Is Mel Gibson’s Russian girlfriend three months pregnant?


Mel Gibson’s Russian girlfriend may be pregnant, or so The National Enquirer (story via Showbiz Spy) is reporting. By the way, are we calling Oksana Grigorieva Mel Gibson’s girlfriend, or his “girlfriend”? I’m asking because I tend to think she’s his “girlfriend”. Something about the eyes… she has the look of a woman who loves money, and Mel has the look of a man with equal parts money and insanity. If Oksana’s pregnant, she’s going to call the little one “$500 million divorce settlement”.

This story isn’t only about the rumored baby – apparently Mel’s oldest sons, Edward and Christian, have hired an attorney to protect the trust funds their parents set up. Ah, it seems Edward and Christian have noticed the look in Oksana’s eyes as well. Perhaps they’re referring to their soon-to-be half-sibling as “over my trust fund’s dead body”.

Mel Gibson’s Russian girlfriend is pregnant with his love child, a new report claims.

According to the National Enquirer, the Braveheart star sat his children down and announced that Oksana Grigorieva, 39, is about three months gone.

Gibson’s two oldest boys — 26-year-old twins Edward and Christian — will hire an attorney to protect their trust funds, and insiders expect his estranged wife Robyn will seek more than half of Gibson’s billion-dollar fortune.

“In late April, Mel gathered his children at the family home in Malibu and broke the news that Oksana is pregnant, and he expects them to accept the baby as a new sibling,” an insider said.

“They are quite upset,” the source revealed. “Even though Mel assured them the pregnancy was unplanned, they’re furious with him and say they’re going to take steps to protect their inheritance, which they feel is in jeopardy.”

[From Showbiz Spy]

Gross. So Mel told his family about the bundle of joy about two weeks ago – and they’re saying Oksana’s “about three months gone”. Interesting. So she got pregnant (allegedly) the beginning of February, give or take a week. But Mel’s wife Robyn didn’t file for divorce until April 13th. So, Oksana was married Mel’s mistress when she got pregnant, according to this story. Well, she certainly works fast.

As far as the money stuff, I think it would really depend on how Mel and Robyn set up their children’s trusts. Is it one large trust that is simply for Mel’s heirs? If it is, another child might mean less inheritance. But, if the trusts are set up as I suspect, there are multiple trusts individually assigned to each of Mel and Robyn’s children, and Robyn will likely fight to retain the trusts as-is within the divorce proceedings. So, basically, any children that Mel has beyond the seven kids he has with Robyn will be getting their inheritance from Mel’s half of the divorce settlement. Haha, sucker.

Here are Mel and Oksana at the “Wolveriene” premiere on April 28th. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. kiki says:

    the first thing a woman does when she gets together with a famous rich man is get knocked up. I can list so many names here. in the last week celebitchy has done stories about 2 of these women hint they were nearly 40 or over 40 when they got knocked up meaning they were’nt spring chicken that they dont know how to prevent pregnancy.

  2. Annie says:

    Being a staunch Catholic and well…Mel Gibson, I wouldn’t be surprised if she WAS pregnant.

    For some reason Catholics love the whole premarital, extramarital sex part (even though hi, the church is NOT ok with that) but oh no! Can’t use contraception, that’s against God’s will…

  3. photo jojo says:

    I am gonna file this under “Dear God, I Hope Not”.

  4. Marthita says:

    I admired & loved Mel Gibson since I was a kid – & he’s really gone downhill in the 2000’s. I mean, he’s really made himself into this disappointing person.

    How difficult is it to see, that his Russian, this plastic surgery addict (unless her face looks like that from burn-reconstruction) is a money hungry whore?

    What woman, with any self-respect, messes around with a still-married man with so many children?

    I think Mel’s kids should protect what is theirs. I hope his long-suffering wife receives over half of his fortune & all communal property.

    Such a waste.

  5. SuzyQ says:

    Why do I think that this Oksana lied to Mel about being on birth control?

  6. Wow says:

    LOL @ photo jojo. Good one!

    Why do these “girlfriends” of celebrity men pose at red carpet events with their nose in the air as if they are looking down on others? I never understood that since they are not the star. They are only known for sleeping with the star.

  7. yadira says:

    That is just foul

  8. Sheesh says:

    Wow…when he goes off the Catholic campus, he goes waaaay off.

  9. HEB says:

    I doubt she’s pregnant, that woman is an attention whore.

  10. Embee says:

    While I believe that this Oksana woman is motivated entirely by greed, let’s not forget whose $ it is. It is NOT the children’s — they didn’t earn it. Mel earned it, and he did it with the support of his wife; thus, the fortune is his and Robyn’s but it is certainly not the kids’.

    The reality is that if Mel wants to leave every damn penny of his half to his cash register of a girlfriend, he is free to do so.

    And if the trusts were set up as I suspect (for the benefit of the children) then those little dears get to share with their new sibling. Tough. You’re getting a hell of a head start on life even if you do have to split $1 billion in seven, as opposed to 6 pieces.

    Suck it up, kids.

  11. nanster says:

    Even if this supposed “love child” really exists and is born, any part of Mel’s half ($250mil) would still be one hell of a trust fund!

  12. kap says:

    Seems he and his wife have lived apart for a couple of years. Why would he want a divorce (or would she) now unless there is a child involved. It just makes sense.

  13. Kayleigh says:

    Embee: These kids didn’t choose to have a celebrity dad, they didn’t really have a choice not to leave him on the curb when he starting ranting about Jews and driving drunk or sleeping with (and maybe getting pregnant) another woman other than their mother. I think they deserve the money just as much as the wife. Why would you leave your kids dry after embarrassing them and dragging them along for the ride?

  14. gistine says:

    It figures. My wealthy pig ex is going to be a dad by the 22 year old whore he started screwing while we we separated (he is 37).I had 3 miscarriages while we were married and now this ignoble twat is going to have her baby. People like this make me sick.
    @ kiki you rock.

  15. Embee says:


    It’s certainly sad for the kids that their father is such a prick, but I don’t think that entitles them to a fat inheritance. The parent is obligated to support and educate the child to the best of the parent’s ability, but that’s where the obligation ends. The eldest children are 26–far beyond the age where it is appropriate to run to parents for $.

    I guess I don’t understand why you feel that his being a celebrity makes them more entitled to inheritance…do you feel they need to be compensated for their parent’s misbehavior? Does that apply to all offspring?

    Do parents in turn have a claim against the estate of a problem child? Why is a child owed anything other than care while they are a minor?

    I’m genuinely curious as to your viewpoint–not trying to pick a fight.

  16. daisy424 says:

    Well then Embee, he has a big decision to make, what is more important; being involved with his clearly disgruntled kid’s lives or his new love.

    Cutting his nose to spite his face?

    Having had my trust fund embezzled by an Uncle, I’m on the kids side.

  17. Embee says:


    That is terrible about your trust fund–I am so sorry.

    Are you saying that his child with Oksana is less deserving of inheritance than his other children? Is the child worth less because of the parents’ actions?

  18. Wow says:

    @ KAP – exactly.

    Mel & Robin had been seperated for three years already. Robyn picks NOW to file for a divorce. Mel picks NOW to bring out Oksana before the divorce is final. Something is up, and I don’t mean Oksana’s legs. I think he did all of this because maybe she is pregnant and they want to go public with their relationship now so there won’t be much of a “to do” once she starts showing.

