Kelly Osbourne: ‘No woman with a neck like a c–t is going to ruin my family’

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Ozzy Osbourne has cheated on his wife of 33 years, Sharon, throughout their relationship, including when their kids were young and more recently, when he was caught carrying on with a colorist who did his family’s hair. We know because Sharon and Kelly made the affair public, including revealing the woman’s identity and place of work, causing her to get fired from her job. Kelly even tweeted the woman’s phone number. Given the fact that Sharon was about to promote a Black Sabbath reunion tour for Ozzy, many people wondered whether the whole affair was a publicity stunt. Given the way Sharon and Kelly attacked this woman, I doubt it. Well Kelly was recently asked how her parents were doing, and she didn’t mince words. Again, Sharon and Kelly never blame Ozzy, it’s always like he’s the victim.

Kelly said,My mom and dad are together right now. No woman with a neck like a c-nt is going to ruin my family. I will never not be good with my dad. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think that what he did is not f-ing stupid, but that’s between him and I. I’m a daddy’s girl I love my dad, you know that.”

Kelly is so jealous of women with necks. The Osbournes are like the mafia, they do awful things to each other but they are always loyal, especially when an outsider comes is. This is how Kelly always is. She always has her mother’s back and then they attack the other woman personally and sometimes physically. To be fair to this very messed up family, Sharon and Ozzy’s other two kids turned out normal-ish as far as we know. Jack seems happily married with two kids and their other daughter, Aimee, noped out of starring on their reality show and does not engage with her family’s public drama. So two of them escaped the crazy, just not Kelly.

Look at Kelly’s poor dog. He just wants to get away from her.

7th Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala New York

Billy Morrison Presents ‘Mixed Messages’

Billy Morrison Presents ‘Mixed Messages’

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  1. Alix says:

    Ah yes, it’s all the outsider’s fault, and Ozzy’s pants dropped down of their own volition. This girl and her mother are both hideous.

    • Naya says:

      Is it really so strange that a daughter finds herself unable to hate her father and prefers to see him as the victim of that womans machinations? I am not one to waste sympathies on either cheating party but I completely understand Kellys PoV.

      • Esmom says:

        I might understand that POV with other daughters but Kelly’s just the worst…so I feel unwilling to cut her any slack.

      • Lucy2 says:

        I don’t blame her for being angry at the woman, especially since it’s someone she knew. I do however blame her for running her mouth so publicly about all this, giving out the phone number, and for some reason repeatedly attacking this particular woman even though he’s had multiple affairs in the past (including with her own mother). A big part of this is just her desperate need for attention, which isn’t good.

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah I don’t care if she publicly supports her father, but I DO care that she publicly blamed, disparaged, and outed the phone number of her father’s mistress.

        Man she is just THE WORST.

      • mary s says:

        Yep, it takes two to tango. He made a choice as well, and her quote that describes his actions as doing something stupid, while the woman is publicly humiliated and vilified seems a bit shallow. She’s either really mean and petty, or not thought this thing through, because if she did, she may be more able to come to terms with her hypocripsy. What an awful thing to say, though.

      • kok says:


        your comment is a great example of the problem. women always blame other women when it comes to men cheating. it goes back to that primal, ‘she’s my friend or she’s a threat’

        When women think that way…no wonder we still don’t have equality.

        Some of the worst misogyny I’ve EVER seen…was woman-on-woman.

      • Mare says:

        Kelly called it “elder abuse” like Ozzy didn’t do anything.

    • Birdix says:

      casting call: neck like a swan, willing to overlook bat eating (and many other things)….it can all be over soon.

    • jane says:

      ruin her family!!! what about Sharon ruining ozzys 1st family and then bragging about it cause Sharons happiness was all she cared about. trashy trashy people The whole family! cannot stand Sharon Osbourne ever since she made that statement. old saying so true WHAT GOES ROUND COMES ROUND

    • WhatAmIDoingHere? says:

      well considering the guy had early onset dementia 10 to 15 years ago but yeah you go that route.

