Angelina Jolie tell-all: boob jobs, miscarriages & plot to destroy Aniston

The full text of Star Magazine’s cover story is out, and it’s complete insanity. This is the story about the two tell-all memoirs coming out about Angelina Jolie, one from Princess Diana-biographer Andrew Morton, the other from Angelina’s ex-bodyguard Mickey Brett. Star actually sat down and talked to Morton, and then tried to figure out what kind of dirt he would be getting on Angelina’s past.

There are more details on the stuff we’ve already reported, like how a teenaged Angelina “seduced” her mother’s boyfriend. Star also brings up some of the old stuff about Angelina’s obsessions with blood and knives, and her stay in a mental institution in 2000. I didn’t really think there was anything new there, but Star spins it like the rumors just broke. There were two new rumors – new to me, at least. According to Star’s sources, Angelina had been pregnant “two or three times… She was careless and wasn’t ready to be a mom.” I’m not sure if they mean abortions or miscarriages. I seem to remember a rumor about a miscarriage when Angelina was with Billy Bob Thornton, but I always thought that if it had actually happened, Angelina would have said something about it. They also allege that Angelina has had repeated breast augmentation, putting in and taking out breast implants before and after Lara Croft filming:

Andrew Morton… is already researching every aspect of [Angelina’s] life, including her stint in an L.A. mental institution in 2000. Just hours after her release, she married Billy Bob Thornton.

“That period in Angelina’s life is still a mystery, even to people who are close to her,” Morton tells Star. “Was she committed, or was she a voluntary patient? I want to get at the truth and discover why she was there at all.”

In fact, insiders tell Star that Angie’s relationship with Billy Bob Thornton is rife with shocking details that Morton may expose.

“She was so obsessed with him that she threatened to kill herself if he didn’t marry her,” says a source. “Angelina was very dramatic, and because she carried knives and did drugs, he thought it was possible she could harm herself. He was so worried that he agreed to tie the knot.”

In her teens, the actress was captivated by vampires, a family insider reveals. “She was always asking her boyfriends if she could taste their blood. She even wanted to become a mortician.”

Morton flew from London to L.A. on May 3 with a team of researchers. “I want to separate the truth from all the fiction and all the hype that follows Angelina everywhere,” he tells Star. “I’d love to sit down with her, and I’ve made an approach asking her to cooperate on the book.”

In school, “people called [Angelina] Spider Lady and Freak because she was so thin and pale and she only wore black,” says another source. “She was the outcast. She was far from popular.”

But by the tine she hit sweet 16, Angie was blossoming into a gorgeous woman – and she quickly learned how to use her beauty to snag a much older, married man!

Morton may also reveal that Angelina “had a brief but steamy affair with a guy her mom knew,” the family insider tells Star. “Angie knew that he was attached – and 20 years older – but she still seduced him! She was a total sex kitten.”

Teen temptress Angie knew no limits and even went after her mother Marcheline’s boyfriend! “March and her guy had a huge fight, and Angie saw her chance to seduce him. She felt so guilty about it, she confessed to her mom. She promised she would never do something like that again,” says the insider.

As Angie grew older, her taste in sex partners expanded to include women. Actress Jenny Shimizu was just one of them. To this day, says the source, “Angie checks into hotel by herself, and Brad doesn’t ask questions. But it’s because she still likes to sleep with women.”

With his knack for digging, sources tell Star that Morton, 55, could reveal the truth about the babies Angie lost when she was younger.

“I’m told she was pregnant two or three times,” says the family insider. “She was careless and wasn’t ready to be a mom.”

The insider adds that Angie has always felt regret about those babies she didn’t have, which could be why the now pregnant mom of six is determined to have a huge family. And her great love for her rainbow brood is one of the main reasons Angie wants to keep her secrets in the closet.

[Angelina] especially doesn’t want her daughters to know about her multiple boob jobs, another insider adds.

“She had them enlarged just before Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, then she had them made smaller,” says the insider. “She hopes her girls never feel like they need breast augmentation.”

[From Star Magazine print edition, May 18 2009]

Personally, I don’t think Angelina’s had her boobs done. They seem to go up and down in size according to her weight and her pregnancies, and they’ve always looked natural to me. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Angelina did have miscarriages early in her life. She used to be a very self-destructive young woman, and it’s clear from her appearance a decade ago (and her own admissions) that she was on serious drugs in her early twenties.

