Johnny Depp’s ex-assistant claims Amber Heard is lying about the 2014 texts


One of the most frustrating things about the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp situation is not just the bro-culture of Johnny’s fans, but the blatantly misogynistic tone of some/much of the reporting. The way Amber’s story has been second-guessed and third-guessed and fourth-guessed by TMZ and other outlets has gotten ridiculous at this point. So, let’s talk about some of TMZ’s reporting. Yesterday, we covered Entertainment Tonight’s exclusive about the alleged text messages sent between Amber and Johnny’s then-assistant, a man named Stephen Deuters. In the text messages (reportedly from 2014) that ET published, Deuters and Amber were texting about an incident that happened the night before, where Depp kicked Amber in a drunken rage. Deuters told Amber that Johnny didn’t even remember doing it and that Johnny is “a little lost boy.” So what does TMZ have to report about those text messages?

Johnny Depp’s assistant, Stephen Deuters, tells TMZ, the texts that were posted in which he allegedly apologized to Amber Heard for Johnny’s violent behavior are heavily doctored … and he never said Johnny attacked her.

Deuters says he knows of no acts of abuse toward Amber at the hands of Johnny and has never made such a claim to anyone. He adds, Johnny has never been violent toward anyone he knows.

Deuters says the texts themselves are suspicious because they don’t even show a date. Bottom line … he says he will testify under oath he never had a conversation about alleged violence with Amber.

[From TMZ]

First of all, it’s not like Amber doesn’t also have photos, witnesses and a video. Why are people acting like IF Deuters is telling the truth, then Amber’s story should be thrown out? Second of all, telling TMZ you will testify under oath about having no knowledge of abuse is different than actually testifying under oath and being cross-examined by a series of lawyers. Do you know what I mean? Lindsay Lohan can run to TMZ and tell them any story she wants (and she has, hundreds of times), but when it comes time to actually give testimony under oath, it’s a totally different story. Especially when Amber has made it pretty clear that she’s been holding on to two years’ worth of receipts which her lawyers will use to incriminate the dudes being sent out to muddy the waters on Amber’s claims.

As for those receipts, TMZ is still playing fast and loose with whether Amber has filed police reports and whether filing a police report is the make-or-break evidence in whether Johnny abused Amber for years. Many abuse victims never file police reports and it doesn’t make the abuse any less real, that’s all I’ll say. Anyway, TMZ also says that Amber has had a “change of heart” about filing a police report because she “doesn’t want to bury him” and she doesn’t want to see Depp arrested. But “sources connected with Johnny scoff at Amber’s sympathy,” and claim that Amber has just done all of this so that Alice Through the Looking Glass would bomb at the box office. Seriously? And no one is going to second-guess THAT claim?

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  1. Snazzy says:

    I wonder how much he got paid for his denial?
    This whole thing is making me sick. I wanted him to roast before, because of the violence itself, but now I want her to destroy him, not only for herself, but for the way the world is treating her. Thank goodness for the level headedness of the celebitches
    #teamamber #teamCB

    • embertine says:

      He’s probably thinking that he’ll never work again if he breaks his NDA. But NDAs don’t apply in case of a felony (a contract cannot be legally binding if it goes against federal law) so if he actually did end up in court and lied, he would be tried for perjury. I wonder if he thinks Depp is worth going to prison for up to five years?

      • Megan says:

        It’s easy to brag that you will testify under oath when you know you will never have to. There are definitely some gold diggers in Johnny’s life, but I don’t think Amber is one of them.

      • Pix says:

        Well, if you parse his statement he says, “he will testify under oath he never had a conversation about alleged violence with Amber.”

        The word “conversation” is key because I don’t believe text messages qualify as a conversation. He was coached very well.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        Pix, that was my reading, too. A conversation — an oral conversation in person or by phone — could be interpreted as different from a sequence of text messages. I wonder what courts have ruled about this, because sometimes I will say I “talked to someone … by text” or “We had an email conversation.” Strange new world. In any case IF this is what THIS person said, it is not a statement given under oath.

      • it's like you know says:

        It should be pretty easy to figure out if the assistant is a lying sack of shit, like I think he may be.

        Can she get the phone records to prove he texted her? I mean, unless he had some kind of burner phone. I have a hard time believing that she would show text receipts without it being true. I think she’s way smarter than that.

      • Luca76 says:

        All he has to say in court is he doesn’t remember. Heck it worked for Ronald Reagan way back during Iran Contra and it could work in this case.

      • Naya says:

        Johnnys team is playing a bluff game but they know if she calls their bluff and actually moves to court, they will be screwed. Thats probably the is a reason why both the bodyguard and the assistant are not releasing directly attributable statements say through social media or a reputable news outlet. Instead their denials are phrased in gossipy tones and reported in the worlds biggest online tabloid. I bet they sing a different tune if they are under oath.

        Also, does anybody else think that Johnnys team is using TMZ because it makes it harder for her to sue the employees for defamation? I mean if she ever sued, they could just claim they were not TMZs sources and frankly they would be right, since of course these statements are coming straight from the mind of Johnnys PR guy.

      • Rachel says:

        If he still has the same cell phone, they can subpeona it. Even when you delete things, they’re never really gone.

      • Sam says:

        @Naya That’s exactly correct. Directly attributable statements could be used to impeach a witness during cross examination.

        Another reason to use TMZ: when you bring TMZ a scoop, TMZ always returns the favor by publishing a story favorable to your side.

      • cd3 says:

        @Luca76 – exactly! Or he could say someone else was using his phone. Or that he lost the phone. Or anything really. Could be very hard to nail down this lying scumbag.

    • Misa says:

      Indeed. You know what? I think this is the first time somebody didn’t give in to Depp. Amber stopped playing the “poor, sensitive, broken Johnny!” game. Kudos to her. Stay strong, Amber Heard.

      • Wren says:

        Totally. And I hope the flailing from Depp and his team becomes so ludicrous that the people who wouldn’t see the truth anyway are the only ones left who support him.

        I want her to bury him, if only, as someone said above, because of how horribly she’s been treated by the world for daring to stand up and say something.

    • Pinky says:

      Exactly, @Snazzy. Which is why trying to play this out in the court of public opinion is futile. Gather your evidence and bury him in court, like Denise Richards did.

      One of these two people is a bald-faced liar and it makes me sick.

      Finally, f TMZ.


      • Jib says:

        If she didn’t file charges it’s because, in my view, they are discussing a settlement behind the scenes. She lets stuff out a little at a time with the video threat hanging over his head. Drip, drip, drip.

        Depp needs this to go away, Disney needs this to go away. Amber probably doesn’t want to have to go through the legal system for all of this – it has to suck for her. I think he’s going to give her a huge payoff/divorce settlement, and in exchange, she’ll sign documents that forbid her to ever speak of this again. The End.

        That’s the best case scenario for her, I think. Him – he’s either going to get sober or die within the next few years. Totally up to him.

    • ida says:

      I feel exactly the same @Snazzy “This whole thing is making me sick. I wanted him to roast before, because of the violence itself, but now I want her to destroy him, not only for herself, but for the way the world is treating her.” I am a really glad there are places like CB (reader for years – first time commenter on this subject as I think one simply cannot be silent) and OTND where people are in their right mind! To me it is absolutely crazy not to see in what state JD is. All the pictures from his tour show someone who is very very sick. He looks like Jonathan Rhys Meyers who is a heavy alcoholic. Also I did some research after other commenters mentioned things from JDs past I have almost forgotten. The trashed hotel rooms. The frightened Winona Ryder who had mental problems and took years to get back on her feet. The death of River Phoenix in front of the Viper Room owned by JD. The missing business partner who was supposed to testify in court. I also checked because other commenters mentioned it: the OJ Simpson case, the terrible stuff that happened with Rihanna, the lucky escape of Katie Holmes. And of course the countless stories about DV and that the biggest danger is the break up time I am affraid that the danger Amber Heard was in is not over. It is possible that JD is so vindictive that she has to be careful as long as this man lives. This smear campaign has to STOP. JD’s pr folks, lawyers, fans and friends need to wake up and see that they are covered in guilt. and all for money and false pity. This guy is a loose cannon and he should not only feel shame for what he has done and still is doing to his wife but also to his children. JD is FILTH.

      • mary simon says:

        As long as Johnny is providing money and insider coziness with Hollywood celebrity – his parasites will do his bidding -even the parasites who know he is guilty – like the ex-assistant. That’s why I can’t wait for Johnny to crash and burn under the weight of increasing evidence as to his guilt. Johnny and his trolls are delusional and tenacious. The more they dig in, the deeper the hole they will all fall in to in the end. Ida, you make a lot of good points as to his sleazy character and it is scary to think what he may be capable of.

      • Dee says:

        OJ, Rihanna and Katie Holmes?

    • Bichon says:


    • Rebecca says:

      I agree. The way his PR team has treated this situation has been mysoginistic, homophobic, and biphobic. I wonder if he realizes how many female and LGBT fans he will lose because of the way this has been handled by his own people.

    • Meg says:

      But, Amber will not take any filthy money that belongs to such an awful person like Johnny. She just wants out of the relationship, time to heal, and to move on, am I right?

      • wolfpup says:

        Money isn’t filthy – it’s use is dignity and survival, which is exactly what DV destroys.

      • Lunareclipse says:

        Ugh, Meg, I remember you from your postings here months ago. Meg = troll with highly overstated sense of her own intelligence.

        Sorry, making an obnoxious statement and pretending to believe it so you’ll get others to agree? Transparent, and nauseating because once again, you’re doing it to throw an abused person, and those who support her, under the bus.

        Please go away. You make my skin crawl.

      • Chaz says:

        She can be a gold-digger and the victim of abuse. The two things are not mutually exclusive.
        Is she after a pay out. Yes. Irrespective of whether she just wants it, feels she deserves it or knows she will need it because of the damage this battle will cause to her career.

        Does that mean Johnny isn’t an abuser? Nope.
        He is a drug and alcohol addict with a long history of violence and erratic behaviour. Regardless of what his ex Vanessa says ( who has her own axe to grind).

        I have been surprised by how many commenters (not here) have forgotten his past and insist he is squeaky clean. Selective memory and a case of mistaken identity…Arrgh Arrgh Captain Sparrow.

        He is a very powerful man and at the moment he is using that power to stick it to her even more whilst playing the sanctimonious softie. His photo ops are starting to look like he is a politician running for office. Let’s cuddle a baby or help an old lady get a hearing aid.
        Let’s watch him fight for control of the dogs, because he really needs to keep joint custody of hers…right? Why? Because that is how control works. Use something you know will hurt them.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      Exactly. He could be lying for multiple reasons- a pay-off, being worried about getting sued, or not getting work again, the fact that his personal reputation might take a hit for keeping abuse a secret, making an excuse about it, and encouraging her to forgive him (as people were already calling him out on that), or for a combination of more than one of those things.

  2. roxane says:

    Exactly, on page six some comedian called douchebag Stanhope a “real life bro”. I mean seriously. And of course I don’t believe a word coming from TMZ, even the wording is weird, doctored what he means by saying that.

    • isabelle says:

      Hollywood is one big bro club. So much for them calling themselves progressive and liberal.

  3. Lynnie says:

    So then why would that make him Johnny’s ex-assistant? Either way saying what you said to TMZ is DUMB, and I hope her lawyers use that to discredit him in court.

    Johnny’s PR Firm is off the rails crazy, but I have a feeling the whole “There’s no dates in the texts” will be just the thing the pro-Depp fans need to continue their blind faith.

    This all so very sad, but I’m glad Amber’s out. Just hope the courts can help her get justice, and she makes it out of this a better happier person.

    • Samtha says:

      Which is stupid, because iPhones don’t show the date on each text. It’s at the beginning of a conversation…just how it’s shown in these screenshots.

    • Pinky says:

      All you have to do to get the iPhone to show the date is slide the text to the left. Then take a screenshot by pressing the on/off button and “home” button at the same time. Then, voila! Hard evidence.


      • maili says:

        Well, she took them the day she received them, but if they end up using them in court the screenshots will have metadata which says what day they were taken so it doesn’t really matter. Also iCloud will have a backup she can access.

      • Tara says:

        The hard evidence will likely be subpoenaed phone records from the service provider. Voila!

      • Jay (the Canadian one) says:

        No. If you slide to the left you get the time only not the date. The date remains at the top of the conversation only.

      • ClaireB says:

        It’s sad that people will probably ask why she didn’t take the screenshots with the date/time shown for each text bubble. I just tried to do it, and it’s pretty difficult to keep a finger or thumb slid left while pushing the buttons to screenshot. But of course, if she didn’t do it that way, they’ll say she’s not a “real” victim.

    • mary simon says:

      This is good to hear that the dates of these texts can be accessed. The assistant can say anything right now – he’s not under oath being examined in a court of law – and I’m guessing he doesn’t think he will ever have to testify in court so he can say whatever he wants at the moment. I’m sure the pressure is on him to side with Johnny and who knows – some money may have exchanged hands. I wonder why he is the EX-assistant. Hang in there, Amber!

  4. Erinn says:

    So he “never said Johnny attacked her” – which if you read the texts I don’t think he actually came out and said Johnny attacked her in those words… BUT he also never disputed her texts either.

    Me thinks he doesn’t realize that they can have a subpoena for them… and he’s trying to make his boss man look good. Words are being chosen much more carefully with Depp’s team now.

    • Emma - The JP Lover says:

      It probably would have been best for Amber to leak those text messages with the actual dates still on them. There is always a date on a texted message.

      • Snazzy says:

        Not always. I just checked a convo I had with my friend yesterday by text (iPhone), and looking at it, there’s the date at the top, but then we go on for a while and there’s no date or time

      • Samtha says:

        Do you have an iPhone? You have to swipe left to get the dates to show, and it’s pretty hard to do that and take a screenshot at the same time. I know–I just tested it out myself.

      • GreenAcres says:

        It doesn’t show the actual date. It says “today.” You would have to save them a week later to get the specific date without just the day of the week attached to them.

      • Mia4s says:

        Nope, wrong. IPhones very often don’t show the date, particularly for ongoing conversations. It will show once at the top of the string of texts and then not at all. I imagine some other phone models are the same.

        I believe the texts and it blows my mind the assistant was dumb enough to text about this. Blows. My. Mind. Shows they really never thought she’d leave or fight back. 😕

      • Erinn says:

        Nope – the text app I have just shows the date when you start the convo. If i have 15 texts between the two of us, it’s not going to show dates. It looks like a chat. And I’m using an Android.

      • Emma - The JP Lover says:

        I have an iPhone and yes, every text exchange has a date stamp. What year iPhone are you guys using?

      • Samtha says:

        Emma, I have an iPhone 6 with ios 7. There is a date stamp at the beginning of the conversation but not on each individual message. To see the individual time, you have to swipe left, and it’s pretty awkward to do that and take a screenshot at the same time.

    • Anna says:

      Did he actually have the means to dispute anything? Unless he was in the room, he would have had no way to know what happened. From what he said, Depp didn’t remember any of it so I would guess, barring him actually having been an eyewitness, the information he was dealing with probably came from an earlier (unpublished) conversation with Heard. Chances are he was kind of flying blind during that situation, rather than parsing his words.

      • Lisa says:

        imwithAmber but genuinely asking out of curiosity – is proving that texts were sent a hard thing to do? Are records kept by mobile phone companies? Are they allowed to do that?

      • Flowerchild says:

        Yes and yes

      • Erinn says:

        Well – he said “I told him what he did” so I’d assume he was there.

      • Anna says:

        Or it’s also possible he was told what happened by Amber, either in a call or in texts that weren’t published, and related that back to Depp.

    • isabelle says:

      He didn’t he also say they never existed, he just is basically saying they were doctored. He isn’t denying the texts existence. Heck, since he trying to dig himself out of a hole he could later say he meant everything from the date to filler words.

  5. paolanqar says:

    I am sure there is a way to prove those texts are real. Phone companies have records of all phones and with the right lawyer you can access to any information you need.

    • TG says:

      This. It will all come out (one can hope) in a court of law in due time.

    • Londerland says:

      Precisely. The texts (or screen caps) make the whole thing really simple. The phone company should be able to pull the texts (even if deleted, there’s always something recorded, I’m sure) and a half-decent analyst should be able to tell if the screen caps have been doctored.

      (“Heavily doctored”, incidentally, suggests that a text conversation did take place? He’s not saying they’re outright fake. So why doesn’t Mr Deuters just release the original texts to prove what was said? Also, the idea that the lack of a date on the texts is “suspicious” is nonsense – my iPhone text stream doesn’t have a date on it, only the time. That’s pretty standard.)

      So now all it takes is for this to go to court – and surely if the Depp team is as convinced of his innocence as they say, they should be suing for slander, now it’s been made so easy to prove? It’s not like he can’t afford the lawsuit.

      • Lucrezia says:

        “Heavily doctored” was a red flag for me too. If so, wouldn’t you automatically follow up with an explanation of what the texts originally said? Or, if you meant the conversation hadn’t occurred at all, you’d flat-out say they were fake.

      • Lisa says:

        Think he’s just throwing enough suspicion for doubt there, that’s what he is doing

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        And how could he claim they were “doctored” (IE either the content or the format was edited or altered?) if he did not have the originals for the purpose of comparison? And if he did keep the originals, why? And how could he claim alterations if he did not have a basis for comparison that could be exhibited in court?

      • ladyE says:

        They can only pull the text data if the guy is still using the same phone & the police get ahold of it. Amber’s phone won’t prove anything because there are spoofing apps that allow you to send texts from any number. I know all of this because my sister was recently involved in a case that involved text messages and it was a mess.

      • Schnee says:

        Yepp, “doctored” is the cop-out. He can’t say “it’s not true” since the texts apparently do exist.

        Stephen Deuters seems to use weasel word just like Depp’s legal team told him to. Those are professional ‘work-around’ words.

      • Anna says:

        It could well be that he does have the original text messages. Divulging the contents without permission would likely be an issue if he had signed an NDA though. It has also struck me that Team Depp has yet to refute anything in the press with evidence. Of course, it could be that they simply can’t because everything she’s said is true. But on the off chance that she has set him up in the way they are claiming, they would have to be complete idiots to tip their hand prior to the upcoming court date where releasing it would have the greatest effect, will be presented under oath and will still obviously make it into the press.

    • Jwoolman says:

      There actually is a problem today that seeing is no longer believing. Any image or even videos can be manipulated. A screenshot can be altered as easily as any other image.

      But there must be ways to examine the original record and verify that it is accurate within reason and match it up with phone company records. The other person has a text record that can be matched also. But the tabloids aren’t the ones to do it.

      I wouldn’t automatically dismiss someone’s claims that a leaked text message doesn’t match his own memory. But I wouldn’t automatically dismiss Amber’s claims, either. I doubt that she is a gold digger and Depp is pretty obviously an alcoholic and has trashed property before. Has he gone beyond that? Dunno. But you can do a lot of damage even just throwing small things at people… Depends on where it hits and how fast. He may not actually remember what he does when drunk enough to do such things.

    • Eden75 says:

      With a court order, your cell carrier can pull entire conversations from your number. It’s not just a little bit of something, the whole thing can be pulled. It does not matter if they were deleted from one or both phones, they are on a company server and can be brought up for court. I believe there is a time line for how far they can go back but I can’t remember what it is.

      While a scary thought that everything you text is kept, it is extremely helpful in cases like this.

      • ladyE says:

        Eden75 – that’s not true. Your phone company doesn’t have record of the content of your text messages, just a record of sending/receipt. Only your phone has the actual content.

      • S says:

        Agreed. At least 10 years ago that was the case. Was in an ugly divorce and attempts to subpoena text records would only shows dates/times

      • maili says:

        Also the texts should be backed up in iCloud as well (which we know for a fact she was using, as she was part of that celebrity hack), so they could access them that way.

      • SloaneY says:

        Hmmm. If she was part of that hack, and she’s been documenting her abuse for 2(?) years, why didn’t we get this info from the hack?

      • Naya says:

        The iCloud hack was conducted by silly men who wanted to see boobies not read through millions of text messages sent by the sex object. I dont recall them releasing anybodys text messages, just photos.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        What Naya said. Also, the phone that was hacked might not be the same device that she kept the evidence on.

    • Embee says:

      A year and a half ago I represented a client in a matter in which texts were relevant, and the phone company (Verizon) told me that while they store the data for the sender/receiver in perpetuity, they only maintain info re content for a week, because they simply don’t have storage capacity for more than that.

      If that hasn’t changed, then Amber could verify that she and the assistant texted, but not what.

