Chris Brown arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after 10-hour standoff


Chris Brown had a pretty crazy Tuesday. It started when TMZ announced that Chris allegedly threatened a woman with a gun inside his home, which is what we discussed yesterday morning. The woman – now identified as Baylee Curran, a white, blonde beauty queen – called 911 on Chris and the police arrived on the scene, but didn’t enter his home. As the hours went on, everything just kept getting crazier and crazier. Chris wouldn’t leave his house. Baylee Curran ran to TMZ to tell her side of the story. Chris started posting videos online saying sh-t like “f—k the police” and “black lives matter” (BLM activists: “leave us out of it, please!”). SWAT arrived on the scene. Chris allegedly threw drugs and guns out of one of the windows. Chris’s lawyer arrived and tried to talk him down. Finally Chris was coaxed out of the house. The search warrant was executed. Brown was arrested.

Let’s start at the beginning, I guess. Baylee Curran’s side of the story is that she knows Chris and they’ve partied together before. She was with Chris and some friends, hanging out in the hot tub, got out of the hot tub and entered the home. That’s when she joined a group of people admiring a new piece of jewelry being displayed by one of Chris’s crew. And that’s when “the guy went nuts, and then Chris followed suit by demanding she ‘get the f*** out’ and pointed a gun at her.” Baylee says when she tried to leave, Chris and his people wouldn’t let her. They took her cell phone and tried to force her to sign a non-disclosure agreement. She refused to sign and then she left. That’s when she called the police. Of course, what TMZ giveth, TMZ taketh away – TMZ is already reporting that Curran has a shady history.

The police arrived and I guess Chris and his crew wouldn’t allow the cops to enter, so there was a “standoff” for hours, starting at 3 AM and going on throughout the afternoon. As the cops were waiting for the search warrant, Chris threw a duffel bag out of the window. Inside the bag? One gun, “other weapons” and drugs. Chris apparently shouted “come and get me” to the cops as he threw the bag out of the window. Here’s a compilation of some of what he was Instagramming too, including “f—k the police” and “black lives matter” – beware, the language is very NSFW:

More than eight hours into the standoff, Mark Geragos (Brown’s long-time attorney) arrived and entered the home. It took two hours for Geragos to convince Chris to leave the house. The search warrant was executed and Brown ended up under arrest for assault with a deadly weapon. He was processed and released after posting $250,000 bail. Brown maintains his innocence. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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  1. QueenEllisabet says:

    According to Chris…everything that happens is someone else’s fault…douche

    • BeBeA says:

      Yes he but there are so many moving parts to this story that I can’t keep up. Now tmz is saying the girl that called the cops is wanted in NY for questioning about her part in a theft. Then on top of that who in this day and age throws drugs and guns out of the window in a duffle bag and the cops don’t rush in your house but continue to wait then have a conversation with you and your lawyer before you are driven to to police station? I need a lawyer as a best friend in times like this lol.

      • Karen says:

        Sure she’s sketchy; she chose to hang out with Chris Brown more than once. But (1) theres no perfect victim, and (2) he’s not allowed weapons period, by law, after pleating guilty to assault (iirc).

        Even if she was up to trouble, that just means they were both in the wrong. It doesn’t overwrite his illegal activities.

      • Mia4S says:

        @Bebea to answer your points generally;

        – who cares if the girl is wanted for larceny? If her story is true, it’s true and she did not deserve to have a gun pointed at her head in any event!

        – who throws that stuff out the window? A once talented, now spoiled, enabled, brain-rotted-by-drugs fool; that’s who.

        – multiple weapons and multiple unknown people in the house? Suspect with a history of violence. Highly public incident? Media on site? The police handled this perfectly. No injuries, no violence, no problem.

      • BeBeA says:

        Ok,good point but I wasn’t saying that to say she had to be a perfect victim I brought it up because in her video she said and “I wasn’t trying to steal I was just looking at the jewelry”., her words not mine, and then the NY Info comes out. Like I said moving parts. And if he can’t have guns because he is already a felon then why didn’t the go in to get him when the stuff was thrown out of the window like I said the first time.? Just because I have questions doesn’t mean that I’m on his side or think that she did something wrong I’ve just got dang questions.

      • Naya says:

        I agree with Berea. This one isn’t as clear cut as previous CB shenanigans. She was interviewed by TMZ before they switched teams and she said that she had met him once years before while hanging with Biebs. She went to CBs house with a mutual friend. The girl she went with was kicked out while she was dipping her feet in the hot tub. Chris was inspecting jewellery, she came into the room and by her account tried to touch it. I suspect it was probably more than that. I think the problem here isn’t that she was evicted at gunpoint, it’s the fact that he shouldn’t be near guns because of his past conviction. That then makes the cops arriving as they did, very sketchy. They apparently swarmed the house because a white girl went to a black dudes house and was instructed to leave private premises at gunpoint? I need to hear more to decide about this section of the story but right now I can see why he was evoking BLM. As for the duffel bag, Chris is both an idiot and a drug user, so who knows.

        Also, I’m getting serious Dr Dre flashbacks here. Dre was cuffed in his own driveway because some white dude parked there and then called the cops claiming that Dre had threatened him with a gun. Once again, you are on someone s property and the homeowner is arrested for trying to get you out. Funny, I’ve never heard cops taking an interest when a white individual tries to rightfully remove a black person from his property. I’m just saying that mayhaps there was some profiling in both these incidents.

      • Mia4S says:

        Contrary to popular belief, the police don’t generally rush into a building when there is no imminent danger. It’s dangerous to them, bystanders, and yes, the suspect. They’d rather wait the suspect out. Less risk overall. Plus with dozens of cameras on them? Of course then didn’t go in and get him!

      • BeBeA says:

        @Mia4s yeah maybe I have seen too many action movies, but when he did come out they talked with him and his lawyers for a while and then someone drove him to jail it didn’t look like a cop car. Oh well , I have wasted enough of my life with this mess time to move on lol.

      • Kitten says:

        PREACH, girl. Spot-on with your comments. Why do people insist on giving this dude the benefit of the doubt when he has done absolutely NOTHING to deserve it?
        I’m upset that he invoked BLM when this dude is a shining example of society granting him chance after chance that the average black person wouldn’t get, all due to the privilege that comes with wealth and fame.

      • sherry says:

        I, too, find her side of the story suspicious. My daughter and I were having a conversation yesterday and I said, “I really thought he was getting his act together. He won 50/50 custody of his daughter. I thought he was growing up.”

        Then the story about her theft in NYC came out and now I’m questioning her side of what happened. She was just looking at the jewelry, she wasn’t planning on stealing it. Maybe she “tried it on” and then tried to leave with it, causing Brown and his crew to freak out.