    • holly hobby says:

      Whatever happens, keep it within the family. It’s really nobody’s business. If you support your father, fine but to publicly harass that woman is unacceptable. Kelly, look how Chelsea Clinton acted during Monicagate. Yes that’s a good example of standing in solidarity with your father but not giving any more publicity to the other side!

      Ugh Kelly and Sharon – the 21st century Grey Gardens.

      • Alexi says:

        Please don’t insult Grey Gardens! I don’t EVER understand why the other woman is the whore, but the man is an innocent bystander….participant and even victim WTF. It’s Ozzya fault just as much and The same old cheating behavior. It is ABSOLUTELY misogyny and btw, I used to dig Kelly but she has no neck either. A daddy’s girl, hold him accountable rather than stoning the other chick to death. It takes two sister to tango….Hilary did the same bs with Lewinsky…poor Bill and Monica got crucified. It’s pathetic. Ladies grow up. If you had any class you would have handled it all privately….but celebs don’t have class often….give me Catherine DeNeuve or Sarandon any day…….or Julianne Moore vs trashy.

    • iheartgossip says:

      I don’t believe the story. Ozzy is too befuddled to do anything. And, Sharon Osborne is a cut rate PMK, which is really bad! And Kelly is a KardJen wanna be. Sad all the way around, really. And Ozzy, fuzzy brained Ozzy has no idea what is going on around him.

    • Birdy says:

      I agree! I cant her or her yucky mother

    • Lee says:

      I agree! Like Ozzy has no control or can take responsibility for his adulterous behavior.

    • T0m0 says:

      Well …. Kelly has a mouth for $5 love. That much is obvious and she is almost as good looking as Rumor Willis.

      The funny thing is …. Ozzy has a reputation for being cheap and not giving credit to writers and such, so good luck with the divorce, because that ought to finish him off.

      I wonder if Sharon’s habit of grabbing other women’s boobies in public counts as cheating?

    • Gretchen says:

      If my dad did that I’ve chew him a new asshole and feel sorry for the woman who got taken advantage of. HE cheated and probably pursued the woman even, who knows what he told her, probably some sob story about how he never gets laid or his wife is a shrew, whatever. HE is the one who cheated and he is the one who should be tormented, not the woman he cheated it. She’s just a pawn in his game of bullshit.

  2. teehee says:

    Oh, you stupid, stupid Kelly!!! Try as you might, you have to realize that your parents are not perfect. And you cannot control them or their marriage. This is stuff that children think but Kelly is much older…… I am surprised, not only that she is acting like that, but how on earth could she not be more aware of reality as a WHOLE here….. what is she denying this for??

    • Jules says:

      It got what she craves, attention……what else can she contribute? She does nothing but lives on her parents coat tails.

    • Wren says:

      Um, is it really so hard to believe that she wants to deny her father’s culpability? How much easier is it to blame the outsider than to admit that your parents, who you love deeply, are desperately flawed and have made bad choices? Not just children want their parents to be together and happy, you know. Logically you know you can’t control them or their marriage, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to just make everything better.

      I don’t condone her immature lashing out or her vindictive crusade against this woman, but it’s really not that hard to see where she’s coming from.

    • Arock says:

      So over this chick. She should just retire and go back to answering phones at hot topic.

    • Little Darling says:

      So much out of her mouth really truly shows a lack of emotional maturity. Like she stunted in 14-17 year old mentality. It’s so bizarre, each year she comes off more vile, and that’s unbelievable. She’s l’enfant terrible.

  3. UCatwoman says:

    She’s all class. Low class.

  4. SleepyJane says:

    If only Ozzy felt the same way…

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Gross. And I’m gross for asking this, but how does one have a neck like a c–t? I hate that word, btw, but I just not getting a clear mental image of what she’s talking about. Wrinkled? No woman with a wrinkled neck is going to ruin her family? Obvious statement on my part, but isn’t Ozzie the one ruining your family? What a vile little brat she is.