      So then we’re back to credibility of the witness. I’m not sure if hearsay rules would apply here. In theory, hearsay applies when someone testifies that someone else said “something” to prove the “something” was true.

      Since Amber could alter texts in the same fashion that a person could misquote someone else, would hearsay apply? I don’t litigate much so this is probably already decided. I personally think it isn’t hearsay and should be admissible, but then again I would do away with hearsay rules and exceptions altogether lol.

      • Schnee says:

        Could they confiscate Stephen Deuters’ phone/cloud-stored messages for proving that? He basically would be a lying witness if he says he never knew about violence when he actually did know about it.

    • isabelle says:

      yep….my friend said she sat in on a case where recovered texts were used. Similar situation. Ex being accused of abuse, he denied it, he would send the person nasty mean texts texts. Those were deleted of course and the phone company even brought up the exact moment they were deleted and the complete texts….but its my understanding texts aren’t even accepted a lot of times in the case at all?

  6. CidySmiley says:

    I feel so awful for her. The attacks on her are awful. I don’t think people understand that JD is an ACTOR it’s his job to ACT to PLAY PRETEND the loveable man you see on tv and on movies isn’t who he actually is. I couldn’t imagine opening up and telling someone this and them smack me down. It’s extremely clear that he’s a drug addict, with admittable rage issues and an alcohol problem. Open your eyes. Abuse is disgusting, and it’s not just physical. It’s emotional and its traumatic. I don’t understand all the people throwing themselves on the fence for him, like JD saved everyone’s cat from a tree and didn’t just play their favorite characters. And you know what’s even more sick, he’s never going to admit it.

    He’s never going to admit he did it, and all these celebrities are going to defend him, and Amber is going to be blacklisted. I’m sorry about the rant but this story turns my stomach. She’s clearly been abused but everyone turned into curious George the detective. It doesn’t matter what she does. If the texts were real they would have said “it doesn’t prove anything.” She has picture proof people say it’s “a bad makeup job” if she comes out with video these idiots are going to say “he was just trying to cuddle her!”

    I’m done.

    • Misa says:


    • Brittney B. says:

      …yep. People are using HER profession as “proof” that it’s all an act… but conveniently neglecting to mention that he’s the one with decades of experience transforming himself into different personas. Probably the very same people were calling her a terrible actress and exalting his talents a year ago… suddenly, she’s the one who’s able to out-act him? WTF.

      • Londerland says:

        This. Terry Gilliam (ffs why Terry?!) on Facebook said “I guess Amber was a better actor than we gave her credit for”, which is so massively inappropriate and bitchy when dealing with domestic violence accusations – yeah, sure, take a cheap shot at her acting: you stay classy, sir – before going on to praise his wonderful sweet talented friend Johnny.

        *deep breath* Maybe if you never thought she was that good and he’s a world-class actor, MAYBE SHE IS NOT THE LIAR HERE.

        Honestly, mostly just disappointed that an otherwise smart man – so many smart people – are too dumb to know that people are different with different people, and just because Depp was a sweetheart to Terry Gilliam, to Vanessa Paradis, to Lori, to Lily Rose, to Doug Stanhope, it does not mean he didn’t change when he was alone, and drunk, with his wife.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        I had the unfortunate job of telling someone that she was allowing a known predator to be around her child, and she didn’t want to believe it because of the man’s ‘charm.’ Despite my first-hand experience, which had been validated, she kept saying, “He must be a really good actor, then. He must be a really good actor.”

        This just brings back those chills that I felt upon hearing that. And, sure enough, he built a relationship and all went according to his plan.

      • Kitten says:

        @Londerland-I agree with most of what you said except I think it’s slightly unfair to equate the people who have close, personal relationships with Johnny to the mobs of stans who blindly support their favorite actor.

        I can only imagine the trauma that Lily Rose and Vanessa Paradis are going through, trying to reconcile this monster with the man that they know behind closed doors.

        On a human level, I can completely understand how their world must be turned upside down. If it was my father, I’d be in utter shock. It’s understandable to me why they wouldn’t automatically come out in support of Amber, a woman whom neither of them know particularly well.

        I understand the desire to judge them and sure, it would be great if they stood by Amber, but people need to remember that Depp’s kids are victims here too. I wish people would be more compassionate instead of acting like Lily or Vanessa are somehow complicit in the abuse. This isn’t their fault–they’re still trying to process everything that’s being said about a man they love.

      • mary simon says:

        @ kitten I feel bad for the children, as well, especially Lily Rose, who is obviously very upset, but I do not think Vanessa still loves Johnny. And I do think it is possible that she knows things she will never tell, for the sake of her children. Vanessa is not exactly out on the pro-Johnny campaign trail. She wrote her little expected note, then stepped away, back in to her private life with her children.

      • Kitten says:

        @Mary Simon-Yes you’re probably right that she no longer loves him. I guess I just feel like if you were with someone for over a decade, there’s probably at least some residual fondness left over. I mean, for all we know Depp hit Vanessa as well, but she was just better at keeping quiet about it. Still, she has said publicly that he didn’t and I chose to take her word for it.

      • Londerland says:

        @Kitten – it wasn’t my intention to compare his friends/family with his stans – apologies if it came across that way. Rereading my post I failed to draw the distinction between *support for their friend/father* and *awareness of the reality of domestic violence*.

        In an ideal world – if I were a publicist! – I would advise his friends and family that there is a way to support Johnny Depp, without diminishing the experiences of domestic violence victims, even if they do not believe that Amber is a victim herself. They could say truthfully that he was always sweet and kind with them; they could say that they find the allegations hard to believe. They can say all those things without calling Amber a liar – without sending the message to all victims, “Don’t bother speaking out. You will not be believed”.

        But you’re right, it’s asking a hell of a lot in a time of great stress to expect his friends and family members (esp. Lily-Rose) to react publicly with that kind of nuanced statement. Of course they’re just going to have his back no matter what. I’m just still reeling from the hatefulness, the ignorance, the unnecessary bitchiness of Terry Gilliam’s comment. Sometimes you hope for better from the people you admire.

        If someone accused a friend of mine of abuse, I think – I hope – I would have enough awareness to accept the possibility that they might be telling the truth. The thought that a loved one is capable of such cruelty is not nearly as distressing to me as the thought of being complicit in that cruelty by calling the victim a liar when they asked for help.

      • Cirque28 says:

        @Londerland: Totally. I would even find Vanessa et al more believable if they said, “I’ve always known him to be a lovely person and he never hit me” and JUST LEAVE IT AT THAT. For godssake are these JD defenders omniscient that they know what happens when they’re not present? Vanessa called AH’s accusations outrageous?? Can she see through walls and across continents?

    • Pinky says:

      He’ll keep his fans. Those texts will actually help him. He’ll release a statement stating that, yes, he has addiction issues and is starting treatment today (whichever day he releases his statement). He’ll say, though he has no recollection of ever abusing Amber, he realizes that his demons come out when he isn’t sober and that blacking out does not excuse his behavior. Rather, it’s a wake up call that he needs help. He’d like to thank Amber for putting up with him all those years and he will always have love for her and wishes her well. But now it’s time to focus on overcoming his addictions, and with the support of his loyal gans, he’s certain to succeed!

      Oh. Did I forget to mention “Barf?” Because, barf.


      • roses says:

        That’s exactly how will play out. He’ll clean up his act and take on a few decent roles in film and this will all become a distant memory and he will have the public’s support again. Its sad to say but the outcome of this mess is plain as day.

      • Saks says:

        Sadly, this is true. While he is going to be ok with minimal actions, Amber will have a hard time, I hope DC stands by her

      • mary simon says:

        @pinky I think you are correct in how this is destined to play out. He is going to crash and burn. The question is, how much longer will this shit go on before this inevitable ending?

      • Jib says:

        But first Amber will get a big divorce settlement, which I think she is aiming for, good for her, it will be for an undisclosed amount, and they’ll have her sign a “shut-up” agreement as part of her divorce settlement, then he’ll go to rehab.

        And the public with the attention span of a mosquito, will forget.,

      • PandaCookie says:

        pinky you could be a celebrity pr rep! that sounds about right.

    • Jwoolman says:

      He may never admit he did it because he honestly doesn’t remember doing it, assuming he was under the influence of alcohol or some other drug. At some point memory can be so damaged he can start having trouble remembering things even when sober. He needs to get and stay completely sober before even thinking of his career.

      Poor memory for events is exasperating for people around the person and you should not automatically assume that they’re lying or trying to weasel out of consequences. I’m dealing with someone right now who I suspect has occasional drastic blood sugar fluctuations, probably low blood sugar but could also be a high blood sugar spike from the symptoms. He eventually developed Type 2 diabetes (not on insulin and doesn’t monitor except for the scheduled lab tests) but he has another condition that may have contributed earlier. Plus he just has always had a poor memory for real-life events. I’ve known him for decades, and periodically and unpredictably he rants and steamrollers and talks in a totally obnoxious way (impossible to talk with him when he’s like this) but doesn’t remember it at all or only remembers a highly sanitized version where he is having a civil discussion. When I tell him about it later, he thinks I’m imagining things, or exaggerating, or being overly sensitive (!), etc. Really, it’s so bad that when he called me from work in such a mood years ago, I almost called the office back to ask them to keep an eye on him. I decided they would notice if he keeled over in the aisle. Since it happened again recently, I need to figure out how to record him during a phone call (mercifully he’s hundreds of miles away) so I can play it back to him when he’s stable again. That would be the only way to convince him. I’m going to have to tell him he needs to tell his doctor about these episodes even if he thinks I’m nuts – he may need a dosage adjustment or change in eating schedule. Anyway- in between episodes he’s a very nice fellow. Certainly honest to a fault, he doesn’t lie. But if he can’t remember it happening – he can’t believe me, either.

      • Dee says:

        Sometimes it goes the other way and the victim doesn’t remember. I once had to tell my best friend that during her birthday the night before at a club, her boyfriend threatened to bash her head in for talking to a guy. It was a good looking coworker and he was drunk and jealous. Her other work friends witnessed this. But because she had drank so much and tended to forget details the next day when she did drink to excess (we were much younger then) she had no idea. It was an awful thing to have to tell your best friend.

    • Wren says:

      I don’t see why Johnny can’t be a loving, charming, gentle man………. most of the time and a completely different person when he’s under the influence. If his real nature was this abusive asshole I don’t think he’d be quite as beloved, or at least this wouldn’t be such an apparent shock to almost everyone.

      By all accounts he’s a complex, emotional, and many faceted person, so why can’t the rage monster be one of those facets? One that not too many people see, or at least not too many people take seriously.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t actually remember most of the abuse, and feels terrible about what he can remember. I would believe that in his right mind he wouldn’t want to harm anyone, but just how much is he in his right mind? He’s lived in his “do no wrong” fame bubble for so long, been so accustomed to everyone doing his bidding, and slipped so deeply into substance abuse, that I have no problem believing that he’s not who he once was. Or that he even knows the person he’s become.

      That said, I hope he’s brought to justice because absolutely nothing excuses his behavior. But I do see why those close to him are supporting him, and seemingly hava hard time reconciling the man they know with the man Amber is describing.

      • Kitten says:

        Hi Wren-

        ITA with most of what you said. This story has taught me that Amber is no fool. She’s not going to fall head-over-heels for a guy who isn’t capable of being charming, thoughtful, caring, and attentive. That is typical of abusers and of course, part of what makes them dangerous.

        I’m not 100% convinced that Depp is only violent when he’s under the influence. But it’s a very real possibility that alcohol exacerbates his anger and lowers his inhibitions, which allows for him to be violent in a way that he wouldn’t be if he was sober.

        FWIW, I think it’s brave of you to post this comment because surely some will accuse you of defending him (you’re not, but some will see it that way).

        We get so caught up in seeing abusers like Depp as some sort of one-dimensional comic book villain, when the truth is that he’s probably a damaged individual who is capable of greatness AND evil.

        I also think that acknowledging the inherent complexity of human behavior is an integral part of understanding how domestic violence victims get caught in the cycle of abuse. If these guys looked and acted like monsters, we would all know who to avoid, but it doesn’t work like that.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        “when the truth is that he’s probably a damaged individual who is capable of greatness AND evil.”

        It may be, but the trouble comes when they are great in their profession and evil in their personal lives.

        I know – I really do know – you’re not saying this, but there are people who try to make an abusive partner or parent seem better by pointing out their “good sides,” as if things balance out. “He’s violent when he drinks, but he’s very good with money,” “He hits the children, but he’s so intelligent,” etc etc. So I’m pointing this out for those other readers.

      • Wren says:

        Thanks, Kitten. I love the “one note comic book villain” idea; it bothers me that so many people are quick to reduce someone down to one thing. Cheater, abuser, liar, golddigger, whore, whatever. People are never just one thing, nor only have one aspect to their character, yet we can’t help but try to make it so. Sadly that mentality does nothing to help the situation or increase our understanding of it. We just happily slap on a label and forget about it until the next one crops up.

      • Carol says:

        @kitten and @wren Thank you for giving what I think a very fair analysis of Depp and Amber’s situation. You expressed how I feel about it better than I could. I agree with bith of you completely

  7. Eleonor says:

    I believe her.
    And I am sorry for everything I’ve said in the past . I think she is brave in this moment because Johnny has been Disney golden boy for years,I cannot even imagine the pressure she must be under in this moment.

    • Kate says:

      I said much the same yesterday. I feel terrible for thinking badly of her for her timing in divorcing him. She’s incredibly brave to continue forcing this issue. I’ve seen several people say something to the effect of Johnny needs to pay her of for her silence but I think this is so much braver of her.
      Obviously Johnny needs helps for his addiction and violence problems. She’s doing the right thing. Not staying silent means she is protecting herself and not allowing his press team to make her look like the guilty party.

    • Tulip says:

      It’s okay to not like every part of her (she can have serious flaws) and still be outraged at how society deals with survivors of DV. As many other posters have said throughout all this, she doesn’t need to be a “perfect” victim in order to be taken seriously.

    • Miss S says:

      We were also fed a certain narrative about her that made it easy to believe she was just a gold digger.

  8. Vanna says:

    This page is like a sanctum of sanity. There is so much hate and vitriol spewed at Amber all over the interweb, I really appreciate the commentators on CB for their empathy and ability to cut through the bullshit. I really hope she gets to the phone providers and can prove those texts were real. I want to see her triumph over JD.

    • Cali says:

      This is exactly how I feel. I can’t even bring myself to read the comments or articles anywhere else. I see headlines, cringe, and then come here to see if Celebitchy has posted a rational version of it.

    • isabelle says:

      ONTD, Lainey are some of the others standing more on Amber’s side.

    • Carol says:

      There is plenty of vitriol for people who aren’t as quick to side with Amber either on this site. Somehow by not aligning myself immediately with Amber makes me a disgusting person and a devout Depp fan which I am neither. I’m simply a person who is reading about this messy situation and trying to decipher who is telling the truth. Don’t accuse some of us who aren’t siding with Amber as siding with Depp either. I’m siding with neither at the moment. Nobody who actually knows me would ever accuse me of being ignorant about DV or unsympathetic to abused women. This is a gossip site where people can engage in discussion. I usually like the discourse but it has simply become ugly.

  9. Nic919 says:

    Amber is lawyered up and her lawyer wouldn’t be letting her release false evidence at this point.

    • Brittney B. says:

      Yeah, but that’s too logical, Nic919! Let’s pretend it makes more sense for a gold-digging manipulator (who’s been “planning this for years”) to ALSO be so clueless about the law that she’d try to get away with faking evidence while under intense scrutiny. Can’t have it both ways, people. Which one is it?

      • Amber says:

        Yeah, with all the evidence we’ve gotten, and all the other evidence and witnesses we’ve heard about–Amber’s going to doctor some texts and ET is going to risk publishing them? That’s something else that she’s up against too. It isn’t just the typical bent of sexism and misogyny that women have to deal with regularly, and especially in cases like this. It’s also an uphill battle where every outlet reporting on this is going to cover their a**es in the hopes that Johnny will come out on top, and they don’t want to piss him off too much. He’s worth more to everyone. So even when reporting facts and details, things still have a suspicious tone and air to them even if they aren’t blatantly leaning towards Johnny. And many of them are!

        But as far as the timeline and manipulation claims go, none of that adds up in Johnny’s favor if people actually bothered to look at it way. That’s what the emphasis on Depp’s mother and family hating her was for. (And why did no one point out that Johnny’s been shooting films, promoting others, and scheduled a tour for this summer? He wasn’t exactly keeping vigil at his mother’s bedside. Well, see my first paragraph for why it hasn’t been mentioned and why Depp has STILL not truly been examined and questioned the way that Amber has. Not his erratic and violent history. Not his own words. His glaring substance abuse problems are only referenced by those, including Depp’s PR, when trying to relieve him of responsibility for his actions.) Heard’s being portrayed as this cold-hearted, gold digging sorceress with unparalleled powers of seduction. I mean the Scarlet Witch would be impressed by Amber’s ability to trick a man into leave his common law wife for a greedy, OBVIOUS lesbian whore, obsessing/chasing/wooing her for about three years by the time they got together. She even duped him into marrying her! You see, Johnny is the real victim. This is the more plausible scenario that people would rather believe… The absurdity continues with Depp not appearing to be the one pulling away either. (Remember this story? I’ve been revisiting some other “tension”, “drama-filled-marriage” articles through the lens that Johnny has a problem and Amber’s being abused.) Answer me this, people who wonder why Amber married him, why she stayed, and what she did to push his buttons and set him up. Why did Johnny stay? Why did his friends, family and staff allow this if Heard was so transparent and constantly trying to “trigger” him? Why didn’t Johnny see it? What’s with the carefully worded, yet obscure denials and defenses, that aren’t even necessarily cooperating with all the contradictory threads Depp’s PR is floating out there? Why haven’t more of them flat out said that this was a set up? (Perhaps it’s because set ups, button pushing, and asking for it, are all the same stupid argument.) None of them seem able to attest to particular events that they were also present for. (Meanwhile the media made a story out of Johnny’s bodyguard, Jerry Judge, allegedly being !OVERHEARD! denying the DV allegations. Like to his friends in a hotel lobby… at Johnny’s gig in Denmark. Much like there are no actual quotes in this assistant’s denial TMZ’s published.) They’re just coming at Amber from all sides. But the angles don’t match up to make her all the things she’d have to be for their claims to be true and for Johnny to be the victim. Nor does the evidence support it. And a gold digger as methodical, brilliant, and psychotic as Amber would have to be would’ve, A) Had a baby. B) Continued to practically live separate lives, and wait to become his wealthy widow sooner than later, at the rate he’s going. Harsh. But if Amber’s pure evil, as she clearly is, it’s a totally legit route. Or, C) Again, live separately, but wait at least until Pirates 5 came out (almost exactly a year from now), as that would’ve added a minimum of $25-30 million to her payout and increase her spousal support by another six months. Amber’s actions make no sense if she’s just trying to get paid. Did I even mention the hell that will fall on her and the lawsuits she’s opening herself up for if she’s lying?

      • mary simon says:

        @amber Great summary of Amber’s superhuman gold-digger evil powers. Wow, I never knew Amber was omnipotent. She might even be a space alien, come to earth to take down that sweet angel, Johnny Depp!

        And thanks for pointing out the grieving Johnny’s busy schedule all around the time leading up to his mother’s death and after. He didn’t have time to keep vigil with his dying mother, or spend time with his family, but there was time to go to LA to terrorize Amber and smash a phone in to her face!

        Excellent points at the end about how a truly authentic, hardcore gold digger would really be handling things.

      • Newbie says:

        @Amber, thank you for pointing out the lack of actual quotes in the TMZ assistant denial. The exact same thing jumped out at me, and in reading through it I couldn’t even tell what was supposed to be paraphrased from the assistant or what was the added commentary of the author.

      • Amber says:

        Newbie — I actually thought “Oh, that’s weird for Kaiser to paraphrase this rebuttal from the assistant. That’s so unlike her.” Nope, that’s how TMZ reported it! WTH? This is all so much shadier than most of us even realize. This is why we’ve had to go around in circles over what the actual police vs TMZ’s “police sources” said, and when, about what specifically. Which bodyguards denied what, when, and were they even there. Now we’ve got every outlet picking up on what looks like TMZ writing the most amateurish, inauthentic looking, casual repudiation on this assistant’s behalf. It’s like you have to put on your evil-thinking cap and then comb over every detail. That Judge story was copied and pasted on dozens of sites. It got 400 comments at the DM. And it’s someone saying that they heard Judge saying it’s all untrue to someone else. So Judge must have also identified himself during that conversation, (“I’m Jerry Judge, Johnny Depp’s friend and bodyguard”). Because who the hell knows what he looks like to be listening in on some random guy talking about Depp? Or it just came directly from Depp’s camp. That’s not a story! It’s just another passive-aggressive, nebulous nothing of a denial in this erroneous information flood Depp’s PR has going on. Just like this piece. It’s all beyond unscrupulous.

