Amy Adams ‘continuously shocked’ that people overshare on social media

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Amy Adams is likely going to have another big year, and she’ll probably get nominated for an Oscar again. She’s never won an Oscar, despite being nominated five times already. Unfortunately, I don’t really see how the stars will line up for her this year, but you never know. Amy has the lead role in Arrival, the aliens-are-here-and-they-want-to-communicate movie. She also has a big part in the ensemble Nocturnal Animals, directed by Tom Ford. Amy is partly on the cover of the new issue of New York Magazine, the fall-preview issue, because of these films. She gave a somewhat boring interview too – the best quote in the piece is from Tom Ford, not Amy. I love her and everything but say something controversial, Amy! Say something about David O. Russell again. Some highlights:

She’s not a celebrity: “I don’t think of myself as a celebrity. It’s not a part of my pursuit… Nothing against those who do.”

She’s shocked when people film her on their iPhones: “I am still really naïve. I am continuously shocked.” By what? “The world! How people behave. Like, it would never occur to me to post a picture of myself in my underwear on Twitter. Maybe the 20-year-old me — I shudder to think of what I would have done in my moment of desperation and seeing what I might’ve chased.”

Tom Ford on why he cast Amy: “I think American Hustle was the first time a lot of us realized how beautiful she was. God, how beautiful her breasts are. It was a surprise. It was like, Wow.” He pauses, considering how that quote might read. “As a gay fashion designer and not a lecherous straight man, I can say that.”

The reaction to her American Hustle character: “I got such great reactions to the way my character looked in American Hustle. I thought, This girl is twisted. She lies to everybody and people love her. People had so many less questions about character development — playing someone who was living a lie within a lie — and so many more about my cleavage.”

Chasing the “pretty girl” roles: “I used to yell at my manager because I would get brought in to play the model version of me, and the model version of me would always get the part. And my manager said to me, ‘You can either chase that or you can chase something else. What path you do want for yourself?’ And you realize that me going to an audition where I am standing next to Jaime Pressly in a bikini is not going to work. I had to realize pretty early on what I wasn’t. But I did chase that other thing.”

She still wants to play Janis Joplin: “When people first brought the project to my attention, I said, ‘I can’t do this; people would judge me and tell me all the reasons that I am not like her.’ And then when I started reading about her, I realized that she was this beautiful human plagued by things which are so common. She had a need to find something. People saw this huge personality, but there was this soulfulness and this screaming child inside of her.”

[From Vulture]

“Maybe the 20-year-old me — I shudder to think of what I would have done in my moment of desperation and seeing what I might’ve chased.” Word. As much as I judge the younger peeps for their oversharing and famewhoring on social media, I do wonder if I would have been that oversharing at that age, had the technology been available. I mean, I did a lot of dumb and crazy sh-t when I was younger and thankfully very little evidence of that time in my life survived. Those Instagrams are forever, kids. There’s a record of every dumb tweet you’ve ever made. Also: is it “okay” for Tom Ford to say lecherous things about Amy’s body because he’s a gay man? Hm.


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  1. HH says:

    “Maybe the 20-year-old me — I shudder to think of what I would have done in my moment of desperation and seeing what I might’ve chased.” >>>> SO REAL.

    Also, giant “NOPE” to Tom Ford. It’s annoying when gay men think they can talk about women and literally use the same words as a straight man, and assume their sexuality puts them in a neutral zone. However, this is probably exacerbated by the straight women wanting gay male friends as accessories, so I guess gay men better get something out of the deal. Complicated world we live in.

  2. La Ti Da says:

    Yes Tom Ford, you can say that but do be prepared to be side-eyed for it. No one knew how beautiful she was until American Hustle? Until she flashed her breasts? That was when the public decided Amy Adams had value?
    Even gay men find a woman’s appearance her greatest asset. But then again he’s a gay fashion designer so of course “he can say that” her appearance is all that matters to him.

  3. gina says:

    I think famous people overshare in interviews and what they tell their PR people to put out there as well, not just social media. Look at the Affleck-Garner divorce. Why do we get daily updates from their PR people? They basically did a Divorced and Coparenting media tour last Spring. Why??? Just say “no comment”!

  4. Robin says:

    Sorry Tom, just because you’re gay doesn’t give you a pass to say things like that. It would be offensive if a straight man said that. It’s also offensive if a gay man says that. Jerk.

