Sean Penn doesn’t want to financially support Robin Wright Penn

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We reported yesterday that Sean Penn filed for separation from Princess Buttercup herself, Robin Wright Penn. Now The Daily Mail is reporting that Penn has asked the California court to waive spousal support. The couple has two children – Hopper (who is 15 years old, and thus a minor) and Dylan (who is 18 years old, and whose custody will probably not be an issue). I would assume Sean then has no problems paying child support – but no spousal support! Sean isn’t going to make sure that Princess Buttercup is financially secure!

He sparked rumours of a rift when he failed to thank his wife as he accepted an Oscar for his film Milk in February. And now Sean Penn has pulled the plug on his 13-year marriage – for the second time in 16 months.

The 48-year-old actor has filed for legal separation from Robin Wright, and asked a US court to waive spousal support.

If his request is granted, Penn would not be obliged to pay a yearly support allowance to his wife, who also has a lengthy film career of her own.

The court documents, filed in Marin County, near San Francisco, on Friday, cite ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason for the split and request joint legal and physical custody of their 18-year-old daughter Dylan and 15-year-old son Hopper.

They also list the date of their separation as April 23rd – just four days before their 13th wedding anniversary.

Penn, who won the Best Actor Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards, first called time on his marriage to Miss Wright, 43, in December 2007. On that occasion he also gave irreconcilable differences as the reason for their break-up, but requested a full divorce rather than separation.

After briefly being linked to 29-year-old model Petra Nemcova, the actor reconciled with his wife and withdrew the divorce petition. But on Friday, just 12 months after deciding to give their marriage another go, Penn filed for separation.

[From The Daily Mail]

Yes, Robin Wright Penn is a talented actress with a career that can stand on its own, separate from Sean’s. But she’s also taken loads of time off to raise their kids, in addition to taking smaller roles and independent films because the filming is shorter. Robin has always been a leading lady who masquerades as a character actress, and she’s said “no” to projects to be supportive of Sean and their family. It’s really screwed up that after some-odd twenty years together, Sean wouldn’t want to make sure that Robin is taken care of. Is it just me, or does Sean get douchier by the minute?

Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn are shown at the Into The Wild premiere on 9/18/07. Images thanks to .

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  1. n says:

    Sean Penn must be a spoiled brat.

    hope a judge rules against him.

    isn’t CA one of those states where couples have to divide assets equally if they divorce?

  2. lisa says:

    Yes, n. All things are divided equal in the marriage if acquired during the marriage, although she can try to go after his assets that were obtained before the marriage if she wants. Doesn’t mean she will get it, but she can try.
    Just because she has a career of her own is meaningless. She is continuing to raise the kids!

  3. Lori says:

    Sean Penn you suck!

  4. Hanh says:

    Just waiting to hear who the new young model is in his life now. I feel bad for the kids. Maybe he wants to dump her now that his film career is reviving after Milk and he doesn’t want her to have any money from future endeavors.

    Sean Penn has always been a douche bag so this is no surprise. The only surprise is that Robin stayed with him this long. I feel bad for his kids that he treats their mom like this after she stalled her own career to care for them.

  5. Tony says:

    Penn does not strike me as a happy person. There is a bitterness about him. Even when he’s seemingly happy he looks mad.

  6. SixxKitty says:

    What a pig, and what a fine example he sets to his children…

  7. Payton says:

    I have tried to like & respect Sean, but he has revealed how heartless he is. Robin is so lovely & graceful, and Sean continues to be disloyal to her. I wish Robin well, and Sean can go to Hell!

  8. Trillion says:

    I hope her career soars. The best revenge.

  9. j. ferber says:

    She’s probably so supportive of him and his “genius,” that she won’t oppose his request not to support her (financially and in every other way). Sad.

  10. Cowbell says:

    I think he is a disgusting pig. He just looks dirty. Like he invented swine flu.

    I though it was odd when he won the award then RW had to literally pull him back into a kiss with her before he ran off to the stage.


