In Touch: Kate Gosselin told Jon they could have an open marriage, she lied

In Touch has a new interview with official quotes from Jon Gosselin and quotes from a “source” (again Jon Gosselin) about what really went down when he separated from Kate and went on a babysitter/hostess/coed/ gossip columnist dating binge. As you know, it feels like 2009 all over again because Kate Gosselin somehow convinced People Magazine to give her a cover, or maybe People owes TLC a bunch of favors. In the accompanying interview Kate trashed Jon for allegedly cheating on her, which we saw play out in the press at the time, while Jon’s 15 year-old twins, Cara and in particular Mady, said that they didn’t want to see him and called him “toxic.” Jon defended himself somewhat mildly, telling ET that he was shocked and upset and that “I love my children very much. I’ve always been there for them and I always will be.” Now Jon is coming back a little harder, by spelling out the circumstances of the end of his relationship with Kate. He also calls her desperate for fame essentially. Those of us who have followed this story have heard this version of events before, but maybe Jon will convince some more people that Kate is not the benevolent type-A lady she tries to portray herself as:

Kate Gosselin did not hold back in a recent interview when asked about her ex Jon, strongly implying he has been an absentee father and that he wasn’t in it for the long haul — now a source who knows the former couple tells In Touch magazine the truth is that Kate was only willing to stay in the marriage for money and fame.

“Kate wanted fame and fortune at any cost,” the source exclusively tells In Touch, explaining that in 2009 — as Jon and Kate’s marriage was crumbling — their network, TLC, arranged a mediation in LA, where they made Jon a lucrative offer.

“TLC and Kate agreed that they needed to keep the marriage intact to make the show go on and offered Jon $2 million to sign a contract to stay married for two more years,” says the source.

Jon was told they could have an open marriage behind the scenes, the source tells In Touch. “Jon refused — he didn’t want to have a fake marriage for a TV show.”

“She was willing to do it back then to stay relevant, and she’s still doing it now. That interview is filled with lies.”

“I’m a regular dad trying to spend as much time with my kids as possible,” Jon exclusively tells In Touch, adding that he sees most of his kids every Tuesday plus every other weekend.

“I love all of my children and hope they all know I’m there for them unconditionally,” Jon says. “I’m a good dad.”

[From In Touch]

We know this is how the divorce happened because Jon told this to other tabloids at the time and because Kate so obviously dumped Jon to get with her married bodyguard and then blamed Jon for cheating on her. She played the victim, which honestly was easier to believe in that scenario because Jon seemed like such a douchebag in Ed Hardy shirts. It was one woman after the other, with so much drama, and Jon even bought himself a Nissan Z. He spent a ton of money, used to pal around with Michael Lohan and the paparazzi, went to Cannes with his girlfriend to hang out with Christian Audigier (RIP), made out with another girlfriend and acted like a diva at Sundance, and gave really obnoxious interviews talking about how famous he was. We see how that panned out. So while I do believe Jon’s version of events I also remember how poorly he behaved as well. That’s no reason for Kate to have alienated the majority of his kids against him though. She should have given him a chance to be a dad.




Photos are screenshots from Youtube, credit ET and TLC

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  1. JudyK says:

    I’m totally on Jon’s side and can forgive his lousy choices in women and other things after the way he was treated by Kate, because I can relate from the other point of view. Even though men came on to me during my 13 years of marriage, I was the perfect, loyal little wife, a great cook and mother, and kept a meticulous home. After my husband cheated on me and I filed for divorce, I went crazy, too, and made some less than stellar choices man wise. I’m certainly not proud of it now.

    Jon WAS a great father to those kids, and I’m sure he’s still a good dad, when the Queen grants him permission to see them. Kate will always be a liar.

  2. Konspiracytheory says:

    CB, I’d say your last paragraph sums it up perfectly. Jon made some really (really) bad choices back then. I’m not going to say they’re ‘understandable’, but given the lies being spewed at the time by a TLC-backed Kate, I can see how one might go off the rails for awhile – glad he pulled himself back together.

  3. Anastasia says:

    Why is she suddenly back in the tabloids?

    • Konspiracytheory says:

      TLC and People mag have been in bed together for years – I’d have to assume there’s a new season of Kate+8 coming up that needs promoting.

  4. aims says:

    I think they’re both crappy people. Jon’s a douche and Kate’s a nightmare . I have no horse in this race, but I will say Kate really seemed to brow beat Jon a lot in their marriage . So I mean, a person can only take so much. But he was chasing anything with a skirt. The real victims here are the kids. Unfortunately , they got the short straw when it came to parents . Also, as a child of divorce , if in ten years, you don’t want to have a relationship with your kids, keep taking trash but your former spouse . My dad said anything and everything about my mother growing up and we no longer speak. There are other reason for our broken relationship , but dragging my mom in the mud didn’t help him.

    • JudyK says:

      Jon did “chase everything in a skirt” after she started running off with her “bodyguard” (his wife is a fool) and after they decided to divorce.

      Sorry your dad put you through that. The kids are the ones who always pay for parents like that.

      • aims says:

        The reason I brought up the trash talk is because Kate is pushing her kids on the national stage, again and having them talk about their dad. I think that’s a horrible idea. Whatever feelings you have, that’s your business . You don’t go on people magazine and have the kids slam their dad. I think that’s so toxic.

        I do think Kate loves fame. It’s like oxygen to her
        . I also think she blames Jon for her downfall .

