Calvin Harris to Taylor Swift: ‘You need someone new to try & bury like Katy’


I updated yesterday’s post as news kept coming in, but it’s worth discussing all of the crap that happened after TMZ reported – based off of what they were being told from sources close to Taylor Swift – that Swifty was the one who wrote Calvin Harris’s hit song “This Is What You Came For,” which features vocals by Rihanna. As it turns out, the conspiracy theory/rumor was and is absolutely true. Taylor’s rep confirmed it to People Magazine yesterday, saying: “Taylor Swift wrote ‘This Is What You Came For’ under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg.” People Mag also ran what amounted to a confirmation of TMZ’s earlier reporting, that Taylor was very hurt when Calvin said he didn’t want to collaborate with her after they had already collaborated. So what was Calvin’s reaction to Team Swifty running to the press to correct the record? He got on Twitter and dragged her. Here’s what he wrote:

I know I’ve criticized Calvin Harris before for his pettiness and inability to simply let go of the drama. But really… how amazing is this? This is Calvin Harris being a bitchy schoolgirl which is TOTALLY TAYLOR SWIFT’S LEVEL. He’s all, “Why do you keep leaking stories about me, aren’t you with the new love of your life?” And “Don’t try to ‘Bad Blood’ me, chica.” Once again, Calvin and Taylor were so perfect for each other. They are both equally petty and juvenile. And it is glorious.

Oh, and Taylor couldn’t let Calvin’s tweets just sit there, she responded via TMZ, insisting that Calvin is trying to downplay her involvement in the song, that she not only wrote the lyrics but also created the melody. “Calvin sources” concede that Taylor did create the melody, but insist that Calvin did everything else. And those Calvin sources say Taylor is “acting like he’s only got one hit song. LOL.”

But my favorite part is that since Calvin name-checked Katy Perry – Taylor’s #1 Nemesis!!! – Katy felt the need to chime in too. The Hillary GIF came first, then the retweet from 2015. Bless her.



Photos courtesy of Calvin and Taylor’s social media, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. CornyBlue says:

    This is so good. I am so glad Calvin Harris is not backing down. All we need is now is for Tom or any other squad member to jump in.

    • Sam says:

      #teamcalvin people are hating on him when it’s clear she cheated. I don’t care what BS excuse she leaks to the media, she does this EVERYTIME she breaks up with a boyfriend/friend. I’ve seen the interview she is talking about and he spend half of it praising her “genius”. Save it swifty, you’re just angry Tiddles is a laughing stock

      • CornyBlue says:

        I think Swift thinks it would be a good way to show that they broke up because Calvin was embarrassed of her and did not give her song credit rather than that she cheated. She is the ultimate victim.

      • Bridget says:

        He spent the first 2 weeks they broke up trying to turn her into the human equivalent of granny panties, and then she broke out the big guns. Calvin’s problems come from the fact that he’s just as petty as Taylor and is getting outplayed here.

      • Shambles says:

        “#teamcalvin people are hating on him when it’s clear she cheated.”

        Right? I’m not here for these “she was hurt when he said he didn’t want to collaborate with her anymore” bullsh*t. You think maybe Calvin was feeling hurt when she cheated on him and made her new relationship public 3 days after they broke up? But no, of course Taylor Special Snowflake Fluffy Frothy Princess Swift got her feelings hurt and she is the victim.

        Give me a f*cking break already. The woman is closer to 30 than 20. When is she going to grow up and stop being such a selfish brat? I know this is harsh but I’m so over it. I’ve been over this woman child since the days of Joe Jonas and Jake G.

      • Bridget says:

        See, this one doesn’t bug me the same way. Taylor’s finally punching at someone in her weight class, and finally changed her message from “he was mean to me”.

        And how quickly everyone forgets that Calvin announced that he broke up with her because she was a marriage crazed lame-o he couldn’t get into having sex with anymore. And that’s what makes this so awesome! He’s a WILLING participant in this, but is just getting out played.

        Re: the cheating: as many folks pointed out, neither Taylor nor Loki were in the same city at all after the Met Ball. She may have left Calvin for another dude, but that’s not cheating.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “He spent the first 2 weeks they broke up trying to turn her into the human equivalent of granny panties”

        Exactly! (And so well phrased here, Bridget! LOL!).
        Also, I don’t see how the reveal about the song writing is an insult to him. It’s the truth.

      • TreadStyle says:

        Yes, he’s obnoxious but she leaked all of this and wanted the attention from it. She is getting paid when this song sells too and it’s moving back up through the charts with all the chatter. Honestly, I would also be like why is my ex still obsessing over bringing me down when they r so “in love” w their new S.O.?!?! So yes they are both immature, drama lovers, but Taylor def leaked all of this and is basking in the aftermath in which she thinks she comes out on top.

      • Kitten says:

        LMAO @ “the human equivalent of granny panties”.
        I’m so stealing that.

      • Mary Mary says:

        #Team Calvin. All this back and forth publicity has boosted the hits on You Tube to
        208, million views .All this press and publicity helping to promote song ghost written by Swifty. Ha she is laughing all the way to the bank again.

        Everyone is correct. Rhianna helps to save this song:

      • Bridget says:

        LOL, thanks folks!

        I am #teamnoone here. BUT Calvin Harris is a petty douche. I’m amazed at how many folks forgot that.

      • susiecue says:

        Bridget that Granny Panties quote made my day. PERFECTION

      • Kosmos says:

        I don’t even really care if Taylor was cheating at all; I’m just feeling that she is in fact a spoiled brat and will stop at nothing to get to the top (i.e., Katy Perry, her early school mates, the boyfriends who dumped her, Calvin Harris, Kanye, etc.). She is just not the sugar-coated sweet innocent we thought she was, no, no….she may be instead a smart and cunning brat who uses people. She may even be using Tom so her image can be saved after the breakup with Calvin. Time will tell if this will last or not….don’t fall for her fakery.

    • Bluebelle says:

      Katy gives me life.

      • LoopdeLoop says:

        Totally agree Bridget. Everyone seems to forget he was caught lying and then hanged his story to she cheated. He was the one leaking to TMZ that she was looking to get married and then he got egg on his face when she started with Tom. How does nobody see that? Or are they just ignoring it?

      • MI6 says:

        @Bluebelle: ROAAAAAR!!

      • Priya says:

        She’s like Janice Ian from Mean Girls.

      • Liz says:

        @Loopdeloop I am with you. He tried to dictate the narrative and paint Taylor as desperate. He got his ass handed to him. High five. Taylor!!!!

      • Kosmos says:

        I totally believe Katy in this case 100%….don’t fall for the Taylor story.

    • Dtab says:

      I said yesterday that I was sick of this story…..but this has now got good. Glad that he is not backing down and I LOVED Katy’s Hillary GIF

      • Little Darling says:

        That gif was a gift from the gods, so perfect is so many ways.

        This is all so delicious, and while we all knew
        It would get petty, I didn’t think it would get this out loud.

        That said, I love Calvins song from ages ago, When Love Takes Over, with Kelly Rowland. I’ve been a fan of CH longer than swifty,
        In terms of music, but man what a douche waffle that dude is.

        Spade is a spade. They’re equally awful.

      • Little Darling says:

        @Tia Maria: and BOOM there you have it, you took away the ONE redeeming thing about him for me. (: Thanks for the clarification, I always assumed it was CH, and now I know.

    • LB says:

      Katy Perry was the prophet we never deserved.

      I knew Calvin wouldn’t roll over like Taylor’s other exes. Good for him.

      • maria 2 says:

        yeah I don’t get it why people call him immature when he refuses to back down and let poor tiny INNOCENT taylor play her usual games. Good for him on calling her out. and he is right, if she were so happy she wouldn’t care about him.

      • Palar says:

        Calvin is the one looking like the cryboy here. I cant stand Taylor but even I can see that Adam is making a fool of himself.

      • Tia Maria says:

        The Kelly Rowland song was with David Guetta 😀

      • Evie says:

        Put aside the fact that both parties are acting like pi**y middle schoolers for a minute. What is this about really? Taylor did fire the first salvo with “her people leaking” to TMZ
        that she wrote the lyrics. The thing is, Tay-Tay DID write the song under a pseudonym because she wanted to keep her identity/involvement a secret. Fair enough. So why cry foul now? Tay-Tay owns the publishing rights. She is making money from the song AND could have it pulled anytime she wants. Calvin acknowledged her involvement in the Tweets. She IS trying to shade him and he’s having none of it.

        Tay-Tay is ALL about PUBLIC drama. She’s nearly 27 so not a kid. She could have easily contacted Calvin directly or through her vast legal team to tell him she changed her mind and wants her name on the song and to credit her. Issue resolved.

        The ONLY problems I see here are: the lyrics are laughable AND Tay-Tay has too much time on her hands in Oz, now that Hiddleston has to actually report to the set of Thor 3!
        We’re not talking a Lennon/McCartney composition. The lyrics are the equivalent of a bad nursery rhyme or child’s first finger painting effort, LOL!

        Rhianna’s performance & singing are the only saving grace for the song, IMO.

      • holly hobby says:

        Exactly, people may say he’s immature and not being the better person but all her other exes were the better person and what they got was being painted as the bad guy for hurting that little girl. THey are cut from the same cloth and I’m glad Calvin isn’t rolling over.

    • Hudson Girl says:

      Not backing down? He is corny and given her PR team’s bland statement, his reaction tweets are over the top.

      Taylor has said nothing.
      (She is just sitting quietly holding on to the rights $$$ of another mediocre hit song.)

      What the hell is wrong with him. To be nice he is a good looking guy in most pics but, he is not talented and now shown himself to be so cheesy I am getting second hand embarrassment. He should have made an equally bland statement back about her good lyric writing and then ignored her. Now even more people are aware his song is really her hit song and how juvenile he is.

      • CornyBlue says:

        I mean so are most celebs ? I dont like him or know much about him but I am just glad there seems to be drama ? He is a pretty good looking guy ( I have no idea why people think otherwise) but I am not sure why that was relevant.
        Also it is not her hot song. WTF is this ? It is Rihanna’s song and she is the one who is silently winning in this drama.

      • Erinn says:

        CornyBlue — I think he’s somewhere above average looking, but I don’t think he’s anything special. But this is also Calvin “I’m so real, and so in it for the music man” Harris who’s completely recreated himself. He looks nothing like he used to. And it’s not just a case of him being an awkward teen or anything – he literally looks nothing like he used to.

        And I’m with you, Hudson Girl. I think it’s ridiculous. The people who shade Taylor for supposedly being a mean spirited petty person are congratulating him for the same kind of behavior. I don’t like it. It also isn’t surprising why we have so many little jerk kids running around in the world. Instead of acting like a grownup (even when the other person is supposedly being so childish) we applaud people who sink to the lower levels.

      • Kitten says:

        “The people who shade Taylor for supposedly being a mean spirited petty person are congratulating him for the same kind of behavior.”


        And of course Katy felt *compelled* to chime in because never miss an opportunity, amirite?

      • Palar says:

        Cornyblue I didn’t even know it was Rhianna singing on it until today. And as everyone knows the person who writes the song makes most of the money on the song so it most certainly isn’t Rhianna’s song.

      • Bridget says:

        I think this whole thing is hilarious. EVERYONE called it when they got together – both Calvin and Taylor are famously petty and the breakup was going to be epic. And it is! Calvin is trying his mightiest and is getting out-played. Is his ego so fragile that he can’t just stop tweeting about it?

        And I admit, I love it when Katy Perry chimes in. How is it that the she was the one person smart enough to learn just not to engage Taylor in a social media war? Because it’s not like Katy Perry is above this kind of stuff.

      • CornyBlue says:

        @ Palar : Just cos you did not know she was the one singing does not mean no one else did. Also i think like in movies the producer makes the most. That is why people like Zedd, Calvin Harris and Diplo are rolling in dough.

      • Noname says:

        @Cornyblue- I didn’t know it was Rihanna singing it either. And I don’t find him to be that good looking, he’s eh.

        I’m going to have to say he is losing pretty badly in the PR war. He basically admitted yesterday he lied about how much Taylor contributed to the song and the fact she won’t prevent him from playing it is smacking his ego pretty badly. He refused to allow Rita Ora to perform the song they wrote together and yanked other songs off her album, her career has yet to recover. He is a petty, douchebag, class A jerk. The problem is too many of you hate on Taylor Swift and don’t see how hypocritical you are right now. It is wrong for Taylor to do and it wrong for Calvin to do.

        And I might add, he’s being unprofessional. Not to mention a liar.

      • CornyBlue says:

        @Noname: I am not gonna lie I very much do not like Taylor Swift and her invented female friendship ass. I do not like this guy either. I do not see what this has to do with Rihanna being the one singing this song? Like even if everyone in this site did not know it was her that is a very small subset of the demographic ? She did sing the song ?

      • Miss M says:

        We all called this drama would happen 18 months ago. I would normally say that Calvin needs to stop. But Taylor has been doing this for what 10 years?! So i don’t mind him sending a bit of her poison her way.
        I think she cheated on him. I think she is with Tom to shove in his face.
        Tom, this is what is waiting for you. If you marry her or not… Ha!

      • Tara says:

        Agreed Hudson Girl et al. It’s so weird to read such inconsistent, misogynist, gleefully hateful comments from a number of commenters I normally really enjoy.

        Guess now I know how Aniston-likers feel about those of us who can no longer stand her. Touché.

      • Carol says:

        Agree with Hudson Girl. But the one thing I don’t get is why Taylor and Calvin are arguing who gets credit for that awful song. They should be arguing about who gets blamed for putting out a lame song. Its awful, completely generic and its something I would be forced to listen to at Nordstroms.

        And before people defend this song based on the fact that its a hit or on the track of being a hit, may I remind everyone that Abracadabra was also once a hit.

      • Lola says:

        @cornyblue Calvin basically made a remix to a T Swift song. She wrote the lyrics and music. He made a beat to go over top of that. Why are you arguing about who should be getting more money from the song. It’s obviously the creator who would get the most money.

    • Alex says:

      Same for once I’m glad someone else is not taking the narrative Team Swift is trying to give them esp when it looks like she cheated.