    • Gnomeo says:

      Maybe a huge gash?

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      I prefer to read it as a neck like a coconut, tropical, reminds one of holidays and slightly hairy.

      Kelly as always is vile, she needs to grow up.

      • Esmom says:

        Lol. And yes Kelly is vile. She’s a scourge on the idea of “entertainment.”

      • Kitten says:

        Or a croissant-buttery, flaky, and what I wish I was eating instead of oatmeal.

      • Lucrezia says:

        I clicked hoping to discover what a neck shaped like a c-word looked like.

        Now disappointed and craving croissants. Or even better, a Bounty! (Translation: chocolate covered coconut bar. Internet tells me it’s like a US Mounds bar).

    • Crumpet says:

      Apparently it means a neck longer than Kelly or Sharon’s. So that means I have a neck like a c*nt, apparently. How droll.

    • Chaine says:

      I read it as neck like a cat. So the woman has a luxuriously furry neck and chin and likes to have her chin scratched. 😉

    • Cross your fingers that “cunt neck” doesn’t become the new cool catch phrase. LOL!

      • La Ti Da says:

        I thought the exact same thing!!!! My second reaction to “a neck like a c-t” (because my first was “well isn’t that unnecessarily vulgar”) was to wonder if this will be the new “thigh gap”.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      All I can think about now is wishing I could see a photo of the neck in question. I wish Kelly would post a police lineup of neck photos for us to consider.

    • nicegirl says:

      seriously. I am super confused by that reference.

      First I thought, ok, she means CAT. Well, yes, it would be weird to have a neck that is catlike, or looks somewhat feline.

      Then I realized nope, she means C u next tues.

      Now I am examining my own old neck in the mirror, and worrying – is MINE looking vaginal? Is that a thing I have to worry about now? GEEZ

    • RedOnTheHead says:

      @GNAT…..I was wondering the exact same thing. How do those 2 body parts even relate to each other? And what would that look like? I have so many questions and I just know I will have to spend the day with no answers. And the image of a vagina shaped neck in my minds eye.

      • AnnaKist says:

        I think she just likes dropping in that word at every opportunity. She was in a Bondi (Sydney) restaurant a few years ago, and reportedly asked the waiter, “Is the fish fresh, or does it smell like ………..?” She’s a charmer, alright. 🐟

    • detritus says:

      She’s seriously shaming this woman for physically aging. With the combo of vaginas are bad, neck wrinkles are gross. It doesn’t make sense, she just wanted to use the word c@nt I guess.

      Is it because plastic surgery is so normalized to her that she doesn’t know what women look like when they age naturally?

      Actually I don’t care, I wanted to like her (she’s got cool hair! she’s not a typical hollywood body! I’m sure there was more at some time!), but she’s a real piece of work. I’ve never heard her disagree with anyone in a respectful manner and she’s constantly layering on the misogyny in her comebacks. It’s like the shrek onion metaphor but with more lady hate.

      • pinetree13 says:

        Yep was just coming here to clarify for all the people asking. Yes, she means her neck is wrinkled so that it has “folds” thus the crude, vagina remark and I feel that people that use the c-word are the ultimate in tasteless.

        Great points detritus about the misogyny. Attacking the woman and not faulting the man is SO OLD SCHOOL it’s ridiculous.

    • Wren says:

      Yes, neck wrinkles. Some people have more exaggerated ones than others but up until now I would never have even thought to describe them in that way. I thought the accepted derogatory term was “turkey neck”. But I suppose that wasn’t nearly mean enough to suit her.

    • La Ti Da says:

      One word…. folds.

    • Gretchen says:

      I wondered that too. I can’t figure it out unless someone slashes the throat maybe?

  6. JustCrimmles says:

    So, is she implying the woman’s neck resembles a vagina, or is there a certain mark on the necks of unsavory ladies I am not aware of?

    • Erinn says:

      Like a scarlet letter for necks?

