Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas wish happy birthday to each other: sweet?

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When I read yesterday that Melanie Griffith had wished Antonio Banderas a happy birthday on her Instagram I thought “huh, I remembered it as him wishing her a happy birthday” and then I just attributed it to my faulty memory. It turns out that Antonio did wish Melanie a happy birthday and then she wished him one the very next day because their birthdays are just one day apart. Melanie turned 59 and Antonio turned 56.

Here’s what Antonio wrote to Melanie. It’s a picture of them together with their daughter, Stella, at her graduation last year, right around the time they finalized their divorce after 18 years of marriage. The translation is: “Happy birthday Melanie. A warm hug from Marbella.” Melanie retweeted this too.

Antonio is in Marbella, Spain premiering his new clothing collection. He’s there with his girlfriend of about two years, a Dutch investment consultant in her 30s (reportedly) named Nicole Kimpel. A couple of days before tweeting happy birthday to Melanie, Antonio posted a selfie with Nicole kissing him on the forehead.

On Instagram, Melanie wished Antonio happy birthday too, with a photo of the two of them together on the red carpet and a sweet message calling him ruggedly handsome and saying she’d always love him.

These two have always been so gracious and classy to each other. Melanie went out with some makeup over her Antonio tattoo right after she filed for divorce in 2014, and that was pretty much the only indication that things may have been less than amicable, apart from the fact that they were getting divorced in the first place. We heard that Antonio may have been cheating on her starting around 2012 but whatever happened they didn’t say. Antonio did call Melanie “the person I will always love” last year, so it’s not like Melanie’s message is one-sided or like she’s pining for him.

In a recent interview with People, Melanie said that now that her youngest Stella, 19, is leaving home to go to college she has to get used to having an empty nest. She does look forward to having grandchildren soon though. “I’m single, and lonely, and bored, and confused – but then at the same time, totally curious. It’s almost like I have to throw myself out of the nest.” She says her kids, the oldest of which is 30, are “old enough to have kids now, so I should have grandchildren soon. Then they can come over – and then go home.

It looks like Melanie and Antonio were just hanging out a couple of weeks ago because Stella posted this photo of them looking at something together.


A photo posted by Stella (@stellabanderasgriffith) on

Me and my girl

A photo posted by MELANIE (@melanie_griffith57) on

Stella is lovely.

My beautiful Stella has a real Instagram now…. @stellabanderasgriffith ❤️❤️❤️

A photo posted by MELANIE (@melanie_griffith57) on

Antonio with his girlfriend. They seem to go everywhere together.
Starlite Festival Gala

photos credit: FameFlynet, Getty and Instagram/Melanie Griffith

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  1. JenniferJustice says:

    I admire how loving they remain toward each other.

  2. Lala says:

    Wonder how the new gf feels about his “person I will always love” sentiments?

    • Beckysuz says:

      If she is a secure woman she will understand and respect the years Melanie and Antonio shared together and the forever tie they have in their child. I love my oldest daughter’s dad because without him I wouldn’t have my beautiful girl. It’s not a romantic love at all, I’m married and adore my husband,just a recognition of what we had and that something wonderful came out of it for both of us. I don’t think Antonio saying he’ll always love her should diminish what he has now, and hopefully the new gf understands that

    • Brittney B. says:

      Hopefully, it shows her that he values commitment and co-parenting, and is capable of experiencing different types of love for different people in his life… I’d certainly prefer that to bad-mouthing her or claiming to feel nothing for her anymore.

  3. KiddVicious says:

    I’m so glad he’s shaving his head now. He looks so much better. His comb-overs were looking pretty creepy.

  4. Lucy says:

    This is nice. I do believe they have genuine love and respect for each other.

  5. aims says:

    I think it’s great….. just because you get a divorce, doesn’t mean the love dies. They’re parents and I think this is a gift to their daughter, that they remain friends.

  6. Sara says:

    My parents divorced when I was 10 and remained loving and caring until my father’s death. We vacationed together, we spent Christmas together, and my father died with my mother and sisters in the same room. They fell out of romantic love with each other but never stopped caring and wanting the best for the other.

    Love isn’t always about possessivity but sometimes about recognizing that the people we love need other people to thrive, without that meaning that our place in their lives is threatened.

  7. Nicole says:

    Nice I love these amicable divorces. Very adult of them to keep the love not just for them but for their daughter as well. Nothing bad to say here

  8. Caitiecait says:

    I think this is awesome that they can be friends and it is probably great for their daughter. I’ve seen friends go through their parents contentious divorce and deal with badmouthing from both parents and it can be rough on the kid, no matter the age. It must have been so much easier for Stella to have both parents at her graduation and not worry that they would cause a scene or tension.

  9. Tourmaline says:

    I find them to be such an adorable couple. I’m glad they are being gracious to each other. Their daughter is such a cute combo of the two of them lookswise.

  10. Macscore says:

    Waaah! I must admit to getting nostalgic goosebumps looking at these pictures. I was so sad they didn’t make it… which makes me even more relieved to see the mature and thoughtful way they communicate with and about each other now.
    I agree – Antonio’s new gf should not be threatened by these statements, but instead should be pleased that her man is so respectful and caring. I fell out of love with my ex, but I only want the best for him, and part of me will always love him not only because of what we had, but especially because without him our beautiful daughter wouldn’t exist.

  11. Lisa says:

    Aw, cute. I looked her up on insta just last week after watching Something Wild. Good for them.

  12. mirage says:

    Oh I am going the only one celebitching on this post.
    But there you go: Melanie Griffith really had Banderas in his prime. He looks like an older man now.
    And as for this new girlfriend of his? She can’t possibly be 34. She is over 40!