Brad and Angelina really did buy land on an island in Berlin (update: rep denies)

It turns out that Brad and Angelina really did buy a plot of land on an island/peninsula in the southwest of Berlin and it’s not just speculation on the part of Germany celebrity magazine Gala. (Update: maybe not, see below.) Celebrity photo agency WENN has photos of the plot that they’ve “allegedly” bought, and say that construction has begun:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have allegedly bought this plot of land on the small island Schwanenwerder on lake Wannsee. Pitt’s Berlin architect friends who run the design office Graft have already started construction work

[Photo description from WENN]

Yesterday we reported that this was big news in Germany, we’re I’m currently visiting family, and that it was carried with a big ‘ol headline on trashy German newspaper Bild. It didn’t sound like it was based on any actual facts, though, as it could not be confirmed based on the way the article was worded that Brad and Angelina had purchased property on the Schwanenwerder penninsula, which is in the southwest corner of Berlin, halfway between the center of Berlin and Postdam. It just sounded like speculation that originated in a German celebrity magazine.

There were some quotes from a “friend” of Brad in British rag The Mirror, who claimed he said:

“We bought this beautiful house in Berlin, and another one I am trying to design myself close to Potsdam.

‘We already have so many projects waiting and I am trying to travel and get inspiration all over the world and prepare myself.

‘We also don’t want our kids to go to school in Hollywood – it will be best if they can go to school in Berlin. We love the city. Berlin is so quiet and balanced, away from paparazzi.”

[As reported in Opodo Travel News]

Sorry for running these same quotes again, but they may deserve a second look now that it’s sort-of known that they did buy property outside of Berlin. It’s also possible that WENN is jumping to conclusions based on the assumptions in Gala, but they do seem to know that a firm connected with Brad Pitt is working on the plot at least.

Speculation is rife that Brad and Angelina will choose the John F Kennedy school for their children. It’s a renowned English-speaking International school in Berlin, and was recommended to my husband and me by our friends who live in Berlin, should we end up moving there, which will soon be a possibility. Is it wrong of me to hope that they don’t move to Berlin so that if necessary I can put my son in that school without worrying about Brad and Angelina making it impossible to get spots there?

When my husband heard this story he was like “Do they even know a word of German?” I said “Do they even need to? They have people for that.”

Update: Pitt’s rep says these reports are “not true” and that they’re not moving to Berlin. The quotes in The Mirror are probably fabricated, and is that just a random construction site? We’ll have to wait and see, although I have a tendency to think those are made-up quotes based on speculation, as I mentioned earlier. Sorry that I got duped by the construction photos.

Thanks to WENN for the construction photos and story.

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