers, can be careful about who they allow to experience the worse sides of themselves and who they’ll reign it in for and show more love, patience, professionalism, calmness, or respect. Especially if they have a ‘you make me this way’/’you deserve it’/’we’ve worked wonders for you so be grateful’ type of mentality toward a person they have one kind of relationship with it, but don’t have that same mentality toward everyone else (or at least not as strongly)/ Even here there are people mentioning how a relative was kind to them and other people but abusive to a particular spouse.

      • Jess says:

        @Otaku Fairy Word. Last year, I dated one of my exs for the 2nd time. First time around he was a good guy (although looking back I see some signs); by the second time, he had turned into an emotionally abusive a**hole. When he said to me “you make me treat you bad”, he would resent me if I ever said no to sex, and friends started asking me if he had ever hit me, I knew it was time to go. But if you talked to any of his other friends and family, they’d say he was the best guy in the world. He liked to keep me isolated from everyone else so no one would believe me / I didn’t have anyone to witness the abuse. When I was finally ready to go and threatened to expose his abuse, he threatened ME with a restraining order. Found out later that this is a common tactic for domestic abusers.

        I see similar issues in my brother-in-law and finally recognized how emotionally abusive my father is to my mother. It was hard to see b/c my mother is a NPD and a nasty piece of work herself. I always thought of myself as independent and strong; it was shocking how quickly I let myself get sucked into believing I was worthless and deserving of abuse.

    • vanessa says:

      Poor thing. she should have never publicly involved herself in this mess even though it’s her dad everyone is talking about.

    • Colette says:

      You can be a wonderful,loving father to your kids and still abuse your wife.Interestingly she didn’t say, “There is no way my father would hit Amber or any woman”

      • Kitten says:

        Good GOD. She’s a child, guys– maybe give her a bit of a break when it comes to parsing her words.

    • Boo says:

      Kids cover for their parents. Kids also don’t always know yet what abuse is despite living in it. Especially if it’s happening yet the adults around you all tell you your instincts are wrong and this is not abuse or wrong.

      Vanessa is not doing her kids or Johnny any favours by continuing to cover up for him. This is a nightmare she had a hand in growing and she didn’t get away clean. Her kids are affected by this and always will be. It will get worse for them as they grow up.

      Speaking from experience.

    • CornyBlue says:

      And just today i saw a picture of amber and Lily Rose shopping and is probably the only time I had seen Lily Rose smile so much. Awh hell I guess I was expecting too much.

    • Liz says:

      ^This. Can we PLEASE all take a step back and remember this man has two young children?
      And also, so far we only have one side of this story. Depp has not had a chance to say his. His security team has not spoken and now his friend Doug Stanhope stated on Twitter he and his wife were with Johnny at the time.
      There may be a great deal more to this story and it is UNFAIR for all of Johnny’s witnesses to be accused of being paid off when Amber’s friend has just as much reason to lie for her.

      • Colette says:

        Depp has CHOSEN not to share his side of the story.He could done an interview Friday.

      • imqrious2 says:

        We ARE seeing Depp’s statements… in the form of all the crap his PR team is releasing. He doesn’t have to say a word, others are paid to do it for him.

  21. Catherine says:

    Maybe talk to Kate Moss? Am I the only one to remember their trashed hotel rooms and violent fights??

  22. Ollie says:

    Just because it didn’t happen to them… seriously why are they even speaking? They aren’t living with him for years now. They don’t know who he is today, they don’t know how drugged he may be and how he treats Amber in private. They don’t share their lives with him anymore. Same with Paul Bettany who thinks he knows Johnny best just because he is friends with him. Newsflash you idiot you don’t live with him. You know nothing!!

    And what’s with Vanessa’s “i lived with him for 14 wonderful years.” Ehh isn’t your daughter 17? What’s with the “lost” years? Not wonderful?

    • Sunny says:

      “And what’s with Vanessa’s “i lived with him for 14 wonderful years.” Ehh isn’t your daughter 17? What’s with the “lost” years? Not wonderful?”

      Well, they have been broken up for a few years now…

    • Palar says:

      They’ve been broken up since the daughter was about 14.

    • minx says:

      They split in 2012, so the timeline is correct. They did live together 14 years.

    • Dana m says:

      The daughter must have been 14 when they separated.

  23. lisa2 says:

    There is nothing wrong in her statement when she talks about her experience. If he didn’t abuse her then she has a right to say so. She has children.. But when she drops the word “outrageous” it implies that Amber is lying. And that to me is something she doesn’t have the right to say. Maybe he is a different person. He is the man she was in a relationship for 14 years. Obviously something happened to end those “wonderful years”.. and even with his first wife they had to have had an argument. Johnny may have been one man with them and completely different with Amber. He himself talked about his anger and how he was jealous. Did he hide that from them.

    I just found that “Outrageous” word a bad move on her part. Because if it is proven true that he did abuse Amber how will she and the others respond to that.

    • Jayna says:

      Agreed. But I think Vanessa can’t stand Amber and considers her the interloper in her family’s lives, so has no problem with trying to make her look like a liar. If they had 14 “wonderful” years, why did they break up and it has appeared have no great co-parenting relationship like Ben and Jen or Chris and Goopy. No sighting of these two together on friendly terms after their “wonderful” relationship broke up. I think the “outrageous” is to make sure to make her look like a liar.

    • Kitten says:

      You do make a good point and that word jumped out at me too. Still, I’m not going to hold her responsible for Johnny’s behavior.

      I find it strange that so many of the same people who jump on other posters for suggesting Amber is lying are so quick to accuse Vanessa of lying to cover for Johnny.

      Why is it always so damn hard for people to believe women?

      • greenmonster says:

        @Kitten: I would go so far and ask: why is so hard for women to believe women?
        I went to the Facebook page of a german gossip rag, just to see what people would say about this story. There were not many comments, maybe ten or 15 – all left by women and every single one of them trashed Amber. They were calling her a liar, a whore and a couple of them tried to claim that they could see the “coldness” in Amber’s eyes.

      • lisa2 says:

        I’m not saying Vanessa is lying.. I said she had the right to speak of her experience. But she took it further and implied that Amber is lying.
        I have said before I hope the full truth comes out. And whoever is telling the truth gets the justice they deserve.

      • Kitten says:

        @ green monster-Are we sure that they are really women though? Or posters using women’s names?

        I don’t think people who rationally, respectfully, and thoughtfully express a dissenting opinion should be mercilessly slammed..
        …but I guess it’s just difficult for me to wrap my head around the idea of women not believing other women when it comes to domestic violence. Have we learned nothing about the dynamics of abusive relationships?

        To dismiss accusations of abuse so callously is bad enough, but to then vilify the victim…it makes me sick.

        ETA: @ lisa2 oh I got what you meant. I was just elaborating a bit on what you said, not accusing you of anything.

      • greenmonster says:

        @Kitten: at least those were profiles of real women. I looked two of them up, because I was curious. Women of all ages – the one who called Amber a whore looked like she was in her 50s.
        None of them even said “if it is true, then…”. Nope. Nothing.
        I don’t even want to read comments anywhere else but here, because I know it will make me furious and very sad at the same time. I guess on most sites people are bashing Amber and not even give her the benefit of a doubt.

        In the last weeks and months it has become very clear that people in general don’t mind violence against women too much. At least not in so called western society. When it comes to countries we feel some kind of “superior” to, we are so quick to judge and call out the whole system for being misogynist.
        Maybe a lot of people, even or esp. women, tend to overlook the discrimination, abuse and violence against women in our society, because it gives them the wrong kind of comfort?! In a way of ‘if I deny the accusations than they can’t be happening – esp. not to me’.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        You brought up a good point kitten- it’s become popular all over the internet for men to use women’s usernames hoping that it’ll make people see nasty, bigoted things they have to say as valid truths. But I don’t doubt for one second that some of those comments were from women, because women are capable of the same misogynistic and victim-blaming mentalities as men, even though the motives for it are sometimes a little different.

      • Erinn says:

        I don’t think she’s lying. But I think she should have kept her trap shut. We all know how much the court of public opinion sways things… and we also all know how hard it is for those being abused to be believed. I mean – ffs, look at how everyone was RIPPING on Amber before. And there are still people who like the persona Depp’s put out there enough to refuse to believe anything else.

        Vanessa’s statement wasn’t needed, and it undermines what Amber is putting out there simple because there are SO many people who take that as proof that Amber is lying.

    • Intuitive says:

      Is it not possible that Amber was the cause of their break-up? Depp and Amber met a long time before they supposedly got together. I always assumed that he had been unfaithful with her whilst married. Vanessa would certainly dislike her if this was the case.

  24. noway says:

    I am not sure why people always insist the abuser had to abuse the other women he had a relationship with, and these women must be lying. Although he could be a serial abuser, it is entirely possible that he hasn’t abused the other women. Just as his team uses his past relationships to try to deny the abuse, it is irrelevant. Amber could be the one and only person whom he abused, but does that make it better? I just think sometimes people think if they demonize the abuser to the point they are this violent character almost not a person, it makes people feel better like it won’t happen to me because I would notice that behavior. The reality is abusers are often charming, and just like a normal partner at times. They are not as easily identifiable as others would like to think, and this is what makes them the most dangerous.

    • Kitten says:

      Yes! So much yes to everything you said, noway.

      FWIW, I always appreciate your desire to remain impartial, even if you and I don’t always agree. It’s really challenging to try to maintain a nuanced view of things around these threads, which inevitably devolve into reactionary and unsubstantiated accusations being carelessly flung about and an insistence on viewing complex human behavior in the most one-dimensional way.

      • noway says:

        I worked in media too long, and I just saw how sensationalized some of the stories would get. Even when I strongly feel one way there is always an inkling of maybe someone is trying to make something seem more crazy for the audience. When I see TMZ as the main source it really gets me thinking more in that direction. Just as people on here who have been abused or are close to an abused victim have their own slant sympathizing the situation, we all come from different places and come to different conclusions.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Agree 100% with everything you say noway. I think a big part of people’s denial is as you said, they believe that they’d ‘know’ or be able to spot if someone is a bad person. Which is such a damaging, simplistic view of people and of human nature.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        Agree. People help themselves feel that bad things won’t happen to them by distancing themselves from the victim – thinking they’d “know better” and blaming the victim.

  25. cocoa.x says:

    The first wife is 30+ years past forgotten, and probably looking for a chance to join this circus for attention/financing/relevance again being connected to a celebrity.

    Vanessa’s statement…it is really unfortunate. I find the fact that is done via letter and not in a more supportive way (video, interview, personally given) seems as if it was forced. As if someone else wrote it and she just signed off on it.

    When you have children with your abuser, it must feel like you can never truly escape them. And the ones you love most ( your children) could end up in the cross fire of a retaliation. Vanessa got out clean (unlike Amber), and without a media showdown, with a settlement and the best situation for her children (in her eyes). I don’t see her throwing that away, and as a victim of previous abuse ( I believe Amber ) she has had years of conditioning, and Depp knows what buttons to push and which way to turn her wrist to make her sit.

    This is really unfortunate. I hope previous relationships that have no permanent ties to Depp (like Vanessa), and nothing to lose but public opinion, come out to support Amber.

    • Mira says:

      You don’t know that Vanessa was abused by him. She may not have been and is telling the truth. And she believes him because that is how she knows him. She also has children with him who are hurt by what they may perceive as lies. So she is going to protect them and by extension him. That doesn’t change or excuse what happened to Amber but its a big myth that an abuser will abuse everyone he has ever been with. There are loads of men and women who become violent under the influence of drugs and alcohol, people who aren’t necessarily perceived to violent or even aggressive as sober people.

      • CornyBlue says:

        Vanessa may not have been abused and should have probably stopped there with her statement. Calling Amber’s claims outrageous is what is probably what is the most wrong with her statement.

    • claire says:

      If Vanessa had done any of those, like a video statement, I can only imagine the vile things she would have been called.

  26. CidySmiley says:

    Brave, brave woman coming out and saying this. She knows she’s going to get blacklisted. I was physically abused in my first relationship I was away from home, in a new town. He never did anything that left marks. No one believed me because they had known him for so long as a “gentle soul.” – guys no matter what you know about someone they can be a different person behind closed doors. It’s just the truth. And you know what perhaps JD wasn’t abusive in his first relationships but if he is now, than he is now. Years of alcohol and drug abuse can scramble someone’s brain. But also understand THAT IS NOT AN EXCUSE. Just because you’re high or drunk it’s not an excuse to abuse people around you.

    • Amblemorn says:

      Also years of flattery, adulation and yes-people. Acquired narcissistic syndrome hits lots of celebs (and politicians and CEOs) hard, so it wouldn’t surprise me if older JD is a much less empathetic and humane person than younger JD.

  27. Siuze says:

    Police found NO evidence of an abuse so why is everyone so quick to throw JD under the bus? There is way more to this story.

    • als says:

      Because Depp is throwing himself under the bus. His PR campaign is so aggressive and so humiliating toward Amber, it reaks of desperation and rage. Desperation of a powerful man that is losing control.
      Even if there were no pics, no videos, no nothing, Depp comes across as mad angry. If he wasn’t, he would have agreed to a silent divorce as Amber offered.

    • Colette says:

      When his PR people intentionally send old pics from April to US Weekly trying to imply they are pics taken last week,I get suspicious.

    • SilkyMalice says:

      Please link us to the police report that shows they found no evidence of abuse. Thanks in advance.

      • Mika says:

        In a statement, Los Angeles police reportedly confirmed they responded to a domestic incident call. It was not clear whether the officers went to the house before or after the alleged incident with the phone.

        “On May 21, 2016, officers responded to a domestic incident radio call. The person reporting the crime did not insist on a report and no report was warranted,” police said in the statement to People magazine.

        “There was no evidence of any crime. A crime did not occur so the officers left the scene and left a business card.”

        The LAPD spokesperson added that if there had been signs of abuse police would have investigated regardless.

      • isabelle says:

        You got it off TMZ? Thats all that needs to be said.

    • Rachel says:

      Please cite the LAPD statement that said they found no evidence. Not the TMZ ‘LAPD source’. The actual statement from the LAPD.

      I think you’ll find a US judge found that Amber’s claims of abuse were backed up enough to warrant the restraining order. Unless you are also a qualified, experienced court judge, kindly take a seat.

  28. Anna says:

    Ah man, of course that was coming. Interesting choice of character witnesses though. The mother of his children? Of course she won’t slam him. And the first wife saying he was a mild mannered lamb?
    Depot went on record saying he was/is a rage monster on the verge of madness sometimes and relies on a woman to snap out of it.
    How, we don’t know.
    But all the people doubting amber, you don’t need to believe her. Just believe him. He said it. We just collectively forgot that he has a violent temper due to the Disney-fication of bad boy Johnny depp.

  29. Felice. says:

    But Winona has implied she was abused.

    • lili says:

      Where? When? Trashing furnitures is not the same thing as hitting someone. I bet both Winona and Kate Moss will defend him too.

      • isabelle says:

        Doubt that. When he was with Kate, hotel staff had to intervene when he was raging after a fight. Sounds very similar to Ambers story. Since they were both addicts it was just passed on as thats what stars. Rage & destroy hotel rooms.

      • lili says:

        Johnny Depp and Kate Moss are still friends, they are still dining together. Trashing an hotel doesn’t equal beating a woman.