    Who knows?

  19. K.L. says:

    Could it have killed that w***e to do something with her hair before she strolled that red carpet? Why is it that men always go for women who look rode hard and put away wet when they cheat?

  20. Patrice says:

    Probably. It would make sense as to why he had no quams about parading her around in front of the cameras so soon after his split was announced (Mel is notoriously PRIVATE. No one even knew about his three year seperation until recently!). If she is knocked up, he probably just figured that people might as well get used to her now cause she isn’t going anywhere any time soon. If she is, let’s just hope she lays off the plastic surgery over the next six months!!

  21. DeepBlueSea says:

    There is no Fool like an old Fool said the spider to the fly.

  22. Patrice says:

    “Even though the pregnancy was unplaned…” Give me a F*^%#*G break here. I looove it when people claim that. Look, if you are having UNPROTECTED SEX, even just one time, then you are most definetly PLANNING on getting pregnant. Whether you wanted that to be the result or not is a diffenet story, but Mel has 8 children already so I’m quite sure that he knows how babies are come about. How irresponsible.

  23. barneslr says:

    I don’t agree with what Gibson has done, but it is HIS money, not his children’s. He could very well will it all to charity and then none of the kids get a dime. HE is the one who earned it, not them, so regardless of his shameful behavior, they are out of line.

    OTOH, considering their mother is going to get half of his fortune, they probably don’t have much to worry about.

  24. barneslr says:

    Interesting mixed meatophors, Deep Blue Sea!

  25. annie says:

    that’s what I thought, that’s why he “debuted” her, she looks happy as a pig in mud to have all the attention, oh and I read she cheated on tim dalton with a married man when tim was in the usa

  26. barneslr says:

    Daisy, I’m sorry you went through that with your uncle. I sincerely hope he is thinking over the error of his ways in jail even as we type.

    However, this is a different situation. No one is embezzling their trust funds. Gibson is a jerk and I’ve lost all respect for him (sadly, since I used to really like him), but it is his money to distribute however he sees fit among friends, family and charities. No one is automatically entitled to a share of his fortune except for his soon-to-be ex-wife. The kids really should just be grateful for whatever he chooses to give them.

  27. stewie says:

    “Something is up, and I don’t mean Oksana’s legs.”

    post of the day, right there…

  28. mamasgirl says:

    It is really fucked up that Mel cheated with this little whore, and that he has embarrassed his family multiple times over the years, but that does NOT entitle the kids to the money, his wife yes….that’s a given.
    I cant stand it when people who’s parent(s) werent that great while growing up, think their parents and the world owes them for that. It is bullshit, I am one of the many people who didnt have a great childhood, but NO ONE owes me shit, what happened happened, and I cant change that, but I can grow from it. So anyone who says that those kids DESERVE the money needs to get a grip on reality….and Mel’s kids need to fuckin realize they cant live off mommy and daddy forever!!

  29. daisy424 says:

    Embee, no I am not saying the new child is less deserving.
    Any future child’s trust fund should come out of what’s left of his estate after his divorce.

    The kid’s funds have been set up for years, I assume, and they have no doubtedly been drawing off the interest for years.

    I wonder if Robyn will cite in her petition with the court, that Oksana contributed/main reason to the failure of the marriage(infidelity).

    Each state is different, I am not familiar with CA law. A simple DNA test of the child would be sufficient evidence.

    Unless Mel’s lawyers claim it was artificial insemination or pardon the pun, Immaculate Conception.

  30. annie says:

    oh ya, and tim was’nr sure if the baby was his either

  31. annie says:

    with that picture of her above, you’d think it was “HER” movie premiere and I guess in a way it was

  32. Kayleigh says:

    Embee: I just think that, I know they’re mostly adults but still, they have to endure the backlash of their parents decision because they are always in the public eye. This will forever impact their lives instead of being John Doe or w/e they are going to be “the washed up drunk actor’s son”. Also I’m pretty sure that Catholics frown upon this kind of situation. A baby out of wed lock used to endure ridicule because of the parents bad decision, so I do agree that this child will need a trust fund as well, just only $500 mil fraction instead of the $1 billion fraction. And considering that this woman seems money hungry, if she really is pregnant, slash that, if she is sleeping with this married man who still has a minor with his long term wife, she may go balls to the wall and take every penny she can. These trust funds were set up by both parents, it isn’t a will they are talking about, it’s a trust fund. Hell, he might leave his everything to this baby and all his kids get are a trust fund.

  33. OXA says:

    Accoding to the British press, she is a real keen opportunist and no fool so I think she is knocked up.

  34. daisy424 says:

    Barneslr, My trust fund was set up by my Great Grandfather when I was born.
    My Uncle, his son, was the executor of his will. Unknown to any of us, after my Great Grandfather’s death, my Uncle transferred all of our trust funds into a joint checking account with his sister, my Grandmother. Upon her death, he inherited all of the money by rights of survivor-ship/concurrent estate. Yes, we tried to sue him and failed.
    My Great Grandfather, although a very smart, self made multi-millionaire, trusted the wrong person, his son.

    Greed is disgusting. Imo, this woman is in it for the $$.

  35. Wow says:

    You can still get pregnant even when you use protection. Using protection limits the risk of becoming pregnant but in no way does it eliminate the chance of pregnancy.

  36. Wow says:

    “with that picture of her above, you’d think it was “HER” movie premiere and I guess in a way it was”

    Lol. You know what, Annie? If you glance at the poster that she is posing in front of, the dark haired actress does sort of look like her. Its not her, but it is interesting based on your comment.

  37. Petite says:

    In this day and age, nothing is sacred anymore. I used to admire Mel Gibson because he had always credited his wife for his recovery from alcoholism and for saving his marriage. She believed in his religious beliefs and kept away from the limelight while he was a sex symbol. I really liked the movies he was finally releasing where his sex symbol status was not thrown in our faces. It is sad that he has fallen so low and I doubt that this woman can even compare to the great abilities his wife had. It really is a true shame.

  38. daisy says:

    Why are you people calling oksana a whore. Call mel that. its his fault more then hers. He is the married one here.

  39. Ana says:

    Her hair is so stringy.

  40. CathyT says:

    Mel’s wife may have many virtues, but it’s her personality that has kept her out of the limelight over the years. She is a very quiet and private person who got angry with Mel if he even mentioned her name in interviews.

  41. You people are sad says:

    I don’t condone cheating. However, the amount of vitriol pouring from some of you is disgusting. Why so worked up over some billionaires’ problems? Why such language against this woman and her (alleged) unborn kid? The wife will get her share. As for the kids, it isn’t their money. The sense of entitlement to wealth is a disease amongst the lazy brats of rich people. Make your own way, kids. Work like the rest of us. As crazy as their dad is (alcoholic, hypocritical religious fanatic), HE is the one who earned the cash. NOT his kids, and NOT his wife. Oksana is a very attractive woman. She does not look like she has had too much plastic surgery. She has a typical Russian face. Nothing special by Russian standards, but cute enough. She isn’t a spring chicken, either. So, it isn’t like Mel has been robbing the cradle. I don’t think it is only money she is after with Mel, and he is hardly her first “star”. I’m sure he knows how to be charming. He managed to charm us for many years, didn’t he?