    • lilacflowers says:

      Frankly, as an attorney, I do not understand why either of them is releasing anything at this point. Any evidence of anything should be handled properly in the courtroom, where it must go through proper procedure, and nowhere else. The general public does not get to vote on a divorce or domestic violence charges.

      • Pinky says:

        I’m so with you on that, @lilacflowers


      • SloaneY says:

        This is what I am not understanding. Why is this all being slowly leaked out through the press and not being handled directly through the courts?

      • Jwoolman says:

        Yes, this has to be sorted out in court, not on TMZ. Tabloids are just looking for stories that will sell what they are peddling and get as many eyes as possible looking at ads. Why should we believe anything they say about this?

        I’ve been seriously misquoted just in our local newspapers, and seen stories about events I actually attended where the reporter had an entirely wrong idea about what was actually said by speakers. I’ve worked on national and international issues where the same combination of outright ignorance of real events and distortions appeared in respected national level newspapers and magazines. The media reports are often wrong or incomplete. Once they start talking about things about which you have personal knowledge, you begin to realize this and keep a bucket of salt by your side as you read.

      • Lucrezia says:

        The general public do get to vote on what movies they go see though. So I can understand why controlling their image in the media is so important to both Amber and Johnny. He’d never do jail time, so that kind of legal revenge isn’t really at stake, and the money they’ll fight over in the divorce is relatively small compared to their potential earnings. If we’re totally realistic (cynical), in this case, “truth” and “justice” are far less important than winning in the court of public opinion.

      • Patsy says:

        JD is not releasing anything – it all comes from Amber, this guy no longer works with JD; Amber has dragged him into this mess. Why is this guy automatically a liar. It is incredibly easy to change texts, I’m not saying she did, just being logical. Plus this information why state she doesn’t want to throw JD under the bus, she already has. Amber need to shush, the more she talks and releases information the worse her case appears, Finally not all lawyers encourage their clients to tell the truth and for a lawyer this is payday, fame money the whole shaboodle.

      • Flowerchild says:

        @ Patsy

        Your blind if you believe Johnny PR isn’t releasing anything. Who do you think gave the OK for Johhny friend, ex-wives to talk? And who do you think is feeding TMZ the information? Who stated to trash her by putt out stories that Johnnys family hated Amber? Two words Johnnys camp.

        Johnny like always is letting other people speak for him instead of doing it he’s self.

      • Amber says:

        I agree. But rather it’s because I don’t see a point in it. The people who believe, believe. The rest? Even seeing an hour’s worth of film of Heard minding her own business, knitting, while a sloshed Johnny walks in and unceremoniously hits her with a 2×4, would not be enough to convince them of his wrongdoing. If anything they’d just deflect/keep moving the goal post. The conversation would be “Well, we don’t know what happened prior to that.” And, “Look she’s filming! Setting him up knowing what he would do.” Or, “That’s not him. This footage has clearly been altered.” And my favorites, “It’s not like she’s some innocent in all this. She knew what she was getting into. And he’s probably blacked out and doesn’t know what he’s doing, poor dove.”

      • Sam says:

        Are your clients celebrities?

      • Miss M says:

        Gi think her lawyers were soing great intil they decided to go ahead to head with JD’s pr team. I think these leaks are an attempt to backup her allegations to the public since JD’s team have been working overtime to discredit her.
        Her team should go back to the initial strategy. Go to the court and show all the evidence and witnesses. In my humble opinion, Confronting his well paid and connected pr team is not smart.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Lucrezia, while they may be concerned about future films that is far outside the legal scope of the domestic violence allegations and divorce filings and would be of little interest to their attorneys.

      • Jib says:

        I think Amber wants this settled before court, which is why she’s releasing a little at a time with the video threat still out there. When she gets him to agree to a good settlement for her, which she deserves after being knocked around by him, then they will formalize this.

        That’s my prediction- an announcement of a divorce agreement, followed by her signing a nondisclosure agreement to shut her up. Then it will all go away.

      • Lucrezia says:

        Oh I understand that her lawyers wouldn’t agree with leaking things Lilac. That was the basic assumption I was starting with. PR and future earnings are not in their bailiwick, it’d be irrelevant to them. The question I was trying to answer is: given that her attorneys would automatically advise her not to leak things, why is it happening? 99% of the time it’s stupid to ignore your lawyer. But, in this particular case, I don’t think it is. If you’re a celebrity and the attorneys say “don’t” but PR say “do” … it makes sense to listen to the PR team.

      • Rebecca says:

        My sister is an attorney. She actually won a case against a very large corporation and this case was widely publicized in the news. She then wrote a book on her area of litigation and one of the chapters is about how to effectively use the media.

        I think, under normal circumstances, your right. It would be well advised to settle the matter in court only. However, when it involves a celebrity or a high profile case, and negative information is already being put out by the other side to the media, I think it is important for that lawyer to communicate information about the case that best serves their client.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Rebecca, as an attorney, I myself have used the media. As you stated, your sister’s case involved a corporation, so it was not a divorce or domestic violence case. A person’s celebrity makes no difference to a divorce judge. The rules are all the same.

    • Miss S says:

      You and your logic!

    • Carol says:

      Good point!

  10. Jayna says:

    “Why are people acting like IF Deuters is telling the truth, then Amber’s story should be thrown out?”

    If she falsified texts, it doesn’t mean she’s lied about everything, but that’s despicable and she’s only hurt herself. I don’t condone anyone doing such a thing. I just go with believing she would never do such a thing and he’s the one lying.

    • SusanneToo says:

      How could texts be doctored after the fact? I don’t understand that.

      • Lucrezia says:

        You can fake texts very easily. There are apps for that. (There are apps for everything). But in that case you’d say “fake” rather than “doctored”.

        The only thing I can think of, where using the word “doctored” makes sense, is if certain texts were deleted from the conversation, giving us an edited version. That is also pretty easy on my phone, just delete those texts, show the rest, take photo. (I don’t have an iphone though, so I don’t know how it looks if you delete certain texts in a conversation.) However, I’m at a loss to think of what “missing” texts would somehow give an innocent slant to “When I told him he kicked you, he cried.” At best I can see Amber deleting something that made it clear she’d started the violence. That still wouldn’t excuse Johnny from kicking her though, and would still mean the assistant was lying about never having a conversation about abuse.

      • Flowerchild says:

        @ Jayna and Lucrezia

        Ya no Ambers Lawyer would not let her put out fails or doctorsed text because it’s so easy to get a copy of the text from the phone company. Which Johnny’s people haven’t done to prove her wrong.

      • Lucrezia says:

        @ Flowerchild you might want to reread what Jayna and I said. I think you might’ve misunderstood. We both clearly believe Amber. Jayna was just saying that even IF the texts were false, it wouldn’t make her entire story false. I was just explaining to Suzanne that faking a text is possible in a general sense (but not sensible in this particular case).

    • Jegede says:


      I’ve avoided commenting on these recent threads

      I just don’t get any of this.
      Or what the end game of these counter claims could possibly be.

      The ‘pay to make it go away’ can no longer be an option surely.
      Laura Wasser is no fool but……………..

      Anyway I’m out

    • Patsy says:

      But why would he lie? He’s just a working guy, not wealthy, not famous, just a Joe Normal who has been dragged into this mess. Why is he automatically a liar?

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        Joe Normals aren’t assistants to one of the highest-paid actors in the world. He may be lying, telling the truth, or most likely carefully phrasing his statements to a tabloid website, which is not the same as making statements under oath. If he received legal counsel, which is likely from Depp’s team, they gauge the probability of this going to court as being low – however, should it come to trial, he can change his statement to avoid the risk of perjury and jail time.

        It seems impossible to have worked closely with Johnny Depp at any point during his career and been unaware of his alcoholic violence.

      • Flowerchild says:

        You just answered your own question, he’s a working guy and wants to continue working, he has everything to lose by going against his boss Johnny.

      • Miss S says:

        Do you really think that the assistant or the bodyguards decided by their own initiative to talk to TMZ? As I see it this is all Depp’s PR work speaking on behalf of Depp’s employees to reinforce Depp’s side narrative, while asking them to keep quiet. Lying at this point has no legal consequences, TMZ does that regularly. These people are “little people”, they would never want to get into this mess, they will always be collateral damage, so as I see it, they are being used by who pays their salaries.

      • Schnee says:

        He could lie because he signed an NDA many years ago when he was hired by Depp to never speak ill of his employer (Depp). That would be a normal contract.

        Confirming the veracity of the text could mean breaking the contract with Depp and thus financial punishment for him that he would have to pay to Depp.

        Also, noticed how Stephen Deuters claims they are “doctored”. He doesn’t even deny the texts exists. He’s just saving his skin because he doesn’t want to break his contract I’m sure.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      In this case ‘doctoring the texts’ could mean she added in details that were true, but that were missing or that something was removed. (That’s if we believe he’s telling the truth about these texts being doctored).

  11. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Amber: I was abused
    World: Prove it
    Amber: Shows world proof
    World: Some “Gone Girl” conspiracy, she has been plotting this all along and JD is the victim, Save Poor Johnny!

    Everything about this makes me ill, I feel so sad for Amber and hope she is getting support, knows she is believed and that she does not deserve this.

  12. Samtha says:

    It’s interesting that he doesn’t deny sending the texts–he says she “doctored” them.

    • pinetree13 says:

      That is so telling to me as well. He doesn’t even go on to say how they were doctored. I mean com’on people! Huge red flag!

      I feel so bad for her. You’ve already had your self-esteem destroyed by an abuser and now it must feel like they whole world hates her. Can you imagine? Feeling like the whole world hates you…the whole world praising your abuser.

      • Kitten says:

        I hope she stays off of the internets right now to protect mental health.
        Or she could visit C/B to see that there are plenty of us who believe her and support her. 😉

      • Samtha says:

        I really wish there was a way to let her know she has support.

      • mary simon says:

        I hope she knows we are here. I hope she’s reading CB.

  13. I hate johnny depp for ruining captain jack sparrow for me. All the beloved characters he played will never be same again, knowing the actor behind the masks is a nasty person. Why not be a man and own your mistakes and go to rehab after jail ends. But, then again, this is hollyweird. eeek!

    • paolanqar says:

      The only film I ever liked him in is Donnie Brasco.

    • ClaireB says:

      I think I’m going to have to go back to What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and just stay there for acceptable Johnny Depp.

      • Cali says:

        Not much of a fan of his previous work, but our family loves the Pirates movies so much but they’re absolutely tainted for me now. Skipping anything with this a-hole from here on out.

      • Tara says:

        I don’t think I can give up Dead Man, but I doubt if that was a high earner for him… And it’s more about Jim Jarmusch and Gary Farmer.

  14. detritus says:

    Wait a second. If she was a gold digger, wouldn’t she want to have Alice make tons of money? So she can get it?

    • Brittney B. says:

      Shhhhh, there we go with that logic again…

    • Samtha says:

      Yep. If he signed the deal while they were married, she would be entitled to a percentage of the back-end profits he might have in his contract.

    • Megan says:

      IKR? Blaming Amber because his crap movie tanked is beyond pathetic.

    • Another Anne says:

      This, exactly. Johnny’s people are talking in circles, trying to refute the evidence. If she was a gold digger just out for the money, she’d want him to be successful as possible.

    • Miss S says:

      Let’s all pretend that film was supposed to me a masterpiece and make billions to sustain that narrative ^_^

    • Miss S says:

      Instead of :
      “Johnny Depp’s assistant claims Amber heard is lying about the 2014 texts”

      we should read:
      “Depp’s PR team is silencing his employees and using them to sell the narrative that discredits Amber Heard”. (With no legal consequences).

  15. Brittney B. says:

    I was at a political punk show in NYC the other night, and I broke down crying with anger because the singer (Jamie Kilstein… one of my favorite artists on the planet) started ranting about this. Something to the effect of “because we value a fictional pirate more than a REAL HUMAN WOMAN” and “do you think Johnny Depp is gonna be your personal friend if you support him on Twitter? he doesn’t give a s*** about you either”). It was amazing to be in a room full of people supporting Amber — so many cheers — but it hit me all at once. And then I was suddenly overcome with this awful thought:

    Other women are going to die because of this.

    How many people are in abusive relationships right now all over the world? How many have been considering coming forward, considering an escape, trying to gain strength for a long time? How many are now watching this story unfold, and reconsidering? How many abusers are using this story to feed their power? How many are watching the news with their victims and saying “see? this is what happens to lying b***es who try to take sensitive men down”?

    I mean, it’s not just words on a screen. When it comes to violence — especially long-term, ongoing, intimate partner violence — strangers’ opinions and other victims’ experiences play a huge, huge role in determining what happens next. And I’m livid and shaking and overwhelmed with the fact that we apparently live in a society that’s fine with this. Even if I didn’t believe Amber — and I do, 1,000% — I wouldn’t be so irresponsible as to publicly yell about it for all to see. Because I would understand that my words could be triggers for victims. In a hypothetical universe in which JD is completely innocent, he’s STILL suffering less than the many, many women whose stories and voices are now easier to silence. What’s with this urge to protect a multimillionaire who’s clearly surrounded by yes-men? He doesn’t need it.

    • CidySmiley says:

      +1 beautifully put. It’s already hard enough but all society is proving is that they really don’t give a shit. That it doesn’t matter if you have the courage to come forward, no one cares. It all depends on the man. And it turns my stomach.

    • Emma33 says:

      But also, maybe it will be a trigger for some women to think “If she can go through all this, I can too.” (Not that it’s not awful and disgusting that any woman has to go through this…nd I can see why you are so upset and worried).

      It’s possible this situation might also give other women the idea that they can take photos and keep text messages in case they feel strong enough to get out in the future. It might also make some women talk to family and friends because they feel less ashamed. So, I don’t know…it has the potential to work both ways.

      But, I clicked over to People’s comments the other day and was just sickened. I can’t believe people can write stuff like that. I wonder how much of it is because he is JD, and how much if it is just because he’s a guy?

      • Brittney B. says:

        Emma33, thank you for that. I hadn’t considered that other women might be more careful to collect evidence, or that it’s opening a dialogue in positive ways too. Victims absolutely shouldn’t have to worry about documenting everything and appearing credible — just get out, get out, get out — but that’s the world we live in.

        And I know, I’m wondering the same thing. People are just downright AWFUL. He hasn’t been at the peak of his career for years, so it’s especially flabbergasting that so many people are defending him so viciously and doubling down on their delusions. They sure haven’t been buying tickets to his movies!! (Honestly, I suspect there are far fewer supporters than it appears. I’d like to know if websites like are tracking the IP addresses of commenters.)

    • ell says:

      +1, i’m totally with you.

    • What is even more repulsive is the fact that women are supporting johnny, we were having discussion on this very topic and i couldn’t believe my friends( all girls) with three exceptions all siding with him. Wonder what celebrity does to the intelligence of otherwise rational people. I had a heated argument with my brother as well, he too thinks Amber is lying because johnny depp is so talented and charitable. and now we are not talking. My mum thinks i am being over invested in this thing. But honestly, violence against women is a global issue which could happen to me as well. I hate that society turn their heads to other side and pretend it is not there. ugh!

      • Brittney B. says:

        Stay strong, Nullius in verba. It’s absolutely bigger than a “celebrity gossip story”; this is life or death, and their comments and attitudes reflect a much larger pattern of active oppression and misogyny. You’re not over-invested; they’re under-invested.

        And apparently, most people believe that abusive men are angry and violent 100% of the time, and that there’s no way a man could be kind in public and awful in private. I had no idea people were this clueless about abuse.

      • Kitten says:

        If there was ever a celeb gossip story to be “overinvested in”, it’s this one.
        This story is so much bigger than just two actors.

        This is about our society turning our collective back on battered women.
        This is about our society supporting and maintaining a system that protects the perpetrator.
        This is about our society telling victims of domestic abuse to stay silent or we will ruin you.

        It’s appalling and disgusting and everyone should be angry about this.

      • Patsy says:

        Can I first say i’m in the middle about these allegations so don’t shoot me, I don’t think Amber is lying because JD is a star, thats a copout, my mind is wavering against her because of all the information she has leaked. She needs to stop it as she is putting DV issues back hundred of years. I am very angry about DV and like everyone else here am appalled by the allegations, but and it is a big BUT life is not black and white, there are too many shades in these events. Society does turn its back on DV victims that is the real story but Amber is not the poster girl for it. I’m not saying shes not worthy, I am just conflicted by what she is putting out to the media. I’m gonna reserve judgement until there is a case and trial by Jury not this he says, she says, although mainly she says trial by media. There are no winners here.

      • Kitten says:

        I’m genuinely asking: what’s “conflicting” to you about what Amber has put out in the media, Patsy?

        I haven’t see anything inconsistent from her, anything that doesn’t have a perfectly rational explanation.

        What is it about Amber’s story that is not believable to you?

      • Izzy says:

        Patsy: THERE ARE NO “POSTER GIRLS” FOR DV. There is no “perfect victim. That is a myth. We are all complex, imperfect beings. Full stop.

      • mary simon says:

        I tried to talk to a female friend about this today and she cut me right off. She loves Johnny Depp and all things Hollywood. She said “I don’t know anything about it” and shut down the discussion. I said you mean you haven’t heard anything about this on the news/net? She answered no. That can’t be true -it’s so odd the way she responded. I know she is busy, but even if she is not following the whole story, she should have heard something about this – it’s huge. She wasn’t at all interested.

        I’m following this story for bigger reasons than my interest in celebrity gossip. I’m on it because I am a woman and a survivor of DV. I want to see justice for Amber and anyone who has suffered through DV. I want to see Johnny Depp exposed. I want to see a public apology from him, then off to a court sanctioned rehab-not off to hang out on his island and party. I want to see Amber get a very generous settlement – Gee, I never thought I’d be saying that! I want to see Amber compensated for the abuse she suffered during her relationship and marriage to JD and for the character defamation campaign he and his peeps have been perpetrating against her. Call it support money, a payoff, divorce settlement, whatever. I want to see Amber walk away from this nightmare having cleared her name, and with a big chunk of change from her abuser.

    • Patsy says:

      Society doesn’t give a shit, 1 woman a week is killed in the UK due to DV and its largely ignored, so woman have always been killed and will continued to be killed, not because of this circus but because it has and always will be easier to let it stay in the shadows.

      • Ican't says:

        @ Paths

        What Brittany B. Is getting at is a victim of DV is seeing this case of DV happen before their eyes and this famous woman has proof and has shown pictures. Yet the public still doesn’t believe her, is trashing her and saying she deserved it. So the victims at home may feel that if no one believes the famous person why would they believe them. Which reinforces the message abusers tell their victims no one’s ever going to believe you.

        Now put that in contrast to if society supported Amber and other famous people that have been in abusive relationships.  Then it might encourage more victims to come forward and go to the police or leave because they know Society is going to support them and that they will be believed.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        “..woman have always been killed and will continued to be killed, not because of this circus but because it has and always will be easier to let it stay in the shadows.” And yet Amber is somehow setting DV issues backward by leaking information and evidence of her abusive relationship to the public? The other posters bring up an important point- the negative ways people often respond to people revealing their abuse (especially if the person is not a ‘perfect victim’, doing everything The Right Way) is a big part of the reason why a lot of these things ‘stay in the shadows’, as you said.

      • Ain'tNoTelling says:

        @Patsy. It is because of prevailing attitudes such as yours, that violence against women continues to stay in the shadows. At first you take the stance of “wait and see”, and then when pushed further by the follow up comments, your stance becomes one casual acceptance. Women have always been beaten and killed, and it will continue to happen, regardless of this story being in the media. The conflict introduced in these narratives are your conflicts, not the victims’ conflict. There is no conflict from Amber. She has stated, and continues to state, that she endured continuous domestic violence while in a relationship to Johnny Depp. Under what circumstance does abuse become “non-conflicting” to you? In the end, your attitude about domestic violence leads me to believe that you find domestic violence to be socially acceptable behavior under certain conditions, and parameters. Your comments through out this thread have been very disheartening. I’m all for open dialogue, but this is just one of this things in which I find absolutely NO conflict. It is NEVER OK to engage in domestic violence, under any circumstance, no matter what.