      • Veronica says:

        I’m going to disagree with this somewhat. Destroying property in a fit a rage is a common intimidation tactic by abusers, creating a sense of insecurity and fear within the home environment – and then forcing the victim to take responsibility for the action. My sister’s ex would literally trash their entire room, slam his foot through mirrors, belongs, etc. whenever she didn’t give him what he wanted. It was a matter of time before it escalated to him hitting HER.

        No, wrecking a hotel room is not the same as hitting a woman – but it does show a tendency to lash out violently when he’s angry and inebriated. Now, keeping in mind, think about the circumstances of the last year – the rumors of his increased drinking, his marriage being on the rocks, his career viability lessening, and on top of that, the emotional turmoil of losing a parent. Could that tempest result in a violent outburst toward a spouse? It doesn’t seem entirely implausible when you look at it that way. This is an ugly situation all around – the guy clearly needs help, even if his alleged actions are entirely unacceptable – and I wouldn’t want to be one of the jurors having to sit on this case.

  30. Lynnie says:

    Throughout this whole ordeal I’ve just been feeling numb, because Amber’s plight hits a little too close to home for me and reminds me of the relationship I have with my dad.

    He’s emotionally and verbally abusive towards me at best, but sometimes he veers off into physical abuse as well. Unlike Johnny, he’s sober when all of this happens, but like Johnny they’re both revered in their respective fields (my dad’s a doctor), and have a lot of power, clout, and respect. I haven’t really told anyone about my dad, because when I was younger I thought it was just his disciplining style, and then later it became too late to do anything and I just figured the problem would go away when I go off to college this fall. Lately though, I’ve noticed that he’s been taking some of his aggression out on my mother, and sometimes on my siblings when they defend her. I’m scared it might get worse when I’m not there, but I don’t know what to do.

    Both my parents are immigrants and they’ve worked very hard to get the lives they have now, and I feel that for the most part, my siblings are very comfortable where they are now. I would hate to file a claim and disrupt my mom and sibling’s lives over problems that just concern me when I can just solve them by leaving. At the same time I see what Amber is going through and all the women Johnny interacted with, and I don’t want that to be my family either. 😕

    • Amblemorn says:

      I am so sorry, and I hope you aren’t as isolated as this post sounds, and that you have at the very least a discreet support system to get you through this. How awful.

    • Boo says:

      I’m 30 years the other side of where you are now. You have 2 choices.

      1. Forget college and get your father some help. Get a professional to help you navigate this. Do not tell him by yourself. You need a pro to help you approach it.


      2. Go off to college. Build a good life. Then you will be a strong centre for your siblings and Mom when they need it. And they will need it.

      This is going to affect you either way. I would urge you to get a counsellor now for yourself at least to prepare you and have a support throughout. This is your family, your life. It’s never going to get better.

      • Green_Eyes says:

        Lynne, just as Boo, I’m 28 years past from where you are now. But for me both parents were that way. To this day the emotional abuse can hurt at times as that part of it still continues. Boo is right you have 2 choices and either way it will affect you and it will always be a part of you as it is your family. I do want you to know though that there is hope.. But if you want to help your family foremost you have to help yourself. It takes a lot of strength, it will help to have a good support team (therapist, clergy, teachers, etc). I wish you all the best in the world Lynnie, my heart goes out to you. To you as well Boo. ❤️

    • Snowflake says:

      Oh, that’s a difficult situation to be in. If you call the cops, he will be arrested and your siblings might be taken away from the family. And it will ruin his professional career. But at the same time, his abuse will have your siblings thinking that’s a normal way of life and it sucks they have to put up with it. It’s not right. I would talk to your mom about it and see what she says. If she wants to leave but is scared, maybe there are family members who can help and take them in. If she doesn’t want to leave, dropping hints to your dad that this kind of thing could ruin his career might help. But it will will probably piss him off too. Just be careful, and if you choose to do nothing, please let your siblings and mom know this is not their fault and is not something they deserve.jmo.

      • Lynnie says:

        Thank you for the advice and well wishes everyone! Definitely something I’m going to be thinking on for a while.

    • Michelleb says:

      Oh Lynnie, I am so sorry for what you are going through. I hope that there is someone in your life that you can talk to, a school counselor perhaps? I am glad that you have an exit plan soon for going to college in the fall.

      I posted my own story of abuse up thread before reading yours, but my dad is a doctor too. For whatever reason, people have a tendency to put doctors on a pedestal, so it is doubly difficult when they hide their abusive behaviour behind their professional reputation, so to speak. Talk to your mother. Research any local centres for domestic violence. They will have experienced counselors and staff and can help you decide your next steps, especially with your worry about your siblings.

      Remember that you are strong and you have made it this far. And, if it means anything, I am sending good thoughts and prayers to you. My heart goes out to you.

    • J.Mo says:

      Please talk to someone in the helping field. You are only responsible for yourself and the boundaries you set up with your father. You cannot change the family dynamic alone.

    • nicegirl says:

      Lynnie, I wish you well. I hope you can make it to attend college, it sounds like you will be a great model to your siblings. My personal experience is that spending time/money/effort to educate and support yourself is never wasted – and if you invest in yourself, you and your family members will reap the rewards. I think you are amazing and a true wonder. Life is hard. Remember to treat yourself with love.

      Also, do consider telling SOMEONE. A trusted adult may yet be in your community and might be able to offer some kind of support to you and your siblings/mother.

  31. diamond says:

    People are so quick to jump to conclusions.

    If you know someone you believe in them. You don’t turn your back on them.

    Whatever happened between Johnny and Amber it’s over and all that matters is getting them divorced.

    Johnnys PR is doing their job as they should.

  32. Mira says:

    I am glad people on this site are so sympatethic to the abuse victim there are so many disgusting comments on other sites, its sad.
    But i think its important to remember that ambers experience does not mean he abused every single woman he was with and they are lying . This is a big myth. Its possible for a person to be abusive in one relationship and not another.
    If you add that Depp seems to have slid far down the substance abuse drain in the years he has been with Amber. It would not surprise me if she is seeing a side of him that they didn’t necessarily see.
    When he was with his first wife he was barely 20, people change. When he was with Vanessa he lived a pretty quiet life in france and had small kids, he wasn’t hanging around with Manson and the likes in hollywood.
    I think his lifestyle is a major contributor to him sliding out of control in more ways then one. In the kate Moss book it was said that he was a gentle, sweet man when sober but had a bad temper when he was drunk. If i were to guess i would say the relationship he had with amber was more reminiscent of the one with Kate were they had constant fights and lived a party lifestyle. Also drugs and alcohol does something to a person s brain if its being abused over years. His paranoia and delusions sounds like they are made worse by the substance abuse (as Amber said in her statements).

    • Boo says:

      Yes, his brain is done. He’ll just keep spiralling downward into dementia sooner than later. The violence will continue.

      I’m glad Amber got out now and hope he is kept away from her.

      Johnny Depp had the world at his feet and drank it away. His families (origin and with Paradis) enabled him and continue to do so it sounds like. He’s done. Sad way to end a life.

    • Kitten says:

      He’s seemed a mess for many years now and has been getting progressively worse.

      I think it’s possible that Johnny really relied of Vanessa to manage all of his issues. That’s a huge burden to place on someone.

      I also think it’s possible that something about Amber’s personality really challenged Johnny in a way that he couldn’t handle, which is why I find it perfectly believable that he could abuse Amber and not Vanessa.

      I’m not blaming Amber or insinuating that she “pushed his buttons” (because, barf) but rather suggesting that their personalities were a toxic combination. Maybe Vanessa was more tolerant of Johnny’s sh*t whereas Amber, being independent and self-sufficient, challenged Johnny’s pride. Maybe the dude just couldn’t handle the fact that she didn’t seem to need him.

      Again I have no idea..just speculating as to the dynamics of the two relationships he had with each woman.

  33. Gs says:

    What’s the mother of your kids will say especially in carrier defining things like this? Look how jg clean ba though non related and many women like that… just saying..
    I think she shouldn’ve married him. You can’t use someone power status and money and won’t be their property I guess.. it is not as rosey they think it would be i guess…She,Katie not sure if it work out for her favour it might. He is in screwed situation. It seems whatever it is it will catch up on you..

  34. Talie says:

    Tslk to Winona and Kate Moss…they would have something different to say.

    Looks like Amber will have to release her video too.

    • noway says:

      I bet you neither Winona nor Kate would say anything about it. Neither has said anything directly about abuse by Depp, but Kate did talk about him and trashing hotel rooms. It has all been inferred and it has been decades so I doubt you will hear anything from these women.

  35. Amblemorn says:

    The idea that a person can’t possibly be violent towards other people because they treat animals well has to die in a fire now. History is larded with violent offenders and worse who doted on their pets. Enough with this. It sounds so damned ignorant–and contrived.

  36. Dragonlady Sakura says:

    I don’t understand the continued narrative His exes have about Depp. Just because he wasn’t an asshole abuser to you doesn’t mean he wasn’t abusive to Amber. He has been erratic for the last couple years and no one knows how he reacts when he’s drinking and/or doing drugs. I had an uncle who was the nicest guy you could ever meet in public but was a complete douche to my aunt when around just family. He was always belittling her and was verbally abusive and when you would call him on it he would just laugh and say oh I’m just joking. Sadly she never left him no matter how much we begged her to. An abuser uses the persons love for them as a way to control them. People are now seeing the true Johnny Depp.

    • Boo says:

      Because jerks stay with jerks, that’s how jerks manage to have long term relationships. Like finds like and they stay together.

      The women speaking for him, except for his daughter, are all losers as much as he is. That’s why they stayed with him, enabled him and speak up for him now. Because if they don’t, money goes away + then they are seen for what they are too and they can’t have that. They’re all in this sick cesspool together.

  37. Lola says:

    I am a divorce attorney

    This could be true, but it is also true it is a coordinated lie.

    You immediately think these women are lying – but not her witnesses?

    Oh honey, do I have some stories for you then.

    This was a preliminary injunction. That means there will be an evidentiary hearing and the court will determine credibility of witnesses and the entire story.

    Then – that’s when you guys can go to town.

    • Boxy Lady says:

      Lola, since you are a divorce attorney, may I ask a couple of legal questions?

      1. Amber claims there have been other abusive events in the marriage. Is there a legal reason why she would not check off the box about other abuse incidents on her application for the TRO?

      2. Is it your experience to have the testimony of various witnesses to align really well? I am asking because in both Amber’s and her neighbor’s statements, the number “ten” was used to describe how many times JD allegedly charged at and yelled at Amber. “Ten” just struck me as rather specific for two people to remember in a stress filled situation.

      3. Would a bruise usually constitute evidence of a crime as far as the police are concerned? I ask because her neighbor stated that she saw the bruise on Amber’s face (the neighbor was not there to see the bruise happen though) but the police said they saw no evidence of a crime. However, I don’t know the timeline regarding when the police were called.

      Sorry that was 3 questions. Thank you in advance!

    • TG says:

      Yeah, I absolutely loathe myself for feeling this way, but something seems off to me and I don’t know why. Let the bashing commence.

      • Nymeria says:

        Same here, TG. The thing is, I can believe he throws shit around and screams when he’s angry, but something also seems off to me about Amber’s story and her oddly specific witnesses. It could simply be that yes, she is telling the truth, but her obvious gold-digger ways have contorted my view of her. I still don’t know what to think, and am waiting eagerly for more details. Also, it’s not that hard to get a restraining order. Some judges are more willing than others to grant them, and sometimes all you have to say is that you fear for your life. You can present with a story whose burden of proof is pretty low, because ROs are typically stop-gap measures meant to plug a hole in a sinking ship – they must be given quickly if at all, hence the burden of proof being so low with them. That Amber was granted an RO isn’t the smoking gun many posters here think it is.

    • Mika says:

      Agreed. Nowhere does any witness say they say Depp throw the phone. They all say he was enraged.

    • Mars says:

      That’s why I’m still on the fence about all of this and not throwing johnny under the bus just yet, this story ain’t over by a long shot.

  38. Carrie says:

    Amber will not win this PR war. All his exes will either vouch for Johnny or remain silent. His kids will vouch for him. Even his colleagues will probably vouch for him. Plus most people have a negative view on Amber to begin with. She will have to produce a video that can prove Johnny beat her. A video showing a shouting match is not going to be enough. Right now Amber is losing in this war.

    • CornyBlue says:

      She does have a video so …

    • Snowflake says:

      Really? Based on the comments here, she’s winning. If you can call being beat and having people support you “winning.”

      • Carrie says:

        Unfortunately, most people on other web sites side with Johnny. I suggest you read other sites, such as ABC, People, TMZ, etc.

      • Snowflake says:

        @ Carrie
        Oh, wow, I just looked at the comments on a daily mail article, you’re right! Scary! No wonder abuse/rape victims are reluctant to come forward

      • Mika says:

        Celebitchy seems to be the only “pro-Amber” site – other sites all doubt her story and her very co-ordinated witness accounts with her neighbours.

      • bitchytrollop says:

        I’m embarrassed to say how cynical I was at the get go about her. The conversation here really clarified several things I initially took as fact.

  39. Moi says:

    I do believe that Johnny got physical with Amber last Saturday. I do not believe that he was abusive to her throughout their relationship/marriage. Does not make what happened a week ago okay in any capacity, but that’s my opinion and I’m allowed to have one.

  40. Jayna says:

    Mel Gibson’s wife probably said the same thing about sweet Mel. And that Oksana woman may have been an opportunist, but those taped phone calls showed a very controlling and verbally abusive man to the 1,000th degree, horrifically so, and physically threatening to her..

    I’m not saying Johnny is an awful man like Mel. I’m just saying these coordinated statements mean nothing to me as far as how messed up Johnny is right now drink and drugwise and how he is with a much younger woman he can’t seem to control, and I believe his paranoias are worse, escalating his behavior towards her. Remember that event that Johnny appeared at trashed as he had to give a speech or introduction or something? It was really sad he was to that level publically..

    But Amber will lose this publically. Johnny is beloved. It will just be said she drove him to anger and in a fit of anger he thew something at her, not that he is a wife beater with his fists. It will become that she pushed nonviolent Johnny to be so angry and she was the problem.

    • Kitten says:

      She did and I said as much above. And maybe Gibson was a sweetheart to his first wife, you know? Maybe she was just telling her truth.

      And ITA with everything you say here.

    • isabelle says:

      Heck OJs exes said they same thing.

  41. Emma33 says:

    I don’t take issue with the first two women telling their truth (and I hope it is the truth), but when Vanessa says that that Heard’s claims are “outrageous” she’s no longer speaking her truth…she’s calling someone else a liar. Heard’s claims aren’t outrageous…she has about 4 witnesses and bruising to back her story up. So, something happened.

  42. Miss M says:

    I don’t like Amber. I think she was more interesting before JD and i never believed she married him for love. I also considered myself a JD fan and was enthusiastic to seeing him on the black mass red carpet on my street last year. That being said… I believe Amber Heard. She is the one who has everything to lose here. I believed something was up from the moment one article said his family didn’t like her. I am very disappointed in him and I hope his PR learn a thing or two about their business because they look beyond amateur. Are they going to ask Kate Moss and Winona to give statements? The obvious move for him there was to settle it quietly, release a statement apologizing and go to rehab.
    Amber, stay strong!
    Ps: Wasser tamper this down. Your client won’t get public sympathy.
    Pps: and If IF Amber is lying, she will need to face the consequences. But this is a big IF. So far, everything that has been released corroborates to her side of the story.

  43. CornyBlue says:

    The good thing is Vanessa Paradis and Lily Rose’s statements mean f-k all in this case.
    Just because a murderer did not murder someone for 4 years does not mean he did not murder the murder victim.