        Did he point a gun at her head? I don’t know. I wasn’t there. I didn’t see it.

        Do I think Chris Brown is a saint? No way. But there are two sides to every story and her side is making me wonder.

        Geragos is a great attorney. If I’ve got questions before a trial even starts, I’m sure a jury will too.

        The problem for Chris in this entire scenario is that because of the guilty plea in the Rhianna case, he is now considered a felon. There should be no guns and/or drugs anywhere near him because of that. THAT is what is going to get him into trouble.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        If people look at her ONE previous incident with suspicion, shouldn’t that same logic be applied to Chris’s history? Not just Rhianna, but GMA, the Drake nightclub incident, the Frank Ocean beat down, assaulting a woman at a night club, the beating of a fan in D.C., getting kicked out of rehab….the list is so long!

      • Lindsay says:

        I totally agree Tiffany 🙂 especially when I found out the details of the crime the NYPD would like to speak with her about:

        “Not helping the validity of her story with Twitter is the fact that she has a warrant in New York City for allegedly stealing a $1,000 Louis Vuitton purse.

        According to TMZ, Curran had been vacationing in New York and was staying at the Plaza, when she snatched a friend’s purse during an argument. Security chased Curran and she dropped the purse, but made off with the purse’s contents, which included $200 in cash, as well as credit cards and a Michael Kors wallet.”

        Hardly a master jewel thief. Is it cool to steal your friends purse during a fight? Of course not. She did this once out of anger. She is not some crazy kleptomaniac who constantly steals for the thrill of it. The things Chris Brown has been caught doing out of anger are much worse then what happened during this fight.

    • Margo S. says:

      Heaven forbid he takes any responsibility for anything.

      • Lady D says:

        He sure fought to be responsible for his daughter. I don’t understand why the ex isn’t in court this morning restricting his access to their toddler.

    • Cran says:

      The only thing I can observe is Chris Brown is one SEVERELY disturbed individual. I believe his personal history of being abused as a child are a factor in that he has not received the necessary help he NEEDS. He also NEEDS to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for his actions. I believe these are complementary NOT mutually exclusive observations.

      He is SICK. He also needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE for his actions

  2. Bishg says:

    I am baffled to read that Bruno Mars defended this criminal on Twitter.
    I don’t need to know the real version of this story to be convinced that he’s just scum.
    His past actions provide enough evidence.

    • Bichon says:


    • detritus says:

      This is the most surprising thing I’ve heard about the entire situation.

      Did he teach Bruno to dance or something? I can’t imagine they run in the same social circles

      • Naya says:

        Well, Bruno did have that coke bust a few years ago. He is hardly snow white. Even setting that aside, I am never surprised when guys stand up for guys unless the guy in question has previously presented himself as super woke (which Bruno has not).

      • detritus says:

        I am a sucker for packaging apparently, because I knew none of that. I thought Bruno was fresh and pure like the driven snow, his hair is so shiny!
        And also maybe gay, even though my gaydar is barely better than a coin toss, and I didn’t think Chris was overly nice to the non-straight.

      • marley says:


        My gaydar rings loud on Bruno Mars.


        There’s no getting around that. And he is supporting, even praying for, that person. Sorry Bruno – officially not a fan.

    • msw says:

      Bruno Mars has a song about killing a girl who wronged him. I’m not surprised.

      • Bishg says:

        @msw @Naya
        I wasn’t aware of that. I naively thought that Bruno Mars was the Little Prince of R&B.

      • V4Real says:

        Are we condemning a singer over a song about getting revenge on the gold-digger who ran off with all his money.

        If that’s the case every action star who has ever killed someone in their movies are bad seeds.

        Bottom line it’s just a song like it’s just a movie. It’s all make believe and not reality.

      • marley says:


        Bruno Mars/Chris Brown fans really hitting the comments hard everywhere!

        Go buy your coffin.

      • V4Real says:

        @MARLEY Where did I even mention Chris Brown. Where am I defending him. I was only defending a make believe song. You’re showing your true colors and what kind of human being you are by telling a complete stranger on line who you don’t even know to go bury themselves, you’re telling me to go die. You are coming off like a cyberbully, the ones we are against on this site. Shame on you, you’re pathetic.

  3. Jasmine says:

    How stupid and/or high do u have to be to throw weapons and drugs out the window while police are there???

    And please Chris leave BLM out of this.

    • Lindsay says:

      Maybe he takes the say possession is 9/10ths of the law extremely seriously? It also helps that he has done way worse things than possess drugs, knives (I am assuming? Ninja throwing stars?) and one firearm without much in the way of consequences. I guess he isn’t even a convicted felon if they didn’t add a gun charge.

    • Luca76 says:

      Hello,,,Flush your drugs down the toilet fool.

      • Susie 1of 3 says:

        That’s what I assumed they were doing for those 10 hours. Flushing and reflushing every toilet in the house.

  4. Aussie girl says:

    What, what, what.?!?! This whole thing made no sense to me and after reading the story and seeing Chris’s ramblings, I’m still confused. The one thing I know is, dude it doesn’t look good to have a long stand off with the law and this isn’t going to help the custody agreement with his daughter. In which he seems to take responsibility of & enjoy. The drugs don’t work and it’s just BS to see him still doing this and not grown Or evolving as a person.

    • It is sad. People who get heavily involved with drugs or alcohol tend not to grow emotionally. They stunt at the age they started taking drugs to deal with life. We just don’t evolve if we are not facing reality. It’s a similar phenomenon that happens to celebrities that are surrounded by yes men. Never facing your life makes you emotionally stunted and childish.

    • Megan says:

      You can see the toll the drugs are taking. He looks a lot older than 27.

  5. Michael Kelly says:

    I think the drugs have ruined his mind. I remember when he first came on the scene at 16 I thought he would be the next Michael Jackson but he has turned into a huge turdburger. Maybe a little time in jail will wake him uo

    • V4Real says:

      Well it didn’t wake him up the first time he went to jail. Maybe if he served a longer sentence. I’m not jumping to conclusions yet because I don’t know the full details of what happen. But why put a gun in someone’s face to make them leave when his security could have just removed the woman even if she was refusing to exit.

  6. Flamingo says:

    All this right after Rihanna & Drake coming out as a couple. Karma is real!

  7. Tiny says:

    And can you believe this guy was granted with share custody of his daughter!!!!!

  8. detritus says:

    Well that escalated quickly.

    What do you think the odds on real punishment?

  9. Nicole says:

    Shocked I tell you. SHOCKED

  10. Louise177 says:

    I have no idea about police procedure so this situation doesn’t make sense to me. I feel like this was heavy handed. There was a lot of police for a not in progress crime and just a victim statement. Is it a standoff when you are not required to leave? There wasn’t a search or arrest warrant yet so I don’t get what Chris’ obligation is. I’m not defending Chris but don’t really understand the situation.

