Is Tom Hiddleston in LA to take meetings with the James Bond producers?


I’ve never been a believer in Tom Hiddleston’s James Bond chances. Go back and look through the archives – I’ve always thought that Hiddles had absolutely no shot, and that was before The Glorious Tiddlebanging of 2016 took over the world. If anything, the Tiddlebanging has decreased his already-slim chances. James Bond doesn’t date women who write twee blind-item songs. James Bond doesn’t wear “I heart T.S.” tanks. James Bond doesn’t pap stroll like his life depends on it. Beyond the Tiddlebanging, Tom is just a terrible choice for James Bond overall too, especially when the other names being mentioned are, like, Idris Elba and Aidan Turner, both of whom have the kind of raw sexuality and oozing masculinity needed for Bond. Well, then, what to make of this? Page Six says Tom is in LA right now not just for Tiddlebanging photo-ops, but to meet with Bond producers.

Tom Hiddleston is in LA with Taylor Swift, and the talk is that he could be meeting with James Bond producers about the iconic role. Hiddleston is said to be in the running to play the next Bond, along with actors including Jack Huston, Tom Hardy and Idris Elba, who this week claimed he is too old to play 007.

A Hollywood source tells us that Bond producers and MGM are not in an urgent rush to cast the new Bond because the distribution rights for the franchise are up for sale following the end of a multimovie pact with Sony Pictures.

The source says, “No casting for the next James Bond movie will be decided on until the deal for the distribution rights has been done.”

Meanwhile, there are still bad feelings between Bond bosses and the most recent star Daniel Craig, who famously said he “would rather break this glass and slit my wrists” than play 007 again. Another source added, “Producers think that ungracious comment, right before the release of ‘Spectre,’ cost them tens of millions at the box office. They’re ready to forget about Daniel.”

[From Page Six]

I think we need to just acknowledge that Idris-as-Bond isn’t going to happen. I’m sad about it too, but Idris has a lot going on and even if they did want him, I wonder if he would even take it. As for the people pushing Hiddles as the Next Big Thing and Bond-Worthy, they have really got to stop. I seriously doubt Hiddleston is in LA right now meeting with Bond producers, unless “meeting with Bond producers” is some kind of new code for “publicly campaigning for the Bond role by pap-strolling with Taylor Swift.”


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  1. Han says:

    I am convinced all the bond rumours are from hiddlestons PR.

    • TotallyOld says:

      Here, here. I was just coming on to say the same. His publicist most likely had that little tidbit planted in Page Six. A bit pathetic if you ask me.

      • Zav says:

        if i am tom i would be embarrass with this article. Or am i too stupid? makes him looks desperate? Or no one cares about this article?

  2. CTgirl says:

    TayTay is trying to buy Hiddles the Bond roll because she always wanted to own an international spy and she certainly owns her Hiddles. Tiddlegeddon is here.

    • Abby_J says:

      All the Swifties seem to be sighing and getting all stary eyed about their queen bee dating James Bond and how he will get the job for SURE because he’s with her. They throw temper tantrums if someone so much as suggests that Hiddles can’t compete with the other names on the list.

      I’m sure Taylor would LOVE for him to get it, just to prove that she isn’t a wall in his way to the role even though I think he didn’t have the role before the Tiddlesbanging started.

      • Lana 567 says:

        Him being with Taylor wouldn’t get him job despite swift fans wanting it to happen because then their ” princess” would be dating a guy who is playing bond. Hiddleston is horrible choice for bond. He just doesn’t have it. I know idris Elba is a long long shot he would amazing as bond. I heard rumours about Tom Hardy being up for it. Either of those men would be much better choices. Hiddleston might be better suited as a villian.

      • Abby_J says:

        @Lana 567

        I haven’t seen a Bond movie in the theater since Pierce Brosnan. I’ve seen them all, I just tend to watch them on video. That said, I would be in the front row with popcorn for Idris or James Norton.

  3. Erinn says:

    I have no idea if he really has a shot or not – but if he gets it, it’s going to be hilarious. Just because so many people are like “he’s ruined his careeerrrr”. Myabe they can toss him in as a Bond villain? haha.

    I have no idea how his career is going to be affected long term – probably not a whole lot. He still hasn’t busted out as a giant star in the US. He works steadily though, and he seems like a likable enough guy. He’s well educated, and cheesy enough that I think he can handle serious roles and jokier ones if he so chooses. I’ve seen him in next to nothing, but watched a few interviews. I used to be super annoyed by him, then he grew on me. He’s definitely one of those people who are always ‘on’, but since I’m not having to live with him or work with him, I find that perfectly fine in the doses that I get it.

    • BluBare-E says:

      ” He’s definitely one of those people who are always ‘on’ ”

      Yes. I think a lot of people don’t get that. My neighbor is an actress, mostly stage, and she is always ‘on’, and like Tom, it’s her natural state of being. She’d be pretty much like this even if she weren’t an actress. She is 70 years old and is energy personified – mile a minute. I love her, but I don’t know that I could ever live with her. lol

      Acting and show biz, especially on this scale, is a crazy profession. The type of people that traditionally occupied this profession was a particular breed of personality and emotional baggage. Now there’s so much $ involved and agencies and “handlers” and “narrative” pushers, the whole journo-media machine, etc. But it still requires a type of person that can maintain enthusiasm and drive to a pretty high level, and always be ready to act upon anything. Be ‘on’. Some people have to work harder at doing this and can only do it for limited time duration. While others are naturally like this all the time, of which some can easily modulate the intensity, and that’s Tom imo.

  4. Pri says:

    For Daniel to make that “slit wrists” statement, well, let’s just say he had a lot of privilege. God forbid an actress or actor of colour made that statement…

  5. CornyBlue says:

    Please let him not be Bond. We deserve at least a good looking Bond , if not a sexy one.

    • holly hobby says:

      Totally true. I am looking at tux pics and going nope. He has a nerdy professor vibe here. Definitely not Bond.

    • Mia V. says:

      Tom doesn’t have the dangerous vibe Daniel Craig has, he looks like a lab puppy and that’s not a James Bond vibe. As Loki, the danger comes from the wig.