  44. Observer says:

    I believed her until .. that twitter photo came out with Amber smiling the day after she said she was physically harmed.

    Plus – police are mandated to arrest if they see bruising. If they don’t, they could be held liable.

    Something smells fishy. Along with her claims for $50,000 support per month for 15 months of marriage.

    • Snowflake says:

      But….. Haven’t you had a horrible argument with someone and then went and pretends everything was OK? In early days of our marriage, my husband and I had horrible screaming fights. I would go to work the next day and joke around, and act like normal. Cause otherwise, if I told people, they would gossip and I hear about it once we made up. Now imagine being married to someone high profile, where people would love to get some good gossip like that and run to the media and make some $$$. You really have to keep your relationship troubles on the down low if youre with someone famous. Many people will pretend to be your friend.

    • Siuze says:


    • CornyBlue says:

      The photo was taken a week before it was posted. Maybe try to find out things before believing things fed to you by the PR

    • Rachel says:

      $50,000 per month is an incredibly low amount for her to request from a multi-millionaire actor with a significant property portfolio and multiple projects lined up. And, as you would know if you had read the comments on the other relevant posts, it’s standard legal practice to ask for spousal support from the off because unless you’ve requested it from the beginning, you can’t then ask for it later. It’s as much about having something to negotiate with as it is a genuine request for money, and even if it were the latter, $50,000 per month is peanuts to Depp.

      You’re wrong on the police being ‘mandated to arrest’ if they see bruising. In some states, yes, but not in California. If they turned up to the friend’s condo afterwards, Amber’s face may not have begun to bruise yet and there would be no evidence of a fight as that took place in Amber’s condo. Regardless, in California they can’t move forward without the victim’s co-operation and agreement to press charges, which Amber obviously did not want to do. Her attempts to settle this out of court, privately, without disrupting Depp’s premiere, shows that his aggressive PR painting her as a gold-digger has forced her hand.

      • vanessa says:

        I remember some people on this very website saying Morena Baccarin paying 20K in child support to her husband was too much and was an anti women decision by the judge but Amber asking 50K in spousal support for 15 months of mariage is ok right ? No matter how much he is worth, even if he was a billionaire 50K per month is too much for a 15 months mariage, Im sure he doesn’t event pay Vanessa that much.

      • Rachel says:

        Um, Morena Baccarin is worth $4m. Johnny Depp is worth $400m. I don’t think your comparison works.

        Regardless, it’s not even clear yet if Amber is actually seeking spousal support or whether her lawyer has just advised her to ask for it so that they have something to bargain with later on.

    • bitchytrollop says:

      As I pointed out elsewhere, the cops are often wife beaters themselves. Second, bruises take time to appear. Third, that photo was actually taken a week earlier. Why would someone lie about that, do you suppose?

    • imqrious2 says:

      Observer, it was proven that the pics Depp’s side leaked to show her shopping at Tiffany’s and the one where she was with friends (hair in face) were older pics .

  45. Nev says:

    If Kate or Winona are silent victims I don’t think folks should be pressing on them to speak out. It is their right.

  46. Bobo says:

    Maybe Vanessa has her own interests at heart that don’t have to do with money. Even in these comments people are saying she got paid off to say this, she’s only saying this because of their children, etc. There is a societal stigma that goes along with being a DV victim. If a person isn’t actually a victim of it, why would they want to be labelled as such?

    That said, the rest of her statement about Amber is out of line.

  47. Amanda says:

    I think everyone should probably wait to rush to judgement. We have no idea what really happened. I’m biased about this, though, because my brother’s ex wife accused him of beating their 3 children. The accusations came up conveniently when she wanted to move out of state with the kids and he was contesting it. There was not an ounce of truth to the accusations, my brother would never, ever raise a hand to anyone, let alone his own children. The accusations were then determined to be false by the courts and by the CPS system. But he carried immense shame with him during the process. I know false accusations CAN happen, and how harmful they can be. I also know many accusations are true and valid. But having been through that with my brother, I’m going to hold off on my judgement and wait and see what the courts find. (Besides, none of us have any clue who these people really are!)

    • shanydanza says:

      Yes, Amanda. That is kind of where I am at with this. I am sorry your brother had to endure that – I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to have those kinds of falseaccusations made against you.
      Why can’t the benefit of the doubt be extended both ways? Amber needs to be supported and kept safe until evidence suggests otherwise, At the same time, JD needs to not be completely crucified until all the evidence has been reviewed. Regardless of whether or not he abused A, the man needs help.

    • B n A fn says:

      This is a gossip site. We are all going to have an opinion. This is what gossip is all about. If everyone say wait until a trial, why would anyone be here or write about this story. We are all using our common sense or life experience to make a comment.

    • jc126 says:

      I agree with you, I’m holding off on passing judgement. Some people will lie about anything to get an advantage, in ways that will blow your mind if you haven’t been exposed to it before. Any truth is possible here. It irritates me that some people will try to name call those who are holding off on condemning him. It’s like trying to shout down an opinion because it’s not your view.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        It looks like the only people who got name-called here were the people rushing to discredit/shame Amber or imply that his being defended by his child and 2 exes from the past means Amber must be lying because “an abuser is an abuser.”

  48. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    Almost 10 years ago,a famous French musician Bertrant Cantat killed ( by hitting) his girlfriend Marie Trintignant ( 6/8 months after their meeting)
    During their investigation,the police never found a ex-girlfriend of him saying a bad thing about him or one clue that he had abused his ex-girlfriends/ ex-wife or Marie Trintignant .

    At least that it is a conspiration a la Gone Girl,all proves that Depp physically abused Amber Heard .
    Manipulative gold digger or not,no one deserves this violence.

    • Lambda says:

      Yikes, I actually remember that case, because I’d always been a fan of Trintignant senior. And I think Cantat only served a few years for murdering Marie.

  49. CharlotteCharlotte says:

    I think Vanessa was probably faced with an impossible situation, where she was backed into making a statement. I also think that her statement on its own is not as gushing as the spin that Depp’s camp is putting on it. It reads to me more like she’s just saying that she didn’t experience what Amber what did, not that it couldn’t/didn’t happen. It seems like it’s cleverly worded to do what she *had to*, but also could be read another way.

  50. Samtha says:

    It’s really interesting to me that certain people comment negatively about Amber and always use similar language and key words. It reminds me of that video someone linked here a few months ago about astroturf and pr plants.

  51. Minnie1 says:

    Thank you Lola, but as we all know since Johnny is a man he must be guilty. Even if he didn’t do it, he wanted to do it, so he is guilty all the same. It seems that no one here has ever heard the term “a match made in hell”.” I think those two fed off each other in a really unhealthy and damaging way . And it wouldn’t surprise me if she clocked him a few times along the way. This will all have to shake down in court. For the sake of argument, if Amber’s claims are proved false, you do realize that she has done incredible damage to women who have actually been abused. Will you still defend her then?

    • sereneeirene says:


    • CornyBlue says:

      So you will make up situations in your head rather than what is in front of you because what ?? You really like Depp in Scissorhands ??

    • Artemis says:

      Amber was trying to NOT have this leak in the media and damage his career. She was still protecting him even though she didn’t have to. It’s classic victim behaviour.
      His team was trashing her before the abuse allegations came out with the Tiffany’s pictures from last month after the divorce was announced.

      It’s painfully obvious most media is pro-Depp (Depp will lose more money paying them off than he would pay Amber spousal support!) and more powerful famous and rich people will come out in defense of Depp so this will likely kill any career that Amber has left! Why should we pity a rich man who doesn’t seem have to care about the public opinion when his soon-to-be ex-wife is walking around bruised, hurt and scorned by the public. Paying for HIS mistakes?

      With everything that has come out, who are you to say that SHE is an abuser as well? Depp’s team is using everything (and fabricating stories rather than come out with facts) to slander her, you honestly think if she abused him, we wouldn’t have heard it by now? His own security team didn’t stand up for Amber because Depp is so powerful, if she would have hit Depp back at any point or started hitting him, you don’t think any security guard would have leaked this information by now?

      You can’t handle Depp being an abuser AND having 4 WITNESSES of it + Amber trying to hide it at first so he can continue his career untarnished, so you make Amber an abuser too. If they’re both bad, Depp is sharing the abuse label so he’s what, 50% abusive???

      No matter what the public thinks, it’s pretty obvious that her neighbours can vouch for her abuse claims. It’s one thing to have celebrity friends who have NO clue what went on in your marriage to defend you but it’s a whole other to have essentially strangers who live next to you come to your rescue.

      I urge you to read the documents because Depp should be ready to fight against strangers who have nothing to gain and who PHYSICALLY had to jump in front of Heard to protect her. That + the other witnesses and picture + video makes it pretty slamdunk. Shame on you for using ‘real’ abuse victims to slander others who don’t fit your narrative of what a victim is and and how they should behave all to defend an actor who’s career and looks have been going downhill for years now. Open your eyes. The man is a nasty drunk who is abusing his power to get away with his crimes!

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      People don’t think Johnny is an abuser ‘because man’- or at least that’s not the opinion being expressed here. And while you’re right that Amber and other women could have hit/can hit men in relationships, Johnny hasn’t said that she hit or abused him and nobody else has either, so to pull the “Amber could have hit him” card is a bit of a red herring. Nobody here has said that women aren’t capable of abuse. It would have been more accurate for you to say “but as we all know Johnny has a history of addiction and anger management problems, those things sometimes go with abuse, he and his team are quick to try to discredit and smear Amber, Amber seems awfully desperate to get out of that marriage (so much so that she filed for divorce 15 months after getting married and this went down right after Depp’s mother died), she has photographic evidence of some kind of violence and videos that will probably be viewed in court, she has multiple witnesses, she’s taking a big risk to her image and career by coming out with these accusations, false accusations are less common than true ones, and so far the bodyguard mentioned in the story hasn’t made a denial, so some people are leaning more toward believing Amber” than pulling the misandry card. And it’s not like Depp isn’t getting plenty of support from people on sites other than celebitchy and gawker/jezebel. So I’m missing this ‘everyone judges him as guilty because of his dong’ trend.

  52. Izzy says:

    Vanessa’s statement is quite carefully worded though, isn’t it? She specifies that he never “physically” abused her, but as we have discussed many times on these boards, rages and property destruction and other forms of emotional and mental torture, are still abuse. Nice of her to throw in the “outrageous,” but that doesn’t mean she means it.

    • claire says:

      You and I are having similar lines of thinking. Everyone keeps saying: “but Winona, Moss, Vanessa, etc., all said he raged and trashed things. He abused all them, too” Yet, they have said they weren’t physically abused, and, it’s likely that if witnessing that was the extent of it, and he never hit them with those things he was throwing and trashing around, it would be very easy for them to not consider that as abuse, and just a symptom of his demons with drugs and alcohol – something they could emotionally consider to not being personal to them, therefore not being abused by him. If it never escalated to him hitting them, punching them, etc., then it is unsurprising they have categorized those episodes that way and that’s just their ‘truth’ of it.

  53. GiGi says:

    I don’t understand how their statements mean anything. These are three completely different relationships… one has no bearing on the other.

    And, yes, if Johnny’s been boozing and doing drugs, there’s really no way his past behavior is a good indicator of his current behavior.

  54. Rebecca says:

    I’m not proud of this but I have some experience with cocaine and alcohol way back in the day. Cocaine makes a person agitated and, in some people , it makes them very angry. I dated a guy back then who loved cocaine. When he was sober, he was sweet and gentle, when he used cocaine and alcohol, he hit me. No one believed he could do something like that, but he did.

    Mi point is that drugs and alcohol can completely change a person’s personality. It seems that Johnny Depp picked these habits back up right around the time he separated from Vanessa Paradis. Therefore, perhaps Amber got a different person than Vanessa got to have a relationship with.

    • Jayna says:

      Yep. And she was much younger and I think that made him jealous, and I think he wanted her by his side all the time and felt a loss of control with her in that regard, and that became ugly when binging on drugs and alcohol and his paranoia escalating.

      I posted yesterday Ringo of The Beatles talking about how violent he had become toward his wife when he was really deep into his alcoholism and drug addiction, when he had always been a nonviolent man before.

      • Sansa says:

        Agreed. At some point he begins to see her as a convient punching bag for his own irritability self anger look at his situation a) can’t control aging in the worst job for that b) pissed at himself for taking Disney cash selling out , so c) Why the F??? Is she challenging questioning bothering him she should shut the F$$$ Up and put that phone down or I will put it down for you. You called the police I am outta here Bit!!! . What’s so hard to believe peps…?..

      • Jennifer says:

        He has admitted that he was jealous all the way through, when he was much younger,its not becaus she is younger as I see it. She hadn’t seen him for months so it doesn’t seem like he wanted her by his side all the time. There’s also been stories about how he would avoid her, he’d go off and she wouldn’t know where he was and he wouldn’t reply to her calls.
        it seems to be the case of drugs and alcohol messing with his percetion of reality/ personality.

      • Miss S says:

        @Jennifer: I read that story about him hiding from her at lainey’s and yesterday read it again and wondered (considering what we know now) if she was trying to control him, not as someone who is possessive but as someone who wants him to avoid consuming stuff and being with people who are being bad for him. It’s like when you feel responsible for someone you care about. Maybe she was “nagging him” because of his issues and not because she was a control freak who mistreated him.

  55. Persephone says:

    As someone who has been in an abusive relationship and usually believes people who say they are, I’m not buying that Ambers side is the truth. The moving facial injuries, sadface posing for the paps and then pretend crying in the car. Real victims don’t need to fake it….. The only witnesses are friends of hers. The police officer who arrived on the scene found no evidence, she had no injuries and denied it had gotten physical, she said it was a verbal altercation and under California law he would have been obliged to intervene if there were evidence of physical abuse. Then there’s the obsession with getting her hands on as much money as possible which given that it was only a fifteen month union that produced no children, she needs a really good excuse.

    I don’t doubt that their relationship was toxic but there are two sides to every story and he is very possibly innocent.

    I also think his exes comments are extremely relevant. Men don’t turn around in their fifties and suddenly start hitting women. In saying that some people, men and women, are so toxic that they could bring the worst out of a saint. That still doesn’t mean he got physical.

    People shouldn’t rush to judgement until all the facts are released.

    • Sherry says:

      X100% I agree. But he’s already being judged here in the court of public opinion. People should wait to see the evidence come out in the trial and examined. They are quick to judge as if they are privy to every aspect of his personal life. There are three sides to every story, his, hers and what really happened. Johnny had his mid-life crises and now he is paying the price.

      • mari says:

        I’m with you. I had family that suffered abuse (actually a cousin and she got killed by her husband) and on my husbands family he has a uncle that was played hard by a woman to get money from him. She even went to the police and said that her son was abused by my husband’s uncle. With that been said…. I will not point my finget at johnny without knowing all sides of the story. A man can be an abuser specially with alcool and drugs and a woman can be very well smart and evil to the point of destroy someone just to get what she wants….

    • SilkyMalice says:

      “The moving facial injuries” Wha??

      Please read the other personal experiences of women who’s men evolved into physical abusers as their substance abuse escalated.

    • Rachel says:

      I’m assuming you’re a top notch Hollywood casting director who can instinctively tell when someone is ‘faking’.

      The witnesses included Johnny’s security team, her friend on the phone, and her neighbours. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt with the friend, but I see no reason for Amber to specifically name members of Johnny’s security team unless they were involved, because they would naturally be inclined to protect Johnny, unless under oath at trial.