      I get that she’s mad, but her anger is so misplaced, and so unfiltered. She’s making herself look worse and worse every time she opens her mouth. And I mean – she never looked great to begin with.

      I wish she’d place some of that anger on her dad – the man who let her mother down, her down, her brother down… that’s the part that makes me angriest. If anyone deserves her wrath it’s her father.

  7. Samtha says:

    She really needs to grow up and learn how to say “no comment.”

  8. Aiobhan says:

    Honestly, this is truly gross yet predictable behavior from Kelly. She does seem to understand a little that her father is a shit stain but gives him a pass because he is her father.

    Having said that though. to go after this woman the way that she and her mother is vicious and unacceptable. It is one thing to be upset with her, it is another to do whatever is legally possible to hurt this woman.

  9. lucy2 says:

    She’s a disaster. Part of me wonders if she’ll ever look back at all the stuff she’s said and done and be embarrassed, but the other part of me thinks she’ll never change or become self aware.

    • Neelyo says:

      Doubtful. She’s her mother’s daughter and Sharon is still as petty and vindictive as a spoiled adolescent so Kelly will probably remain the same.

    • Insomniac says:

      I doubt it. Her mother is just as foul as she is.

    • Kitten says:

      I mean, she’s 31…she doesn’t get it by now?

      • Kiliki says:

        Kitten, she seems to be getting more bitter and reactive. It’s gross.

        It makes her look so ugly, what her soul really looks like. She’s v angry. A v v angry person.

  10. Luca76 says:

    Ugh it would serve her right if the woman took her to court. What trash.

  11. prissa says:

    Love your comments! 🙂

    • JustCrimmles says:

      😀 thank you! Happy Monday!

      Now, to solve this mystery of the janky neck…

  12. NewWester says:

    So was this “separation” just a ploy to get people interested in a rumoured reboot of “The Osbournes” reality show? This whole mess reminds me of the other woman “Emily Goodhand” ( who may not even exist) was supposed to have had an affair with Tori Spelling’s husband.
    I am just wondering if someone paid off this hairdresser to say she had an affair with Ozzy. She seems to have dropped off the radar. Surprised no media outlet/tabloid has gotten an interview with her

    • Chaine says:

      Ikr? I am dubious that Ozzy can even function physically to participate in an affair.

  13. frisbee says:

    Sod her I just want to go and rescue the dog – anybody with me?

    • JustCrimmles says:

      Is it 2006 again already? Why is that little puffball in that monstrous bag? I swear, all her taste is in her mouth.

      • frisbee says:

        She single handedly makes me think it should be compulsory to have psychological tests before getting a dog, she makes that seem pretty reasonable to me…

    • JustCrimmles says:

      After their first show, I agree. That was mess upon mess upon expensive rug.

      • frisbee says:

        And it’s the poor dogs suffering, not them, dogs need to be trained, they like to know where they are it makes them feel secure – a rescue is needed – with grappling hooks for the Osborne clan preferably…

      • Lady D says:

        Whenever I see little dogs like that it hurts my heart. That poor little thing so close to her with no choice but to inhale makeup smells, hair products smells, perfume, scented deodorant, scented body soap, scented hand lotion, and who knows what else. No one ever considers what their little pet has to go through. The scent gland in a human nose can be unfolded to about the size of a quarter. A dog’s scent gland would cover a fist when unfolded. No wonder dogs get cancer.

    • Fire&Blood says:

      I’m with you… that poor, poor dog

  14. DanaG says:

    Ozzy seems to come out of this without anything really happening to him meanwhile the woman has been publicly humiliated and lost her job. Her father has done this for years he fact he keeps doing it and getting away with it and he will do it again why wouldn’t he? He may actually enjoy the drama he always goes back to Sharon and she knows he will. I do wonder what women see him he these days he can barely string a sentence together. Kelly shouldn’t get involved her mother is a grown up it’s between them. Talking like this publishing the womans phone number are childish and unwarranted.