    • Saks says:

      Agree, and this situation has become maybe a bit too personal for me.

      Just last night I heavily argued with my mom (huge JD fan) about all of this. I got so mad that she didn’t fully believed Amber when we have gone through DV and alcohol abuse IN OUR FAMILY! We ended up talking about a lot of things we have had to endure as a family and how a lot of people judged us for the time we call the cops during a family gathering because my alcoholic uncle got violent with my grandma.

      I really don’t understand people defending Johnny and I hope the way media is treating Amber does not discourages other victims to speak up and denounce their abusers. That is why I am 100% with Amber, and as other comenter said above, I want her not just to win but to destroy his career (sadly I know this wont happen) for all the damage he has done and keeps doing via the media.

    • BunnyBear says:

      @Brittney B.
      I just wanted to say I’ve really appreciated all your comments on the Amber Heard/ Johnny Depp threads lately. (I was going to say enjoyed but I don’t think that’s the right word given the subject matter.)
      You’re articulating almost all of my own thoughts and feelings way better than I ever could.
      I’m sure Amber is staying far away from any internet comment section but I kinda wish she could see some of the comments here. I just want her to know that there are people who believe and support her. Who want her to be safe and happy.
      Anyway keep preachin, girl.

    • mary simon says:

      I would like to mention that Jamie Kilstein is a man and big props to him for ranting on this in public. First man I’ve heard come out on the side of truth in this mess. It certainly won’t help his career, either, although I don’t think he gives a shit. It sounds like it was overwhelming for you to be in the midst of so many kindred, compassionate spirits. I think I would have been pretty teary, too.

    • isabelle says:

      Well said and very thought provoking…but honestly I’ve found myself being a bit more feminist after seeing this played out in the media. It enrages me actually and has opened my eyes to the deep misogyny is our culture. Especially when it comes to women hating other women. f* Depp, f* TMZ & Page Six, F* Depps guards & Deuters. Heck, I just may vote definitely for Hillary now 😉 seriously though have we thought about what will happen if Hillary is elected, the sexism will become worse IMO. Just like racism was at forefront of new movements and laws, so will be sexism. We live in 2016 but mentally America is still in 1950.

      • mary simon says:

        I’m with you on the rethinking things and just what is feminism. There sure is a lot of woman hate going on out there and it takes something like this to bring it out in the open. I think that is one reason why so many people are feeling this story. There is such a cruel vibe out there now on the net. You don’t realize how much it’s affecting you unless you really stop and think about it. It’s important to stop and think about where your sad or depressed mood might be coming from these days. We are just observers and we feel sad. What must this be like for Amber?

    • THE OG BB says:

      I was a big fan of Johnny and a big Johnny apologist for a long time (when he was getting made fun of for the scarves, making one flop after the other). This situation is also just a little too personal for me because I had a relationship with an alcoholic who became violent and angry when he was drunk. His family and many of his friends just didn’t believe me and were actually angry at me when I finally called the police on him. One of his friends wrote a letter to the judge saying I was an unstable young girl who was probably overblowing the entire situation. His mother called me every name in the book instead of being angry that her own child was capable of abuse (and she knew he had a drinking problem and enabled it terribly). It’s hard to not be believed. I know some women are capable of making things up to get money, revenge or win in custody cases. This just seems like a horse vs zebra when hearing hoof prints kind of situation for me. It’s easier to believe Johnny has substance issues and can be abusive than that Amber went to all this trouble just to frame him up.

      • isabelle says:

        Thank you for sharing and glad you got out. many woman don’t because no one believes them and they need people to believe before they can leave. CB has recommend it but also personally recommence it, please if you haven’t read it , read “Why doe he do that: Inside the mind of Angry and Controlling men” by Lundy Bancroft. Excellent book that speaks about how abusers manipulative and isolate the victim so so one believes them.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      “I mean, it’s not just words on a screen. When it comes to violence — especially long-term, ongoing, intimate partner violence — strangers’ opinions and other victims’ experiences play a huge, huge role in determining what happens next… Even if I didn’t believe Amber — and I do, 1,000% — I wouldn’t be so irresponsible as to publicly yell about it for all to see. Because I would understand that my words could be triggers for victims. In a hypothetical universe in which JD is completely innocent, he’s STILL suffering less than the many, many women whose stories and voices are now easier to silence.” Great point. I agree with this.

    • Rebecca says:

      I’m going to cry now. You are so right and you express your thoughts so well. It’s the reason I’m up tonight trying to defend her all over the internet.

      I wasn’t going to admit this, but years ago I spent 3 1/2 years with a man who hit me. He also tried to smother me with a pillow. He said I “talked about another man in my sleep.” I woke up to trying to breath.

      I’ve been thinking the same thing. Other people are going to die now and we have to try to stop that!

  16. Emma33 says:

    I don’t understand the part about “2 years of receipts”. What receipts does she have? (I read the TMZ article, but it didn’t mention them).

    Amber seems like a pretty strong person to go all-out like this…I admire her…chica has cajones.

    • Samtha says:

      Pictures, texts, etc.

      • Emma33 says:

        Ahhh…thanks! (I’m Australian, and maybe we use the word a bit differently.)

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        Emma33 it’s new slang, maybe Internet slang, based on the traditional use of receipts (paper documenting purchase or other transaction).

      • Lucrezia says:

        I just looked it up, apparently the slang came from a Whitney Houston interview where she demanded the people accusing her of drug use come forward with the receipts showing all the drugs she’d allegedly bought.

        So receipts = evidence.

        (You probably didn’t need to know that, but I love finding out where words come from!)

    • Brittney B. says:

      Yes, I feel awful for dismissing her for so many years. She’s stronger, smarter, and braver than most people in Hollywood. And she’s only getting punished for it.

      I really hope there are directors and producers out there who know what a monster Johnny is, and give her some amazing opportunities to make sure he can’t ruin her career. It wouldn’t make up for the smear campaign or the trauma, but it would render his inevitable blacklisting attempts futile, take some power away, and give her more agency over her life and career.

      • ClaireB says:

        @Brittney B., I’ve been thinking the same thing. I feel like Disney owes her for not even coming out with a generic statement against domestic violence.

      • mary simon says:

        Misogynistic Hollywood and in particular, Disney, already know about Johnny Depp and have for years. Hollywood is loaded with powerful, wicked men. They don’t care about Amber or justice for an abused woman. No one is going to give Amber a chance or make a statement on her behalf. They’ll stick with Johnny as long is it profits them, and when his career is over and done with, whether from addiction or some other reason, they will simply drop him like he never existed.

      • Ain'tNoTelling says:

        @Britanny B, I’d like to give you, and other CB posters some insight on this. Johnny has had a reputation for violence, alcoholism, and addiction, for many many years, here in “town”. Yes, he is considered an eccentric, and is well liked in many circles, but everyone knows about Johnny’s “temper”, and his problem with hitting the bottle. No one is surprised by ANY of this, and most people that matter believe Amber. The only reason why this crap-fest is continuing to unfold in the public eye is because Johnny Depp is continuing to drive this narrative, even against the popular opinion that he should put this to rest and move on. This is very personal to Johnny, and here’s why: this situation has placed Johnny’s back against the proverbial wall. Either he gets treatment for his alcohol and pain pill problem, or he’s fucked. It’s not that he doesn’t want to pay Amber. Perhaps he doesn’t, but this is more driven by the motive that Johnny does NOT want to get sober. He does not want to live a life where he will be closely watched, and held accountable for his behavior. He does not want to grow up, and be an adult. He doesn’t want to be a “regular” guy. For Johnny, getting his act together, and making a concerted effort to change for the better is the equivalent of “selling out”. He did that the moment he signed with Disney in the corporate sense, and getting his shit together would render him a sell out in an esoteric sense. This is the way he thinks. Anything to avoid becoming a completely responsible & accountable adult, capable of self care and autonomy.

    • LAK says:

      Perhaps she started collecting evidence because, per those texts, he doesn’t remember what he does when he is high, doesn’t remember hitting her, and no one of his enabling entourage is prepared to tell him directly. I mean, according to the texts, the *assistant* has to tell him that he kicked Amber in the altercation.

      Perhaps she (and her friends) started to collect the evidence as a way to show him what he did after the fact, because it sure wasn’t going to be his enabling entourage who see him as a ‘little boy lost’ who needs their support rather than a grown man with his own agency.

      • THE OG BB says:

        I ended up taping my ex when he was drunk several times because he had no idea how nasty and violent he was. It’s not that uncommon but of course people will question it.

  17. Misa says:

    Well, this guy is trying to save his chances at getting anther job in Hollywood, of course.
    I don’t know who’s more disgusting, Depp or his stans or the people on the internet defending him. I mean, the “defenders” are everywhere, trying every rhetoric trick in order to devalue Amber’s points and restore Depp’s innocence. They are all over other sites. And some of them are people who regard themselves as highly intelligent and cultered, I’m sure. They treat domestic violence and abuse as if they were, say, Game of Thrones or a silly gossip story…

    But, slightly OT, even in gossip there’s a thin line… I mean, look at Charlie Hunnams’ girlfriend, or even at some people, even here (sorry), attacking ceaselessly Cumberbatch’s wife and their relationship: Hunnam’s girl and Cumberb.’s wife have been accused too of faking their relationships and manipulating their partners. It’s the same narrative, over and over again.
    I only read gossip for fun, but I’m more and more weary of commenters, and what it says about us as a society. This is way I am commenting this situation with Heard and Depp, instead of not engaging like I usually do (have read this site for 5-6 years!). I can’t stand some people online anymore.

    Heck, even on a lovely site like Go Fug Yourself, whose writers are kind people who are funny but don’t make fun of people, there are more and more commenters who resort to body shaming, or are in my opinion very aggressive: those are people wearing the clothes! Plus, they are only clothes, it’s a matter of taste, who cares? Why using a strong tone? I might be biased, because lately I can’t stand any aggressiveness in real life and so I might be over sensitive to it online, but I really believe we should all try to step back and try to be nicer, politer, and always respectful of other human beings. And don’t use rhetoric as a passive aggressive tool, as a means to say whatever we want about people because we can say it well. Let’s go back to real empathy, to care and respect.

    • Patsy says:

      This + 10000000000 Although I don’t agree with the first comment, why do we automatically accuse this guy of lying?

      • darkdove says:

        and why are people automatically accussing Amber of lying this man is is telling the truth but a woman who claims abuse by her husband and has proof of it has to be lying according to those who support the dirt bag overgrown man child who needs to make a mother for himself in his wife, a 30 year old woman shouldnt have to mother a 52 year old man.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      @Misa I hear you and totally agree! Thanks for taking the first step to making this a nicer world, even if it is just comments on the Internet!

    • jsilly4e says:

      Misa, I love your comment. Thank you! +1,000,000

  18. Size Does Matter says:

    It just all makes sense. Johnny was famously violent and unstable when he was young, good looking, in hit movies and shows. Now he’s older, half-dead looking, in flops. Is it surprising to anyone the drugs/alcohol and violence would escalate? And be directed at the ingenue on the upswing?

    • Suzanne says:

      Absolutely!! He’s acted horribly since the 90s. I read somewhere recently that Depp was actually doing drugs with River Phoenix that night at the Viper Room when Phoenix died- and lied about it. Depp is no choir boy and has real character issues, clearly.

    • ClaireB says:

      And a while back, radaronline dug up the story about JD’s missing partner in the Viper Room club, who was due to testify against JD to the tune of millions of dollars. He went missing with his gun and truck before he could testify; his truck was found but his body never was. JD has been involved with drugs, violence, and shady business since the 90s, but apparently no one wants to hear it.

      • mary simon says:

        Thank you ClaireB. There is so much darkness swirling around Depp. There always has been.

      • THE OG BB says:


      • Izzy says:

        HOLY CRAP. I had no idea about that! He really is more like the Whitey Bulger character he played, huh?

      • ClaireB says:

        I tried to post a link to the story, but it didn’t make it through moderation. If you google “anthony fox johnny depp” it will come up.

      • Rebecca says:

        There is a article with more information on this posted on a site called AmericanMafia dot com. The writer talks about how other owners of similar clubs were indicted for drug trafficking. Perhaps there was fear that this Fox’s testimony in this civil case could lead to charges of drug trafficking or he had already given evidence about the drug trafficking to the feds?

        There is also a blind item on a site called crazy days and nights. It says that someone had some silent partners and a drug habit. When money went missing (that he spent), he pointed the finger at his partner and his partner was killed.

  19. Talie says:

    It’s simple…if she’s lying, he should sue. He hasn’t done this.

    He would have a clear case, if these were lies. Instead, he has had his PR go into overdrive, rather than use the legal system.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      There you go being logical again.

    • Patsy says:

      JD has only issued one comment, thats hardly overdrive

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Patsy, whoever you are, surely you’re not ignorant that today’s PR is generally indirect and relies on the use of hearsay and innuendo? We’re not going to hear from Depp directly- he has plenty of highly paid surrogates to do it for him.

      • Patsy says:

        Put your fork pitch down, Hilarious comment I actually laughed,

      • Kitten says:

        Patsy-Instead of dismissing everyone with that silly pitchfork comment why don’t you take the time to engage in a rational discussion with people who are validly challenging what you say here?

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        Oh, Kitten. Meow. : )

      • Kitten says:

        @WATP-I guess we’ve found the comment equivalent of Rid-X for trolls: just ask them to respond rationally with facts 😉

      • Izzy says:

        I see today they’ve gone for MOAR SUBTLE talking points. LOL

    • Miss S says:

      That’s why I (using logic) couldn’t understand why would she do this if it wasn’t true and she didn’t have strong proofs. Being sued by Johnny Depp for dragging his name into this kind of accusations would be a nightmare.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Bingo, Talie.

  20. Insomniac says:

    A few jumbled thoughts.

    1. Hey, if she’s lying and messing with the texts, sue her. I’m guessing Deuters won’t.

    2. “Alice” did not need Amber’s help to bomb. Johnny was picking crap projects long before she came along.

    3. And 2016 claims another one. I know Johnny isn’t actually dead, but he’s dead to me.

    • Saks says:

      “And 2016 claims another one. I know Johnny isn’t actually dead, but he’s dead to me.”

      Same, and I used to love him.

    • Ryllis says:

      May I add a 4th point?
      Who knew that his addiction to scarves would make him so volatile? Scarves are after all very floaty things, and so very far from a gritty angry image.

  21. Ariel says:

    I love reading the Daily Mail (yes, I know it’s garbage) but I have been truly appalled by the slant in their coverage.

    The latest- they didn’t cover the 2014 text story, but they did cover the rebuttal and made sure to say the texts were FAKE.

    The Daily Mail puts Ms Heard’s accusations into quotation marks, and treats Depp’s employee statements as fact.

    I mean I don’t expect great journalism from the daily mail, but this is just gross.
    If you are pro-women beating, you know, when she “has it coming” then you should have that tattooed on your forehead.

    It is misogyny or business (as in, he’s the bigger star, we want to be on his good side)?

    • Lucrezia says:

      I’m a huge fan facts, so I unfortunately have to defend the Daily Fail on that one. They did cover the texts when they were released, you must’ve just missed it.

      However, you’re right that their coverage is atrocious and victim blaming at best. And just plain ludicrous at worst. On the story I linked, the last few paragraphs are about Depp and his tropical island. WTF? How is that relevant to a domestic violence story?

      • Ariel says:

        You are right, I totally missed it. And I was looking for it, too, I wanted to see how they covered it.

      • Sam says:

        The tropical island was mentioned because one text says “He’s done this many times before. Tokyo, the island, London (remember that?!), and I always stay.”

        Also because Daily Mail staffers have a large quota of articles to write, so they copy/paste from their previous articles.

  22. HK9 says:

    I’m so tired of the smear campaign. I’m tired of women automatically being cast as liars when it comes to reporting domestic violence & sexual abuse while men are portrayed as victims who never ever lie because it’s not in their DNA.

    It is not out of the realm of possibility that this assistant is being intimidated by Depp’s legal/PR team and was paid to say this. He’s on the payroll, what else is he going to say? (and who the hell has time to doctor texts when you have witnesses???!!???) The fact that they are out to destroy her reputation and not the evidence says to me that he did what he did. The man is an idiot. Had he kept his mouth shut, given her a nice settlement and walked away this would be over.

    • Patsy says:

      We cannot tar all the men in this story with the same brush. Amber is a very poor Poster Girl for domestic violence, I automatically support the victim in cases of abuse but there are too many questions about Ambers behaviour all raised by the information leaked by Amber. I’m in the middle here, but have been around DV victims whose quest for freedom often involves fleeing in the clothes they are wearing and going straight to shelters. Money is never on their mind, freedom is freedom to wake up everyday without fear or mental abuse. To wake up pain free from the awful beatings they endure. Amber has set back the case for domestic violence victims years by her behaviour after the allegations came to light.

      • Kitten says:

        Here we go again.

        Who, pray tell, would be the *right* “poster girl” for domestic violence?

        I mean, you say it like Amber WANTS to be in this position. Do you seriously think she enjoys being the current face of DV? Do you think she enjoys the character assassination?
        Do you think she’s having fun?

        She’s been humiliated, shamed, and vilified by the press and the public.

        Please enlighten us as to what the *perfect* behavior is for someone who has been threatened, hit, and psychologically tormented for years by a public figure with a Teflon exterior. No seriously, I really want to know how you think she should act. What are the rules when you’ve been traumatized by the person you love and then victimized all over again by the public?

        Something tells me that you don’t know as much as you think you do about the cycle of abuse. This isn’t a Lifetime movie and not every battered woman runs for freedom to a shelter.

        I hope Amber gets all of Depp’s money. For everything he has put her through, she deserves it.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Just stay in the middle, Patsy. That’s all you need to do. Don’t commit to supporting the woman because of her reaction to being abused. Just stay in the middle, and one of us will continue to be beaten every 15 seconds.

      • HK9 says:

        @Patsy I disagree. Women who run with the clothes on their back do so because they have no other choice. If they did have a choice, I’m sure they would leave with their financial lives intact. I don’t believe that the addition of poverty gives a victims situation additional validity. Amber is Johnny’s wife, not some random person he recently met at a bar. If there is financial compensation in this situation I believe she should receive every penny she’s entitled to.

        My first experience with domestic violence was the death of a woman at my church. Her husband beat her to death in front of her twin girls. The sight of those girls when they lowered that casket will never.ever. leave. me. That woman never got to wake up pain free. She never woke up at all. The only “poster” I see when I deal with DV is the sign in the cemetery telling me what their hours are. I don’t believe there’s a specific way you must act or be to be a victim of domestic violence.

      • Lucrezia says:

        Is it only “real” domestic violence if you end up homeless or with broken bones? Gah!

        And how exactly has this set back the case for domestic violence? Really. How? I can’t figure out what you’d be thinking to make that statement. It’s not like people disbelieving victims is a new thing. Even if you’re right about all “real” DV victims only caring about freedom from pain (you’re not), then they’re not going to care about whether or not people believe them, are they? So where’s the set-back?

      • joanne says:

        do you have a rule book that a victim has to follow? Amber was strong enough to document the abuse even before she decided to leave. many women don’t leave the first time. i would try to protect myself financially if it were possible. money is on every woman’s mind, as it is also essential to survival.
        Amber is actually a perfect poster girl for DV. she is showing that it can happen to anyone. even a beautiful actress married to a popular movie star is not immune to DV. she is fortunate that there are more resources available to her.
        to say that is a detriment is not helpful. she does not have to meet YOUR criteria of a “perfect victim”.

      • Patsy says:

        Kitten, your taking me too literally, nobody wants that position but many people are adopting her as the face of abuse, she is not. Purllease this is real life I have more experience than you will ever know so to turn it on its head how should I behave, I’m not an apologist for JD, but I’m not convinced by Amber, I’m in the middle and reserving judgement. My best friends Mom was murdered by his Dad after years of abuse, her life is not represented by this case. So if you wanna be sneery and rude against me because I am choosing a different route than you in my thought process go for it There is no perfect scenario for beaten beaten senseless by your partner, none at all oh and guess what I volunteer weekly in a woman’s shelter so I have a huge amount of experience and empathy in this area. Amber is not a typical case – thats all i’m saying. You don’t know either of these people personally, neither do I so I can only go by gut instinct and the information released not by the mentality that JD is a thug and Amber deserves all his money. Put down your fork pitch and go do something for DV victims instead of being sarky towards me because my opinion is different.

        Everyone else DV goes across all classes, its not dictated by colour or creed , wealth or lack-off or social status. It affects all woman.