      Police in California are not mandated to intervene if they see or suspect evidence of domestic assault. Amber declined to press charges or co-operate, preferring to settle the matter privately and out-of-court.

      She’s requested spousal support, likely as a bargaining tool for later negotiation, and even then the amount is peanuts to Johnny. It’s also less than she would get from a standard settlement from their divorce without coming out about the abuse, as they had no pre-nup. So please explain to me why a woman would willingly commit career suicide by falsely claiming a beloved actor abused her when she wouldn’t receive any more money out of the claims, and would destroy her own reputation?

    • Artemis says:

      That’s a lie. She has more witnesses than just her friends. Maybe read the documents properly before stating something so harsh and untrue? Depp has very little ground to stand on if her neighbours testify, and they already wrote they WILL.

      Everything Amber does will be under scrutiny. People judged her before, during and after her relationship with Depp. She hasn’t said a word, the documents speak volumes yet people take any little defense of Depp as the TRUTH and any evidence she provides as a lie. It’s clear people are biased and only care to protect Depp.

      Some DV survivors fall into a deep depression after leaving and don’t cry because they are empty, they have nothing to ‘fight’ against or cannot get accustomed to their new violence-free life. Some DV survivors are depressed and cry all the time and want to talk and go over the abuse all the time. Some DV survivors don’t see themselves as survivors of abuse and are very tough and dismissive about what happened. Some are jealous the ex-partner moved on and isn’t abusive to the new partner. Most go back too many times before really leaving. See, there is NO perfect way for a survivor to behave and anybody implying there is, should educate themselves before spreading lies and uncaring sentiments that help NO survivor. Rather, it’s for yourself because you don’t want to see or admit that somebody you like, did something wrong.

      I think his exes comments are irrelevant due to the fact that them not being abused DOES NOT negate Amber being abused. It’s also very hurtful to imply that it is as many women struggle to come to terms with being abused while the exes or following partners are sometimes not.

      People don’t want to wait for facts as they don’t believe Amber anyway. What they are waiting for is for slamdunk evidence of his team that he didn’t do it. Which, considering her evidence, is going to be difficult.

      Men don’t turn around in their fifties and suddenly start hitting women.

      If only…Again, worked in a women’s refuge. Some women were hit by their partners after the age of 50, after decades of marriage. Some people start taking drugs during midlife crisis and go off the rails. One woman wanted to come to refuge at age 70!!! But she changed her mind because old values: you stay true to your vows and she didn’t want to be alone at her age. One woman was visited by the police after her neighbours reported a brutal fight, she was clearly assaulted and we were ready to take her in: stayed in the home anyway because she wanted to stand by her husband and claimed she fell down the stairs. It’s horrendous but it happens more often than you think. Sadly it’s not reported on much as older people deal with DV in a much different way. Plus other cultures also have religion and community pressures to deal with so it’s not common for them flee and live in refuge, most women from conservative ethnic backgrounds are max. 45 from my experience.

    • Anna says:

      @persephone: Every single thing you question has been answered at length. So please don’t just pop in the comment section and dump this uninformed shit on everybody but read the article, maybe even the court documents. To, you know, have an educated opinion. Make the world a better place: You can do it!

    • Miss S says:

      “The police officer who arrived on the scene found no evidence.” There is NO OFFICIAL statement from the police saying that. It was TMZ who shared that coming from a source.

      And you are wrong, anyone in any age and with no history of violence could lose it in the right circumstances. And if people here are jumping defending Amber even when we don’t know the truth as defined by the court is because her character is being vilified as a default because “she is a gold digger and Depp would never do it”, when we know (there are studies that show that) that people who lose don’t have it written on their foreheads, frequently is quite the opposite.

      I give her the benefit of the doubt and even if Depp did it, I don’t think he is a monster, I think he needs help. And Amber agrees, as she states in the document.

    • Snowflake says:

      Um, you all know Amber’s a crappy actress, but she’s good enough to fake cry? Somebody give that girl an Oscar! Gmafb. She is not fake crying.

  56. Jayna says:

    Amber doesn’t need to lie. Why? They have no pre-nup. She is going to come out with a nice settlement from a man who made a fortune just during their marriage. When this last incident happened and the marriage on its last legs anyway imploded, yes, her lawyer tried to use it leverage terms in favor of her/his client and keep it quiet.

    This isn’t a woman with an ironclad pre-nup leaving the marriage with barely anything, so beefing up incidents or making up incidents to leverage a better settlement for her. This is a woman sitting pretty in their split-up for the most part because there is no pre-nup. Do I think after the implosion she used it to put the fear into Johnny to leave her alone because she has evidence and to use that to come to a favorable settlement without a war because he’s bitter she’s leaving? Yes..

    Could she be milking it for the cameras with the sobbing? Sure. I never said I liked the girl all that much. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    • Kitten says:

      Right. It’s one thing to say that Amber is a shitty actress and an unlikable person and it’s another to accuse her of faking this whole thing.

    • whiskeyjack says:

      What I don’t understand is where people think that giant bruise on her face came from? It straight up is in a rectangular shape, like an ~iPhone~ Do people think it’s makeup? And she still had it on Friday. I feel like people are saying that she hit herself, in the face… really? Wow.

      Amber would have been much better off if she’d held this over JD’s head in order to get a larger settlement for keeping quiet. The only reason I can think for her not staying silent is that she is truly afraid of him and needed that TRO for her protection.

      I feel for her, everyone thinks she’s lying, and her career in Hollywood is over. The fact is that she has nothing to gain by going public with these abuse allegations, as it’s not like that will garner her a larger monetary settlement. It might force Johnny to get help though, and maybe that’s what she really wants. That would fit with what a lot of abuse victims do, protect their abuser.

  57. iheartjacksparrow says:

    To all the people who believe Amber, answer me one question; just one. Why, when she filed for divorce on Monday did she not mention word one about being abused and ask for a restraining order then? It was only after the petition became public knowledge on Wednesday morning, and then for a day and a half people all over the internet were vilifying her for being an insensitive (bleep), and Johnny saying that he wouldn’t pay spousal support, that suddenly she’s claiming abuse on Friday morning.

    • jinglebellsmell says:

      If you have ever been abused, you know that coming out with it, and when you do it, may never make sense time-wise. It comes out when it comes out, and thank God it does.

    • ida says:

      because at first she had zero interest in letting the world know that she is a victim of dv. only after she realised that the public opinion is against her anyway and JD did not want to compensate her at all (quite the oposite, his pr team did everything to destroy her) she might have thought it is time to let the world know and see who the real JD is. a junkie out of control who got back to the habit of throwing/trashing things when high which is well documented. this woman did not see any other way to get some of her dignity back. it must hurt a women who always was proud of being independend to find herself in such a bad situation. I really hope she has video proof. the discussion would end and the society could start to reflect about dv and the like. the whole situation reminds me of the denise richards case and to be honest I think JD resembles Charlie Sheen alot. this deathly pale and irritated skin and these teeth…

    • Div says:

      She did mention the abuse in the petition before the media tore into her and her lawyer even writes that she wanted to settle it quietly (he even threatens to serve Johnny publicly and says he could have had him served at the Alice premiere). She only released the photos after the smear campaign started against her, which is perfectly understandable on her part. She basically went “you abused me, I have proof, but I want to settle this quietly” and he basically went “no, you don’t have the balls” and tried to wreck her rep….so she went f*ck it and showed the proof

    • Talie says:

      I was under the impression that the restraining order was in the works Monday at the same time she filed. We didn’t find out about it until she had her day in court.

  58. sofie says:

    Nobody knows what really happened in the relationship but them. I do know from experience what drugs do to a person. A very loving person can turn into a person you never thought they could be. If Johnny is hard into drugs & alcohol I hope he gets help. He is still a father & believe me I know how hard it is to see a parent that way.

  59. Jayna says:

    Amber doesn’t need to lie. Why? They have no pre-nup. She is going to come out with a nice settlement from a man who made a fortune just during their marriage. When this last incident happened and the marriage on its last legs anyway imploded, yes, her lawyer tried to use it leverage terms in favor of her/his client and keep it quiet.

    This isn’t a woman with an ironclad pre-nup leaving the marriage with barely anything, so she’s beefing up incident to leverage a better settlement for her. This is a woman witting pretty in their split-up for the most part because there is no pre-nup. Do I think after the implosion she used it to put the fear into Johnny to leave her alone because she has evidence and to come to a settlement without a war because he’s bitter she’s leaving? Yes..

  60. Jayna says:

    As far as the injuries not showing up when it happened, I tripped one night jumping up to answer the phone. My foot got caught in the bottoms of my sweats. It sent me flying, and I hit the side of my face near my eye and cheekbone hard on the corner of a table. No injuries that night except red, but the pain was so severe I thought I had broken my cheekbone. The next morning I woke up to the whole side of my face swollen and completelyblack and blue like I had been beaten up severely. I had to go to work like that and was humiliated. Makeup couldn’t even cover it.

    • SilkyMalice says:

      Ouch. Amber’s red impact points right after the phone hit her would lead to a bruise that settled exactly where we see one as she is leaving the court house.

      Also, her distress looks real to me. She is not that good of an actress. Why try and cover your face if you are mugging crying to the press?

  61. jinglebellsmell says:

    Let’s wait and see what happens with evidence before we judge, and let’s not fling crap at the alleged victim in the meantime!!!!

    I have been a Johnny fan since 21 Jump Street. He has always been my “pass” guy that I can leave my husband for, lol. I have an Edward Scissorhands keychain. I’ve seen all his movies.

    As I’ve said before, he’s always been my “happy place” in my mind and got me through the best and worst of my life. It sounds crazy about a person I don’t know and will never know, but I feel like I’m betraying him by not vilifying Amber. However, I have to remind myself…it is WRONG to demonize the victim before the victim has his/her day in court. You do NOT have to vilify her in order to not believe her. This is oftentimes why victims of abuse don’t come out. They are petrified about becoming the devil in the scenario, and no one believing or supporting them. Imagine if it’s an American Icon such as Johnny Depp? It is THE most difficult thing to do–admitting that you are abused. She may be lying, she may not be….sadly, my intuition tells me that she is not. Johnny has been explosive in certain years past, and has always relied on “strong” women to pull him out. I don’t think Amber was strong enough to do that, in all honesty, and he unraveled on her.

    Again, you don’t have to demonize her to be on Johnny’s team.

    • SilkyMalice says:

      But just implying that he was abusive only because she was not strong enough, is vilifying her. It’s saying she brought the abuse on herself.

      • jinglebellsmell says:

        No one should ever be expected to stop their spouse, or anyone else for that matter, from abusing drugs and alcohol which may result in their own abuse. These were IMO the circumstances prior to Amber, in particular Vanessa. Time and time again Depp was quoted as saying that Paradis saved him and kept him straight from his destructive ways. She wouldn’t have been a bad person if she didn’t or couldn’t, just like Amber.

    • CornyBlue says:

      21 Jump Street ? The Channing Tatum movie ? He was in that ?

      • Kitten says:

        Please tell me you’re being facetious because otherwise you’re making me feel incredibly old 😉
        She means the original series that the movie was based on of course and the first time most of us fell in love with Depp.

        Sigh. The good ol days 😕

      • kori says:

        He actually did have a cameo. 🙂 The original series was on when I was in high school. I re beer when he was in the original Nightmare on Elm St too.

  62. Jayna says:

    I wonder when Johnny’s publicist will issue a statement that he’s entering rehab.

    • Miss S says:

      If they did that they would be assuming that he has problems so I don’t see that happening (at least publicly).

    • Talie says:

      That would be admitting defeat. They will only do that if the court case in June goes in Amber’s favor OR she and her team release more receipts.

  63. SilkyMalice says:

    Vanessa and the first wife should only speak to their experience. Them saying he could never be violent to anyone is crossing the line. I am very disappointed in Vanessa. The first wife – meh. That was 30 years ago.

    • Miss S says:

      I wonder if he is even in touch with the first wife, I find that hard to believe.

    • isabelle says:

      Its very possible he was great with Vanessa. He cleaned up when they were together. He was at his peak when he was with her. Since he left her he has been in a downward spiral. then add on the death of his mother? Addicted abusers tend to not have consistent abuse patterns, it ebbs and flows with their addiction. “Why Does He do That” is an excellent book abuse patterns. Encourage all women to read it because how we have painted abusers is incorrect and we believe in a lot of misinformation about them.

  64. Guest says:

    They are both disgusting at this point. They are both giving stuff to the media, and in my opinion that makes me feel they are both stretching the truth.
    I like Johnny, I want him to get help with everything that’s wrong with him. Substance abuse,anger management and to deal with his grief.
    I never heard of Amber so I’m not going to even judge her character or pick a side. They are both making this as public and messy as possible.
    Why? I don’t know. But the fact we know so much is gross and makes me feel like they are both just trying to see who can slander the other the most.
    It’s a judge job to figure out who is at fault and who is’nt. Not the public’s. I don’t respect how either is going about it.
    Also, so what if his wife say he never hit her. That was her experience and she is saying it.
    I’m no side because this is being exploited In my opinion and I feel like people are saying, “Shame on Johnny” for his obvious PR, but Amber had been playing the same game.They are slandering each other, I can’t help but think why they are making this so public.
    I’ve dealt with abuse and I understand it is something that could possibly ruin you.
    Though I don’t see what good this doing anyone.

    • siri says:

      That’s not what I understand: AH asked the bodyguard for help, he didn’t, and neighbours rolled in to take her out. Depp left the house, so what else could she have done when it was not discussable anymore?

      • Guest says:

        I’m not making any judgements on Amber or her story.
        I think they are wrong way for the both them to going about it. I don’t want to be crucified because I’m not on Amber’s side.
        I’m on no ones side and I only want for them to figure this thing out and for both of them to get help.
        I don’t want to keep hearing new details everyday about stuff that needs to be told to a judge.
        That’s just my opinion and I’m sticking with that.

      • Karina says:

        From what I understand, Guest is saying that both parties (I guess their PR teams) have resorted to slandering one another in public as evidenced by the media releases throughout the week.

  65. Miss S says:

    Well, I’m surprised Vanessa said something because I would assume that if Amber’s allegations are that ridiculous than why bother, right? Naturally, they are trying to reinforce Depp’s great character and destroy Amber’s.

    This isn’t Hugh Jackman we are talking about. Johnny Depp as recognized in past interviews by his own words issues with jealousy and anger. He got into fights, he trashed hotels, he was seen in public at least drunk if not high. It doesn’t mean he is an abuser, but he is going on a negative spiral in the last years that apparently has no precedents. Even IF he didn’t abuse Amber, he also isn’t the saint his PR machine is trying to sell us. This is what I don’t understand. Even Paul Bettany wrote in his tweeter: “known Johnny Depp for years and through several relationships. He’s the sweetest, kindest, gentlest man that I’ve ever known. Just saying.” AND? what does that prove?
    Johnny Depp doesn’t have to be an abusive monster, but considering public behaviour and known history why is so far fetched to imagine that he is loosing it and needs help? People who admire and love him can’t see that? I find this really problematic.

    And to use the narrative they are trying to sell us, if Amber and her witnesses are lying she could’ve done this better. What about a black eye instead of “just” a phone mark in her face? Or why not wait a few more years to get more money from him? I really don’t understand what does she have to gain going against one of the biggest stars in hollywood.