    • BluBare-E says:

      Tom could be sexy as a type of Bond that’s maybe closer to how the character is in the books. But Craig and Brosnan have established a more tough Bond.

      There are different types of sexy. Tom can pull off intrigue very well, and I find that very sexy. I’m glad he won’t be playing Bond. He needs to find a different role that doesn’t have so many expectations attached to it. Something he can make his own rather than trying to mold himself into a “type” based on attributes of other actors.

    • my3cents says:

      Do you not dream of seeing him come out of the ocean with his white granny panties all wet? Really?

      • BluBare-E says:

        Well actually that’s one way those paper thin undies would look good on him. I’ll go see him as Bond if they put that scene in. Bond is back on the menu gals!

  6. everlyB says:

    Whatever the guy is, a Bond he certainly is not. Enough already with the rumours it totally makes me rage. Help 😭

    • anon says:

      I find it interesting that people don’t see tom Huddleston as bond. James Bond was based on Ian fleming’s experienced as a spy and the best British spy’s actually looked and talked like tom and had a similar geeky look. they definitely didn’t look like idris Or even Tom hardy. pretty boys or just rough and tough.

      let’s pay homage to the men that actually inspired Bond through their real life daring-keep bond in their image.

  7. grabbyhands says:

    I never was excited for him as Bond even before the Swifty PR love fest. He just doesn’t have the heft. Jack Huston or Tom Hardy especially would be much better. I do like Aidan Turner but he is almost too pretty for the role.

    Now, a Bond villain? That would be a good role for him,

    • Annieb says:

      I like Aidan Turner, too.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      Jack Huston would be amazing.

    • Jellybean says:

      Not Hardy his lips and girlish voice freak me out. My only problem with Idris is that he is physically impressive, but a bit big and lumbering, so I am not sure he would have the agility for the sort of fighting we expect these days. But Aidan Turner I hadn’t really considered before. He would be a big change from the brutish Daniel Craig and it is good to have a big change in style, which is another negative for Hardy. I think at this point for me it is between Idris and Aidan. I haven’t really seen Jack Huston in enough to have an opinion. I do remember him in American Hustle, but all his scenes were with Jennifer Lawrence and her over acting just made me switch off during those bits.

    • happyXamp says:

      He may be to old but I’m still hoping for Richard Armitage to get Bond.

      • kaiko says:

        He would be soo lovely as Bond but I think his image took a hit when his relationship with Lee Pace surfaced, lots of ppl now think he’s gay (whether he is or bi or not, I dunno) But the ladyboners just aren’t raging like they used to be for beautiful Richard. He is such a dashingly British looking man and quite talented too.

      • BluBare-E says:


        Maybe that’s all the more reason for it to be Richard. That is if Idris is definitely out.

      • Jellybean says:

        I have never got over Armitage as the smouldering northern factory owner in North and Southern (I have me a northerner, but he is a cheery, chirpy, chappy – bless him!) I think he is a very sexy man and I don’t give two farts what he gets up to in his bedroom – that is his business.

      • Sixer says:

        My favourite Armitage is when he is the object of Dawn French’s affection in Vicar of Dibley. About a nano-second from corpsing in each scene. Every time I see it, it makes me happy to think what a great time they must have had making that show.

    • Kelly says:

      Kit Harrington would be another possibility. He’ll be done with GoT sometime in 2018, which is the most likely start date for the next Bond film. The GoT showrunners made a point that he did most of his own stunts during this past season. He also can follow the party line about storylines i.e. the Jon Snow is “dead” between S5 and S6, when no one really believed him.

  8. Lexie says:

    That is one beautifully tailored tuxedo. That’s all I’ve got.

  9. Grace says:

    I am here for Gillian Anderson as Bond.

  10. Whatabout says:

    I think everyone knows that he isn’t getting Bond. But I do think he’s trying to angle for some major role right now. Is there any dc/marvel charcter that they have yet to announce?
    He has nothing lined up after filming Thor. Which is unusual for someone in his position. There’s not even rumors of various roles (outside of Bond). Again it’s strange.

    Ps anyone else hoping for a Chitwel Ejor as Bond? I think he would be awesome

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Many of the MCU actors have nothing lined up after their current projects. Marvel is blocking out huge chunks of time for Infinity Wars. And Marvel has no compete clauses preventing actors signed long-term from appearing in DC films

    • spidey says:

      Can you remember when the film with Anna Paquin got scrapped and when asked he said “there is just Thor” and he has barely stopped working since, so it is a bit early to worry.

    • graymatters says:

      I’m rooting for Richard Armitage. I’m the only one, though, so I don’t even get to read gossip about the possibility, let alone have any chance at actually watching him be Bond.

      I mentioned on another post that Hiddles could be in the running for a Bond villain. One who attempts world domination through media manipulation. With special appearances of Taylor’s cats.

      • Dlo says:

        I think I would watch this, especially if he had cats everywhere and talked baby talk to them. 😁

      • Whatabout says:

        Yes!!! Richard Armitage would be awesome but I would love for him to be a villain. Actually him in Hugh Lauries role in the night manage would have been epic.

      • Abby_J says:

        So what you’re really saying is that we need another Austin Powers movie with Tom playing Doctor Evil? That would be amazing. 🙂

        Wonder if Taylor would shave one of her cats?

    • Mia4s says:

      Chitwel Ejiofer has been my pick for awhile! I don’t get how people go on and on about Idris (great actor, all wrong for Bond) when if you want a British POC, Chiwetel is standing. right. there. Ugh!

      • Sixer says:

        Chiwetel is also bona fide posh – something, much as I love him, Idris would struggle with.

        Having said that, I can’t imagine he would have any interest in being Bond. Not up his alley at all.

        It’s a shame the time for Colin Salmon has passed. He would have been a fab Bond.

        What about Nicholas Pinnock? How old is he?

      • platospopcorn says:

        @Sixer — Just had a look on IMDB and Nicholas Pinnock is 43…Unbelievable!He’s a pretty one, but I thought he was especially wooden and all over the place in the recent Marcella. But then that whole show was a big jumbled up mess that couldn’t decide whether his character was a good guy or bad guy, so maybe that’s not entirely on him! Also pretty from that show — Ray Panthaki. I’d watch him as Bond…

      • Cirien says:

        Ohhhhh Adrian Lester?