    • tanesha86 says:

      I agree, something is not adding up here

    • Lindsay says:

      You are required to leave if the police show up with an arrest warrant and search warrant. Someone swearing out a statement that he pulled a gun on her would be enough to arrest him. Between the erratic behavior, knowing he had multiple weapons, being awear of his prior record, and not knowing who else was in the house would have led the police to act with extreme caution. Cynically the fact the press was there monitoring had a lot to do with the restraint they showed.

      • FingerBinger says:

        Your press theory doesn’t make sense. It started at 3 am. The press didn’t show up for hours. They could have went in at 3:15 or 3:30. They were showing restraint before the press showed up.

      • Lindsay says:

        The press was only one small piece. They didn’t have the warrant so they could not force there way in. No one was in imminent danger waiting it out, hoping time would diffuse the situation was a smart play. Once they had the warrant in hand the press was there so all I am suggesting is maybe that is one reason they were a bit more patient and restrained. The high profile lawyer on the scene played a part too. I was never suggesting the press was the ONLY reason it played out like it did, just another factor in making sure they dotted their i’s, crossed their t’s, followed procedure, didn’t give into emotion when being provoked. If there is press and public interest a lot fewer “accidents” happen while detaining the suspect and more aggressive tactics are less likely to be employed.

    • swak says:

      They may have been staying there because they were waiting for the arrest warrent. There were several other people in the house (from what I have read – with a grain of salt – on TMZ) and they would not have been allowed to leave. Also read on TMZ that anyone in the house was searched – presumably so that they could not smuggle out the gun if there was one. Just my thoughts on it.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        They were definitely there waiting for the warrant to be issued. The news said so early on.

    • Taiss says:

      I really hate Chris but this story doesn’t make sense. I mean he puts a gun to your face, first you call is tmz, then the police? And she was already giving interviews even before Chris was arrested. She even changed her Instagram bio to “Chris attacked me” . Why would Chris throw the police a bag full of drugs?

      And the girl is wanted by police for theft. So Chris was right for not wanting her to touch his things.

      • Lindsay says:

        His neighbors called the police for them. A condition of entering the home was she had to surrender her cell phone. She waited with a friend at the gate and one of his associates came back with their phones and the NDA. She refused to sign and grabbed her phone out of the guy’s hand. When he chased after them, they hid under the neighbor’s SUV. The neighbor came out and called the cops.

        As for the rest fame seekers can be victims too. Just because you don’t agree with her actions afterwards doesn’t mean she made the whole thing up. Plus, she should make some money while she can. She is wanted in New York and is going to need her own defense attorney.

      • Naya says:


        Well, I agree she need not be the “perfect victim”. My problem is that I am having trouble understanding police actions. I’m genuinely puzzled and not just trying to defend a man we all know to be a twisted violent ass. First, if you evict somebody from your property at gun point, is that a crime? Because it fits perfectly in the protection of property bracket in my mind. I understand that he is prohibited from holding a gun but still, the cops wouldn’t have known that when they first responded. Unless she named him in the dispatch call and gave some background on who he is and they looked him up. Even so, it seems strange to deploy a swat team over a parole violation that is no longer ongoing and in which the alleged victim is reporting no injury. She can sell her story, that wouldn’t make her more or less of a victim if thats what she is. But by the same token, Chris can be a horrorrible person who has a history of violence and attacking women, and still be a police victim. He can even be guilty of holding the guns and drugs and still be a victim of “targeted” policing,

      • V4Real says:

        I hope she didn’t pull a Ryan Locthe on us.

      • Lindsay says:

        First, if you evict somebody from your property at gun point, is that a crime? Because it fits perfectly in the protection of property bracket in my mind. I understand that he is prohibited from holding a gun but still, the cops wouldn’t have known that when they first responded. Unless she named him in the dispatch call and gave some background on who he is and they looked him up.

        Yes, it is a crime. You can’t point a gun at someone as a first resort to get them to leave your house anywhere if they are there legally and you simply feel you no longer want them there.

        Second, the neighbors called the cops and it sounds like they have a history with him. They probably told them he was a felon. If not when the cars were dispatched to a situation involving a firearm they would look at your criminal history. To know what if any gun are registered to the occupants of the house and if they have a history of violent behavior so they would be awear of the situation they were walking into. Some people are flagged for reacting violently to police presence so they look into it for the officers’ safety. So they did know he was a felon in possession of a firearm. They know at the least, if the victim’s story is true it is at minimum constructive possession. That is another crime.

        “Because it fits perfectly in the protection of property bracket in my mind.”

        The state of California disagrees. In Texas he could use an affirmative defense (setting aside the felon part) under their version of ‘Castle Doctrine’ you can use deadly force to protect your property. He could argue under state law assault with a deadly weapon is legally permissible to protect his property. The hang up would be she wasn’t an intruder, it would take a lot of legal parsing to establish at what point under the laws she was illegally on his property.

        However, in California even if she broke in to use an affirmative defense against the charge of assault with a deadly weapon he would have to prove he reasonably believed she presented an imminent threat to his life or of great bodily harm or he was protecting another occupant from imminent danger of death or great bodily harm. If she was merely attempting to commit a property crime and not placing anyone in physical danger it does not justify assault with a deadly weapon.

        “Even so, it seems strange to deploy a swat team over a parole violation that is no longer ongoing and in which the alleged victim is reporting no injury.”

        It wasn’t a SWAT team initially. They wanted to speak with him about the incident. He declined and told them to come back with a warrant. Assault with a deadly weapon is a serious crime, coupled with erratic and threatening behavior, the police had a duty to investigate even if she escaped without injuries.

        This was not a parole violation. It is two additional felonies. Police going to his residence and staying there until the warrant came through is not unusual behavior. It keeps him from leaving or removing evidence. More police arrived as the media showed up for public safety and crowd control. Others were dispatched due to his behavior and refusal to cooperate once they had the warrant.

        He can even be guilty of holding the guns and drugs and still be a victim of “targeted” policing,

        Sure. However, that isn’t what happened they were investigating a crime committed by someone with a violent criminal history and they had reason to believe he was armed, taking drugs, and that there were other people in the house with him. They needed to be sure those people were safe as well. The police were patient, followed protocol, allowed his lawyer to go in and talk him in to surrendering instead of taking more drastic tactical action to remove him from the house. He has been charged, granted reasonable (in the sense he can pay it) bail, has had legal representation throughout the whole process, and will get a trial.