      And did he say anything wrong? Nope she chose to remain anonymous until she decided to use it as ammo. She is always the victim. She plants media story after story about every single BF because she’s forever 15 and immature. If she was TRULY happy she wouldn’t be giving him a second thought.

      I said this to a friend if I don’t like you I’m not wasting my time thinking about you. It’s more than they deserve. So yea Taylor isn’t so in love that she forgot about Calvin. I said this when they got together that the breakup would be amazing and I was right LOL.

      Tom? I would run but that’s just me.

      And Katy bless you.

      • maria 2 says:

        what’s the story between katy and taylor?

      • CornyBlue says:

        @maria 2 : Supposedly one of Taylor’s dancers decided to ditch her tour and join Katy. But fro what I gather people think its about John Mayer.

      • LB says:

        Taylor claims it’s because Katy stole her back up dancers (though reality check – those people are humans and make their own decisions) but I think it’s about that douchbag Mayer.

      • maria 2 says:

        oh so she thinks one can steal human beings? charming. John Mayer? Isn’t that ages ago? whatever. Glad Calvin doesn’t roll over.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I am sorry, I really don’t like the “she cheated” line of attack. That wasn’t the narrative originally, it was invented after she brushed Calvin off like dirt on her shoulder.

        It just reeks of sexism to me. His team went hard core at her with the “marriage-baby obsessive” narrative. Then when she moved on quickly, they had to completely abandon that like it never happened and then jump on the “she’s a cheating slut” train. BOTH of these narratives are horrific clichés about women, and they are also opposites. She ruined the Madonna narrative with Loki, so Calvin had to move to the Whore narrative, because us ladies are one or the other.

        I am not a Taylor Swift fan, her music is not my thing. I think it was really tacky of her to put clues in her liner notes on previous albums and sell her romantic life in that fashion. But in this situation, she hasn’t been leading the drama. Calvin came out swinging very early. All she has done is moved on and acknowledged she wrote the lyrics and melody to a song. That is NOT sketchy behavior, folks.

      • Naya says:

        @Tiffany I disagree with that last paragraph. Sure it is her right to take credit for the song but I’m pretty sure it was a passive aggressive jab at him. I couldnt agree more with that Madonna/whore analysis of Calvins message. I think we can all agree that he is a petty dbag. Taylor is plenty petty too but he takes the cake.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        It could be a jab…but since the song has been very successful, maybe she just wants to take credit for writing a hit song outside of her typical genre?

      • Bridget says:

        I don’t know that I would consider it a passive aggressive jab at him to claim the song. It was her right to do so. Passive aggressive would be restricting access to the song.

        And it amazes me how quickly folks forgot how Calvin practically ran out of the gate of this breakup talking about how he dumped her, and how it was because he wasn’t really that attracted to her, she wanted marriage and babies, etc etc etc. He put out the most petty, misogynistic message, and I can’t cheer this d-bag on.

      • Mira says:

        If its about John Mayer its even worse, Swift dated him for about 3 weeks i don’t even think it was anything close to a relationship.

    • C says:

      I agree. This is awesome.

    • Liz says:

      Calvin or Adam Wiles is having a tizzy fit because he feels emasculated that he doesn’t have the upper hand in this situation. That petty, albeit hilarious (!!!) twitter rant is evidence of that.

      He tried to say he broke up with her but then Taylor made it clear it was she who was done with him. Then as final insult to his bruised ego and to correct a lie he told Seacrest, revealed that she wrote the lyrics, came up with the idea and melody to a hit song. Furthermore, owns the publishing rights to said somg. Well done, Taylor!

      • Tara says:

        @Liz. This💯

      • Karynn says:

        @Little Darling They both agreed to not go public with Taylor writing this song because they tought it would get publicity for the wrong reasons, hence the pseudonym. So he wasn’t lying to Seacrest, well technically he was but with her consent.

        If Taylor didn’t want the credits at first, why is she revealing the story now? The song apparently is a hit so she gets her royalties as a writer. It seems like she wants to get back at him in a very pathetic way. Move on Taylor, you found yourself a new man focus on that.

  2. Farrahh says:


    • detritus says:

      I want them to make-up break-up on repeat now. Those tweets. He even brought Katy into it. Bless him.

  3. Lora says:

    A gift that keeps on giving 🙂 and since my life is so boring right now, I really enjoy these too hahaha 🙈

    • MorningCoffee says:

      Yes! I’m laughing though at the continued “Well, ok but….” coming out of Calvin. “Well, OK she wrote the lyrics, but I did everything else.” Oops. “Well, ok she wrote the lyrics and the melody, but I did everything else.” Gee Calvin, music and lyrics sounds to me like Taylor wrote a song for you. LOL!

      • meow says:

        @morningcoffee the melody is different. it’s what you sing the lyrics to. not to defend douchey Adam Wiles, but he still did have to write the music.

      • Tara says:

        @morningcoffee: ✅

      • Scotchy says:

        @morning coffee,
        meow is right she wrote the lyrics and most likely sung them to a melody, but that melody would have been determined by the music he wrote and arranged in writers rooms thats a 50-50 split.
        Neither one of them wrote the whole bland song.. i

      • Kate says:

        Listening to said song right this second. Her voice is mos def in that song…

    • Mia V. says:

      Isn’t amazing that he’s being petty and all and she is the one cashing with the song?

      • Scotchy says:

        @Mia V

        They are both cashing in big time, she doesn’t own all the publishing , he has 50% of it and most likely owns the master so.. he is probably banking more than she is either way ,this little PR stunt is moving this song to the top of the charts.

      • Liz says:

        He said nothing about owning the publishing rights. This song was her idea. She’s a great businesswoman so there is no way she’d allow him to own the masters. I don’t believe that for 1 second.

        The guy is simply out of his league.

      • Veronica says:

        That’s honestly what I believe really inspired the Twitter meltdown. Releasing one carefully timed comment in response to a month of complaints by him is hardly worthy of the response it generated. It’s more like, yet again, a reminder of who really has the power here – he’s been throwing a fit on Twitter, and she’s been skipping to the bank hand and hand with the new beau.

  4. Bluebelle says:

    I’ve waited for the day someone takes on Taylor like Christmas. I hate the take people have put into this because she’s a woman and he’s petty, as if we as women couldn’t have negative personality traits. She’s a woman and a manipulative double faced asshole, and he’s a douchebag. I’m a woman and I don’t have to side with her and do a whole speech on misogyny. Taylor deserves this.

    • Samtha says:

      Eh, there does seem to be a huge heaping of misogyny going on with this. Taylor wrote the song–why shouldn’t she get credit for it? He’s the one acting like a big a-hole about it. Or should she just be a good little girl and content to stay in the background while he takes all the credit for something she created?

      I’m with the person yesterday who said Calvin Harris probably leaked the story about the song himself. He’s been trying, repeatedly, since the breakup to get Taylor’s attention, from wearing Kanye sneakers to tweeting and deleting petty crap. So far she’s ignored him, and the more she’s been seen with Hiddleston, the more whiny and overly dramatic Harris has become.

      • AlleyCat says:

        @Samtha Calvin didn’t force Taylor to take a pseudonym, she’s a big girl (way more powerful than him). They agreed not put out a song publicly together. He was following what she wanted to do. And she was still getting royalties. Give me a break. She’s trying to get back at him now. I think she’s met her match in bitterness with Calvin. But Tom fits so well in her twee world. Who will she ultimately choose?!

      • LB says:

        She absolutely should get credit for it. But she probably could have told him she wanted to now. Instead of you know, running to TMZ through sources.

        Taylor’s shady. I tried to pretend she wasn’t but enough people have said it and I’ve seen enough at this point for me to think it’s true. I don’t blame him for trying to set the record straight.

      • Bluebelle says:

        I’m sorry but I don’t see it. First of all she used a pseudonym, implying that she doesn’t want TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT to be included as part of the creation of the song. Everyone knows that she is a “gifted” songwriter, so why the necessity to claim a song that you decided that people shouldn’t know about your collaboration in it? That is called being a selfish piece of shit, borderline on egocentric. Taylor is worse than Kanye.

      • Samtha says:

        LB, how is he setting the record straight by continuing to claim he wrote more of the song than he did? Like I posted below, there are plenty of valid criticisms to level at Taylor, but wanting credit for something she created isn’t one of them.

        AlleyCat, how do you know he didn’t force Taylor to take a pseudonym, and that it was what she wanted to do? Do you know what their relationship dynamics were? Maybe he pulled a “if you love me, you’ll keep your name off if this” thing. Maybe she agreed because she loved him and wanted to keep him happy.

        Bluebelle, it seems pretty clear to me, based on how Calvin reacted when asked if he’d ever collaborate with Taylor, that he is the one who didn’t want her involvement to be known.

      • LB says:

        Setting the record straight on the games she’s constantly playing.

        What exactly is she hoping to achieve by going to TMZ over and over again? She’s still getting credit and getting paid. What’s the need to take someone down more? That’s not normal behavior for someone content in their life.

        And btw I listened to Calvins interview and he spent the whole time praising her. She couldn’t deal with one minor comment? Ridiculous.

      • Crumpet says:

        Yep. He is the one who was a creepy a-hole douche for saying he didn’t want to collaborate with her – after he already had!!

        Like I said in the thread yesterday- deep down in is toady little soul he knows he is wrong, hence the verbal diarrhea. Because he is immature and that is how an immature person acts when confronted with their lies.

      • Erinn says:


        On April 29th he said to Ryan Seacrest in regards to collaborating:
        “You know, we haven’t even spoken about it. I can’t see it happening though.”

        So I mean – he did deny it. He lied.

        Honestly, I think a large part of the pseudonym thing was to do with what people think of her. She is known for doing a certain kind of music – other bands or artists have released different sounding things under different names when it’s something that’s not in step with their normal stuff. They generally want to see how it will do without having an established name and expectations attached. The song was released, it did well on under his name/it’s merit/Rihanna’s name … and now that it’s later down the road, and there have been a ton of theory floating around she’s said that she worked on it. I don’t think that’s ridiculous. She COULD have not said anything. But he could have also let Rita release the songs that they worked on together after their breakup too.

        But the thing that annoys me is the “but she couldn’t deal with one minor comment? Ridiculous.” Do you not see the hypocrisy there? Her team released a comment. He couldn’t deal with it and went off the rails on twitter. The WHOLE breakup he’s been making comments, and having his team try to setup the narrative. I think there’s so much hate out there for Taylor that people honestly don’t realize that Calvin has been the one dragging this on the most – and was happy to have his people talk to the tabloids about this breakup over and over and over – exhibiting the exact same behavior you’re criticizing her for.

      • Kitten says:

        Agree with Samtha and Crumpet.

        I’m grossed out watching people bend over backwards to justify and defend this dude’s juvenile behavior. The thing is, he’s his own worst enemy. He’s making himself look incredibly petty, bitter and like he’s still hung-up on Taylor. The best revenge is moving on, Calvin.

      • Chaine says:

        If she wanted to get credit for it, she should not have used a pseudonym and insisted he keep her involvement secret. He probably denied wanting to collaborate with her as part of the general plan to keep their collaboration a secret… How was he to know that she was cheating on him and would want full credit for her role in the song a few weeks later?

      • sa says:

        I completely agree with Samtha that reactions to this seem seeped in misogyny. I would go further and include referring to Harris acting like a “schoolgirl” in that. There’s nothing about immaturity or pettiness that is an inherently feminine trait. I don’t understand the logic that he’s acting like a girl and I’m actually pretty surprised it would be reported that way on celebitchy.

      • Bluebelle says:

        I don’t believe so.

      • Bluebelle says:

        Eh, we will agree to disagree then because I won’t shield this situation behind the curtain of misogyny. Taylor is allowed everything, no point denying it cause if we do, we’re inmature and juvenile. Those insults really bother me. I would prefer to be juvenile than egocentric, selfish, spiteful, controlling and deceitful. Juvenile for me is not that big of an insult as EVERYONE in here tries to make it seem. The same goes for inmature; everyone here in their infinite age and wisdom can be inmature and is NOT above it. Except Taylor Swift, she’s just 26.

      • claire says:

        This whole thing is creepy to watch, honestly. People are getting off, both with Kanye as well, on these misogynistic men trying to destroy a woman who wouldn’t let them take credit from her.

      • Noname says:

        @Bluebelle- Calvin is also egocentric, selfish, spiteful, controlling and deceitful. After it came out yesterday Taylor wrote the lyrics to the song, he went on his twitter rant and then Taylor’s sources (or Taylor herself) corrected him and said she also wrote the melody when he said he did. She did not respond to any of the other tweets he wrote, not one of them. So now she’s playing games??? What?

        And let’s go back to when they broke up- what was the narrative he was selling to TMZ- she was clingy, she wanted to get married, he lost interest in her but there was no cheating involved. His statements or his sources implied she was rather vanilla, boring and had no sex appeal.. that’s quite hurtful and demeaning. She stayed quiet. Then the photos of Taylor kissing Tom in Rhode Island hit the press. Then his narrative changed to he knew something was up before they broke up and alleges she cheated. I don’t see how they even got together at any time from the Met Gala until he was spotted in NYC after her relationship ended with Calvin Then his sources claim he was dumped, not that he did not do the dumping and it was in a phone call. Then he says he’s free.. Then it’s her team manufactured some of their relationship, which is it? Did Calvin break up with her or did she break up with him? Did she break up with him because of Tom Hiddleston or did she break up with him over this song? However throughout all of this, Taylor has been quiet. No posting to instagram or Twitter… she hasn’t responded until yesterday and it was to only set the record straight about the song. But yet she’s playing games and people are glad he’s not letting her get away with it? Dude is an asshole and he’s trying to play the victim here. Not Taylor.

      • Bluebelle says:


      • Tiffany :) says:

        Professionally, the pseudonym situation makes sense how it played out. She hasn’t done that style of music. It was a project with her boyfriend. Maybe she wanted to release it and see how it was received without that baggage. Maybe she was always planning on letting people know if it did well…or maybe keeping it under wraps if it crashed and burned.