The funniest part of the story for me was when Star got to the part about Angelina trying to “destroy” Jennifer Aniston. Angelina’s plotting started when she first met Jennifer in early 2004. Apparently, as soon as Angelina laid eyes on Aniston, Angie thought “I’m going to ruin her life.” Or something like that. Star makes it all about the conflict between the two women, obviously. Even now, when Angelina clearly possesses Brad like a toy she and Aniston were fighting over, Angelina continues to try to ruin Aniston. The line that still has me giggling is: “Angie grabs up all the great scripts she knows Jen wants… At this rate, Jen will never land an Oscar-worthy role.” Chuckle. That’s right, Aniston – er, I mean “anonymous source”. Angelina is the reason Aniston will never win an Oscar. Absolutely.

Another secret Angie is determined to keep out of print: her on-going scheme to destroy Brad’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. After years of denying it, Angie finally copped to falling in love with Brad on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, while he was still married to Jen. But that was Angie’s plan from the start, the source tells Star!

“Right before filming started, Jen introduced herself to Angelina at Warner Bros. Angelina’s appraisal was cool. She meant to take Brad from Jen – and he went more than willingly!”

The love scenes between Brad and Angie quickly turned into the real thing, says another insider. “One time, they made out after the director yelled cut, but forgot to turn off their mics. Everyone heard kissing noises and Angelina tell Brad she wanted him. When they realized everyone heard them, they ran to her trailer laughing!”

The tell-alls could also reveal that Angie didn’t stop at stealing Jen’s man: She’s also been blocking Jen from getting plum movie roles! “Angie grabs up all the great scripts she knows Jen wants,” says a source. “At this rate, Jen will never land an Oscar-worthy role.”

And Angie is about to ratchet up her vengeance on Jen, the source adds. “They both have big movies coming out: in July 2010 Angie’s film Salt opens, and later comes Jen’s film The Baster. Angie has already secured the covers of Vanity Fair and another major magazine because she knew Jen wanted to do them too.”

[From Star Magazine print edition, May 18 2009]

Aniston is having problems securing magazine covers? Perhaps that’s because after she gives an interview, she then complains that the magazine is “tabloid” for quoting her accurately. Ah, well. Looks like we’re going to have a few more years of uncool Bermuda triangle dramz.

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  1. PLEASE STOP says:

    Let me start by saying I’m a Jen fan and I don’t believe one bit of this garbage tabloid lies and I wish it could stop….please. Leave Angie alone.
    The triangle must stop.

  2. Madelyn Rose says:

    Where there is smoke there is fire. The same stories keep coming out about Angie, yet some refuse to believe anything negative….can you put down the kool aid? Perhaps maybe you have bene duped into a false impression of Ms. Jolie based on her PR machinations, which have been uncovered and reported on by the NY Times. This Brangelina PR has been the biggest fraud of this century!

  3. flourpot says:

    jeez, can you imagine being either one of these ladies? i’ve heard Angie say she doesn’t bother with a computer and i can understand why. sticks and stones, etc, but this kind of ongoing crap would enrage me. Get over it. I’m sure they did.

  4. Jen says:

    “Angie grabs up all the great scripts she knows Jen wants,” says a source. “At this rate, Jen will never land an Oscar-worthy role.”

    Right, because a) that’s totally how the business works – actors take scripts from other actors all the time! and b) Angelina and Jennifer are totally competing for the same films. I myself often wonder why Jennifer wasn’t cast in ‘Wanted’ as it was clearly meant for her.

    I would love to write for a tabloid. These people write absolute fiction about real people and still manage not to get sued most of the time. Amazing.

  5. kap says:

    They sat down with Morton and then made a bunch of stuff up under the guise that he might say this or that. He might say she was born with 3 eyes and had an operation to remove one. The worse IMO is the one about seducing the mothers boyfriend, can’t they let the dead rest in peace? Guess Jen’s inability to act isn’t the reason she doesn’t get plum movie roles, it’s all Angelinas fault! Happy mother’s day Angie!

  6. ferdis says:

    Next subject, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

    I will explain simple: Brad has a family with Angie, they have a Benetton family, they are rich, they look happy.I am OK with that.
    Jen is single, rich and maybe ( who knows..) f*king Bradley Cooper. I am ok and a little bit envy with that.

    Cant we deal with it and FORGET this triangle?

  7. iris says:

    Oh, Angie! You are such an inspiration!

    The U.N must be really proud of you!
    You are so compasionate and kind in front of the cameras!

    and you are such a role model to your kids! The girls will be home wreckers and bisexual like her mother and the boys will follow your steps in drugs and vampirism!

    You have lived all over the globe…next step “Sodoma and Gomorra”, that is where you belong!

