US: Olivia Munn is the reason Aaron Rodgers doesn’t talk to his family

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The biggest story from this season’s The Bachelorette was not which stud JoJo Fletcher would select, because we knew that since night One, but the mystery over Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ estrangement from his family. After speculation, evasive answers and finger pointing, Us Magazine claims it was Aaron’s longtime girlfriend, Olivia Munn, all along. Sources claim that Olivia is strong-willed *gasp* and apparently cannot play nice with Aaron’s family *clutches pearls*.

During the course of the season, Jordan Rodgers — who became engaged to star JoJo Fletcher on the Monday, August 1, finale — spoke about his family’s strained relationship with his brother Aaron Rodgers, the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. But neither he nor his family ever revealed the source of the strife. Their dad, Ed Rodgers, hinted during Fletcher’s hometown visit to Chico, California, which aired July 18, “Fame can change you.”

So can a famous girlfriend. A family insider claims Aaron’s girlfriend of two years, Olivia Munn, is at the center of the family feud. The X-Men: Apocalypse actress, 36, “has a strong personality and every meeting she has had with them has gone badly,” continues the source.

A show insider says the clan even squabbles over who started the fight. “The family says Aaron stopped talking to them,” notes the insider. “While Aaron says they don’t talk because his family doesn’t like Olivia.” (Says a Munn source: “Aaron makes his own decisions and wouldn’t be swayed by Olivia.”)

In any case, the drama has left Jordan, 27, and Fletcher, 25, “incredibly stressed,” continues the source. “The family is torn apart, and it’s playing out in the media.”

[From Us Weekly]

I am surprised the family source didn’t say Olivia pounded the floor with her crystal-tipped cane as she demanded Aaron take her home. Aaron seems like a nice guy and he is a gifted quarterback. I don’t think he is succumbing to the femme fatale in his life. Maybe Olivia didn’t get on so well with the family but what did his family do to help the situation? Did they attempt to make her feel comfortable or did they decide not to like her and provide a hostile environment?

The unfortunate part is that there is probably some real pain there. Family rifts, even if necessary, are never easy. Whatever is going on was exploited for The Bachelorette ratings. As Chris Harrison said in the After the Final Rose special, “Hopefully Aaron can make it to the wedding!” The show’s end game (and possibly JoJo’s plan as well) has been to get Aaron on camera all along. This wedding won’t happen but just in case, I would like to offer JoJo a little piece of friendly advice: beware of a family that can’t find a way to get along with their childs’ significant others if they dare to show their own minds.

Aaron standing up for Olivia makes me like him even more. I just wish he played for the right team.




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  1. CJW says:

    Whoa Hecate. Rodgers plays for the right and BEST team evah! Go GB

  2. Bluebelle says:

    I’m torn by this. I usually take the family’s side, even if I’m the girlfriend, and I have been in past times disliked and not accepted by a partners family. I removed myself and the relationship came to an end. Usually parents, and I would guess 70 to 80% are right because they just know. I don’t know how to word it, english is not my 1st language. I’m not saying that your parents should steer your choices and take the reign of your life… can someone organize my thoughts?!?!

    • LB says:

      The reason the parents hate Olivia is because she spilled some tea on Jordan. Jordan was dating one of Olivia’s close friends but was cheating. Olivia found out and told the friend who promptly dumped Jordan. That’s why the parents hate Olivia.

      This story, btw, has been circulating the Bachelor sphere for months and I trust the source. Jordan also had another girlfriend at home right before he left for the show. Now he’s engaged. This guy is a peach.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        So they hate her for standing by her friend and trying to protect her from hurt and possibly sti’s? Yikes this actually makes me like Olivia Munn.

      • Kate says:

        So the parents were cool with their son being a cheater but not with Olivia being a loyal friend?
        I’m not sure I’d want to be a part of that family.

      • Wren33 says:

        That is what I heard as well.

      • gene123 says:

        THIS x1000 I think its very telling that Jordan and his family keep leaking (and openly discussing) these family issues whereas Aaron simplied said “i dont discuss family issues to the press”
        Jordan just seems like a spoiled little kid who has never recovered from his brother being the golden boy.

        Have fun with your “former (read: one season on the practice squad) NFL Quarterback” Jojo

      • I Choose Me says:

        I don’t usually put much stake in Internet gossip but I believe this. Jordan comes off a bonafide a-hole and his family seems too eager to throw Olivia under the bus. Sounds like a family who loves deflecting blame.