  11. Katharine Jaynes says:

    When you have as much money as these people do, its not even about what she “gets” from the divorce settlement. She will have enough to get by on financially. To me this is more about treating Robin with respect. This is his long-term partner and the mother of his children. Still, Sean is publically behaving disrespectfully in a way that will once again shame and humiliate her. I thought it was very disrespectful when he forgot to thank her at the Oscars. Robin also has put up with Sean’s notoriously unfaithful behavior. Whats up with his partying with Lindsay Lohan? Petra Nemcova? A tizzying array of fling with young models will follow this separation…

    Sean, is the money better spent with Robin and your children? Or rolled up, used for some nose candy and young bimbo.

    I hope Robin finds happiness. And I hope she starts making movies fulltime now that her children are almost grown! She is a great actress, a beautiful lady, and a class act.

  12. heehee says:

    ts never a winning situation when any person in a relationship gives or does more thanthe other– usually the woman is the one doing this out of care, sadly. So the woman always gets screwed in the end once the lovey feelings disappear. My vow to myself is, to always give equal to what I am given and always put myself first- so this sh%t dont happen to me. if whoever marry loves me, he’ll want me to do nothing BUT that anyhow, and not be a selfish pig and demand sacrifices at the altar of him.

  13. Victoria says:

    What has Robin done in private to make Penn so mad? After what he has done, Robin must have really made him angry. It will all come out soon and it will be good!

  14. Buckley says:

    there goes all my respect for you Sean…
    Robin is an excellent actress, hope she soars.

  15. overit says:

    He’s always been a miserable-tempered b*stard, I’m amazed she’s been able to hang in with him as long as she has. She deserves fright pay for that.

  16. cara says:

    sean penn SUCKS ___K! major, MAJOR ___K! What a little man he is. How dare he even ask for non spousal payment. He is such a little, little excuse of a man. (we ALL know he has size issues, the sh*t.)

    Anyway, I will never forget seeing this bitch on Santa Barbara in the ’80’s. She played Kelly and I thought she was THE most beautiful woman I had ever seen, honestly. I will pray that RWP will finally be available for the mate she deserves. She’s wasted enough time on this Napoliean-syndrome Loser. She is a born Queen and should be treated as such.

    **and I am boycotting all future little man Penn films, till I die, for this one.

  17. vicsmith says:

    What an ass. Maybe this will help her get completely over him, if she isn’t yet.

  18. Maritza says:

    I hope that she gets to be really successful and starts winning awards after she divorces that douchebag, while his career goes down the drain.

  19. Orangejulius says:

    I wonder what their kids think about all this. Must hurt.

  20. kap says:

    Never liked the guy but have to admit he’s a very good actor. Thought that after 10 years of marriage the spouse automaticaly got 50% in California. Maybe they were married in a different state?

  21. Raven says:

    I have read that Robin is very jealous of his relationship with Madonna. Apparently, they are still friends and have started talking frequently after Guy filed for divorce. They don’t have a romantic relationship but Robin that apparently doesn’t matter to Robin.

  22. Zarah says:

    I will never understand why Robin stayed with him for so long. The guy never respected her, his numerous affairs are a testament of that. Sad to say but she should have got out years ago. She had a career of her own, is very attractive and apparently well-liked. What on earth made her stay in this relationship so long? I like Sean as an actor, think he’s pretty terrific everytime he’s onscreen but he’s clearly a very difficult person to live with. And he has still has a fascination with Madonna, always has, always will.

  23. stewie says:

    “After what he has done, Robin must have really made him angry.”

    is it SO hard to believe that the guy is just a pr_ck and treated her badly?

    look at his behavior in the 80s with all the punching of photographers. and the paps weren’t even that bad back then!

  24. He’s certainly no Westley.

  25. not_a_strawman says:

    Raven – That might be true but Penn is no prize! He beat the crap out of Madonna when they were married. He’s a jerk plain and simple and I hope he gets what’s coming to him!!

    See this disturbing article:

  26. Wif says:

    Great message to send to the kids, eh? Your mother no longer gets my support.

  27. jennifer says:

    I may be wrong, and I hope I am, but I am 99% positive this is a domestic violence situation. Robin always looks so beat down, her face always looks like there’s so much pain there. It’s probably a given that it was an emotionally abusive relationship, but yeah, would not be surprised at ALL to learn there was violence.