    • Elle says:

      Girls… Stop disssing good looking women who possible might have chemisry with someone, no matter married or not. You seem to forget: the person in a committed relationship/marriage is the home wrecker…! Right? Yes. Think before you trash. Thank you women… Wake up!

  8. stewie says:

    neither one of these two women get “plum” movie roles.

    they get roles that are aligned with the type of person they are.

    aniston succeeds when she’s in a romcom, and Angie succeeds when she’s in an sexy action pic.

    neither would play the other type of role well…these stories are getting SO TIRED.

    to ferdis…CO-SIGN!

  9. bite me says:

    take a chill pill

  10. bite me says:

    doesn anyone notice that once a woman hook ups with brad pitt they become a tabloid magnet

  11. Wif says:

    I remember during interviews about Lara Croft that they stuffed her a fair bit in the boobs to make her more like the Lara Croft shape. So, they’re fake, but they aren’t implants.

    If she stole Pitt simply to destroy Aniston, she wouldn’t have gone on to let him adopt her kids and have more babies with them. She would have cast him off after her plot was complete. They’re relationship is real, poorly timed, but real.

  12. Michelle says:

    Doesn’t either Morton’s tell-all or Star’s writings count as slander? That’s a genuine question… it seems like they’re pulling it out their asses to be frank.

    I REALLY REALLY dislike calling any 16 year old who is sleeping with an older man (whether or not she initiated) a “sex kitten.” Really? Is this the message we want to give to the current crop of teens?

  13. star woman says:

    Michelle- what would you call a 16 year old that seduces an older man? It is what it is.
    Seems like most beautiful women like Angie are never satisfied with one man, but she seems to have settled down, maybe the stereotype is over.
    As for Jen, she’s beautiful and rich, I don’t think she has to worry about Angie.

  14. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Iris: is there something wrong with being bisexual?

    The answer to that would be a great big NO, my dear.

    As for this, I think Jolie was also behind the plot to assassinate Lincoln.


  15. Ronnie says:

    None of these stories are new, they have been floating around the internet and detailed in magazines before, including the story about Jolie sleeping with her mother’s boyfriend. Jolie’s cunning, her scheming, her ability to transform her personal life into the roles she plays, entering into sexual relationships with her co-stars. No surprises, no shock it’s all been out there. Now if anyone would clear up the pitbull incident well that would be a story.

  16. hotmilfchocolate says:

    holy shit!

    they’ve solved the riddle of the sphinx!

    mental institution = marriage to billy bob thorton

    i KNEW there was an explanation!

    i can finally sleep peacefully now.


  17. Chicamorena says:

    C’mon people, let’s not be reticent here. Let’s blame Angie for conniving with Mayer the Player to publicly dump and humiliate Aniston not once, but twice.

    And can we blame her for global warming and the recession while we’re at it?

  18. sarah says:

    This is too funny. I laughed out loud at Jolie plotting to take the good leads from Jen. And on another note, if she did have a “relationship” at 16 with an older married man, that would be statuatory rape where I’m from. She would be a victim, not a sex kitten. Frankly, I don’t believe any of this.

  19. ChristinaT says:

    i’d believe anything about jolie… i think she seems like an insatiable woman, taking to extreme everything she attempts… for instance, now she’s doing the whole humanitarian and lots of children thing and she’s taking it to an extreme… it’s usually a sign that someone has some inner turmoil and can’t keep still and be at peace with it… i think she went through her “crazy” phase and probably took that to an extreme too…

    she’s definitely an odd one though…

  20. cee says:

    Someone needs to come to Angies defense. This stuff is so hurtful to her and her family and her fans. I think Angie should just take her family and move somewhere that noone can find her.

  21. cara says:

    I did see an interview years ago where she said she had thought she had killed someone and that is why she was in the mental hospital. But there lies the question of how,when and why would she feel that she had killed someone.

  22. I Choose Me says:

    Told myself I wouldn’t click on this article, did anyway out of some weird compulsion and would now like someone to come and neuralize me so I can forget I ever read this shite. Why anyone would believe the manufactured tripe printed about any of these people by the tabs at this point,(Jen included) is beyond me.

    @Ronnie. Repeat a rumour often enough and people start to think it’s true. Doesn’t mean it is. Take for instance the rumour that Robert Pattison doesn’t shower. “He looks like he smells” and “his hair looks unwashed” in the comment section of blogs was quickly followed by articles from an insider or source aka Bullshit Bob talking about how bad he smells. It’s a tried and true formula, the blogs and tabs (Celebitchy being one of the few exceptions) feed into readers’perceptions and popular opinion, telling them what they want to hear so they can chortle at the screen and congratulate themselves on how right they were. The more negative the story the better. It’s supposed to be harmless celebrity gossip, not really meant to be taken seriously, we don’t actually know any of these celebs and pseudo celebs after all, but some people do take it seriously and personally as evidenced by some of the vitriol that I’ve had the misfortunate of reading. Sorry for the long post, just getting it off my chest.