        I don’t see her letting people know she wrote it as an attack on Calvin.

      • Tara says:

        That’s right Blubelle. Don’t let the facts throw you off your game 👽

      • Scotchy says:

        Ok are any of you songwriters up here?
        Anyone aside from myself?
        Writing lyrics and singing melody based on music someone else composes and arranges, mixes and produces does mean that what she contributed to the track is less writing than what he did. That’s how it works. Top lining is not writing an entire song.
        The whole thing is petty, but how she is rolling out the info on her contribution to the track is manipulative. He isn’t being misogynistic at all.
        If she wanted recognition she could have used her actual name.
        Either way, this song is NOT good yet people are buying it and listening to it based on this ridiculous PR stunt that is going on..
        While we debate who is worse than who, these two petty princesses are laughing all the way to the bank…

      • Bridget says:

        @Scotchy: does it help that I actively avoid music by both Calvin and Taylor? I may enjoy them out-pettying each other, but at least I’m not giving them money 🙂

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Not a writer myself but I know some of them, work with them, etc. Lyrics and melody are large part of what publishing rights are based on. She isn’t saying she just sung the melody on the demo, she wrote the melody. Big difference.

      • Lensblury says:

        @Scotchy Hi! I’m a producer, composer, lyricist, instrumentalist, and a studio & live singer. I’m also the engineer and I arrange and mix the songs, for myself as well as others. I completely agree with you. Producing the song (not only the instrumental, but also working with the vocals) is definitely more work than writing a melody & lyrics. Especially – and I’m mainly observing – if they are really among the most simple lyrics ever. The seemingly easiest way simple lyrics like these work on an audience is if the instrumental behind them is arranged and produced well. Btw, I’m starting to wonder now: there’s no good reason why CH would’ve wanted TS to hide behind a pseudonym. The “overshadowing” excuse? Right. CH and TS officially working on a song together would’ve made an even bigger impact, marketing-wise. But who knows. I bet being such big stars, they probably both think like chess players and have a lot of pre-calculated extra steps in store, which is why I can’t take sides and really don’t think either one’s stories can be believed 100%.

        In the end, they’re both credited for writing the song, pseudonym or not. They’re both making money and could just let it go. Or they could drag each other and keep this song in the news. Only makes them more money. Smart move, very well calculated from at least one side, and maybe the other side’s learning to play along. Either way, this is what they came for. Makes for great gossip.

    • Crox says:

      Wrong place, sorry.

    • Bluebelle says:

      She may be quiet, but very present. About her relationship with Hiddles, I’ve got nothing to say because I’ve lost interest and we all know what’s gonna happen, plus I’ve had my share. I’m speaking about every other choice of hers besides relationships. I repeat, we agree to disagree. This is my metaphor and how I see it: She is not punching him in the face, but she is pinching and twisting his back. Taylor has never been aggresive to the eyes of the world. This is about subtly discrediting by implying that it’s good because it’s mine. WHY THE NEED TO DO SO? Taylor has grown accustomed to having her word be the ONLY credible one.

      • Noname says:

        Taylor has not responded to any of his narratives about why they broke up. Not one. She has ignored Calvin on social media. The one and only time she responded to Calvin was him trying to downplay her contribution to his hit song. But yet you still see her as trying to discredit him? Seriously? But you don’t see how him implying about her boring she was and too clingy doesn’t discredit her? He can tweet whatever he wants, leak all these multiple and conflicting stories to TMZ but she is the bad person here?

      • KatM says:

        I agree with Bluebelle. This has absolutely nothing to do with misogyny. Taylor Swift knows exactly what she is doing. It is just that none of these guys have ever called her out for her immaturity prior to now. She is not a saint. She is an adult woman who writes songs about her experiences. She is a big girl and no one is being abusive to her by calling her out. I do not understand why she gets to throw all these people under the bus in songs, and yet when one person says something negative about her, they are being sexist or abusive. He said nothing sexist or abusive at all. He is just not going to be the victim. Now, if you want to say Kayne is that way, due to that stupid video, yes, I agree that video was inappropriate and disgusting.

      • TreadStyle says:

        @NONAME do you know how leaked information and publicists work? She can’t say anything out right without looking like she cares. Her work is behind the scenes. Just like her songs about guys that she never straight out says yes it’s about (insert name here) but gives all the clues. It’s much better for her image to leak stuff and not look associated with it. Also to the people who keep saying its msyoginistic that she should get credit for a song she wrote… Umm did you people miss the ENTIRE first part of this story? She CHOSE to use a pseudonym and be anonymous on the songs credits. Please look that up and then come back with something else. That’s fine that she changed her mind, but she chose that originally, so this is nothing to do w sexism. People confuse the heck out of me. They both suck but seriously w the making her a victim I this particular situation is absurd.

      • Bluebelle says:

        Thank you KATM. I see this so simply. If this had been only between Katy and Taylor, what excuse would there had been? Age difference? Maturity? Taylor is going to mask this as taking the high road because she’s been dragged and exposed. Do you think you know Taylor better than Calvin, a man who saw her not as an idol, but as a person to take on a relationship and maybe create a future? In my eyes, this is not misogyny. Should she be called out only by women? Does that make it fair or okay? If instead of Nicki, it would have been Drake, would it have been as well received? It is just vindictiveness, and from the constant defenses of the ones on her side, she does it well.

      • Noname says:

        @TreadStyle- I know exactly how leaked information and publicists work. The only thing I have seen leaked from Taylor’s camp is the staged photos with Tom Hiddleston and her writing the lyrics to the song. Everything else has been Calvin, through him tweeting, through his “sources,” since these two break up. But yet its Taylor behind the scenes… yeah…okayyyyyyyy.

        And I did not miss the first part of the story. I simply do not care she initially agreed to write it under a pseudonym and agreed to keep it under wraps. She changed her mind. She is allowed to and to suggest otherwise might be sexist or misogynistic. She now wants credit for a song she wrote, why do so many people have an issue with it?

      • Noname says:

        What is Calvin calling Taylor out for though? Taking credit for a song she co-wrote? How is this a bad, evil thing and why does he have an issue with it? Is he taking issue with her leaking the story to TMZ and making it seem like he was unfairly not giving her credit? I’d buy that except Taylor admitted that she agreed to keep it a secret.

        Is his issue because she is make the Seacrest interview look like he was being intentionally dismissive of her talents? Or is his issue with her the Rita Ora jab at him? That’s portraying herself to be a bigger person than he because she’s not interested in preventing him from playing the song live? What is his beef with her? And why bring Katy Petty up, her new relationship etc if he wasn’t try to drag her?

        Or is his issue because she is winning the PR war against him? I mean this is the guy who first said she was too clingy/wanted marriage and he lost interest in her. Then it’s he suspected there was another person at the end of the relationship, implying she cheated. Then he was the one who got dumped and by a phone call. Then he tries to say he wrote a cheating song about Taylor first and then admits he was working on the song before they broke up. Now he accuses Taylor of trying to bury him because she leaked this story to TMZ because they broke up over the song and not anything she did. Maybe if he had said nothing at all to begin with no one would know she co-wrote this song. Maybe not.

        Am I missing something……

      • Veronica says:

        If he’s been complaining about her the entire month, why does she have to continue being quiet? Honest question, here. The guy started this breakup with one narrative, then immediately changed it after she hooked up with Hiddleston, accused her publicly of cheating (which he has yet to validate with any evidence), then threw a Twitter fit over her dropping a PR validation of her involvement with the song after months of rumors that she had a hand in it…and now we can’t even get a clear cut answer about how much she really contributed! Before that, she hadn’t spoken a word about the breakup, positive or negative, beyond clearing out her social media accounts…which is what a lot of people do after a breakup? Taylor Swift has plenty of flaws, I’m not going to deny that, and there are plenty of issues where I think she deserves to be taken to task for some of the dumb shit she does. But in this case? I’m not seeing it. Nothing that she’s done beyond this pointed PR move has said to me, “This chick needs to be taken done a notch.”

        Tay-Tay has been called out plenty of times for her passive aggressive breakup maneuvers. The discussion isn’t really about whether or not she’s a victim. It’s a breakup, nobody’s really a victim, and frankly, it would be kind of insulting to call her one since she seems to be handling it just fine. The discussion is – how the hell did an initially “amicable” breakup blow up into this ridiculousness? Why is he so upset? He’s the one who’s been keeping the fire going, and hell if I know what he’s getting out of it.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Veronica, somebody needs to tell Eppie Calvin that the opposite of love is apathy, not endless twitter and instagram rants about everything that ever happened in the relationship and everything the former partner has done since the relationship ended.

      • tru says:

        completely agree with you bluebelle! thank you for articulating your points so well. it frustrates me that taylor can continually behave in this way and that any critique of her is labeled as misogynistic. to agree that a song should be written under a pseudonym and then backtrack on that agreement is not only vindictive but also unprofessional. i have no doubt calvin is probably as petty as taylor, but in my opinion that doesn’t absolve her own actions either.

  5. Birdix says:

    He tweets that he wrote the music but later admits she created the melody? Hillary’s on line one, demanding her pantsuit back because his pants are on fire.

    • Slushee says:

      He is just awwwful. Whatever about her – he seems really really petty.

    • Naomipaige says:

      You’re very funny! LOL!

    • someone says:

      Exactly!! He totally downplayed Taylor’s contribution (words and melody) while trying to make himself sound better via the “I did everything else” argument. If he thinks coming up with the words and melody are no big deal you can see why Taylor felt slighted. He probably never valued her contribution. Any woman would be pissed off by that.

      And why is everyone glossing over Calvin visiting the happy endings Thai massage parlor last year? He’s no saint.

      • Jen says:

        People are sick of her and her insistence on being the wronged party in every conflict she engages in and stirs up with interviews and thinly veiled lyrics. Calvin Harris is ridiculous, but I think the tides have been turning on Taylor for a while.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        Swifty wrote the lyrics and melody and HE did everything else? What else is there?

      • OrigialTessa says:

        MrsBPitt- The actual arrangement of the music? Producing the complete song? This song is so bad, it’s really hard to defend Calvin here, but being a producer and taking some lyrics and a simple melody and making it into a radio ready song is no small feat.

      • Palar says:

        He did the drum beat MrsBPitt. A very important musical part.

      • Lynnie says:

        I remember researching the massage parlor story when I came out, and apparently the Yelp reviews were about how the place did NOT give happy endings, but you know whatever

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Love this!!
      And yes I agree I think he’s the one that looks bad here. Everyone knows and expects Taylor to behave a little…amateur during a breakup and he could have very easily taken the high road and came out of this relationship looking like the bigger, better person. But nope….those tweets are TERRIBLE. terribly embarrassing in my opinion.

      • Tara says:

        This. Twiddlesshagging gave CH an ongoing opportunity to chuckle and maintain the narrative of being the cooler, hipper breakerupper. But he just doesn’t have it in him. Even if he just wrote tracks taking swipes, I’d have more respect for him. If it were me, I’d probably write a whole album called EXTRA! Yeah, I’m not very mature. And, yes, that explains a lot :/

    • Kitten says:

      LOL Birdix

  6. Betti says:

    On one hand its good that someone is finally standing up to Tay Tay’s teenage drama and won’t be bullied by her fans and PR team into backing down/keeping quiet while she swans around playing the poor hurt girl but on the other, he’s old enough to know better than to sink to her juvenile level.

    These 2 did deserve each other – they are def on the same level.

    • Leo says:

      Maybe it’s petty and juvenile of me, but I’d like more people to sink to her level, simply to give her a taste of her own medicine. I think she can partly thank her career and saccharine-sweet reputation to people’s reluctance to deal with her high-school antics. I just can’t with the amount of crap she gets away with.

      • Dtab says:

        100% totally agree

      • Camelia Rose says:


      • KatM says:

        This x1000! Thank you!

      • holly hobby says:

        Yup and this issue is not anti-woman or misogynistic. I can’t believe that is always the first line of offense. Sorry, she’s getting paid isn’t she? She was the one who registered that tune to the nom de plume. She was not forced to do so (force mean by gun point etc). She is not some poor little girl. She is actually very business savvy and I doubt she registered the tune due to him “bullying her.”

        He may not look good but I’m glad someone is finally calling her out on her shit.

    • maria 2 says:

      how are you suppose to stand up to teenage drama without sinking to taylors level? Seriously. She plays dirty and openly, he has to do the same.

      • Kitten says:

        You realize that you’re supporting the idea that a 32-year-old grown-ass man act like a teenager, right?

        Regardless of what Swift has done in the past, that is absolutely what this comes down to: by applauding Calvin’s actions, you are rewarding a dude for acting like a total toolshed.

        Do you honestly think Taylor is getting a “taste of her own medicine”? She seems pretty damn happy right now…in fact, it doesn’t seem like she has any f*cks at all to give about Harris.

        And before I get accused of being a Swift fan, I’m not. I simply don’t hate her with the fire of a thousand suns like everyone else here. People lose all objectivity when it comes to this woman….

      • maria 2 says:

        that’s your opinion, I have mine. And she certainly gives shits about calvin, if she didn’t there would be no “sources” , she would not care about if he said he would never collaborate with her. She used a pseudonym to be anonymous, why take it back now?

      • Bridget says:

        It’s always nice to see a well thought out response.

      • Kitten says:

        @Saraya-At first I was disturbed (and strangely flattered) that you’re evidently stalking my comments…

        But then I realized I haven’t commented on a Swift post for days.

        And now I have the sads because apparently you’re not as into me as I first thought. Boo.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Thank you @Kitten, someone needed to say it and I agree!
        You don’t have to be a Swift fan to just not despise her. I’m not a fan of a lot of her behavior and attitudes which I hope she matures out of. But I don’t think she is wrong or over by any means. I particularly don’t like how she treated Perry’s dancers as “stolen”. They were professionals taking a better gig period.
        As for Calvin, they wrote a song together for which she now wants credit, so what? Doesn’t she deserve it? Perhaps, while they were together the pseudonym seemed fine and wise but considering how he has painted her as variously, clinging/a cheater/not cool like him, well, maybe she figures she doesn’t owe him anonymity on what may be his biggest single to date. Doesn’t sound like she is breaching any contract to me.
        Calvin is the one keeping their names connected in the media and dragging her unnecessarily and unprofessionally. Also, this isn’t the first instance of this behavior from him, see Rita Ora.
        To me, the best thing Swift can do is continue to ignore Calvin just like she did Kanye and let them live or die on their own relevancy and professionalism or lack thereof.

