Katie Holmes is preparing to do a musical


Katie Holmes may be trying to break free again – even if only temporarily. The actress was widely reported to love New York and want to move there permanently after starring in “All My Sons” on Broadway. However husband Tom Cruise was supposedly against it, and when her run in the play ended she returned to Los Angeles. Now Star is reporting that Katie has been spending a great deal of time working on her dance moves in the hopes of getting the lead in the Broadway version of the movie “Finding Neverland.”

Katie Holmes is staying on her toes, hoping to snag a starring role in a big Broadway musical! Mrs. Tom Cruise, 30, has spent a lot of time lately at the International Dance Academy in Hollywood. “She’s determined to do a musical,” says a source, “and really wants the female lead in ‘Finding Neverland,'” the play based on the life of Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie. Katie has already proved herself on stage – she had a successful run last year in the drama ‘All My Sons’ and showed off her singing and hoofing skills on the canceled ABC series ‘Eli Stone.’

[From Star, May 11 2009, print ed.]

“Finding Neverland” was the movie that made me like Johnny Depp. I have no idea what was wrong with me, but I couldn’t have cared for him less up until that point. It really was a phenomenal movie and it’ll be interesting to see how it translates onto the stage. That said I cannot imagine how they’ll turn it into a musical. But most people said that about “The Color Purple” and they did a great job with it.

Katie always seems so quiet and demure; I’d love to see her in a musical, hopefully in a more outgoing role. The more independence she gets from Tom, the better, and she seemed to really enjoy her time in New York. I swear, I can almost see her making a break for it any day…

Here’s Katie attending an instructed lesson at the ‘ International Dance Academy’ in Hollywood on April 15th. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. kai says:

    “quiet and demure”, that was nice. Usually they call her braindead.

  2. Feebee says:

    It’s not April 1st.

    Showed off her singing and hoofing skills on Eli Stone. That’s a joke right? Probably what killed the otherwise brillant series.

  3. mum mum says:

    she’s really come into her own since marrying him.. I mean, she’s really taken advantage of being married to him- the fashionista, the broadway play, the marathon, Eli Stone guest apperance.. I think she’s got a master plan. She gave Tom what he wants (suri) and know she probably wants him to leave her the f alone so she can do her thing with all those resources.

  4. lrm says:

    what? finding neverland i couldn’t even sit through-twice we tried to watch it. BUT,I’m curious what else you saw depp in prior to that? Edward Scissorhands,What’s eating Gilbert Grape? [with young Leo Decap.] Chocolat? Cuz if you’ve never seen his earlier films,and you liked Finding Neverland,then definitely check those earlier ones out….
    Oh yea,and he was brilliant in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-creepy and a bit like Jacko. Loved it. Total departure from where gene wilder had gone with the role. Both great versions,tho’.

  5. boomchakaboom says:

    Mum mum, you left out other thing she has now that she didn’t have before: actual interest from the public. Yeah, it’s due to her bizarre marriage and cute child rather than her as a person, but it’s more than she ever had before.

  6. Ned says:

    “The more independence she gets from Tom”

    People get married to be together. It seems for Katie it’s just a business move and she seems completely annoyed by her husband will to be with her.

    She has a daughter that is left out in all her fame and gold digging.

    There is a reason her career was going nowhere before Tom came and helped- she has no talent of any kind, and while she was cute and can play or pose as “sweet” on T.V. for teenagers, as part of an ensemble, she has nothing to offer, besides her weird, very publicized marriage.