      • Kitten says:

        @Patsy – Yes you have a “huge amount of empathy” for DV victims, but only if they fit your preconceived notion of what a DV victim should be.

        Oh and I donate annually to the Elizabeth Stone House, a DV shelter for women and children so please preach elsewhere.

      • Cindy says:

        Don’t even bother kitten, it’s hopeless. She knows, she just doesn’t care. Guess those pirates movies really hit a deep chord with her.

      • Val says:

        You can’t argue with people who claim to have SO MUCH MORE experience than you, without actually knowing you at all.
        It’s the same type of logic as “Well her face isn’t as beat up as Rihanna’s, so clearly she’s making a fuss about nothing!” and then what do you say to victims of emotional abuse? “Stop being whiny?”

        I actually do think that Amber is a great example, why? Because admitting to being a victim of abuse from a man who is loved and respected results in torrents of hate, disbelief, and discredit. They get shunned and labeled. And if Amber gets through this on top (and I really hope she does), she will be a great example on how you CAN get through being labeled as a manipulative bitch and still keep your dignity and fight back to the top.

      • BritAfrica says:

        Could all the ‘good Poster Girls for domestic violence’ please stand up? Thank you.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        @Patsy, I feel sorry for the women you volunteer to “help.” I have known women who had volunteers in women’s shelters question their veracity because their story as not “typical.” Who made the same kind of judgments that you make while bragging about their “contribution.” You probably do more harm than good with your “face of the abused woman” and “poster child for abuse” ideas. You have no idea what you’re talking about. My husband was abusive. I didn’t call the police and I didn’t run away with only the clothes on my back. I waited until he left for work, photocopied our financial records, withdrew $7000 from our checking account, five of which I paid to a lawyer and went to stay with my sister in another state. So I guess I’m lucky she wasn’t Miss Sits In The Middle like you.

      • Lucrezia says:

        If you volunteer in a domestic violence shelter, 99% of the victims of DV victims you know will be so desperate they’re in need a shelter. Do you not realise that’ll screw with your perception of what victims look like?

        And wouldn’t it be great to support them to leave BEFORE the situation gets that desperate?

      • Erinn says:

        I swear if I read ‘fork pitch’ one more time I’m going to lose it. It’s a damn pitchfork. If you’re going to try to make it sound like everyone is going against you with their pitchforks and torches – at least say it properly.

        So because you can claim your friends mom was murdered after years of DV all other forms are incomparable? Just because her abuse went one way, it HAS to be the way all abuse goes or it doesn’t ‘count’. Did you ever think that MAYBE you didn’t know all the ins and outs of her life either? Maybe she started out like Amber did – you don’t know that. Unless you lived in the house and spent every waking moment with that woman, you don’t know that her abuse didn’t start out like Ambers.

        Or would you prefer she had stayed and been beaten worse and worse? Would that count for you?

        Who the hell would WANT to be a poster child for abuse? Abuse is never black and white – and it comes in so many forms. There could NEVER be one person who is the so called poster child for this crime.

        And while you’re claiming empathy and wanting fair treatment despite means and creed and background – you’re dismissing someone who was able to get away before she died, and has proof available because what? She hasn’t got beaten quite enough for you?

      • nicegirl says:

        OMG, Patsy, please STOP with the DV ‘poster girl’ crap. It is absurd and disgusting.

      • I Choose Me says:

        You’re not in the middle. If, after everything that’s come out you don’t believe her then you’ve already made up your mind. As others (whose comments you’ve obviouly ignored) have said, there is no perfect victim. In fact you can not like Amber, still think she’s a gold digger and still believe her. So you keep moving the goalpost Patsy. And frankly this narrative about her being an affront to real DV abuse victims is as disgusting as it it disengenous. I guess Amber would have to be in traction or dead for her to qualify as the right kind of domestic abuse victim to you.

        You ain’t slick and I see your tactics. In fact I’m gonna come right out and call you a troll.

      • hogtowngooner says:

        She documented her injuries, spoke to the police and filed for divorce from her partner. What else should she have done to make her an “appropriate” DV victim in your eyes? Become a nun? An appropriate victim is someone who is abused. The end.

        Seriously, she has provided lots of reasons to believe her accusations and people don’t believe her. JD says “not true” and suddenly he’s believed.

        DV can happen to ANYONE. Abusers can have perfectly healthy relationship with everyone but the person they choose to abuse. They are manipulators.

      • THE OG BB says:

        Amber’s situation actually sounds eerily similar to my own except that my ex was a millionaire movie star. I had people say that the abuse must have not been that bad if I decided to stay. Hmm nope. I was convinced it was my job to help him, to help him treat his addiction. I thought that if I left and he did something harmful like drank himself to death or crashed his car that it would have been all my fault. I thought he could change, I thought I must be doing something wrong. He was so apologetic the next day, he was fine when he was sober. I thought maybe these people are right, maybe it isn’t so bad, I’m sure women out there have it much worse, I just have to make sure I don’t upset him or get in his way when he is drinking. I was still questioned. Once he broke my wrist but the next day I went back home and his best friend said I was disgusting for going back to him and deserved what I got. People truly do not understand DV, like Kitten said it’s not a Lifetime movie.

      • Ain'tNoTelling says:

        @Patsy: either you are trolling this site, or you are a paid shill for Depp’s PR company. Your arguments against Amber’s validity are based on what, perception? Who in the world wants to be a poster child for domestic violence? Does she need to walk around town with a neck brace and her arm in a sling? Would she be an acceptable “poster child” for domestic violence if she were dead? Maybe a bullet in the head, or a slit throat? I REALLY want you to explain to me, and other posters on Celebitchy who are asking you very valid questions, under what circumstances does a woman garner the “poster child of domestic violence” title? Please explain. I’m honestly eager to read your response.

  23. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Everyone has said everything I wanted to say, and said it so beautifully, intelligently and with such compassion. I just want to say thank you for being here, for being an amazing group of people to shelter with in these storms. I wandered on to this site by serendipity, but it has become a little spot of sanity for me. I believe, support and wish the very best best to Amber.

    • BritAfrica says:


    • I Choose Me says:

      Exactly GNAT. CB has been my sanctuary.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Yes it is. And GNAT you’re always a voice of sanity within the place of sanity. And way to go on the $7K and copying financial statements. I salute your presence of mind. For that alone, you deserve a night out. For getting yourself out, you deserve the rest of your life to be wonderful and safe.

    • THE OG BB says:

      I can’t read the comments on other sites, I want to thank the thoughtful, intelligent people on here. xoxo

    • Kitten says:

      I broke a self-imposed rule and read the comment section on Yahoo today and I weep for humanity. Truly. I just cannot comprehend how hateful, misogynistic, and repulsive some humans are.

  24. SilkyMalice says:

    If he’s got nothing to hide why delete his Twitter account?

    Laura Wasserman makes me sick – a woman attorney defending a wife beater.

    • Patsy says:

      Probably because this is a world wide story and he’s being bombarded with zillions of texts from Amber and JD apologists?

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        They’re not actually, like, throwing rocks at him. But yes, it probably makes sense for him to reduce that public profile and speak instead to legitimate news organizations such as … TMZ. ($$$$$)

      • Patsy says:

        SMH so he’s automatically getting paid to defend himself – he’s Joe Normal

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        If he did nothing wrong then there is no need for a defense, but if he did do something wrong, then the defense does not belong in an exploitative celebrity gossip site that pays for play.

  25. Future says:

    The cover makes me angry to say the least. Looks like she photographed herself without makeup and hence looks scary and weird. This is a postmodern feminist exploiting an older, super rich man with issues for money. Shame on her and her supporters. Stay strong Johnny Depp😞

    • please educate yourself.

    • joanne says:

      try not to let the facts get in the way of your fairy tale. Johnny has a history of rage and bad tempers. he is a substance abuser. Amber has pictures of bruises. how did she exploit Johnny? he wanted a young, hot wife. they both agreed to marry with no pre-nup. she did not agree to be the target of his rage and aggression.

      • Patsy says:

        Yes rage, which he often takes out on walls, more power to him. I’d rather a wall was damaged in a dust up than someones face. Substance abusers come in all shades just like non-substance abusers

      • Kitten says:

        Oh ok I see, it makes sense why you’re defending Johnny. You’ve generously set the bar so damn low for him, that you’re actually defending his fits of rage because he’s hitting objects, and not people.

        I’m surprised that with your extensive volunteer work at the DV shelter that you wouldn’t be familiar with abuser’s intimidation tactics like smashing things and destroying property in order to threaten and frighten the victim.

      • Val says:

        lol Kitten 😀

        But yeah, I guess a drunk, violent man knows the difference between a wall and a face… or, perhaps not.

      • anna says:

        @patsy: that is a weird thing to say, as if it’s either her face or a wall, because the poor man doesn’t know how to control himself.
        and by the way: he chose the face!

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        “Dust up” “fracas” “spat” “quarrel” “rumpus” “row” “altercation” “dispute” “contretemps” — there are so many ways to minimize the violence and try to split the blame between the attacker and the attacked.

        If the abuser attacked a random person in the same way, it would be completely different.

        If women hadn’t been considered the personal property of their husbands for centuries, it would be different.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        If I had a nickel for every time a physically abusive man put his fist through a wall on the way to hitting a woman…I could buy out Home Depot’s entire chainside supply of drywall and spackle.

    • Kitten says:


      • joanne says:

        Patsy, if you find it so easy to believe that he has fits of rage and punches the wall, why is it so difficult to believe that he hit Amber? i’m really starting to wonder about the veracity of your DV experience because you should know that there is no perfect victim. also, most DV counsellors understand that believing and supporting the person is paramount.
        you appear to have an agenda with your disbelief in Amber. please note, i said you APPEAR to have an agenda.

      • Izzy says:

        Like I said above, it appears that the Daily Troll Talking Points have shifted to “subtle and confusing” for today. Luckily, we here at CB are more intelligent than to fall for such nonsense and end up in a “dust up.”

    • Antonym says:

      Say what?! Do you honestly think that women look “scary and weird ” without makeup? You do know that we look just as normal and human as men, right. What am I saying, that that you think standing up against your abuser is exploiting them says enough…

      And here I go feeding the trolls. I should know better.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Yeah, don’t show us your bruises. You’re scaring us. Don’t remind us men can hurt us.

    • Another Anne says:

      She photographed herself without makeup ? The horror! How dare a woman not cover up every imperfection – or cuts and bruises – so as not to look “scary and weird”.

      And how is she exploiting an “older man”? He’s 52 – hardly a senile elderly man who doesn’t know what’s up.

      • BritAfrica says:

        She’s exploiting ‘a little lost boy’ who ‘cried’……lol

      • Val says:

        But she does have makeup! The bruises are just makeup obvs you know? She planned this.

        (sarcasm, fyi)

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Future and Patsy, please say hi to Johnny Depp’s PR team for us.

      Seeing the strategy that Depp has greenlighted for his PR team in this matter tells me everything I need to know about the man, none of it good.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Wow, Future, you should change your name to Past, as in the Dark Ages.

    • isabelle says:

      lol, stay strong and keep sucking on that liquor bottle. Maybe it will give his followers mushroom points. Everything he throws a fit, gets dead dog blackout drunk, his supporters gain a life.

  26. Beckysuz says:

    Wait Curly Sue won “the voice”? Huh

  27. Beckysuz says:

    I think the fact that Johnnys team went after Amber so hard just shows the level at which he’s surrounded by enablers. No one is saying what they should. Get your life together, get sober and take responsibility for the harm you’ve caused.

    • Another Anne says:


      Just look at current pictures of him. He’s an utter mess. Even without the abuse bombshell, it’s been obvious to everyone that he needs help.

    • Miss S says:

      Actually his team strategy intrigues me because it feels just wrong since the beginning.
      There was a point where they could’ve dealt with this without scandal and they went for her by starting the smear campaign and she has been answering by sharing more and more evidence of what she claims. At the same time they try to discredit her by bringing supportive friends and exes, by bringing up her sexuality and through “statements” from witnesses on Depp’s side who deny her accusations.
      So… What’s the point? Are they trying to make her feel that she doesn’t have a case, make her feel scared about how dirty they are willing to go so she gives up? What is the end game for them? Because so far his defense has been really lame.

      • Lucrezia says:

        I, too, find his PR strategy intriguingly bad.

        However, judging by the fact everyone is saying CB and a few others are the only sane oases in a desert of misogynistic victim-blaming, I do have wonder if it’s actually working well-enough on the general public.

        I also wonder if his PR team are stuck doing what Johnny asks them to do, rather than having free rein to run the campaign the “smart” way.

      • Miss S says:

        I honestly can’t tell how much is about what he wants and what he is lead to want? he seems to have been so coddled for 30 years that i find it hard to see him as the boss you know?

        If Depp didn’t tell them what really happened (assuming Amber is being truthful) maybe they acted as if she didn’t have anything to show and now they are desperately trying to discredit her or scare her. Looking at the texts he basically doesn’t remember or is in denial so I would believe he wouldn’t also admit it to his team, because then he would have to admit it to himself.
        Does it make sense?

      • Sansa says:

        Need a second to make a point in answer…yesterday was talking to my adult son about his feminazi sister (his term) and asked if he had been following this. He is a big JD fan. He had not heard anything about this and his feedback is ‘ I don’t know anything about AH but JD is a weirdo don’t you watch his movies Mom? Jack Sparrow fans are 5 years old do you think they understand DV? Have you seen Ray Donaven this is what it’s about cleaning up at his level…JD is a level of Hollywood he has enablers around him for 30 years he thinks anything goes for him. ‘ there is nothing funny about this but I think he hit some major points.

      • Miss S says:

        @sansa, Your son is smart and pays attention. And is not emotionally involved with JD even thought he likes his films.

        Maybe I’m just going through a wave a negativity now, but I don’t feel most people commenting around even know what enablers mean… I feel they even give JD a pass for being weird. You have fans still saying he is super hot… I mean… I just can’t.

    • siri says:

      I was wondering about the same- how much do his friends/staff admire him/care for him if they keep on staying silent? And his team of lawyers/PR- what kind of dumb strategy is this? What I DO think, however, is that Depp by now is too deep into his addictive state to understand that he is on his way to a complete meltdown physically and mentally, but also that his actions so far don’t work in his advantage in the long run.

    • Heather says:

      Yes! This guy hasn’t been sober in public in forever. Whatever he did or didn’t do, he’s the last person who’d know. He needs rehab and always has.

  28. Frosty says:

    Slightly OT but it’s kind of interesting to me that Amber, whose career profile isn’t that high, has nevertheless managed to get major outlets like People and EW to pump her side of the story. While I believe Depp is Jekyll/Hyde, the p.r. rollout of their breakup took some time on Amber’s part. So, I guess…well played?

    • Miss S says:

      I couldn’t confirm this, but is People mag linked to Marvel in anyway? I tried to put the pieces together but couldn’t. Because what if Marvel is supporting their actress by the sidelines?
      Also, I’ve seen some concerns about her Aquaman/justice league work but at the moment if “for some reason” they canceled her contract they would be criticized no? Their motivations would be obvious.

      • Brittney B. says:

        Miss S, Disney bought Marvel Entertainment in 2009. People is published by Time Inc. There don’t appear to be any connections between the two, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a nice relationship with each other.

      • maili says:

        Time Inc. also own DC Comics/Warner Bros, and Aquaman and Justice League are released by them, not Marvel, so there is a connection though I am not sure how much it factored into People Magazine publishing the story.

      • Miss S says:

        Thanks! But if Disney owns Marvel, doesn’t Depp have some leverage in terms of pulling the strings to make things difficult for Amber? (Assuming Aquaman is from Marvel – I really don’t have a clue about these super heroes stuff and gooling it makes me even more confused).

        But i found this: DC Comics, Inc. is an American comic book publisher. It is the publishing unit of DC Entertainment, a company of Warner Bros. Entertainment, which itself is owned by Time Warner.

        EDIT: Time Warner owns Time, but I’m not digging more because the web is huge.

      • Samtha says:

        Aquaman is a DC/Warner Brothers property, so there is somewhat of a link between her and People.

      • Brittney B. says:

        Time Inc. actually isn’t connected to Time Warner; they merged briefly but broke ties again a couple years ago.

        But yeah, I didn’t even catch it before… Aquaman is a DC property.

      • LAK says:

        Time Warner also owns TMZ

        Corporate support on this would be very muddled. My guess is they will/would support the most valuable asset which is Johnny Depp.

        However, JD has had flop after expensive flop for the past 5yrs, so he might not be as valuable as he thinks which means studio support might not be forthcoming.

      • Miss S says:

        “Will the Johnny Depp case change how tabloids cover powerful celebrities?”

        “Yesterday, the respected celebrity source gave its answer: Yes. People put a photo of Heard, bruised and with a cut lip, on this week’s cover. The photo was taken in December, Heard says, after the incident in which Depp made her fear for her life.

        This is pretty incredible considering People’s long-held tendency to protect the A-list. Last year, for example, the magazine strenuously avoided reporting on any of the Ben Affleck and Jen Garner divorce rumors until the couple was ready to make an official statement. Because of this deference, Affleck and Garner gave People the coveted exclusive announcement. By putting Heard’s bruised face front and center this week, People forfeited any and all future access it might have to Depp — who, if things still go according to plan, will helm a franchise film extremely popular with People’s minivan majority audience next year.”

    • Lady D says:

      I might owe People an apology. After they spent weeks printing Kelly Rutherford’s lies, I wrote the magazine off in disgust. I can’t believe they took Amber’s side. Good for them.

      • Miss S says:

        Maybe this is THEIR apology to you and many other readers by how they behaved in the past:)

  29. BritAfrica says:

    An edited version of the text messages where put out. It might equate to ‘doctored’ but not to fake. If all or some of them were made up, he would have said so. I hope they haven’t paid this loser because this one is a fail!

  30. Rapunzel says:

    A couple things:

    1. Re: Amber’s story being “inconsistent”– there’s nothing inconsistent about it. Her story has not changed. And is consistent with JD’s known/admitted prior behavior. What’s inconsistent is JD’s side trying to argue that he’s so sweet and kind when he himself has admitted how temperamental he is.

    2. Re: Amber’s side needs to stop leaking stuff– how does her leaking her story and evidence negate her honesty? Smdh….everyone was asking for proof!!!! So now she provides it, and the haters are all “why is she showing us proof? She should keep that for trial.” Good Lord! What the hell us a woman to do? Everytime she provides evidence it’s dismissed with dumb excuses.

    3. The PA saying Amber “doctored” the text– prove it. Don’t just accuse someone of lying unless you can show the truth. Not when said proof is readily available. Also, note: With how hard JD’s team is coming for Amber, you’d think JD would be using his money and clout to get the “real” texts if Amber produced lies. But he hasn’t. Wonder why that is?

    • Miss S says:

      Ok, let’s talk about media manipulation: “Media manipulation is a series of related techniques in which partisans create an image or argument that favours their particular interests. Such tactics may include the use of logical fallacies and propaganda techniques, and often involve the suppression of information or points of view by crowding them out, by inducing other people or groups of people to stop listening to certain arguments, or by simply diverting attention elsewhere.”

      “Propagandising is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument. Propaganda is commonly created by governments, but some forms of mass-communication created by other powerful organisations can be considered propaganda as well. As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda, in its most basic sense, presents information primarily to influence an audience. Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the chosen result in audience attitudes.”

      >>Distraction by misleading Technique
      This method injects false issues into the opponent’s propaganda or attempts to create connections with falsities. Repetition of falsehoods from numerous outlets, nearly simultaneously, is one of the most effective means to mislead by distraction.

      It seems obvious, doesn’t it? (All from wikipedia)

      • Brittney B. says:

        Thank you both for laying it out so clearly. I’m running on pure emotion at this point, and these comments are making it easier to make sense of my anger. It all adds up to something very obvious, very predictable, and very horrible.

        I keep telling myself that we’ve come so far in the past century… domestic violence wasn’t even a crime when my grandmother was growing up. But that means nothing to the people who are beaten every 15 seconds, as GNAT reminded us. They need change NOW. And this discourse is only poisoning the tide of progress.

      • Miss S says:

        @Brittney, Sadly this isn’t even just about DV. These strategies are used a lot in politics and it’s maddening to see how media and real journalism in particular, for the sake of financial sustainability (journalism being a business is really frightening) accept such low standards. People are cooked in the media so easily, most of us never go in depth about most subjects so our views can be totally well, should I say “doctored”?…

        And this was an opportunity for media to share info about this matter without picking sides. Giving the victim the benefit of the doubt, bring organizations to talk about Domestic Violence and share awareness. Only small media who has very little reach has done that kind of work or applied some critical thinking to “the scandal”.