      • Kitten says:

        @Tulip Garden-ITA. I really hope she keeps ignoring Calvin because it’s clearly making him and his fan base insane, which is fun for obvious reasons.

      • Erinn says:

        Kitten – it’s a losing battle, it seems. If you don’t jump on the hate train you’re automatically a fan haha. It’s so strange that someone so innocuous is SO polarizing and for such ridiculous reasons… to the point that people are happily cheering for bad behavior.

      • Elisa the I. says:

        @Kitten: I very much enjoy stalking your comments today! 🙂

      • Kitten says:

        @ Erinn-LOL indeed. I’m a f*cking 37-year-old pot-smoking ex-hipster who listens to EDM and hip hop. Swift is no different to me than every other pop star who’s music I’ve never heard.
        But I’m not gonna get into a “I know you are, but what am I” style argument with Saraya because you know, I’m a grown-up.

        @Elisa the I-Thank you, stalker friend! ♥ 😀

      • Aren says:

        I agree, he was going to look bad regardless, so he might as well go “full immature” like her.

    • Bridget says:

      Taylor is teaching a master class in winning the breakup, and that actually makes me like her more. No whining, no cheesy breakup songs, thank goodness. Both Calvin and Taylor are notoriously petty, so now it boils down to who’s doing it better.

      • Betti says:

        Not yet with the cheesy breakup song – she is anything if not predictable. She’ll be judging the public reaction to this before replying and if its in his favour (and it seems to be) then she’ll keep quiet – until her new album comes out.

      • maria 2 says:

        yeah like she won’t write songs about Calvin

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah I’m sure her new album will be all about Calvin Harris and not her new boyfriend.

      • Bridget says:

        We’ll see. I can’t judge someone for what I think they might do in the future. And I actually think Taylor won’t do a breakup album, per se. She’s been so desperate to be taken seriously as an artist (which is why I think she leaked about this song), and she’s gotten so much flak for her blind item songs. Plus I think she knows that will just engage Calvin more and he’ll actually participate, unlike a John Mayer or a Jake G.

      • Original T.C. says:

        Of course there is no breakup song yet, the events just happened in the last 2 months! LOL. Doesn’t it take like 1.5-2 years for her to release a new album? Taylor Swift’s pattern:

        Phase 1: announce a new boyfriend with a pap walk to get ice cream, coffee, or staged pics by US mag.

        Phase 2: document all parts of the relationship in pics through the media so her 11year old fans will immediately know which event she is talking about in her songs.

        Phase 3: the breakup, with media sources talking and Taylor staying silent.

        Phase 4: Taylor goes into her room or writing closet to write the revenge and heartbreak songs

        Phase 5: Release the album blind item style with hints in the song book SPELLING out who each song is about. Do interviews defending why you are writing the songs. Make insane money.

        Phase 6: repeat phases 1-5 with a new guy

        This is an example of Taylor Swift in Phase 5 about her song ‘Mean’:
        In an interview with, Swift said that she wrote the song to get back at her critics, saying, “there’s a song called ‘Mean,’ that I guess you could categorize it into feelings and or relationships but it’s actually about a critic.”[5] In a later interview with 60 Minutes, Swift revealed that the critic was someone who attacked her performance with Stevie Nicks at the 52nd Grammy Awards, where she sang off-key. This critic is reputed to be Bob Lefsetz, who gave a critical review on his blog, The Lefsetz Letter.

      • Tara says:

        The only Taylor Swift song I’ve heard of is She’s Just Not That Into you.

      • Bridget says:

        Over the last year or two we’re seeing a desire on Taylor’s part to be taken more seriously. If she’s getting good advice and reading the wind well (which she seems to do) she *may* finally realize that it’s time for her to let go of the blind item songs. Or maybe I’m just preaching insanity here.. And to be honest, even if she does some breakup song I have a hard time getting it up for being outraged or irritated. But that’s only because I don’t listen to her music.

      • Veronica says:

        I would actually find it more interesting if she DOESN’T write a blind item song about him. I feel like that would be the ultimate brush off because he’s the one guy who actually kicked up a fuss post-breakup, and she was all “Cool story bro.” That seems to be the power play she’s working here, anyway.

    • claire says:

      What teenage drama did she start with this dude?
      He rushed to put out stories about her, to insult her. He’s been instagramming, snapchatting, tweeting nonstop about her. He’s been doing all kinds of stupid passive aggressive moves like the Yeezys.

      What’s she done? Started dating someone else, living her life and correcting a couple of the rumors he put about her.

      It’s super interesting how much ‘filler’ people are adding to things. Adding things that didn’t occur.

      • Noname says:

        ^ Agree. She has stayed quiet and let Calvin spin his narratives about how and why they broke up and only corrected him about the song. I have to hand it to her, she is acting rather mature right now.

        She will probably write a break up song about him but for now she is taking the higher road.

      • Kitten says:

        Ha ha… I know right?
        The Swift threads are a fascinating psychological journey into people’s weird projections, personal hang-ups, and strange preoccupation with the life of a complete stranger.

        It is a celeb gossip site but still…the Swift stuff is on a WHOLE other level, unlike any celeb that’s covered here.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        That’s my take on it too, Claire.

      • Hannah says:

        The swift threads are also fascinating because she has an army of stans who think she can do no wrong no matter how many beefs she gets into. It’s always someone else fault. Joe, Harry, John, Katy, Nicky, Kanye, Kim, Ed, Calvin etc etc etc Let’s be real Taylor is a great pop star whos always getting into trouble. Adele and Beyoncé not even Rihanna has this many beefs. It’s massively delusional blame everything on ” haters”
        Her ex boyfriend Calvin-Adam is just as bad. These two deserve deserve eachother. I feel sorry for anyone else who get involved with them.

  7. Fa says:

    He is defending himself against her big entourage, I don’t get it she wanted to keep quiet about her involvement in the song so he kept his end of the bargain by not involving her in the interview

    • Betti says:

      This is typical Swift teenage drama, conflict with ex’s and other musicians is what she lives for and is why she has had the career she has. If there was no drama she wouldn’t still be relevant and her music is that typical bubblegum pop that people grow out of quickly.

  8. Summer says:

    So much drama… keep em comming

  9. LA says:

    That Hillary gif gives me life 🙌🏻

    • Bishg says:

      I LOVE that GIF even though I don’t 100% get how exactly it inserts itelf into Calvin’s rant.
      Is it like a “DUH! – I TOLD YOU SO” reaction from Katie?
      Or is it more like “THIS IS GOING TO BE AN EPIC TAKE-DOWN, let me clear my voice and start up”..?

      • Norman Bates' Mother says:

        I see it as “I can’t believe in what’s just happened, what can I say?” She obviously likes it, but didn’t expect it from him.

      • OrigialTessa says:

        The GIF is so perfect, and just watching tells me everything Katy is thinking on the topic… She’s a little taken aback that it’s all coming out this way, like “really??” but she’s also not mad. She’s just going to shrug and watch it unfold.

  10. Pinky says:

    These nasty, bitter, petty, teenage, petulant, spiteful, backstabbing, self righteous, entitled girls (incl Calvin) are giving me life.

    Katy Perry needs to spill more beans. So far I’ve only gotten lentils, lima, and pinto. But I need some kidney, cannellini, black, Navy, peanut, and at the very least, some cocoa. The more you eat, you know…


  11. Jayna says:

    She didn’t want her name on the song at the time. Now in the middle of her HUGE new love affair she takes the time to try to embarrass Calvin for what reason? Team Calvin. Taylor is more petty than I imagined. Isn’t she busy with her true love. So why the need to leak this news all these months later?

    • Jegede says:

      I agree.

      I’m indifferent to Swift, but this move was all levels of petty.

      And odd for a man she apparently no longer cares about.

    • Luca76 says:

      The reason probably was that Ole single that implied she cheated. She was probably pissed that he was using a song he completed in February to diss her. So she let the real reason for their breakup be known.

      • CornyBlue says:

        Ole song is about Rita Ora and not her.

      • Luca76 says:

        Yes but his sources spread the narrative that he was writing a song from the perspective of Tom Hiddleston.

      • CornyBlue says:

        Eh? I think the production of the song began before Hiddleston. I dunno what his sources spread or who they are but it was always abut Rita Ora.

      • Luca76 says:

        So you weren’t here last week then he leaked to sources that Ole was written from the perspective of Loki then he did a 180 and admitted he’d completed in February? I totally believe that is the reason Taylor’s sources started talking.

      • Pleaseicu says:

        Her being all offended that Calvin used a PR narrative that a song was about her when it was written and in production months before the break-up/release is deliciously hypocritical since she did pretty much the exact same thing to Harry Styles with I Knew You Were Trouble in 2013 after their break-up.

        She really can’t stand to have what she does to others in the name of sales and good PR done to her. Everyone else is fair game to do whatever to publicly but her special snowflake self is off limits always. Always eternally the victim.

    • Bridget says:

      I think that we know that it isn’t always just the message, but how it was said. Not “oh, we’re not interested in working together, but you never know” instead “oh no way, never” in a way that implied that he was too good to work with Taylor. I get being offended by that. And I find this particularly funny since she’s also gone out of her way to let it be known that she won’t block him from the song a la Rita Ora.

    • Luffy says:

      The problem I have with this narrative is that it’s somehow embarrassing that Taylor Swift, an extremely successful singer song writer, wrote a hit for you while you were together. I don’t think this would be embarrassing to him if it were a man who had suddenly confirmed (because that’s all Taylor did) that he had written the song. Like CH’s people said, he has written other hits so no one is doubting his abilities. It just stiles me that his ego is bruised now that it’s been revealed that swifty wrote her bf a hit. He feels emasculated and is lashing out.

  12. lucy2 says:

    I can’t decide if I want them all to shut up because they’re so embarrassingly immature…or if I want them to keep going because they’re all so embarrassingly immature.

    • Christin says:

      Same here! Petty yet delicious.

    • Samtha says:

      I have to admit…the petty drama has cheered up an otherwise bad day for me. My twelve-week-old kitten died this morning. 🙁

    • GingerCrunch says:

      You just totally described EXACTLY how I feel about ALL of this! Well done, lucy2!

    • Bonzo says:

      I definitely want them to keep the pettiness going. It’s injected some much needed drama into the TIDDLES coverage. Now that Tom’s filming and the only pap shots are of him running on the beach, this story was getting boring.

      Calvin is just as immature as Taylor, but he’s not as media savvy so he’ll lose the PR game in the end. Unless, that is, he comes out with some evidence of her cheating or something image-tainting like that.

  13. SBS says:

    I usually think that the hate towards Swift is a bit much at times. But at the same time I just can’t wrap my head around how these are all grown up people.

  14. pikawho? says:

    I’m kind of enjoying the fact there has been a pretty steady Taylor Swift backlash this year. The media calling her out on her sloppy manipulation tactics, exes and former friends speaking out on her backstabbing ways, people waking up to her constant victim character, YES! I even saw regular people (not gossip junkies) commenting about her in a Youtube lawsuit post on a news website calling in to question her greedy ways.

    Also, a lot of people are JUST finding out about her parents immense (mostly inherited!) wealth and the fact that they bought an entire record company prior to her debut and had marketing plans in place years before. I wonder how that will continue to effect her public reputation? Her die hards probably won’t change, but casual fans are going to look at her differently.

    • Leo says:

      This. Remember when Lana Del Ray started to make headlines with Born to Die and it came out she was using a stage name and came from a well-to-do family? The media shredded her, but when it comes to Taylor the public barely knows (or seemingly cares) about her family of Wall Street investment bankers who got her her first record deal, while she keeps pushing the underdog image.

      • pikawho? says:

        I’m 100% sure that after her initial bit of fame her people banned all mentions of her family’s money in order to push the humble christmas tree farmer narrative for as long as possible. She wasn’t on the radar of major, serious newspapers back then and most entertainment magazines will play nice with publicists — at least in the beginning. Now its too late to revise her “origin story”. Same thing with Lady Gaga pretending to be a working class former waitress in her early days. Once she was established, all the rich girl truth came out. I literally GASPED when I saw her childhood apartment on Oprah. It was so opulent and easily worth several million dollars.

        Lana del Rey made the mistake of being an indie artist where “authenticity” is under more scrutiny. Plus her PR team were sloppy as fuck when it came to scrubbing her former online presence and making it harder for people to find out her real name. Also, appropriating a hispanic name brought a lot of heat.

    • Betti says:

      Interesting – i thought i was common knowledge that he parents bought her career. Its not that she’s not talented, she has talent but that has always been backed up with the best in the industry. If mommy and daddy hadn’t bought the record company then she would have been on America’s Got Talent or just some other blonde singer in a sea of blonde singers.

      People are sick of the same PR stunts and its affecting her brand, she either has to change or it will end in tears for her when she eventually goes into obscurity. She will never be Britney – even thou she thinks she’s bigger than Brit Brit.

      • Naya says:

        Its definitely not common knowledge. I had no idea she was from a wealthy family much less that her parents bought a record company and I actually read celebrity gossip. I guess I assumed she was lower middle class like most of the old country music folks.

      • Crox says:

        I doubt she wants to be Britney of all people.
        That meltdown was heartbreaking. I don’t wish that on anyone.

    • Lady D says:

      I read an article about her when she first became big. It mentioned that her grandfather owned a couple of banks and was handling all her finances for her.

  15. Christin says:

    Sounds like her sources poked the bear.

    Is Tom counting the days until he can get her back to the US?

  16. HeyThere! says:

    His first two tweets were nice then something happened?! Lol He got more pissy with each text. I would be offended if I wrote a song and created a melody for him and he acted like this…he needs a social media break. All of this is next level entertaining though!