    • Lindsay says:

      I think “stand off” was used loosely and for dramatic effect. They wanted to talk to him and he exercised his Constitutional rights and told them to get a warrant. After they had the warrant his lawyer (poor guy) still had to talk him down and get him to comply. He wasn’t free to leave and they weren’t free to enter.

      • FingerBinger says:

        Brown’s lawyer is Mark Geragos. Geragos and poor guy shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      When he threw drugs and weapons out the window, wouldn’t that be probable cause making a search warrant unnecessary? I think they waited because they didn’t want a shoot out.

  11. Cora says:

    This is a Phil Spector situation just waiting to happen. It’s just a matter of time.
    Spector’s victim was trashed by the tabloids, too.

  12. Sixer says:

    Why did she have to sign an NDA? Jewellery-looking? Hot tub-hanging? These are secretive activities? Me no understand.

    He seems to be a danger to himself and others, quite apart from being a thoroughly objectionable human being.

    • detritus says:

      Probably drug use,or general no sex talk esp if he likes something that might mess up his image. Then again, It might be a general thing he makes people do. I think it’s par for the course for Charlie Sheen, anyone who goes to his house signs.

      • Megan says:

        If he goes to the effort to have guests sign an NDA, why not be more selective about who he lets in, especially if he has a ready supply of drugs and weapons. Regardless of what happened in this situation, celebrities need to be more careful because TMZ pays good money for dirt.

      • Lindsay says:

        You never know who is going to sell a story. The fact it is established procedure to have the guests surrender their electronic devices and hand them an NDA when the leave so they can get their phones and stuff back says a lot. He probably brings back girls from clubs or in this case a friend of a friend has a friend that’s a beauty queen. He obviously isn’t really vetting these girls. Why type of girl is going to want to go to Chris Brown’s house in the middle of the night?

        Also, this clearly has been working for him. He seems to mainly be in the press when law enforcement and the legal system gets involved so if your system has been working you might get a bit complacent thinking these NDAs are working and making you untouchable.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        No, a proper established procedure would be to get phones and NDAs signed BEFORE the guests enter the house. Not letting them leave and taking their property after the fact is not a wise move. That isn’t legal.

      • Lindsay says:

        Tiffany 🙂 – Yes that would be a better SOP, it just doesn’t sound like his. Just because people establish and follow a certain SOP doesn’t mean it is any good or the best way to get things done. I am sure you have worked somewhere or had a friend that worked somewhere and got frustrated because it was nonsensical or inefficient. Sometimes routines stick because habit or “that’s just how it’s done “. Fresh eyes may be more able to spot the flaws.

        There are quite a few reasons the whole NDA after pulling a gun on someone is pointless and idiotic. There are also a long list of reasons your method is better (guaranteeing it gets signed before they see or are a part of whatever the NDA is there to protect, they would probably be sober enough to be in a state of mind to legally give the consent needed to be a valid contract, using the threat of not getting their personal property back also adds an element of coercion that could nullify the contract…

        What I was saying was for whatever reason this seems to be THEIR SOP not that it was a good standing operating procedure. I don’t know why they decided to do it that way but I also don’t think it was out of the ordinary.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Yes, it could be their SOP, but it is also probably illegal. You can’t take people’s property as an enticement to sign a legal agreement. You can’t hold people on your property against their will in order to get them to sign. These are illegal actions. It kind of makes the whole NDA pointless, because it takes away the validity of the signature. (I understand that you aren’t advocating for their procedures, I am just commenting on how foolish it is).

    • Lindsay says:

      Well the gun thing, drugs, any romantic involvement, erratic behavior all are stories he would not want sold to the press, told to the police or testifying to in family court. You can’t used an NDA to cover up criminal activities but seeing as it was 3 am and they were having her sign it while she was clearly under duress makes me think these were not the actions of a brilliant legal scholar and more something he has lying around when girls come party at his house. An NDA after any romantic interludes or even hanging around his house would not be that strange for a celebrity that wants to keep a lid on his private life. Considering he doesn’t have a sterling reputation and is in a contentious custody battle I imagine this isn’t the first time he has asked a guest to sign one.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Honestly, that part was the only thing that made sense to me. Of course Chris Brown would be super paranoid, especially when you consider that drugs are involved. I assume an NDA is null and void when it comes to (possibly illegal) guns and drugs but I wouldn’t expect Brown to think about that. The rest of it … who knows. But the man does seem dangerous. Like the choleric type with frequent outbursts and a dash of paranoia.

    • Sixer says:

      Good lord. You can party with a known arsewipe with a history of violence but only if you sign this NDA first? Celebrities and their hangers-on never fail to live down to expectations, do they?


      • Lindsay says:

        And you have to surrender your cell phone and other electronic devices. You do however get the honor of hanging out with Chris Brown! Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…

      • detritus says:

        It should be a warning sign, yeah?
        An NDA is saying, ‘What you see here, I do not want other people to know about.’

        That makes me hella nervous.

        I don’t know what the legal ramifications are, say if someone does do something illegal, do NDAs mean you can’t talk about it?

      • Lindsay says:

        No, NDAs do not cover illegal activities for the most part. A NDA cannot stop you from contacting the police, testifying in court, impeding a criminal investigation. However, it does stop you from selling stories regarding criminal behavior to the press or disclosing them for personal gain to non law enforcement sources. It also isn’t protection from being indicted as a conspirator, perjury, not reporting a crime if legally required, not testifying when subpoenaed, ect. Illegal activity makes civil contracts legally unenforceable so no judge is going to force a hit an to return the money for not following through on the term of the contract.

        But a contract signed under duress (in this case having a gun pointed at you and the only way to get your personal property back) is also not legally binding. However, the people there at the time were probably not well versed on contract law. It seems like it is just standard operating procedure for them.

      • detritus says:

        That was my first thought too, that it couldn’t cover actual illegal activity.
        Thanks for clarifying Lindsay!

      • Sixer says:

        I’m just staggered, really. It’s like institutionalised wankery!

        Not criticising the girl, either. Just that this culture even exists and is able to suck people into it.

  13. Jayna says:

    I don’t think he was in the hot tub with them. I don’t think he really knows her. She came with somebody. She said she partied with Biebz and him two years before.

    This girl was accused of grand lacerny before and wanted in NYC for
    questioning. Maybe his friend
    thought she was trying to lift something. But why does he have a
    gun and pointing it at people? He’s a drugged-out mess.

    Chris will probably kill someone one day.

    • Lindsay says:

      Or drugs made them paranoid, or he just wanted her gone, who knows… She didn’t break into his home and try to steal things. They knew her name, had her cell phone, and it is highly unlikely that they run background checks on every beauty queen friend of a friend that comes over at night to party with at his house. Plus, there were about a dozen men that could have stopped her if she tried something. Pointing a gun at a guest in your home because you feel they are looking too closely at your friend’s jewelry is not okay or a proportional response.