  23. ChristinaT says:

    it’s hard to be famous, you really just can’t trust ANYONE… and that must suck. but, this is not a new phenomenon, people go into the business knowing this… so i’ll bet they have ways to deal with the challenge… just like we all have ways to deal with the challenges in our lives that are unique to our situation…

  24. Kait says:

    I thought after the Tomb Raider movies Angie and the director were doing an interview and someone asked about the difference in Lara Croft’s breasts versus Angie’s. The director immediately jumped in with “It’s amazing what computers can do!” and they both laughed.

    I know the haters are going to scream about how she’s lying but seriously, this is so ridiculous! The Brange aren’t even out promoting anything right now! They have established a pattern of one films while the other is home with the kids, they seem to be minding their own business and going about their lives, but the ridiculous stuff keeps coming up again and again. So what if they have secrets or Angie hates Jen. If people were digging in to my personal life they’d find a TON of gossip fodder.

  25. whatever says:

    This CRAP goes too far! Her mother just died a few years ago. How disrespectful and hurtful for Star magazine to say these things. If this stuff isn’t true, I say Angelina should sue them for every penny. I would. It makes me ashamed to even read it, I just don’t want to continue the cycle of this hate-filled crap. It’s bordering on inhuman, if you ask me.

  26. cherryblossom says:

    Okay, the boob job thing has got to be bull. I mean, most of the world has seen her boobs (several times) and there’s no scaring there like you would expect with repeated breast augmentations.
    Anniston and Jole are never up for the same roles because they’re two completely different actresses. Anniston is the stupid comedic girl with the annoying voice, and Jolie is the “beautiful” creature that shoots things in action flicks. Simple as that.
    I’m getting impossibly sick of both of these women and am starting to wish their motheres had never had children. It’s been years since this bloody thing occured and yet the world is still obsessed. Why? What is the appeal of these women and their “drama”?
    And on a side note…could you imagine how embarassing it would be to have this sort of shit play out about you in the tabloids every week? Sheesh…no wonder they don’t go online.

    And, as I clearly missed something- Jolie is only “pregnant” according to the tabloids, correct?

  27. ChristinaT says:

    Kait, you’re on a gossip site about celebrities and wondering why there’s… SURPRISE… gossip about a celebrity…

    what is it about this couple that makes people seem so self rigtheous and, suddently, morally upright… who cares… she’s just another celebtity… :/

  28. karen says:

    Christina, there is gossip–silly “who is she dating” stuff, and then there’s stuff like this, which is cold. I prefer the former, not the latter. Star magazine is just gross.

  29. Anna P says:

    Jen won’t be up for an Oscar type role until she stops channeling “Rachel” in the parts she does get.

  30. barneslr says:

    “Where there is smoke there is fire”

    Actually, no. Repeating the same lie over and over again does not magically make it true.

    I don’t know if any of this stuff is true or not, nor do I really care. But when it comes to the gossip rags, the “Where there is smoke there is fire” adage does not hold up.

  31. Ana says:

    I watched an interview where she claimed she had to stuff her bra to get the same cup size as Lara Croft. Her boobs always seem to have a natural sag to them. They don’t stick out unless she’s wearing a push up bra.

  32. PJ says:

    Kaiser, Angelina absolutely has breast implants! Her body is very thin with virtually no fat on it at all, and her breasts are C-cup or bigger, and this configuration doesn’t happen in nature.

    A doctor friend explained this to me: Breast tissue is mostly fat tissue. If you are very thin like Angelina and don’t have any body fat to speak of, you cannot have large breasts because in order to get those large breasts, your body would have to store ALL of its fat in that one specific area.

    But the body doesn’t store fat that way. A body with no fat on it would naturally have fairly flat breasts and look more like Kate Hudson or Kristin Scott Thomas.

    Likewise, if you were fat, you’d store fat all over your body, including the breasts. This is why you never see a flat-chested fat woman! Likewise, you’ll never see an extremely thin woman with a C-cup unless it’s an implant.

    I think we have become quite accustomed to seeing very thin women with large breasts, and have become accustomed to this as a body shape, so it looks natural to us.

  33. Scout says:

    Angelina…she of the permanent bitchface

  34. eml says:

    natural sag? you mean she has real boobs. that’s what they do when they are large and real.