    • pinetree13 says:

      I don’t understand why this woman was fired. Yes, it wasn’t right what she did, but why does she lose her job? It’s not like she’s a PR person or some other position of conflict…she’s a hairdresser. In what way does this prohibit her from doing her job??!

      • JustCrimmles says:

        I’d guess it’s something to do with looking like bad business. No one wants to send hubby to a shop where the town bike is employed, and all that. Forgetting, of course, that Ozzy seems to be the one on wheels.

  15. K37744 says:

    “Kelly is so jealous of women with necks.”

    Oh. SNAP.

    my guess is she has a deep indentation, as older women tend to, right in the middle over her collarbone. Robin Wright gets crap for that too. *runs to mirror to check out own neck*

    *buys scarf*

  16. QueenE says:

    I still feel like this is all a PR stunt. Ozzy has been cheating for decades and Sharon never left. Kelly needs to shut up and stop commenting on it.

  17. Div says:

    The irony and hypocrisy of the whole situation was that Ozzy was married when Sharon first got with him. He also was supposedly more or less a deadbeat dad to his kids with his first wife….They’ve tried to “scrub” them from Ozzy’s history (they are rarely mentioned and I don’t think they are a part of his wikipedia page, etc.).

    He will always be an innocent little lamb (ha) in their eyes.

  18. SusanneToo says:

    Why is carrying those ugly bags a status symbol? They look like something you’d get at K-Mart or a street vendor.

    • pinetree13 says:

      Honestly there’s so many knock-offs of that version it’s totally ruined any ‘status symbol’ it once held (if any). Beyond knowing it’s an expensive bag, it really isn’t actually attractive in anyway. If that bag was priced cheaply no one would be choosing it.

    • Cali says:

      I have never understood the obsession with LV. I think it’s fugly as all get out!

  19. Kate says:

    The irony in her statement about it being between her and her father…

    • Crumpet says:

      I have a feeling that EVERYTHING is about Kelly.

      • Kate says:

        No doubt. This girl is bitter, angry, and always spoiling for a fight. I feel sorry for her actually. It must be a terribly exhausting way to live.

  20. SusieQ says:

    No blame for Ozzy, just for the woman says Kelly, whose personality seems to match the woman she is talking about neck.
    Are they trying to get their reality show up and running again because no one will hire her?

  21. Christin says:

    Looks like she could use the colorist’s services now.

  22. Girlygirl says:

    As a daughter from a father that cheated and wrecked my home, that I felt safe in. It took me years and a reaching hand from my father to repair the damage he caused. My dad to is an addict (sober for over 30 yrs). He transferred his addiction to sex. So for Kelly (who I think is beautiful and found her niche in a crazy celebrity world) to forgive her father and be a daddy’s girl, I get it. We only see the outside. This family has heart and I respect that.

  23. HK9 says:

    It seems that the only person in this unfortunate family, that has any class at all is that cute dog she’s holding.

    • FingerBinger says:

      Her siblings are staying out of it. There’s Amy that you never hear a peep out of. Jack hasn’t said anything either.

      • swak says:

        Think Jack has enough to deal with in his own life (as he has MS) and therefore stays out of the drama associated with Ozzy. Amy wouldn’t even do their reality show.

  24. Kelly has one of those personalities that have relied on drugs and alcohol since her teen years and, as a result, she never grew emotionally. I can spot them a mile away and run like the wind every time. Toxic is the word to best describe this personality type.

  25. M.A.F. says:

    Kelly just wants to be famous hence the way she acts and why nothing she does sticks (her so-called music career for example). As much as this word is overused, her and her mom are just bullys and neither one left high school.

  26. Can the Osbornes afford a mirror? Kelly has ugly clothes, and ugly tattoos.

  27. Dani8 says:

    What an odd thing to say about ones neck. She is definitely her mother’s daughter. I can’t watch The Talk anymore because of Sharon. She is not a nice person. My distaste for her is currently outweighing my like for Aisha and Sheryl.