  17. Aussie girl says:

    God I don’t know what what team I’m on they, both have traits I don’t like. But this is glorious for all celeb readers and writers. GOLD!

  18. Kate says:

    He’s as pathetic as her, but I’m loving it. Finally she’s hooked up with someone who won’t go away quietly while she leaks negative stories and writes the inevitable break-up album! Probably helps that this guy is every bit as successful as her, and even more connected. She met her match and I hope it carries on through to their next album releases.

  19. Senaber says:

    So she wrote the lyrics and melody and he did “everything else”? Um, what else is there to do exactly? it seems like he is dragging her for telling the truth? So far she has told no lies. He makes himself look bad in this situation.

    • shelly says:

      Most songs will also have a rhythm and a harmony also the arrangement.

      I haven’t actually heard it so I can’t comment properly (rushes to google said song)

    • CornyBlue says:

      In very pragmatic terms, the producer is a ‘project manager’ for the recording, mixing and mastering process. She has an overall vision for the music, the sound and the goals of the project, and brings a unique perspective to inspire, assist and sometimes provoke the artists.

      • Scotchy says:

        Ok so most ya’ll clearly aren’t songwriters nor do you sit in those studios..
        I am and have and do all of these things and can say this.
        Adam Calvine Wiles dance mc dancerson’s case he is a writer as well as a producer.
        So he composed the music ( i.e. wrote the music )
        arranged the music( also considered writing)
        arranged the melody( writing)

        Top Pop producers as with a lot of EDM producers they write the music, then top liners come and write vocals and melody based on the music that they have written.
        Producers in music especially in pop and dance genres are almost always writers, former writers, former players. NOT project managers.
        While I love these comments, as songwriter when non songwriting folk start spouting untruths, I get my mini arms up…
        He wrote that track with her, it was most likely 50-50.

      • Aren says:

        @Scotchy, you’re awesome.

    • Meryl says:

      Taylor wasn’t forced to write under a pseudonym. That was her preference. Now in the middle of a break-up she changes her tune in a way that is 100% meant to embarrass Calvin. I’m glad he didn’t back down.

      • Jayna says:

        Bingo, bingo, bingo.

        It’s like she set him up. Ooooh, let’s not use my real name name as the co-writer. Get Rihanna to sing it. Ooooh, we’re so clever.

        BAM! Months later, how dare he not play by the Taylor Swift manual, Rules of Breaking Up, and let her be the victim, the sweetheart, etc.

        I can see Taylor fuming and thinking, ” How dare he back in the beginning of our breakup make a few comments. Oh, he’s quiet now, but I’m Taylor Swift. I have been secretly seething and just waiting for the right moment to strike. I came up with the leaking that I wrote the song during my hot sex with Hiddles. I get my best ideas during sex.”

      • Maria says:

        right on Meryl. thats exactly what this is.

      • lilacflowers says:

        How does the fact that he collaborated with her embarrass him?

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        Lilacflowers I took it as he is “too cool” to collaborate with her, and that hurt her feelings thus setting off this sh*tstorm of funny drama. Reminds me of that line in the song about Jake G “with one of your Indy records that’s much cooler than mine.” I wonder if she had a complex about that, lol.

      • Size Does Matter says:

        Calvin wasn’t forced to produce Taylor’s song, either.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Her people were asked if that was her voice. They were asked if she was involved in the song creation because it sounds like one of hers. She simply answered. She has a right to claim her work. It sounds like he is the one who has the complex.

      • Bridget says:

        @Adele Dazeem: YES. Taylor may be wildly successful, but I just don’t think she gets the respect that she craves.

        I said this above, but Calvin spent the first couple of weeks they were broken up trying to make Taylor look like a pathetic spinster. Probably not the best course of action when it turns out your ex has a ton on you. He tried his gambit, failed, but still won’t stop and it’s cracking me up. He tried to out-petty TAYLOR SWIFT.

      • Dara says:

        @lilac, if I’m following all this – and it’s possible I missed something – her people responded only after it was “leaked” that she wrote the song. Where did the leak come from if not from her team? Calvin seemed keen not to tell the world his ex co-wrote his latest hit, so I doubt it was him. It feels like that first leaked story was a set-up so it would look like Team Taylor was simply trying to set the record straight, and not responsible for the story in the first place.

      • Tara says:

        Wow, Jayna. You really don’t like her. To kind of a surprising level. Have always looked forward to your insider-flavored comments. I do like that I can’t predict your position on things.

        With this particular story, about The Song, it seems almost none of us can talk about it without projecting a full narrative. In my eyes it falls into either 1) SHE wanted to use a pseudonym. Revealing the truth now just shows she’s vindictive and manipulative. … Or 2) She may have agreed to the pseudonym at the time, but, given his constant drags in the bloids and his dismissive attitude in the Seacrest interview, she decided to correct that *one* fact. Now. Fair enough.

        Maybe you do actually know what happened and their actual relationship dynamics. I doubt the rest of us do… even all the new commenters with clear and present axes to grind against Taylor & Her Machine. The rest of us are just filling in our own stories based on our personal experiences and whether we like, dislike or are largely indifferent to chicks like Taylor.

      • Bridget says:

        It would only be embarrassing for Calvin because he made sure to let everyone know he thought Taylor was lame. Because under normal circumstances – even a breakup – it’s not a big deal. But if it turns out that your ex-girlfriend secretly did all the heavy lifting in creating your “Summer Song” perhaps you shouldn’t imply that she’s a sad, cat-loving spinster. Just saying.

      • emma says:


        If she wanted Taylor Swift’s name on the song, it would be on the song.

  20. Maria says:

    we all hoped he would deliver and he did. i hope bringing up Katy is just a warning to Taylor. he potentially could bring up way more and its not like Taylor could complain because she sold out all of her ex boyfriends.

    also so much for taylor having a break and not going on peoples nerves like she talked about…

    also funny how people are posting snakes all over her instagram.

    also #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty was trending yesterday.

  21. shelly says:

    A master class in passive/aggressive behaviour from both of them. Kudos to the bloke for bringing Katy Perry on board though.

  22. Meme says:

    Well say it ain’t so. She wanted it kept secret hence the use of the pseudonym and Calvin said what he said to throw her scent off the song….But Taylor being whom she is confirmed she was involved through “sources”.
    I’m #TeamCalvin but the truth is that nothing is gonna happen to Taylor. Her career is made of something stronger than White Privilege. Calvin needs to come through with more receipts and I totally believe she will absolutely wreck Loki when they break up. Ffs Tom how can’t you see she’s using you?!.
    I also believe Kim and Kanye now too

    • Betti says:

      What has Kimye said about her?

      • LB says:

        They said Taylor told them she was fine with the lyrics Kanye wrote about her in the song Famous. But publicly, Taylor said she wasn’t and dissed Kanye in her best album speech at the Grammys.

  23. HeyThere! says:

    I just thought of something….if she wanted to be the ghost writer and melody person…why is she so offended by him not mentioning her?!?! I’m confused now.

    • CornyBlue says:

      I read somewhere yesterday that he mentioned in some interview that he would never consider working with Taylor and thus she got pissed off. But that interview was months ago so who knows

      • LB says:

        I listened to the interview, he spent the whole time praising her then made one comment about not working with her. I feel like Taylor takes any perceived slight and blows it up.

    • Maria says:

      this. she used a pseudonym and now wants to complain?

    • Jayna says:

      Because he didn’t lay down and roll over when they broke up and let her drive the narrative.

      • claire says:

        What was the narrative she wanted pushed? That she was a boring spinster type? ‘Cause that’s the narrative he rushed to put out.

      • Tara says:

        Jayna, are you you?? Calvin HASN’T STOPPED YAPPING since the break up. This is the first we’ve heard from her re: CH since the breakup.

        Just… what???

      • Noname says:

        @Jayna- WHAT? He’s been yapping to TMZ since the moment they broke up to try to control the narrative. And when his original narrative was blown out of the water, he comes back with a different narrative! Taylor’s only response to Calvin was her very public showing of dating Tom Hiddleston and her leaking the info she wrote his Summer hit.

        I’d like to add that I believe she upped the reveal of her new relationship to drown out Kim K piece in GQ about she knew about the lyrics to Famous and it had nothing to do with Calvin. She’s ignored everything he has leaked to TMZ until he released his song Ole and dropped hints it was about Taylor cheating. Turns out it was a lie and that it was pushed her to finally respond.

        He’s pissed because she threw it in his face she wouldn’t prevent him from playing this song live. That is where she is trying to bury him and make him look bad because she is the bigger person than he was with Rita Ora. That is what makes him angry.. it makes him look like a class A douchebag because the queen of mean is not as petty as he is.

    • lilacflowers says:

      Where did she say she was offended? Has she said anything at all about this, other than her representatives responding to questions whether that is her voice on the track and whether she was involved in writing what sounds like one of her songs with an added drum beat?

      • Lela says:

        Lilac flowers , I often find you along with KC on these threads like a voice of reason in all the screaming crazy hate !

      • lilacflowers says:

        Thanks, Lela. I like facts. It is as simple as that.

      • Kitten says:

        ITA, Lela.
        Also, where is KC?

      • K.C. says:

        Aww thanks, Lela! I was scrolling through the comments and was like “Are they talking about moi?” Hahaha.

      • Lela says:

        I should have included you to Kitten. I don’t usually comment this is my lunch time reading material , but since this shit storm started I find myself scrolling through nodding at your 3 comments like yes, and then there’s no need to comment because one of you have said it for me!

      • claire says:

        @lilacflowers: lol, basically. It’s downright bizarre to read how people are describing all of this. Taylor’s almost said nothing. He’s been off the rails this whole time nonstop on every social media outlet and doing interviews about her. But, apparently, this is ALL HER.

  24. MeAnnWhines says:

    Have adult people always been this childish and petty and social media is revealing it? I’m sick of celebrity twitter feuds. Get a clue, you bunch of spoiled, overpaid brats, it doesn’t look good on you, any of you!!

  25. Luca76 says:

    Sorry but Calvin ain’t s**t turns out she did write the (admittedly awful song) and melody and according to ASCAP she has 75% of the writing credit and instead of being a gentleman about the whole thing tried to play it off like he was too trendy or cool to collaborate with her. That’s the reason they broke up. I hate to be that girl but of all the petty BS Taylor has done and meangirling this isn’t the thing that should bring her down. It totally just shows how sexist the culture is that girl taking credit for work she has done would be called petty. Ugh.

    • Samtha says:

      I agree with this so hard. There are legitimate criticisms to level at Swift, but wanting credit for something she created isn’t one of them. The amount of misogyny underpinning this whole thing is just disgusting.

    • CornyBlue says:

      They broke up because Taylor wanted to get with Hiddleston . She wrote the entire thing under a pseudonym on her own choice?
      Though I agree I do not see what the bid deal is if she wants to claim credit for the song. It has like 4 awful lines anyway.

      • Samtha says:

        How do you know she didn’t use the pseudonym to keep Calvin happy? Maybe she wanted credit for it but kept out of it for him.

      • CornyBlue says:

        Yeah. Its not like Taylor Swift is one of the biggest popstars in the world and can do pretty much what she wants to. Also let us assume she did not want to make Calvin unhappy by stealing his thunder and showing him up. In that case I cannot support her too because people who do this for their spouses make me mad.

      • Luca76 says:

        Nope I totally believe they broke up because of that Ryan Seacrest interview. That happened April 29th. Met gala was a few days later they were probably waiting to announce and see if the breakup stuck. In the meantime Taylor moved on.

        @Cornyblue ‘people who do that for their spouses make me mad’
        No anger for the emotionally abusive D-bags that manipulate their spouses ok then.

      • CornyBlue says:

        @Luca76 : I know Taylor swift is the brand of all things victim but i very much doubt she was being emotionally abused. Like You want to think this is a huge tragedy and she has been wronged go right ahead but why make this into something it is not

      • Luca76 says:

        I wasn’t specifically referring to Calvin but to your quote. But I’ll say that I do I think Calvin is a d bag and some of his behavior towards Rita Ora was in fact emotionally abusive. I also think if he responded to Seacrest in a more gracious way something like ‘maybe in the future she’s a great writer’ no one would be the wiser NONE of this would have happened.
        I don’t think Taylor is a saint but the core of this whole thing is she has every right to take credit for her work. I don’t have any love for Taylor, her pettiness, or her music but the amount of misogyny that is coming her way right now is despicable.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        I think they were on the rocks long before the Met Gala. His responses in the Seacrest interview were not those of a happy boyfriend. He was mite excited to talk about John Newman

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        Samtha those were my thoughts exactly. I think when in a relationship she’s a pleaser/try to keep him happy kind of gal and he expressed not wanting to be too out there w their relationship by putting her name in the song. (When in fact, he didn’t want to loose his COOL GUY credibility by having her on his song). She reluctantly gave in to his request, and all was good til he gave that interview implying he was too cool to collaborate w her. Then comes the drama…

        Man I need to quit my day job and write creepy stalker fan fiction. EL James look out!?

      • Veronica says:

        I would’ve thought the pseudonym was entirely pragmatic – both as a way to keep the hit from being overly associated with their relationship than him, and so that she could try a new style without the risk of failure being attributed to her name. I would be very surprised if he pressured her into it, honestly. Girl isn’t exactly a pushover. This being said, if there was no contract stating otherwise, she’s perfectly within rights to reveal her involvement, underlying intent or otherwise.

    • Maria says:

      if Taylor was so keen on taking credit why did she use a pseudonym?

      • Samtha says:

        To keep Calvin/Adam happy? It’s obvious that he didn’t want anyone to know he’d collaborated with her. Otherwise, why would he have claimed that it would never happen…after they’d already written a song together?

        He got caught in a lie and now he’s trying to lash out. Says worse things about him than it does about Swift, but people have had such a hate boner for her that they’ll take any opportunity to drag her whether she deserves it or not.

      • Crox says:

        She didn’t want the relationship to overshadow the song.
        Now there’s no more relationship and the guy getting credit for work that is half hers is being nasty to her.
        Calvin should have got her to sign a secrecy contract if he wanted this to never come up.