    And cara I’m with you – I always boycott the projects of people I can’t stand and have actually not watched a Penn movie in a long time (I don’t question his talent, but I cannot look at his douchetastic smug face for any length of time) My $$$ probably doesn’t make much different, but if enough people feel the same way, well… 😉

  28. UrbanRube says:

    I’m with Maritza, and I’d just add that I’d love to see a picture in about 9 months of Robin glowing alongside an enlightened man who’s treating her well. Something to look forward to.

  29. Obvious says:

    I believe Sean is a genius and amazingly talented-on screen. but as a person he leaves something to be desired.

    Good luck to Robin, though I doubt she’ll make the movies she could-she is a very focused mother.

  30. barneslr says:

    He’s a tool and I hope she absolutely reams him in the divorce.

  31. Anonymous says:


  32. judy says:

    I dount that Robin has done anything terrible to Penn. He has always has been a skirt chaser like good old Mel. He can ask for no spousal support b ut she is going to get it anyways lol and 50 percent of every nickle he has made for 13 years..and I hope more.

  33. Autumm Leaves says:

    Sean Penn is a douchebag. I still can’t watch his movies. I’m not the type of person that can seperate the douchbagness of Sean from his “art”. That’s the power of being a douche.

    And his brother Chris may he R.I.P. was a better character actor.

  34. Canada416 says:

    Did you ever think that maybe this was a mutual decision? Robin seems like a very independent, strong woman who probably has no interest in being supported financially by a man.

  35. cara says:

    Everyone should check out Sorry Hater’s….a FanTastic film that showcases just how much of a fantasitc artist RWP is. She towers over that little man in artistic ability too.

  36. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    I say ‘mid life crisis much Sean?’. Now you’re the big Oscar winning man your beautiful wife ain’t good enough for ya so you have to trade her in for a younger one? Cliche.

    It’s a good point made by Katharine J – she doesn’t need his money but it’s a matter of respect. She is the mother of his children and regardless of whether she is able to raise them financially without his help he has the shared responsibility of financially supporting his children.

    He sounds like a bit of a scumbag to be honest with you.

  37. OXA says:

    If there was no prenup, they split everything 50/50. He is spoiled rotten, angry douchebag. I am sure his son and daughter are proud of his tightwad ways.

  38. Autumm Leaves says:

    Regarding Robin, I’ve been a fan of hers for years since she started on a daytime soap Santa Barbara. She has truly grown as an actress over the years. She absolutely is riveting in all her roles.

  39. kitten says:

    Sean is an amazing actor but in real life he is a complete dog- the same could be said for James Woods or John Hurt.

    I hope Robin gets her just desserts by finding a man that respects her and long due recognition for her work.

  40. NJMDPS says:

    He is an ass. Go Robin. Not that I am in favor of wife/husband fights but this is ridiculous. He is a jerkweed.
    She will shine.

  41. Green Is Good says:

    What a bastard. This is how he treats the mother of his kids. LIKE SHIT. Robin stood by this prick through thick and thin.

    Trust, with her talent and hotness, she’s getting the last laugh. And after 13 years of marriage, she’s getting half.

    Piss up a flagpole, Sean.

  42. aw! says:

    He looks like a slime-bag and acts like one too. I hope she can take him for everything!

  43. Feebee says:

    Didn’t really need to read the story, the headline tells you all you need to know.

    The guy’s a Class A Prick.

  44. Ron says:

    Sean has failed to realize that this kind of publicity only hurts him. And it’s a memorable hurt. People don’t forget this kind of thing. It’s much like Chris Brown, I can’t hear any of his music without thinking about Rhianna’s face. And having gone through a nasty divorce with my parents, it will change his children’s opinion of him as well.

  45. tinat says:

    It’s California, she gets half of everything so who needs support on top of that?
    Is she even asking for spousal support?

    The Daily Mail is not exactly what you would call a great news source either, LOL

  46. drm says:

    I agree that the Daily Mail is hardly reliable…according to them 40% of Britons are going to get the swine flu…but either way Sean Penn is not going win any awards for his behaviour here…

  47. RobN says:

    I live in Ross, CA, the same town where they live. Robin is lovely and well-liked by the locals. Sean is a dick who moved into a house across the street from the town’s fire/police dept. and then showed up at the town council meeting to complain about the sirens. No doubt whose side we’re on.

  48. ChristinaT says:

    just cuz he asked for it, doesn’t mean he’s going to get it… otherwise, i’d have put in my request for a billion dollars a while back.

