Michael Fassbender & Alicia Vikander first met when they danced at TIFF


Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander have started promoting The Light Between Oceans, the film they made together back in 2014. The film was originally slated to be released last year, but it ended up being pushed to this year, in the dead of summer. It could be seen as smart counter-programming to all of the would-be summer blockbusters. Or it could be an attempt to bury a film which might not be very good? I say that because I flat-out loathed the book and the story, and I’m not expecting to enjoy the film adaptation at all.

So, Fassbender and Vikander have started doing the promotional rounds. They did a EW Tumblr Q&A session, which you can read here. The biggest quote was Fassbender being asked about his love for James McAvoy, and Fassy confirming: “I love James McAvoy. Hard.” They also chatted with E! News this week:

It’s sort of perfect, for me, that Vikander was cast as Isabel in this film because she has to try to defend the absolute worst character in the book. Isabel is a terrible person, made worse by the fact that we’re supposed to find her sympathetic. She’s not.

And finally, they did a joint interview with ET too. You can see the video here.

Real-life couple Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander play married in their tear-jerking new film, The Light Between Oceans, in theaters on Sept. 2, 2016. In an interview with ET’s Carly Steel, the duo recall the first time they actually met before working together on the film.

“We had met at Toronto Film Festival and just on the dance floor,” Vikander revealed, with Fassbender chiming in: “I thought [I was a good dancer] until she started dancing and then I felt like I had two left feet.”

The duo say they first “properly” met during rehearsals for the film in 2014, but their chemistry, Fassbender says, “was sort of there from the beginning.” While the tone may have been serious in front of the cameras, Vikander and Fassbender say they kept their party moves going behind the scenes.

“There was a load of dancing in the mornings, actually,” Vikander reveals, Fassbender adding: “Because it was cold.”

Apparently, the cast would gather in a wood shed on set, where the makeup team was set up — with BB guns. “We had the headshots of everybody on the wall and we were shooting them,” Fassbender exclaims, prompting a laugh from Vikander. “And we had a lot of good music dancing in the morning.”

But once the cameras were rolling, it was all business for these lovebirds. In fact, Fassbender couldn’t help gushing over his girlfriend’s star power in our interview.

“She’s a very fierce performer and very brave,” he says. “It’s impressive to see.”

[From ET]

I’m trying to do the math on this… they met at TIFF in 2014, I’m assuming, then quickly jumped into filming on TLBO just a few months later. And they fell in love then, fall/winter 2014. So they’ve been together for about 20 months. I think that makes it Fassbender’s longest sustained relationship since he’s been famous. His thing with Zoe Kravitz was on-and-off for the better part of two years, and his thing with Nicole Beharie lasted a little over a year. Huh. I had been wondering this whole time if Vikander and Fassbender would split soon after they promoted this film, but now I wonder if they’ll actually make it another year or so. You never can tell.


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  1. saltandpepper says:

    Are they a real couple? Or is everything staged?

  2. GingerCrunch says:

    Just gotta relay how I met Fassbender’s 60 year old doppelgänger this weekend and I’m still a bit giddy from it!

  3. Naya says:

    Do they spend time together outside of award shows and like? I’ve never seen pics of them together that seemed like just casual bf/gf hanging out time.

    • Roxane says:

      Naya@ There is some sighting on twitter and instagram but very few pap-pictures.

    • OriginallyBlue says:

      Ya most of the pictures they don’t seem all that close (great distances between them, no touching, him in the front her in the back of the car, other people joining them even after long periods of time apart) Seems odd how they (mostly him) avoided this whole relationship and played coy and now it’s time for press for their movie and they are pushing the relationship angle. Oh well.

    • Kate says:

      There are actually quite a few of these types of pictures. At a concert, hanging out with her friends in Sweden, at a wedding of one of his friends, hanging out with his extended family in Sweden.

    • pikawho? says:

      I have seen sneaky photos and tweets about them for the last two years. There’s also been a few random pap shots of them just eating food and walking. Not many though. Personally I think its probably a casual off and on relationship, like not as serious as people make it out to be.

      I find them cute together. They don’t read as fake, velveeta cheesy as the Hiddlesbanging.

      • Roxane says:

        Pikawho?@ At first I was like you, espeacially with the whole casual Relationship but now after nearly 2 years I think they’re more serious. Either way what couple could be as insuferable as Hiddles and Swift?

      • mp says:

        oh come on, just because they are not constantly papped, doesn’t mean is not real…i can’t imagine what would happen if they get married, lolz.

      • M.A.F. says:

        Vikander makes the relationship sound serious since she is always bringing him up interviews.