  11. OhDear says:

    I thought he’s said repeatedly that he was never up for the Bond role? But who knows.

    • jammypants says:

      People don’t seem to care. Page Six apparently is more legit than a “no” straight from the source.

  12. PHAKSI says:

    So Tiddles/ TiddleBanging/ Swoki/TayTo was worth it? 😀

  13. TheOtherMaria says:

    Nah, he ain’t got what it takes to be Bond.

  14. th says:

    They won’t cast him unless they are aiming the 12-year old demographic.

    Also, he’s not good in contemporary roles. He’s only good in period dramas or character roles. I think that’s why there are so many close-ups of his eyes in The Night Manager. He sucks in contemporary roles, especially with action scenes. He’s not natural. He acts as if he were on a stage play which is not the same as acting for tv or film.

    • Ana says:

      I don’t know about period pieces he was bad in deep blue sea. There’s just something very wooden about him. Watching it I felt he was a drama school student acting with a seasoned actress.

      • Naya says:

        I didnt like him in Crimson Peak which really surprised me because that role should have been perfect for him; a villain cum romantic hero in period costume. Its really hit or miss with this guy.

      • Ali says:

        to be fair, crimson peak failed b/c he had zero chemistry with mia.she is also so talented. he just gets very serious, artsy,poorly written movies. he sells the heck out of them. but he has four flops in a row as leading man. night manager was great but hugh laurie is beloved. so, tom, your career is in a leading man

    • Bonzo says:

      I cosign on all these statements. I thought his Jonathan Pine was one of the worst performances of his career. I couldn’t never suspend disbelief long enough to buy into it.

      ETA: Ana, I agree that his Freddie wasn’t believable either, especially when plays the angry man parts. It’s so OTT that I find myself cringing.

      That being said, I do enjoy his Shakespeare work and the indy projects I’ve seen, as well as Loki.

      • TotallyOld says:

        The reason he is better in the period pieces is they allow him to be “over the top”. Tom is a hammy actor and Thor lets him ham it up to the extreme as does Shakespeare. If he is smart, he will realize this as well and stick with the period roles and stay the heck away from contemporary parts. But, as many actors like him before, he has a huge ego and he will want to be the next big thing.

      • Betti says:

        I feel like that with Bendy, he can very hammy at times (see him as Alan Turing). He does well in certain roles and his dr strange looks kinda hammy to me esp with the accent, his accents r just terrible.

      • shelly says:

        Bonzo I thought I was the only one who thought he was pants in the night manager. I enjoyed it for Hugh Laurie Tom Hollander and the scenery.
        The bit where TH went to the mean streets of ..erm… Devon, to masquerade as a drug dealer was particularly weak imo.

        His best part in TNM was his award winning arse. I like the bloke but agree he is not that strong in contemporary tough guy roles.

        Having said that I never read the book so maybe I’m being unfair, the character might be written as a bit of a plank, hence his ability to blend in.

        James Norton as bond for me.

      • HappyMom says:

        Yes-I did not get the hype for him in TNM. He’s sort of a light weight-like the suave, posh best friend of the main character. He was not believable as a former military guy who then masterminds a whole revenge scenario. Hugh Laurie, however, was great.

      • Sigh... says:

        Where do I put my vote in for underwhelmed with his performances in Crimson Peak and Night Manager? I mentioned that before the nom nod and I still think the others were MUCH better in TNM, and CR was all costumes and melodrama and *still* left me with a resounding “Meh.”

        I usually love good miniseries and have been yearning for a well-crafted Gothic horror flick, he’s fine as Loki, but I guess I need the “Tiddlescrush” gene to enjoy him on screen more.

      • bonzo says:

        shelly, I think Norton would be a fantastic Bond as well as Turner.

        What I don’t get is why I liked his Coriolanus, but not his Pine. Granted, he put on a lot of muscle for the former role, he was also a convincing military leader and his angry, yelling scenes were believable. Why he wasn’t able to convince me as Freddie or Pine, I can’t quite put my finger on.

      • Abby_J says:

        @Shelly James Norton for EVERYTHING. I adore him in Grantchester.

      • Sixer says:

        Co-sign with the pretty poor in The Night Manager thing. Having said that, he got the worst of the script – at least the others all got some punchlines and double entendres. He did some good crying in episode one and it was downhill from there. Far, far, far from his best work.

        I think Norton is a better actor than LEGS. But I don’t like him much as a person.

      • platospopcorn says:

        OH NOES…@Sixer — You can’t just drop that comment about Norton and not explain it! You could save me the NEXT THREE YEARS with a timely reveal of some nugget suggesting utter cluelessness now…I know he’s posh and over-educated, but has he actually done/said something objectionable? Or is it just a general objection in a “how many more of these toffs are we going to have to suffer” kind of way?

        DO TELL!!!!

      • Sixer says:

        I said it below but the comment is in clearing at the moment!

        He moaned about posh-bashing and reverse classism and not being considered for certain roles, which is always a big turn-off for me. Particularly when he was appearing in two of the biggest ticket TV shows at the time of making the comments (and in one, playing a working class character).

      • platospopcorn says:

        @Sixer — Ugh…these “precious” actors — How put-upon and hard-pressed they are! Since I gave both Bendy and Tom copious amounts of rope (which they subsequently hung themselves with multiple times), I’m going to give Jimmy a three-strikes-you’re-out opportunity to come up with better WORDS for the class questions he’ll no doubt be asked a thousand times as his profile rises.

        Pictures…just pictures…just pictures…

      • BluBare-E says:

        See he was fine in CP because he was supposed to be a repressed, Victorian Englishman hiding a deep secret. AND he was supposed to be beautiful. Had Benny done that role, he would have been made to be more creepy than dreamy imo. GDT said he rewrote the role to fit Tom as the handsome, stranger with a secret and be morally ambiguous until the end.

