George Clooney defends Cindy Crawford’s husband in sexual harassment case

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Over the weekend we heard that Cindy Crawford’s husband, Rande Gerber, was accused of sexual harassment by two different former waitresses at a restaurant he owns. One former employee at his club claims that Gerber tried to kiss her multiple times during an incident in 2008 and that he put his hand up her dress. It all looked pretty damning to Gerber, but he has at least one high profile friend who is willing to vouch for him in court. George Clooney was hanging out with Gerber on the night he’s accused of groping the women. Clooney says that he was with him the entire time and that nothing happened:

Rande Gerber’s sexual harassment lawsuit is about to get even sexier — George Clooney will take the stand. Put another way, he’s testifying against the chicks, so they may as well fold now.

Gerber, along with a couple of his employees, are being sued for sexual harassment — allegedly kissing and fondling two former waitresses. Gerber calls the claims a “blatant lie” and he’s even got witnesses to prove it — including Mr. Clooney himself.

A rep for Gerber tells us, “Mr. Gerber and Mr. Clooney are willing to take a lie detector tests to prove that the allegations against Mr. Gerber are false. Mr. Gerber will not settle this extortion case even for a single dollar and will take all actions necessary to clear his name, including filing a $10 million lawsuit for malicious prosecution once these allegations are proven false.”

Case closed.

UPDATE — Through his rep, Clooney tells us, “I was with Rande the entire night — as were a lot of people — they will all say the same thing that I’m saying. This event never happened. Period.”

[From TMZ]

I don’t know. It’s hard to claim that you were with someone the entire night and can say with certainty that they didn’t leave your side. It bodes well for Gerber that Clooney is so willing to step up and testify on his behalf, though. I usually think there’s some merit to claims like this. That’s not to say that false allegations don’t happen. In the Rob Lowe case he seems to have been railroaded by an ex employee who was looking for a quick settlement and didn’t expect him to fight back. Something similar could be happening to Gerber, but just because Clooney is saying he was with him that night doesn’t mean that the case is closed and that it was motivated by money. It’s not a simple thing to accuse someone of sexual harassment and these women deserve to have the incidents investigated.

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  1. geronimo says:

    I feel sorry for them if they’re telling the truth because they won’t stand a chance in hell against either Gerber or a media that can write the following:

    “Rande Gerber’s sexual harassment lawsuit is about to get even sexier — George Clooney will take the stand. Put another way, he’s testifying against the chicks, so they may as well fold now.”

    TMZ obviously see sexual harrassment as a joke and a source of entertainment. Gerber has documented form, he’s a sleazebag, sadly he’s also very rich so even if the women are telling the truth, don’t hold out much hope for them coming out on top here.

  2. Wif says:

    geronimo, how do you know Gerber’s a sleazebag? What’s he done?

  3. Madelyn Rose says:

    It has been widely reported for years and years that Gerber is a serial cheater. Many have speculated that he and Cindy have an open relationship, and that she can have her men on the side (one rumored to be Clooney) in exchange for giving him carte blanche to sleep with whomever he wants. That being said, just bc he is a horn dog doesn’t mean he sexually harassed these women.

  4. geronimo says:

    Wif – There are stories going back years about him cheating and various accounts from people who’ve worked in his clubs about his behaviour. Too many for it to be just unsubstantiated rumour.

    I have no idea whether the current charges are true or not but he has a very dodgy track record.

  5. kiki says:

    George and his Friend look like ageing horndogs. Sexual harassment cases. hope these women have lots of evidence.
    I wouldnt be surprised of they do have an ‘open marraige’

  6. Codzilla says:

    Rande (is that pronounced Randy?) definitely has the “I’m a prick” look in his eyes.

  7. Tess says:

    The only “look” I see in his eyes says: Hi, my name is Rande and I’m a switch hitter.

  8. Des says:

    I tend to believe it when women yell harassment but Gerber cheating on his wife (or being in an open relationship which is an entirely different matter) doesn’t automatically mean he must be harassing women too.