      • Missy says:

        And Jordan is their youngest. You can tell they spoil and coddle him because he is so ridiculously entitled for no reason. God forbid a woman call their poor baby out on his bad behavior and try to ruin his life!

        I wish more parents would hold their children accountable for their actions. I get that you want to protect your kids, but c’mon. Raise your kids to be good people, too, or else they might turn out like the Stanford swimmer and the affluenza killer. *End rant.*

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I know someone she used to date, and she was regularly very rude to his family and friends. Maybe that’s typical for her.

    • Naya says:

      Unless we are talking about situations where theres infeidelity, abuse or addiction, the family is almost always wrong . If anything, its a mark of a controlling manipulative family to reject an SO just cause they wouldnt have picked her. What then happens is that the pressure of their disapproval hurts the relationship. The family can then self righteously turn around and claim “told you so” even though their lack of support fueled the breakup. And to the outside eye, it seems like the parents were right all along even though they were really just saboteurs.

      • Bridget says:

        My BIL was in a 5 year relationship with a woman every single person in his life found to be awful (including family). And you know what? We let it run its course and didn’t make a stink. He eventually wised up when he was ready, and it wasn’t some power struggle with the rest of the family.

      • Miss M says:

        @Bridget: that’s the right approach. My brother is dating a girl now that she is not well liked by our family. My sister regretted telling him she was not right for him and we all agreed to stay quiet.
        Let it be!

      • Kitten says:

        YES couldn’t agree more, Naya.

        I’m very close to my brother who’s in a serious relationship with a much younger woman. She isn’t who I would have chosen for him but he loves her and she treats him well, absolutely adores him and that is ALL I care about.

      • Bridget says:

        This woman was very, very difficult. And it turned out that when they broke up all of his friends said “we didn’t want to tell you this while you were together, but we hate her”. Which I don’t think was that helpful either, because as much as you want to be supported, you don’t want to feel like a sucker for being with someone.

        Of course, my in-laws were pretty horrified by me when my husband brought me home 🙂

    • Erinn says:

      I don’t know. Honestly – there can be such a mob mentality when it comes to big families. I have always felt like an outsider in a lot of ways with my husbands family. He has always been wonderful. His parents like me – but at first I wasn’t sure. We started dating young – my husband is the kind of guy who can get taken advantage of easily because he wants to make everyone happy. A lot of his family is very loud, and have very strong opinions. They were up in arms because we went to my grandmothers for Christmas supper (we had been with his family on Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas morning bright and early, and were going to be there for Boxing Day supper as well, so the odds were ridiculously in their favor). My grandmother is 90 years old, and widowed, and the other grand kids live hours away and weren’t going to be around. I wasn’t about to let her down – and as much as I didn’t want to be apart from my husband for the dinner I told him if it was a big deal he could go to his family dinner and we’d meet up at home. We’ve had multiple instances where people in his family were bad mouthing our wedding and saying ‘oh you know who decided that’ when it was something my husband had wanted to do – just because they wanted to complain about someone. Not all families are like that – but I think there are a lot that are.

      There ARE instances where the new partner isn’t good for someone, or that they seem to change the person. But I do think that a lot of families feel like they need to push back against the outsider for no reason other than that they’re the outsider.

      • Bluebelle says:

        Yes, THIS. That last quote is what his family behaves like and I don’t have time for that. My mentality was, “Go ahead, take your son. There’s more where he came from”.

      • Wren says:

        My extended family is quite large and gets the herd mentality going. They’re mostly very nice people but it can be intensely overwhelming for a new significant other when they all gather together. It’s easy to make a bad impression when you’re nervous and unfortunately it colors all future interactions. And they have lots of time to discuss you and form opinions when you’re not there, which adds to the tension.

      • Erinn says:

        It’s insane. We dated from age 14 on… got married two years ago. I’m a shy person, so I have a hard time engaging with some of his family members, but I’ve always been pleasant towards them. His family is very large and very loud – but he admits there are some family members he doesn’t even know how to engage with because he doesn’t see them that often, or because they don’t have things in common.