        I had problems with Freddy and his anger fits too, but that whole production had A LOT of problems. They shot it in under a month and because the director had very distinctive set authentication requirements even as to the type of almost vintage camera they used to film, it made for very serious filming technical difficulties. The camera broke for several days and the shoot time was crunched. This plus a lot of the scenes where atmospheric lighting, and all this resulted in only doing one or two takes. Not trying to make too many excuses for TH, but as I learned in school, the director is responsible for everything. If a scene doesn’t jive, the director needs to fix it. Sometime directors have to make the tough decision to let things ride as they are in order to complete it and stay in budget, and Terence Davies did just that.

        I agree with @sixer that he got the least interesting script for TNM and not his best work either.

      • Sixer says:

        I found Crimson Peak to be a sub-standard film in every way. But Chastain’s accent was SO dire as to make me grind my teeth to the exclusion of all else. I was so busy flinching at that, I really didn’t notice anybody else’s performance. Very disappointed in Chastain because I rate her very highly and she was such a weak link in that film.

      • LinaLamont says:

        @Sixer says:
        “I found Crimson Peak to be a sub-standard film in every way. But Chastain’s accent was SO dire as to make me grind my teeth to the exclusion of all else. I was so busy flinching at that, I really didn’t notice anybody else’s performance. Very disappointed in Chastain because I rate her very highly and she was such a weak link in that film.”

        I’m late to the party but, Chastain was awful in “The Martian”. Pulled me out of the film every time she was on screen. And, IMO, even though I didn’t dislike or hate the movie as much as some others, I thought it was already a little precarious without her pulling it over the edge.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      There are so many close ups of his eyes because his retina is a plot point

      • BluBare-E says:

        Yup, Lilac. It was definitely intentional. Susan Bear was using his eyes as a tactic/vehicle to convey cinematic uncertainty, mystery and unspoken seduction (of viewer).

        I think that was the best part about his role as Pine. Tom has a very cinematic look, very editorial. His features plays very well on the screen and with dramatic lighting, like High Rise. He was perfect for that! And Bear was trying to do something similar too imo.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Actually, BluBare, I’m not referring to seduction of the viewer, without giving away the story to those who haven’t seen it yet, his eyes, specifically the retinas as they pertain to retina scans for security purposes play a major role in the actual story.

    • The Understudy says:

      I think he was very impressive in Unrelated, love or loath her films Joanna Hogg knows how to use him in contemporary roles. He probably gets offered a lot of roles that are posh Brit, he’s taken a fair few but what he wants is to explore roles that are not like him. Isn’t that why many actors are in the game, because they are not that comfortable in their own skin?

      This is what makes me wonder about the whole Hiddleswift thing, he knows he is being side eyed for the circus acts and has taken pains to say it’s authentic and I’m sure he believes it yet it still looks like he is often awkwardly playing the role of being the perfect boyfriend for Taylor Swift.

      I hope he does get a role he has said he wants several times which is lead in a romcom, they are so difficult to get right and I would be very curious to see how he did. As for Bond until it gets cast or Craig is confirmed again the rumours will run on forever.

      • Annetommy says:

        I love the Hogg films and him in them. I thought he was very good in High Rise. And Only Lovers…

      • BluBare-E says:

        Yes. I think it’s the type of role and film that makes a difference. In Hoggs films he perfect, but he’s also acting pretty much a character that is much like himself. He’s stated several times that an interest in acting for him was to be someone else, to experience or explore someone unlike himself.

        Double Yes. I think rom-coms among other things have been his target more than Bond in this recent stuffed-Tayto development. He has mentioned several times over the years that he’d like to do a comedy or rom-com, but I think his management wanted to maintain establishing him as a serious actor and work on his tough guy image. I personally think that was wise. Tom would be alright in a rom-com if he’s known in the mainstream as a dramatic actor. That’s what would be funny and make good material to work with. But he’s not a comedian even though he can be a hoot IRL. Also It’s easier to go from serious drama to comedy than the reverse.

      • lilacflowers says:

        He was excellent in ISTL; the director and the script let him down.

      • BluBare-E says:

        I second @Lilac. He’s not been recognized enough for the performance he did in ISTL. It’s a shame. Cinematographic and performance wise, it’s a very good movie experience.

      • Sixer says:

        I loathe, loathe, loathe Joanna Hogg’s films. I can’t believe people actually sit through the constipation of them. She’s certainly a Marmite auteur. But I can concede that LEGS did fine, detailed work in her stuff.

        (It occurs that Marmite might be a Britisherism too far. If a Britisher says something is Marmite, it means people love it or hate it. No inbetweens.)

      • lilacflowers says:

        They’re like watching paint dry. To me, Archipelago was the worst family vacation ever and we were dragged along for the tedium and discomfort. I have a friend with a movie membership to the local art museum and will periodically go with her to spend time with her because schedule allows, not because whatever is showing interests me, although usually I find what we see quite good, but that’s how I ended up seeing Exhibition. The only part worth watching in that entire film was when Tom realized he was too tall to fit in the elevator – and I think that was unscripted.

        But she does have the knack to convince him to get undressed.

      • K.C. says:

        He was good in Unrelated and Archipelago, even though I’ve never seen such boring movies in my life. I think in the right role he’s quite good at acting very natural, although he has opted for many theatrical roles (rightly so, given his background).

    • K.C. says:

      I know I’m in the minority here, but I really loved him in TNM. I like seeing him in more modern-day roles, because I think he’s actually excellent with subtlety despite his theater-leanings. His role in TNM was more about what you didn’t see from Pine, than what he was putting forth. I thought he did a good job showing that there was more bubbling under the surface. He’s a much better actor when he needs to use some restraint. When it’s too hammy of a role, he gets, well, too hammy.

    • WhatDoesSheKnow? says:

      Shout out for Tom as Magnus in Wallander, a natural, believable contemporary character.

  15. Annieb says:

    I think Tom H. has a really nice smile (thanks to natural looking teeth). Other than that, I don’t find him particularly physically attractive. Then again, I don’t find Daniel Craig handsome either. My favourite Bond was Timothy Dalton.

    • BluBare-E says:

      Mine’s Brosnan. I think he had the perfect mix of tough and suave and a bit of elite carriage form.