    I really hope she has video proof, because she is going to need all the help she can get. Seeing how the media picked what they felt was better for Depp’s narrative from the restraining order document, I totally feel for her. And if she is lying, please give her an Oscar.

    • Jennifer says:

      She’s not saying he isn’t jealous or has a temper. She said he was never physically abusive you can have a temper, be really jealous and not be physically abusive. She doesn’t even say he wasn’t emotionally abusive. She’s specifically referring to physical abuse. Another thing is that he cold be sweet and also be jealous and temperamental. People aren’t black and white, human beings are complex and multifaceted.

      • Miss S says:

        I know that, I wasn’t talking about what his exes said, but the whole PR approach and how people try to make him into some kind of saint when he has a complicated history.

    • als says:

      I agree, Miss S, the PR approach raises even more suspicions about Depp.
      IMO they are going nuclear on something that, if not true, could have been handled easily. Not to mention that they could have settled this. It is just so bizzare!
      At this point I wonder if there isn’t something much worse coming about Depp. Maybe that video is very very bad. Maybe something else.

      • Miss S says:

        *Conspiracy theory: maybe his team are working so hard on public opinion because they know there is something bigger like a video coming up? How can someone defends himself from that? Well, if you already killed the alleged victim’s character they can try an angle where accuse Amber of manipulating the context where it happened? This is really complicated, but I’m sure his side will do whatever they feel benefits him.*

  66. Jennifer says:

    So now Vanessa is the gold digger who is lying for money? Omg people especially other women love to vilify other women. How about this he didn’t psychically abuse Vanessa but he did lay hands on Amber. Why is that so hard to believe? Given the downward spiral he’s been in for the last few years it shouldn’t be that hard to believe that he was a different person with her. I have a cousin who was a drug addict when he was very young. He physically assaulted his mother and fought with his brother. Arrested by the police a number of times. He’s been in recovery for over 10 years now he’s not laid a hand on anyone since. Addiction change people’s personality. I thought that was common knowledge.

    • tback says:

      I don’t understand how Vanessa’s statement serves the purpose of protecting her kids. What is she protecting them from? Those kids likely know the full truth about their father. Kids living in DV situations are aware of what is going on. The kids know if Johnny is capable of what he’s accused of. So, if Amber’s accusations are untrue they know. If Amber’s accusations are true, they now see their mother lying & covering for their father, which tells the children that this kind of behavior is OK. Really bad message for the children actually.

      • Guest says:

        I doubt he sees his kids on the regular,he’s busy and his daughter is a model. I’m not saying I know for sure, it’s just my opinion.
        My dad was physically abusive to my mother, and I watched him beat her as a child.
        I just don’t like the way either side is going about it.
        It’s gross how they both are leaking stuff to the media. This isn’t are business.
        I’m not on either side,because how they are handling it. I believe Amber but I also believe that Johnny needs a looooooooot of help and isn’t a bad person.
        If his PT says he is going to rehab, I think that’s the best thing for him.

      • Jennifer says:

        Amber said this happened 3 times in the last 6 months. It wasn’t a daily occurrence. IAmber said she hadn’t seen depp for a month before this latest incident. He has other houses in LA too and he seems to have not spent time at their shared property lately. The kids presumably spend time with their mother who lives in Paris too? I don’t think that they need to have been witnesses to incidents like this.. They aren’t around them on an everyday basis. They could very well be totally totally unaware.

      • Kitten says:

        How do people not understand this? I’m not a child, I’m a grown woman, and I would be DEVASTATED if someone accused my father of abusing them. My whole world, my identity, my childhood, every experience with my father that has served to shape my perception of men would be instantly destroyed. And my dad is not a largely-beloved Hollywood icon.

        Vanessa’s children are likely heartbroken and horrified at the characterization of their father as an abusive monster so why wouldn’t you get that Vanessa would feel compelled to come forward and share her opinion? In a way, it’s giving her children a voice, telling the world that they know a different side of Johnny.

        Look, I’m not so arrogant as to make a moral judgement of how Vanessa is handling this, but on a human level I absolutely understand why she feels the need to speak up for herself and her children. I’m not denying the likelihood that she was pressured by Johnny’s team, but I don’t think Vanessa would come forward solely to protect Johnny. I believe that she is just sharing her truth.

      • Jennifer says:

        @ kitten
        Thank you, voice of reason. I get that people are upset on behalf of Amber but no need to paint Vanessa as a bad egg. This is a complicated situation and our sympathy should be not only with amber but also depps kids and Vanessa as a mother will be hurting when her kids are hurting. The people who say she’s only doing it for money aren’t any better than the people who call Amber a lying gold digger.

  67. tback says:

    The statements from Johnny’s exes are irrelevant. If you know anything about DV you know that victims of abuse will cover for their abusers even after the relationship is over. Victims are traumatized and continue to fear their abusers. Also, the shame associated with being a DV victim keeps people silent. Look at Nicole Simpson…she divorced OJ, was living in her own home, and he continued to terrorize her and ultimately murdered her. Abuse escalates when the abuser loses, or feels that he is losing, control. So, Johnny may have never physically abused Vanessa because it didn’t escalate to that point….perhaps he was able to achieve his control through emotional, financial, and/or verbal abuse. Amber may have been more difficult to manipulate through emotional types of abuse and so Johnny escalated to physical violence to try and maintain control. If Amber threatened to leave Johnny and/or expose his DV and drug/alcohol problems, that could have sent him over the edge into physical abuse.

  68. Guest says:

    Johnny get help please. Both of you stop putting stuff out to the media.If there is a video, I don’t not want to see it. The only person who should is a Judge.
    Johnny is obviously on drugs and has a alcohol problem.
    I don’t think he is a bad person, and I don’t think Amber is lying. I just think they are both doing this the most exploitative way possible.
    Just stop.

    • SilkyMalice says:

      Amber has not put anything out the media – that is all Johnny, once he realized he couldn’t buy her not to file for divorce. Please read the articles before you comment. Sheesh.

      • Guest says:

        Whatever, I wish them the best and hope it gets resolved. That’s honestly all I care about.
        Until then, I’m not going to be dissecting anyone’s stories or whatever they put in the press.

  69. Luca76 says:

    Good friend of mine married 20+ years just had her first incident of domestic violence with her husband. He’s been succumbing to an addiction for the last couple of years and also suffered some big losses in his family. Anyway in the last few months he’d become a completely different person. One night it came to a head. Luckily she kicked him out and got an order of protection. So it could be true that he didn’t touch anyone else but Amber. But he isn’t doing himself any favors.

  70. candyblackmail says:

    I think it’s altogether too convenient that suddenly pictures of bruises show up after he countered that he was going to shoot down her bid for spousal support. Additionally, the LAPD went on record that when they were summoned to the house, there were no signs that anything had happened. I think Amber Heard is a gold-digging starlet who was hoping to hitch her wagon to a star to jump start her own career. However, everything about her is bland…she could’ve married Sir Lawrence Olivier and she’d still be where she is at today professionally. She’s simply not that great of an actress.

    On the other hand, Johnny Depp is an idiot for ever letting his ego get in the way and marrying Amber Heard. The most productive and stable years of his life appear to be when he was with partner Vanessa Paradis and their children. He’s clearly not giving a damn much about anything anymore if his appearance and behavior is any indication and that’s rather unfortunate. I believe he truly is talented but has been stuck in a rut for quite sometime now and he, along with studios and directors, believe that his name alone should be sufficient to carry a picture – that clearly is no longer true.

    • Miss S says:

      ” the LAPD went on record that when they were summoned to the house, there were no signs that anything had happened.”

      There was not an official report stating that. TMZ said it came form “sources”. Read the court document and you’ll see how the media is picking just the parts that fit into a certain narrative. It’s not that simple. The document even shows the emails her lwayer sent to Depp’s. I understand people who love him finding hard to believe, but at least base your opinion from facts, official information.

    • Samtha says:

      Can you please link to where the LAPD went on record?

    • isabelle says:

      Rolling my eyes at people suddenly believing LAPD always makes good decisions. They never let abusers go, or ignore direct evidence right in front of their face. Jesus people know your history of the LAPD!!! Also there were witnesses, which many of the other media sites aren’t reporting and picture was taken weeks earlier. Seems Celebitchy is the only site that based their reporting on actual court reports. The rest its pure gossip, where it seems most people are getting their really bad bad facts and info.

      • Miss S says:

        Everybody should read that, SPECIALLY media outlets. What they are doing (most of them) is just lazy:/

    • Rachel says:

      ‘She’s simply not that great of an actress’.

      So when Amber was sobbing in the back of the car, was she acting then? Because if she’s an awful actress, you have to admit that was either a stellar performance she’s never been able to repeat on camera, or that her claims of physical, emotional and verbal abuse have some weight.

  71. Div says:

    I feel terrible for Amber. I suspect Disney, Depp’s publicist, and Wasser are behind the smear campaign against Amber. After all, Pirates 5 has yet to come out. The whole smear campaign stinks of biphobia (a lot of tabloid articles claiming her bisexuality means she wasn’t trustworthy smdh) and misogyny. It’s so obvious that it is a PR smear campaign too (the running of old photos like the Tiffany’s one to reinforce the gold digger idea).

    I sporadically read a handful of blogs but I decided to read multiple blogs the other day when I noticed the media slant. It is absolutely disgusting how pro-Depp the media and most commenters are about the situation (even DListed). Celebitchy, Pajiba, and Lainey are the only ones who are posting most of the correct information and are being fair to Amber in addition to a few legitimate news sites like BBC. Unfortunately, People, US, Daily Fail, etc. have a wide readership.

    I just am in shock that Johnny’s team and Disney can spin the media so much despite photographic proof, multiple witnesses (including his own bodyguard), etc. Nobody is calling Laura out for her multiple lies (for example, her claim that Amber is doing this because of the negative attention she received for filing divorce after his mother’s death…even though she mentioned the DV in documents before she went public). The sad thing is that Johnny will continue to have a career, the vast majority of people will believe him or excuse him if the media keeps spinning stories in his favor, and Amber is likely going to get blacklisted. It’s fascinating and horrible to witness how being male and having the right people in your corner can let you get away with anything, especially when you see how Winona’s career nearly ended over her shoplifting and Sienna Miller was basically blacklisted for several years and yet Johnny, a serial abuser, is getting public f*cking sympathy.

    • Miss S says:

      “multiple witnesses (including his own bodyguard)” I’m concerned with that because if that bodyguard wants to keep his job… maybe he will say she was lying despite the other two witnesses on site who are her friends.

      Considering such a difficult context where she can easily be seen as taking advantage of him when looking at all we know superficially, I wonder if refusing any money she had the right to get through the divorce and just asking for a restraining order under a DV incident wouldn’t have been better for her. Maybe she could’ve asked him to pay the legal fees. With that she would totally kill the argument about being a gold digger, even though using him as a career ladder argument would/will always be there.
      This is all so sad. I feel like she is trapped into a nightmare.

      • Div says:

        Exactly, she’s trapped in a total nightmare. Ugh, I hope that doesn’t happen but I could see the bodyguard sticking up for Johnny now that you mention it….The thing is the spousal support is peanuts (600k a year) when you look at how much money Depp has ($400 mil). I suspect her lawyer may have encouraged her and I also think she straight up deserves it considering the hell she went through, but that both of them underestimated just how dirty Johnny’s team and Disney would be in their smear campaign. In retrospect, maybe asking for no spousal support may have helped her in this PR war but either way he was going to trash her reputation. The sad thing is the public usually sees women as Madonnas or whores and refuses to recognize that women are far more complex than that…she could very well have married him for her career and still be a victim.

        *The fact that she named one of his bodyguards as a witness is one of the many things that put me in her corner. I still can’t get over that there are photographs (bruising, bloody rugs) and multiple witnesses and the media is still anti-Amber.

      • Miss S says:

        The bodyguard as a witness definitely gives her more credit. The thing is, even with that, he saw an argument, heated argument, but no one saw the physical contact.

        I wonder (and hope) her team decided to go through with this because they had strong proofs, stuff when haven’t seen yet. Where did we read she also had video? And the document states that (I think in last December) it was even worst where she feared for her life.
        His team are doing the best to reinforce the idea of Depp’s great character and how Amber is awful (after divorce was out we read how his family hated her). In the “court” of public opinion he may be winning but his as given interviews for what, 30 years? And some are quite revealing. If some media decides to go there, it can work against him, but sadly i don’t think they will…

        I hope she is being truthful, and I hope she has more proof. Because if not… well, I don’t even want to go there:/

      • SilkyMalice says:

        “but no one saw the physical contact”

        Where does it say that anywhere? I assume his body guard was right there – that is his job, anyway.

      • Miss S says:

        @SilkyMalice: Reading the report on page 29 (just checked) Amber writes that his bodyguard named Judge Jerry only got into the condominium after he hit her with the phone but was there while he was yelling and taunting her. But I actually read something else I didn’t notice before, it wasn’t just this bodyguard, it was the whole security team:O How couldn’t I see that before, I don’t know. This is what is written on page 26, 17 point (caps are mine):

        ” 17. Johnny then stormed at me once again, demanding that I get up and stand. He did this – about ten times – getting closer to me, louder and more threatening each time. Johnny’s SECURITY TEAM (this is the part I didn’t notice before), that included Judge Jerry, entered the condominium at this time, but THEY stood back without saying or doing anything. I yelled to jerry to please help me and told him that if Johnny hit me one more time I was going to call the police. I heard Jerry say “Boss, please” but Johnny continued screaming and breaking things, finally leaving the condominium. ”

        Why isn’t media telling us that his security team witness him being abusive? Yelling at her vicious things and breaking things comes from people who are sweet and balanced? ….

      • SilkyMalice says:

        Miss S – they aren’t reporting it because it makes Johnny look bad. End of.

        Do you suppose his security team would have stepped in if he started throttling her? Or does their job description also include hiding the bodies? So disgusting.

    • isabelle says:

      TMZ & People are so far up his butt they can’t see their feet. Even Huffington Post ran a shade against Amber piece.

  72. Merritt says:

    I’m trying to figure out how his behavior during a marriage that ended before Amber was even alive is relevant. It is pretty sad that his team had to dig up his first wife to defend him. Also people act differently from relationship to relationship. Several of Charlie Sheen’s exes also claimed he never hurt them. That doesn’t change the fact that he did hurt other women.

  73. Alan Haimes says:


    • Miss S says:


      • Moi says:

        I’m with you #teamtruth. I’m also #teamsad. I have my opinion, but its just that, an opinion. Which is not valid whatsoever until we have all of the facts.

    • isabelle says:


      • Miss S says:

        F*ck, I just reread the document and it escaped me that HIS SECURITY TEAM saw him being aggressive to her and breaking stuff, the one who said “Boss, please” was Judge Jerry, but he wasn’t alone.
        It’s on page 26, point 17.

      • isabelle says:

        No one is reporting this though except, CB. So the public is uninformed of the truth and believe the pictures are recent, no outside eyewitness and her friends just sided with her. Its infuriating what sites like TMZ are purposely doing.

  74. Anna says:

    Imagine they wouldn’t live in a condo, but like most wealthy people in la, in a large mansion with a wall around it in complete privacy. There would not have been helpful neighbors. Nobody would have seen or heard a thing.
    It’s so unusual for a high profile couple to be so physically close to other people (except employees) that they can hear you scream. I get shivers down my spine when I think of all these powerful men and their large estates and the abundance of privacy to do whatever the eff they want to the people that depend on them.

    • siri says:

      True, never thought about that. It’s worrisome.