      Also in California they do have the ‘Castle Doctrine’ however unlike Texas and other states with less restrictive gun laws lethal force or the threat of lethal force is only a defense If someone forces his or her way into your home, and you have a “reasonable fear of imminent peril of death or great bodily injury” simply protecting your property is not legal justification or a defense. So even if she was an intruder you can’t commit assault with a deadly weapon to protect your property.

      • Jayna says:

        He should not even have a gun on him hanging out at his own home pointing at people Just tell he girl to leave if he didn’t want her there. Plus, isn’t he a convicted felon? If so, he’s not allowed to legally own a gun?

      • Lindsay says:

        I read that he came out with twelve other guys so it could have been legally registered to one of them. He did plead guilty to felony assault so he is not legally allowed to possess a firearm.

        They wouldn’t even have to prove he had it on his person. Constructive possession means a felon cannot have a gun in his house or car, even if he is not present at either location. Whoever the gun is registered to is required to make sure it is locked up in a safe the felon does not have the key or code to and the safe is located in a part of the house the felon does not have regular access to. They also can’t see the felon handling or using the firearm.

  14. karen2 says:

    ….its pointless criticising Chris so Im going the other way…as a hugely talented artiste I just hope he survives to his 60s…last music video I saw him in he was ultra thin….

  15. B n A fn says:

    All I have to say is; , “Say No To Drugs”. Chris looked so high in that video. Such a shame to see such a talented young man ruin his life with drugs.

    • detritus says:

      I dunno, I’d say he ruined his life by being a shitbag with entitlement issues and too many yesmen. The drugs may have sped up the process, but they don’t make people BAD exactly.

  16. Squiggisbig says:

    As a POC when I heard about him throwing a duffel bag with guns in it out the window and refusing to come out my first thought was “he must have a death wish.”

    He is very lucky he is a celebrity.

    • Lindsay says:

      And that there was A LOT of press there and the police have been under a lot of heavy scrutiny lately.

    • Jwoolman says:

      Maybe the duffel bag story isn’t true? It seems so bizarre. Well, more bizarre than the rest.

      I’ve felt for a long time that if Chris doesn’t learn to manage his anger and impulses, he’s going to waste a good deal of his life in prison. Adding felonies to his first one will be bad news unless it can be reduced to misdemeanors. Maybe it can since the woman wasn’t injured. Lindsay Lohan has wiggled out of a few felonies this way herself.

  17. NGBoston says:

    Hope he gets thr help he needs and has witnessess to back up his side of thr story.

    Sounds like someone in his crew knew of the girls past with grand thef.

    And a 250,000 bail? Really LA? Brown needs to re-examine his homies and who they allow in and tighten that circle. I do feel he is being targeted.

    Remember, all civilians are afforded a cloak of innocence before going in to a Court Room. Innocent before proven guilty.

    I might have to stop reading here. So much hate and toxicity towards people we don’t even know.

    Not saying CB has not made some huge mistakes in the past.

    I’m team no one till more facts come out but something does not line up with the story, ITA.

    • Kitten says:

      Yeah you should probably stop reading right here if your feelings are getting hurt on behalf of Chris Brown. This thread probably won’t get any easier for you..

      • NGBoston says:

        @Kitten_ Uhhhhmmmmnnn, NO my feelings are not getting hurt. Last time I checked we all have a right to our own opinions. Grow up, Maybe?


      • Kitten says:

        Grow up? Eh ok.

        Keep fighting the good fight.
        I would say that I’m sure Brown appreciates it, but the guy has had how many chances at this point? Pretty clear that he doesn’t need your help.

      • NGBoston says:

        @Kitten. What is wrong with you today? I don’t care if Brown ever gets help and you are throwing insults at me as if I am a Groupie or talking as if I know the man personally. Come on! So you and thousands or maybe millions of other despise the Dude. I get that.

        I still feel because of his past- the LAPD is salivating at the chance to lock him up again. I’m really not trying to spend the rest of my day defending Brown- Innocent until proven guilty. If he did have any weapons, he is screwed on that and has no one to blame but himself.

        I’m done with this convo now. Just get off my back with the rude comments.


      • Kitten says:

        You don’t think you’re being a tad oversensitive? Look, you have the right to express your opinion but if you’re so worried about people disagreeing with you then maybe you should hold back? Because this is an open forum and when I see people defending celebs that don’t deserve it, I’m gonna say something about it, as is my right.

        There are tons and tons of people out there defending Chris Brown and the dude still has a lucrative career so I’m not sure why you’re wasting all your empathy on him but whevs, carry on I guess.

      • Kitten says:

        And just to add: when you have a criminal history, you get treated differently by the police. That’s not some conspiracy against Chris Brown, that’s applicable to everyone across the board.

    • detritus says:

      LOL. You sure picked a strange hill to die on.

      He may be ‘innocent’ of this current event, but he has been CONVICTED of other crimes.

      The language around his ‘standoff’ is a little incendiary, but this guy is a known violent criminal, and by all reports he held a gun to someone’s head. I don’t think anyone is jumping the gun here by calling him scum.

    • Lindsay says:

      Even if he has witness to back up “his side of the story” it would have to be dramatically different than what the girl reported to the police for him to not have committed a crime.

      “Sounds like someone in his crew knew of the girls past with grand theft.”

      Then they should have not invited the girl over. Also, a history of grand theft doesn’t mean you cannot look at expensive items ever again. If he was showing off his diamonds and she was looking at them that doesn’t mean she intended to steal them. Taking expensive jewelry off someone at a party where you are outnumbered and people know your identity is an amazingly stupid and reckless crime.

      Also, even if she was planning on stealing them in California that is not justification for assault with a deadly weapon. She was there legally and could not reasonably be considered an imminent threat of death or great bodily harm. In some states you can use a gun to protect your property, California is not one of those states. So even assuming the worst about the girl she was attempting to commit a property crime.

      Second of all he is a felon. He lost his right to own or use a firearm. Him having a gun on his person is a crime. No amount of victim blaming can justify that.

      “And a 250,000 bail? Really LA?”

      Are you saying that is too high? It is a serious charge, the bail amount has to be high enough that it is a deterrent from fleeing prosecution. He clearly had no trouble coming up with it and as long as he makes his court dates he will get his money back. I doubt he had to use a bail bondsman so he isn’t even out the customary 10%.

      “Brown needs to re-examine his homies and who they allow in and tighten that circle. I do feel he is being targeted.”

      I agree. The people around him are clearly bad influences. He should stay away from guns because he is a felon. He should not have drugs around because he is a father fighting for his daughter, he has already demonstrated he has anger issues and psychological instability illegal drugs do not help with that. He has also had numerous run in with law enforcement, he doesn’t need to add a drug bust to his wrap sheet.