        During the ramp up to the wedding – it was hell. They made so many comments – some to my face, some behind my back. I had a cousin of his lose his shit because I invited a girl he used to date to my bridal shower because I kept in contact with her – and it’s a bridal shower ffs, why should it affect him? Especially when he was cheating on her, and moved a new girl in a week or two after he’d kicked her out. Regardless, even before that, he had started to get weird with me once he’d gotten his new fiance. He started pretending to not hear me when I spoke to him before the invitation thing had even ever happened. It was really strange. He ended up mouthing off so much about the wedding and about how horrible I was that it got to the point where his mother messaged me on facebook saying “well you have to understand where he’s coming from. This is his cousin, he grew up down the road from him – you should understand that” the whole message was basically get over it, I’m going to defend my shitty son no matter how awful he’s being to you. And again – other than inviting this girl to MY bridal shower, I did nothing wrong. His reaction was nowhere near in line with what had happened. I wasn’t going to exclude a friend of mine from an event where he wasn’t even going to be. Also, another point of interest – he wasn’t even close with my husband. He hadn’t been close with him since elementary school. My husband thought of him as an asshole and a bully – which he was.

        I spent so many nights crying because I hadn’t done anything to get the kind of wrath I was getting – I didn’t even want to have the wedding. He was talking to my best friend (who he had dated in high school and also cheated on) and was saying “I can’t believe they’re getting married. There’s no way he’s happy. He doesn’t want HER.” WHO DOES THAT!? And this is about 9 years into my relationship at this point. He was just a hateful piece of garbage human.

        I think the biggest thing is the dynamics of the family. If the family is a generally nice, kind group of people who are just hard to take sometimes because of their number – then it’s more reasonable to think they might have a slightly better idea of the relationship – at least compared to the mean spirited exclusive kind of family that I unfortunately have married into. Thankfully my MIL and FIL and SIL are all perfectly fine human beings, so it’s not an issue that often.

      • Nicole says:

        Gosh, your poor grandma! What jerks, is it a large fam?

    • Locke Lamora says:

      The family is airing their dirty laundry in the media, so I feel like it’s their fault.

    • Wren says:

      It depends on the parents and the family. Some people are very controlling and think they get to decide who their child dates because they know best. My grandmother was one of those people, yet none of her children did her bidding in that regard, something I find quite amusing. Nobody married who she wanted them to, and my dad had to tell her very nicely to f*ck off and shut up about it because she just would not let it go. Incidentally, nobody’s life was ruined and they’re all still married to the “wrong ones”.

      It’s one thing to bring up concerns about a family member’s partner to that family member, it’s another to whine about it endlessly in public.

    • Tanya says:

      Why take the family’s side? Not all families are positive, or even benign. I do agree that a relationship with someone who won’t put you first is not one worth being in, though.

  3. Betti says:

    You can chose your friends but not your family. All very sad but the truth is usually in the middle somewhere.

  4. Caitlin Bruce says:

    I’m Scottish so don’t know anything about him but isn’t there strong rumours that he plays for the “other” team(wink wink). Or is that just the standard he’s gay internet rumours that seem to follow most famous people these days.

    • ShazBot says:

      I’ve heard a lot of these too, not sure how true they are though

      • G says:

        I’m sorry, but I think that rumor is gross. It is possible to have close same-sex friendships without having sex or being closeted.
        I am a queer person and most of my relationships are platonic, but I get the same flack for my friendships. It’s rude. The guy’s sexuality isn’t anyone’s business.

        Edit: Not yelling at any of you for stating the rumors haha.

    • AlleyCat says:

      I thought that’s what the write meant at first and I was like huh?! I’ve seen so many rumors in the past couple years, but who really knows.

      • beckymae says:

        I’ve heard that too. His family are full on god-botherers and can’t accept his sexuality, Munn is just a very sympathetic beard in all this….

    • Erica_V says:

      At one point his former assistant allegedly told someone no I wasn’t his assistant I was his lover but then when it came out in the news he backtracked bigtime. There was also a rumor around the same time that a very high up QB was going to come out as gay but that never happened. Just after that story of the assistant he went on the red carpet with Munn and made their relationship public.

  5. Samtha says:

    I’m too distracted by how different Olivia looks to comment on the rest of the story.

    Her face is slowly morphing into Megan Fox’s. She doesn’t even look like the same woman.