    • Lady Amalthea says:

      Ask Katie Holmes about powerful men with large estates and lots of privacy…

    • isabelle says:

      My Aunt worked as a Nanny for some very prestigious celebs,politicians and wealthy people. The wealthy have powers like no other to maintain their secrets. They have each others back as well.

  75. Talie says:

    All I know is that every time Johnny comes out with a media hit at Amber, she comes back 10x harder with receipts. Today will probably be quiet on her end, but Monday or Tuesday…I think she will reign hell down on him again. We haven’t even gotten into text messages, video, more photos, etc.

  76. Jennifer says:

    He’s changed so much in just a few years. This is from 2013,right after he separated from Vanessa,
    he was still handsome, charming, quick witted. Then go look at his recent tv appearances.He’s sluggish , slurs his words, bloated and absent minded. Even on the graham Norton show recently he managed to drag a light hearted show down. His vibe seemed really strange.I can totally see that Vanessa and ambers experience of the man wouldn’t have been the same.

    • siri says:

      I watched Norton- Depp was on something, that’s for sure.

    • Miss S says:

      That’s why the argument of “he was already like this when she met him” doesn’t hold. They met in 2011 apparently. He was quite handsome and charming at the time. And I guess some excesses are expected until it becomes a problem. He was recently (last year I think?) on stage, totally drunk, if not high while giving someone an award and his fans behave like this never happened. They give him a pass because he is Johnny Depp…

  77. Rocío says:

    People change so it’s hard for me to completely believe his first wife (?!) and as for Vanessa, she’s thinking in her kids…

    I hope Winona doesn’t give any kind of statement defending him.

    • isabelle says:

      Kate is the one that probably will remain silent, think she may be the one he actually got aggressive with when they were together.

  78. Elsa says:

    I am against victim blaming but there are still some things to be answered.Even if he did hit Amber with his phone or whatever that doesn’t mean that she is telling the truth 100% at the court papers,about 3 years of abuse..Please no offence to any other victims but we can’t just blindly believe everything.Amber had no problem lying to the Oz court so why wouldn’t she now?I didn’t care about Lori’s defence but Vanessa’s speaks volumes.She could remain silent.We still don’t know everything here.Please no hate,I’m just questioning things.I choose to wait.

  79. PrettySocks says:

    The jury’s still out for me. I think a rich 50-year-old man with a drug addiction problem could be an easy mark for exploitation. She was a blip on a huge radar and didn’t have much going on for her when they first started out together. Perhaps the easy access to fame, money and drugs were an allure to her. Perhaps she planned this out. Wouldn’t be hard to offer a friend or bodyguard a payout to co-sign the accusations. Maybe it was the long con.

    On the other hand, he may be a crazy abuser. I can’t commit my opinion to one story or the other. The email to his attorney came off as threatening to me. “Let’s sound like she’s trying to settle this out of court, so that if he says no, we can release it to the press.” Double win.

    Perhaps it’s because I have lived or dealt with toxic, manipulative, money hungry people all my life, that I see this as possible bullshit. What’s the worst thing you can accuse a person of doing? Rape. Abuse. Molestation. Animal abuse.

    I also felt like the pictures of her face looked like she fell asleep on her phone. I can’t fathom how that mark would be so perfectly symmetrical and end up with a small bruise. For all we know, the bruise could be from Botox or a firm facial.

    I just don’t know. I can’t jump on the bandwagon just yet, and I’m not even a Depp fan. Depp probably has many demons in his life. I think he’s probably undiagnosed bi-polar and/or has paranoid delusions caused by years of drug abuse. Those things may make him abusive. Or not. I hope Amber was never really abused.

    *if you read this in its entirety, bless you…it was just me sort of typing out my thoughts

    • Miss S says:

      I don’t agree with everything you wrote, but I understand. It’s an inner conflict.

    • anon says:

      Thank you. Voice of reason.

    • Snowflake says:

      I accidentally got hit in my face when I was holding my iPhone in my hand and my husband let go of my wrist. I was holding on tight and when he left go, my arm snapped back and i hit myself in the face. the mark on my face showed the corner of the iPhone like you see on her face in the picture where her face is red so I believe her.

    • Lady Amalthea says:

      @PrettySocks – I agree about the inner conflict. I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that Amber is a lying, gold-digging schemer. I do think it’s not at all *probable*, but again, that’s my own belief.

      There are certainly toxic, manipulative, lying people out only for themselves. These people include the rapists and abusers, as well as the people who make false allegations or engage in blackmail. It’s always conflicting to have to believe something bad about someone, especially a liked or loved celebrity. But why is there a tendency to default to believing that someone is bad enough to falsely accuse a person and try to destroy them, rather than believing that someone might be abusive?

      “What’s the worst thing you can accuse a person of doing? Rape. Abuse. Molestation. Animal abuse.” – I’ll take “animal abuse” and “child molestation.” But accusing people of rape and abuse often turns out worse for the accusers than the accused, even when the accusations are true. There’s a reason why far less than 50% of DV and rape incidents are reported. Because, as far as I know, those are the only two crimes where it seems like public opinion *defaults* to “the victim is lying.”

      And even when it’s blatantly obvious that the accused is culpable, it doesn’t always affect their PR. The world knows that Woody Allen and Roman Polanski are rapists, yet stars still fall all over themselves to work with them. Joe DiMaggio beat the hell out of Marilyn Monroe, but he’s instead remembered for being so romantic in sending flowers to her grave every year.

  80. Lea says:

    Johnny Depp indeed has the best PR ever because they have managed to hide his addictions for a very long time – not sure Disney would have been so keen on hiring him as Jack Sparrow otherwise.
    About the domestic violence allegations, even if Johnny was not violent to his first wife nor to his long term partner, doesn’t mean that he cannot be violent to Amber. Each and every relationship and partner is different.
    I think Vanessa was good to keep his demons at bay because she has a very laid back personality. She also doesn’t have anything to prove to herself career wise – she is a star in France -, so there was no pressure.

    • Jennifer says:

      I agree that Vanessa may have been a better match because she’s laid back. And has less to prove. But In my opinion it also has something to do with drugs/ alcohol consumption.His most volatile relationships were with moss and Amber. At least moss was into drugs and alchol as much as him. Amber is younger maybe she couldn’t curb his partying or maybe she was naively participating. I seem to remember someone referring to a video were she poured him a glass of wine as soon as they got into the limousine. He returned to the party lifestyle he had with moss since he dated Amber. That’s not an excuse but it seems that this has participated heavily to the volatile relationship. He needs to grow up go to rehab, get some counselling and pay her whatever she wants as compensation.

  81. isabelle says:

    Remember Drew Peterson the guy that killed 2 of his wives, his other wives said he didn’t abuse them. Same for OJ his exes said he never abused them and looked what happened. He is a very longterm addict and addicts can become more aggressive the longer the addiction lasts. Think his addiction was more in control when he was with Vanessa. He will buy the best PR team available and she will end up being raked through the coals.

  82. jennyboyd says:

    Let me get this straight.

    Johnny married Amber knowing she was bisexual, then was freaked out when she was attracted to other women.

    Amber married Johnny knowing that he was supposedly abusive to her, and had been “for years”.

    No pre-nup, because this was True Love.

    Hello, Heather Mills & Paul McCartney.

    • isabelle says:

      You do realize comparing relationships isn’t facts. There were more than 4 eyewitness. The judge ruled to issue restraining order because of the evidence presented. How do explain away people that were in the room that seen it and the neighbors having to intervene?

      • jennyboyd says:

        Just comparing the lack of pre-nup in the two cases, not the two relationships.

  83. Jayna says:

    Johnny said having kids and being settled changed everything for him for the better, that it gave him focus. That’s why I believe he was mostly sober and clean during his relationship with Vanessa, at least until the later years, and I believe that Johnny’s anger and delusions come out since he’s back to using and drinking heavily again.

    “Well, as I said, having kids changed that a lot. It revealed a lot. But I still have that stuff in me, the hillbilly rage as it’s been called. I may even break a television set here and there; it just doesn’t get written about because I’m not doing it in a hotel. I basically wrote off all spirits because they get me into trouble, although a good bottle of rum can be pretty spectacular. But there are endless files in the human body that I can access. The hillbilly rage is somewhere in there – it’s genetic, it’s part of your conditioning and your upbringing. Playing these kind of characters in films just gives me the opportunity to relieve myself of this kind of stuff. Captain Jack does that for me in a weird kind of way. It’s given me the key to fun.”(Source: The Guardian, July 3, 2006)

    So he’s saying at the age of 41 he still may break a TV set here or there? It’s why he doesn’t imbibe much anymore. Who breaks TV sets in their 40s? I think he has rage that comes out when he’ drinking and doing cocaine and that his delusional thinking gets worse.

    Another comment from him in an interview.

    “he things that don’t matter just don’t matter any more, so I can wave them away and keep moving. Actually I was never as wild as they said. But I still have the rage, the rage is built in, it’s part of your upbringing, part of your conditioning. I guess it’s even genetic, but it’s not as prominent these days as it was 10, 12 years ago.” (Source: The Independent, July 7, 2006)

    • Miss S says:

      Wow, just wow!
      “it just doesn’t get written about because I’m not doing it in a hotel” So now I’m starting to imagine how it is to live with him when he drinking and and high.

      Tell me more about how stable, sweet, kind and gentle he is. He can be that, I don’t doubt it, but THERE’S MORE TO IT. And so many are just ignoring stuff that wasn’t just written about him, it’s stuff he said by his own words… This is all incredibly upsetting.
      Like I wrote before, this isn’t Hugh Jackman we are talking about, someone who I’ve never heard one bad thing about, not ONE.

  84. LadyT says:

    Burn. Vanessa is throwing shade. Worded for double meaning. “This looks nothing like the man I lived with for 14 wonderful years.” No, no he doesn’t. She had him when he was hot, before the hard living took its toll.

  85. ida says:

    tmz has new pictures online. amber coming out of her lawyer’s office laughing. she looks alot like victory. so it might be the case is settled soon or something even bigger is coming?

    • Carrie says:

      Let me be honest, if this is settled with him paying her a large amount of money without her releasing any video, I’ll just assume she made up the whole thing to get money.

      • ida says:

        I personally believe she had more evidence and if this case is settled by now I take it as a proof that more released material would have destroyed JD’s reputation for a long time. why else should he suddenly agree and shill out money when it was clear the smear campaign started only because he did not want to give her anything. but let’s wait and see what happens next.

      • Miss S says:

        I would assume the opposite actually. If a video was leaked he would be in a really difficult place.

      • Colette says:

        If he paid her a large amount of money above the amount she was entitled to than there is a video or smoking gun.

    • isabelle says:

      TMZ is very pro Johnny. They’re on his side and she is dirt. Funny how they say the LAPD found no evidence but haven’t yet released any paper work that backs it up.

    • Carrie says:

      Yikes. Comments on People and TMZ are brutal. Pretty much everyone there is calling her liar and golddigger now.

      • ida says:

        yes that is deplorable. but to me heards facial expression matters. most of all I find her relieved. and I doubt it is because of a hefty paycheck but more like a “nightmare is over thing”. but maybe I do interpret too much. in any case when I look at the pictures of depp I doubt it was fun living with that train wreck and I hope he will go to rehab soon. for his but most of all his kids sake.

      • Mich says:

        People were also awful about Brittany Spears, Amanda Bynes and Denise Richards. There is a whole lot of meanness out there 🙁

      • isabelle says:

        Well, TMZ and People are under reporting the facts and going by what Depp’s PR team releases. Their readers have a huge lack of misinformation. Of course they will side when Amber when those sites are up his butt and siding with him.

      • Colette says:

        Many people on those sites don’t realize there was no pre nup and that she would get 50 percent of his income during the 15 months they were married.They think she wasn’t going to get anything so she is lying about abuse to get some money.

    • Miss S says:

      Just saw those. It doesn’t prove anything unless we have a certain narrative in mind. Tabloids do that a lot.
      When I had the courage to dump an abusive boyfriend I cried a lot with my mother, but there were moments where we laughed together because we were relieved it was over. It all seemed so ridiculous, a proper nightmare that we used humour to cope with it.

      If she was seen with her head down poeple would also assume she was faking it to gain pity from the media (just like it was suggested when she went to court). She can’t win.

      • Carrie says:

        At this point, unless she produces an undisputable video, she already lost in the PR department. Most people think she is simply after Johnny’s money, plain and simple.

      • Miss S says:

        Hopefully courts are not ruled by public opinion, influenced, yes, but they have to take facts into account and not PR spinning.

      • Carrie says:

        They are not going to a court, I bet. It’s going to be settled outside the court. the majority of people will assume she went after Johnny’s money and got it.

    • Jayna says:

      Well, she sure just lost some of the sympathy vote in the public court of opinion. You don’t go out sobbing one day over abuse and the demise of your marriage, and a few days later out after a lawyer meeting, not just smiling with a friend, but outright laughing on the street. People are just going to roll their eyes at this the way it plays out, I was abused, I’m sobbing and upset, wait, now I’m laughing hysterically on the sidewalk. I mean, she knew the paps were out there. I don’t get it.

      Celebs are exhausting.

      • Miss S says:

        Do you know what she was laughing about? So she had to keep a sad face everytime just in case someone is there taking photos? Isn’t that trying to manipulate public opinion? Again, she can’t win.

      • Jayna says:

        @Miss S, she knows the game. She doesn’t have to go out with a sad face, but she is up against a beloved actor. Many think she’s a golddigger. She knew the cameras were out there when she came out sobbing in the car the day of court. People are already saying this is many days later she’s sobbing, yet she wasn’t sobbing the day after the incident when at a birthday party. Now, she is photographed coming out of her attorney’s office laughing with a friend. Sorry. She knows the paps are there and she, in part, does want sympathy from the public. Now, all that photo says to some is, oh, look, she’s getting some good financial news, now she’s all happy, or, look, another day later and she’s having a great time, not traumatized.

        There’s just a way to handle this publically, not for court, but as an actress in the business up against a beloved actor with serious allegations, and this wasn’t it. Sobbing one day, laughing on the street the next. This site is really the only one on her side anyway. The majority of posts all over the internet are that she’s a golddigger trying to manipulate a settlement.

        I guarantee she knew the paps were out there. That’s what I’m saying. Why give them that photo?

      • Miss S says:

        “yet she wasn’t sobbing the day after the incident when at a birthday party”.
        That photo is from Amanda’s instagram and was taken a week before. That’s just like it happen with a photo of her leaving a tifanny store stating it was from the day after she asked for the divorce and it was actually from a month ago.

        People also use the argument “the police didn’t find a thing, when there was never an official statement from the police, just a source from TMZ.

        Most media outlets and people who comment never really read the document from the court…

        We can assume whatever we want from these papparazzi images, but it doesn’t mean she is lying. Depp’s bodyguards were there, it’s in the report! Media doesn’t say anything about it, I can’t understand it. There’s a lot of misinformation about important things that I find much more important that these photos from the paps.

      • Lady Amalthea says:

        @Jayna – “There’s just a way to handle this publically” – Please, since you apparently hold the keys to the Right Way, enlighten everyone on the proper way for human beings to handle divorce, substance abuse, and/or domestic violence when both parties are celebrities and therefore unable to have much privacy, especially given the paparazzi attention that always follows a scandal. And since you are the final word in human behavior, please also tell all potential victims of abuse how they should react from one day, one moment, to the next, so that they can ensure that all bystanders will constantly be reassured that they’re not lying. I’m sure Ms. Heard and other people in similar situations await your directives with bated breath.