      Who is targeting him? Rich and famous people, especially when they are young and didn’t grow up wealthy, are always vulnerable targets who people use and exploit. I hope he can figure out who his friends really are and understand that the people who stand up to him have his best interest at heart. The enablers will be there for the party, not the aftermath.

      If law enforcement actually had it out for him he would not keep getting special treatment and slaps on the wrists.

      I agree with Detritus, this is a very bizarre hill to die on. I feel bad for his daughter. He doesn’t deserve sympathy until he stops playing the victim, owns his share of responsibility, and genuinely tries to change.

      • NGBoston says:

        At Lindsay- I agree very much with your last paragraph.

        I commented on yesterday’s post before he got arrested. I would NEVER condone his history of DV in the past, and if in fact, as a prior convicted Felon he did have guns or drugs in his house, he is kinda screwed as this point.

        I will reiterate- I would rather wait until the facts come out than to immediately blame the man for a serious offense. If he is stupid enough to have truthfully pulled a gun on someone, then he does get what he deserves.

        He does himself no favors running his mouth, or allowing random females in to his home.

        My point only was- until he is tried in Court he is innocent until proven guilty as part of his Constitutional Rights.

        Sherry’s post upthread was also excellent. Not sure why I need to get so ripped apart but stating only a personal opinion, but I do appreciate your arguments and valid points astutely spelled out in a non-shaming or derrogatory manner. Thank you for that.

    • Lindsay says:

      NG Boston – Did you watch The Night Of? What did you think? They used the term in the finale and it isn’t really common vernacular.

      This isn’t really aimed at you in particular, it is just the overarching theme that is bothering me in people defending his presumption of innocence. Yes, in a court of law, everyone should be presumed innocent unless the state is able to meet its burden of beyond a reasonable doubt. No question, no exceptions. However this isn’t a court of law and the court of public opinion is rife with inconsistencies, hypocritical judgements, it is very messy and unjust.

      I don’t think his presumption of innocence trumps a victim’s right to be believed. In this case it is also odd because his presumption of innocence requires her to have a presumption of guilt. People are saying because she is wanted for questioning in New York regarding a grand larceny change that he was simply protecting his friend’s jewelry. Her case just like this one is still in the investigation phase and VERY different from taking diamonds off a relative stranger. In her case she had a fight with a friend she was vacationing with, got mad at her friend and so snatched her friend’s $2,000 Louis Vuitton bag out of her hand. Something she seems to have a bit of a knack for as she snatched her cell phone away before being forced to sign the NDA! I digress, a security guard saw what happened and made her give back her friend’s purse. At some point the friend realized her Michael Kors wallet with $200 in it was missing and blamed the friend. So she isn’t a master jewel thief or a kleptomaniac who steals for the “high”. She is simply a bad friend with a bad temper. So it seems unfair to suggest she brought this on herself.

      It is a bit like a man being charged with grand theft auto (and having a history of similar crimes) and the public turning on the victim because it could have been planned insurance fraud. Presumption of innocence only requires the state to prove the facts of the case, not the presumption that the victim is a liar. That is why people are found not guilty instead of innocent. The victim could be telling the truth about what happened and the suspect could be not guilty due to lack of evidence.

      If she is lying, that is a crime and she should face the consequences, just as he should if she is telling the truth. Keeping an open mind is admirable, calling the victim a thief and unrepentant liar (like some are doing) is not. We have to accept that in our imperfect system the victim can truly be a victim and the perpetrator can be found not guilty.

      Nate Parker was presumed innocent, found by a jury of his peers to be not guilty, but is facing the consequences of being found guilty in the court of public opinion.

      TL;DR: The presumption of innocence should not come at the expense of the victim being believed. It is unfair to wait for a court to judge him while digging through her past to judge and blame her.

  18. QueenB says:

    “white, blonde beauty queen” thats a very important point and shows again that complaints by white women are taken way more seriously. Brown should have been in jail for a long time. really sad it took so long but at least he didnt kill anyway.

    • toni says:

      Well, Nate Parker’s victim was a white girl, he raped her then stalked and harrassed her and got away with it. Now he is defended by Hollywood and black men.

  19. Scal says:

    I made the mistake of reading the comments on Twitter and tmz-and the sheer number of people shouting about how the ‘white b–tch setting him up’ and ‘this is why you don’t hang with white women’ was disgusting. Not all of them were Chris Brown stans either. Did they say the same thing when it was Rhianna to?

    He’s always been a violent drunk who does whatever he wants. I just don’t get how anyone could defend him on his terrible behavior.

    • toni says:

      Misogyny is stronger represented on the net than racism because men of all races join in to attack women, especially when it comes to topics like DV, rape, harrassment etc.

      • Luca76 says:

        I’m a black woman’s so I can say this. If you went to Lipstick Alley(mostly black women forum) you will see there was a lot of the same kind of disgusting comments about white women as if he’s a 5 year old that can’t be held responsible for any of his decisions.

    • Kitten says:

      I know..I saw it too. It just blows my mind that knowing what we know about this guy and his violent, drug-addled history that people are going out on a limb to defend him. Between this and the release of Brock Turner from jail on “good behavior” I just feel dead inside.

    • NGBoston says:

      NOT defending him. Let the man have his day in Court, in front of a Judge or a jury of his peers.

      Guess he got drug tested today, too. Hope he was clean (although the reports are that his probation ended 2015-if he has a med lisc. for cannabis and other presecribed drugs might be ok-if anything else in his system- they could nail him for “under influence”.

      And as many here have pointed out- doesn’t matter who you are —but especially if you are a female—maybe better think twice about going in to this man’s private property.

      That is all.

      • Lindsay says:

        You can’t be charged for possession of a drug for which the only evidence is a test showing it’s in your system. He was in his home so he wasn’t driving under the influence (which would be a crime) If he was drug tested it was probably due to his custody battle if his probation has ended. Like you I believe it has.

    • Erica_V says:

      I also love the comments about how she’s under suspicion for theft so she must be lying. The fact that Chris is a convicted felon is something to be ignored?

      Like… how does that even add up?

    • Ava says:

      “Did they say the same thing when it was Rhianna to?”

      Yeah…she must have provoked it/cheated/ gave him an STD etc etc.

  20. jeanpierre says:

    Now when I’ll be fed up with my job I’ll think about Poor Geragos, “CB’s long time attorney”.

    • B n A fn says:

      @jeanpierre: I would bet you a dollar Geragos is not feeling poor this morning. Yesterday I said to my daughter Geragos must have built a mansion on Chris’ business alone. Chris keeps him very happy living a high profile life, I bet he could drop all his other clients and just live on Chris money keeping for him out of jail.