      • Roxane says:

        mp@ If they were papped her lot, they’re detractors would say it’s for the show but since they don’t have this “argument” they have to find something else, their pseudo-odness, or wathever.

        M.A.F@ I read her interviews and she never bring him up, reporters do and and she basicaly say nothing. Bizarely you don’t mention the fact that THEY talks about when they meet. But well.

      • WhatTheHell? says:

        Just because they don’t court the publicity re: their relationship doesn’t mean it’s not real. They’ve been together for more than a year and a half, despite their busy work schedules. They have made time to spend together at the music festival, her home in Sweden, beach vacations and when they’ve been promoting separate projects in the same town. They’re real, and they’re refreshing to see after the TIDDLES World PR Tour.

    • Original T.C. says:

      Well when there are pap pictures of them together it’s called a PR relationship. Curious now how them having LESS pictures in the public sphere means they are not really into each other or are ‘on and off’ for almost 2 years with no other evidence or rumors as to Fassy having a side piece.

      The issue some people have always had with Alicia dating Fassy is that she is not a WOC. Of course this is somehow a failing on HER part instead of the the Fassy stans blaming HIM for choosing to date a non-WOC. Like all fans with Internet boyfriends, the woman is always the problem! As a Black woman who has done inter-racial dating, I side-eye thinking that once you date outside of your race you ALWAYS have to otherwise it’s not real. And I do like Alicia, a lot. She is a very pretty girl with great talents in acting, languages, and dance. And now an Oscar winner.

      • Granger says:

        I like her too, Original T.C. I think she’s a very good actor, and lovely to look at. And I don’t understand why anyone would think they’re not together just because there aren’t many photos of them in public. Hasn’t Fassbender always been somewhat private? He seems to take his craft very seriously, and doesn’t want his personal life to affect how people react to his performances. (I might be wrong — haven’t paid that much attention to his past relationships — but he doesn’t seem like a fame whore to me.)

      • Roxane says:

        Original T.C@ I sadly think you’re right, as a black woman I have to admit I feel weirdly great when I see a “white” actors being proud of his “black” girlfriend. Clearly his fandom blame her for his choice which is sad. She seems like nice person, a good actress with ambition. You’re comment make a lot of sense now, Vikander always seemed to get personal attacks. Therefore Fassbender is the postercard for internet boyfriend, some of his fans act lika jealous ex-girlfriend or mother who know better. Anyway I hope they last, and I’m eager to see them on the red carpet.

    • Bonzo says:

      There’s plenty of pictures of them just hanging out doing normal couple-type things. They don’t seem to invite the paps and have made a specific effort not to let their relationship overshadow their work. I commend them for it and hope they stay together. I think them as actors and as a couple.

      Give me these Michael & Alicia over Tom and Taylor and their shameless famewhoring any day.

  4. Pegacorn says:

    But didn’t he have a thing with Naomi Campbell in 2014? It was around the last quarter too because there was that ice bucket challenge where Naomi nominated Fassbender. They were probably still banging at that time.

    Not being a racist here, but Michael did have a preference. Did Naomi turn Michael off of women of color?

    • Roxane says:

      He never had Relationship with non-black women before Vikander?

      • OriginallyBlue says:

        Whoops read that wrong: Gerard Butler’s ex, Leasi Andrews and Maiko something.

      • Kate says:

        This is one of the most bizarre memes in his fandom. His longest relationship was with a half-white/half-Asian woman. He was dating a Mediterranean-looking model type while filming X-Men. And his dating history pre-2008 was all over the map.

      • pikawho? says:

        He had an Asian-British girlfriend for a while. I think its the same actress who was on Sherlock (but I might be getting it mixed up!)

      • Roxane says:

        Thanks for the help! I’m not all that familiar with his relationship except Nicole Beharie.

      • Pegacorn says:

        He’d had hook ups with white women. But those he’d been in relationship with have been women of color.

        Nicole Beharie
        Zoe Kravitz
        Louise Hazel

      • CarmenCarmen says:

        @Pegacorn what? He never was in a relationship with Lupita (Lupita had a boyfriend when they did 12YAS) and that thing with Naomi was rumored at best – if it ever happened, which is doubtful, it wasn’t more than a fling.

    • Pri says:

      Guys….you’re forgetting that relationship with that woman whose name I am forgetting, they were caught at an Italian OB/GYN office….Madeliane I think…

  5. Roxane says:

    I have no interest for this movie but I was curious to see how they interact, and I’m surprised to see how relaxed and easy they were, not stiff and too guarded. As for their reliationship, it would be hilarious to see what theories some would invent if it’s last.