        Also, now his rep confirmed she wrote the melody too? Yesterday he swore it was just lyrics. He’s not good at this …

      • Leo says:

        Sadly for me, people don’t have a hate boner for Taylor. If they didn’t, she wouldn’t still be riding this high after dating an underage/barely legal high school kid, buying a house across the street from him after a few weeks, checking into his/checking him out of his boarding school and arranging a pap-op on her mother’s grave. Or writing a song about her ex boyfriend’s new slut girlfriend. No, I don’t care if she was 19 or so. She’s not a street performer who wrote the song on an impulse and started playing it a few hours later on a street corner. The song got either her approval or the approval of her team. She may be sorry now, but the song is still being played and Camille Belle is still known as the girl who does things on the mattress. Or getting away with saying all the women who don’t blindly support her deserve to go to hell.

      • Mira says:

        Crox and Samtha

        She’s used the same pseudonym before when working with other people
        So it would appear it has nothing to do with keeping Calvin happy.

      • Crox says:

        I didn’t say she was making Calvin happy. I said the reason for this, as was explained, was for the song to stand by itself, not to be advertised through their relationship. That’s reasonable. But now there’s no need for that anymore, the song is a hit, so she confirmed the authorship, no doubt to shoot back at him after he accused her of cheating.

        And now Calvin shot back with one business/personal (Katy) and one completely personal (her bf) insinuation. Passive aggressive much? This will go down in even more flames. :/

    • Mira says:

      @Luca76. But she wanted to use a pseudonym herself. And it seems the reason she wants recognition now isn’t because of sexist culture but because she is pissed at her ex boyfriend who is accusing her of cheating, effectively shaming her brand, which is heavily built around her as this wonderful role model. An antidote to your RiRis and Gagas. If he had just gone quietly away none of this would have happened. Also she has written under this pseudonym in the past so this wasn’t a one off that only pertains to Harris.
      I am not a fan of either but to make this into a feminism issue just feels wrong. Its a petty fight between two petty people who can’t let go ( none of them have ever had an amicable break up so they are as bad as each other in this respect) and its also about her protecting an extremely valuable brand. Both of them need to take several seats. ( or maybe not because its hugely entertaining) 🙂

      • Luca76 says:

        @Mira you don’t have to see it as an issue of feminism. I do. A great article that put another layer of how much misogyny is involved was this Slate article that talks about where she got her pseudonym from. A woman should never be criticized for taking credit for her work .

      • Kitten says:

        Thanks for that link, Luca. I haven’t been following the dramz between these two so I didn’t know about the Seacrest interview.

        But yeah…basically the dude didn’t want people to know that a woman who was also his gf at the time wrote his smash hit. People can accuse her of being oversensitive (because she is) but not in this case. That would burn me too, man.

      • Ennie says:

        So also read d the Slate article and agree with it. No one is pristine in this mess, but I read some comments attacking TS on her achievements. She might not be deep, but how many female songwriters/ performers are out there right now and from the past 5 being successful? She has had suffered backlash for different reasons. I’m happy that she composed that April catchy song and that she did not stay quiet about it even if it made an ex boyfriend suffer (and make a lot of money).

      • Mira says:

        Thanks for the link, i still dont see it as a feminism thing. I think that does feminism a disservice. I have said it before this is about him attacking her brand ( cheating, doesn’t play well with her target audience), and hence she played this card she had up her sleeve. If he hadn’t taken their dirty laundry to TMZ, none of this would have happened.If it just about getting the public credit her team would have called his team and made them change the credits. The wouldn’t have run to TMZ.
        By the way if you are interested you should check out this documentary about background singers ( its on Netflix) and musicians. Back in the day it was even worse, many female singers and musicians (particularly black singers) didn’t even get credit for their vocals. There are some really famous songs that we think are sung by this or that group but it was really sung by some unknown backing singers who never made much money off it.

  26. Rapunzel says:

    No love for Taylor but Calvin’s whining about the song credit is lame. I don’t care what agreement they made; they broke up, and Taylor has a right to claim her credit if she wants.

    I’m sure there’s real dirt on TayTay. Spill that instead, Calvin!! Then, I might take your side.

  27. Samtha says:

    Calvin is a whiny hypocrite. Anyone remember when he wouldn’t let Rita Ora perform the song he wrote for her? (Or they wrote together? I can’t remember which.) Maybe he’s afraid Swifty will do the same to him.

    I can’t stop laughing at that Hillary gif Katy posted. That was a perfect response.

    • Div says:

      I think people are letting their dislike of Swift blind them to the fact that he’s way worse with the teenage esque antics towards an ex. The media is ignoring that he changed his story and now admits she additionally did the melody.

      I completely agree that he’s a whiny hypocrite because of the Rita Ora songwriting dispute. The thing is that none of the tabs were that bad towards Calvin….while from day 1 he ran to TMZ to trash her. She can be petty and mean but he just seems vicious. This sort of stuff isn’t TMZ’s usual wheelhouse so I buy it’s his sources, and the minute she goes to TMZ too he loses it.

      Taylor has a pattern. I’m starting to think he also has a pattern of accusing his exs of cheating, trashing them in the press, and trying to screw with their songwriting credits.

    • Crox says:

      I wonder, even if she doesn’t prevent him performing the song – I think the song is tainted in his mind. Not only Taylor wrote part of it, now everybody knows that’s the case, she gets money everytime he plays it, everybody knows Rihanna’s voice had to be auto-tuned to fit Taylor’s idea (out of all people), and his ex replacing him for a new guy is in the background of a war over this song. Must be a fun party song for him now!

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      I think he was a co-writer on about half of Rita Ora’s album and then would not let her use the songs, she could not release the album, he almost sank her career if my memory is correct.

      Disclaimer: I am an old person and my memory may not be correct and these kids need to get off my lawn.

      • CornyBlue says:

        I think it was one song that he blocked because Rita Ora cheated on him or something. As in prevented her from singing in one of those second grade awards shows. Not like blocked the song from her as far as i know. Might be wrong tho.

      • MP says:

        As far as I know he co wrote and produced the whole Rita Ora album and when they broke up stopped it from being released.
        That’s why Rita hasn’t had an album out for ages.
        I don’t blame him if she lied and cheated on him though. I have been on the receiving end of that behavior and I would never had let my ex benefit from my work after how he treated me. No way!

  28. Right says:

    Although I like the fact that she’s moved on and found someone to partake her ideas on crazy stunts, I do find AMAZING that Calvin is singing to his tune not letting her drag him under the bus for somenthing SHE wanted to begin with. She is getting the money and the satisfaction of once more confirming she is a talented catchy songs writer (though the lyrics are pretty basic and stupid in my opinion), so WHY stop her fairytale life to go after someone who is constantly burying himself in pettiness post break up? It’s beyond me.

  29. lilacflowers says:

    She was asked if she was involved in the song. She answered. She has the right to take credit for her work. His first few tweets on the subject were fine. Then, he went off the rails and dragged other stuff into it that was unprofessional, creepy, and totally unrelated to the issue of the songwriting.

    Oh, and EppieCalvin, how is it hurtful to you if your collaborator acknowledges being your collaborator? A collaborator whom you claimed to have dumped?

    • Ennie says:

      Lilac, I agree.
      He comes off so badly with this.
      What if she practically gifted him a song? She did a collab with him. In the interview it seemed that he one- sidedly shut down the possibility of working with her when he was already promoting their work. He is either very dumb or something negative had already happened between them.
      I think she has the right to acknowledge her work, especially if he is demeaning her ( and he’s whining that she has more hit songs, like she should’ve kept quiet forever, LOL). I know TS is not very well liked here, and I think that she is far from perfect, but right now she is being painted as some sort of demon and that’s unfair.

    • Gingerly says:

      As TMZ said her sourced leaked the information (though many have suspected it already), I would say she created the situation where she would be asked. Very deliberately. What a beautiful timing. Right after when she topped Forbes top earning celeb and her pictures with children went everywhere.

      And to me her leaking is not a serious problem, compared with CH’s leaking the story about his Ole as an allegation of her cheating and then quickly retracting it (again through his sources) when TS’ sources denied it strongly. It is a small but effective revenge on her part. Oh, it’s a pity that CH was so upset, arguing she is going “to bury” him. Ha ha. Of course, that could be her intention, but given that situation, he said that too quickly.

      I guess she already prepared herself pretty well and look forward to seeing this battle. I don’t like neither of them, haven’t heard their music, don’t care who will win, but I want to see TS’s strategy.

    • Liberty says:

      Lilacflowers, perfectly said.

    • Kitten says:

      + eight billion zillion…infinity.

    • Starkiller says:

      It’s hurtful to his brand. EDM artists don’t collaborate with cheesy American pop stars. His reputation can and has taken a hit.

      • Kitten says:

        LOL oh PLEASE.
        He’s collaborated with Cheryl Cole, Rita Ora, Kelis, Gwen Stefani and KYLIE Minogue FFS.

        Now he’s suddenly too special for Taylor Swift? Mmkay.

        And let’s not pretend that Calvin Harris is some respected underground DJ. He’s been riding the commercial pop train for the past 6 years and is seen as a sell-out in the EDM world. His so-called reputation was shot to sh*t LONG before he collaborated with Swift.

        I should know because when he was first on the scene I really liked his music. But his sh*t hasn’t been good in a long-ass time.

      • lilacflowers says:

        If that was his fear, he should never have collaborated with her at all. That’s just his own ego and machismo.

  30. Jenns says:

    If this doesn’t end with a Harris/Hiddleston dance off, then I will be disappointed.

  31. maria 2 says:

    wait. She actually had a jacket made with the cd cover!? someone takes insulted to a whole new level.

  32. Crox says:

    I’m still just baffled how bad the song in question is.

    And I mean both of their work: the music, the lyrics, the mix, the terrible vocal arrangement, even botched-up Rihanna’s voice.

    A huge hit? My lord! I don’t want to hear what B-tracks sound like nowadays.

    • Luca76 says:

      Now on that we agree completely.

    • Mira says:

      Its actually double funny because they arguing about the shittiest song ever.

    • CornyBlue says:

      I checked and it has 8 lines of lyrics. What an awful song for Calvin Harris to start shit over.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Eh, it’s catchy kinda but the lyrics are pretty basic. Taylor has written better way songs.

      Regardless he’s being a a-hole. Why shouldn’t she take credit for a song that she wrote esp., since it’s now a hit?

  33. C says:

    Are there some Swifty fans here or what? Even if she owns whatever percentage of the song Calvin was still involved and her admitting to being Neosporin Holberg or whatever comes across like she’s trying to claim complete ownership of the song. It still takes work to make a hit song what it is. A good chunk of artists wouldn’t have the hits without a good producer. #TeamProducer

    • pikawho? says:

      Neosporin Holberg — hello new porn name!

    • I Choose Me says:

      Team No one but Neosporin Holberg gave me a good laugh.

    • Bridget says:

      I think Calvin Harris is a douche. And I’m enjoying watching him embarrass himself. He was pretty damn insulting. Taylor says and does a lot of ridiculous stuff, I just don’t happen to think this is one of them.

  34. Tig says:

    This is starting to get old-all involved need to
    enter social media rehab STAT. And Katy Perry?? Being the third wheel in this mess? She needs to go write a song or something.

  35. Lorena says:

    If she’s getting her fair share ($$$) for the song, then why not just keep quiet? Calvin Harris should have restrained himself, but it’s hard to disagree when he says that if she’s so happy, why throw dirt at your ex? Just move on, woman.

    • CornyBlue says:

      She will still get money and this drama has made the god awful song climb the charts.

    • Ennie says:

      She should’ve kept quiet why? Like a good woman? She’s not stopping him from anything, she just said that she wrote that. How is that bad? Is she emasculating him somehow? I think it is a pride thing. She was hurt probably because his words towards working with her were kind of dismissive, when he was looking for success and profit on a song they collaborated in.
      All in all I liked how she kind of branched out. It is a simple dance song (like many other successful dance songs) , but very catchy. She has the right she wrote it.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      What dirt did she throw at him? She took credit for her work, how is that throwing dirt at him? Saying he’s a petty jerk would be throwing dirt. Saying he left the hospital after the accident before they did blood work because he had drugs in his system would be throwing dirt. Saying he was cheating with the unidentified woman in the car would be throwing dirt. Other than claim her own work, without any disparaging remarks, she hasn’t acknowledged his existence in over a month. Is that throwing dirt?

    • claire says:

      If he’s so happy why doesn’t he shut up? He was happy to dump the boring vanilla chick right? Isn’t that the story he rushed to put out?

      And why should she stay quiet? Is that where we’re at? When a woman moves on and starts dating someone else, we should cheer the dude slut shaming her? Cheer the dude dissing her, saying he’d never worked with her? Cheer the dude who is pissed that he was caught lying? Cheer the dude who tries to control his ex-es, like he did with Rita?

    • Starkiller says:

      She won’t keep quiet because Adam can’t shut the hell up about it. She didn’t say a word about it until he started flapping his lips. I don’t even like this woman but my god, she’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. Meanwhile, Adam is making an utter fool of himself, but no one is asking him to shut up.

  36. Annieb says:

    I like this Billboard article about the money they’ve all earned from the song.

    “When all is said and done, Swift would get about $193,000 for co-writing the song, while co-writer (and performer and producer) Harris would get $354,000.”

  37. Mira says:

    Bless their petty cotton socks! This so much more entertaining than the romance novel beigeness she is selling with PuddleTom. I want her and Calvin to get back together they are just perfect for each other.

  38. Simone says:

    Social media sided with Calvin. Lots of fan bases had a field day yesterday. Katy Perry, KimYe and even Rihannas fans went hard against Taylor.

    None of her exes have anything good or positive to say about her and I think that says a lot about a person.

    • CornyBlue says:

      None of them have said anything bad about her though. Like even from long ago when she did not perhaps make them sign NDAs. Like even Calvin’s tweets are not a direct attack on her person. More on how she and her team manipulates the media.

      • Tammy says:

        I suppose trying to sell his narrative of their breakup wasn’t attacking her? Please.

