Is 42-year-old Kate Moss dating the 18-year-old son of her close friend?


Kate Moss’s marriage to Jamie Hince fell apart last year. By July 2015, they were living apart and by the fall, they had both reportedly moved on with new lovers. Their breakup was not without drama, and reportedly they both cheated, which is… not surprising? The only thing that surprises me is that adultery was a dealbreaker for Kate and Jamie. In any case, Kate moved on with a 28-year-old whippersnapper, Count Nikolai von Bismarck. Seriously. But now the British tabloids are saying that Kate and the Count are done and that she might be spending time with the son of her close friends. The son is only 18-years old. Oh, Kate. NO!

The scene is not unfamiliar: a tousle-haired Kate Moss careering around the Cotswolds in an open-topped sports car, a handsome young man by her side. Yet the man in question isn’t the supermodel’s most recent boyfriend, 28-year-old Count Nikolai von Bismarck. Incredibly, the fresh-faced man zooming around the country lanes with Kate in a vintage MG Midget is even younger: just 18 to her 42. Moreover, he is the son of her great friends, Love Actually film director Richard Curtis and his partner Emma Freud.

Enter Jake Curtis, who seems only too happy to squire Miss Moss around the countryside since the collapse of her relationship with Nikolai, a wild party animal who admitted drinking cow’s blood for breakfast. The contrast between the worldly Miss Moss — a divorcee who has been linked with 50 famous men — and young Master Curtis could not be more striking. Until just last year, Jake was a public schoolboy studying at £22,644-a-year St Paul’s in London. The fact that he is on a gap year means that he, like Kate, is footloose and fancy free. So is he Kate’s latest toyboy?

While the handsome young man responded to questions about his relationship with Kate with a simple ‘No comment’, his sister, Scarlett, wasn’t quite so discreet. The 20-year-old posted on Facebook: ‘They say gap years are all about finding yourself, about discovering who you really are, and it appears Jake Curtis has finally found his true self…’ Apparently teasing her brother that he has turned into Kate’s replacement boyfriend, she added: ‘Count Nikolai von Bismarck it’s a pleasure to welcome you to the family…’

One of Kate’s friends tells the Mail: ‘Yes, it is true that she and Nikolai are not currently together. And it’s also true that she’s been enjoying spending time with Jake, who is clearly potty about her. She’s had a thing about younger men ever since she hit 30. It’s like a badge of honour to her that she’s with the hip young crowd and not turning into an old fogey. And if you know anything about the Freuds, they’re hardly the most conventional bunch where relationships are concerned.’

[From The Daily Mail]

You can see some photos of Jake here at the Mail. The Mail went on to point out that Kate has been tight with Richard Curtis and Emma Freud for decades, since before Jake was even born. And Richard Curtis has even said that he has a crush on Kate. Of course, it could just be that Kate is looking after Jake while his parents are away – Richard and Emma are currently living/working in New York, and I guess Jake is in the middle of his gap year before university? So is it happening? If it is happening, I suspect it’s more of a fling on her part. While I think Kate would totally bang an 18-year-old, I also think she would shut it down if this kid developed feelings for her.


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  1. Alix says:

    She’s started to mess with her face. No, Kate, no!

    • Flahoola says:

      I think the years of boozing and drugs have done that naturally….

    • Rebecca/Becky says:

      I said this on the last thread about Kate, that her lifestyle is catching up with her. There were comments that she looks great at 42 etc.

      Take a look at her friend Christy Turlington who’s 5 years older and looks stunning, and has obviously been looking after herself.

      • HH says:

        Same here. Every time I see her now, I can’t help but to think she now looks like she partied HARD. My only hope is that she’ll take aging gracefully.

      • BengalCat2000 says:

        @Rebecca/Becky, I was one of those people who commented that I thought she looked great. To me, (I’m around her age) she looks good for all the partying she’s done. But I may be biased because I’ve been a fan of hers from day one. You’re right about Christy Turlington tho, she has taken such good care of herself…but she probably has great genes as well.
        I hope these rumors aren’t true. An 18 year old is still a kid and the fact that she’s known him all his life is extra gross.