      • Lindsay says:

        While it is true Chris is probably a profitable client going into that situation would be scary. He is a lawyer, he isn’t trained for this. Entering a home with weapons, a dozen yes men, an unstable client with a martyr complex and has spent 9 hours working himself into a frenzy that has been supplemented by lack of sleep, some cocktail of drugs, the people around him, and his fans on Twitter would be a stressful and fraught situation. He clearly isn’t the picture of mental health, has a history of violence against people close to him, is very entitled, and had his mind set on staying put something could have set him off. Between the rage issues and paranoia (using a weapon to get a girl out of his home, making guests surrender their cell phones and sign NDAs, believing that the police are out to get him) in the back of the lawyers mind the entire two hours he would have known something, seemingly innocuous could have set him off or made him believe his attorney was no longer on his side and out to get him as well. I guarantee you it was a stressful two hours and dollars to doughnuts he was regretting the day Chris Brown paid his retainer.

      • jeanpierre says:

        Oh I’m sure he is fully f*ckery-trained at This point. I’m actually surprised CB has a long time attorney because man. Only a few months ago he was accused of abduction and séquestration of a woman in south africa. Well there’s no point I even start on CB.
        No amount of mansions is worth it.

  21. jferber says:

    I have no idea how he’s legally able to maintain joint custody of his daughter. In a house full of drugs, guns and crazy, the little girl is at high risk of getting hurt or killed accidentally as collateral damage. A good, stable father he is not. He’s making that little girl a target of violence. Money buys everything.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      My guess is because he’s been diagnosed as bi-polar. It’s a different scenario.

      • Lindsay says:

        Bipolar is not a defense for any of that and it is a bit insulting you think bipolar people are so damaged the court is forced to ignore any laws they break or unsafe scenarios that they create. Being diagnosed with bipolar disorder is not a get out of jail free card. If anything they will watch him more carefully to make sure he stays medication compliant.

    • Samtha says:

      Did you see the judge denied the mother’s requests for supervised visitation and drug testing for Brown? And then ordered her to pay Brown back for attorney’s fees? That was just a day or two ago, IIRC.

    • Susie 1of 3 says:

      DNA rules with the friend of the court.

  22. Skins says:

    He is so desperate to be a gangster, so I say, let him be a gangster. Throw him in jail for 20 years or so and he can gangster out all he wants. Not like the music world would miss another lip-syncher anyway.

  23. Ariel says:

    What a waste of police time, man power and funds.
    Chris Brown is a ridiculous rage monster.

  24. Georgia says:

    Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about his bipolar diagnosis? Because it doesn’t fit into your story of who you want or need Chris brown to be? I don’t know his songs or ever had a CB album but I know people who are mentally ill and self medicate and abuse drugs and alcohol. That doesn’t mean I’m a team CB. He’s proven himself to be an asshole. But what could his life had been like if he had a conservatorship like Britney Spears? If he had people who cared about him and supported him instead of use and enable him?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Is that diagnosis a fact or rumor?

    • detritus says:

      That is the unfortunate problem with mental health. The ones that are ill are the ones who need to request and seek help.
      Mental health issues don’t cause violence though, nor do they cause general assholery. They can be a contributing factor, but they aren’t the sole reason.

      So two major reasons, one I don’t think his bipolar disorder is publicized if it is a medical diagnosis, and two bi-polar individuals are not violent and I would imagine would be upset by the idea that he is violent BECAUSE he is bi-polar.

      BritBrit wasn’t really violent, was she? and definitely did not brandish guns. And her dad had the education to know how to bilk every last dollar from her career.

      • jeanpierre says:

        My aunt is a diagnosed bipolar, I live near her. She never could maintain a job, her place is very very messy real quick, her money is monitored because her bank was lashing out at her at some point and she’s somewhat unreliable. So this is heavy. But she is the sweetest person and would NEVER hurt a fly even in manic phases. Actually in manic phases she showers people with gifts she totally can’t afford or shelters lot of homeless persons at the same time in unsafe conditions. I mean a bipolar person is NOT violent because of it, detritus is right it’s a very upsetting idea. This is simply not true and they are discriminated enough, there’s really no need adding sensational lies to the burden of mentally ill persons.

    • Kate says:

      Because it’s not particularly relevant. Being bi-polar may lower your inhibitions somewhat, but it does not make you a violent asshole. Much like alcohol, it just makes you a bit more likely to let your true self come out.

      The vast majority of people with bi-polar are only ever a danger to themselves and often not even that.

      TBH I doubt Brown is actually bipolar, his ‘highs’ aren’t really highs, just short violent outbursts. The videos and tweets after these incidents don’t depict someone going through a manic episode, just a narcissist dealing with criticism. His lows also aren’t typical of bi-polar.

    • Veronica says:

      Speaking as somebody with a mental disorder, it’s not an excuse to behave like am asshole. If he really can’t control it, that’s a shame, but then he needs to utilize the NUMEROUS resources at his disposal and get help for it. You can’t live your life harming others because off your problems.

  25. QQ says:

    There are levels to this sh!t (police presence escalation, the standards to which the scrutinize him, this *sshole having a gun, Ray J- The Original Outbreak monkey of all bad everything in Hiphop and R&B, him staying with his child and having a NUMBER of randos and drugs etc etc) But I don’t give a single f*ck today to cape for this loser, In Fact I will say it again since I act like Fist Brown and R.Kelly are non entities my life has improved, skin cleared and stuff ✌🏾️Duces Bro! get your Felony Charge

  26. Michelle says:

    How many chances does this a$$hat get? Throw him in jail for his violation of having guns in his possession. Just because he threw them out the window, doesn’t that still mean they are on his property? I bet RiRi is laughing her ass off at him right now. Karma is like rain; it doesn’t care who it falls on.

  27. Jenna says:


  28. Anna says:

    I live in Hamburg and still can’t believe that Snipes (the athletics company) has Chris Brown in their latest campaign. Seeing his smug face all around in ads makes me ill.

  29. honeybee blues says:

    NDAs and cellphone removal are SOPs at almost all private events with celebrated people in attendance. NDAs have been around since tabloids started becoming more invasive (post Watergate), and since technology has invented small phones with cameras, they have to go. It would be too easy to covertly photograph celebrities “relaxing” during private times and then sell, as we’ve it seen happen before to the careless. That is why the NDA and cellphone argument is moot. VERY common practice. If you went as a plus-one to Tom Hanks’ and Rita Wilson’s home for a private (no press) party, and they don’t know you, your phone and any other recording device will be politely removed from your person until said event’s conclusion. It’s normal. I’ve had to do it at a few events I coordinated.