  49. MB says:

    I think Katherine said it perfectly.
    Basically this guy is an arch prick of a man who has been shamelessly running around with trollops and the occasional actress that we expected more from (hello, Natalie Portman?!).

    I hope this guy gets taken for everything he’s got and Robin finds someone who actually treats her with the respect she deserves.

  50. j. ferber says:

    RobN, Great anecdote. That sounds just like him! He probably asked the fire department to move, right?

  51. Ednonymous says:

    penn is a pompous fuck.

  52. IceBunny says:

    I too have boycotted anything “Sean Penn” for a very long time now. … I don’t care HOW “good” an actor he is. Seriously – what does THAT matter in the REAL scheme of life!? … He is an angry and disturbed little “man”, with twisted morals and pitiful character traits. I wish he would self-destruct rather than taking out his misery on those who have stood by him for so many years. He is the poster child for despicable human beings. This is the last straw, as far as I am concerned. I hope this is the legacy he leaves, as it is his truest trait.

    How ironic that he was once married to his complete equal in narcissistic, selfish megalomania – Madonna. The world was a better place when they canceled each other out, married to each other. How Robin has hung in there all these years just mystifies me.

    Anyway, I wish her all the best. It is time for her to bust free of that loser at last, and FLY.

  53. jay says:

    Just because he doesn’t want to pay spousal support, does not mean he is a pig or that she will be left in shambles. They have already gone through the motions of divorce and I bet that they have already agreed on how to split assests and she probably wants a lump sum pay out, instead of spousal support.

  54. ThatBKChick says:

    After Mel Gibson there “there will be blood” in the courts over spousal support and so forth….450 Million Dollars is enough to make any well seaoned actor like Penn cringe…..not that it’s right, I think she should be compensated for being a good wife and housemaker in supporting their children during their marriage…should a spouse take half of anyone’s trap….I don’t think that it’s totally fair, but they should be farily compensated.

  55. cari says:

    Sean Penn is a douche bag. He needs to pack his bags and move to South America now…he is not welcome here by ANYONE anymore.

    and to all the producers and directors out in Hollywierd…please spre us from ever having to see this douche in a movie again. He’s an effing loser!

  56. Ned says:

    She was nothing short of a fully supportive wife.
    She gave hime her finest years, stood by him, and he was nothing but an abusive, self- centered husband who sees only himself.

    I have no idea how she put up with his cheatings, mistreatment, and abuse. He should pay every cent he’s got.

    Robin is not some kind of gold-digger, who asked for divorce after 5 years and 2 children.

    This woman actually stayed with him most of her adult life.

    What a shame.

  57. Gloaming says:

    As far as i can see Penn put a cross next to a standard sentence saying he was asking the court to waive spousal support. Surely this means FOR HIM, not her.

    Doesn’t it mean he is not asking the court to award him any support (ie force his wife to pay him anything)?

    The papers have to be filled in by anyone petitioning for separation or divorce. Moreover, it is standard for people to generally pay their own legal bills.

    So maybe there’s not ‘that’ much douchebaggery going on at all.

  58. Oscars says:

    I will never watch any movie this guy makes. He took time in his Oscars acceptance speech to praise our new president, bash close minded people who don’t believe in gay marriage and spew his hatred for all to see. Yet in his speech he never bothers to recognize his wife or his own children.
    Hi is a hateful bastard with an agenda. The person I’m sure he hates the most is himself. Good Luck Robin! Run!

  59. nora says:

    ha haha…maybe he wants to get back with Madonna now that she is free and available…just a thought…
    Why is it that a lot of actors get a divorce as soon as they win the Oskars…???!!!

    I think none of the people that he thanked at his Oskars acceptance speech(Obama, all the gay people in USA, and,,,) are going to be there when he dies,,,,only his wife and kids…and he actually forgot them…he can hate his wife and go and marry other people but how could he forget his KIDS????

  60. MaryL says:

    Yeah isn’t he a great guy. So concerned that gay people can get married, while he cheats on his wife and ignores her in an acceptance speech. I love these hollywood types… do as I preach not as I do… Sean Penn = hypocritical, angry, self-absorbed asshole. Robin Wright (please drop the Penn) rejoice!