  42. You people are sad says:

    My comment was eaten by the filter. Why?

  43. orion70 says:

    i’m glad that a couple of you here are not my parents. I don’t mooch off of my mother and father, but i’m certainly hoping I wouldn’t ever get the “oh well, sucks to be you” (and I wouldn’t), from my parents should I ever be in a position to need help or money. And vice versa. It’s called family.

    Mel’s money is not ‘all his’. He was married and had/has a family. It is THE FAMILY’s money. Particularly if he had trust funds etc set up for his children. Just because a man divorces his first wife, doesn’t make the children null and void.

    Besides which, the man had kids, do you suppose while he was off earning “his” money and fame, that perhaps his other half was also working very hard at home? Again, this is family.

  44. mamasgirl says:

    orion70 there is a difference in what you are saying and what is going on….his kids, that are over 18 years of age, dont NEED this money….they feel they deserve it. Yes, the trust funds for the kids is the kid’s money, especially if they are all separate from eachother, but if it is just one trust fund for all the kids, then his kids need to grow up and realize that even though the baby is only a half brother/sister that baby has just as much “right” to that money as they do.

    daisy….you are right….my bad for calling her a whore, Mel is the whore, and she is just a gold-digger!!

    On another note, I think that his wife is definately entitled to over half the money and such from the divorce, especially if she is the one caring for the kids majority of the time!

  45. j. ferber says:

    Gistine, You are well rid of that pig. I’m sorry you had to endure that, but “living well is the best revenge” (Dorothy Parker). Let him go emotionally and let go of the bitterness, too. It’s a chain that will bind you to him. I don’t mean to be presumptuous in commenting on your life, but I feel for your situation. It can happen to any woman. I only wish you well.

  46. j. ferber says:

    Okay, Daisy: Mel is a whore.

  47. bab says:

    gistine: I am SO sorry. I gritted my teeth just reading that. My mother used to say “If women loved and respected each other…….men would not have anyone to cheat with, and children would be taken care of”.
    My parents died within a year of each other very deeply in love. I have yet to find a man that isn’t corrupted by Mel-style hypocrisy. My son has suffered from losing his father to an addiction to younger women. Mel, shame on you in a deep way. (and I’m not catholic). Seeing her on his arm to me is like watching him take out his trash.

  48. clare says:

    What on earth is Mel doing with Octomom?

  49. bab says:

    Embee….you said “That is terrible about your trust fund–I am so sorry.

    Are you saying that his child with Oksana is less deserving of inheritance than his other children? Is the child worth less because of the parents’ actions?”

    I will reply simply it is THAT mentality that makes middle class children get NO child support everytime a promiscuous male throws his sperm around. In Europe the first woman gets the money and her children as well, and if the man procreates again…….well HE’S in the poorhouse. A good lesson in controling oneself and future pregnancies you can’t afford. Not everyone has Mel’s fortune.

  50. Trashaddict says:

    I think some of the vitriol is coming from the idea that Mel has kind of put himself out there as a messenger for Catholicism. I don’t think what he’s doing right now would be high on the Pope’s “recommended” list! I have no axe to grind with any religion. Just don’t make claims on any faith unless you are actually going to live by it. Remember the marriage vows, Mel? “For better, for worse?”. It wasn’t, “until you have a midlife crisis”!

  51. annie says:

    i really don’t feel that Ed and Christian are money grabbing, I feel that they know her for what she is and they have no control over what mel does but I think what their feeling is I’ll be damned if you think you’re going to get one more penny, it’s princple(sp) not money,I would feel the same waylook at her history

  52. Ocean says:

    I hope she get real sick and get a miscarriage real fast.

    That will be one news that will be good among all the bad ones.

    I do not think he is glad about it and i am prety sure she hide it from Mel himself. and btw, he torshed it out to the family at the end of april, that means he came out with it after that the english tabloid The Sun, had first came out with that news, as a rumor from oksanas’ entourage/friends.. and Mel at that time didnt knew it.
    What i think is htat she jumped on the occasion and idea and pretended to be pregnant, when asked about it by Mel.
    Facts is she isnt, (unless he was dumb enough to jump her again, this time unprotected, after hearing the “good news”..)and he knows it now.
    From what i know he hates her like hell, and call her a slut all the time.
    He cant even tolerate to hear her name anymore.
    He says it makes him sick!
    Someone also farted that he was making arrangement with his churchs officials, to get married with her as soon as the divorce will be over in october.

    If thats true i hope they both burn in hell before that.

    It will only show that he isnt aware of what he wants nor of what he is doing.

    He was totaly baffled and flabergasted to hear about her past.. He get first acquinted with it when the newspapers and tabloids, came up with the garbages from her life. That had her fall from the piedestal real fast.
    Thats when he begin to call her sluty face. :/

    I think he is mixing everyhting ups now.
    so he marry her cause he is a good christian and feel he must? thats also what hapened when he married Robyn, she was pregnant too..
    but he forget that he got that other one pregy while married.
    If she is realy pregy he should ask her to have an abortion as he never wanted this to happen, and they are both adults, if he dont want to acknowledge fatherhood its his right. She cant force it down his throat.

    But I think this is an hoax, that he might haved beleived into when he told his family, but had no proves of it yet.

    And honestly, will he be showing her off while divorcing and annoncing it to the kids?
    I think she had a finger into this staging, cause if you see the video of the premiere of wolverine, MG dropped her hand real fast, as soon as they walk away form the part of the red carpet where photograpehrs are, and he walk fast in front of her, like runing away from her, and she tried to run after him. So there is something else going on we do not know about.
    Dont forget he is an actor.

    I frigin hope it was an hoax, started by The sun who got the most Hoaxy kind of gossips, and only echoed a week later by the national enquirer who isnt specialy clean either.

    Both said “A source said …”.- yeah.

    Its all wishy washy, nohting official.
    And i frigin dont think someone “close to the family” or as they put it ” a friend of the couple”was there when he told them. So it sounds like an hoax given by a fizzled kind of source, in the following days the sun mag made the first version of that hoax.

    Remember too thatit fall just when its cumcumber season on MG since a week, and that the national enquirer was just starting its new week, and they had to come wiht something about Mel Gibson to keep selling more.
    I dont know but it could be this.
    cause if the family got so closed friends that the parents tell them that kind of info, then i dont think it will be the kind of friends who will go to the national enquirer and repeat it to them to make a shilling or two..

    Just my two cents.


  53. Ocean says:

    Mel migth be oding horeship withher but she is the whore, csue a whore is one geting moeny fofr it, and its nto mel who get money for horing around, its her.
    She is not only a whore but a slut.
    She is also together with Edward, on the pic taken at Boston, in novemebr 2008.
    yeap! on the set of Edge of Darkness.
    She tried all she could til it biten!

    BTW, we could wonder whos of the Gibsons is the father. 😛

    and i bet it had daddy wondering.. and maybe taking over???

    What I can say is that he is very hatefull about her. And very very mad at her too and feeling like a fool. So something is not making any sense in here.

