Laura Prepon & Ben Foster have been dating quietly for weeks, apparently


Ben Foster looks hot in these photos, right? I’m usually not a Ben Foster person, but hot damn. These are photos of Ben and Laura Prepon walking around Soho several days ago. I think the photos are just starting to be noticed because… it’s kind of random, right? Prepon has only (seemingly) had one other high-profile relationship with another actor, and that was with Chris Masterson. They were united by Scientology, because the Masterson family and Prepon are all Scientologists. And now she’s with Ben Foster, who recently got out of an engagement with Robin Wright. Us Weekly has more details about other sightings:

Summer lovin’! Laura Prepon made her own fireworks on the 4th of July weekend — with Warcraft: The Beginning actor Ben Foster, an insider reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. At Ugly Mug pub in romantic Cape May, New Jersey, on July 1, “she was holding onto Ben and was all over him,” an onlooker tells Us. “They were really close, talking and laughing.”

The Orange Is the New Black actress, 36, and Foster, 35 — whose engagement to Robin Wright ended last year — also enjoyed a recent PDA-fest at French bistro Lucien in NYC’s East Village, where a fellow diner saw them “making out” during a two-hour meal.

Though it’s unclear how they met, Prepon and the Six Feet Under alum do share a mutual friend: That ’70s Show alum Danny Masterson, the older brother of her ex-boyfriend Christopher Masterson.

[From Us Weekly]

And now there are some rumors that Ben Foster is a Scientologist too, although I don’t want to put too much stock into those rumors since they’re mostly from CoS-related message boards. I really doubt that Robin Wright would have been down for CoS in any way, so maybe this is conversion-by-dating, which absolutely happens. I always thought Ben was smarter than that. He seems like a really driven and focused guy, not one to fall into a CoS honey trap. Of course, it’s perfectly possible that Laura and Ben are just having fun and they genuinely like/love each other and they haven’t even mentioned anything about CoS.


Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Amelia says:

    All I got from these pictures was “why on earth did overalls make a comeback?”. Laura is a beautiful woman but they aren’t really very flattering on anyone….

    • JustJen says:

      Truth. I wouldn’t have recognized her without this article telling me who she was. Even a supermodel would look homely.

  2. Queendolly says:

    They’re hot together, I kinda like this pairing.

  3. Aussie girl says:

    Can’t remember Ben on six feet under, although I watched it so long ago. It was such a good show!!
    Is she still COS??? I can’t help but side eye any celeb that is.

  4. mytake says:

    She is ride or die COS. I don’t think dating someone outside the cult would be manageable for her. I’d put a hefty bet down that Ben Foster is a fairly new Scientologist.

    • alice says:

      There are pictures of Foster with all the Masterson clan, including Carol Masterson who’s been very active in recruiting young actors for the cult, that go back to the early 2000’s. I highly doubt that he’s been involved with all that clique for all these years without at least sympathizing with their crazy ass cult. I totally believe he’s into Xenu.

      • mytake says:

        Since 2000s!? Awww hell yeah, he’s either “taking courses” or a full-blown COSer.

      • alice says:

        @mytake yeap! it’s disturbing!

        Also: Kaiser writes that Boster is smarter than that but remember he grow up in a cult too, in Iowa: The Transcendental Meditation organization is a crazy cult, with gurus, and schools and universities, who believe they would achieve world peace by meditation and selling secret mantras. His liaisons with COS are just a testament to the way he was raised, I guess that cult-ish mentality stays with you forever.

      • mytake says:

        Oh Alice, you have all the goods! I could gossip about cults for DAYS. Had no idea that BF was brought up in TM. Yeah, he is ripe for CO$ picking….but as you said, he’s probably been dabbling for years, if he’s long term tight with the Mastersons.

    • QQ says:

      Same, cause she really almost left Orange is the New Black over the whole lesbian character is what i Understood and Tommy and the creepy hawk guy weren’t pleased? as is against their “religion”??

      Either way either this proto angry Blonde Ham (face it he doesnt look so much hot as “The Roidy guy at the club on a dressy white shirt”) converted OR she is about to be SPed soon

  5. Goldie says:

    I remember hearing rumors that Ben was a scientologist when he was with Robin. I think dating Laura pretty much confirms it. They do make a cute couple though.

  6. Erinn says:

    I only ever associate him with his role as Tucker in Flash Forward from ’96 haha.

    If I were to make a guess he’d have to be a $cio … I did some googling and the first article that popped up was from February. Not sure how true it is, but he’s supposedly tight with Danny Masterson … and the Mastersons are big into the cult as well. He’s dated a $cientologist before as well, but she wasn’t well known. And he’s gotten roles with the help of Jason Lee, and is friends with Giovanni Ribisi.

    That’s a lot of connections to the cult for someone who isn’t in it.

  7. outhousecat says:

    meh. Hot Donna needs to go back to being a redhead. That’s all I got. I never even heard of this guy Ben, and he doesn’t trip my trigger at all in these pics.

  8. littlemissnaughty says:

    For some reason I just thought of those stories back in the 70’s Show days about how Topher Grace was the only one in that group who wasn’t super tight with the rest outside of the show. It always made him look like a bit of a party pooper but in retrospect, knowing that two of them were CO$, knowing abou Wilmer Valderrama’s sketchy dating habits and Kutcher’s … everything I guess, I’m seeing things in a different light. Maybe he just wasn’t into the partying but maybe there were other reasons although it never sounded like there was bad blood either.

    Anyway, as others have said, I highly doubt any man can date her without being at least very open to the idea.

    • Danielle says:

      Interesting point! The whole maybe Topher wasn’t a dick, maybe the rest of them were crazy thing.

      • mytake says:

        But Topher Grace does exude “pretentious snob”. To me he does, at least. Maybe they were all awful? The backstage dynamics must have been amazing — in a way that Dynasty is amazing. Teenage hormones, cult antics and a super snotty star. Someone’s gotta make a show.

  9. tracking says:

    I can’t read anything about him without thinking about the cringe-worthy interviews Robin Wright gave when they were together (which seemed targeted to her ex).

  10. lile says:

    Awwww. A Scientology match made in…….freaky Scientology, I guess!

  11. siri says:

    Seems like Foster has a longer history with Scientology:

    When they split, rumor was that she found him ‘childish’ and too self-centered. Guess that wasn’t the real reason. Good for her, because you better stay far away from this cult.

    • Borgqueen says:

      I was just about to link that blind item to this story. COS were dying to get their hands on Ben Foster and it looks like they succeeded. Poor Robin Wright, first Penn and now Foster was snatched from underneath her.

    • Borgqueen says:

      I was just about to link that blind item to this story. COS were dying to get their hands on Ben Foster and it looks like they succeeded. Poor Robin Wright, first Penn and now Foster was snatched from underneath her.

      I guess this is how Prepon was able to resume her OINTB. She had to be a match for Ben Foster. I guess its better than being matched up with Tommygirl.

  12. Happy21 says:

    I love Ben Foster as an actor. I think he is completely underrated.

    I do not like her. Never have. Couldn’t even watch That 70’s Show because of my dislike of her. I can’t put my finger on why, I just don’t.

    • siri says:

      Same here. He’s a good actor, but at times I think uncomfortably intense in some ways. I also have a distinct dislike for her, not knowing why.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Me too. Love him as an actor as well. He was so good in The Messenger with Woody Harrelson and Samantha Morton.

  13. pikawho? says:

    Scientology needs to be stopped 🙁

  14. Helen says:

    Ugh, not her. She is not a nice piece of work. I too have a bad feeling about this.