Mickey Rourke’s ‘wingman’ Jaws gets all the ladies

Mickey Rourke has the ultimate wingman – a dog. Specifically, his Chihuahua, Jaws. Jaws does all the work reeling in the ladies, and then Mickey comes in for the kill. “Kill” being “sex with Mickey Rourke”. This is honestly how men operate, I’ve seen it in action. They’ll take their dogs to the park or to an outdoor restaurant, and they’ll totally use their puppies to win over women. I have to admit, I’ve met men because I’ve gone over to pet their dogs. Most of the time, the dog is the best part about the guy.

Jaws is actually new to the wingman scenario. Mickey’s favorite wingman was his beloved Loki, who died a few days before the Oscars, in February. Since Loki’s death, Mickey and Jaws have become inseparable – Jaws and Mickey travel together, eat together, party together. Jaws gets in everywhere. He’s like the Lindsay Lohan of wingmen.

[Mickey Rourke] has been using his new favorite pooch – a Chihuahua named Jaws – to fetch dates for him.

“He’s done the math. Mickey loves the ladies, and the ladies love little Jaws,” a source told The Enquirer.

“He swears that Jaws has gotten him the phone numbers of many good-looking women.”

Despite his broken heart [after losing his beloved Loki in February], Mickey made Jaws his new wingman.

“Mickey sits back, and once he sees that Jaws has done his job of melting a woman’s heart, he swoops in and asks for her number,” the source said.

Mickey claims he has gotten “dozens of dates” thanks to his popular pooch – and although he’s only had Jaws since late last year, the two are already the best of pals.

“After Loki died, Mickey was devastated. But he’s now bonded with Jaws, “ said the source.

“Mickey takes Jaws with him everywhere. Restaurants, shopping, even on airplanes. Women fall in love with Jaws at first sight.”

“Mickey treats Jaws like a king,” the source added. “He feeds Jaws organic roasted chicken breast and filtered water. He even had a feather bed custom-made for him.”

“Honestly, Mickey’s dates should be so lucky to be smothered with the affection Mickey lavishes on Jaws!”

[From The National Enquirer, May 11 2009 print edition]

Organic roasted chicken breast? Damn, that sounds good. Jaws is one lucky little dog. Jaybird and I totally don’t get the affection Mickey has for any of these little mongrels, but perhaps Mickey simply doesn’t like to be alone, and the smaller dogs are easier to travel with. And if Mickey is only looking at the “wingman” potential for dogs, perhaps he thinks women are more likely to come up to him if he’s got a small dog rather than some big, hulking, scary monster. Little does Mickey know, lots of women prefer the big dogs. Am I right, ladies?

Mickey Rourke is shown with Barbara Walters on 2/12/09. Barbara was holding Loki and this interview was done right before Loki passed. Rourke is shown holding Jaws. Credit: PacificCoastNews.com

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  1. geronimo says:

    See, I think it depends on the man and the dog. Some weedy little guy with some weedy little dog is not going to pull, whereas he might have a chance with a nice, big unruly dog. What Mickey’s got going for himself is the stark contrast between his big, rugged, tough-looking self and the tiny, delicate little pooches he so clearly adores. It’s saying I’m tough on the outside but soft and vulnerable on the inside. Mickey’s a shrewd operator 😉

    Personally, I like big, unruly dogs and I’ve only ever made advances to men with big unruly dogs.

  2. audrey says:

    wow.. Barbra and Mickey have the same skin.

  3. cara says:

    I love this guy. I just saw him in The Wrestler and he was phenomenal. He emotes beyond any actor I can think of. (and I usually buck the trend) He seems so humbled.

  4. nony says:

    My man, a burly 6’3″ Italian, won me over with an 8 lb Miniature Pinscher. Min-Pins are pretty manly for their size though, as manly as 8 lbs can be, I guess. 🙂

    Personally, it warms my heart to see big dudes be so loving and gentle with small dogs/creatures.

  5. Orangejulius says:

    I think you’re right, geronimo and nony; I always get a smile out of a guy with a little pooch. It makes them seem approachable and unthreatening. They could very well be the next Ted Bundy, but it makes it seem less likely.

  6. Anna says:

    Mickey Rourke’s creepy in my eyes. I find a hulking guy like him paired with those teensy-weensy rats in dog costumes weird. And I mean woman-with-ten-feet-fingernails-weird, not the cute kind of weird. I’m sure he loves those dogs but if a guy like that asked me out on a date, I would decline. Actually, I’d laugh at him and run away. I’ve dated a lot of weird men (not by choice!) and he’s totally got that vibe. Plus, he’s really feckin’ ugly. You know that those women only fall for the pooch and the money, not the slimy, unwashed, wannabe rougher-than-rough, former real Hollywood star that he is.
    And: why would he tell everybody that’s how he gets women’s phone numbers? Now the jig is up. We don’t mind meeting a guy through his dog but when we *know* we’re being manipulated, that’s another thing entirely.

  7. bros says:

    something about rourke man…..dont know what it is, but i love the guy. the wrestler was amazing. he is an enigma. very compelling person, IMHO

  8. yadira says:

    Dang for a moment, I thought Barbara and Mickey were making out.

    Loki looks so sad in that second pic, maybe he already felt he was going to pass soon 🙁

    Bros, I agree. I think what makes him so attractive is that he does his own thing without caring what others think. Such as hanging out with his little pooches and dressing a certain way. He’s not very soft on the eyes but his personality makes up for it

  9. maritza says:

    I personally love small dogs better cause you can carry them everywhere. Mickey Rourke seems like a really sweet guy, I hope he finds a nice woman to share his life with.

  10. ness says:

    I love Mickey Rourke! Always have. Back in the days he was hot. He’s still got amazing charisma though. Got that whole intense macho yet vulnerable thing goin on…

    That said- I am suspicious of big guys who carry small dogs. I personally think he’s gay. He comes out with some weird comments about some of the men he’s worked with…

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  12. sam says:

    I think he loves his dogs a lot and takes them with him almost wherever he goes if girls hit on him that is just a bonus. His best friend “Loki” died. (the one with the furry hat) I recall how devastated he was. Perhaps only animals and children can be LOVED that much. Just wanted to chime in. He Does not hang out with his dogs for girls.