  54. samus aran says:

    i really hope she isn´t pregnant. mel would shuffle his own grave if this is true.
    a baby puts a chain on him so he would think he must stay with oksana.
    oksana is a woman who loves herself the most, only fame, money, plastic surgery and champagne in her mind. how could she be a good girlfriend to him? mel needs a woman who cares, who helps him in all his problems he has,e.g. his depressions.
    in the pics from the red carpet you see the difference between him and her. his smile wasn´t a real smile. he wasn´t happy and only played a role there. she was totally happy, but not because she is in love, no, because she was seen from the people, the cameras. in the video you could see, she really searched for the next camera or pap,always waving her hair around. she was more present than him.
    i think she begged him to go with him to the premiere, and he said yes allthough he didn´t really want it.
    what ever is yes or no, please wake up mel. take your feet in the hands and run as fast as you can away from her. she isn´t good for you. there are better women in the world, who really fit. woman who know what real love is, without loving money and fame. look out for them and you might become happy. if you don´t i could bet you will start drinking again in a couple of months and then there won´t be a wife to help and build you up again.
    i pray to god to give you a helping hand, the right thoughts and the strength to go the right way.

  55. j. ferber says:

    Samus, Mel had a woman like that. Her name is Robyn.

  56. santacruz says:

    Mel, there’s no fool like an old fool!

  57. NJMDPS says:


  58. annie says:

    samus, I was thinking the same thing, it was oksana’s idea to go to the premiere

  59. Patrice says:

    daisy424: I could not agree with your first comment more! Let’s hope for Robin’s sake that the divorce is a speedy one. CA state law dictates that she is entitled to half of the estate. If that number is really $500 million, then automatically 250 of it should go right into her bank account. New, illegitimate (if it’s true) child be damned. If Oksana gets bitter at some point and applies for a ridiculous amount of child support (which of course we all know she will)then that kid should only be eligible for money from what’s left in Mel’s estate. Robin and the children from his marriage should not be effected by his hypocitical, very bad judgement for even a second more than they already have. “Devout” Catholic my ass.

  60. Not Impresed says:

    Oksana sounds exactly like Angelina Jolie. It’s funny how Mel’s mistress is called out for adultery but Brad’s wasn’t.

  61. JUDY says:

    Good job Mel, one more kid for you to have and send to rehab because of your boozing and cheating and lying..Good for Robin for dumping his lying cheating ass and good for his sons to make sure that the trust funds are protected from the latest golddigger. Those kids have been thru hell because of Mel and deserve every penny they get.

  62. Rebecca says:

    She sounds a lot like Marla Maples. If Mel has any money left over from his divorce, he would be insane not to have her sign a pre-nup.

  63. luki says:

    I’m hoping the baby is not his

    but i agree any future trust fun should come out of what is left after the divorce, after all its his fault for cheating and dragging his family thru the mud

    but i really hope the baby is not his and then we can all laugh at whatt a silly old man he is being tricked by this gold digger

  64. pinkyrock says:

    I’m sure Mel will direct another blockbuster and recoup the cash. He is brilliant…

  65. Ocean says:

    she is not pregnant its an hoax, and he is not with her at the moment.

  66. samus aran says:

    ocean, how do you know that?

  67. Seaside says:

    Marthita: I totally agree. Mel has disappointed me too. I am so shocked at his erratic and immature behavior. Is there anyone faithful left in hollywood? This woman he’s with seems to be an Angelina Jolie wanna-be. Check out her lips. She seems way too confident too. He seems way too meek. It looks like she will be taking over everything. She probably is pregnant. I think Mel’s losing his mind and trying to start all over– pretending his former life never happenened. So sad :(.

  68. Ocean says:

    I am in contact with him and he told me so.

  69. Snoopchew says:

    Ocean: If you have contact with M, he might be worth saving. Please tell him how messed up his thinking is right now and he needs to get ahold of his sponsor from the AA group he had to attend from his DUI. If he had no sponsor he needs to get one quick. And not an enabler (one who will feel sorry for his situation and empathize)but one who will be tough with him and put him on the right road. No matter what his emotional “love life” situation is right now, this man is drowning. Someone throw him a lifeline!

  70. orion70 says:

    “Mel migth be oding horeship withher but she is the whore, csue a whore is one geting moeny fofr it, and its nto mel who get money for horing around, its her.”

    Just out of curiosity Ocean…is that how you correspond with Mel? If so, you know, he may not know what the hell it is you’re talking about.

    Then again, i’ve never oded horeship. What do I know.

  71. Ocean says:

    He know so himself!
    He said she is a bitch and a slut and say she is ugly and not his type at all. He also said that she is the kind of woman he hates.
    He call her “sluty face” on those picks, and cant even bare to hear her name!
    He is well aware that he jamed big time.
    And call himself a jerk and a fool.
    He says he is old and unattractive, and he feel like shit about it all.
    He is trying to forget about it.
    I told him about the rummor that she was pregnant when it appeared in “The Sun” some days before that wolverine premiere, and i think its her who started the rumor to make sure he dont go back to his wife, and he didnt check the truth of it medicaly but just beleived her and now he dont know what to beleive any more, but he isnt seeing her,.
    She try to come to his place tho.
    She made that story right after she knew he was having second thougths about the divorce and didnt want to be with her.
    So lets all hope its an hoax from her.

    And no he dont get help from some sponsor but from his family and trusted friend.
    And from God.
    Anyway rigth now he is like a pendulum.
    Too influencable and shifting all the time.
    He just wish he wasnt himself. :/

    He said ” Maybe when i will be tired of the smell and how bad its stinking, i will stop doing shit”..

    I just wish he could see clear and stop talking that way.

  72. annie says:

    robyn loved mel more than she loved herself, oksana loves herself more than she loves mel, men always fall in love with latter.

  73. Pufft says:

    Ocean: You lost me after your “I hope she has a miscarriage” comment. WTF?

    I mean, we can all agree that we’re not fans of Oksana (much), but to wish such terrible things on someone is sickening and plain nasty. Are you so miserable in your life that you would wish ‘death’ onto someone’s baby?

    PATHETIC post. I’m disappointed that CB at times blatantly refuses to show ‘clean’ comments (I’ve been a victim at least four times), but lets comments by the likes of Ocean slide. Priorities CB, Priorities!

  74. Gobnet says:

    Some very nasty comments.
    That a marriage fails after 28 years is no news, that it happens in Hollywood, less than no news… The Gibson’s were actually separated for two years and that after a decade of problems, in fact Mel’s marriage was speculated on from the early 80’s… and the Mad Max times…
    Oksana lived with Tim Dalton for over 10 years… proof enough that she’s no gold digger….. (look at his previous list of girlfriends, women friends, etc)
    He never even associated with less than intelligence, power and independance… never mind beauty…I cannot believe he speaks about his child, as he very seldom does without respect for the child’s mother or that if she was what she is being painted to be by the media,
    that he would ever let her have custody of his son.
    Oksana is an easy target and you have all fallen for it.
    Mel has put his big mouth in it occaisionally and it’s all been pulled together… idiot, right, but bad man?
    They are real people, let em go and be happy…
    My best wishes to them both, and Oksana… the only guy I could contemplate leaving Tim for would be Mel, nothing to do with money!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Ocean says:

    you are uterly wrong.