    I felt bad or Aisha when she spoke about her divorce on the show. I swear Sharon couldn’t stand the attention she received. It wasn’t too long after that she announced her split from Ozzy. I may be way off but it felt contrived.

  28. Azurea says:

    All I have to offer is please stop giving this moron coverage on your site.

  29. Frosty says:

    Kelly needs to realize she’s not the third partner in her parents’ marriage. It’s their business, not hers.

  30. Lauren says:

    Maybe she should look in the mirror. Horrible person.

  31. JenniferJustice says:

    This one is such an opportunist I don’t for a moment beleive this about Kelly’s loyalty. This is about Kelly’s unending need for attention and praise. That is all.

  32. Lisa says:

    Pure class.

  33. Mew says:

    Her face looks different.

  34. Lucy says:

    I feel bad for Jack and Aimee, to be honest. Good for them for not engaging with all of this bullsh*t.

  35. Salsgal says:

    I feel sorry for that older sister who has to deal with this raging crazy beyotch. She is the only same one in the bunch.

  36. Zuzus Girl says:

    Ugly inside and out. Can’t stand Kelly, the mom or the dad. Despicable people.

  37. EscapedConvent says:

    Kelly seems unhinged to me. This is not reasonable adult behavior, and she’s learned it from her horrible mother. I think Kelly will go to pieces someday when her mother is gone, because their codependent relationship is her only stable place, and look what it’s done for her. Just look at her face—it’s mean as a snake. Some years ago, when Sharon was sick and having chemotherapy, Kelly told a reporter that if her mother died, she would kill herself. She said she could not think of what she would do in her life without her mother.

    I don’t think therapy would do anything for her either; I think she’s well past that. It’s just lucky for Kelly that they have money. What would she do if she suddenly had to function in real life?

  38. nicca says:

    “Kelly is so jealous of women with necks.” I laughed till I peed!!! lololololol

  39. anna says:

    Kelly is so jealous of women with necks. Celebitchy, this is so dry it s powdered, loved it!!!

    As a woman with physical flaws myself I would never put down another woman based on appearance. Really. If I would look like a supermodel maybe I couldn’t relate but as I am I know not to offend someone on something they cant help.

    Even if DO look like a damn supermodel compared to Kelly. She has the most unfortunate body, little pudgy arms and legs muscular like some bodybuilder.
    I wonder how would she feel if she would read this. How horrible it is to speak like this of someone?

  40. Dirty Martini says:

    This woman has all the class of discarded skivvies, She’s no better than the Kartrashians. Why blame the woman? (Question her sanity for touching the likes of Ozzie,,,,,). But daddy was the one who cheated on marriage vows. Buck begins and ends right there, Daddy’s Girl. Go grow the eff up.

  41. Zeddy says:

    … when my I found out my mom was cheating, I didn’t act much better to the guy even though it was my mom’s fault. I get the anger, I get the outrage, I don’t blame Kelly, but they could have left her phone number out. Oh well.

  42. Debutante says:

    Kelly is the one who has no neck at all !

    And she seems like the epitome of a cu#t.

    • Fire&Blood says:

      She and her harpy of a mother who laughed off Kelly posting the woman’s number online.

  43. lem0ndrop says:

    Being a daddy’s girl isn’t something to brag about if you’re over the age of nine. Grow up, you snotty, vicious, selfish little wannabe.

  44. Jwoolman says:

    Has anybody pointed out to her, while she’s foaming at the mouth on social media, that if her dad didn’t have affairs – she herself wouldn’t exist?

    My guess is that her siblings already understand that point.

  45. Grant says:

    She is repugnant.

  46. 0neNonBlonde says:

    Such a classless troll, just like her mother.

  47. Ellis says:

    Who is this person that anyone should care what she says? She’s right up there with the Kardashians, Duggars, and the Real Horriblewives of Anywhere. Can we just be done with these reality show hacks? I’ll bet there were 50 interesting quotes from people today to evoke interesting discussion instead of bile, which is all these people seem good for.