      • Intro Outro says:

        Mine was Brosnan, too! I don’t find Craig even remotely attractive, and all the last Bond films were such a complete potatosack of meaningless tosh that I don’t understand who might still be willing to watch or play in the Bond franchise. But I guess I am in the minority here lol

      • what's inside says:

        Brosnan was it for me though Daniel Craig ran a second place. In GoldenEye where he is reloading his gun and the bullets are ricocheting, he just tilts is head slightly and is totally cool.

      • lilacflowers says:

        I find Craig attractive from behind. He has a fantastic back.

  16. Ana says:

    Lol no please! Can’t take this guy seriously at all. He’s not even good looking.

    • Ali says:

      That is the true shame. He wasn’t necessarily hot, but he was so erudite, eloquent, personable but guarded, a guy you really rooted for. The box office has shown , considering his four movies as leading have flopped, that his internet fame doesn’t translate to box office. I know James Ivory wants to do Richard II with him which would be wonderful, but he is in trouble and it’s sad that many are learning about Tom because of Swift. Though, now, I too question who he really is. It’s not the falling in’s the obvious staged pictures.

  17. A. Key says:

    I’d give anything to have Aidan Turner play Bond, alas I suspect he may not want it.

  18. kittenhotel says:

    Can’t be. His career is over don’t you know?

  19. Lilacflowers says:

    All this Bond talk is just newspapers trying to generate ad revenue. If the distribution contract is up, they won’t be casting until that is settled. Craig is still under contract. Tom has repeatedly said he isn’t up for it.

    I want to know when, where, and in what he’ll be returning to the stage

    • jammypants says:

      Lilac, no means yes didn’t you know? while we’re at it, yes also means no. It’s like logical olympics.

  20. LuckyZeGrand says:

    They should cast a complete unknown,this neverending speculation about the next Bond has left a stale taste in people’s mouths and if a famous person gets it he will be haunted by Idris Elba’s sexy spirit.
    And nobody can beat Idris Elba,even in spirit form.

  21. Betti says:

    He’s a v talented actor but It even before Swoki he was ever in the running. I just can’t see him as Bond, maybe a villain. He’s hustling for it that’s for sure.

    If he does get it,she will b insufferable.

  22. Smokey says:

    Why is Idris too old? Surely the best spy is the one you’re not looking out for.

  23. Georgia says:

    Nicholas Hoult is my dream Bond.
    I would happily settle for Domhnall Gleeson though
    Neither is ever going to happen though

    • pikawho? says:

      Domhnall is better than a Bond film! I also don’t think he’d cope well with being super extra mega famous. I like how his career is going right now, low key and critically acclaimed with a few big budget projects. Its the sweet spot where I’d want to be as an actor. He can still walk down the street like a normal dude…

    • popup says:

      Nooo, Domhnall! Keep your fine featured beautiful arse away from the Bond spectacle!

    • Bobby123 says:

      Yes to Nicholas Hoult.

    • Alex says:

      Ugh Nick does not have the suave charisma for Bond. No thanks

  24. pikawho? says:

    Tom is not a believable action star, full flipping stop. The reason his Loki took off is because he was a fragile little wooby in comparison to Hemsworth’s Thor. He also has very little sexual chemistry opposite any of the women he’s starred with barring Tilda Swinton (and that is just nature)

    He looks fucking ridiculous in the Kong trailer and photos. Its time for a female Bond, IMO

    • BluBare-E says:

      No. He had lots of sexual chemistry with EO in I Saw The Light.

      Also there’s some nice sexual tension building up in this lovely dance scene from Deep Blue Sea.

      There’s other scenes here and there that are nice or kind of a tease, but not fully explored or expressed- usually cut out. Tom’s all about subtlety and understatement, and many times too much. I would like it if he developed more sexuality or roles with more sexuality. I think he’s got the ability but needs to work on it with the right role. But I think they’ve been trying to keep his image of the unsullied, handsome sexy but not sexual, hero.

  25. Zav says:

    PR game is stronggggggggggg

  26. Nicole says:

    I KNEW he didn’t let go of the Bond dreams. I KNEW IT.
    and yes he isn’t meeting with anyone he’s stunting hard with taylor to drum up interest and his people dropped this little article to further boost the connection. Called it

  27. Cumbersome says:

    Didn’t he already say that he wasn’t going to be Bond in an interview with Stephen Colbert a couple of months back?

    Why is the media pushing this? The guy already said he isn’t gonna be Bond. He probably knows who the next Bond is though. Why not try asking him

    • Zav says:

      Has any other actor ever said they wanted to bond? i dont know

    • LucyHoneychurch says:

      I think because people hate the idea of Taylor and Tom together (what, too much privilege?) so when it’s finally announced that he ISN’T going to play Bond, they want to be able to rush in with their “nah, nah, nah told you’d ruin your career over her” replies.

  28. Matchday says:

    He hasn’t got Bond and he’s not getting Bond. His people pumped out rumor after rumor following The Night Manager but they couldn’t get the Bond execs to bite. The public and tabloids took a bite but not the people who counted.

  29. The Original Mia says:

    He isn’t getting Bond. They may placate him with some interviews, but he isn’t going to be cast. No one knew they were even looking at Craig before his mother slipped up and said something days before the announcement. So, no way would a public meeting be for the main role. Maybe as the new Q?

    • graymatters says:

      He would be a good Q, especially if Q continues to do more in terms of plot as he did in Spectre. But I really like Ben Whishaw in the role and want him to stick it out for a few more films.

      How about Hiddles as admin.? Buff, trained, but currently a desk jockey. It would set him up to do something Bond-ish for a scene or two.

  30. Intro Outro says:

    The more vociferously commenters here at Celebitchy are denouncing the prospect of Hiddleston becoming the next Bond, the more I think he will actually secure this role 😂

    • jammypants says:

      Where have you been m’dear? You are greatly missed.

      • Intro Outro says:

        I am here! I just don’t have much time to comment, usually mostly read these days, and I also avoid all the Taylor Swift drama because I have zero opinion of her, don’t listen to her music and don’t care who she is ^_^

      • lilacflowers says:

        *Hands Intro Outro a mimosa*

      • Intro Outro says:

        *accepts it gratefully and puts it into a pretty vase* <3

  31. Zav says:

    Does this article makes him looks desperate? Or it is good for him? Or one cares bout it?

