Kristin Cavallari: ‘I don’t do any cardio, it’s just about building muscle’

Kristin Cavallari covers Modeliste Magazine wearing a bunch of fake butterflies all over her head and heavy makeup in need of blending. She’s promoting her book, Balancing in Heels, her jewelry line, her fashion line and her shoe line. (She has a lifestyle app too but she didn’t plug it in this article.) Plus she wants to put out a cookbook and she talks about that. So Kristin is carving out a niche for herself post-Laguna Beach, which is smart coming from a woman who is not known for making logical decisions. (You know what I’m talking about, I’m not getting into it.) E! ran some of these quotes with the title that Kristin doesn’t do any cardio, which is surprising to me. She definitely looks like she does cardio, but I guess it doesn’t matter as long as she’s eating less than she burns. She also talked about her three children, sons Camden, nearly 4, Jaxon, 2, and daughter Saylor, six months, with her husband, football player Jay Cutler.

What do you find to be the most challenging aspects of being a mom?
I think the hardest part of being a working mom is that I miss my kids a lot. I live in Chicago, but my work is always in New York or LA, so I always have to travel for my job. That usually means I’m gone for a couple of days at a time, but FaceTime helps a lot. I think the other hardest part of being a mom is that, when you finally have kids, you realize how selfish you are. I think that we are naturally selfish beings. When you have kids, that can kind of be a shock at first. I think just trying to make time for yourself is very hard. Especially now that I have 3, finding that time can be very difficult.

What’s the most rewarding part about having kids?
The most rewarding part about having kids is there’s just so much more love in your life. I finally feel like I have a real identity. I feel like I have a purpose here in life now. I’m a mom to these three amazing little babies and my whole world just kind of opened up.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is effortless, minimalistic and chic.

Do you have a piece of clothing that you always run to in your closet?
A go-to piece of clothing to me is a romper. I think rompers are great because they’re sexy, they’re easy and all you need to do is grab a romper, a sexy pair of shoes, accessories and you’re done.

How do you stay in shape?
I work out with a trainer 2-4 times a week and I just do weight training. I don’t do any cardio. For me, it’s just about building muscle and maintaining the little muscle I have. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn.

[From Modeliste via E! Online]

Notice how she describes herself as chic and then says her go-to clothing item is a romper. I guess I’m just not a romper person and prefer a nice wrap dress, but I’m sure there are many of you who wear rompers and look great in them. (I just know if I come out against rompers people will tell me I’m wrong and that rompers are awesome.)

In past interviews Kristin has said that she does pilates, lifts weights and does leg work including squats and lunges. That may not be traditional cardio but it still works up a sweat. I prefer workouts like spinning and dance aerobics to the point where I probably do too much and am ravishingly hungry afterwards, which derails some of my progress. I just love the way it makes me feel, but I’m trying to do more weight lifting and body weight exercises. Obviously whatever Kristin is doing is working for her. My philosophy is to exercise in a way that makes you happy so that you’ll do it consistently. I’m not about shaming people for doing their own thing/”less” or whatever some snooty trainer wants to say about how her way is the only way.




photos credit: FameFlynet and Modeliste

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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Building muscle is really important, but when you get a little older, cardio is important, too, for your health and to maintain your weight. Imo.

    • mkyarwood says:

      Yeah, I need a weekly run to feel everything too. I used to be able to just do daily yoga, and feel spry and energetic, but I’m noticing a few more busted, stiff areas these days, lol. I think everyone can benefit from a daily walk, and that’s cardio!

    • Kate says:

      Cardio is important for heart health as you age. There is a reason doctors recommend 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week and it’s not to look good in a bathing suit with buff arms.

    • Hadleyb says:

      Weight lifting to me the best you can do and it does give you a work out if you are doing it correctly. It does get the heart rate up. I don’t need to do any cardio to keep in shape and without lifting weights my body looks meh, skinny fat.

      BUT I do cardio because it helps my mind, and I enjoy it. I like running, biking, hiking, etc. I also enjoy yoga and pilates. Sometimes I have an injury or just can’t do all I WANT and end up walking miles for weeks long you you do something and not sit on the couch I think that is great too.

      When did she get implants? And I have no idea what those bad decisions of hers were??

      She will never be a Lauren Conrad and that bugs her, and she really doesn’t need to be after marrying Jay.

      We still hate both of them here in Chicago. I thought they lived in Nashville most of the year?

    • swak says:

      Always thought you needed to switch it up. But to each their own.

  2. blue banana says:

    so gorgeous!

  3. Cardio strengthens the heart. I think that’s a important muscle.

  4. Izzy says:

    Newsflash, Einstein: the heart IS a muscle, arguably the most important one in your body, and cardio exercises that muscle and conditions your lungs as well so you can, ya know, breathe.

    But whatever. It’s not like she believes in science.

    • OrigialTessa says:

      Your heart rate elevates plenty doing a weight lifting regimen. I’m not all that concerned about Kristen Cavalari’s health, tbh. She looks ok to me. She’s even pictured walking her baby in a stroller. I doubt her heart is failing… JMO.

      • Trillion says:

        absolutely. Esp. if you do kettlebells, which is my all-time favorite way to stay in shape. Weight lifting is VERY important for women because it protects you from osteoporosis.