    She wasnt together with timoty dalton other than for the money. How do oyu explain how she left her previous husband for a guy she had jsut met, but who was richer, and moved with him a week after meeting him?
    and then was 2 years later about to marry that rich guy, when she then was introduced ot timothy dalton, and moved with him 4 days alter!
    and get herself pregnant 2 months later!
    She didnt get pregnat while married…
    her first marriage lasted 6 months, the seocnd lasted 2 years, and it take 2 years in England before you get your nationality. She married to get it, but had to wait 2 years before she could left the marriage but still keep the nationality…
    then she fast moved into more money.
    And she stayed with dalton only ot can get more money, and refused ot marry him because she wasnt satified witht he amftriage cotnract who said that there was nothing for her inc ase of divorce, but he was paying for all her expenses while married.
    here oyu ahve oyur reaosn why she stayed with him!
    she never work a day in her life all the time she has been in the west. Menaing form she was 20 til now, 39.

    in fact she could be 49, as papers are form before the berlin wall fall and anythign could be bought for money in russia, specialy faulse paprers.

    and pufft, there is no baby.
    there is a baby after 9 months are over.
    up to then thats a feotus and righ now thats even prefoetal.

    I think its an hoax and she isnt pregnant and she isnt even living with Mel Gibson as she is still at ehr home in LA, with body guards in front of her door.

    And Gobnet oyu are wrong, dalton always regreted his meeting wiht Oksana and even denied the child was his when she said she was rpegnat.
    Liek for Gibson, she iddnt told the guy she was pregnant, she went to th rpess first.
    Here too she told friends and the press like “the sun”.
    And what mother will go after a married guy with 7 children, into his trialer, when she has a 11 years old child?
    Where did she left the son while she was spreding legs in Boston?
    Outside waiting or alone home?

    rigth now she lives on money form Timothy dalton, and thats with that money that she took th eplane to Boston set each time.

    3 days after that oksana pochepa had said in russian television that she was pregnat came oksana grigorieva with the “news” that she was pregnant.. isnt it a bit too obvious that its not true?
    That fausle info come frm the sun, echoed a week later by the National Enquirer.Both wiht no source they could proved having.
    And where are the proves that the sons hired a lawyer?
    Its an hoax.
    There is no baby, there is no coming relationship between Mel gibson and that slut, in fact they are not even seeing each others since the weolverine premiere.

  76. CB Rawks says:


  77. Ocean says:

    I’m only kidding, I dont know Mel Gibson is, but all you f***ers failed for it, HAHAHAHAHAA.

  78. samus aran says:


    seems you´re not better than the “slut” though. ocean

  79. Ocean says:

    i dont know who is the bitch who took my user name and posted under it, but i can tell oyu that the bitch that posted abouve and call people here for f—– is not me!¨

    I know what i am tlaking about and whom ever posted that got a pretty hatefull feelings about me and what i know.
    Maybe its oksana grigorieva that psoted here.

    and samus ran i hope i will get an apologise for that thign oyu wrote.

    I hopwe that the person who make that website can track the IP adres of the person who wrote above using my name and figure out where it is comming from.

  80. Ocean says:

    but the interesting part is htat she posted this right after my post stating that they were no longer seeign each others.. and that there was no baby. Hmm sounds like she doesnt like others to know about it.

  81. Ocean says:

    .. and she dont even have the courage to use her own name.

    and what means “i dont know Mel Gibson is”??

    a direct translation from russian to english, maybe..?

    Whom ever is trying to discredite me, do not like the informations i am givign to oyu here. ANd that can only mean one things: they are true and this person has no interest in them being true and beign known..

    hmm sounds like somethng oksana will not like to be told..

  82. samus aran says:

    i apologize if it wasn´t you. sorry.
    how could i know it?

    it´s the big www where you always have to be careful what is true and what´s not. noone knows the other one here. things like that happen all the time.

  83. daisy424 says:

    “..and she didn’t have the courage to use their own name…..”

    Of course not.
    Sign up for a Gravatar, nobody can post under your name then.
    There a too many trolls on this site lately….

  84. Ocean says:

    hmm usualy people cant use a user name that is already in use.
    I suppose its not the case here.
    And oyu are rigth samus you couldnt know.
    I read it only late, after you had posted, then i realised it wasnt my post at all and that someone was trying to discredit me.
    The question is of course, who could have a vested interest in doing so?

  85. Pufft says:

    Oh Gawd Ocean, how old are you?

    Perhaps the ‘fake’ Ocean was trying to sound like you when he/she (I love how you naturally assumed it was a ‘she’) wrote “I dont know Mel Gibson is”.

    The lines:

    “i hope i will get an apologise for that thign oyu wrote”, and

    “Whom ever is trying to discredite me, do not like the informations i am givign to oyu here”

    DID come from you after all. I could go on, but this is too easy (a lot like running a marathon with a handicapped).

  86. samus aran says:

    big hug ocean

  87. Ocean says:

    Thanks samus! 😉 and it looks like that the faker is Pufft.

    To make a typing mistake is not the same at all as being unable ot construct a sentence gramaticaly correct, or as its the case here, to be unable to knwo the syntax of a sentence.
    But you wont know the difference since you are not educated enough ot even notice it.

    and prutf, you didnt answered the question- I have things to say, real info and i type fast. What did you contributed with up to now?

    Sarcasme and jealousy, maybe?

    if you want to go after me, thats call personal harrasement-
    and you looks to be the one who already stalked me at Mel Minders and on facebook, to name just 2.
    So go to see a doctor, and keep out of my way. You seriously got a problem.

    As for a marathon with handicaped, i think you are msiplaced to criticise people with a disability. Such things have been prohibited, since a long while, so i thougth. Much later than slavage was, tho, but anyway, long enough to be unacceptable.- If you follow what i mean…. Discrimination is ugly and is discrimination, no matter if its about skin color or mental or physical disabilities.
    But maybe you have nothing else in your life and brain to can argue for, than trying to call people for lesser than they are and use discriminatoric injonctions and comaparisons. Once upon a time, people talking like you, will call someone a “niger” to show them their inferiority to themselves, even the person wasnt black, they will also say ” you talk like a niger” or you write like a niger” meaning badly.
    Now we have a black american saying to someone they dont know but personaly dislike “you write like an handicapped”. and its supposed to be very “bahahahah” ?
    Tell, me, how does it feel now that the “joke” is on you?
    Sarcastic oui or no longer so funny?

    You know what they say about the guy in a glass house?

    You are obssesed, you have devdelopped a mental obsession and need treatemnt cause i have read what you wrote about what i say, on your own website and honestly, you should ask yourself what is wrong with oyu.
    The fact is that you did very very wrong, and you are uanble to stop and think “i am sorry i shoudlnt have done that to you”. Instead you keep on doing worse and worse all the time.

    And what you wrote on your website about what i say is exactly what you wrote here, under my own name.. like “i do not know Mel Gibson nor what i am talking about”.
    thats also what irritated you so much on mel minders, about me.. and you hurried to “friend me” on facebook to can get access into my friendlist there.

    you are sick, girl. And i mean it seriously.

    Also your reaction to what you did after being explained why it was wrong, was very sick.
    you cant tolerate being wrong, is that why?
    Its not my problem. its yours, and good luck at resolving it.
    In the mean time try to stop stalking me and obsessing about me.