  32. Hellion says:

    I just can’t see him as Bond. At a stretch, I could see him as Simon Templar. Bond needs a raw edge (and raw sexuality) that Tom just doesn’t have. I’m not saying he’s a bad actor (he’s not, he’s great as Loki and perfectly decent in others; plus he definitely knows how to rock a tux), just that he lacks that Bond “vibe”. Idris would have been magnificent, but we all know how the machine works. *sigh*

    I don’t know WTF Tom’s publicists are playing at at the moment. Jesus, what a mess they’re making.

  33. Joni says:

    He wishes. He’s not getting the role but he’s loving the rumors and the attention.

    Can they just stop with Bond for a while? Why does there have to be a reboot every 10 years or so?

  34. Paris says:

    Nooooooo… Nooooooo… Nooooooo… He ruined his reputation. Next James Bond is not allowed to date Taylor Swift.

  35. Snappyfish says:

    NOOOOOOO!!! I’m a Craig Girl

  36. Isobel says:

    Would be a terrible choice. Bond needs to have chemistry with women. He never has any chemistry with his leading actresses. In TNM Laurie had more sexual chemistry with the leading lady. Tom himself came across like the nice brother.

    • Dippit says:

      Yep, everything about Elizabeth Debicki (Jed) was scorching hot EXCEPT when she was playing to/with Tom Hiddleson.

      Also, as TNM goes, I counted Hugh Laurie, Olivia Coleman, and Tom Hollander all as performing ahead of/better than Hiddleson.

  37. Dippit says:

    I read this Page Six as Tom’s team taking a new sounding on how two months of ‘Tiddlesbanging’ (used loosely as I’m still firmly in the “no sex PR contract” for them) has furthered or further hampered (the latter appearing the case) his campaign for next Bond.

    Immediately post TNM (UK speed) there was a bit more “ehh, him, well maaaybe” but it didn’t rise to the clamour he wants. TNM (US speed) didn’t result in any resounding calls either (and even his Emmys nom has been lost in the Tales of HiddleSwift RC and sundry other Taylor/Kimye gossip – but backing up a bit… ) no post TNM furore from the public for Tom as Bond.

    Enter, by convenience, Taylor and reams of media… accompanied by reams and reams of media/public reaming for this “authentically (staged) ‘love'”.

    Maybe he was advised “GO BIG” on profile and “you’ll secure Bond”… however, he failed to factor in that not all profile is the RIGHT kind of profile. He also failed to factor in that Bond is cast from the “credible, but little profiled/known” end of the pool.

    So, back to THIS is a strategy sounding. Has ‘HiddleSwift’ helped or hindered the public clamour he needs to get ink on Bond. Read ^^^, and ANY Internet comments not directed by Swifties, and he’s gone from “ehh, him, well maaaybe” to “MEH, HIM, Nooo Way!”.

    Now, the Bond Team might want to gamble that some Swifties will turn to the franchise, but not at the expense of alienating their established audience. And certainly not if the delays to cast result in a rapidly ageing in appearance, soon to be Balded (or Hair Plugged) Bond – not for a first outing and not when there are so many other options which don’t bring the same “MEH, HIM, Nooo Way!”.

    But this reads like Tom taking the temperature (perhaps even for his career Vs ‘relationship’ heat too – pre return to Oz to with/without Taylor in tow).

    I’m on the Aiden Turner train, with a sneaky side bet on James Norton.

  38. LucyHoneychurch says:

    Is it crazy that I thought he was really hot in The Night Manager? I saw it before all this Taylor Swift stuff started going on and I was super jealous of her when it started for that reason, lol. I think he is believable and sexy as a spy. I haven’t seen any of the Bond films though so I have no idea what they are looking for in that role.

    • Zav says:

      u have not seen any bond films??? what??? where have u been?

      • LucyHoneychurch says:

        Just haven’t been interested. They seem kind of…hokey to me? Not sure if that is the right word. Are they supposed to be kind of campy/TIC? I like a few of John le Carre’s novels and I love Homeland and The Americans so I’m not totally against the genre. On the tv shows I mentioned though, I like it more when they focus on the characters’ personal relationships more than the chase ’em/blow it up scenes.

      • graymatters says:

        Lucy, Honey

        Bond is kind of camp. The Craig films show some personal relationships and the jokes aren’t as cringingly bad as they are in some of the earlier versions. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, start with Casino Royale.

      • Sophie says:


    • TotallyBiased says:

      LucyHoney–not crazy at all. PLENTY of people saw the hotness of The Night Manager. I still can’t look at the bare torso shots without tingles. Different, ah, strokes for different folks. And, having read the book, I rather thought Tom’s performance was spot on for how the character was presented and used in the series.

    • Annetommy says:

      Of course it’s not crazy Lucy, loads of people thought the same. My sister in law went from “him?” to “HIM 😍😍😍” overnight.

    • jammypants says:

      You’re not alone. My favorite guard was Pine. Yum.


    If he had any chance at Bond, it disappeared on July 4th. I imagine Barbara Broccoli kicked him to the curb as soon as she saw his Taymerica antics.

    But man, he does look hot in that tux!

    • jammypants says:

      It’s a good tux.

    • Ali says:

      you are so correct to say that his image deteriorated completely after july 4th. not because of his falling in love, but because of the photog in the water and the confirmation of them on instagram. do you see any respectable british actor having a gf who thinks its ok to sell pictures? it is such a shame that he says nothing or that he likes it.

      everything tom is doing is a reaction to being lonely for years in an empty room. now he has a companion who has nothing to prove…however, she is selling these pictures and it is disgraceful. did you see her block shots of photogs by walking sideways. pathetic.not to mention that the producers of the grammys said in feb . that kanye had an advance of the track. he was called confused. so…what does this say about him? he is lying with a less than honest scoundrel.

  40. Maria_ says:

    I WANT Richard Armitage for Bond!!! :'(
    Why is not him on their Bond-list?? 🙁

  41. platospopcorn says:

    Ugh. Just give it to him already. Having recently fallen madly, passionately in love with James Norton, I can only hope he and his career get spared the spectacle of being cast as Bond. Yuck. He can do menacing though…check out his turn in Happy Valley. He’s legitimately terrifying. Imagine Tom doing the role of a violent rapist/murderer (not woobified Loki!) — I picture him breaking down and crying at the read-through! That’s actually no diss on Tom…i just can’t see him as ever pulling off a character with genuine darkness or edge. (Disclaimer — Haven’t seen High Rise)

    • Dippit says:

      He was excellent in Happy Valley.