  9. geronimo says:

    from accesshollywood:

    The two women claim in their lawsuit that they were “subjected to quid pro quo sexual harassment at the hands of their supervisors… and a sexually hostile work environment.” The women claim their work environment became “abusive” due to the alleged sexual harassment. The women also claim they complained to the Gerber Group’s human resources, but the department “continually refused to acknowledge that such practices were occurring at the Gerber bars.”

  10. Enonymous says:

    George Clooney sticking up for this sleazebag and this is surprising why? After all, these types of men tend to stick together. George Clooney is not any better then the next overgrown horndog.

  11. Ggirl says:

    Cindy Crawford has too much class to be married to this wanker! George Clooney defending Randy Gerber? Yeah. Because these two have such a HIGH opinion of women. Lame.

  12. jayem says:

    Rande Gerber IS a cheater. He has a stake in the W in Los Angeles and is constantly picking up girls there. I know because I’ve seen him do it. That being said, he usually doesn’t have to try to hard, as a gaggle of girls are usually nine feet up his butt as soon as he walks in the door. It sounds like a plot to make money or embarrass him.

    Unfortunately, the only people who really know what happened are Rande and the girl(s). I try to never make definitive statements in cases like these because so many people have lied, it’s always a crap shoot to figure out who is telling the truth. And there is such a fine line between friendly kidding and inappropriate. Let’s hope whomever is lying gets their comeuppance.

  13. tasteT says:

    If anything.. Cindy should be worried cause Clooney loves men…hmmm

    In Hollyweird, nothing is as it seems.

    ladies, do not get offended this is jmo.

  14. Cinderella says:

    Didn’t he say he was going to countersue for $10 million if this gets tossed out? Gee that’s harsh. Are these women that close to exposing what a slimeball he may be?

    I guess Cindy’s Rooms-To-Go money will be paying a lot of lawyers.

  15. barneslr says:

    Sadly, I find this to be completely believable. There have been allegations of his cheating for years, and I doubt that they are all false. He strikes me as an arrogant, entitled jerk (Hey, I’m rich and married to a supermodel! I can to whatever I want!).

  16. SixxKitty says:

    I recall many of these stories about him in the past. Its sad really, while Cindy may be used to it, those beautiful kids of theirs can read now, they are the ones who ultimately pay for their parents scandals.

  17. BB says:

    “about to get even sexier”??? Are you effing kidding me?? It’s called “SEXUAL harassment” not “sexy harassment”. “even sexier” : so it’s already sexy enough?? What an idiot the person who reported this on TMZ. If somebody ever sexually harasses his mother or his sister, yeah that’s gonna be soooooo sexxxxy, woo-hoo!!! (*being sarcastic obviously*)

    I agree with the first post, that TMZ sees SH as a joke – I do not know if the allegations are true and I am not interested in speculating, I do believe however that the phrasing in this story is a good indication that a lot of people see sexual harassment as a joke.

  18. Katharine Jaynes says:

    This case is going to be messy for everyone involved. I think it was a mistake for George Clooney to throw his hat into the ring. If this is serial behavior for Rande, other women may come forward. Any woman he has scorned, or fired, or if the rumors are true any of the women he picked up, may come forward and testify about his previous behavior. I agree with previous posters who think George is becoming a bit of an over-grown horn dog. He seems desperately immature to me, sort of like he relishes the role of rich sugar daddy to all these young women. I feel bad for Cindy, even if they are in an open relationship, this can not be easy to deal with.

    One last thing, TMZ shows ZERO respect for everyone, and every topic. As far as media sources go, tmz is certainly at the bottom of the barrel. Let’s start a boycott!

  19. Wow says:

    They both seem skeezy.

    I thought it was understood that Rande is a cheat.

  20. geronimo says:

    Katherine J – good points. If this does go to court (although I doubt it will) and the charges against Gerber prove to be true, it could backfire very badly on Clooney and leave him looking just as sleazy as Gerber.

  21. SM says:

    I think that Randee is a total jerk. I do believe him and Clooney will stick together to the end. I do believe he did cheat on his wife. Not that this is an excuse but Cindy seems like a Bitch and is probably hard to live with. You do not know what goes on behind close doors.

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