        I don’t think I ever wrote so many comments on celebitchy about anything. This really disturbed me:/

    • Saks says:

      “Amber’s story being “inconsistent”– there’s nothing inconsistent about it. Her story has not changed.”

      Oh, but this a problem too for JD supporters. I read on facebook the comment of someone who was questioning Amber because her story was way too consistent, as if she had all perfectly planned, and that was the proof she never loved poor Johnny because she was a cunning lesbian.

      That comment really made me sick, there are people who won’t believe Amber no matter what she does. Someone said here the other day that people won’t believe you until you are dead and sometimes not even then, and that is devastatingly true.

      • Miss S says:

        She can’t win, no matter what. And that’s why I feel that she should get all the money she is entitled by law without any restraint to prove a point to the ones who see this as major money grabbing operation. Nothing will convince public opinion for the most part. There’s just ignorance and laziness pouring out of most comments around, it’s really sickening.

      • pinetree13 says:

        Not even when you’re dead! Look at the OJ simpson case!

      • Cirque28 says:

        @Pinetree13: Yup. And the Robert Blake case. The defense immediately put his murdered wife’s character on trial so we could all say, “Oh what a grifter she was, that poor man.” Even though she was DEAD, and apparently by his design. In my imagination, when Amber Heard realized that JD’s fanboys would be gunning for her even if he had killed her, she said, “F–K IT, I’M TELLING EVERYTHING.”

      • Miss S says:

        @Cirque28, “F*CK IT, I’M TELLING EVERYTHING” is also my theory ^_^ It is really difficult to see someone being idolized when you know they don’t deserve half of the admiration.

  31. Cindy says:

    The troll plants here are starting to make me wonder if the lowest common denominator on the internet comment sections will end up not reflecting the general publics opinion on all of this. They remind me a little of the hackers who spread jlaw’s photos. And that sentiment did not reflect how the average person saw JLaw at all. I mean, assuming they are not on JD ‘s pay roll they are doing this…..why? They love pirates? They think JD is gonna meet them one day and fall in love? I’m just saying maybe it seems worse on the internet than it is (not here, obviously, thank god). For example, now, when the average person is thinking of taking their kid to see a movie Depp is in, the phrase, “tried to suffocate his girlfriend”, is now, rightly, linked to his name. Or, “kicked his girlfriend”. Not to mention the photos. And whatever else is gonna come out. In the future, apart from his die-hard fans, are people going to be thrilled to see his face on line or in People? I’m not trying to be Pollyanna. It’s just…..these trolls make humanity look worse than it is.

    • Brittney B. says:

      I get it, Cindy. I keep having the same thoughts, then telling myself it’s a defense mechanism and ignorance isn’t bliss… but it’s probably a bit of both. I would bet my life that JD is paying people to troll TMZ, People, etc… with vicious comments. That’s a deliberate part of their strategy for sure. But then I see commenters on CB talking about their friends and family members and coworkers, who also reject Amber’s claims outright.

      Honestly, I’m afraid to mention it to most of my friends. They’re pretty progressive people, but they don’t pay attention to celebrity news as closely as I do (good for them, lol), so they’re probably more likely to believe the headlines he’s putting out.

      • Miss S says:

        I think the narrative against Amber wins defendants because there is money involved and we have been socially and culturally taught to know that money is the biggest motivation for most people do something horrible. Hollywood also doesn’t have the best reputation about those matters.
        As a consequence, most people won’t look at Amber or Johnny as two human beings that could be their neighbors, they look at them in an objectified way, it’s “them” the celebs, famous people and their dramas and “us”, common people with our common sense.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        Good point. It could turn into a “celebrities…they’re just like us!” Though how sad is that in this case.

    • maili says:

      @Cindy, I really think for a lot of people, particularly the men defending him, it is less about liking Johnny Depp and more about hating Amber Heard and to an extent, women in general. She’s young, attractive and married rich, so they perceive her to be an opportunist (nothing wrong if she was, it’s irrelevant to her being abused), but they think it’s some character flaw they must tear her down for having. Factor in that she doesn’t fit the “perfect victim” myth and it’s all they need to justify their hateful comments.

    • isabelle says:

      PR teams & lawyers are smart. All they have to do is send out their little army, plant a few messages, then dungeon basement trolls take their side. Then it keeps rolling. We are a country that loves conspiracy, we don’t believe anything is the real truth. So PR people know this and play on it. Inventing conspiracy theory and then it becomes invented facts on boards. Meanwhile real fats are ignore, because lets face it real facts expose exactly who we are in real life and real facts develop a more boring story. We don’t like being exposed for our inhumanity, so we had rather believe in conspiracy so we aren’t held accountable to the evils we commit everyday. Its messed up and PR know how to take advantage of it

    • Katie says:

      Just because someone disagrees with everyone else does NOT mean they are paid trolls. And they shouldn’t have their comments denied posting because their views don’t align with CB. Especially when they aren’t vulgar or nasty, just stating their opinion like everyone else is doing.

  32. The Other Katherine says:

    Quite right, Cindy. There’s plenty of real people who, unfortunately, care more about protecting ANY powerful man’s reputation and finances than about justice and safety for DV victims, but it certainly looks like Depp’s publicist has also paid for a massive astroturfing operation across the celebrity news/gossip sites. If you read up on how astroturfing is done, it’s very interesting, and the online “backlash” against Amber is a textbook example. The whole point of astroturfing is to make it look like there is broadbased grassroots support even when there’s not, and to sway opinions by giving the appearance of consensus.

    No, I don’t think humanity at large is anywhere near as vile as the comments on DM and TMZ would lead you to believe. Thank goodness.

  33. maili says:

    Won’t she have the texts backed up in iCloud? She was part of that celebrity hack, so she was using it. Even if she doesn’t have the original messages anymore, or they can’t access them from the phone company, they will be able to access them that way. It’s also pretty sick to think the hacker who violated her privacy would have seen photos of her documenting her abuse and still went ahead and leaked those other photos anyway.

    No way would her lawyer be dumb enough to advise her team to leak falsified or doctored evidence to the media, and think it would have no consequences. So I am definitely inclined to believe they are true. And once again Johnny’s team use careful wording in Stephen’s response where he doesn’t outright deny the conversation happened.

    • Miss S says:

      Even the photos she took of the bruises, if digital have metadata in them. It can be manipulated but as far as I know that manipulation can also be detected.

    • Brittney B. says:

      “It’s also pretty sick to think the hacker who violated her privacy would have seen photos of her documenting her abuse and still went ahead and leaked those other photos anyway.”

      Yeah, that’s awful. Heinous. They probably just scanned for nudity and didn’t look at every single picture.

  34. THfan says:

    The only part of this that makes me raise my eyebrow is her deciding not to file reports because she doesn’t want to “bury” him. I don’t believe THAT for a second and to be honest that makes me second guess everything else she is saying. If he has been violent with her, why wouldn’t she want to bury and then throw the book at him???? I honestly can’t think of a reason. I’m middle of the road on all of this too.

    • Brittney B. says:

      I’m just gonna let everyone else take this one, because you can only repeat “there’s no perfect DV victim” and “abusers use psychological manipulation to make victims second-guess themselves” so many times.

    • Miss S says:

      Those reports are from TMZ , the same source who shares how the assistant and bodyguard deny Amber’s accusations. Even saying that it is a source from Amber’s side doesn’t mean it is.

      Also, it’s actually normal from victims of DV to go back and almost forgive abusers. Remember Rihanna?…

      • Kitten says:

        Your last sentence though…do we need to say more than that?

        People need to understand that domestic abuse is one of the most insidious and psychologically f-cked up situations that someone can find themselves trapped in.

        I understand it like this: If my boyfriend whom I love dearly hit me–even ONE time–I would leave. I’m out. That’s it.

        But what if after I left he came to me crying and said he would NEVER do that again? My sweet, gentle guy who would never hurt a fly is telling me he won’t do it again. It was only one time, he had too much to drink that night, he feels terrible, he’s begging me to come back. Ok I’ll give him another chance as long as he promises to NEVER do that to me again.

        But he does it again. And again. And one more time after that. Ok, I’ve had it. I’m leaving. This guy has sh*t on me for the last time. I have my support system in place and I’m fully convinced that the next time he hits me, I’ll end up dead.

        So now all my friends/family are telling me I should go to the police and press charges but here’s the thing: I still care about him. There was that time he bought me a trip to VT and took me dog-sledding, the time he surprised me with my favorite flowers, the time he told me I’m the most beautiful and perfect woman he’s ever met….
        We did have some good times. I’m leaving, but I don’t want to completely ruin this man’s life because we did have some good times. He’s not entirely evil, he’s just messed up and needs help.

        This is the level of inner-conflict that happens with abuse victims. I said on an earlier thread that there’s probably still a small part of Amber that feels guilty for outing Johnny as an abuser. THAT is the psychological abuse that happens with abusers and their Jekyll/Hyde personas. It’s purposefully manipulative and it’s the way abusers groom their victims. They use intimacy as a way to guilt and control, thereby ensuring that their victim will hide their transgressions–from friends and family and from the authorities.

        I 100% understand why Amber would say that she doesn’t want to “bury” Depp.

      • Miss S says:

        @Kitten, before he would even touch you he would’ve worked on you emotionally so instead of being angry you would feel confused and guilty even!
        I always think that I wouldn’t accept anyone hitting me but I’ve been in an emotionally abusive relationship and even though was able to end it it was HARD. Like @Wolfpup wrote below, it’s identity erosion. Our perspective is completely messed up and our behaviors is just aligned with that.

      • Kitten says:

        Oh my god me too, Miss S. I’ve never had anything but amazing male role models in my life and I’ve never been hit or abused by a man.
        In my mind, HELL NO of course I wouldn’t let that happen to me.

        But it’s entirely arrogant to think that way and I’m sure Amber never thought it would happen to her, either.

        I think we have this need to paint the victims of DV as insecure, desperate, pathetic, meek, whatever. But most of them were not that way before they went into the relationship. That’s who they became afterwards–that’s the level of destruction that an abuser causes. They are masterful at turning even smart, strong-willed, independent, feisty women into a shell of what they once were.

    • maili says:

      @THfan: I think TMZ made up that quote, but both sides seem to have gone quiet for a day, so it might mean they are in the process of settling outside court now, which is why she is holding off filing. Her lawyers said she had filed one on Tuesday though, so it’s hard to know what’s true.

    • siri says:

      It surprises me, too. At least there isn’t any confirmation on what her lawyer said she would do. To me, it looks like negotiating is going on, and it could mean there won’t be any hearing. Hope I’m wrong.

      • guesto says:

        I will be very surprised if this goes to court. As wilfully, callously and blindly dense as Team Depp has been up to now, even he, in his addled state of denial, must have realised by now that he HAS no defence, and his lawyers would, if it went to court, be defending the indefensible.

      • Miss S says:

        If this goes to court it won’t be just tabloids and media spinning, it will be a full blown circus that can potentially expose everything rotten about Johnny Depp and that’s why I think there will be some kind of agreement, but as Amber requested in the initial documents she may ask Johnny to go to rehab as a condition, who knows.

        But I’m not still undertanding Depp’s team strategy.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      If she said at one point, “He’s drinking all the time and I don’t want to bury him as a young widow after he hits bottom,” that I would believe. Otherwise it doesn’t sound like something non-thug people would say.

  35. wolfpup says:

    When this story first broke, thought that Amber was an idiot for coming forward with allegations of abuse, rather than dealing with it in courtroom setting. But after reading the text messages, there is no doubt in my mind what this girl went thru. The texts are the perfect paternal voice that attempts to use her natural empathy to set her up for re-victimization. How do I know this? – I’m a DV survivor – and this is how it is done – this is *why we stay*, in a nutshell. No one could make this up!

    My ex husband hurt me severely. Because Amber has only bruises, at this point, means that she left, before it got worse, which is the Only Outcome of Rage. I don’t know if anyone understand how hurt Amber is by all of the denial. The contempt being demonstrated by Johnny and his posse for her is disgusting – so much word salad, which is all about power and control. The DM article stated that one of the main issues that Johnny might have had may have been jealousy. “He is very insecure when it come to Amber. She likes to be free to do her own thing. She was really too young and experimental to settle down. Johnny knew this but was blown away by her. He was attracted to the same things about her that he couldn’t handle”. This is Johnny’s explanation of violence – Blame the Victim. And in the cruelest way possible he blames her free spirit – I bet her spirit died a little bit when she read this explanation trying to make her the monster. The brainwashing process is to cause pain, while denying it, and then to try and make it the victim’s fault – so she blames herself for something that didn’t happen. One is required to blame the good part of her soul, which is what the abuser is trying to destroy.

    Survivors end up with serious issues of depression. I was treated for PTSD. There was very little, if anything written about DV in the 80’s, while I was being abused. I am so impressed with the with Kaiser, and the women who post here, with many saying that abusers need to pay for their crime, and why don’t victims make them do just that (?). Hopefully, some of you can see how a woman’s empathy and love is subjected to a gaslighting process, which is a brutal form of abuse – a kind of identity erosion, that shatters confidence. The end goal is complete capitulation and emotional destruction. When one realized how the game works, one feels tricked, manipulated, Violated. *It’s hard to do this alone*. Psychological manipulation is tricky! This story has triggered a lot of anxiety for me, but more than that, the words I’ve read from other women strengthen my own resolve, *in the good part of my soul that he wanted to destroy, and make his*.

    • Miss S says:

      I’m so sorry:/ Identity erosion says a lot to me.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      I’m sorry, Wolfpup, both for what you endured and for the impact of this story now. We’ll have to hope it does more good than hard to have people with something of an open mind to learn more about this situation. The truth sets people free.

      Women were, in essence, enslaved by men for so long. What seems like a backlash today against a woman re-empowering herself almost feels like a protest against women’s emancipation. Because men had certain rights before and some still think they do.

    • Bug says:

      Wolfpup, I agree. I can see that Amber has been gaslighted.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        I know, Miss S – it’s startling how many there are just on this one website who have experienced DV, and we all run out if fresh things to say to anyone who has, other than “I’m sorry” and “I wish you well.” Actually, I felt embarrassed after posting that last post, because I already told some of this tale of woe here the other day, and I cringe at the thought that I might very well seem to be wallowing or inviting sympathy or, worse, asking for pity. Believe me, I’m not. I’m in a good place now. It was just that phrase Wolfpup used – “identity erosion” – that struck me upside the head and made me rethink it all, including my own experience, in the light of that and to project it onto other women who, like Amber Heard, have been criticized for not leaving and for getting with their abuser in the first place, and for not telling enough or for telling too much. Identity erosion explains a lot. I thank you for your good wishes – I’m fine now, and my life is good. I wish that for all the women here who’ve been through similar experiences – so very many! – and I wish it for Amber Heard, as well.

      • wolfpup says:

        @Lahdidahbaby – We had to fight for our integrity, deep insight, original voice and decisive action. We were able to look at a horror, see it without looking away, and we acted, by dismantling the grisly thing. There is no shame in protection of one’s gifts, or in the recognition that what appeared as a benevolent thing, was actually malevolent to us.

        I felt anxiety in sharing – but I think we are as right as rain to use our experience to help break up patterns of ignorance and destruction.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      Wolfpup, thank you for an important, heart-rending post. Identity erosion, yes. That’s the heart of this process for sure. And as you make clear, that’s why it takes some of us so long to leave. I can’t bear the posts that say if it was true she would have left, or that the fact she stayed makes it her own fault! This story is bringing it all back and yet I can’t seem to pull myself away. Why? I don’t understand why I can’t stop reading about this. Even when at some points I’m reading it through tears, I still have to keep reading. I know I should stop, but I honestly can’t, even when it makes me see it all again, like a hated video replaying in a room where I’m the only viewer: All the times he grabbed me by the shoulders, put his face right into mine, and roared, “You’re WEAK!” The times when he said, “You’re going to call the police, aren’t you! That’s JUST the kind of BITCH you are!” Throwing me into a bathtub or across a room and then asking me what I just did to myself. Calling me a “failure” who has “wasted the last ten years” the very same week my first book was published. Ruining my debut public reading and book-signing by staging one of his outbursts just minutes before I left to go to it. I went anyway, with eyes puffed up from crying, and told people I had allergies. The gifts of clothing or jewelry he bought me afterwards – gifts I never once wore because to wear even one of them even once would say my silence could be bought. It was my one passive way of fighting him until I finally managed to leave. And yet I hid it so well that all of our close friends thought I was horrible for leaving that admirable, successful, beloved man. Identity erosion. Yes. That term really nails it. Explains so much, including why sometimes women can’t leave. We think we can’t.

      It’s unbearable to see the media brutalizing Amber Heard all over again. I can’t imagine how she is getting through it without breaking. Maybe she isn’t. That’s the worst part of this to think about. And people ask why women stay silent!

      • Miss S says:

        I’ve lost count of the times I wrote “I’m so sorry” around here after reading someone else’s story. I hope you are well now and away from that shitty man and maybe with new, better friends.

        All the best<3

      • The Other Katherine says:

        I can’t stop reading about it either. 🙁 I’m so sorry, Lahdidahbaby. No one should have to carry around those kinds of memories courtesy of someone who swore to love them. No matter how much good he did for the causes he supported in public, your ex-husband was/is a truly evil human being. Nothing could ever atone for that sort of behavior. Sending you best wishes for healing and peace.

  36. Miss S says:

    Yesterday I read a comment from someone who read another comment on Jezebel about how the beginning of Depp and Amber’s relationship played out. I went there (they are actually pretty sane) and found it. It’s actually textbook possessive and isolation mechanism:/

    “My roommate was friends with Amber Heard before they started dating. When Depp ‘chose’ her, he basically kidnapped her from her apartment and cut her off from all her people. At the time, it seemed understandable to us, we were all broke, struggling creatives and it seemed like she got lucky break and took it. She really was thrilled and her friends were thrilled for her…he was wildly rich and famous and he always was saying how much he loved her! Of course she would disappear from her social circles for a while as she flies around the world with Johnny Freaking Depp, right?
    But now, with the benefit of hindsight, it’s easy to see how carelessly he swept her into his life with little thought for her own and that must have made it really hard for her to get away. I hope her old friends reach out to her now and give her some love; this has got to be such a brutally isolating slog.
    Anyway, the one thing I see posted here a lot is that ‘her career is over’ but I really think she will surprise people. One major red flag about their relationship was how much work she probably turned down to fit into his schedule (I remember my roommate saying something about her missing so many acting classes and auditions for him, even though she really wanted to do them). Getting away from him and his problems will hopefully give her the freedom to focus on herself and her career – from everything I’ve known about her, she’s a very talented and charming person. I really hope this all ends soon and she gets her life back.”

    • Elsa says:

      Look what I found on fb and I’ve read countless similar stories about her

      TRUE STORY: I actually knew this chick waaaaay back in the day when she was around 16 or so… We hired her for an Austin film festival promotional modeling job where all she ended up doing was act like she was better than everyone else and sucked up to the organizers trying to elevate herself above every other model all the while totally SHITTING on her “best friend” from childhood we also hired for the event and then dropped her like a bad habit as soon as she went to Hollywood, likely a very devastating event for this friend who is herself a very classy and fine individual. She also got hired to appear in a fim that had frontal nudity and never disclosed her minor age at that time to get the part and when I told my buddy the director he better check her ID, he was flabberghasted that she was only 17 and could have cost him his entire careeer for producing underage pornography had the shot made it into the final movie. This chick is a user and abuser herself and will throw anyone under the bus that tries to interfere with her “career”. I don’t trust a word outta her mouth. Hopefully the courts will ultimately come to this obvious conclusion as well!!

      • Miss S says:

        Are those countless similar comments from people you know on facebook, legit accounts? Also, even if that story is true it doesn’t mean she isn’t a victim. On top of that it’s a story of a 16/17 year old… Not really the best age to define someone’s character is it?

