Kim Zolciak fights cellulite with butt injections: no pain, no gain?

Former Real Housewife of Atlanta, Kim Zolciak, is certainly keeping the plastic surgery industry busy lately. The (cough, cough) 38-year-old reality TV personality/future skincare maven recently paid a visit to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for a little tune up, and now she’s getting injections to attempt to ward off cellulite.

On Monday, Kim once again paid a visit to Simon Ourian, who has also done work on the Kardashians. The good doctor recently posted a clip of himself performing a laser cellulite treatment on Khloe Kardashian from her E! show on his Instagram, stating that he is able to smooth out the tush with “Optilipo & lipofreeze” treatments to “eliminate stubborn fat and cellulite.” I have a Mom blogger friend who did the lipofreeze treatment and, while she said it was uncomfortable, she reported that she did see results, so there’s that.

Kim, notorious social media oversharer that she is, posted a video of her cellulite treatment on Instagram. She says the doc was able to get rid of a few stubborn “dimples” (which sounds so much cuter than “cellulite”, right, ladies?) and added in the caption, “I personally like to look and feel my best soooo thank you @simonourianmd1 for giving me my smooth tush back haven’t see that in a few years.” If you like to see a woman getting a needle pushed into her behind, this is the video for you.

I have heard that there is some degree of pain necessary to achieve beauty, especially in Hollywood, but is this really necessary? It looks painful, and not at all worth it for a temporary fix for something most all women have. If you check out the full caption on Kim’s video, she encourages her fans to follow Ourian to get more details about his treatment, which does smack a bit of product placement, doesn’t it? It’s not like she’s never done that before. She’s posted about nutrition shakes, fitness tea and, of course, her upcoming skin care line Kashmere Kollections. I’m well aware she’s not the only person leveraging her notoriety to make a quick buck, but it’s just kind of tacky if you ask me.

Kim Zolciak Celebrates Her 37th Birthday

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  1. Crowdhood says:

    I always feel badly for women like this. I have my insecurities just like anybody else but it’s hard to watch her pass these on to her daughters as well. I have a friend from high school that was naturally pretty growing up and is sort of like this and I was talking about her and my mom said “I just feel like nobody ever told her she was smart or funny when she was little. They just told her she was pretty”. Made me look at women like this in a different way, and, once again made me thankful for my awesome mama!

    • K37744 says:

      crowdhood, that is a very astute observation !

      Your mom sounds awesome. :) I need to remember to tell my daughter every day how smart and funny she is. This cinches it!

      In other news, am I the last to notice Kim got new teeth?

    • Realitycheck says:

      I think you nailed it on the head. I have a friend who is exactly like this, she was never considered smart or tried to be. Only wanted to be pretty and I see the same thing happening to her.

      It’s so important for girls to be smart, funny, interesting and not just pretty.

      • Lille says:

        I decided when my daughter was an infant to not only tell her she was beautiful, but also smart, kind, funny, etc. one day when she was about two and a half, she put in a froofy princess dress, looked in the mirror and said “Wow! I look so smart in this dress.” It still makes me laugh.

        I grew up never hearing I was beautiful, and I think it is also important. I think hearing all of these compliments helps a girl to be more self aware and confident.

      • Trashaddict says:

        So true Lille. It helps to hear all of those things. And especially when you catch them being good, kind, smart, funny and beautiful so they recognize them for what they are.

  2. NewWester says:

    Somewhere Kim K is reading this, rolling her eyes( only part of her face that moves) and saying” Time for another naked selfie! Got to put this wannabe in her place!”

  3. CidySmiley says:

    Oh my god she looks like Mr. Potato head. I cant.

  4. Kitkatk8 says:

    She looks like a muppet (specifically, Janice….)

    She was pretty before whatever the heck she’s done to her face, now. Yikes!

  5. QueenEllisabet says:

    she looks like a wax figure

  6. Sixer says:

    How does she even know that she has dimples on her bum cheeks? Do people actually inspect their bums for dimples? And if you did have dimples on your bums cheeks and got them removed, why would you tell everyone? Because they won’t see you as Person With The Pristine Bum; they’ll see you as Person Whose Bum Once Had Dimples. How is that a good thing? If you care about bum dimples, that is.

  7. Bishg says:

    Of course I would like to get rid of my cellulite permanently. I think every woman does.
    But, absolutely there’s no way I would undergo aesthetic or plastic surgery for that purpose!
    She might have a tight, flawless “derrière”, but her obsession with physical appearance goes beyond “looking and feeling my best”, and her face is a permanent testament to it.
    All these women look and talk the same, no substance at all.

  8. Frannydays says:

    I have the worst cellulite on the back of my tights and honestly I’m so self conscious and hate my legs so much because of it, that I might just do anything to get rid of it.