    • elle says:

      She looks like Melissa Gilbert to me. It’s like her teeth are taking over her face. Given the obvious work she’s had done and lied about, she seems like a major head case, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was behind some drama.

      All I know of Bachelorette is commentary… a lot of which is about how vain/narcissistic Jordan is. Now that I get a look at him, I wonder why. But he looks like a major douchebag, so I’d buy him being behind some drama, too.

    • Nicole says:

      I thought she was gorgeous, but now she looks all doctored up

  6. Louise177 says:

    I doubt Olivia is the issue. I don’t watch the show but stories about the situation made it sound like there were big family problems before Aaron started dating Olivia. Olivia made a couple of comments about the family and it didn’t sound like she hasn’t met them. If she did it was once or twice.

  7. Trixie says:

    “and it’s playing out in the media”

    Because you put it in the media!! If you hadn’t brought it up and made it into a storyline then no one would have known about it!

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, Aaron seems like a good guy and he’s taking the high road. His little brother seems like a petty jerk and for whatever reason the family is taking his side. I can see why maybe Aaron would need to put some distance between himself and them. Families can be complicated…and when you become an A-list athlete I’m sure it gets even more complicated if the foundation is not strong.

    • Me again says:

      This! Yes. What cracked me up is this:

      The mounting tension is said to have JoJo and Jordan “incredibly stressed” as the clan’s dirty laundry “is playing out in the media.”

      What? Guess who put it out there? YOU DID JORDAN. So being “stressed”? Give me a break.

  8. Manjit says:

    I really like Olivia, she was so much fun when she got squiffy on “Sunday Brunch” 🙂

  9. PikaBoo says:

    What happened to her face? Did she do something? Or is the botox stiffness?

    • Missy says:

      Eye lift and I believe Botox, which is kind of giving her a wonky smile that she never had before.

    • popup says:

      Likely botox injected into her jaw muscle. I had to Google it when this came up during her Japanese potato incident. Amazing how this treatment can transform your face.

    • popup says:

      Can someone please explain the appeal of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor? I don’t understand why people are so invested in these made-for-TV relationships. Why is anyone taking the side of the douchenozzle brother who went on this show and aired the family laundry (supposedly in the name of “honesty”)?

      • Locke Lamora says:

        It’s fun. It’s car crash reality television at it’s finest. Although Jojo’s season was incredibly dull. The Bachelor in Paradise looks more inreresting.

      • Missy says:

        Cosign Locke Lamora. I don’t watch it for the “romance,” I watch it because I think the premise and the subjects are fascinating. It’s deliciously trashy. Young, good looking people are competing for one bachelor/bachelorette’s heart on national television. These people are delusional, desperate, fame hungry, crazy, or naive. It’s my guilty pleasure.

      • amilu says:

        I’m with you. I don’t even want to entertain the thought of sitting through a commercial for one of those shows.

        I did, however, love “Burning Love”! It was a spoof of those ridiculous shows starring some really funny comedians.

  10. LA says:

    I don’t think it’s so far off to imagine somethings up with Aaron and Olivia. It seems like it’s Aaron that doesn’t want to see his family not the other way around. I know it’s an awful stereotype to blame the woman, but sometimes it IS the partner that drives a wedge between family members.

  11. The Original Mia says:

    Nothing I’ve seen or heard makes me believe anything the family says and does. Seems Aaron is well rid of them. Sometimes you have to cut family out of your life if they are toxic.

  12. Lisa says:

    My boss got engaged to a lady his family hated. Went on holiday, had a big wedding party/honeymoon. Came home. Two weeks later, he threw her out of the house. Family is hard to beat!

  13. Ji-yun says:

    I so wish Olivia hadn’t messed too much with her face. She was gorgeous and unique. Now she’s a through-the-looking-glass mash up of Megan Fox and Emily Blunt.

  14. Miss M says:

    I do think Joedan just wants to be famlus and rides on his brother’s coattails and Aaron wasn’t having it. The family chose the baby’s aide.

  15. Emily says:

    I mean, is Aaron some poor, pitiful baby? Being dragged around by a woman? This line of reasoning drives me crazy. If the only issue is that his parents didn’t like her when they met her…in a normal family they would share that with Aaron and he would decide where to go from there. So, unless Olivia walked into their house and acted like an animal I don’t really see how she is at fault.