      • joanne says:

        are these countless people with similar stories using their real names? is there any evidence to back up these stories? anecdotal stories are usually used to smear someone through innuendo.
        if you come back and say ” i know john smith who worked with her on a film call Texas Nights filmed in 2011″ then you might have some credibility.
        there is no obvious conclusion until REAL evidence is presented. you not trusting a word out of her mouth has no value.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Miss S, you’ve been so admirable in your responses to this Heard-Depp story. I keep noticing that. And Joanne and the Other Katherine, both of you, too – you all have a way of cutting through the bullshit and specious nonsense with no fanfare or grandstanding and without losing your dignity or humanity. Just wanted to say I admire your way of seeing through the relentless campaign to ruin Amber Heard, and calling it out while remaining civil. xxx

      • Miss S says:

        @Lahdidahbaby, Thank you <3

        I'm naturally diplomatic, but I feel an obligation to remain extra civil after seeing how so many people write about this issue filled with lazy and ignorant comments. (And it's HARD!)

        And I have learned a lot too and really hope that many others also did. And not just about DV, but also about media and gossip. Gossip can be really vicious and unfair when we jump at what is given to us without considering that the people whose lives we comment on are actually human beings. I probably did that too. But we can still comment without being offensive and dismissive. Dlisted is an example that really disappointed me. I never comment there, but now I don't even feel like visiting not because people don't believe in Amber, but because of how they fall into easy, lazy and misogynic arguments. It's like the impulse to just yell gibberish is stronger than using any critical thinking. We should be accountable for that because we are part of the media noise.

        Anyway, lets hope the civil ones like us somehow influence others by example:)

      • Keaton says:

        I’ve seen tons of stories like this too. But I don’t think they’re relevant. She has the evidence and he has a history of being violent and possessive.

        There’s no need to suddenly deify her because she’s a victim of abuse. That seems to be happening alot on this thread. But the fact she isn’t a perfect person (or “perfect victim” as one person called her) doesn’t mean she’s a master manipulating liar now either. Sorry but it just defies logic. If you rationally look at the evidence it points toward him being guilty.

  37. FF says:

    My God, this is a mess.

    Why is Johnny’s team so idiotic? Or are the people feeding TMZ just his misguided stans?

    And is this assistant on the same stuff as Johnny? He can’t remember any alleged abuse either.

    • cd3 says:

      Right? I mean why is that @sshole still running around Europe getting into scraps outside bars? I would think they’d at least have the foresight to haul his ass into some sham “rehab” clinic for addiction or emotional issues. Then they could at least try to milk sympathy and paint him as the victim of his addictions and other issues, poor Johnny so haunted by his demons and out of control, just a “lost little boy” needing help for his suffering, a sensitive artist devastated by the loss of his mother – it really wasn’t his fault he lashed out at Amber!

      I mean I just came up with that after about 20 seconds of thought. I can only assume his team is so arrogant and confident in their client’s popularity that they are continuing their ridiculous campaign without any thought to a higher strategy. They can’t even orchestrate a few pap walks with JD looking clean and sober? Cancel some tour dates while he grieves for his mother and tends to his crumbling marriage? Nothing?

      Thank God Amber has a great team behind her and isn’t backing down. Team Amber all the way!

  38. Joannie says:

    Recently, in Canada, there was a court trial involving Gian Gomeshi, a beloved radio host. A number of women came forward accusing him of violence. He hired a women lawyer who was fantastic and got him off of all charges. However it was obvious the guy was guilty. The women themselves destroyed their own case by texting one another etc while the case was ongoing. I guess my point is there were a number of women unknown to one another that came forward Who had suffered similar circumstances at the hands of Gion Gomeshi. With Johnny there is only Amber and his ex-wives and former employees plus the cops saying something different. A number of years ago I was attacked by a guy I was dating and went directly to the police and got a restraining order against him. A few years later a woman unknown to me contacted me asking if I this guy had been violent towards me. Then another ex girlfriend came forward. If Johnny has been physically abusive towards other women surely they will step forward and corroborate Amber’s story with their own. Otherwise it’s he said she said and it’s being played out in the media which will only benefit both JD & AH. It’s “no press” that hurts a celebrity’s career.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      I’m in Canada, and am familiar with the trial. It’s a bit apples and oranges here. If you’re saying that it would be necessary for all of the women in Depp’s life to come forward with parallel stories to that of Amber Heard, that sets the bar too high and unrealistically. What’s more, it might not have made a difference – look at the parallel stories by dozens of victims of Bill Cosby.

      The only commonality is violence against women. Gomeshi did it his way, and Depp, per the allegations thus far, did it his way too. What’s more, he has a history of property violence and there are suggestions of abuse in some previous relationships. If it happened far in the past, those women might not come forward. But it’s the same pattern of control, domination, manipulation and violence, if the allegations in Depp’s case are determined to be valid in court.

    • cd3 says:

      @Joannie – I’m sorry but I disagree with your statement “The women themselves destroyed their own case by texting one another etc while the case was ongoing.” Any actions like this are the complete and utter fault of a gross lack of witness preparation by the Crown. The Crown prosecutors bungled the case start to finish and didn’t prepare their witnesses properly or advise them on what was appropriate behavior. The Crown also failed to conduct a proper discovery as the emails, etc from some of the victims to Ghomeshi following his assaults came as a complete surprise to them. The whole experience of such a publicized trial would have been extraordinarily stressful for the victims – it’s no wonder at all they reached out to each other.

      The Jian Ghomeshi case was lost because the VICTIMS were not counselled properly. It was not lost due to the victims’ actions. After the trial at least one victim spoke out saying that it is a twisted feature of our judicial system system that an accused is read his rights but a victim is never read her rights or advised properly. All the care and effort is put into hand holding the accused and ensuring their rights are protected. Meanwhile the victims are hung out to dry, in the media and otherwise.

      • Joannie says:

        Cd3, they were advised not to contact one another and they did. I agree the prosecutors bungled the case as well. Plus Ghomeshi had an a great lawyer. However my point is there were numerous women and witnesses who came forward. Even prior to the trial it was becoming quite obvious Ghomeshi was guilty because the women were unknown to one another and had the same story as did the witnesses.
        Amber and Johnny are being tried by the media which is unfair to both. Each has friends stating there was or was not dv. Who to believe? The pictures shouldn’t be posted all over gossip sites.This is a private matter and in my opinion is only hurting people who suffer at the hands of domestic violence. It should tried in a court of law,not the media.

  39. Tara says:

    “My husband was abusive. I didn’t call the police and I didn’t run away with only the clothes on my back. I waited until he left for work, photocopied our financial records, withdrew $7000 from our checking account, five of which I paid to a lawyer and went to stay with my sister in another state.”

    Omg GNAT. You are rockin’. If it didn’t diminish the message, I’d say something like “mic drop.”

    I’m not sure if it has been said upthread, but what’s getting me about this false dichotomy (?) of “broken bones, leaving penniless in the middle of the night = abused. Exposing abuse for what it is before it gets to that point and claiming what’s yours=not abused” … is that it fits so well within the basic construct of patriarchy: “you need me b!tch. If you leave, you leave with nothing.” The financial component of legal patriarchy.

    • anna says:

      “you need me b!tch. If you leave, you leave with nothing.” The financial component of legal patriarchy.”

      spot on! omg. i will steal this if you don’t mind.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      (Deleted because post somehow ended up in the wrong spot)

  40. Bug says:

    As I have said before, Depp is Woody Allen-ing this woman, what with his publicist and all his pals on the gravy train. A guy with $400 million has a lot of self-interested supporters.

  41. Rebecca says:

    I’m not understanding the whole “everyone should be suspicious because there is no date” thing. I have an iphone and mine doesn’t show the date either on the screen shot. It all depends on how you have your iphone set up.

    I wish, however, she was better at keeping evidence. However, if I was in the middle of an abusive relationship and I was getting abused, I am not sure how good I would be about getting proof just in case I needed it.

    • Tara says:

      Exactly. Those were probably just screen caps. The subpoenaed phone records will have dates and times.

  42. Tara says:

    Hmmm… “Middle of the road” and “fork pitches” … New, ill-formed talking points?

  43. Miss S says:

    Wow, buzzfeed doing something really good:
    “Domestic abuse cuts across all sectors of society; there is no typical victim or typical abuser.”

    Nice guys can commit domestic violence too:

    • hogtowngooner says:

      Came here to post this – it was a good article.

      • Miss S says:

        I read it and thought “Finally!”

        Even with contacts for people who need help in the end of the article. That’s the right thing to do.

      • Kitten says:

        Ugh. Don’t read the comments.

      • Miss S says:

        @Kitten, I read two and was done with it. But thanks for the warning:D

    • Kitten says:

      Thanks, guys. Shared it on my FB page, which I log into like once a year lol.

    • Ain'tNoTelling says:

      Thanks for the article, Miss S. “Nice” guys do commit abuse. Absolutely. But I need to point something out: Johnny is NOT a nice guy!!! He never has been. He’s an extremely ill tempered man, who thinks he an extra special artistic savant. He acts like he’s one of the little people. A sensitive romantic. An everyday man. That’s not Johnny Depp, folks. That is all a persona. Johnny is a very manipulative, angry, abusive drunk. He has a horrendous temper, and if you end up dating him, you are in for nothing but abuse. It does not matter if he punches a wall, throws an iPhone at your face, or breaks a chair or even a guitar. He is abusive. Has been from day one. And continues to demonstrate what an abusive man he is, by directing his PR team to go after Amber. He’s disgusting, and not “nice”, by any means.

  44. CM says:

    Random thoughts rumbling through my brain last night had me researching the internet to find out what would happen if Amber didn’t press charges in this case.

    A DV victim myself, I had been asked by the cops several times to press charges against my ex, but there were already automatic charges with the child abuse he did to my son. I have declined many times to press charges (for a broken arm) and in the end, it didn’t matter, the DA got my medical records and had enough evidence to press charges without my cooperation, aside from them giving permission to get my medical records. So my case is different from Amber’s and it got me curious…

    It is not the victim’s responsibility to ‘press charges’, doesn’t matter the crime, DV, robbery, murder etc. The police turn over evidence from their investigation to the DA and the DA files or ‘presses charges’, not the victim. It is my understanding, in Amber’s case, the LAPD is now investigating this case. I’m not sure if this was spurred by a statement she made to them OR if it is a result of the restraining order or the divorce documents. She has made a DV claim, and the police are investigating. They will turn the results over to the DA and the DA has up to one year to press charges based on the evidence. These are FACTS, look them up yourselves.

    In my case, I chose to not file a report, press charges, whatever you want to call it because I felt that my abuser was already in deep enough crap with the child abuse charge. I also felt that he will see I pursued this and would call me vindictive to make it all worse, so by my NOT pursuing this, it would be a mark in the ‘good’ column of my abusers tally sheet so once this is all over (and it’s not even close, we are still in criminal court) that he would be pleased I didn’t pursue this and maybe leave us alone. In the end, it doesn’t matter, because in the DA’s investigation of the child abuse, they determined there was enough evidence to pursue charges of felony spousal abuse, so those charges are filed, with only me releasing my medical records. Those are MY REASONS and I’m sure Amber has similar feelings and reasonings. But in the end, it doesn’t matter if she ‘presses charges’ because it’s not up to her, but the DA.

    I find it very curious, that if JD is innocent of this vile woman dragging his good name and reputation through the dirt that he continues to tour with his band over in Europe. If he TRULY was a victim of her evil deeds, he would be back here, working with his legal team and doing everything in his power to clear his name. IF HE WERE INNOCENT. Instead, his team and him decided to strike the first blow. Divorce was filed, Amber wanted to keep it quiet and HIS TEAM immediately came out with the declaration that QUOTE: “Given the brevity of this marriage and the most recent and tragic loss of his mother, Johnny will not respond to any of the salacious false stories, gossip, misinformation and lies about his personal life. Hopefully, the dissolution of this short marriage will be resolved quickly.” END QUOTE

    So, if you know classic abuser tactics, that very statement was designed to control Amber. He was preempitively putting it out there, subconsciously, that anything coming out was already going to be FALSE, GOSSIP, MISINFORMATION AND LIES. That statement was directed AT AMBER, to make her toe the lie. Everything that has been released by her ‘camp’ has been to directly counteract that specific statement. And to no avail. JD, the abuser, is still holding all the control over her, classic abuser.

    I know what a classic abuser is because I lived it for 21 years. I’ve been told I was crazy, it’s all my fault, if I hadn’t done ____ he wouldn’t have needed to hit, punch, etc me or my son. He threw chairs, remotes, lamps, phones at me to warn me that soon, it would be hand to hand combat. And, told repeatedly, no one would believe what I said, because it was all my fault anyway. I made him drink too much that he didn’t remember the abuse…I didn’t buy him enough to drink so that caused him to hit, spit on and verbally berate me.

    He was a classic abuser and I was the classic victim…maybe the word perfect should be taken out of the equation…

    Just my two cents…#TeamAmber

  45. Not Cool says: goes my take. It seems like Amber was wasting Johnny’s money like water to entertain her friends and who knows who else.Naturally frustration would have set-iin in Johnny and he snapped. Who knows how many times she has beaten him. Just because he wasn’t pictured on People whilst playing a victim doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. #TeamJohnny though I’m not his fan and actually dislike

    • CM says:

      Go away paid shill…

      I’m sure he has a good 50 pounds on her, and in a drunken rage, yeah right, she was beating him…I am sure, at times, she tried to ‘defend’ herself, but a few scratches on his arm is nothing compared to getting kicked (probably in the ribs after being pushed down, resulting in cracked ribs and bruising, because it happened to me)

      Don’t insult our intelligence….

    • Miss S says:


    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Okay… Here goes my take. That has to be the lamest attempt at trolling I’ve ever seen. Nobody could possibly be that stupid. So, tell us, what do trolls want to eat? Peanut butter? Popcorn? Outrage? Sorry, fresh out of all of these.

    • guesto says:

      Although I feel bad for responding to such obvious trolling, it’s pleasing and kind of reassuring to see that the Depp Shill, based on the quality of ‘Not Cool’s’ post, is now so desperately reduced to this tragic, moronic level.

    • Izzy says:

      Look everyone, another talking point!!

  46. Heather says:

    This is hollywood. It’s not crazy for people to question whether photos are photoshopped and any of it is altered. Both these people have huge PR teams, load s of ambition and play pretend for a living. Both also have a long history of drug and alcohol abuse. It is absolutely fine to question any aspect of either of their stories. At the end of the day, the big tragedy is that they will spend millions arguing with each other to “win” the hearts of america, yet everyone in america detests them for their wasteful and dramatic lives.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Where is the evidence of Amber’s long history of drug and alcohol abuse? Where’s the footage of her describing a history of wildly excessive drinking or slurring her way through interviews, like the footage that exists for Johnny? Oh, wait, that’s right — there isn’t any. And I’m sure Amber’s $51k of income from last year is paying for a huge PR team. HUGE, I tells ya!

      Go away, sockpuppet.

      • The Other Katherine says:

        That was supposed to say, “$51k of net income,” but somehow that got messed up when editing on my phone. Mobile browsers are the worst.

  47. Miss S says:

    Johnny Depp’s bodyguard offered money to Gold Coast Bulletin reporter to know who sold the info that he had broken his had in a phone fight with Amber.

    This Bodyguard Judge is the one who said “Boss, Please” and didn’t to a thing to help Amber. Motherf*cker. I’m so angry with this people.

    • CM says:

      very interesting…sick but interesting…

    • mmm says:

      they would do everything to cover him…

    • pinetree13 says:

      Wow. Just wow.

      Thanks for sharing! I don’t know how people can continue to deny this when we now have evidence they their looking for “the leak”. You don’t look for a leak if it’s lies.

      • Miss S says:

        I’m now wondering how media will pick up on this, IF they will pick up on this. It does put the bodyguards statement to TMZ in a new perspective (not new for me, but we can now question their credibility even more).

    • Vicki says:

      Depp is starting to remind me of a Mafia-like figure. His “people” are never going to tell the truth in this case with Amber.
      I hope this story will get more exposure, and hopefully show Depp’s employees can’t be trusted to tell the truth.

    • isabelle says:

      “Decades” of sources. Well wish some of them would come forward and back Amber.

  48. mmm says:

    Looks like the editor of People magazine isn’t buying much into the version of Johnny’s assistant, which could explain why ET nor People (i think) have retracted their stories about texts.
    The executive editor of People said to “Good Morning America” that the texts does exists, and even if it could be source of study if there’s a way that these could be doctored or not, Amber’s people says these are real

    • Ican't says:

      Between this, the other link you posted and others have posted shows that some media outlets aren’t backing down true Johhny PR team.

      • Miss S says:

        Yeah, and the People’s editor says that Depp’s assistant wasn’t quoted and how interesting it would be to hear something coming directly from him. Oh Burn!

  49. dana says:

    Let’s be honest… If Amber was pulling the biggest rouse this side of the sun just to get Johnny Depps money, guess what”: SHE WOULDNT NEED A ROUSE. She’s got no prenup. If she wanted his money, I mean 1/2 of his $400Million, there’s nothing stopping her. She’s asking for $30k a month or $10Million dollars. No actress or ex spouse wins in the “career” dept by coming after their powerful ex abusive husband. Ask Mia Farrow or Kim Bassinger. So can we stop with the “She’s out for money or to ruin his career”. Does his career look ruined or even touched? Nope, and it won’t because hes a studio backed actor. Her career options will be judged based on this. His choices, won’t be affected. The mens choices after these cases are rarely affected.

    • HK9 says:

      I was wondering when some sensible clear thinking human being would bring this up. You are completely right. She is well aware that she’s the only one who’s going to struggle career wise after this.

    • Miss S says:

      “She’s asking for $30k a month or $10Million dollars” Where is that info? I read the report where she asked the 50.000 spousal support, but just that.

      Also, I read about spousal support in California and I learned that asking for an amount of spousal support when the other partner is MUCH MORE wealthy in other to keep the same lifestyle until the divorce is done is actually something normal. I just wish media would’ve explained that. Although, it is contested because many don’t think is fair.

  50. Raquel says:

    Man, remember this? (I was just looking up stuff from the whole Denise Charlie debacle)

    • Miss S says:

      I couldn’t bring myself to keep reading the comments. Most people at least in the first comments say they hate her.

      Were those allegations post divorce? I don’t know the context or a lot about the story.

  51. FF says:

    Starting to wonder… the way Depp’s friends and co. all seem to be fine jumping on Amber I have to wonder if he wasn’t lowkey trash-talking her behind her back to everyone that would listen before they even separated.

    Some abusers pick who they victimise in that if they can start with someone with reduced credibility, so much the better.

    So if you date a young actress who doesn’t have a large body of work, isn’t well known, is bisexual. When you’re letting everyone know that you’re ‘always’ having some kind of drama with her ‘that she instigates’, ‘but you still love her anyway’. You’re seeding a particular kind of image of this person where you’re never responsible for the relationship going wrong: it’s always her.

    So by the time a divorce and/or accusation comes out, nobody takes her seriously, and everybody he’s talked to has a warped view of her and her intentions because he’s been presenting their relationship to favour him all the time.

    Which, of course, pushes his abuse further under the radar because he’s the understanding one, and she’s the drama queen.

    It’s just curious to me: if half of these people have met her they were probably very polite and even friendly towards her – yet now they’re throwing her under a bus post-haste? (The other side of that is that they haven’t met her in which case their opinion is as valid as anyone’s – and why are they talking at all?) It just sounds like they were halfway to disliking her already (for ‘reasons’) if they knew her and can say this; OR that he suggested as much to isolate her before this came out, so she’d have no one to confide in or to back her. (Which also works if you’re constantly jealous af of anyone who comes near her.)

    Either way it’s painting a really bad picture of how he treated her. So maybe a bluff game is the best thing they have on her.

    • Rose of Sharon says:

      Excellent observation, FF. Like you, I believe he was planting seeds in his friends’ minds that Ms. heard was unstable/mean/unfaithful, but I think he truly believes.

      It is time for Mr. Depp’s sycophants to take him to a neurologist. I believe he has a terminal brain disease called frontotemporal dementia and is mid-stage. Leaving his family was the first sign.

  52. Margo S. says:

    I’m so pro amber it is not even funny. Not because I hate johnny depp. Never did really. It’s because she has so much proof it’s insane. And what’s ever more crazy is his fratboy bro fans are supporting him no matter what!!! The amount of sexism is revolting. I was on dlisted and wrote a pro amber comment and had literally 7 people reply to me completely disagreeing, putting me down, and saying the most outlandish excuses on depps behalf. It’s actually so sad that so many people in our society are so quick to say, “she’s a liar!” I don’t understand…

    • Miss S says:

      There comes a point where it’s not really worth it. Like someone said, it’s not like they don’t believe, they simply don’t care. There seems to be some pleasure in putting a woman down. *Hugs*

      PS: I go to Dlisted just to read the post and I’m gone, no comments for me.