      • HEAVE HO says:

        I’m sorry this has been such an ordeal for you Jayna. Are you doing ok? Take care of yourself.

      • Colette says:

        There are pictures of me laughing at the funeral home after I picked out my mother’s casket(my cousin made a joke). I guess if I was a celebrity people would say I wasn’t sad or grieving the loss of my mother because I was laughing.I wasn’t abused by I would assume people who were still laugh and smile.

      • SilkyMalice says:

        Wow, really? She is not allowed to laugh until exactly when, in your opinion?

        HEAVE HO – lol

  86. Miss S says:

    Page 26, 17 point (caps are mine) from the court document:

    ”17. Johnny then stormed at me once again, demanding that I get up and stand. He did this – about ten times – getting closer to me, louder and more threatening each time. Johnny’s SECURITY TEAM, that included Judge Jerry, entered the condominium at this time, but THEY stood back without saying or doing anything. I yelled to jerry to please help me and told him that if Johnny hit me one more time I was going to call the police. I heard Jerry say “Boss, please” but Johnny continued screaming and breaking things, finally leaving the condominium. ”

    • sereneeirene says:

      How did her friend entered the condominium with a spare key, if the security team was there? Did they just let some stranger unlock the door and enter just like that?

  87. Mich says:

    Nobody believed Denise Richards either. Charlie Sheen destroyed her in the press and we all know how that turned out.

    I know very little about Amber Heard but I do know a thing or two about alcoholism and addiction and what it does to people. I’ve sat in far too many “rooms” listening to men crying over what they became to their families and spouses because of their substance abuse.

    Addiction doesn’t just kill the addicted.

    • H says:


      Charlie Sheen’s PR people nailed Denise in the press after their divorce. She was also called a gold digger and other horrible names. We now know Denise is a saint for putting up with Charlie and his abusive ways.

      I believe Amber. I loved Mel Gibson for years and would have never believed he was a jerk UNTIL I heard the tapes of him screaming at Oksana. Mel is an alcoholic rage machine like Depp and I’m now boycotting both of their movies. Neither deserve my money or support.

    • isabelle says:

      Few believed Nicole Simpson either. 2016 and this is how we still treat abuse victims that come forward. disgusting.

  88. Hazel says:

    Good for Amber for getting out early, and good for her for not bringing children into this relationship. I grew up with this type of behavior– not drug or alcohol related, just misogyny– and it warps your life .

  89. Lady Amalthea says:

    Lori and Vanessa’s assertions, even if 100% true, do not invalidate Amber’s claims. It’s perfectly within the realm of believability that someone who never raised a hand to any other partners could become physically abusive while in a toxic relationship, under extreme emotional duress and abusing alcohol and drugs.

    Obviously Amber and Johnny’s relationship had different dynamics than Vanessa and Johnny’s relationship, for many reasons — including the basic fact that people interact with and react to different people differently. Two people with complementary dysfunctions can create a volatile powder-keg of a relationship together, while those same two people might be “grounded” when with other partners.

    Also, there are far more types of abusive and controlling behavior than just physical violence. Someone who has strong, clear, consistently reinforced boundaries can maintain a relationship with an abusive person without experiencing the worst, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not dealing with abusive behavior. And when their boundaries are tested, they’re reminded of the *need* for those boundaries against their partner, because of the potential for things to go very bad. In healthy relationships, neither partner should have to worry about potential abuse, no matter what transpires. The very fact that a partner has to enforce such boundaries and work to keep the other person “grounded” is indicative that something isn’t quite right. Johnny’s admitted many times that Vanessa was great at defusing him. Maybe Vanessa ended things not because Johnny was abusive, but because she got tired of having to keep things from ever getting that way. That’s as draining as living with outright abuse, in its own way.

    I don’t think either ex is giving the 100% truth, but it’s not their obligation to tell the public anything about their personal lives. I do believe that it’s very possible Johnny was never physically abusive to his exes. I also believe that Vanessa probably wants to protect her children and her amicable custody arrangement with Johnny.

    I just wish that women weren’t so quick to turn on other women when it comes to situations like this. There’s a big difference between saying “Johnny was never abusive to me” and saying “Amber’s claims are outrageous.” A big, important difference.

    • Emma33 says:

      Great comment! Vanessa sounds like she was a very grounding person for JD…Amber may have been the opposite. (Not saying she is to blame if what she is saying is true…just that people can be abusive with one partner and not with others.)

      • Lady Amalthea says:

        @Emma33 – Absolutely. I’ve been that non-grounding partner to a volatile person who could keep himself in check with other partners.

        Johnny seems to follow a pattern of alternating stability with chaos (and not just in his relationships).
        1. Lori Anne Allison, 5 years his senior and probably grounding, for his impulsive gotta-get-married-at-20 phase…followed by…
        2. Winona Ryder, the vulnerable 17-year-old for his late 20s…followed by…
        3. Kate Moss, a fellow wild-child enabler for his early-30s eff-it-all party phase…followed immediately by…
        4. Vanessa Paradis, his most grounding partner ever, for his family man phase in his late 30s and 40s…followed immediately by…
        5. Amber Heard, a much-younger woman and in some way obviously an enabler, for his midlife crisis.

  90. mmm says:

    Johnny’s pr is killing her in the press.
    The pictures in TMZ seem placed to prove how happy she is, but if you explore the gallery she looks battered, smiling but like she was crying all the past days, so thin and the bruises are still there it doesn’t matter at how much the depp’s fanbase want to believe is just an effect of the camera angle

    • isabelle says:

      TMZ is revolting. Hiding the actual facts of the story and actual court papers.

    • Miss S says:

      I find all of this so overwhelming. I’m angry even.
      Where I live there is a political issue hot on the media that is being discussed filled with intellectually dishonest arguments and PR spinning. It’s just so exhausting to see the same lies and twisted “facts” being shared over and over again, media doesn’t do their job and it has nothing to do with gossip. It’s like truth doesn’t matter, the priority is to add confusion and chaos so there’s reasonable doubt and then nothing changes.

      I’m ranting, I need a nap:/

  91. Shannon says:

    Mmm. Well, I’m going to withhold judgment at this point until more information comes out – if it does. At this point, I’m just going to say it’s obviously a bad breakup but they’re probably both better off. As for substance abuse, just because it looks like he does have some serious issues in that department, that does not = violence/guilt. That’s part of the stigma that keeps a lot of people from coming forward with their problems. I was married to an alcoholic – he never laid a hand on me. Sure, he was a pain in the ass, but he didn’t hurt me. I had a drinking problem that lasted about a year; I wasn’t myself, but I certainly never physically hurt anyone. My best friend’s mother was addicted to pain pills for a loooong time, and she was one of the most gentle people I’ve ever known, my sons adore her as do I.

    • Lauren says:

      People really don’t know for sure but in this site too almost all are saying that Johnny is guilty of abuse when they haven’t witnessed anything.. Just reading the court documents Amber has filed (which she could have falsified like she did with the Australia-trip with dogs) don’t prove for 100% that it happened like she stated in the documents. I wouldn’t want to believe that Johnny has been abusive towards her but if we public get real information that he was then I’m disappointed and sad that he turned out to be that way and I’m sorry for Amber. But now I’m not going to assume anything. He could have been abusive or not. It could be that we will never know.

  92. geneva says:

    sounds like a terrible fight, a lost weekend, throwing things, tantrums…a kind of one off knock down drag out fight. I get the feeling he was not an abuser per se…but I believe he scared her enough for her to get out. I feel you can see it in her face. No one should have to go through that. He needs help badly, she needs to get out. No doubt there will be amazing spin on this but just look at him. He is so ill … (doped up, drunk?)

  93. Melissa says:

    I just saw the dailymail (yes, I know) pictures of Amber coming out supposedly out of her lawyers offices, smiling. (Which doesnt bother me) but where is the bruise? You cant see it in the pictures. I belived her from the start and I dont know how bruising works, but these pictures are only going to fuel the fire of the people that don’t believe her. I don’t think she is that stupid to make this all up just for some money because this will really ruin her reputation for life. But I honestly think she is being really badly advised as to how to go on about this whole thing. I don’t really know. Something doesnt feel right in this whole thing.

    • Mika says:

      She is with her girlfriend grinning like a loon! For an abused woman who lived with an abusive husband and feared for her life continually, she sure is grinning like a lottery winner! The bruise is gone as well. She sure heals nicely. I’m side-eyeing you Amber.

      • ida says:

        she is grinning like a lotery winner because she got ridd of that ass of a husband. this woman went through hell and back (not only because of the DV but also because of this witch hunt). she looks exhausted but finally FREE. and if you side-eyeing her or not. her career is over and depps star is sinking. no real winners here! I think her smile is based om an agreement and disney was in the mix after the numbers for alice came in. that flick bombed and even though expectations were low it was even more underwealming. this movie company can not risk that the depp mess continues as next year is pirate 5. I personally am done with depp and have seen enough from his pr department.

    • SilkyMalice says:

      The bruise is still there. She is hanging onto her girl friend and it looks like they shared a laugh. I am not seeing the big deal here. I don’t see ‘grinning like a loon’ and I can still see the mark. It looks like she tried to cover it with make-up a bit.

    • mmm says:

      here is:

      people want to see only what they want to see. If you zoom in every picture, the mark is still on her face. You can see the mark over her cheeck and the yellow-blue color around her eye

      • SilkyMalice says:

        Yep, she still has a black eye. Thanks for that mmm. I look forward to the retractions.

        I just won’t hold my breath.

  94. Terry says:

    Amber Heard is gone girl in real life. She has fooled the public and forever attached Depp’s name to domestic violence. I don’t believe she has a video of any kind of abuse but she likely has video and photos of Depp at his worse that includes drug use without him knowing about it.

    Amber is going to get the money she wanted to begin with. She used him and has damaged his name.

    • Colette says:

      OK well he shouldn’t have married her.He should have stayed with Vanessa.

    • Mika says:

      First the bruise moves, then it disappears completely in record time. I am so certain he is being framed. I do not believe for a second that he hit her with a phone deliberately. Not one witness says he hit her.

      • amilu says:

        The bruise didn’t move. smdh.

        You must be one of those lucky individuals who has never been injured. I was in a car accident last year. When it happened, I thought I had come out of the accident almost completely unscathed; I didn’t see any visual damage except for some pink tenderness where the shoulder belt hit me near my collarbone. It wasn’t until 2 days later that a gnarly purple bruise showed up across my waist where the lap belt was. Guess what. Over the next few days parts of it got lighter; parts of it stayed darker, and parts of it changed color altogether. Then it faded away; that’s how bruises work. *the more you know*

        I don’t see anything in her eye injury that looks unnatural. I see a normal transition of a bruise. And it didn’t disappear. You can still see evidence of it in the photos of her exiting her lawyer’s office.

      • isabelle says:

        Think poster is either a troll of a fangirl. No reasoning. I foolishly replied to some of their posts.

      • Mika says:

        @amilu – the bruising is not the same. Perhaps we have different pics in London but the bruising is definitely in a different area. Friday it was very distinct and today it is practically minute and non-existent. We are all seeing and interpreting things in a different light.

    • isabelle says:

      Jesus Christ…sick of the Gone Girl comparisons. This is real life. Its a FICTIONAL story!! Not real life. Although seems a lot of Depps backers aren’t into facts and there were witnesses. Read the court PDF linked above.

  95. Paula Star says:

    It makes my guts churn to see how many women here are defending him. Well, someone’s public persona can definitely deceive some naive minds… And Johnny Depp knows it very well.

    • Mika says:

      It makes my guts churn that Amber will walk away with $90 million! She did a stitch up job and got away with it! If he hit her, then she should file the police report. She WILL NOT file that report because it would be a lie and she would be in trouble. Look at the facts people. If she was hit in the face then file the report and let it stand. She won’t – mark my words.

      • amilu says:

        Why would that even make YOUR guts churn? Who (apart from Depp and his family) cares how much money she’ll “walk away with”? It’s not your money; and Depp will hardly feel it. It’s far too early for the peanut gallery to even speculate about dollar amounts anyway. You don’t know what she will or won’t do, what she did or didn’t do, or why. Why don’t YOU stick to the facts? Sit back and wait for them before attacking either party.

      • amilu says:

        Those who are pronouncing Heard a lying, faking, money-hungry, Depp-ruining monster before any legal dust has even settled are going above (or is that below?) and beyond gossiping. And you wonder why abused women are afraid to come forward…

  96. FF says:

    Gonna add my five:

    He probably wasn’t abusive to either of them (Vanessa and Lori). Perhaps for some reason he was either sober around them and/or his insecurities were not aroused/exacerbated by his dynamic with them. And all that means is he wasn’t abusive towards either of them. It has zero bearing on his relationship with Amber and merely feeds the expected Depp narrative and has two women cosign with what they know of him. While using them as women to undermine Amber’s testimony.

    Frankly? His and his people’s (lawyers/managers/whatnot) narrative is a mess, it makes less and less sense with incoming information.

    Amber is supposedly gold digging. Okay well let’s see.

    1. So when did the scales fall off his eyes and why didn’t he take proactive action and file for divorce or publicly separate from this supposedly ‘leeching attention-hungry hussy’? Did he allow this same person to look after his mother? If so, why?

    2. Presumably he married this woman because he loved her (more on that later) at some point so where is the sense of hurt that she is no longer or never was in love with him and was out for his money? What was the timeline on that? Did it never happen? What, no residual feelings of love or loss? No one held a gun to his head and forced him to marry her. So…

    3. More and more his interactions in terms of how he is handling his ‘defence’ scream either one of two things: meaness (on his part to her, and again, when did he start hating her so much? It legit feels – if his narrative is to be believed – as if this hate has come out of nowhere in terms of their public face) or the need to control and put her in her place.

    Like, when did he just stop giving a sh*t about his wife and her feelings? And if that’s the case why not publicly separate or divorce and move on?

    In fact the only thing about his behaviour that has made sense to me is that he is exhibiting extreme controlling and possessive behaviour.

    He pursues and marries her but he has been looking worse and worse in this marriage (he has looked ravaged by booze and who knows what tbh, at the very least he has not looked healthy or sincerely happy) which forced me to wonder if his motivation wasn’t that he wasn’t secure in his ‘acquisition’ of her. She’s thirty years younger, bisexual, visibly attractive, and any appeasement she gives may not convince his self-admittedly jealous nature and volatile history with hotel rooms and furniture.

    Her testimony of him popping in on her at random to berate her started to sound like it made sense if that jealousy and control needed to keep her on her toes – by periodically and randomly checking up on her – to feel somewhat at ease. I mean if she’s such a pain divorce her or go public with another woman or just send her a fax saying it’s over, in short: end the relationship. But if his aim is to possess her and get her to submit or be so acquiescent (btw this is impossible because she is competing with his imagination and in this imagination she could be not only be with another man but with another woman) that she does not arouse his insecurity, the way he has been managing his ‘defence’ only makes sense to me on that light.

    Humiliate (breaking things around her and finally putting hands on her), smear (gold-digging), fabricate (that Tiffanys and Instagram nonsense) and now create a negative comparison with other women from his past whose relationships made him look or actually were his most stable.

    He looks a lot like hes trying to control her still just in a different way which doesn’t really make it easy to disbelieve that he actually assaulted her. The controlling pathology is already being exhibited, particularly when he chose not to mediate the matter out of court as if he couldn’t because it was her idea and not him controlling her reactions.