  16. G says:

    Blaming the woman for something that is clearly a family issue is a really good way for Aaron to continue not talking to any of them.
    Also, didn’t we see this story a month ago?

    • Miss M says:

      It’s because it was brought up again in the finale and Aaron still hadn’t talked to them. What were they expecting? They aired the issue on a teality hoping he would talk to them?

  17. Malificent says:

    Families always loved me. I was always the first nice girl that their (usually wannabe) bad boy sons had ever dated. I’ve left a trail of broken-hearted mothers behind me.

  18. Juniper says:

    There is NEVER one reason why you break contact with your family. There may be one tipping-point incident, but breaks are years in the making.

    • Montréalaise says:

      So true.

    • Arwen says:

      So true. My husband had a falling out with his older brother and now we don’t speak to him. The brother, the brothers fiance and the brothers friends all blame me, but I was just the final load on a ready to collapse garbage pile of issues between them. His mom wants us to forgive him but as much as I love her, that’s between the two brothers.

  19. Georgia says:

    On a very superficial note,I think Aaron looks ten times better than Jordan

  20. BeefJerky says:

    I don’t think Olivia has anything to do with it. I heard that Aaron’s family is super religious and conservative and he has lately come to support some LGBTQ issues. Maybe “Fame can change you”…into a more liberal person. That seems like a more likely scenario to me.

    • tealily says:

      Yeah, it sounds more like the change that happens when you expand your horizons and leave home, etc.

  21. Craig says:

    Methinks his family just isn’t fond of his beard…..both of them.

    • Jessica says:

      Exactly. His brother definitely sounds like a douche, but Aaron being estranged from his family could be all about his phony attention whore. There’s no doubt she’s loving every bit of this, even if she’s the one being blamed for the estrangement. Any publicity is good publicity. This is getting her all the press that X-Men didn’t.

  22. elns says:

    Little brother sounds lame. I understand supporting your family, but supporting Lame Brother just condones his craptastic behavior. He needs to deep fry that chip on his shoulder and eat it and stop taking everyone down with him. What a loser and I think that show sucks.

  23. Newyorking says:

    Clearly Jordan is riding on his brother’s coat tails. We didn’t hear about the family feud till this show. And it was all about Aaron. I guess the ratings would have gone through the roof had Aaron come on but he wasn’t having it and the family wasn’t happy. They are using Aaron to overshadow all the bad press surrounding Jordan since he “won”. Ugh! No wonder Aaron doesn’t speak to them, I wouldn’t either!

  24. Wise1 says:

    Typically if a family is against a BF or GF it is for a good reason. True, the family may be dysfunctional more than others (what family is not dysfunctional in some way?) but not likely in this case. After raising a child for 18+ years, a parent knows. And they are right as much as you don’t want them to be. I typically don’t comment on these stories but today I feel I must impart my wisdom 😀

  25. Nicole says:

    My brother’s ex wife was a stone cold b*tch. We all told him, he married her, and she always showed her ass, even when he visited me in the hospital. When she started hitting him and saying she would find a rich doctor, he realized she sucked. He is a firefighter.

  26. Tallia says:

    I doubt this story. If they are mad at her it’s because she’s bearding. My thought was perhaps because of their Christian beliefs they didn’t agree with his sexuality, but it’s easier to blame it on Munn and Munn can lap up the publicity. I don’t care if he is gay or not, he is a great athlete and seems like he does alot in the community. I would just be sad for him that he could not be himself. Love is love.

    • Jenny says:

      He’s gay? Never heard those rumors before, but then I’m European and not that well informed when it comes to American football. I’ve just been hating (in my private thoughts) on Olivia Munn because she left Joel Kinnaman (who I adore) for this dude and I thought that was poor taste on her behalf. 😉

  27. Ashley says:

    hahah right on! If he played for the niners, my life would be MAAADEEE. And probably his, too.

  28. HP says:

    Maybe the reason is that Aaron is gay. And the family doesn’t tolerating that. The whole Munn-Rodgers relationship is fake like her claim that she didn’t have a facelift recently. I feel sorry for Aaron being on the closet. I have 0 respect for Munn, because of the many dirty things(bullying, chasting couch etc.) she done in the past.

    • Miss M says:

      I am sorry, but this “gay rationale” does not make sense because they all claimed that AARON is the one no speaking to them. If this was the reason, it would be the other way around, non?!