      • CornyBlue says:

        @ Tammy : If trying to sell one’s narrative of how a break up came about is attacking one’s ex the Taylor has built her career on attacking her ex’s.

    • Tara says:

      Burn her.

  39. Loving every bit of this! Are Taylor and Calvin both 13-year-old girls having an “I know you are but what am I?” tizzy fight? Yes! But I do love how Calvin tweeted and directly checked Taylor publicly and saying “I won’t allow it.” You know Taylor is too juvenile to let it go and even more so that she keeps responding through TMZ while Calvin tweeted about her childish butt directly & name checked her.

    Even more fun, to see Taylor react to Calvin repeatedly like a school girl while with the ‘love of her life’, 35-year-old Tom Hiddleston. Calvin has a point. If she’s so in love & happy, she should be focused on that. But she can’t because she’s too immature & petty, which makes Tom look even worse, if that’s possible. Tom sitting on the sidelines, or frontline, while Taylor & her ex slap each other back & forth in the media. I couldn’t be any more embarrassed for Tom at this point, but I’ll manage. 🙂

    • OrigialTessa says:

      Another reason to never get seriously involved with someone who hasn’t even had time to wash the other person out of their sheets.

    • claire says:

      LOL. She has barely been acknowledging him. He’s the one that hasn’t shut up since the breakup. But, you know, good thing he “won’t allow” it.

      He’s pissed because he has nothing to control her with. We saw how he treated Rita. He doesn’t have the same tools here so he’s lashing out.

      • “She has barely been acknowledging him.”

        A mature adult wouldn’t have acknowledged him at all. She would’ve looked like a million had she ignored him and enjoyed her new relationship. That she even dipped her toe in the kiddie pool just reinforces her character, which is still stuck in its teen years along with Calvin. She could and should be better than that, imo.

      • Crox says:

        @thinkingaboutit – To be fair, it’s hard to just let it go when your ex is accusing you of cheating and you know the paparazzi will run that story for the rest of your life, even if it’s a lie. And she never addressed anything, really. It was her people who turned the narrative to business deals. She kept quiet.

        I would believe Harris way more if he didn’t first lie to the radio reporter, then yesterday claimed she only wrote the lyrics but he wrote the music, then today via his reps said that well yea, she also wrote the melody. He’s making things up as he goes.

  40. Bee says:

    I sort of long for the days when Twitter didn’t exist, and celebrities seemed elusive and cool, and we weren’t subjected to the harsh reality that they are all immature self-absorbed dipsh*ts.

    Is Taylor Swift EVER go to stop playing the victim card? She chose to use a pseudonym, until it suited her. Collaborating with her in any way was always going to be a mistake. Hiddleston will also learn this in time, when he picks up the charred remnants of his balls and what’s left of his acting career. He’s done, it’s only a matter of when she tires of him and wants to play a new blame game.

    Katy’s response is pretty priceless. Completely juvenile, just like this whole saga, but I kinda love her.

    • Lauren II says:

      I liked when celebrities were mysterious and elusive. That era is dead.
      Taylor and Adam should STFU. I think they miss eachother, and cannot let go.
      Meanwhile,Hiddles is living inside a nightmarish Taymerica bubble, wondering wtf happened to his life.

  41. Colleen says:

    I am so late to this party, but I just went to yesterday’s post and listened to the song in question. ?!?!?!?!?!? There is no substance to that song at all. Rihanna’s beautiful self is the only thing that kept me watching…. that, and hoping that what I was hearing was a buildup to something more.

    Both of these people are silly and petty and while I think it’s so sad that these two are idols for a younger generation, admittedly I occasionally find some amusement in the way these two graceless twits tear one another down.

  42. Angela says:

    This fight is the best! They are both totally immature of course, but it’s incredibly refreshing that an ex is finally just blatantly calling Taylor out for her never-ending high school pettiness. In the real world, when you break up because you cheated on someone, you have to suffer from some fall-out. You don’t get to spin every situation and write your own narrative after every relationship. She is not the victim. All of her other ex-boyfriends either 1) stay completely silent or 2) use some kind of passive-aggressive way of calling her out (John Mayer / paper doll). I love the brutal honesty from Calvin, as immature as it is.

  43. Miss Melissa says:

    Fast forward to her eventual breakup with Tom… Will she play the same games? We know he will never respond. He will keep his mouth shut and be completely emasculated while she subtly drags him through the media.

    Will he be wounded? Will all his hair fall out from the stress?


    Why would anyone chose to live this way, with people like this?

  44. paranormalgirl says:

    These idiots all make me feel like I’ve reverted back to my school days. And I guess Katy is needing some attention these days?

  45. Curry says:

    I dont know why they are fighting over the song, the only reason why that below average song which has only one sentence repeated over & over again is a world wide smash is because rihanna is singing on it. that song truly does not deserve the success it is getting.

    • Crox says:

      I don’t know. Rihanna’s voice is butchered because of terrible editing. Vocals are just not good (comparing to what she can do). Unless you mean it was her name that helped, in that case I’d say that partly yes, definitively. Although I read here that he has made a name for himself too.

      • Mira says:

        The song is awful, people bought it because its Rihanna and to some degree Calvin ( their previous song together was even bigger so there was a lot of excitement that they were working together again). This crappy song wouldn’t have sold if a superstar didn’t put her name on it

  46. The Original Mia says:

    Team Calvin! She made the decision to use a pseudo as if she didn’t want her name associated with one of his songs. That’s on her. People can act like he was ashamed of her, but this is TS, she makes the decisions about her image and she didn’t want her name attached to it. For whatever reason. Same with Kanye’s song. She didn’t want her name associated with his song and she’s said it loudly enough that most people believe she didn’t know what the final product would be. Now, because it fits her victim narrative, she wants to claim he’s ashamed of her and blah blah blah. Give me a break. Drag her, Calvin!

    Katy cracks me up. Team Katy all day long.

  47. Lilacflowers says:

    Did Eppie CalvinNuke Laloush fail to tell Rihanna who wrote the stupid song?

  48. Whatabout says:

    Just a weird theory I have. What if Taylor’s team were the ones spilling the “Calvin thought Taylor was too clingy and wanted marriage etc”
    They had to know she was already in another relationship and needed her to look heartbroken. Then she emerged in a new relationship as the victor.

    The reason I think this is because of Page Six claiming Calvin was ready to propose story. That felt like it came from Calvins side.

    I’ve flipped back and forth to this is real, no this is fake and so on. But I’m 100% now completely in the, this is a fake romance. She needs a story line for her new album.

    • Aren says:

      Ouch, it would be very sad for CH if it was true. But people who follow him seem to think he really wasn’t into her.

  49. Hullaballooooo says:

    God. Both of you – GO AWAY. Neither of you is making any contribution to either the music world which is remarkable, original, challenging, ground breaking. Both of you make music which, quite frankly, a monkey could make in a afternoon. Get over thyselves, and just STAHHHP.

  50. Lucy says:

    They’re made for each other. Say what you will about Tom, but at least he doesn’t act like a petty, dramatic school kid.

    • Aren says:

      Just give him time.
      Nobody thought Tom was desperate for attention and see where he is now.

      • lilacflowers says:

        People have been accusing Tom of being desperate for attention for years. Go back and look at this board in the fall of 2013 when he was on the TDW promo tour.

  51. Hannah says:

    Messy people are messy, what’s new?
    The real winner is RiRi, on her way to her 14-15 no 1.

    The real looser is Tom Huddleston, are you really that boring that your new girlfriend is feuding with her ex.

    • The Original Mia says:

      Rihanna is laughing all the way to the bank. And yes, Tom Hiddleston is the biggest loser. His new lover is fighting with her ex during their twu luv parade.

  52. Susie M. says:

    So here’s what I think the issue is. Taylor and Calvin both agreed to keep her part in this song a secret (probably because they thought it wouldn’t do as well if her name was attached) until it was out and doing well on the charts and then HE would come out and announce she wrote it. It was going to be great… except unfortunately they broke up. She dumped him, he got mad and decided to keep his mouth shut and not give her the credit, she got mad and started putting little hints out there that the song was partially hers. Then the song completely blew up and she decided enough was enough.

    • Hannah says:

      Imao he was dragging his feet. She wanted more commitment, like this shit you see with Huddleston the whole drag out mummy and minors for photo ops Calvin is the only one who didn’t do all that lame family style type photo oops. In her world it’s normal to do this stuff after a week and talk about marriage after a month. Naturally when Calvin didn’t propose for over a year she was fed up, She dumped him or they agreed to split. So she decides to show him what he’s missing she goes on this extra love tour with Huddleston. Calvin ego is crushed he cries , in public she was cheating and since she Americas sweetheart we can’t have cheating accusations so she drops this to Tmz obviously to shut him up. Both have hurt egos, she because dude didn’t want to marry her, he because he was replaced so quickly and so publicly. Imao.

    • Luca76 says:

      Nah I think they would have kept it secret but she wanted him not to be disparaging about her. I personally would not be happy if my boyfriend went on about never wanting to work with me if I’d written his current (and one of his biggest) hit. I think this caused the fight they’d hardly been seen together from the date of that interview with Seacrest.

  53. cakecakecake says:

    I love this!!!! I can’t help giggling like a school girl.

  54. K.C. says:

    Calvin is acting like a brat. All Taylor did was have her rep confirm she wrote the song. It was a one-sentence statement. How is this hurtful to him? How is she trying to bury him? He is the only person making this a big deal.

    This will one day go down in pop culture history as Taylor Swift’s Very Exciting Summer.

  55. me says:

    Now THIS would be a great reality show. To be honest, why did Taylor not use her real name for the credits of the song then? Why is she acting like this now? She’s the one that didn’t want her real name on the song.

    • Crox says:

      Because the fact that it’s the first song they wrote together as a couple would overshadow the song itself. Hard to disagree with that.

      Now there’s no more need for secrecy, the song is a hit already. And because of this feud it will be played and shared even more, so they’ll all just make even more money. In truth, they both win.

      • me says:

        LOL so basically she only wanted people to know she had a part in making the song if it was a hit. That’s kind of shady of her though. Well it’s shady on both parts, but we need to remember Hollywood is super fake. We are the dumb ones that suck it all up.

      • Crox says:

        No. The reason given behind the secrecy was what I have written above, not that she was worried that it could be a mess and didn’t want her name on it before it was a guaranteed success.
        You used my phrasing of “hit” like it came from them – it didn’t. What I meant was that the song has been out for ages now, so there’s no need to hide that their relationship was behind it. I only used the word hit because that’s what it is. A godawful one, but still a hit.

    • mee says:

      I’m thinking all of this is a publicity ploy. Look at all the attention the song has garnered. Both of them are benefiting from this and they’re all getting way more out of this “feud” than if they had went on their merry ways.

  56. Zeddy says:

    Calvin Harris is such a whiny p***baby. She really dodged a bullet with that one.

  57. MI6 says:


    This double standard is sickening. TS can put her exes on blast in song and CH can’t express his hurt over a breakup on Twitter without being called a p*ssy?

    • Noname says:

      He’s done more than express his hurt………………………….

      • MI6 says:

        So has she. She’s shoved her new “relationship” up his and the rest of the world’s collective ass. But it’s OK when a woman does it and a guy’s a whiny douche. Nope. Not buying it.

      • Crox says:

        Well, he dumped her, so she has the right to be with a new man, does she not? Why should Calvin care?

        He only came up with “she dumped me” after Hiddleston was in the picture. Before that Harris was happy with people believing he dumped her for wanting to take the relationship further.

        He is just upset because he’s not coming out as cool as he hoped he would. I doubt he’s hurt over losing the love of his life or something.

    • Veronica says:

      People call Tay-Tay on her pettiness all the time. A large chunk of her career has gone along with the running joke “who is this song about?” Discussions of her petty and immature behavior far eclipse any discussion of her business acumen.

      Expressing hurt about a relationship ending is fine. That isn’t the problem here. The problem is that he’s changed the story about the breakup following developments on her side. When it was a story of him breaking up with her because the spark wasn’t there anymore for him, he was fine with it. It was only after she rebounded quickly that he turned the story around to that she cheated – despite having provided no evidence to support that beyond conjecture regarding the timing. And now he throws a fit that it comes out that she had a hand in his summer smash hit – which, yes, was totally a knife throw, but after a month of him running his mouth and her keeping quiet beyond a PR trip with the new beau, I’m having a hard time thinking she’s really in the wrong here.

  58. greenmonster says:

    What am I missing? I know the TS hate is pretty strong here, but this suprises me. So, she wrote the lyrics and the melody and chose to use a pseudonym. That is her prerogative. If people would have known that she wrote the song from the beginning, lots of them would have trashed it before even listening to it.
    After what Calvin Harris said in an interview she changed her mind – so what? Just because she chose to use a pseudonym months ago, she can’t change her?

    I said in earlier posts, HE was the one who started this mess. HE does a pretty decent job to make himself look petty and foolish. HE told the world, that he broke up with her because she was boring, marriage crazy and not sexy. Later he changed the narrative to “I knew something was up, I thought there was someone else”. For weeks it is Calvin Harris who is leaking and talking about this past relationship.

    Taylor Swift might be petty too, but this man takes it to a whole new level. Can we please keep in mind that we are talking about a man in his early 30s. No-one should applaud him for acting like Taylor Swift might have or has done in her teenage years and early 20’s?
    Besides this being juicy gossip who would say “you go, man” to someone who acts like him in real life? I

    • Katenotkatie says:

      A glorious onslaught of petty, middle school-level mean girl antics from grown-ass adults: you’re right, Taylor and Calvin, this IS what you came for! They’re both as ridiculous as the other, and I am still loving every AND NONE FOR GRETCHEN WEINERS minute of it.

  59. OhRatz says:

    As many years as I’ve loved this site, I’m beyond annoyed with the overload of tidbits about Taylor Swift and her pussy traffic. Calvin Harris is not being a bitchy school girl about it. She has a team and they’ve successfully kept her image pure despite her growing track record of celebrity relationships. If an ex slanders me, they should be lucky if I don’t DESTROY them in the media. Good for him.