  61. Katya says:

    Penn didn’t file for divorce. He filed for Legal Separation. So he doesn’t want to support Robin, doesn’t want to be with her, but he won’t let her go.

  62. Autumm Leaves says:

    All great comments. MaryL you made a very thought provoking points about gay marriage and Penn’s marriage.

  63. dirtyoldman says:

    There is a big difference between Robin Wright and her husband…I can name one of her movies (The Princess Bride).

    He held her back all these years, in my opinion.

  64. Raven says:

    Good for him. I’m not surprised the women on this board are sticking together, and you wonder why men think of women as gold diggers.

    He shouldn’t have to pay spousal support. She was not a stay at home housewife who gave it all up to raise the kids. She’s not hurting in the finance department and has had a good career.

  65. dovesgate says:

    The fact is that she makes a heck of alot less than he does. For “I Am Sam” in 2001 he made $5 million. For “Unbreakable” in 2000, she made half that. She was up for great roles that she couldn’t take because she was pregnant with his kids and some that she didn’t take because she needed to be with her family.

    My husband makes nearly three times what I do. In the event of a divorce, damn straight I want spousal support. I put my career on hold to raise our kids and if he decides to ditch me once they are mostly raised, I’m going after everything I can get. If that makes me a gold digger, oh well.

  66. Man Cheat says:

    Sean is not a man to rely on.

    All assets during marriage must be split into two. No matter his wife can stand on her own.

    Am i right?

  67. Amy says:

    California LAW says 50/50 split of property. Rarely are women given spousal support or alimony anymore. She will get 50% of their assets (although knowing him, he probably hid half his dough overseas). She probably wasn’t going toe ven ask for spousal. This was his way of sticking it to her. Rumor is, after umpteen years of putting up with his s*&t and f-ingaround on her, she finally grew a pair and had an affair with a producer who treats her right. I say go girl, you still have your looks, your talent and your personality. Yes Sean, people actually like Robin, she actually has friends, unlike you.
    To the idiot who said the women are sticking together as gold diggers you need to get your head up out of your butt. This woman gave up numerous career opportunites to raise her kids and the law recognizes that. Who do you think was going to raise them if she didn’t? Her coke freak, bimbo banging fool of a husband? He probably couldn’t even open his bloodshot eyes till mid- afternoon. Thoe kids would be dead or emotional wrecks without her.
    Note to the women bashers out there. Young kids don’t raise them selves, its a 24/7 job and its very hard work. That’s why the law recognizes the 50/50 split.

  68. daisy424 says:

    Good points Amy.

    My question is; Who gets custody of Hugo?

  69. Christina says:

    Um, I’m a woman and I don’t believe in spousal support. Okay so she gave up career opportunities for her kids… sooo… how about we make the kids pay her back too? It’s stupid. It’s called a sacrifice. Hence the phrase “give up career opportunities” not “temporarily give up but then get paid for it later career opportunities”. And it’s all based on the assumption that she would have landed roles to begin with, or had success at any of them. I guarantee she wasn’t forced at gunpoint to turn down roles. As a pregnant woman she was ultimately given the choice if whether or not she’d turn down a role.. and now we’re supposed to turn around and make Sean pay for it? Last time I checked there are plenty of actresses who continued to work even after pregnancy. And although most of them were in television, the point is that pregnancy doesn’t automatically mean dead career. Yes, Sean should pay child support. But since when is it men’s responsibility to support a woman who is no longer in his life? If she’s such a talented actress, I’m sure she’ll have no problem landing roles now. She can support herself. Period. When my own parents split, there was no such option as getting spousal support. And all my mom cared about was knowing her children would be taken care of. I’ve only ever known celebrities to ever ask for shit like spousal support. And as Amy pointed out, everything will be split 50/50 so it’s not like she’ll be left with nothing. But once you’re out of a marriage… as far as I’m concerned your life and well-being becomes your own responsibility. And the same goes for these non celebrity men who seek spousal support from their celebrity wives. And these women who demand money to “maintain a lifestyle”. It’s just such bullshit.

  70. MaryL says:

    I think the math works something like this…
    Getting a divorce… 50% of Sean’s assets, cheating on the commy dirtback 50% minus alimony, finally having a chance to be with a real man… priceless