Ian Zierling hints at 90210 reboot: ‘I was talking to an executive at Hulu’

'Sharknado: The 4th Awakens' Premiere - Arrivals

Are you ready to return to America’s favorite ZIP code? In the movies and on TV everything old is new again and there’s talk that the beloved FOX series, Beverly Hills, 90210, may be poised for a return on Hulu. If so, it would follow in the footsteps of the recent Fuller House and the upcoming and eagerly-awaited return of Gilmore Girls.

Ian Ziering, who played Steve Sanders on the long-running series, discussed the possibility of the new project at the premiere of the schlocky Syfy flick Sharknado 4 in Las Vegas. The 52-year-old actor told the NY Daily News that “I was talking to an executive at Hulu who was asking what the chances are of getting the cast back together, and I told him anything was possible.”

This could just be one of Ian’s pipe dreams, as I don’t know how much more steam the Sharknado franchise has left in it. He went on to say that he and his fellow cast members are all still friends, equating them to a family of sorts and asserting, “I care about them very much and I would love to work with them in any capacity.” It’s got to be better than working with Tara Reid. Lending a little fuel to Ian’s fire as far as the closeness of the 90210 family are photos of a recent reunion of cast mates Jason Priestly, Tiffani Thiessen and Tori Spelling at a charity event in Los Angeles last month. Jason looks amazing, as does Tiffani and, despite that WTF outfit, Tori looks good too.

We can only hope that the whole gang can reunite at the Peach Pit, including Shannen Doherty, who is currently fighting the good fight against cancer. On that subject, Ian said, “Shannen has proved to the world that she is a fighter, long before she has had to deal with cancer, and she’ll bring that same spirit and focus to her battle with cancer.” Ian not only is feeling positive about Shannen’s future, he also remains positive about the show’s future, maintaining that, “I think eventually the band will get back together. Definitely there is a huge demand for it.” When asked where he thought his character Steve would be now, Ian joked that he was “enjoying life in the cloud forest of Costa Rica and occupying his time as a life coach to the world’s most interesting man.” That’s really cheesy, but consider the source, right? I think it would be better if Steve actually turned out to be Ian’s character in Sharknado.

I always was a sucker for Steve Sanders on 90210, even though Ian looked way older than a high school student during his run on the show. (The same also held true for Gabrielle Carteris, who played Andrea Zuckerman. She was 29 when the show started in 1990.) I watched the first few seasons of 90210 somewhat religiously, but petered out after Shannon left at the end of season four. The wave of nostalgia for the pop culture of the 80s and 90s is still strong, but are people really clamoring for a new 90210? Would you tune in?

Update by Celebitchy: 90210 was already rebooted by the CW network with a new cast including Shenae Grimes, Jessica Stroup and AnnaLynne McCord and ran from 2008 to 2013. Some of the original cast appeared on the first two seasons including Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling.

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  1. Snarkweek says:

    Am I wrong to wish for a tornado full of sharks to come along and devour this idea?

  2. Crowdhood says:

    No, that was your mom. At a family birthday. You only speak with executive sharks these days, Ian.

  3. Alessio says:

    did everyone already forget 90210 was already rebooted (with the first 3 years as a relative success) by the CW? but anyways, i so would watch it!

  4. Tara says:

    I would watch, but I would hope Steve was still married to Janet. I loved Janet.

  5. greenmonster says:

    I could imagine a tv movie, but not a complete show. And they need to bring back the early cast (including Tiffani Thiessen – who was a bit of my favorite). If that would be the case, I would tune in. I LOVED that show. For the first fours or five seasons I watched every episode. Then it got a little depressing. I tuned in every now and then, but it was just not that good anymore. I also couldn’t stand or didn’t care a couple of new characters/actors (the guy who played Noah was a huge turn off for me, Vanessa Marcil, Hilary Swank, Daniel Cosgrove).

    Despite me still liking some seasons of the show, I don’t believe too many people would care about a reboot. Maybe if the show would have ended earlier. They dragged the show on for way to long and should have cancelled it after season five or six. I mean Shannon had left, so did Luke and Jason. Those three were the main characters, the ones people wanted to see, the other actors just couldn’t fill the void.

    But as Alessio has mentioned, there already was a reboot. A new generation with an additional glimpse of what the old characters are doing. So, no. I don’t think this will happen.

    • Esmom says:

      As much as I loved the show back in the day — it and Melrose Place were the center of a weekly get together with girlfriends and takeout — I could imagine a TV movie, too, just to see what everyone’s up to. Any more would probably get old pretty fast. Sounds like maybe some wishful thinking. If Ziering wants a career boost on Hulu or Netflix I’d think something completely different would be more appealing than a reboot of 90210.

  6. Megan says:

    I’m in. I loved the first two seasons.

  7. Snowflake says:

    Ian looks good

  8. Kate says:

    Can someone explain Tori Spelling’s dress in that photo? It looks like she has it on backwards and it’s so very very bad.

  9. Betti says:

    While i’d love to see the original cast return i doubt it will happen, thou he’s got better with age. I was never into him on the saw but now, hell yes i would.

  10. Annieb says:

    Steve was my favourite character on the show (I seem to like blondes) s I can’t help but like Ian and wish him well. I just don’t like the idea of a reboot. Even the original went on for too long, I didn’t watch later seasons nearly as regularly as the early ones.

  11. The Voice says:

    I think I must’ve watched every episode of the first few seasons of the original 90210. I even remember feeling like it was the end of the world when our VCR didn’t record one episode. “I’ll never be able to see this episode!” I cried to my dad. Ah, teen angst.

    I had such nostalgia that I watched the entire run of the reboot on CW a few years ago. I thought it was pretty good but just as campy. I appreciated that they brought back some of the original characters but they were so out of place.

    I would totally watch a TV movie with the original cast! Like a reunion – everyone rallies around some cause or person. Do it, Hulu!

  12. holly hobby says:

    I watched it up until Shannen left. That’s when I stopped. Anyway, I don’t think I’d watch a reboot. I would love to read an oral history or see a tv reunion of the cast.

  13. serena says:

    I would! Maybe.. I don’t know if it’s a good idea because I loved that show and rebooting in, with a chance of it being awful.. I don’t want to think about that. Anyway, the 90210 show was not a reboot, it was a different (god-awful) series with new teen actors and just cameos of Jennie and Tori -and maybe someone else, but I didn’t watch it, so-. As I said, it was really awful, so I don’t even consider that a reboot or anything.

  14. Amanda DG says:

    I absolutely love that show, but I don’t see how it would work with Shannen being ill. Plus not everyone has participated in the past reunion or the CW reboot. I think some things are better left alone.

  15. PsychoCat says:

    How can they even be talking about this (which I would watch in a heartbeat) without mentioning DYLAN????????? Luke Perry all the way.