Brad, Angelina and their kids might be headed to Berlin, building a villa on an island

Brad and Angelina and their four children are said to be headed to Berlin. They bought a 6,500 foot attic apartment in the former east Berlin back in February, and according to a British newspaper notorious for making up quotes, Brad supposedly told a friend he’s trying to design a house south of Berlin and wants to give his children a quieter life.

According to British newspaper The Daily Mirror, he said: ‘We bought this beautiful house in Berlin, and another one I am trying to design myself close to Potsdam.

‘We already have so many projects waiting and I am trying to travel and get inspiration all over the world and prepare myself.

‘We also don’t want our kids to go to school in Hollywood – it will be best if they can go to school in Berlin. We love the city. Berlin is so quiet and balanced, away from paparazzi.”

[Opodo Travel News]

I could not find these quotes on The Daily Mirror website, but there’s a report about this article in German language paper Bild, and they said that these are quotes that “a friend” of Brad’s claims he said. They are not direct quotes, they’re supposedly from a source, so it sounds to me like someone is filling in details that aren’t there.

The Bild also has another story about their “Dream Island” house. The German magazine Gala speculates that Brad and Angelina might build a house on the Schwanenwerder penninsula, which is in the southwest corner of Berlin, halfway between the center of Berlin and Postdam. This might be what The Mirror is talking about, but it’s not exactly Potsdam and is still part of Berlin. (Thanks to my husband for these details, he went to college in Berlin and lived there for years.) It’s also not a given that Brad and Angelina are building a home there, they haven’t bought any property, and it’s just the most exclusive part of Berlin, which is why Gala says they’re likely to live there. Here’s a link to the Google Map of the Schwanenwerder penninsula.

Brad and Angelina already have that nice apartment in the city, and that could be the “house” Brad supposedly referred to. Other reports have them giving up their careers and Brad becoming an architect based on these suspicious scant details. Whatever the case, I don’t know if The Mirror has any insider information and we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

My husband is up for a job in Berlin and we might move there soon too.
Header image is from of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt helping Shiloh into a private jet at Champniers Airport in Charente, France on July 24. Thanks to Splash News.

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