    • anna says:

      yeah, i wonder if these treatments really work, especially the laser. anybody?

      • Poisonous Lookalike says:

        They might work for a while, but the truth is that cellulite is not a different type of tissue. It’s normal fat. The fascia (fibrous, flexible connective tissue that is between the skin and muscles, and wraps nearly everything in our bodies) under the skin starts to tighten, which pulls the fat underneath it and causes the dimpling. Even thin people can have this happen. Genetics plays a role in how prone people are to it. “Cellulite” is one of those completely fabricated concepts designed to create a market for a problem that didn’t exist until the 20th century.

        For those who care about it, the best things to do to minimize the appearance of dimpling are: hydrate yourself (fascia tightens when it’s dehydrated); increase your collagen consumption (our bodies do make it, but not enough to keep up with replacement needs) via bone broth, unsweetened gelatin (I put some in my smoothies), chicken skin, etc.; and strength training to keep the muscles toned. But even that’s no guarantee.

        And that phrase “no pain, no gain” needs to FO&DIAF. As a massage therapist, I battle that mindset nearly every day. It is just wrong, wrong, wrong when applied to so many things.

  9. naomipaige says:

    Wow! She must really hate the ways she looks, because, it seems as if she has completely changed her whole looks. It looks like her daughter is following in her footsteps. Great role model.

  10. Maria T. says:

    I don’t know why, but I have the weirdest affection for her. I find her sort of gross, but I just can’t look away. Big Poppa! The wig snatching! The ridiculous plastic surgery denials! Back in the early days of RHOA, her dynamic with Nene was gold. Wearing wigs, drinking white wine and trying to smoke cigs with HUGE long ass nails!

    Also, a friend of mine grew up in the same town in Connecticut as Kim and apparently, there was a big scandal because Kim had an affair with the (married) chief of police (or someone like that) when she was a teenager. And also, this might be the most unbelievable part: she really is 38.

    • Taiss says:

      Didn’t she lie about cancer? I blame Andy Cohen for giving her “fame”

      • Maria T. says:

        Yesss! I forgot about that. She is totally shameless. I just cannot relate to someone so desperate for attention. The endless (Photoshopped) bikini selfies are just so weird, right? I feel like an Anthropologist observing a foreign tribe. Maybe Andy Cohen is the tribal chief?

      • naomipaige says:


    • Tate says:

      I live near the town that Kim grew up in and I never believed that she was the age that she said she was. I now know a couple of people who went to school with her and she is 38.

  11. Patricia says:

    I have cellulite on my butt, back and sides of my thighs. And even on the front of my thighs if I am in certain positions.
    I have stretch marks all over, thighs and hips and belly and breasts. Speaking of breasts, mine are lower and less full then they were when I was 21.
    I’m overweight. I have frizzy hair. I’m nowhere near perfect. BUT I love and honor my whole body because it is the vessel for my soul, because it created and birthed my beautiful son, because it endures several medical conditions like a champion, because I don’t expect perfection. It makes me so sad, as someone else said on this thread, for women who are obsessed with bodily perfection. We are flesh and bone and as we age we change, we sag, our skin becomes a bit weary. You can love yourself the way you are! Aging is a privelege.
    It’s especially hard for me to understand how a women who’s body has performed the miracle and marvel of childbirth as many times as Kim has can have such bad feelings for her body. Ever since I had a baby it’s even easier for me to just adore my body, regardless of how it looks, because it’s capable of that. Her obsession with perfection is very sad, and it’s a race she has started that she will never finish.

  12. Tate says:

    Where did her nose go?

    • Tourmaline says:

      Seriously it is disappearing slowly but surely.
      The lady has like 5 or 6 kids I’m surprised she has so much time on her hands to focus on each butt dimple.

  13. Lbliss says:

    I wonder if her husband would be surprised if their kids will have her original nose? He probably has only seen nose job # 2 and 3…

    • notsoanonymous says:

      Eh, I hate to ‘defend’ her but between the two of them, they made GORGEOUS kids. All of their four little ones are model status. Kim was pretty before surgeries (as was her daughter Brielle) but she’s succumbed to some obvious body dysmorphia sadly.

  14. laura says:

    Everybody has a little cellulite somewhere, it’s SO natural I don’t understand why you’d want/feel the need to have to get rid of it! But then just looking at her face kinda answers that, I’m sure she was pretty before she had any surgery. Now she just looks hard and old. And it’s so sad that she’s encouraging her daughter to have surgery too…

  15. Ohreallynow says:

    How do you have a skincare product but you are getting treatments done to your skin so often? So the product must not be that great!

  16. Helen says:

    Dr. Ourian is a bit of a con and has terrible reviews from patients. This is definitely paid endorsement.