Gary Coleman on his new film ‘it’s just so offensive’

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Gary Coleman, 41, stars in a new reality-type movie that features little people competing with mascots in Jackass type competitions. There’s supposedly $1 million up for grabs for each contestant on the winning team for a total of $10 million, but it’s hard to believe the film had a budget that was even a tenth of that.

Coleman’s new film, Midgets vs. Mascots, is being billed as “shockumentary” and judging from the trailer, below, it’s a mess that’s offensive on many levels. There are scenes of little people getting punched out, mascots puking on each other, and predictable scatalogical humor. In a contractually obligated interview promoting the movie, the 41 year-old former child star makes it clear that he only did the film for money and that he thinks it’s a piece of crap:

His wife would be Shannon Price, 23, the pleasant redhead milling in the background. They live in Utah County, Utah together, are visibly in love, and their mortgage is, according to Coleman, what has driven him, now 41, to star in Midgets vs. Mascots.

“If they weren’t paying me, you wouldn’t be talking to me,” Coleman proclaims, motioning at director Ron Carlson and adding, “He is very proud of the film, and I don’t know why.

“I have very little good to say about the movie because it’s just so offensive. But I’m sure if you’re a fan of Borat, you’ll like this movie. But I have never liked the word midget.”

Coleman describes Borat as “ridiculous, offensive and pointless.”

Earlier this month Page Six quoted Coleman as saying he wanted “to bash my fists right in my agent’s face” for booking him this job.

Coleman says he was half-kidding.

“He knows as well as I do that I still have to pay my mortgage, and if I want to keep my land I have to do that. I took this job and I promote this film because they pay me. Not because I think it’s a good film, and not because I’m in it.”

With that, Carlson interjects, “You haven’t seen the movie yet.”

“And I probably won’t,” Coleman fires back.

The director continues, “People on the street are coming up to me saying, ‘Carlson, Aronofsky brought back Rourke, but what you did with Coleman…'”

“Who the hell is Aronofsky?” Coleman responds with a “whatchu talkin’ bout Willis”-like fury.

Carlson busts out laughing and declares 2009 “the year of Gary Coleman.”

So what’s next for Gary?

“Right now I have, which is a really nice portal for me. It’s a shopping portal. I got scented candles, some Amway products, all kinds of good stuff.”

[From The Huffington Post]

The website Gary Coleman mentions,, is pretty sad. It’s one of those template sites with just a front page and some links. As of 6:00 am EST it only had 665 visitors logged on the counter. It’s possible one of the sites he links out, RailsFurnitureRailways, is also run by Coleman but it’s hard to tell as it has no real identity. That site only sells perfume and some jewelry.

I saw this guy on “The Surreal Life” and he definitely has a massive chip on his shoulder. He’s been in several public fights with his young wife Shannon Price, 23, in which cops had to be called. The two were even on Divorce Court last year in an attempt to get some kind of cash, publicity and advice from Judge Toler. Shannon told the judge that Gary threw temper tantrums and would often bang his head against the wall when he was upset. At least with this exploitive movie he’s getting paid to be self destructive.

Gary claims that everything is fine in his marriage, though, and told The Huffington Post that married life is “great,” calling it “one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever love.” Last year on Divorce court Shannon said that she wanted children but that Gary didn’t. Luckily they remain childless.

Here’s the trailer for Midgets vs. Mascots. I don’t even know what to label the warning on this one. It’s just pretty terrible.

Here’s Coleman at the premiere of Midgets vs. Mascots on 4/25/09. credit:

tff midgets vs mascots 260409

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6 Responses to “Gary Coleman on his new film ‘it’s just so offensive’”

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  1. JohnnieR says:

    First of all, Damn, this dude is looking pretty rough for 41 years old.

    Secondly, Now why is it that, after perusing that rather pathetic trailer, the 1932 Todd Browning film “Freaks” comes to
    mind? NOT that I consider “little people”
    to be freaks, I do NOT, but, for anyone who is familiar with this 1932 MGM cult film, you will no doubt see some parallels – unintentionally hilarious similarities.

  2. ThatBKChick says:

    @JohnnieR…this is so sad…I honestly do not understand why Gary Coleman has resorted to feeling that he is worth these types of roles and situations, just to get by. I honestly feel that the reality show industry does more harm to old washed up stars like Coleman, and do nothing to honestly help them and their situations.

    I know that there are tons of other things that Coleman could be or should be doing:

    1.) Setting up a talent agency to advocate for short/midget people
    2.) Setting up his on child star agency to help and protect children from being exploited in the industry
    3.) Work as a consultant for the Screen Actors Guild/Union to protect children/midget/short people in Hollywood…

    I can honestly think of a series of proactive and positive things that Gary Coleman could be and should be doing with his life other than this.

  3. JohnnieR says:

    ThatBKChick, you are RIGHT on the money with your wonderful suggestions.
    I agree with you 100%.

  4. Ggirl says:

    Gary Coleman has been so unhappy his entire life. I wish this guy could find some peace. Also the suggestions from ThatBKChick were good because as an advocate he could make a positive contribution.

  5. Hijinx says:

    Those are some of the best suggestions that I have heard!! If Gary Coleman could get himself together where he could put his anger toward something positive, he could help others as well as himself.

  6. MyssKyttye says:

    1st,In response to JohnnieR:
    I think you’d look a little “rough” too,if you had to go thru what he’s gone thru.Being the butt of everyone’s jokes can’t be easy.I can easily understand why he has such rage & anger issues..not to mention his own parents blowing all his money…

    …I also agree with ThatBKChick’s ideas.Those are very positive and would be a great way to build his self-esteem & finance and help those like himself. I hate that he’s resorted to such means just for some cash…but then again,I can’t blame him. I’d like to see him do a spot on Law & Order,or Cold Case,or something. Its a shame that They(HollyWood) don’t take him seriously as an actor just because of the way he looks.