      If you haven’t already, check out “Grantchester” for a very different James Norton.

      Range, and not in the least bit affected or hammy wherever he locates his performance on the spectrum.

      On Bond – whilst riding the Aiden Turner and James Norton train, also want to give an outsider mention to Christian Cooke.

      • platospopcorn says:

        @Dippit, between you and me, I’m actually really in love with Sidney Chambers, but in awe of Norton’s ability to be both Sidney AND Tommy Lee Royce! Even though I swore I would stick to pictures of my new boyfriend, I’ve already broken my vow and watched a couple of interviews. In James’ case, that only cemented my respect further, as his interview persona is altogether different from both characters. I give him roughly three years to do or say something that betrays his utter cluelessness, and he can join Bendy and Tommy in the bargain bin 😁 If he gets cast as Bond, I’ll have to subtract a year…

      • Bonzo says:

        Norton has range that Tom can only dream of. He was AMAZEBALLS in Happy Valley with his layered portrayal of Tommy Lee Royce. He gave the amazing Sarah Lancashire a run for her money, which is saying something.

        I need to catch Grantchester when I can find it online. My PBS local PBS station doesn’t offer it yet.

      • Dippit says:

        @Platospopcorn (love the name btw), I have spent years not allowing Matthew Goode to put a foot in mouth wrong largely by not reading/watching his interviews. Occasionally I can’t resist but, fortunately, he’s yet to dim my glow for him by being an arse.

        I’ve been watching every episode of “The Wine Show” – him as himself – with trepidation however. Fortunately he’s benefited from combining three of my favourite things: Italy, wine, and him.

        I’m just back from another stint in Italy, and every glass I raised (there were many), I said a silent toast to his continuing not to be an arse.

        So I know exactly what you mean.

        I’d watch the bejesus out of Matthew Goode as Bond, but too old for a first outing and not quite the right presence… perhaps (?!).

        With a bit of gym work, I wouldn’t mind Richard Flood as another Irish alternative to Aiden Turner.

      • Sixer says:

        I think it’s an excellent rule of thumb to avoid any and all speakings by any internet boyfriends. They always say something stupid or annoying. Hence my extensive collection of ball gags.

        Norton has already gone on record to complain about posh-bashing, for example, which is my particular bete noire.

        I think he could be Bond, though.

    • BluBare-E says:

      Well to be fair Tom has been angling for the straight-up, hero type leading man. Even his art house film roles, although not all straight up good guys, are still the protagonist that the viewer identifies with, hero type. He best and most well known role are either hero or anti-heros.

  42. Betsy says:

    The only role Hiddleston’s been any good in was Loki because it’s an over the top role. He’s an awful actor and it irritates me that so many cant see that.

    James Norton is a fantastic actor with huge range and hope he gets Bond

  43. Spiderpig says:

    Hiddleston has been completely obsessed with becoming Bond since he was in secondary school. He’s not giving up and the stunts will continue till they announce.

  44. shelly says:

    Shout out to anyone who pegs TH as Q..I can totally see him saying ‘ pay attention 007’ as he showcases an exploding toilet seat.
    But taking out the bad guys with a fountain pen and a pair of ladies stockings, while drinking a martini and romancing a Bond girl..Well no…

    Mind you how funny if he got Bond and Katy Perry got the theme tune!

  45. Margo S. says:

    If executives cast him as bond, it would be the worst box office results in the history of the franchise.

  46. saltandpepper says:

    I admit that I wanted him to be Bond as he seemed suave, mysterious and yes, authentic! But perish the thought because of his immaturity and very lack of authenticity. Bond requires a certain level of depth that he does not have. Tay didn’t lower some people’s perception of him, he did that all by himself. That said, they are perfectly suited.

  47. Cecilie says:

    No. No. No!

  48. Chef Grace says:

    Bland, Tayto Bland, 000
    he would rock an assistant to Bond though.

  49. MissW says:

    Nothing would turn me into a bond fan faster than Tom Hardy. I don’t find Tom Hiddleston charismatic or sexual attractive at all. Especially when he tucks his tshirts and button downs into his jeans with a belt. 😝

    • jammypants says:

      Is it weird that I find untucked dress shirts unruly? it’s an eyesore for me. That and dress shirts with khaki shorts 😵

    • KatM says:

      I second that! Tom Hardy makes Hiddleston look like wet newspaper.

    • BluBare-E says:

      It’s nice that he has some class and still looks hot in his perfectly tailored, conventional clothes.

    • BluBare-E says:

      Hardy’s a great actor. But the only time I found him sexy was in The Virgin Queen, and that was a some time ago now. He’s just too blokish in his physicality for my lady parts. His looks are alright sometimes. It’s his intensity and cocky attitude that’s sexy. Could he channel that into impeccably sharp, suave Bond. Not sure, but worth a good wager.

  50. WyoGirl says:

    In a nutshell why Hiddles won’t get Bond: Taylor Swift is no Rachel Weisz.

  51. Pmnichols says:

    Jon Snow, the next James Bond!! Now that’s hot.

  52. Kehaar says:

    Sadly I think this might be happening and it gives me no pleasure to say it. I have been following the Bond casting rumours for the last couple of months (I’m not a massive Bond fan but have developed an irrational dislike for Hiddleston). Buried in amongst the Bond fan forums and blind gossip sites are a few bits and pieces of info that suggest that he has screen tested (apparently directed by Sam Mendes as a favour to B Broccoli) and is heavily in the running for the role. Someone on a fan forum suggested in late May that he had reliable insider information and that Hiddles had ‘signed’ (whatever that actually means) around that time. Also at that time (end of May) there were several blind items on Gossip Life suggesting that he 1. He was so desperate for the role he had dropped his price, 2. had secured the role, then another 3. saying that negotiations were breaking down due to his price being too high. Then everything went completely dark until the Tiddlesbanging exploded. I assumed the Swift episode was the desperate act of a man who knew he had lost Bond. Now I’m not so sure. There is also a blind item on Gossip Life from a couple of days ago entitled ‘Controversy’. It sounds to me like he has secured the role. I hope not. I think he’s a horrible actor with a deep vein of insincerity and fakeness to him which I think shows in his acting. It is worth noting though that if he has screentested (which is possible) he is unlikely to have been the only one, yet he is the only one information is leaking out about, so maybe much of it is coming from his PR? He does have form in this area, doesn’t he?
    On a lighter note, imagine if the actor referred to in the latest Gossip Life blind was Idris Elba though, how awesome would that be?

