Eva Mendes’s beauty routine involves checking for throw up or food on her clothes

Eva Mendes is the creative director of Circa Beauty, a cosmetics line which was launched in February of 2015 at Walgreens. It’s not owned by Eva, it’s owned by a global perfume and cosmetics company called Maesa group, but she’s been involved with this since the start. There’s no Walgreens near me and this is the first I’m hearing of Eva’s cosmetics, which are billed as similar to luxury products at drugstore prices. She also promises that they have pigments and coloring suitable for all skin tones. Now I want to try them, but I’m a sucker for new makeup.

As part of her work with Circa, Eva did interviews with beauty bloggers, including Hola!, the original Spanish version of Hello! Magazine. They have photos with her and she looks incredible. Eva just welcomed her second daughter with Ryan Gosling, Amada, about two months ago. They also have daughter Esmeralda, who turns two in September. So Eva has her hands full and her beauty tips to Hola! involve making sure there is not food or spitup on her clothing when she leaves the house. I do not miss that time at all.

Since becoming a mom-of-two, the Hitch star confessed that her beauty regimen has changed leaving her to scramble for shortcuts. “Absolutely. It’s just about how do you, how to expedite everything. Efficiency,” Eva said to our sister publication HOLA! USA.

She continued: “And you really have to check, I need more mirrors because you just have, ‘Oh right, there’s throw up on my shirt.’ You got to really attempt to keep yourself glamorous. It’s beautiful, because it brings you right down. You’re like, ‘Oh I look cute,’ and then you’re like, ‘Oh right, I have baby food on me’ or the little one gives you a kiss, and it’s so sweet, but you get like spaghetti cheek.”

While at the event, the Cuban beauty, who launched her beauty line in 2015, also shared her usual routine when getting ready for a night on the town. She admitted that her preparation ritual includes “mostly music.” “Music for sure,” Eva confessed. “Maria Callas. I like listening to something that’s a little more romantic.”

She explained: “It’s something that’s going to relax me, because otherwise I respond, like most of us, I respond in a visceral way to music. So I need to have like a calm me down and kind of really take that time for myself. Or classical music. Like Beethoven.”

[From Hello!]

Sometimes I listen to music before I go out too, but I usually play the Boiler Room DJ mixes on my computer, which are like a live party. (My favorites are Nightmares on Wax and Kaytranada in Montreal. The people are so wasted in that Montreal set.) So I can relate to the music part, but I want to get excited, not chill out. I guess a new mom would want to set the opposite mood though. As for making sure you don’t have food or vomit on you before leaving the house, again that is not something I ever want to go back to. I remember one of the first times I had a business meeting after having my son and I just felt so out of touch and frumpy. It took me a long time to get my groove back, but it definitely doesn’t look like Eva is having that problem.

Just two Cubanas from Miami having a chat… ❤️

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  1. Misti says:

    I was wondering why she was suddenly showing up on the DM. Like her wrap dress.
    Their daughter looks like the two of them –

  2. mary s says:

    She has a great figure. Even though I will never forgive her for ruining “Hitch,” I’m happy for her success with the makeup line. Promoting it for all all skin tones, engaging with her sistahs Latinas, recognizing diversity, cool. She looks really cute and down to earth in all those snaps. But still, “Hitch”.

  3. TIFFANY says:

    I was watching The Other Guys the other day and she was great in that. She really does have comic chops and I hope she gets back to acting soon.

    It seems that there is a pattern when Gosling dates an actress, they just go away. It happened with McAdams and not Mendes.

  4. from SPAIN says:

    Actually, Hola Spain is the original and Hello is the English division created years later, same as any other Hola or Hello.

  5. ItDoesntReallyMatter says:

    Love the floral dress! She is very pretty. Happy for her. 😊

  6. BreeInSEA says:

    Her lips look different… that’s all I’ve got.

  7. ds says:

    @Celebitchy; here’s one huge like for mentioning Boiler Room! YOU ROCK!

  8. Colleen says:

    I completely forgot she has children, and with Ryan Gosling. So when I read the title of this post, my mind went to her checking her clothes post purge, and I was horrified that she would casually put that out there. But… derp! I’m still working on my first cup of BPC.

  9. raincoaster says:

    Anybody who thinks Beethoven is “relaxing” is not understanding Beethoven.

  10. From SPAIN says:

    Thank you!