Jessica Simpson & John Mayer: the sequel?


Ugh, I read this “report” yesterday, and I thought it was total crap. But now other gossip sites have picked up on it like it’s really going to happen, so here you go: Jessica Simpson and John Mayer: The Sequel. Barf.

Mayer and Jessica were seen lunching together in Calabasas early in April. Mayer has a home in Calabasas, so perhaps Jessica came to him. They were careful not to be seen together, yet “so happy” to be with each other. They should both be ashamed of themselves… or maybe not. Could it that they’re perfect for each other? That they got it right the first time around?

OMG! John Mayer is really making the rounds!

An inside source reveals exclusively to X17online that John Mayer and Jessica Simpson had lunch in Calabasas earlier this month! The duo was very careful not to be seen, and the source tells X17online, “Jess and John looked so happy to see each other, and it looked to me like they were more than friends!”

What is going on here?! Would Jess dump Tony for John, or is she just being a great flirt friend to the newly single singer? And what would Tony think of this?! Think the NFL quarterback is scared of losing his lady to John?

Who do you think John is going to wind up with next?

[From x17 Online]

Forget about who Mayer is going to end up with (my guess: about a million random drunk groupies), why is Jessica Simpson throwing away her relationship with Tony Romo? Is this the beginning of the end for the quarterback and the… “country singer”? Is that what Jessica Simpson is now? My guess was always that Mayer dumped Jessica and she was pretty devastated, because she didn’t know any better. Because, bless her heart, she’s dumb as a box of hair and she really thought John Mayer was the best she could do. Why is she going back for seconds with the guy who broke her heart? Poor Jessica.

Here’s Jessica and John back in 2007.


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  1. DD says:


  2. Gloaming says:

    Double BLEH!

  3. Nudgie says:

    I always thought these two were meant for each other. He can give her the gift of creating music and she can give him…..boobs.

  4. ash says:

    the 2 of them together are just awkward.

  5. Maritza says:

    She probably wants to make Tony jealous so he will make up his mind and marry her once and for all.

  6. yadira says:

    ACK and BLEH!

  7. Kevin says:

    Well, I hate to state the obvious, but she shit on the one guy who unconditionally loved her and she might not ever find that type of guy again. Can you imagine Mr. Dark Douche waiting for their marriage for sex because her virginity was important to her? I sure can’t.

  8. dml says:

    Fer cryin’ out loud. John Mayer will talk to anyone who would listen. Me. me, me, me. His favorite subject.

  9. ThatBKChick says:

    I honestly keep hoping that Jessica Simpson honestly stops perpetrating the “dumb blonde” syndrome and prove people wrong that she has something more to offer other than her mediocre voice/talent…that’s the bad news. She never disappoints…..That is the good news!!!

  10. guest says:

    he is just so unattractive imo on every level.

  11. eml says:

    why is it “poor jessica” when she goes back to mayer, yet it was “aniston is getting what she deserves” when she took him back?

  12. Alli says:

    I can not believe she would say one word to him ever….again.
    Proves one point John Mayer loves stupid women.
    Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and now this Scheana Maria chick.
    A women with a brain would not put up with his rubbish but a dumb desperate low self worth women will.
    Jessica has had another failed attempt at country music. She has to have major low self esteem issues right about now. So here comes John Mayer back into the picture.
    This guy has to keep a beard attached to his name. I believe he is gay.

  13. t says:

    Please, let it be true. John Mayer and Jessica Simpson are perfect for eachother…a match made in mediawh*re heaven.

    And then Romo can begin his delousing treatments.

  14. Annie says:

    I think, honestly, that she’s the kind of girl who likes that kind of mental abuse that John probably gave her (Of course, we aren’t there, we don’t know for sure, bla bla) but that is my guess.

    Girls like the *sshole. Hopefully she’ll outgrow it.

  15. leigh says:

    first of all i don’t believe this until i actually see the evidence, i want “pictures people pictures”..i know jessica is as stupid as a doorknob but she cant be this stupid right?…but then again she did leave nick lachey and she learned the hard way that “the grass isnt always greener on the otherside” i still think nick was the best guy for her and he really loved her, tony is a good guy but not the marrying type at least right now…jessica is the stupidest chick on the planet but i dont think she would go back to mayer.

  16. Ned says:

    From all the women JohnMayer exploited for publicity purposes, I always thought he really mistreated Jessica Simson the most.

    She really loved him and bought his BS.

    The guy is unable to lobe anyone but himslef.