  5. Bex says:

    No to Tom Ford’s comment, still a bit sketchy IMO. Totally get what Amy’s saying about social media too, I can’t imagine being able to document my age teenage years. No good could’ve come of that.

    I like Amy a lot, because she’s never said or done anything even remotely objectionable, but I can’t ever seem to get excited by her. I sort of feel the same about all her Oscar nominations. She gives consistently very good performances, but I’m not sure the ‘overdue’ narrative will work for her because I don’t feel like there’s been a year where she was a real front runner and just missed out. 2006 maybe? She was excellent in Junebug. Maybe the Internet need to start making memes of her like they did with Leo until she gets one.

  6. Lisa says:

    Honestly, I grew up with technology, though not to the extent that someone even ten years younger than me did (I’m 28), and I’m amazed at what people will share. Drunken photos, racist and sexist comments, too many details about their personal lives… This one girl is posting about her sugar daddy and she’s not even 18. It’s so f-ed up. I don’t care if you drink or party or whatever, but some of the things I’ve seen in drunken posts have changed my impression of a few people.

    • BTownGirl says:

      I’m 34 and I’m now at the stage where it amazes me what people are willing to share about their children! I love seeing their pictures, but is it really necessary to document their entire childhoods for an audience? Just wait until you get to the stage where you see 4 year-olds doing the cocked-arm in pictures, as taught to them by mommy. It really is crazy how you can think someone has it together in real life and then you see their social media and it’s like, “Ugh, I can’t with you.”

      • anon33 says:

        I have people (a88holes) in my feed that post pics of their kids NAKED ON THE TOILET. This happened twice, and both children were around 5-8 years old. Can you imagine????

      • BTownGirl says:

        *Screams internally* Dear Merciful Jaysus….on the toilet?!?! That is so next-level gross!!

    • vauvert says:

      I really think it comes down to personality. I’m olds (over 40 and that’s all I’ll say:-)) so obviously we didn’t have social media when I was a teen. But there were people who over shared – gossip in the corners, passing notes in class, leaving voice messages, keeping a very detailed diary they would pass around etc…. and then there some others, myself included, who kept it tight. No one knew how intimate my relationships were and it was no one’s business. I had one BF who wrote me love letters every day. Long, rambling, sometimes very explicit letters. I didn’t show a single word of them to anyone else, neither did he. I somehow pity the generation today who will not know the thrill of opening a letter and then keeping it safely (and privately) to themselves.

      Coming back to over sharing, I think some people always did it. The only real difference I see is that once you post it, it will leave forever online and will be embarrassing forever.

  7. Bob says:

    The truly horrifying implication of the Tom Ford quote is that he’s never seen Drop Dead Gorgeous. Now that is completely inexcusable for a gay fashion designer.

    I understand why people would take offense to his talking about her breasts like that, but having seen his directorial debut (A Single Man), I feel comfortable saying that he sees all people as objects and genuinely puts too much of a premium on aesthetics over substance.

    • Ji-yun says:

      I don’t know. If Jeremy Renner gets sh-t for innuendo about JLo’s breasts I don’t think we should be giving Tom Ford a pass for his ogling either. He can do his objectifying in his art, in a context. But he should either get some press coaching or learn to adjust his bon mots for different audiences. It’s not cute or a denotion of superior artistry or wit, imho, and he has form in fetishizing women’s bodies in his mainstream ad copy.

    • Abbadabba says:

      Thank you so much for reminding me of that movie!! Greatest movie ever!

  8. SwanLake says:

    I was so put off by her role and costuming in American Hustle that I’m not interested in watching her in anything else. My late husband turned to me during the movie and said “She has awful skin, and we’re seeing too much of it.” I don’t think she’s a particularly good actress either, based on the four films of hers that I’ve seen.

  9. DesertReal says:

    That’s a good question.
    But it raises others, too.
    Can a cisgender heterosexual woman (or any lady for that matter) compliment another womans breasts?
    Can Tom Ford not compliment Amys Adams because he’s a man?
    How much is our sexuality is dictated by our gender?

  10. Marie says:

    So Tom Ford is essentially saying that he cast her because he liked her breasts? But that’s totally okay because he doesn’t want to sleep with her? Huh. Well, what an absolute gentleman. I shall be throwing handfuls of money at anything such a delightful human being produces.

  11. Trillion says:

    I don’t think it’s wrong to compliment someone on having beautiful breasts in this context.