    PS: For an obscure reason people find Isabel sympathic.

  6. OriginallyBlue says:

    They met at some after party TIFF 2013, but apparently there is some contradictory stories based off reporters who covered the events.

    He’s going on vacation soon probably until it’s time for AC promo and she is finishing up filming and starting another film so they might make it a bit longer.

    Also there are tons of pictures of him leaving some press interview with tight pants and looking muscly. He looks really good.

  7. snusnud says:

    I admire Alicia’s ambition but I find some her answers in this interview really try-hard.She said she finds sharks cautiously optimistic…what is that even supposed to mean?!

  8. Cdoggy says:

    Is her skin really that perfect or is there some kind of body makeup airbrushing thing going on? Seriously. Look at that picture of her in the awful flowery maybe a dress thing. Her skin looks unreal and fairy-taleish.

    • Jayna says:

      In the movie Danish Girl, she was naked, and she has really beautiful skin. It’s the thing I noticed about her.

    • Vero says:

      Yes, she’s using tanner and as we all know tanning makes skin beautiful and uniform. Check her pics on imdb back in 2012 and google – plenty of pics with her natural white. She was white then suddenly became suspiciously darker all the time. Pretty unhealthy if you ask me and not a very good role model to embracing your natural self.

      • Roxane says:

        Hmm no, her skin looks perfectly flawless in 2012. “Role model to embrace your natural self” ??? Seriously?

      • juls says:

        See her photos when she was a teen. Vikander has always had a beautiful skin. That in the pictures above is her natural tone.

      • Vero says:

        @Roxane – What is it you don’t understand from what I said? She clearly doesn’t like her white tone so she tans a lot.
        @Juls – I’m not sure I can post pics but there’s a link, if you don’t see the striking color difference, then check your eyes: http://i.imgur.com/2pNoZMa.jpg
        And that’s just one example…

  9. Andrea says:

    Their relationship still looks and feels odd to me. There is a cold standoffishness about them. I think it is a casual we get together between the sheets occasionally sort of thing.

  10. Andrea says:

    I loved the book (I must be in the miniorty) and cannot wait for the movie btw.

  11. Guesto says:

    I really like them separately and together. They seem so relaxed and at ease with each other.

    I found the book very hit and miss but Fassbender is just so compelling on screen and has never given a bad performance, so yeah, I’m interested in seeing this.

  12. TreadStyle says:

    I agree 100% this book was awful. I kept waiting for something big to happen but the pace remained slow and uninteresting the whole time. I was so mad when I finished it. Sometimes I’m amazed at the books they decide to turn into movies. I guess the most interesting parts were the bits of RW’s character Hannah’s story… But still, even that was written in a monotone non exciting manor. As for AV & MF I think they probably have been continually seeing each other but are maybe more of a “casual” relationship like others have said, but they are cute together. I want to see their chemistry but I don’t know if I can sit thru this movie. Ugh.

  13. anna says:

    I know she s not very popular, and I wasn’t a big fan either but I have to give it to her: after seeing the Man from UNCLE I think she is exquisite. So much grace.. she reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Her cute dancing scene – I know she used to be a dancer, and so was Audrey – is breathtaking. Like a porcelain doll suddenly moving.

  14. Snotface says:

    “I love James McAvoy. Hard.”

    Same here, Fassy.

  15. Cat87 says:

    I am gonna defend Fassbender and is lack of holding hands and seeming distant from Vikander in public. He isn’t much on giving public affection. I don’t think it’s a Irish, British or just the non-European thing to do but some people are just like that. Also Fassbender always mention how his gf are passionate, fierce strong women. Which I think is a plus. Personally, I don’t do much of holding hands and kissing in public with my bf. I love my bf dearly and we’ve been together for 3 and half years and have a 4 year age gap. (I’m the elder) but we love each other l, we just don’t announce it to the world when we go out.

    • Fanny says:

      They tend to walk with their arms around each other when they aren’t aware they are being photographed. When paparazzi photographs them coming out of restaurants, they don’t touch.

  16. Isa says:

    Long time reader, first time commenting. I think it’s real and definitely more serious than any of his past relationships. He seems genuinely happy and more comfortable about where he’s at In life. Plus, He’s worked on several films with his “type” and we haven’t heard any rumors of him trying to hook up with any of them. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprise if Vakander ends up being the one.

  17. moon says:

    I hated the book, and I’m a huge Derek Cianfrance fan so I’m kinda miffed he chose to do this project. The book was utterly mopey and weepy. Rachel Weisz looked good in the trailer though