DMX in the doghouse

Rapper DMX has been ordered to pay a whopping $242,000 to Amusing Diversions Inc, which makes fancy dog clothes. True story. DMX signed a contract with the company saying that he would promote a line of dog clothing that was named for his dog Boomer 129. The line included all of the doggie essentials: raincoats, caps, bomber jackets and scarves. Apparently things started off alright, but DMX never really fulfilled his end of the contract – he just took the company’s money. He was supposed to endorse the Boomer 129 line at his concerts, TV, and public appearances. Not only did DMX not do that, but he actually promoted the line’s competitors instead, resulting in a severe financial loss for Amusing Diversions.

“The 36-year-old rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was ordered to pay a $242,000 judgment to Amusing Diversions Inc., a company that produced and marketed the canine clothing line, named for his dog Boomer 129.”

[From Fox News]

I was kind of confused or why in the world this company would want DMX to promote their brand. I could see Snoop Dogg, because, well it’d be awesome. But what the hell does DMX have to do with dogs? He has one? That makes 70% of the country eligible to promote doggie wear. Well according to the judge, there’s a very good reason, and she’s hip enough to know it. I am not.

dmxgrandchampion.jpg“’DMX, it appears, is known for his growl and bark and is called Pit Bull (which according to the evidence … he has tattooed on his back),’” noted Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Jane Goodman’s ruling, announced Tuesday.

[From the Associated Press]

If that’s all it takes to get an endorsement deal, I’m going to get an iPod tattooed on my back. And a box of Wheaties. Then between the two deals, I’ll be set for life. Plus I’ll be able to listen to my music wherever I go.

Note by Celebitchy: DMX’s tattoo on his back is in honor of his pitbull Boomer, who was killed by a car. The tattoo says “One Love Boomer.” Aww. In 2003, DMX was said to be working on a Saturday morning cartoon in honor of Boomer, but I’m not sure if anything happened with that as I could find only references to it being in the works.

Picture above is by Michael Schreiber and was found at Other photos are of DMX performing on 7/26/2006 at the House of Blues, thanks to PRPhotos.


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