    As for the news about Mel, he has been giving 1 million dollars a week to his wife Robyn, since august 2006, for her to zip it up, in front of the churchs’ officials, regarding their separation.

    Thats about 134 million dollars in all, that she received just to accept to dont say they were separated to a soul.

    Not so pooor that “poor Robyn” after all.
    Pretty smart.

    She was paid for her husband to cheat on her?
    or just to say nothing to the church officials?
    seems like unfaithfulness wastn included in the contract.
    So she asked for divorce cause her heart was broken or cause her greed went too far and she wanted 2 millions $ a week to shut up about the separation AND him cheating?

    ok they are both corrupt in the eyes of the church.
    The day the kids hear that one they are not going to believe it.
    Both parents are totaly not to be trusted and corrupt, in front of the church. Not very good for the credibility of their chruch since they are its director and foundator.
    This story is getting more and more incredible.
    And sad…


  88. Ocean says:

    Yes I am rigth.
    this pfft posted only twice here and both her posts were totaly unrelated to the article and the subject but were 100% personal attacks directed agaisnt me.-
    And she put an avatar after daisy had mentioned it.

    Girl, stop chassing me. I am not your “Movie Star” remember?

    The problem is that both name and avatar can be faked.

  89. annie says:

    why did’nt mel himself ask for a divorce since he’s the one with a girlfriend, or why did’nt robyn ask for one a year ago? oksana and mel have been together since at least 2007? would the seperation gone on indefinitly?now that oksana’s pregnant would mel have asked for a divorce himself?he did’nt even want to admit to robyn that she was pregnant.hmmmmmm

  90. Ocean says:

    He didnt knew she was pregnant and it looks like its an hoax.
    Beside Robyn was getting 1 million dollars a week for zipping it out about their separation, ione more reason to dont ask for dicvorce too soon.
    I htink she asked cause the cat was out th ebox when he invited her together with allhis kids in Guanacaste in mars. After that there wasnt much to hide in fornt of the kids and the press. She ask for a divorce to get even wiht him knowing he didnt want to, as he was too scared to lose half his money. And his reputation as well.
    And also because he never planed to be wiht someone else buther, as a life partner.

  91. samus aran says:

    when he never planned to be with someone else but robyn as a life partner, why had he cheated that much?
    makes no sense to me, except it was only because of the church.
    a person who cheats doesn´t love.

  92. annie says:

    will he marry oksana? and , if so will he cheat on her as well? I read oksana cheated with a married swedish rich business man when she was with tim and tim found out about it when he was in the US. that’s probably why tim said, when he heard about mel and oksana,”I’m glad to hear she still likes older men”

  93. annie says:

    so he cared more about his money and public image than oksana, she was to be a kept woman? for how long?

  94. Ocean says:

    By divorcing he was to lose half his fortune and he wasnt ready to od so yet. Plus in his own churxh doctrines, divorce means Excommunication, and he wasnt ready for that either.

    So he pain Robyn 1 million dollars a week, since august 2006, just to have her shut up about their separation.
    It wasnt difficult to hide it since they live in a place with several houses on the same acres.
    He still had sex wiht her tho.

    From august 2006 to april 2009, Robbyn received, on top of the usual money she was getting form him already, 130 million dollars, tax free, and wiht a contract that says that this amount of money cannot be deducted of themoney she will be entitled to receive in case of divorce!.
    He did so for her to shut up in fornt of the bishops of his church, while he was doign tlak with them, the whole time, as for how he could get a divorce without being excommunicated. Therefor all the money spend between 2007-2008 on that church and the construction of a new one.
    As a revenge act, in mars 2009, after the pictures on the beach were released, Robyn throw 50 million dollars in the church. The total cost of the building and of the houses around, was to be 10 millon dolalrs who had already been versed by Mel gibson.
    She added 50 million dollars form his own pocket as wife and director of that churhc.
    Oh, and she also craved to be put as director of his church , towards the end of 2007.
    This too was probably a part of the contract she had with him as a condition ofr her ot shut up, givign her more influence and power over his church.

    When she foudn out about him and Oksana, she ask for divorce on thanksgivign weekend.
    he refused and ask for a renewal of their marriage oath.
    And promised her he will never cheat on her again.
    By mid december he was buying a house in sherman Oaks LA, and the 29th of january he was moving Oksana in that house.

    The first week of mars he was with her in costa rica with his kids, and the pictures taken there at that time, the 4rth of mars, were first visible in the press the 15th of marts.

    A week later she put 50 million dollars in that church, and while the pres was goign mad on whom that person was, on the pic, she filed for divorce the 9th of april.
    He did so the 13th, and after that several oksana were pointed out as being the one, until one of them insinuated she was pregnant of Mel Gisbons, oksana pochepa, and 3 days later the sun said that they had spoted oksana grigorieva with what seems to be a baby thing on her stomach, it was about the 23 of april, and a week later she was walking on the premiere of Wolverine wiht Mel Gibson, based on that Hoax.
    A week after, the national enquirer renewed that same hoax.
    But for now, she is still living, in Sherman Oax, LA, miles and miles away from Mel Gibsons home.

    So yes he has interests in protecting his money and his church and his reputation, and looks like he failed on all levels. Also in protecting his family and his kids.

    No need to say that what Robyn did, at a time when he wasnt cheating, and for 2½ years, is call blackmailing.
    She ask for money to buy her silence.

    But she also cheated the church she was in and director of.
    Which isnt better.
    So at the end her too wasnt that innocent at all, and was an hypocrite as well.

    Knowing that, Oksana must have ask for money as well to shut up..

    and maybe this public and media exposure of her at this movie premiere was part of the deal she ask for.
    To be seen with him publicly, at an official event.

    If he beleives she is pregnant, he will want to marry her before the baby is out to avoid the baby to be illegitimate.
    Thats why he is in such a hurry.

    Money cant buy you love, and cant certainly buy you freedom!

    He is trapped in his own castle, and can only say he make his own nest.

    He went with oksana because after Thanksgiving last year, in nov 2008, and the renewal of their marriage oath, Robbyn decided to live in a separate home and to dont share her bed with her husband anymore or for a while.
    So he was wiht oksana for the sex part.
    But he will never marry a woman that go after money and has sex with a maried man as that girl does.
    He will marry her to protect HIS child if there is one, but thats it.

    Even now and after what happened he still remain a fervent christian, and will never accept as a wife what he consider to be a hore.

    I dont know if anyone noticed on the pictures above, but she got some kind of white stuff rapped off several times around her belly, with a knot in front, and it looks like something ment to give her a bigger belly than she has.
    She also has some of it on her tigths.
    It can be seen clearly without zooming on some pictures, while here you will have to zoom on it to can see it.

    It cannot be to have a flat tummy, and it cannot be to keep the belly up as pregnant women use, as its far too eearly.

    So its an hoax and she was trying to seems knocked up and baked in front of the cameras. Even nobody noticed she was so..

  95. annie says:

    I’m Catholic, and I attend Latin Mass on occasion, you DON”T get excommunicated for getting a divorce, and what white stuff? I don’t see any white stuff, she and Mel have been together for at least 2 yrs, I doubt he was having sex with Robyn and c’mon, a million dollars a week seems over the top, no Robyn is a private person and she keeps her private life private.I think you believe what you choose to believe ocean.