    Not to mention that if he has been as inebriated as suggested, how would he even remember what he did? Where is the oops, I was out of it I need to sober up part if the narrative? Nope. Straight to: she’s a power-hungry hussy defence which looks a lot like projection at this point. Also: can he really have a perfect recall while under the influence? How does he know/remember what he did? Or is his tolerance that super-high at this point?

    If he’s not supporting her narrative with this behaviour, he and/or his people are sabotaging their own defense strategy with this behaviour. His actions have been punitive, and he hasn’t attempted/appeared to meet her halfway, he hasn’t seemed hurt or disappointed, he hasn’t exhibited any desire to make up because any lingering feelings. No, just supposedly straight for the jugular, like she is doing according to him; didn’t he supposedly marry her out of love?

    Unless, of course, he only married her to legitimize his sense of possession of her?

    Like I said his defence has seemed overly defensive and aggressive – just as her narrative presents him – all things considered.

    (I must have legit missed when he ‘fell out of love’ with her. Maybe someone here can correct me and tell me when it happened.)

  97. ItDoesntReallyMatter says:

    Every abuser/rapist/murderer has a first victim. Saying he never did it to them doesn’t prove his innocence. Now he is a drunk druggie that is failing at his only job. Frustration and depression could make him act out.

    Who knows what he did to Amber, but nothing would surprise me.

  98. lisa2 says:

    I just read a comment on another site saying she should have given him comfort when he came to the condo. That if she loved him she would have known he was hurting and should have done what she could to calm him down. Not make things worse. I don’t understand women. I have seen women on this site applaud when a man says misogynist things about women because they have power and have “won awards”.. so no none of these comment surprise me. They are written here and on other sites daily.

    • roses says:

      That is beyond sick. I also just saw a link posted on an awards site by Variety. The commenter had a point that Hollywood is prepping for Depp’s eventual comeback based on how the article is written by talking up his talent, and based on the comments the public is in agreement – which is even sicker. It just proves Hollywood is a perverse place that rewards horrible behavior, I can even comprehend this mess.

  99. mmm says:

    “No matter how fondly Allison and Paradis recollect their time with Johnny Depp, that does absolutely nothing to disprove, or discredit Amber Heard’s claims of abuse.

    Just saying:

    In 1989, Depp was arrested for assaulting a Canadian security guard for asking his friends to leave a hotel.

    In 1994, Depp was arrested on charges of criminal mischief after drunkenly trashing his hotel room during a fight with then-girlfriend Kate Moss.

    In 1999, during his relationship to Paradis, Depp was arrested for drunkenly brawling with a paparazzo outside a London nightclub, “threatening him with a wooden plank.””

    “It’s not the first time that Depp has been accused of violent behavior while intoxicated. His 1990s relationship with Kate Moss was allegedly one of extreme drug-fueled highs and lows. Indeed, Depp’s 1994 arrest followed after he drunkenly trashed a suite at New York City’s Mark Hotel during a fight with the supermodel.

    “Kate was often on edge with Johnny, afraid of his moods,” Maureen Callahan wrote in her book on the fashion world, Champagne Supernovas. According to Callahan, the couple split in a “massive blowout” in which Depp reportedly called Moss “a crazy bitch.”

    It’s neither a punch nor a cellphone thrown, but the incident does speak to a tendency toward drunken, disorderly conduct and a temper.”

    Stop blaming the victim!!

    • hil says:

      Well, Kate Moss IS a crazy bitch.

    • Carrie says:

      The problem is that few people believe Amber is a victim. She is not helping her cause by laughing and looking so happy in the public two days after she claimed she was abused by JD. I don’t know what her PR team is doing, at least should ask her to lay low for a few days. She is either dumb or naive, compared to how Johnny’s team has handled the whole thing so far. If she wants to win, she needs to learn how to play the game.

      • mary simon says:

        Thank you. I just saw that picture – what a dumb move. She has every right to have a laugh with a friend, but not coming out of her lawyer’s office, and so soon after the incident. Not smart. She should be very careful about any public appearances right now.

      • mmm says:

        i think she’s trying to look strong…the same game that Johnny did when seemed unfazed in the concert in portugal

    • SilkyMalice says:

      Nice research mmm.

    • Sophie says:

      Great research work, thanks!

    • isabelle says:

      Good 1994 article about his anger issues, ironically from People magazine that defends him to the death. Forgot about him beating up a photographer because he picked up his glass, and assaulting a security guard . one of the quotes in the article. Says a longtime friend of Depp’s: “Instead of hitting women, he just gets angry and lets off steam in other ways.”

  100. Moi says:

    I just realized how dumb my comment #teamsad sounded. As if I’m “yay(!) pro sad”. This whole situation has me shaken. I had to talk my teenage daughter down from this because of what she heard at school about it. Having met him, and how kind he was, is one of her fondness memories. I asked tell her to please refrain from reading anything about this situation until we know more. I’m keeping on top of it in the event that she does hear more about it, I have a response ready. She went to see Alice Through the Looking Glass with her friends yesterday and she enjoyed it.

  101. Joanie says:

    I’m sorry but he is absolutely capable of hitting a woman…I know one of the cops that was on the scene at the Mark hotel in the 90s. There was no question that he had hit Kate Moss, because she was bleeding. I see that she hasn’t issued any kind of statement in Depp’s defence.

    • ida says:

      interesting info!

    • SilkyMalice says:

      Very interesting. No statement from Kate or Winona, and a very carefully worded statement from Vanessa. Uh huh.

    • mmm says:

      looks like all his women want to defend him. Amber also claim that she didn’t charged him because the cops would arrest him and she didn’t want them to arrest him and the scandal

  102. Dangles says:

    Seems like we don’t need to bother with due process and cumbersome court proceedings anymore when trial by media is a much more efficient way to decide someone’s guilt or innocence.

    • Carrie says:

      This is how Hollywood works. If Amber doesn’t know this by now, she is finished.

  103. lisa2 says:

    When I was teaching and worked with young teen girls that would be in abusive relationships.. it was heart breaking. I just hate how all of this has a rippling affect. Young girls are seeing this. Thinking oh he is so nice; he didn’t do it to the other girls so maybe it is my fault. We as women need to be mindful of all of this. So Amber is seen laughing that means it didn’t happen. I’m not sure what she should do. Johnny Depp was out laughing and having a good time with his friends. What does that mean? If her laughter is a sign of guilt.. what is his laughter. I don’t understand it.

  104. Moi says:

    I just realized how dumb my comment #teamsad sounded. As if I’m “yay(!) pro sad”. This whole situation has me shaken. I had to talk my teenage daughter down from this from what she heard at school about it. Having met him, and how kind he was, is one of her fondest memories. I asked/told her to please refrain from reading anything about this situation until we know more. I’m keeping on top of it in the event that she does hear more, I will know how to respond to her. She went to see Alice Through the Looking Glass with her friends yesterday and she enjoyed it. Going to listen to some live music and try to accomplish a belly laugh in my life now.

  105. Rapunzel says:

    I believe Amber….but have a couple things to add:

    1. Proof actual LAPD officers said no evidence found at scene…even though it doesn’t mean anything.

    2. Amber smiling in today’s pic: She got flack for putting on a woe is me expression at court. So, I guess she can’t win. If she smiles it’s bad, if she doesn’t, it’s bad. What’s a victim to do?

    3. If that Instagram pic isn’t from the day after the incident, Amber’s PR team needs to get that out there. And need to put some emphasis on her pics getting misdated. Shady as heck.

    4. Those thinking Amber is Gone Girling JD: Get you heads out your butts. JD has an admitted history of volatile behavior and drug abuse, yet you think accusations of abuse must be some master gold digging plot? Which is more likely: That JD’s behavior escalated to abuse? Or Amber is some brilliant lying villain? Common sense says abuse is more likely. It’s not 100% certain, but it’s the safer bet.

    I ask everyone on JD’s side to ask themselves: If you heard his story, without knowing it was JD, who would you believe? I know what I would say…. I’d believe the person with bruises and witnesses.

    • Miss S says:

      Thank you for the people’s link. It says: “LAPD Sgt. Marlon Marrache says. “The person reporting the crime [Heard] did not insist on a report and no report was warranted. There was no evidence of any crime. A crime did not occur so the officers left the scene and left a business card.”

      By reading this and what I read from the document sent to the court, her friend took her to her own apartment just in case JD came back again. If Amber wasn’t sure if she should make a complaint, is it possible that the police didn’t even get into her place? It was her friend on the phone who called the police right after allegedly JD hit her, she was yelling him to do that hoping he would hear. I wonder about this because there are witnesses present when he was breaking stuff at their condo, so that had to be visible. (I saw some photos of a broken bottle but I’m not sure if those were legit).

      And yes, her team should make a statement correcting a lot of things that are apparently false that are hurting her and being perpetuated over and over again. Tomorrow seems a good day for that.

  106. Margo S. says:

    The public aren’t stupid. We can see that this is his PR machine at work. How coincidental that both exes made a statement. Must have gotten a nice check. This is another example of a Hollywood big shot getting away with abuse because of status, money and connections. It’s sick. I’m not shocked that johnny gets abusive when he’s drunk. He’s looked like a hot mess for years now!

    • Camille says:

      I agree. It’s completely obvious how its his PR machine at work and its also disgusting.

  107. Bee says:

    Having witnessed Domestic Violence first hand, I will say that I don’t give a rat’s ass what his exes say. It’s completely irrelevant to the case at hand.

    That aside, look at how people here are blaming Amber. Do you really think his exes want to expose themselves to that sort of crap?

  108. JeanGenie says:

    I don’t understand why she wants his money, especially since there are no children involved. She makes her own money and will continue to do so. I wish she’d just say that the marriage was a mistake and she’s moving on with her life, without his help. Sure, he is way richer than she is, but compared to the average person, she does extremely well for herself.
    If there was abuse, then she has every right to report it and protect herself. But with or without abuse, I just don’t see how it will help her to go after his money. I got divorced years ago and even though I earn a tiny percentage of what Amber does, it felt pretty damn good to stand on my own and support myself, and tell that guy that I don’t need anything from him.

    • Danish says:

      That is what is so weird about this whole situation, why does she want money from her abuser? She is pretty damn rich compared to the average person. File a police report against him & divorve him without constantly requesting his money & getting denied. I think thats why the general public are having a hard time believing her, you claim he was abusive, you have no children with this man, why not file a report against him & divorce him without fighting hard for money that belongs to your abuser. I simply dont understand this lady at all.

      • Anna says:

        And I can’t understand how time and time again people question her for “going after his money.” They didn’t have a prenup. She is entitled to half his earnings during their marriage.
        And if he abused her, which is pretty clear to me, Amber deserves all the money. What are these commenters thinking? Oh he hit her, so why is she going after his money, she should go away quietly. What the hell??? No she should fight him as hard and as long as possible and take as much as she can get. He fights her but she is supposed to roll over and take it. It’s nothing to be proud of to give in to your abusive ex. That’s not independence that’s submissive and stupid. And your abuser laughs all the way to the bank because your superior morals just saved him his cash money.

      • Goldie says:

        I don’t blame Amber for asking for money, but I also wish she would file a police report. I understand that a lot of abuse victims are hesitant to press charges against their abusers, because they are afraid or too traumatized. I guess I just feel that if she’s strong enough to leave him, publicly out him as an abuser, and fight him for money, then one would think that she’d be strong enough to report him to the police.
        I would find it understandable if she were to file a police report and request a financial settlement. I would also find it understandable if she just wanted to move on as quickly as possible and didn’t want a trial or a financial settlement. I think it’s the *combination* of fighting for money, while refusing to press charges that is throwing me off. And I absolutely believe that she was abused, but I’d be lying if I said that her motives don’t seem questionable sometimes.

  109. Liz says:

    See TheWrap for Doug Stanhope, his actual friends, column. Just went up.

    Can a man be a victim too? We really must ask ourselves this.

    As for Johnny’s “defense” he has MADE NONE. Please stop imply he has. His lawyer only made one brief statement regarding these claims. Johnny has yet to give his testimony nor have any of his security members that Heard claims were present as well.

    All evidence is not in.

  110. Aubrey says:

    I am coming on here to say that I think that Depp will lose contacts and possibly jobs in a very low-key as in not public way. Some people do take the side of right.

  111. Rapunzel says:

    That wrap article by Depp’s friend is such bunk. JD is a huge huge deal….and all the people making money off him saw Amber was this manipulative woman and didn’t speak up? Please. There was no pre-nup. Amber already had him where she wanted him without making DV allegations.

  112. Tara says:

    The words of former wives mean nothing to me. Johnny has seemed like he’s been a different person the last few years than he was when he was with them anyway. He’s seemed like an alcoholic on a downward spiral. People like that can get paranoid and violent. I believe Amber.

    I read the Doug Stanhope article. I think it is possible that Amber could have been a user who just wanted to have a higher profile and better career. That doesn’t mean that Johnny didn’t physically abuse her. Doug Stanhope wasn’t in the room with them during the incident, so his words defending his friend don’t mean much to me either.

    I think neither Amber or Johnny are saints in this and married for the wrong reasons, but Johnny being physically abusive trumps anything she has done and makes her he victim. Period.

    • Keaton says:

      Yeah I don’t think that Doug Stanhope article proves Johnny is innocent and Amber is lying.
      However, it *does* make me think my initial impression of her – that she married him for a leg up on her career and not because of true wuv – is probably true.
      But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t abused. In fact, it feeds the narrative that Johnny felt hurt and angry for being duped by her. Add in grief over losing his mother, alcohol, drugs and a history of acting out violently (inanimate objects or not) – I can see him flipping out and hitting her.
      Bottom line though: She may be an awful person but that’s no excuse for him to put his hands on her. That’s *never* OK.

  113. albalilium says:

    As somebody that was emotionally and verbally abused for the last 2 years out of a 7 year relationship i just can’t understand her honestly. I just wanted out and fast. I didn’t wan’t anything from him or to have any contact with him not alone stay in his house. I throw away everything i had from him, everything that was mutual also. She is mad i get it, and this is her way of making him pay for everything but still why ask money? Put all the evidence out there images, videos everything, ruin his image but why the money? It will be such a good twist to get that 20 milion and give it to charity 🙂

    • SilkyMalice says:

      Gosh, I think she deserves the money, don’t you? She’s put up with his craziness for 4 years now – that has gotten to take a toll on your health and sanity. And then she got an iphone smashed into her beautiful face to boot. People may use the term gold-digger, but IMO, what these women put up with in order to stay married to these uber wealthy guys means they earn every penny. This case reminds me of Nigella Lawson in many ways.

      • albalilium says:

        Honestly she deserves justice and he deserves jail time. People forget that it shouldn’t be able to buy of a crime. She should get money but not spousal support a house and 20 million. And yes she is a gold digger but hey he knew she knew everybody knew 🙂 but still nobody deserves to be abused. I’m very disappointed and shocked what he did. Put him in jail. About Nigella Lawson reference, she left their house immediately the same that Amber should do. So many bad memories there to stay behind.

  114. Donna Martin says:

    I bet they wouldn’t dare ask kate moss for her input

  115. Nickim says:

    PR of Amber is disgusting..

  116. MSat says:

    I noticed a few mentions of Bill Cosby above but what no one brought up is that Cosby’s wife and children are his biggest defenders. His wife has tried every trick in the book to avoid testifying against him. I don’t think the “character testimonials” of people like Depp’s children or ex partner hold any weight at all.