  60. Elle says:

    #TeamTayTay. When they broke up, Calvin was the one who started the smear campaign. Was she supposed to sit there and do nothing about it? Plus I have no problem believing that Calvin could not stand the fact that such a popular song was written by Tay Tay and that while it remains a Calvin Harris song, it will now be forever associated with her, and thats where his hissy fit is coming from. He disgusts me. Plus he might be team Katy Perry now, but I dont remember him taking Katy’s side back then, more of the opposite. If he didnt agree with Tay Tay’s behavior towards Katy before, why does it only come out now!

  61. Amelie says:

    I don’t consider these tweets that bitchy apart from the Katy comment. He is setting the record straight about the song which is allowed. Everyone is saying Taylor did everything on the song but the truth is they collaborated and it’s a petty thing for Taylor’s team to bring up. He is allowed to defend himself. I’m not a fan of his and both he and Taylor look stupid in this breakup but neither camp will back down. Aren’t they tired?

    • Luca76 says:

      But he’s lying she wrote the melody and the lyrics his rep admitted it. Typical man baby behavior and our society congratulates men for it.

      • Mira says:

        music means more than just melody and lyrics, its the writing of arrangements for instruments and beats and so on. A producer often writes the arrangements for the instruments ( or the musicians come up with something).
        Let me give you an example, on get lucky the hit with pharell and daft punk from a few years ago, the bass player niles rodgers came up with the baseline ( which is pretty essential to the song) so he is credited as one of several writers, but he didn’t write the actual melody.

  62. Joanie says:

    I think it was Bill Murray who said that you become emotionally arrested at the age at which you became famous. Something like, after you achieve fame, you have two years to be an asshole, and if you haven’t gotten over it by then, it becomes permanent.

    Lots of evidence of that in this ridiculous 3 way social media war. Worst threesome ever.

  63. what's inside says:

    I think Tayto sounds so much better than Caltay, especially after listening to the exes snipe at each other. Calvin go sit down – nobody cares….really. As for Taylor, girls’ gotta do what she’s gotta do. And Lord knows this ain’t her first rodeo. However, I think we can all agree that John Mayer is such a nasty piece of work and the youngTaylor did not deserve him.

  64. terese says:

    this is school girl gossip gold. lol also, it makes me look at Tom again like brotha are you for real you want to get involved with what will eventually be your future. lol

    My expectations of calvin or taylor are exactly this but Tom was supposed to be able to identify someone who is a mean girl hs drama queen.

  65. KatyD says:

    When Taylor’s previous relationships went down in flames, she would make some catchy tunes out of it. I don’t remember her going on crazed Twitter rants? She would get to work and write. Calvin should try that. Oh wait, that takes talent.

    I think he got what he deserved. He tried to really burn her and she moved on. Now, he’s resorting to Twitter stalking her while she’s off playing w/Hiddles. You lost, Calvin. You lost big time. After your petty behavior with Rita, you deserve it. Keep Tweeting, dude. It’s making you look better and better.

  66. susanne says:

    I just want to know who is posting for Taytay. You know she reads cb.

    • Tara says:

      Funny. Now that you mention it I do see a lot of new faces around here… Posting for Calvin. Welcome!

  67. Josie says:

    I can’t take seriously anyone who defend. any of these two douches.. If you’re not 12 and a Stan please don’t go there..
    Both of them are petty, messy and ridic. She just has a more sophisticated pr game. He’s always been messy. He’s blows a fuse on Twitter all the time. . She ..well what can I say.. I defended her through all that Kanye shit. BUT at which point when you have fallen out with men, women, exes and collaborates are you no longer the victim but the PROBLEM.

    Do me a favour don’t sully the name of feminism with this ridic BS.

  68. Shshsh says:

    What does Calvin mean by “Katy ETC”?
    Who else has she tried to bury?

    • K says:

      I would like to know too!!

    • The Original Mia says:

      She basically called Camilla Belle a “mattress” for sleeping with one of the Jonas brothers after he broke up with Taylor. All the ex boyfriends have had songs written about them. Katy because she dated Mayer and hired one of Taylor’s dancers for her tour.

  69. Guesto says:

    All this over a seriously sh*tty throwaway song that anyone with any real musical standards would run 10,000 miles from.

    Petty, puerile prat.

  70. MellyMel says:

    This has been a great summer for lovers of spilled tea and popcorn! I love this…it’s such a mess!

    • Lala says:

      What is the reference to “tea” all about? I keep seeing people mention things like “this is such great tea” etc. I never saw that until recently and now it’s everywhere. Once again, I’m obviously out of touch with current culture!

  71. KatMc says:

    I love all the people on here saying that Calvin Harris is creepy. Are you kidding me? SHE WENT OUT WITH HIM FOR OVER A YEAR. Then the comments about him being “off the rails?” Wow, exaggerate much? Taylor Swift has built an entire career on writing songs about being wronged. This is a grown woman. Calvin Harris tweeted about her and has the right to do so and to exaggerate and say that he is abusive is absurd. You cannot just label people as abusers because you do not like what they have to say about someone you happen to like. That term is very serious and frankly, to sit here and say that Calvin Harris is abusive and sexist based on a series of tweets is juvenile and ridiculous. Maybe he should not have tweeted about her, I really do not know, but nothing he said is mildly abusive. She writes songs about people all the time and has not very nice things to say about them in the lyrics and yet that is just fine. It makes no sense. Lastly, this is comical above everything else and people need to take a giant chill pill.

    • Aren says:

      But she’s a girl! She can be ridiculous, if a man acts “like a girl” then it’s a crime.

  72. Tara says:

    I thought I read yesterday that Calvin said he wrote the music. Now he admits she wrote the lyrics… And the melody. Can anyone explain what’s left… In terms of *writing* the song?

    I swear, if this was a court case, Taylorhaters would convict her based on everything but facts about her relationship with Calvin. Past relationships? Check. Celebrity feuds? Check. Unfounded rumors at odds with the “injured” party’s own initial narrative? Check.

  73. M.A.F. says:

    I can’t stand Taylor Swift but I can’t blame the girl for telling everyone just how much she was involved in that song, no matter how terrible the lyrics are. It might never have come to light if he wasn’t so petty. He keeps bringing her name up, not the other way around.

  74. Lala says:

    I’m truly out of touch with today’s culture, because I didn’t even get the connection of Katy’s tweets to the whole situation. Calvin mentioned her as someone Taylor had tried to bring down previously, and then Katy tweets a GIF of Hillary Clinton shrugging/smiling? And somehow that’s universally agreed to be “epic shade” from her toward Taylor? Seems a little tenuous at best. I guess I’m not from the generation that understands GIFs as the ultimate response to something.

  75. Nene says:

    team Calvin all the way! I don’t agree with the whole ‘he’s so Immature’ image while writing off taylor’s own immaturity. I don’t get why he’s ‘petty’ for not letting Rita Ora sing HIS songs, she should have been smart enough to get a contract. Seriously, who would let their cheating partner profit of his/her intellectual property? If Taylor didn’t want her name on the song, why call him out for not saying it? I think people just love to hate the guy

  76. Annieb says:

    I like some of Calvin Harris’ songs (some of which I didn’t even know were his), but this whole Taylor feud made me check out some of his interviews and see how he comes across in them. He seems to love making music and sounds rather down to earth, even self-depricating. I like the way he humourosly acknowledged that he doesn’t get much media attention while Taylor does (it’s crazy around her and with him it’s just a guy who wants a picture), saying that his opening acts on Rihanna’s tour were a failure (kids in front rows booing him…). I don’t get arrogant vibes from him. I recently stumbled upon Taylor Swift on Graham Norton and she also comes across as having a good sense of humour. Their post-breakup behaviour has been very entertaining, but I don’t think either of them is a bad person.

  77. C says:

    Taylor does have a right to speak about songwriting credits. Her motivations for speaking up now aside, arguments that Calvin telling her not to bury him means he’s sexist seem a little funny since this is a woman who wrote a song pitting herself against another woman for profit. The same woman who said that there is a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women. Oh yeah her brand of feminism doesn’t seem that inclusive either.

  78. Hannah says:

    Diplo faveorited calvins tweets about Taylor 😂

  79. Lilacflowers says:

    I think the song itself is lousy (my opinion of most of the work of both collaborators) but I dearly want it to win a Grammy so these two share a podium together to make acceptance speeches and PIGFORMERLYKNOWNASKANYE tries to do his interruption stunt, only to be punched out by Eppie Calvin because you don’t interrupt Eppie Calvin

    • Kitten says:

      But his wife is going to tell everyone (read: all the KUWTK viewers) that she’s tired of people treating her husband in a certain way!!!!!!!

      I’m sure that will make everything better.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Well, perhaps if he didn’t do stuff like spend $700,000 on creating figures representing his fantasy of specific women’s naked bodies, using nothing but the corners of a sheet to cover their vaginas but vulvas and breasts fully exposed to showcase his domination and exploitation of their bodies, her Pig would get less flack. While she’s flapping her gums, I want to know if she is raising her son to treat women in such a disrespectful manner and if she is teaching her daughter that she should welcome such demeaning treatment. I also want to know why she wants to be known for a body part that smells bad.

      • M.A.F. says:

        @Lilacflowers- The fact that she stated she has no problems being called a bi*ch because that’s what men do should give you your answer .

      • lilacflowers says:

        @MAF, it does. And no man does that around me to me or any other woman.

  80. Nikki says:

    I LOVE the Hillary gif; it is epic. I don’t follow all their gossip, but to me it seems Calvin is a pathetic whiner; Taylor seems more mature than HE does, which is an unbelievably low bar. BUT: good for her if she told the truth about her authorship of a song; why should anyone take credit for another’s work? And just for proclaiming the truth, he deflects it to she’s out to get him? What kind of loser DOESNT ACKNOWLEDGE his girlfriend’s contribution in the first place? Maybe that’s part of why she dumped him; if so, I approve of her for the first time! She definitely moved up, as ALL of his rants have proved.

  81. Jen says:

    How’s TS “throwing dirt” on anybody by stating the truth. She wrote that song.
    As a producer Harris turned it into a dance hit by building the music around an already existing song, arranging and producing it.

    Harris is the one who lied by omission by making it seem like he and Swift probably wouldn’t/ had not ever collaborated.
    That is trying to bury somebody in the sneakiest way possible and it is artistic betrayal.

    I can’t stand artists who omit the contributions of others. Typical ego/industry/producer bullshit antics. If he tried with a songwriter likeTaylor Swift who is huge, I just bet he’s done it to other unknown songwriters.

    Idk details about swift being so shady as a person like posters are saying. But i dont think Swift is shady in a professional way re cheating others out of credit, which to me is completely disgusting.

    I respect swift for being a songwriter in a male dominated field. NOT easy.

    • emma says:

      She was the one who hid her name, and prob told Calv to keep it secret. So it’s shady to flip the script and make him look like a bad guy when she didn’t want to be recognized for the song in the first place.

      All props to her being a female songwriter. But if she wanted her name on the song, it would be on the song.

      • Andie88 says:

        Exactly. She said she didn’t want to be named on the track so she used a pseudonym but then later she comes out saying it she wrote the song. It was her way to look like she was the victim when in fact she requested the fake name/anonymity.

        I understand that Harris made a rather rude comment about not wanting to work with her but she didn’t want anyone to know about the collaboration. Perhaps if he’d been less harsh in his comment people may have caught on to the fact that she’d written it.

        I’m not surprised that this came out now as Harris is not one to be quiet or back down (Taylor should have know that). I think they are equally matched in their complaining of their ex’s lol.

      • Nikki says:

        The fact is, since Taylor DID write the song, all Calvin had to do is say, “Yes, she wrote it but she didn’t want to be credited at the time..” Finished, IF indeed Taylor hadn’t wanted any credit. Instead, Mr.Weasel starts off saying she only did a widdle bit, then it’s proven she did more, and he whines, “She’s trying to destroy me! Like she did Katy Perry! But she’s not going to get away with it!” Classless and way more whiny than anything she said. Y’all don’t even know if she truly didn’t want credit, or if he’d talked her out of it. Either way, if she wrote it, he’s a dick for acting aggrieved at her claiming it. Seen the movie “Big Eyes”? LADIES: don’t EVER not claim credit for your own work, unless it’s illegal!

      • lilacflowers says:

        What makes him look like a bad guy is all the crap he posted on Twitter yesterday about her relationship and Katy Perry and the accusations that she is trying to bury him.

  82. emma says:

    Yeah why would she put her name as a pseudonym on a song and yet get all songwriting credit, only to reveal she was the one who wrote the song later? Like, it sounds like she was trying to hide her ID. Maybe she told Calvin that SHE didn’t want to be associated with the song. Or publicly collaborate. Which is why he said on the radio program he didn’t think they would collaborate, because she obviously wanted to keep her identity secret on that song.

    Maybe she was keeping this in her pocket just in case. All speculation,o f course, but if Tay wanted her name on the song, it would be on the song.


  83. Aren says:

    #TeamKaty and #Team all the girls that have been viciously attacked by Taylor throughout the years.

  84. Nikki says:

    Viciously attacked means something different in many neighborhoods; I can’t see millionaire pop princesses posting snide digs in quite this category!

  85. jferber says:

    Calvin Harris is apparently too stupid to realize that he has lost and will always lose to Taylor. Sad, really. And if Taylor wrote the lyrics and melody, didn’t she basically write the song? He needs to re-define how he sees himself, but his dumb ego gets in the way, thus insulating him from both hurt and enlightenment. He needs to honestly ask himself, “Am I the jerk here?” because he really is.

  86. PatriotsPower27 says:

    This whole thing is making my head hurt. Team No One.

  87. HHY says:

    Dear Calvin: stop trying to piggyback off Taylor’s fame lol

    It would be hilarious if Taylor could influence Rita Ora to chime in, the ex whose song he produced and pulled after the break-up due to pure vindictiveness.

  88. justme says:

    I’m not a fan of any of these people, but why is Taylor getting hate for claiming her own work? She’s not dragging him like he’s done to her. She changed her mind about being anon, so what? I don’t see how that’s “burying” him.