  96. Ocean says:

    hello! the news is on the newspaper.
    and no they dont have been together since 2 years but he met her first in septemebr 2008 on the set of edge of darkness in Boston, where she came to his trailer.

    everybody could see on the website of Boston the exact location of his trailer and how ot get there directly.

    He is not catholic, for your knowledge, but beleive in Vatican I
    In his churchs canons, divorce is stricly prohibited.
    Even after divorceyou cannot date any women as it will be the same as cheating.
    He try to annulate his marriage to can divorce and remarry without being excommunicated.

    As for the white stuff you will have to see on other pictures or zoom those who are here. Which you didnt do
    so before jumping on my throat do your research.

    Mel Gibson do not recognise the pope in Rome, and his father Hutton Gibson was celebrated as beign the pope, when Mel Gibson was a child, in Australia, and still is acknowledged as such.

    Mel builded his church in different american states to keep up that traditions and is the head of it as director and foundator, but his dad is the pope of that church.

    you think its a lot of money? not compare wiht what was at stake.

    Britney lawyers, appointed, and not by her, to control if she is able to take care of herslef and when, are paid, agaisnt her will and interest, 48.000 dollars a week EACH, and there is 3 of them!
    Her dad receive over 70.000 dollars a week to take care of her and have compleete control over her money and career.
    Also decided by court order and agaisnt her will, and its him who decide when he judge that she is able to take care of herself and do no longer need his services.. meaning NEVER! when the deal is so lucrative to all parts involved who have a say in this.

    1 million dollars a week is astronomically big, for us, but that explain how she was able to buy so many properties all the sudden, and why she seemed to shut up so much.

    The fact remain that they are separated for 3 years, and she didnt said a word about it to church officials, compeltely agaisnt the rules.
    and there was a reason for it.

    And yes he was having sex with Robyn as well!
    He was pissed off that she refused to have sex wiht him and thats when he became a bit too careless.

    Mel Gibson also had sex with his wife while having sex wiht the D-level porn star Diana Alouise for 4 months.
    And also while having sex with Leslie Hamel the whole 2006.

    He wasnt in touch wiht Oksana all that time and didnt knew her before end of august 2008, when she came for the first time to see him in his trailer.
    No she wasnt on Icon record, who was bought at the end of august 2008, and wasnt recruiting singers yet, and she never was on that record label.

    She was simply stalking him even getting a role as statist in the movie, to can be around him.

    Thats why Robyn refused the date of separation presented by Mel Gibson as being august 2006, because they had sex together until she put a stop to it in late november 2008.

    A separation means physical and geographical. if they live in the same house there is no separation.
    But if he had her to sign a paper, when making the financial deal, then he can object the date of separation for being the end of august 2006.

    If he remarry he will be excommunicated as it will be seen by the church as living in a constant sin, willingly.
    Only if he get his marriage with Robyn annulated, he can remarry without getting excommunicated.
    But in his church a divorce means excommunication as you cannot ahve sex wiht another woman unless you are married to her.
    And remarrying means excommunication.

    There is no divorce in the eyes of God. You are married by God and you are together for ever.
    Only unconsumated marriages or a major reason can give a reason for an annulement.
    He tried the fact that Robyn isnt from the same church and never left her beleives, and that she was pregnant before marriage occured, but it wasnt accepted.
    So recently he ask the Vatican, the pope, for an annulement of his marriage, since his own church will not grant him one, and his request was turned down by the Vatican.
    He then went to a St Louis church to try his luck there..

    The Vatican in Rome, grant several thousand marriage annulements a year, it is a very commun procedure, if you compare the number of annulement granted, and the canons of the church about it.

    Without an annulement Mel will be immediatly excommunicated by his church if he try to remarry.

  97. Codzilla says:

    Ocean: You ramble on like an illiterate lunatic.

  98. samus aran says:

    i don´t get the point…
    when he would get the annulement, only to marry the “slut” because of pregnancy….all his 7 children would be bastards after it. can´t believe he forget about this.
    and how do you know robyn and mel had sex after 2006? have you been there? sorry. still …..makes no sense to me.

  99. samus aran says:

    hm….slowly it starts to upset me


  100. samus aran says:

    and it is a catholic church ocean. ok they don´t accept the pope but it is catholic. i´ve been there a couple of times.

  101. samus aran says:

    if you stay in contact with him as you said, why do you tell us he had sex with her wife while… and other stuff?

    i couldn´t do that with people i know and like, especially in the www and i don´t think mel would like it if he knew from it.

    i really like mel and i think it´s terrible to speak about his personal life like this. sorry ocean

  102. annie says:

    ocean, look on mel gibson gurl 3, there is clearly a picture of oksana with mel in panama, she’s wearing sunglasses, you said so yourself in a earlier post that they were dating for a year and a half. Sorry, but Hutton can’t be pope, he’s married to his second wife, you have to be a bishop first, you could get a divorce even before vatican 2, and the proper way to do it then and now is to seek an annulemnt as well before you date,marry anyone else. Seems to me mel wanted his cake and eat it too.

  103. annie says:

    oh, and she does’nt keep in contact with mel, maybe in her fantasies, but not in reality

  104. annie says:

    getting an annulment does not make any children illegitament,look it up

  105. annie says:

    He WILL NOT be excommunicated for getting a divorce, even is he continues to live in sin with oksana, the one thing he can’t do is recieve Holy Communion, until he goes to confession and he must remain celibate until/unless he gets and annulment and remarries.Samus, I believe Mel’s faith is real, but he’s just a amn after all and has weaknesses like any of us,sex, I think is a big weakness for Mel. If oksana is pregnant,and I belive she is, I think Mel will try for annulment to do the right thing for his unborn child. And his ace in the hole working for him is that Robyn was 4 months pregnant when they got married, and he could argue that he did not enter into the sacrament of his own free will.

  106. annie says:

    The Pope does’nt deal(or the Vatican)with annulments, a local tribunal does, and you must get a civil divorce before they hear you’re case, the process typically takes 9-24months.And a legal seperation means they already divided their assets, which would explain how Robyn could buy real estate in her own name.

  107. Ocean says:

    annie what oyu say is right but are old news.
    He already seaked for the possibility of annulement and i already said that he tried to use th efact that she was already pregnant when they married as a reason.
    and no samus, the children willnot be bastards even if he gets an annulement of marriage, but it will be not good in other ways.
    like 28 years of marriage, he shoudl have think aboutit long ago.
    and anniwe i didn tsaid he get excommunicated to get a divorce but if he remarry.
    and as he wants to do so before the chirld is born so htat the kid isnt a bastard born out of marriage, it will mena excommunication unles he get an annulem,ent. i am well aware of how the divorce annulement procedure is and its still to the vatican that you send your requests.
    The Vatican is a city in Rome, so you know it. A state in the city of Rome.
    As for my contacts with m i will suggest for you to shutt up.
    you dont know what you are tlakiing about so shutt up!.

    as for me teling oyu those stuff, what aboutoyu huh?
    you htink that reading it in the papers is better maybe?
    Atleast i provide correct informations and not truncated one.

    as for the picture of her in december 2007, i kno wo it since i am the one who had it circulating.
    it was in Panama with governements officials, and members ot Icon productions Board.
    She is there following him but they were not together at that time.
    He was there together wiht his son Edward btw…
    And she also came back to Boston, in novmeber 2008, TOGETHER with his son Edward.
    Meaning she used his sons to can get to Mel Gibson.

    on the other hand, if you dont want to know and are so hatefull towards me, i can stop posting, this way you can wonder and found out what ever lies you can found in the tabloids instead.