      • JudyK says:

        Agree w/ all you said aims.

  5. lizzie says:

    she should get a refund on those extensions…

  6. NGBoston says:

    Thr only reason JG has been an absenntee Father is bc Kate refuses visitations and mind-f8cks the older twins.

    Kate is the toxic one here, no sumpathy for her and the woman always looks miserable and grouchy from a personal choice she made when they decided to do fertiility drugs and take an already challenging life style and film a Reality Series.

    As others have pointed out, it certainly is not easy doing what she does buy she has had boatloads of help and monetary assistance and she wanted it this way.

    Dont see her ever finding a partner that can handle her NPD.

  7. yuck says:

    Yeah, he did spend a ton of money on himself after getting away from her. But he paid over $20,000 per month in child support for nearly two years after the divorce was final, and she walked away with the house and the “franchise,” such as it was. They both claim to have put a lot of their personal earnings (as distinct from the money they were forced by the state of PA to put into trusts for their kids—not a lot in the grand scheme of things), I guess we’ll see how that pans out when the kids are “of age” and go check their bank balances. Kate is legally able to use the kids’ earnings on their day-to-day support (including private-school tuition, upkeep on the house, mortgage, etc.), so the argument that she is “supporting” them, in the true sense of the word, with no help from Jon (who pays for them when they’re with him), is nonsense. Yes, she’s the one that’s “there,” but she travels without the kids (but with the trusty bodyguard, lol) as often as she likes and has had live-in nannies since they moved to their current residence.

    The Gosselins might have started out “real,” but TLC took over within the first two years and dictated terms from then on. And because Kate loved the money and the perks more than she did her family, they were able to sustain a juggernaut until 2009, when Kate’s true colors started to bleed through. Why TLC ever agreed to take her back after cancelling her show in 2011 will forever be a mystery. As will how she manages to con so many “fans” with the entirely false story that she’s raising 8 kids “all alone,” when there is a film crew and plenty of hired support around there at all times. The dissolution of this family is a fascinating story, and one for which TLC bears a large share of the blame.

  8. EG says:

    If your face is your fortune, then Kate is broke as hell. This woman’s mean and nasty nature just can’t help but shine through her many layers of plastic surgery and makeup. Jon may not be the most mature of dudes, but she is a viper through and through. Go away Kate!

  9. eggy weggs says:

    All of these “human as breeders” shows are so distasteful.

  10. Jwoolman says:

    I was looking at some older material and Jon has been saying for years that the kids were showing emotional and social problems he attributed to the filming. He had wanted to stop back before they were in school, just on privacy grounds at their age, and then wanted the two who were expelled from kindergarden to get intensive help which Kate blocked.

    The boy (who is now in a residential treatment program) has apparently been homeschooled ever since. Jon mentioned that he only knows who he gets to take home for a visit when they are waiting at the gate or getting off the school bus- but Collin is homeschooled, so he doesn’t get off a bus, he doesn’t show up at the gate, and his dad hasn’t seen him in almost two years. Kate didn’t tell Jon when Collin went off to the residential program. A year or so ago, one of the younger girls told her dad when she was with him that she didn’t want to go back to Kate for various reasons, one of which was that she didn’t want to do the show but her mom was making her do it. Jon actually tried to get custody of just that child but failed.

    It just seems so sad – their dad really did see the danger signs long ago, even while still technically married to Kate, and tried to get them all into a better situation. What had started out as a way to get some money and professional home movies of their kids’ early years was morphing into an emotionally hazardous situation for the kids as they grew up on camera. But for Kate, it was always the show must go on, and she prevailed with a lot of help from TLC.

    Another sad aspect is that Kate has often through the years made it clear that she doesn’t like the boys. Boys are messy, she doesn’t like the dirt or now how they “smell”. One of the boys as a four or five year old was in tears once because he got some dirt on him… It might have been Collin – he has always seemed to long for attention from his mom but she rejects him (and we have that on video). They really need their dad to show them that it’s ok to be a messy, smelly boy.

    • JudyK says:

      Nailed it. I’ve always felt sorry for Collin, and I suspect the root of his problems lies with Kate and not Autism, but I am not a doctor and don’t know that. I’ve just hated witnessing (years prior) how she treated Collin, which was very much the same way she treated Jon.

  11. Javagirl1 says:

    I literally just cringed when I read Michael Lohan’s name lol.

  12. Cinderella says:

    This is why I will never watch TLC. Any network that would continue to put the lives of vulnerable children on a reality show while the family implodes is just a garbage network. Both Kate and Jon are A-holes of the highest order.

  13. NoDiggity says:

    She is horrible.

  14. North of Boston says:

    Could the both of them just move to an island with no press coverage so the rest of us never have to see them again?

    And could they take Donald J Trump with them?

  15. Beer&Crumpets says:

    I banged almost every dude in town after I got divorced. I was 32, nailing wholly inappropriate guys who were also way too young. (They were all of legal age.) But if anyone had been filming it…..

    Aw, who am I kidding? I *wish* that shit was broadcast- it was awesome and SO MUCH FUN. I was like a pirate! Snatchin’ at booty all to be damned, drinking all the beer and answering to nobody. And yes, I had a kid at the time. Since I was legally required to share her with her dad, I ran amok while she was with him. I’d put my mom-hat back on when she came back to me. Jon seems the douchey sort but far be it from me to cast any stones. Kate, however… she sucks. I mean you can just tell. The only people I see defending her are sucks like she is, just on a smaller scale.