    • Rachel says:

      Someone has been reading Madonna’s Guide to Aging…

    • amilu says:

      I don’t see the work done, but I do see the lifestyle leaving its mark on her face and skin. But I’m honestly surprised she looks this good considering all the topless sunbathing and imbibing she does.

  2. OSTONE says:


  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I hope it’s not true. If it is, gross.

    • mia girl says:

      18 is bad enough, but also your friends’ son?
      Agree. It’s gross.

      • LAK says:

        Count whathisname is also the son of her friends.

      • Crackkin says:

        Feeling sexual attraction towards a person who you have watched grow up while an adult yourself, is freaking sick. Period. But so typical of aristocratic eurotrash wannabes.

      • Bridget says:

        In Kate’s defense, if someone told me that Kate didn’t even realize that her friends had children I’d believe it.

    • Erinn says:

      Yeah this one is doubly gross. It’s bad enough to be with someone that young – but you’ve been friends with his parents since before he was born. HOW CREEPY IS THAT.

  4. Alex says:

    Gross. Ugh

  5. Queendolly says:

    Seems like she’s trying to hold on to her youth, in an extremely literal way I suppose, I fear for the boy.

  6. Luffy says:

    If this was a man who was dating the 18 year old daughter of his close friend people would call him exactly what he was, a predator. This sounds like grooming to me, how long has she watched this boy, waiting for her chance? I don’t believe that she woke up one day and found him attractive. This seems like she’s been waiting for this. His parents are away and hrs vulnerable. I find it disturbing to say the least.

  7. Shenequa says:

    She’s a twisted pig.
    No excuses

    • SNAP says:

      The weirdest part is that she sort of saw him grow from birth to 18…wouldn’t it kinda feel like sort of dating a son?! Shoot, it could even be her grandson…yikes! I don’t care how open minded i was, i would never allow my bestie to date my 18 year old son…the yuck factor is huge on this one.

      • says:

        @snap – allow me to re-phrase that for you : i would never allow my former bestie to date my 18 year old son.

  8. Div says:

    I don’t buy this at all. I think Kate probably has a taste for young men, but not that young. He also looks like a freaking child. Add in the fact that she’s known his parents since before he was born…nope. If his parents are out of the country, maybe she checks in on him on occasion.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Kate Moss – the responsible adult, yeah I can’t see it.

      Maybe he is dating her younger sister Lottie, she is about his age I think.

      • Div says:

        Ha, good point about her being responsible. Actually, if he’s dating Lottie that makes a lot more sense

  9. SKF says:

    That’s my friend’s young cousin! No way!

    Hmmm… I don’t approve of this. Way too young.

  10. NewWester says:

    If one of my close friends announced they were dating my teenage child, they would no longer be a close friend.

  11. Dangles says:

    i think he’s taking the gap year thing a little too literally.

  12. Lucky says:

    They’re both in it for bragging rights.The boy can tell his friends how he managed to bang Kate Moss and how she told him he was her best lover ever and she can point to him and tell her friends “See,I’ve still got it!”.
    But other than that there isn’t much going on there and that’s the thing I can’t figure out about these types of relathionships is what do they talk about?What can Kate Moss talk to with an 18 year old boy?The weather?Snapchat?College picks?

    • Jreader says:

      Yikes! That’s perverted.

      • Jreader says:

        I halved my comment accidentally but yeah, bragging to her friends about sleeping with another friend’s barely legal son would be super gross.

  13. Ainsley says:

    He looks 15. So icky.

  14. TheOtherMaria says:

    If true, she’s disgusting.

  15. kai says:

    Kaiser, I just wanted to say you always pick the best pictures for your stories. It’s a real gift you have there!

  16. Birdix says:

    Why would you drink cows blood for breakfast? Bovine vampire? And 50 famous men? Weirdly round number.