      • Izzy says:

        Cardio also exercises the lungs and helps pulmonary function. You have to keep a sustained elevated heart rate for a longer period to get this benefit. Weights alone will not suffice for this, so good luck to her on longer hikes. (I work with patients with a rare lung disease, so I’ve learned a lot about cardiopulmonary function and health, for both healthy and sick people. I’m a real hoot at dinner parties.)

        I DO agree that weight training is an important part of a balanced exercise program. But to ignore your heart and lungs is foolish and flies in the face of everything that medicine and research has clearly demonstrated. You don’t need a lot to get the benefit for yourself, just don’t ignore it. A 10-15 minute brisk walk 3-4 ti es a week right after weights while your heart rate is still up, will really help the heart and lungs, and keep the metabolism burning calories even longer.

    • Esmom says:


      Also someone who describes their own style as effortless is probably putting alot of effort into their style.

  5. BFDL says:

    I like Kristin (well LB Kristin) but she needs to stop telling this lie. She’s trying to make it seem as though she has lost weight (she was heavier, not heavy, but heavier at one point before the babies) just from breathing and dead weights.

    I don’t know why a lot of people only count running and walking as cardio.

    She is definitely dieting. It’s one or the other with weight loss: you’re either running or walking or you cut your calories.

    • muffin says:

      Did she mention her diet? Is it dieting if you just eat what you eat but less of it? Maybe eat normally but have a salad for one meal? A lot of people when they say diet mean Paleo Atkins,south beach , something like that .

    • Carol says:

      I didn’t read anything about her diet. I’m sure she isn’t eating McDonald’s or drinking sodas. But I have to say, when I hired a trainer and all we did was weight training, I did lose weight faster than when I just did cardio. But I was also sweating buckets during weight training.

  6. Size Does Matter says:

    I love a good wrap dress. My husband bought me an actual Diane Von Furstenburg for Mother’s Day. It was on clearance at Off Fifth. Score!

    I probably do 75% weights and 25% cardio. I’ve been told weights change your shape, cardio changes your size. I think I need to switch up the ratio.

  7. Zip says:

    She’s right about the weights. If you want to look fit you have to do resistance training. Does not matter if it’s weight lifting or bodyweight exercises. For staying or getting slim an negative calorie balance is key. You have to eat less than you burn. Cardio helps and is great for your health (I love to run several times a week) but still optional.

    That said, I hate rompers. Rompers are for little children. They are ugly and I have yet to see someone who looks remotedly sexy in one.

    • Beanie Baby says:

      Rompers are hit and miss. I think if accessorized the right way, they can look really good. Her legs look good so you can tell she does some weight lifting. I think her results are what Khloe Kardashian wants to achieve but hasn’t gotten. For someone who describes herself as having chic style, I’m not so sure what that see through top and suede skirt combo is all about.

  8. Becki says:

    Amen girl!!! Lifting IS a form of cardio, TRUST ME! When you lift heavy and fast, you will get your heart pumping. Weights are an amazing way to shape the body and will help keep your metabolism up. I believe her, I know a lot of body builders who don’t do cardio, just lift weights and look amazing 🙂

    • Ange says:

      Eh, I work at a very body-building oriented gym and while they look great and can lift heavy I bet none of them could out run me and I’m not even that fit. I’ve seen them puffed out after they walk upstairs to our third floor! Looks aren’t everything.

  9. Scal says:

    I do alot of hiking and running. This past weekend I went on a ridgeline hike with a friend that ‘only does weight lifiting-cardio doesn’t help lose weight’. She’s constantly going on about how good of shape she’s in.

    She barely made it up the 3 miles to the summit. Tons of breaks to catch her breath. Because cardiovascular health is just as important as having a tight bum.

  10. Juluho says:

    Weight lifting vigorously burns more calories than running. I don’t run, I lift exclusively and it’s entirely possible to lose weight doing so.

  11. shewolf says:

    Heavy weights are everything. Just because cardio as we think of it doesnt include much but running, walking, biking, swimming etc doesn’t mean lifting weights doesn’t have an element of cardio to it. I can bike for an hour at a steady pace and not have to catch my breath but doing lunges with 40 lb weights does. It’s not just about lifting, its about endurance which is kind of the basis of cardio.

    I got down to 118 lbs at 5’6 and still felt soft and flabby and that was when I just did long distance cardio. When I switched to heavy weights I went up to 121 lbs but I look like I lost 10 lbs.

  12. Embee says:

    Lifting heavy weights is part of the equation for sure, and I am thrilled more women are receptive to this! That said, I had to snort at “For me, it’s just about building muscle and maintaining the little muscle I have.” You need to eat to gain muscle, and it appears that she has chosen not to go that route. Her body, her choice, but her body type could actually be pretty strong if she attended to her nutrition properly. Pretty tough to do as a working mom of three, I suppose.

    • Juluho says:

      Eating enough protein to build muscles (1 gram per lb of body weight) is like a full time job! I almost never get above 80 grams. It’s literally just eating all day long.

  13. Colleen says:

    I do weight training too, as it is a much faster way for me to lose weight, and I just absolutely cannot stand doing cardio. However, admittedly my endurance is crud, which doing cardio would really help. So both have their places, really. I plan on incorporating cardio into my routine soon, so that I can run up steps without losing my breath. 🙂

    • Izzy says:

      See my comments above re: pulmonary. Start light and build from there. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your body adapts.

      • Colleen says:

        Thanks for the confirmation, as well as the tips on building endurance. I really do need to get on this stat. I’m told that eventually I will grow to love it. 😛