    • Rebecca says:

      When I defended her on TMZ, I got a “Becky with the good hair comment”. It was something about how all Becky’s are losers on welfare. I think he thought it would piss me off but I laughed. It was just so stupid. I’ll give credit to TMZ here. At least they deleted his comment for breaking the rules.

      I still love you Beyonce!

  53. Rebecca says:

    Can a online gossip site get paid to run a story with a slant towards the person who pays? I am wondering because TMZ has gone so hard pro Johnny Depp it’s ridiculous.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Of course. As long as they aren’t libeling anyone (and libel against a public figure is difficult to prove in the U.S. as actual malice must be demonstrated as well as falsehood) I believe they can run whatever they like and get paid accordingly, whether it be in money or favors / access. (Given the business they’re in, I’m sure they’d prefer to trade favors and access.) If they were running something that purported to be an unbiased review of a product but was actually paid for by the product’s manufacturer, the FTC might come down on them, but this isn’t like that. What TMZ does is more “gossiptainment” than news, and it’s not like their readership is going to start pearl-clutching if they find out a particular celeb gets an easy ride in exchange for providing TMZ with access or whatever. Which is no big deal if the issue is two reality TV stars feuding over who snubbed whom in spin class, but it’s very nasty when the breakup of a marriage is involved.

      Also, TMZ tends to be quite misogynistic in its coverage anyway, so I could easily see them putting a pro-Depp spin on things even without any urging from the Depp PR team — that’s just how Harvey Levin rolls.

    • stinky says:

      ‘Follow the Money’ is a Universal Rule, yo.

    • Newbie says:

      And honestly, I think the fact that JD’s team seems to have chosen an outlet as sleazy as TMZ as the place to use as his kind of personal PR blitz machine speaks to how little credibility his side must have.

  54. Vicki says:

    Amber is suing Doug Stanhope for defamation! It is on People now.

    • stinky says:

      Johnny wanted out of Vanessa.
      He was done.
      He wanted to clown.
      And she wasn’t havin it…
      So I hate to say it but I think he basically chose an escape-route relationship so that he COULD go on his benders and not have to answer to anyone….
      But we now see that he can’t handle himself.
      HE BLEW IT and im GLAD AMBER’S flippin’ the bird to all of em.
      Remember – “She’s v-e-r-y independent”.
      They’re really goin out of their way to push that narrative (lol)
      Why in THE HELL aren’t they paying her to go AWAY ?
      Wasser? What up???

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Oh, wow. This is excellent. Just read the article on People. I always disliked Amber before the DV story came out (she especially grated with her inane “trailer park” comment in the W mag interview, given she went to an expensive private school in the west hills of Austin, the least trailer-parky community imaginable, and has no concept of what it’s like to grow up being thought of as “white trash”), but at this point I will forgive many inane and/or annoying things said in past interviews because she clearly has GREAT BIG HUGE LADY-BALLS.

      Whether I find Amber personally likeable or not, I find her DV allegations completely 100% believable, as the allegations and her subsequent actions all fit with the known facts about JD and their relationship, and I am SO GLAD to see her not backing down.

      • coconut says:

        How about GREAT BIG HUGE OVARIES??? 😉

      • The Other Katherine says:

        “Ovaries” just sounds too clinical — I need a punchy, satisfyingly earthy-yet-positive word to be the female equivalent of balls, stones, cojones. But, yes, those would be the flavor of “balls” I am referring to! Truly, I think what she has been doing for the last week is very, very brave.

      • coconut says:

        It’s telling that there’s no slang word for ovaries/strong female mojo! (I won’t use “feisty” as that is used only for women, short men and small dogs.”) I’ve been using “ovaries” for years because I can’t bring myself to use a male term for a woman in this context.

        Maybe we Celebitches can come up with a “punchy, satisfyingly earthy-yet-positive word to be the female equivalent of balls, stones, cojones”!!

        In any case, You go girl, Amber!!!

      • Rose of Sharon says:

        Bitch balls? I’ll keep working on it.

      • frankiesams says:

        I’ve been reading this site for a few years, never commented before. I am just glad that Amber is standing her ground and taking on an additional fight with Dougie. May he spend the rest his life working to pay her. After reading coconut huevos popped into my head for your consideration.

      • Rose of Sharon says:

        Thank you, frankiesams, for taking the step to contribute. Coconut huevos. I love it.

    • Miss S says:

      Finish him!:D

      I’m so proud of her! I cannot imagine how difficult this is being for her and my take at the moment is that she will surprise people by her fierceness. She seems so bad ass.
      Is it wrong to develop a crush now?:)

      • joanne says:

        i’m with you on that. AMBER, YOU GO GIRL!!! i’m so happy she’s fighting back.

      • anna says:

        “In a statement to PEOPLE, Heard’s lawyer, Charles J. Harder, says that Heard is seeking the “maximum possibly jury award” and plans to donate it to a domestic violence charity in Arizona.”
        YESSSSS! amber reads cb.

      • amilu says:

        Get it, girl. We are rooting for you on behalf of all victims of domestic violence!

      • Flowerchild says:

        Good for her and I hope she wins, he was truly disgusting in what he said about her. I know he wishes he had kept his mouth shut and didn’t use that outlet to promote his book.

      • mary simon says:

        Maybe Amber really is a hero, after all.
        Team F^CK YAH AMBER!!

    • Gatita says:

      OMG!! She is not effing playing around. *standing ovation*

      ETA: Totally agree with this: “Whether I find Amber personally likeable or not, I find her DV allegations completely 100% believable, as the allegations and her subsequent actions all fit with the known facts about JD and their relationship, and I am SO GLAD to see her not backing down.”

    • Samtha says:

      Stanhope PLUS 20 “John Does.”

      And her lawyer is the guy who just kicked Gawker’s ass for Hulk Hogan. Amber is NOT playing around.

      • Miss S says:

        That just reinforces the idea that I guess many of us had, that her team knows what they are doing, they must know they have more than enough to defend her properly.

    • Miss S says:

      You can read the defamation complaint document here.

      Her lawyer isn’t playing around. All our concerns in terms of how damaging this can be for her in terms of work prospect are fully covered.

    • zut alors! says:

      Yes! Now Stanhope will have to go to his “emperor” to fund his legal defense. I hope we get to find out how the sausage gets made in how these smear campaigns are run and who in the media is complicit with his pr reps. Go Amber!

      • mary simon says:

        Regarding Stanhope’s naked emperor -is he still naked or has he put his clothes back on? I guess only Stanhope knows the state of his great emperor’s state of dress or undress. God, that anti-Amber screed is the stupidest piece of drivel I’ve read in ages. It’s childish and poorly written and basically all he does is call Amber names and sling a lot of slander. You can bet the emperor will be paying the legal fees for the revolting, unfunny clown Stanhope. The emperor will be backing his serf Stanhope in any way he can. All on the downlow, of course, all behind the scenes.

  55. coconut says:

    It is good to see a few outlets and celebs speaking out positively re Amber, in addition to Celebitchy. I think we’re on the right side of history.

  56. miasys says:

    I’m Team Amber. It took major cojones for her to go public. She has no choice but to go full metal jacket on JD. Her acting career is probably over and she’s being eviscerated in the media. She must have a ton of proof and evidence that she’s saving for court. I hope she takes him to the cleaners, as she won’t be able to make a living on her own after this sh!t show winds down.

  57. mmm says:

    A porn star (maybe not the most respected work) Charlotte Stokely claims she witnessed Johnny’s abuse toward Amber and that he’s unhinged and claims Amber has his possession

  58. maili says:

    Amber was also photographed at Gloria Allred’s office today, so it seems like she is putting together a great team:

    EDIT: I should add that she’s the lawyer representing a lot of Bill Cosby’s victims.

    • mmm says:

      it could be she’s preparing a civil case against Johnny?
      I felt so bad when i saw the new pictures of her, she looks so thin and fragile, like a young girl again

      • maili says:

        Could be! I saw some people speculating that the reason she probably filed this case against Doug is not really about winning (they will probably settle), but it will allow her team to subpoena communication’s between Doug and Depp’s PR team etc, which she can use to prove that they had organised a smear campaign against her. So it totally seems possible? I know, I feel so bad for her she looks so fragile yeah :/

  59. Ican't says:

    Ya it looks like Amber’s gett5all her ducks in a row.

    As I told a poster yesterday Ambee is not in negotiations and that TMZ article was BS. That’s why no other outlets is picking it up, Johnny PR team were at work again.

  60. Ellis says:

    I think the photo with this blurb tells it all. First, he looks toasted, but also, very angry. She looks like she used a lot of eye makeup to cover a crying jag . Can’t put makeup on glassy pupils- all women have been there. She’s puffy around the eyes, and just looks upset. He’s squeezing her hand so hard in his chubby, controlling mitts her fingertips are red. On this Danish Girl premier night, she doesn’t smile much (only in photos without JD, and probably because someone asked her to), but you can really see the under-eye puff better in the side photos. I’m not going to research this, but now that we know what to look for, there are probably a lot of subtle hints in many old photos. Or, maybe it was just an isolated incident, after all, this tour wasn’t about him.

  61. Shockadelica81 says:

    So glad that Amber is suing that Stanhope idiot! But I wonder if Amber knows about the horrible things that Suzanne Allison Witkin is saying about her on her Facebook page? Suzanne is Johnny’s first wife’s sister and her husband is one of Johnny’s band mates.So she’s know him for a long time and of course he can do no wrong. She’s saying all kinds of nasty things and calling Amber a psycho and that she was cold for going after a man in a relationship.Says who? Wasn’t his relationship over already by then.

    A few weeks ago a tabloid retracted a story saying that same exact thing and apologized to all three people in the story. But she also posted a so called quote from “sources” of the bodyguards that was taken from some tabloid because it’s not even on TMZ😂😂 And the quote is about how SHE was the one who went into violent rages and broke things!😆😆And even more ridiculous statement from this rambling is she claims that Johnny is the first man Amber’s ever been with! Amber’s talked publicly about being with men and only one woman! Wtf did she even get this stuff from? Amber’s talked about her HS boyfriend before and just yesterday I read a Daily Fail article about her ex boyfriend director Jose Alejandro Gomez Monteverde and he supported Amber.And another ex boyfriend claimed to a tabloid that she was pregnant last year! Wow PLEASE SUE HER TOO AMBER!!!

    • mmm says:

      maybe she’s part of the 20 DOES she left open to sue in the Stanhope’s case?
      I guess the rest must be Johnny’s pr team and his assistant, Stephen Deuters who not only -likely- lied about the texts but also trashed her all over his twitter and suddlenly deleted his account
      I guess they must have known that she was coming for them- she’s so badass!

    • Name says:

      Forward it all to Amber or her people. Do it. Do it through Facebook, instagram, whatthehelleverapp. Not only just for Ambers case but for everyone who has to deal with Facebook BS.

      We shouldn’t have to live through slander and lies just because Zuckerberg stole a crap idea from some inbred row boating dip shits. Take them all down honey!

      • Shockadelica81 says:

        😂😂Yep! I’ll be looking into that. I’ll try to send it to the lawyer in this case if he has an email.

      • The Other Katherine says:

        “We shouldn’t have to live through slander and lies just because Zuckerberg stole a crap idea from some inbred row boating dip shits.”

        Yes, SO MUCH THIS THING. Just because it’s on your Facebook page, doesn’t mean it’s not libel.

      • lilacflowers says:

        If you are sending things to Amber’s legal people, somebody is going to have to read it and they are going to bill Amber for reading it. The ravings of Depp’s ex-sister-in-law are irrelevant to the divorce case or domestic violence case so you would be costing Amber money for nothing. On the defamation cases, Amber’s team will have to conduct discovery according to the rules of the court and they will be able to bill a good deal of that to the opposition if they prevail. But reading your emails will most likely not be allowable billing, definitely not allowable evidence per the rules of the court, and they will gather the evidence about Witkin’s statements in ways that are. Sorry, but your emails will be viewed as spam by her legal team and she will have to pay for it. You won’t be helping her.

      • Shockadelica81 says:

        To:lilacflowers I said I would look into it not do it for sure. But hopefully her lawyer already knows about the horrible words that woman is saying anyway.

    • maili says:

      Wow, I am reading her facebook page now. What a circus. She’s also claiming that Amber has mental issues and that the truth will be revealed soon lol lol.

      And once again how come everyone in his inner circle are just voicing their opinions now? Enablers. Considering she posts about Johnny every day regardless (sad), If Amber was truly so awful, why has she never mentioned it before?

      • Shockadelica81 says:

        Just terrible! She’s just happy to be around Depp because he’s famous! And it’s curious how they never mentioned the drug and booze abuse too when claiming that Amber is crazy or Johnny is the nicest,sweetest person ever. And I just read the new people magazine.And a source close to Depp claims that he jealousy issues but loved how Amber was free and liked to do her own thing but the same things he loved about her,he couldn’t handle anymore.And Amber NEVER cheated on him.They go on to say that he gets difficult moody and can be nasty. And that’s not good for marriage. Translation:he couldn’t control her they way he wanted to,he’s insecure and jealous,and a booze,weed,coke addict.And this info is coming from HIS side😕

  62. LouLou says:

    JD looks seriously unwell. Like if you touched him he’d feel all clammy. I haven’t been into Amber or their relationship, but I believe her. And I hope she recovers and thrives.

  63. M79 says:

    Here’s the thing. You’re Johnny Depp. You and/or your team see these leaks of texts from Amber Heard hit the media. How quick (and easy) is it for you to offer $10 million to his former assistant to refute the story? Think about it, the guy could be set for life. Johnny has the money to throw away. I’m not going to be too quick to disbelieve she was abused.

  64. Goodnight says:

    I get the dislike for Amber, I really do, but I don’t understand why people are insisting in the face of the evidence that she’s lying. People who don’t even like Johnny are saying she’s faking the bruises.

    I really hope that she didn’t manufacture these texts or doctor them in any way, because she’s at a massive disadvantage and needs to be as transparent and honest as possible to convince people.

    I get that there are always two sides to the story (abuse is inexcusable, but abusers have a side too) but I don’t understand why people are so distrustful of DV victims.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      The distrust is rooted in misogyny. The U.S. public is generally not big on applying the concept “innocent until proven guilty” when it comes to forming an opinion about the guilt of an accused person, EXCEPT when it is a crime where the gender of the accuser and accused is inherently important (rape, DV) and it is a type of crime where the overwhelming majority of accusers are female and the overwhelming majority of the accused are male. THEN the public is suddenly all about “innocent until proven guilty” and safeguarding the reputation of the accused until and unless he is convicted in a court of law.

      I’m not saying that the tendency of the U.S. public to bay for the blood of the accused in other types of sensational cases, even in the face of weak evidence, is admirable — it isn’t. However, there is a glaring and pervasive double standard when it comes to how accusations are judged by the public in DV and sexual assault cases.

  65. Ginger says:

    At this point, I hope she takes him to court and prosecutes him and his ass gets nailed to the wall. I’m so pissed at all of the victim bashing. Unfortunately, he does have a top lawyer and a lot of money so that may not happen. And she’s still sympathetic towards him and probably still in love (I know, I’ve been there). I’m sure this will all get a lot uglier before it’s done.

    • Miss S says:

      I don’t know if you knew this when posted this comment, but Amber’s lawyer is the same who defended Hulk on the Gawker case (he won) and she was seen entering the office of a lawyer who is defending Cosby’s victims who is a specialist on cases involving women’s causes.

      So apparently she is lawyering up to cover the Domestic Violence accusation but also the media smear campaign against her.

      • Sam says:

        I don’t much like Gloria Allred, but Amber visiting her office as well as filing the defamation lawsuit is an effective way to damp down the media smear campaign.

        Team Depp has no choice but to settle the defamation lawsuit. Stanhope’s article is unusually egregious, and the discovery process would be a PR nightmare. Depp’s cutthroat PR response to the divorce has only backfired for him.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        At this point, with all the damage that has been done to Amber Heard’s reputation in public statements by Depp’s camp, there would need to be a lot more recompense than just a financial settlement. There would need to be public statements made by Depp or his reps that their publicly-disseminated dirt – with specific examples of that dirt – was untrue. Otherwise, she can never get her life back.

        Thanks to the Internet, no dirty gossip EVER goes away now, regardless of whether it was true or 100% made up. Thanks to the Internet, there is no longer such a thing as “the Past.”

  66. maili says:

    So sad… Doug Stanhope has been getting his followers to cover up Amber’s People magazine cover with a different magazine in stores then hashtag it with #OperationCoverUp and he favorites their tweet in response. I just discovered it by looking at his favorited tweets. How pathetic can you get?

    • Shockadelica81 says:

      He wants to cover it up because he doesn’t want to see her bruised face caused by his famous friend that he’s ass kissing! And I’m sure Amber has more texts (from Depp) and pics to prove her story.

    • Sam says:

      He’s making it easier and easier for Amber’s attorneys to prove actual malice in the defamation case.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        What a good point, Sam!

      • Miss S says:

        And she is working with Charles Harder (Hulk vs Gawker case) which should make Stanhope think twice before engaging in behaviours that reinforce what the defamation process already states.

    • mary simon says:

      Very high school. Very desperate to publicly demonstrate his love for Depp, so he can stay in that inner circle he’s so obsessed with.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Well, he will forever be referred to as “Johnny Depp’s BFF, Doug Stanhope,” and many people now know he exists (I certainly never heard of him before) so I guess Stanhope got what he wanted. He is despicable.

      • amilu says:

        All I knew previously was that he was NOT funny — literally one of those comics that makes me wonder how he’s even a comedian. Now I know he’s an actual d!ck, too! Thanks, Doug Stanhope, for making Amber’s case a slam dunk.

    • Miss S says:

      Pathetic is really the word. I hope he is crushed and humiliated at least a little with the defamation process. These people engage with the mob mentality and are never accountable, it’s really hideous:/

  67. Talie says:

    So happy she is suing that fool comedian! He absolutely tried to ruin her reputation, and I think she will win…even though it can be difficult for celebs in these cases.

    • Samtha says:

      She wins just by filing. He’s going to have to shell out big $$ to fight it (or Johnny will have to shell it out…). And if it goes forward to discovery, a whole lot of embarrassing info could come out.

      This is also a warning shot to other publications and PR people. It’s like saying, “Watch what you say and do from this point forward, because we will expose your shadiness.”

      • Shockadelica81 says:

        I just saw a French tabloid with a phony story about Amber having dinner with a female friend (and other people of course) The same friend that the tabloids tried to say that she left Johnny for back in 2013. The friend denied that story btw.Well they have a pic of them together in the restaurant that was taken on May 5th and a “source” claims that they were “kissing”😆😆 So somebody took a pic of them at dinner but not of the kissing?😂😂 And if it was taken last month and they were seen kissing wouldn’t that be a huge story then?! How convenient that this phony story comes out now. French tabloids are some of the worst ones out there and one just got sued by Leonardo Dicaprio for saying that he got Rihanna pregnant! Hope she sues them too!!

  68. Ican't says:

    All Doug Stanhope is doing is proving Amber’s case by publicly bullying her with is childish actions and discrediting his claims.

    He won’t be Johnny’s friend for long when he causesaid him the case with Amber.

    • Shockadelica81 says:

      And he said in his ridiculous article that Johnny may not ever speak to him again because of what he said. Well now he’s being sued and is bringing more embarrassment to Johnny and is just showing how many enablers and hanger-ons he has kissing his ass just because he’s famous.

      • Ican't says:

        I don’t believe that for a minute, that’s just his way of make seem like Johnny had nothing to do with what he wrote. Which is BS, Johnny team gave that ass the ok .

        As for making him more famous give it a of weeks and people wont remember who he is again, and when his actions backfire he will be out of the loop.

      • Ican't says:

        I don’t believe that for a minute, that’s just his way of make seem like Johnny had nothing to do with what he wrote. Which is BS, Johnny team gave that ass the ok .

        So if his actions backfire he’s out of the loop.

  69. Rose of Sharon says:

    Soon, real reporters, journalists and the public are going to start demanding the truth. An investigative journalist should start working on exposing the machinations involved in destroying a woman for greed.

    Another poster mentioned sausage making because of the similar, slanderous comments posts everywhere. Find out the grinders.

  70. Rose of Sharon says:

    Soon, real reporters (such as the writer of this site) and the public are going to start demanding the truth. A journalist will start working on discovering the machinations involved in destroying someone for greed.

    Another poster mentioned the similar, slanderous comments posted everywhere about Ms. Heard. We have to find out the grinders.

  71. Marianne says:

    I’m sure someone out there can validate that the texts came from both phones and what date they were texted.