    He is just using those girls and them disappearing, leaving them wondering what happened.

    I feel bad for Jessica.
    You can say whatever you want about her, but she is one of the few people in Hollywood who is actually a nice person, who doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

  17. irl says:

    I think IF she did have lunch with him. . .and I agree with the “pictures, people, pictures” I wanna see em’ too . . .but if she did – it’s b/c she’s a Christian, she was taught to forgive. I think she can forgive and maintain a friendship with someone she once cared for. Especially a friendship with a successful musician. A link to the profession she would like to be successful at again. She can’t afford to burn any bridges with fellow artist.

    I adore her and Tony together and wish they would get hitched and have some babies.

  18. breeyelle says:


    doesnt that make jessica a two face? because when tony was calling carrie underwood she was upset for the fact that they were communicating because she allowed her jealousy to get the best of her and she was threatened by carrie and to be honest she was quite the little bitch and was rude about it on country radio i must say for a christian church girl…she wasnt a very good example…yet if shes meeting john mayer its okay for her to meet up with exes but not okay for tony to meet up with his exes? christian or not that is a double standard and not very respectful to tony.

  19. kara says:

    oh i remember that on country radio, she was very feisty and tried to make carrie out to be a jealous lying bitch..i didnt buy jessica’s act for one minute,it was very clear that jessica was bothered by carrie she was so obvious about it. i remember her on newlyweds too and she was jealous when nick was making videos with sexy girls and also when nick would go out, jessica is one of those insecure threatened girls who is threatened by any beautifull girl especially if she’s an ex girlfriend. if jessica is meeting up with john mayer she has some splainin’to do…because tony hasnt even met up with anyone yet he cant even conversate on the phone with his exes…without jessica being a bitch about it and even talk live on radio putting his ex down…hmmmmm whats wrong with this picture? perhaps tony needs to go on radio now and make a fool of himself like jessica did.

  20. Casey says:

    She’s an idiot if she goes out with him while she has Tony in the picture. If she does, they both deserve each other. 2 psycho fame whores, match made in heaven.

  21. mariline says:

    i may be biased because i love nick lachey and i always thought she didnt deserve him. if she is seeing mayer it doesnt surprise me since she cheated on nick with bam margera and suspected others and she ended her relationship with nick thinking there was better out there. stupid move considering that tony doesnt seem the least interested in marrying this bimbo, and why would he? deep down this bitch must have regrets about ever leaving nick and she has her daddy to thank for that..she is a puppet controlled by her father and she is also controlled by men, “men define this whore”…she just cant say no to dick. karma is a bitch when you go around burning people you get burned right back, she got dropped from country they dont want singers who cant sing she is a joke in this business no one respects her….lets face it she is not carrie, faith or martina, as she isnt nearly as pretty as them either karma is a bitch isnt it jessica.

  22. TinaWithPom says:

    Me channeling Papa Joe:

    “For the love of God, Tony Romo, marry her already!”

    I really think Jessica threw away a good thing when she divorced Nick Lachey; now THERE’S someone who was willing to put up with her, her neediness, AND her crazy, over-controlling parents.

  23. Ned says:

    Nick Lachey was an insecure husband who enjoyed her star power (or her father’s skills- depend who you ask) but got jealous and unsupportive once she became more successful than him.

    Judging from the way he is treating his new significant other- it seems the guy was trouble and she was wise enough to divorce him.

    Carrie Underwood has nothing to do with that story.
    She has some serious problems of her own (need I remind her views about beating women), and chasing and calling your ex and talking about it in professional interviews, is really pathetic.

    John Mayer will not help Jessica Simpson or any one else for that matter.

    He is not the helping kind.

  24. lindsey says:

    carrie underwood has issues of her own??? you make no sense Ned…jessica is a struggling singer shes never found her niche in this industry and she cries and starts the band over and over again on stage she is a attention whore media queen and no one in music respects this has been…she wore a t-shirt that was clearly meant for carrie she can deny it but she knew what and why she wore it that shirt she came out on country radio calling carrie a liar and saying rude remarks jessica came off very insecure, threatened and jealous if anyone is pathetic that would be jessica whats wrong she cant handle a little competition especially by a lady who is far more besutifull, talented and successful then she’ll ever be …tony was calling hes a player and jess knows it but she will never leave him since men defines this bitch…how does carrie have issues??…your right about one thing carrie has nothing to do with this whore she’s far too good because “real girls are successfull”

  25. Magsy says:

    I can’t think of two more boring people. Yawn, zzzzzzzz