    • LAK says:

      As with all these things, that story is exaggerated.

      He spent some time in Ethiopia living with a tribe that drinks cow’s blood as part of their tradition. It’s been spun to make him out to be some sort of Vampire hardcore party animal.

      FYI: i don’t know about Ethiopia, but on the North Eastern border of Uganda lives a tribe called the Karamajong. They are cattle herders. Absolutely revere their cattle. Anyhue, their diet consists of cow’s blood which they take from the cattle by opening a vein in the neck, taking alittle bit and drinking that. No harm comes to the cattle as they don’t take enough to incapacitate them.

      The Karamajong are said to have emigrated from Ethiopia, so he probably lived with an Ethiopian tribe that is culturally similar to the Karamajong.

      • Birdix says:

        Fascinating. Makes a lot more sense in a rural area where water an be scarce than a London apt. Thanks LAK.

      • LAK says:

        Having read that wiki i posted, i’ve also learnt something new. Namely that they are in Sudan and Kenya as well as Uganda. I didn’t realise that.

        The group that is in Uganda are drinking blood for cultural reasons more than anything else. Uganda is one of the most fertile places on earth. It’s also covered in rivers and lakes. Water is definitely NOT scarce. These rural tribes don’t have to be sophisticated to grow food or develop a complex system of acquiring water. The Karamajong simply revere their cattle above all other ways of living.

      • Birdix says:

        Even more interesting! That sent me down a rabbit hole of internet curiosity to correct my erroneous assumptions. This is totally different (not Karamajong nor revering the cow) but check out the blood cakes on popsicle sticks at the top of the wikipedia of blood as food!

      • LAK says:

        That was interesting Birdix.

        Some of those recipe ideas sound good enough to eat and i’m vegan!!!

        I’m not sure i could eat a blood popsicle, but a pancake might work.

  17. Chelly says:

    I think its disgusting for a full grown adult to engage in any kind of (adult) relationship w a teenager, no matter the sex. I just cant *shutter*

  18. anon says:

    Is she even divorced yet?

  19. meme says:

    That’s gross and it is very obvious all of Kate’s photoshoots are heavily photoshopped because she looks haggard and botoxy. All that hard living will catch up eventually. What happened to her husband?

  20. VL says:

    Having lived in northern England I’m not surprised.
    British lad around 18-19 sleeping with 35-45 divorcee with a drinking problem and aversion to adult responsibilities seems as much a staple as pub, scuffles for chipbutties and curry takeout. Except on a former RAF estate I lived on where there was no pub.

    They look like school boys as well.

    • antipodean says:

      My kingdom for a chipbuttie right about now! With a side dish of fag-ends, and bar swill. Ah, good times!

  21. Tara says:

    Gross. And knock me over with a feather. THAT’S Kate Moss?!!! That would’ve been my *last* guess.

  22. Lara says:

    I never understood her appeal – never thought she was stunningly beautiful and she always seemed a little on the trashy side. Guess she’s one of those women who have that certain undefinable something that men love – including 18 year old boys.

  23. Roller74 says:

    You can have all the money in the world, but you cannot outrun an unhealthy lifestyle coupled with late nights, booze and drugs. Good lord, she looks like she is in her 50’s in that first picture.

  24. Camille says:

    Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

  25. what's inside says:

    No surprise here. Dissolute, irresponsible, entitled lifestyle shows up every time.

  26. DazLondon says:

    Seems like Kate is slowly working her way through the family

  27. Jwoolman says:

    If he’s known her all his life, she might be more like an aunt to him. There might be nothing more to it. I know this is heresy, but sometimes people of different sexes are just friends.

  28. J.Mo says:

    Does anyone else not understand his sister Scarlett’s comment? I just don’t get it. I hope Kate comments on this rumour.

    • J.Mo says:

      Daily Mail shows Kate and Von Bismarck together so I think the sister’s comment was mocking the rumour about her brother and Moss.

  29. Shaboo says:

    He looks like a younger version of her