  108. samus aran says:


    but why should mel marry oksana then if not because of the child? if the process takes 9 -24 month starting after a civil divorce…the baby would be born before marriage……
    i don´t believe the love between the both is that deep to marry.

    the whole story is weird…

  109. Ocean says:

    codzilla, when you dont know what rambling means, dont call others for illiterate. And when you cant even give one single argument for your accusation, dont call me a lunatic.

    I am not you, stop projecting.

  110. Ocean says:

    samus, they are not in love!
    Mel doesnt love her and thats why he keep away from her. she stil stay in LA and not wiht him in Malibu.

    he only want to marry her for the sake of the child.
    and yes it takes time, thats why he tried for an anulement long before the divorce, he had tried to found reasons he could use to get one, by asking his churchs bishops for years now.

    He dont want to marry her either.
    but maybe she made some pressure on him we dont know.
    he paid his wife to shut up on what seems to us like a minor thing, so God knows what oksasna might be holding on him to have him do what she likes.

    My guess is that he wants to get an annulement of his marriage to can confess his sins and get absolution, and also ot can feel free to remarry in the future with whomever he wants to, without having to fear an excommunication, or feelign impeded in anyway.

    There is no other source than the national enquirer about the pregnancy, with doubtfulls and unamed sources. So i dont think she is pregnant at all its all an hoax.

  111. annie says:

    so why bring her to the premiere?

  112. samus aran says:

    hm, would he ask for an annulement after a couple of years marriage with oksana?

    from one trap into the next…

  113. annie says:

    Again, the tribunal has to look at everything before they give an answer. Robyn has filed for divorce, annulment proceedings can’t take place until divorce is final. And ocean, not to be mean, but people might take you seriously if you at least tried to spell correctly.

  114. samus aran says:

    annie, i still believe she forced him to go with him to the premiere.
    he wasn´t in a good mood. you can see it in his eyes. he wasn´t comfortable with the situation there.
    he often uses backdoors. if he wanted to go to the premiere he could use it too. i still have the feeling she wanted to go with him to be seen on the red carpet.

  115. annie says:

    samus, I agree, she talked him into it, but he’s with her because he wants to be.Ditto to you’re previous statement, I was thinking the same thing.

  116. Ocean says:

    If you watch the video of this premiere, the video that show only Mel Gibson and Oksana, I think it can be seen on TMZ, but other site have it too.
    On it, you can see that Mel walk together with her only on the part of the red carpet where photographers where assembled.

    As soon as they are out of it, he let go of her hand, and walk in front of her, without a look at her, while she try to run after him.

    So yes, this public appearance was staged.
    And to answer your question as for why he did it, thats very simple, he might have beleived she was pregnant, after reading in The Sun, that she had told her friends that she was, and beleived her on her word. And thereofr announced it to his family, before they found out in the press. But later on he realised that he was lied to.
    She can easily have forced him in doing so, using emotional blackmail.

    You will notice that they dont have been seen together since, and that they do not live together.

    Of course with a divorce already pending on his noze the alst thing he needed was for this girl to get pregnant.

    But by chance she is not.

    The Enquirer echoed the sun a week later and is going to repeat itself the 18th of may, by teling th esame story and that Edward and Christian are hirering lawyers agaisnt their father and so on.
    Thats BS.
    Christian and Edward are with their father, living on the same houses compound in Malibu, and monday afternoon, Christian was stopped by the police for driving with unallowed dark glasses, and he call his dad, who was there a few minutes later to help his sons out.
    One can say that the positive effect of that appearance on an official event, put an end to all the speculations about the identity of Oksana.
    One can imagine that Oksana wasnt so happy of that Pochepa making stories that she was togethr with Mel Gibson, and maybe she get jealous and had suspicions. lol. It was all over the russian news, and she is russian, so she wanted to show off as being the right one.
    The same week before that premiere, pochepa had said on russian TV that she was pregnant with Mel Gibson, and 3 days later The Sun printed that “sources” said that they could se “a baby bump under her pink shirt” but without pictures which is totaly unheard from The Sun, if htey really had sucha scoop.
    Last year in april the same paper The Sun was saying that Britney Spear was pregnant with Mel Gibson, using pictures of her taken after her staying at Mel Gibsons ranch in Guanacaste.
    So they really dont need much to go banana.

    Oksana is not pregnant of Mel Gibson and everything else are speculations.

    And annie, about the typing, i am sorry but this isnt english class, and i am not paid to deliver.

  117. Pufft says:

    Ocean, take a step back and get over yourself. Has it even crossed your mind that I’m not the only person that thinks you’re mumbling? Well, apparently the person that pretended to be you thought the exact same thing. Believe what you will, but I’ve been on CB for sometime with my Puffft alias. And that avatar was created before Daisy’s comment (you can actually verify the times, if you so wish). Don’t flatter yourself, I wouldn’t give you any more time than you deserve by advertising your comments outside this forum. It starts and ends here.

    Before I sign off, I’d like to make it clear that there is a difference between making ‘typos’ and just being illiterate. You are the latter.

    Case in point:

    – You didn’t answre the question – TYPO
    – You didnt answered the question – illiteracy

    -So, go see a dotor – TYPO
    -So go to see a doctor – illiteracy

    Like I said, I can go on all day as you make it soo easy for me

  118. samus aran says:

    ocean you start repeating yourself.

    and in the video there, they walk and talk together after leaving the carpet. nothing important happened, or where you can see something goes wrong in their relationship.
    it´s the same with the “white stuff wrapped around her. there is nothing!

    i think you dream more than you really see.

  119. daisy424 says:

    LMAO, is Snowy back talking to herself??

  120. Ocean says:

    YOU didnt saw the whle video i did
    you areall full of shit i am not

    you pretend to coem here to learn soemthing but oyu refuse to see even the most obvious
    you rather focus on typing than on facts
    and wow you all post about me instead of posting about Mel gibson!
    maybe oyu should write an article about me.’

    you are gettign far too jealous

    and i never said to watch on picc here but to go found the many many pictures who exist of her appearance there and look as for th evideo you will have to found at tmz
    had people been polite i willhave given you the link same for th epic but since oyu are behavign like pure hysterical assholes i wont.

    and pufty you are that perosn and oyu are a braindead asshole.

  121. Ocean says:

    oh and congra with oyru melmides illuminations of faulse infos based on oyur desillusions.

    keep desilusioning


  122. samus aran says:

    you definitely need a doctor ocean

  123. annie says:


  124. Codzilla says:

    Ocean can’t possibly be for real. Someone that stupid would have a hard time remembering to breathe, let alone gain access to a computer.

  125. Pufft says:

    Riiiiiiiiight…. when all else fails, pull out the foul language card. At least this ‘brain-dead asshole’ can spell.

  126. zyck says:

    I am so disappointed !
    Mel was a great man, with a great family, and this young russian bitch has all destroyed ! Mel, just kick her ass and return to your real wife ! this russian is just a bitch !

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