    • lilacflowers says:

      Gossip Life is not a reliable source for anything. Rumors have also surrounded Jamie Bell, Aidan Turner, and James Norton.

    • Zav says:

      idris elba is perfect for bond

    • Mira says:

      I think Tom will not get the role because he has sadly become a polarizing figure. Also, the truth is that he is coming off of 4 flops as leading man .This is to expensive a project to go with someone with the track record. He was regarded as such an erudite, elegant man…that is now gone. He is a part of pop culture. He seems to go along with everything Taylor wants in terms of stage photos. There is no photo of them leaving Australia magically , after the Kim thing, so his lifestyle is not very suave at all . It is , in fact, sad at how his image has diminished. Yes, the Hugh Laurie project and Robert Downey Jr. projects were successes; who was the draw, though?

      • Intro Outro says:

        4 flops as leading man? The only 2 flops I can think of are Crimson Peak and a very small and indie I Saw the Light. However, in both Hiddleston’s acting was praised by the critics and the films’ shortcomings were attributed to directors/scripts.

      • micro-dot says:

        Not 4 flops as a leading man. Don’t exaggerate. @IntroOut is right, there’s really just two and there were other factors involved beyond the performances. Besides, the actors that have played Bond did not have big BO track records when they got the role. In fact most were not that well known to the general public, like Craig, much less being a BO success. Give me a break.

        It sounds like you bought into a very extreme ideal of his image. One, Tom has never been that fixed of a human being. He’s shown several different aspects of his personality throughout his career. I don’t think Tayto is good for his image either, or think it was a good decision on his part. But even so, that doesn’t mean he’s not erudite or elegant or doesn’t make his own choices. And what about leaving Australia, Kim and suave lifestyle? I don’t understand.

      • lilacflowers says:

        He is still erudite and elegant.

      • Ali says:

        No Crimson Peak , Only Lover Left Behind, I Saw The Light, and High Rise were all financial failures. Tom isn’t a failure at all . If you add up the total box office of all these movies and the total budget…he is a huge failure.Sorry to say

      • Intro Outro says:

        @Ali, sorry but you’re doing some strange mathematics (adding the budget/BO of 3 indie films to the budget/BO of a big studio film) to prove your point. As far as I understand, box office rules are not the same for big budget big studio films and indie films with limited releases. Moreover, no matter what the BO is, it is an honour and a big plus for an actor’s CV to be part of a critically acclaimed Jim Jarmush film – or a film like High Rise which provoked a lot of hype in the UK, received a bunch of BIFA noms and quite a number of great reviews.

      • BluBare-E says:

        Strange mathematics indeed!

        @Ali, don’t think you quite get how the industry works. No Tom hasn’t had a big BO success as a leading man. Which is not the same as saying he’s had four BO failures – Not True. Not to mention that movies fail or under perform for different reasons. Sometimes an actor can save a bad or mediocre movie, and sometimes it’s just not in the cards no mater how good the performance or popular the actor. It’s happens to the best of them.

  53. K.C. says:

    My take: He’s not getting Bond, and was never going to get Bond. I think he just became part of the rumor mill at some point and his name is still mixed in with 10 other British guys. Really think the only reason his name was even brought up was because of TNM, but I’ve always doubted they were truly considering him. People will blame it on his personal life, but I think it was just never an option to begin with.

  54. Evie says:

    I have only one question: why is Hiddleston NOT in Australia right now working on Thor: Ragnarok? Yes, I know the production is a couple of weeks behind schedule. However the majority of the leading cast members are there. Loki will supposedly have a lot of scenes with Cate Blanchett’s character Hela and she arrived for well over a week ago. Karl Urban is also on hand. Even if the production is a bit behind, one would think he’d be needed for rehearsals, costume fitting etc. Taiki Waititi Tweeted that TH has NOT wrapped. Gotta wonder what’s going on behind the scenes with the business meetings in NYC and LA and what they’re about.

    • lilacflowers says:

      Karl Urban said just a week ago during promotions for Star Trek that he is not due to begin work on Thor until mid-August. Other Asgardians Idris Elba, Zachary Levi, and Jamie Alexander also are not due until next week or later.

  55. Browniecakes says:

    Tom’s in LA waiting for Taylor to fall asleep so he can sneek off to LAX and then AU

  56. Bonzo says:

    Ok, weighing in on this. I think there may be some truth to the rumors that Tom is up for Bond because it simply won’t go away. It also coincides with his big PR push in being the boyfriend of a huge pop star. As outrageous a relationship sounded to many of us when the media were writing about the dancing at the Met Gala, look where we’re at now: Tom participating in numerous staged photo ops, wearing silly T-shirts and riding on the coattails of Taylor’s fame, in contrast with the image he presented of himself the past few years.

    I recall when Page Six reported that Sophie Hunter was pregnant, people here said it carried weight because they were right more often than they were wrong. As we all know, Cumbers team confirmed that fact the next day. I was under the impression that Page Six does more fact-checking and isn’t on the same level as Hollywood Life.

    All the speculation may be the way in which they (Bond producers) are testing the waters as to how Tom would be received as Craig’s replacement. I guess I assumed up until now that they didn’t monitor online responses to these sorts of things, but since they need to be able to “sell” their new Bond, letting rumors swirl and watching the reactions online gives them a way of testing the potential marketability of a certain actor.

    Anyway, I don’t know anything about anything, but that’s my take on this thing. I think Tom would be a terrible Bond simply because he lacks certain qualities that I identify with Bond and he didn’t impress me in TNM. But, what do I know?? Stranger things have happened, like Trump as a US presidential nominee.