    • Luca76 says:

      Well if he (or any of his entourage) had a brain they would have had her sign an NDA and taken her phone before she entered the house and before he pulled a gun on her that would have been normal. It doesn’t seem like any of this was done politely.

      • honeybee blues says:

        Yeah, that part is weird. I was mainly addressing those who think that the concept is weird. Yes, they should have been “checked in and signed” at arrival. Not very bright to try for a phone and signature after the fact. Amateurs!

  30. Josefina says:

    After all the things we have since Chris Brown do, I’m not willing to ever give him the benefit of the doubt. He showed no remorse over nearly beating Rihanna to death and after all these years he still sees himself as the victim of that situation. This story sound completely plausible. And even if the girl is lying, I can’t care less. Anything that could potentially put Chris Brown in jail is a good move. She may be somewhat maybe perhaps a little sketchy but Chris Brown has repeatedly proven himself to be an absolute piece of mysoginist shit.

    Has a respected psychiatrist given an interview on that bipolar diagnosis? Does he have a certificate from a clinic? Does he have solid proof of being treated for it? According to the internet there is not a single mentally sane people in the universe. Everytime a celebrity makes a mistake people go around saying there must be something wrong with them. Until I’m shown the receipts, I’m not buying it. Shower a violent and uneducated man with money and he’ll go crazy (not in the clinical sense).

    Violence against women is tragically so common, I don’t understand why people are so quick to doubt these stories and look for holes. I don’t see people doubting other crimes like that. “Hey, the image on the camera is blurry and it does’t really look like the guy was holding a gun against the cashier. The cashier also has a history of erratic behavior. Maybe he just put all of the money in the bag because he thought the assailant was an angel and he was buying his way to heaven? This doesn’t look like a store robbery to me and let’s all remember everyone has a cloak of innocence”.

  31. Spike says:

    Lindsay has a pretty accurate description of what played out, but let’s compare to the Dr. Dre situation.

    Dr. Dre endured a very bizarre situation when a jackass blocked his driveway. He refused to move when asked by Dre. Dre recorded a good deal of the incident where the individual attempts to incite him with racist comments. When that didn’t work, he left. The motorist then called police to report Dre for allegedly brandishing a handgun. He used the tactic of couching it as a citizen’s arrest. Ridiculous.

    Now here’s the difference, Dr. Dre handled a very difficult situation with a common sense approach. Yes, things could have escalated in certain situations. But Dre, as commented by the LA Police was cooperative. He went through the process and the police were given access to Dre’s recording. Due to the bizarre situation the police had to give him a citation. However it was quashed.

    in comparison, Brown refused to talk to them. The police then had to secure a warrant. More caution waz required due to Brown’s assault conviction and a new assault allegation in June.

    Brown used the event to famewhore/ grandstand. I believe he has/will have a recording drop soon. He ranted; tried to co-opt the Black Lives Matter movement in his “cause”. The witness might well have been full of sh*t but Brown escalated the situation to ridiculous proportions.

    Shame on him. There are so incidents ofblack people around the country experienced violence by law enforcement. He trivialized this whole issue, mocked their deaths by his actions.

  32. Craig says:

    I never knew TMZ had a toll free number for people to call in with tips…I just saw it advertised.

    And she gave them an interview even though she’s now a witness to an alleged felony.

    This is all a bit crazy.

    • Colette says:

      She has done multiple interviews including Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition.I am sure will do an interview with a British tabloid since they pay for interviews.

    • ashleii says:

      TMZ is a very well put together organization. They do not play with their money and exclusives. They could care less about celebrity privacy, decency ect…it’s a dog eat dog life out in LA.

  33. what's inside says:

    I hope Royalty’s Mom takes steps to protect the baby from the stupidity of Chris.

  34. Andrea says:

    Ever since Rhianna, I have boycotted Chris Brown, his music, etc. I can’t believe the community embraced him again. He deserves to be in prison. He is a violent abuser. Full stop.

    • Josefina says:

      This. He just makes me furious. Not only is he not in prison but he still has a lucrative musical career. He has advertisement deals. He appears in magazines and is given a platform to talk about how he’s the actual victim. He has rich friends like him who not only collaborate with him but actually speak on his defense.

      I’m sorry but it really pisses me off when people say all these stories are just the media trying to bring a black man down. Pick a better example. If anything, this is proof of how a man with money and connections can do absolutely anything without facing any repercussions.

      • Andrea says:

        I feel the exact same way about Mel Gibson and Johnny Depp. I boycott them and cannot believe either have a fanbase as well.

  35. Veronica says:

    “Black lives matter.” Yeah, dude, judging by those photos of Rihanna floating around, I can see just how much her black life mattered to you.

    • Deeana says:

      Targeted by police? Nah, no way. I think the police would be happy if they never hear from Chris Brown again. Unfortunately, that is not likely.

      Re: Bi-polar disorder
      This mental disorder affects different people in different ways. Plus nowadays there is Bipolar I and Bipolar II. So while having a friend or a relative who has this diagnosis gives insight into some of the behaviors associated with the disorder, thinking that all Bipolars exhibit the same behaviors is incorrect.

      Are there violent people suffering from Bipolar disorder? Of course there are. And there are plenty of non-violent people suffering from it too.

      Is it possible that Chris Brown actually has brain damage due to past drug use – or for other reasons? Of course it is possible.

      I agree that Brown is another Phil Spector waiting to happen. I sure hope he can be stopped.

  36. Scootypuffjr says:

    Regardless of the details of this incident, this dude is a walking dumpster fire. I’m surprised anyone even gives him the time of day after everything that he’s gotten away with.

  37. lucy says:

    So, a known violent drama queen owns guns?

    Go figure.

  38. Colette says:

    I think the truth is in the middle.She keeps changing her story.Her phone interview with TMZ is different than her second interview.Also I have a problem with someone who changes their IG bio to include the name of the man who allegedly threatened you with a gun.

  39. Rebecca says:

    The craziest thing about this story is there are reports that his daughter Royalty was in the house at the time the drugs and the gun pointing were going on. I hope that’s not true.

    I’m kind of said about this because I think Chris Brown had moments where he was trying to be a better person and a good father to his daughter.

    He needs different friends, rehab and more anger Managment therapy. If I remember right, I think he grew up seeing his mother getting beat. That takes some serious therapy to deal with. I hope he understands what he needs someday for his daughters sake.

  40. Tessa says:

    How long before this ijeets kills someone?

  41. HeyThere! says:

    It doesn’t matter what she did…he can’t have guns. Period. Glad he got caught up with one. He’s going to kill someone someday. I bet RiRi is like THANK GOD I’m not in that mess anymore!!!!

  42. Matahari says:

    I’m not seeing why her hair color matters. Disappointed.