  35. MeowBea says:

    1)She doesn’t have a boob job.
    2) Has anyone notice this photo is her wax figure in Madame Tussauds?
    3) Isn’t the Jen & Brangelina feud B*llsh*t- It’s done stick a fork in it!!
    4)Brad”Arm”Pitt is an idiot.
    5) The last think I am sure Angelina thinks of is Jenn. Brad doesn’t even think of Jenn.

  36. kate says:

    I repeat : ENOUGH IT’S ENOUGH NOW !

  37. revel87 says:

    pj. wrong! and so is that doctor. i’m 5’6 115lbs and wear a natural 34c. i carry about 12% body fat and am very athletic. the breast just developed. believe me, big breasts can happen on any body type as fat is distributed differently on every person. so don’t go making assumptions based on some supposed expert’s opinion.

  38. anon says:

    regarding the breast implants…I gotta agree with revel87 here…

    when I lost about 25 lbs, and went down 2-3 pants sizes, my boobs didn’t shrink AT ALL. It all depends on where you carry your fat, and where you’re carrying your EXTRA fat.

    however, it’s clear she has had facial surgery…nose and cheek implants.

  39. SA says:


    You’re wrong…I have 3 friends..all sisters, all skinny with DD cup size. all naturale…I envy them.

  40. ChristinaT says:

    i think pj is referring to freaky thin like jolie, not normal thin like most people… we’ve all seen normal people with big breasts so please don’t state the obvious… we’re not retarded *eyeroll*

  41. KateNonymous says:

    It’s no secret that she wore a padded bra for the Lara Croft movies. Her bra size seems to vary with her weight, which is natural.

    And while it’s true that the combination of slim hips and large bust is rare, it’s also worth noting that “average” people don’t become movie stars. Genetic freaks do.

  42. Ned says:

    When she was with Billy Bob Thornton she adopted Maddox, so if she went through an abortion- it’s goes with what she said.

    Angelina talked a lot about not wanting to have biological children.

    Some people said it was because she is obsessed with being thin and has body image issues, which explains why she hid everytime she gave birth once she became heavier and several months after she gave birth (first in Namibia and then in France and the USA).

    It is also known that A Mighty Heart was meant to go for Aniston.

    I guess when you need to make sure a guy will leave your wife- you need to get pregnant to seal the deal, and then to make sure he won’t run away like her previous 2 husbands, she needed as many children as weight that she can play to make him stay.

  43. barneslr says:

    “her breasts are C-cup or bigger, and this configuration doesn’t happen in nature.

    A doctor friend explained this to me: Breast tissue is mostly fat tissue. If you are very thin like Angelina and don’t have any body fat to speak of, you cannot have large breasts because in order to get those large breasts, your body would have to store ALL of its fat in that one specific area.”

    I hope that’s not your doctor telling you that, since s/he is quite wrong.

    1. Breast tissue is only about 25% fat, not “mostly” fat.

    2. It is quite possible for smaller women to have naturally large breasts. Is it particularly common? No. But it is quite possible. My best friend, who has DEFINITELY NOT had any sort of plastic surgery, has a small frame, is about 5’3″ and weighs around 130 pounds (I’m guessing at her weight, but to be clear, she is definitely NOT fat by any stretch of the imagination). She also has DDD breasts. She lost some weight not long ago and was terribly disappointed that her breasts didn’t shrink at all, as they cause her terrible back and neck pain and she cannot afford a reduction at this time, though she desperately wants one.

    I have to wonder if your doctor friend is a podiatrist, because if that is the kind of stuff that s/he is telling you, then that person needs to go back to medical school and get a refresher course.

  44. sissoucat says:

    To destroy even further the myth of big breasts on big women : when I was pregnant, I ended up being 45-50 pounds heavier and only one size up : C instead of my usual B. Extra fat I had. Just not there.

  45. Raven says:

    No one has mentioned that AJ was heavier in the Laura Croft films. Look at them, she is bigger all over. Further, she did all her own stunts for those films and implants would have made that much harder. If anything, I believe the story about computer generated breasts, but I’m not even sure I believe that.

    And, Ned, Mariane Pearl selected AJ to play her in this film. She could have requested someone else. Jennifer Aniston definitely could not have played this role well.

  46. cleveland says:

    This stuff isn’t gossip, it’s character assassination of the worst kind. I hope she sues their asses off. I’m not even a fan, but the stuff about stealing her dead mother’s boyfriend is just heartless and cold-blooded.

  47. kelly says:


  48. Jodie says:

    I think STAR magazine is SHI*. Her mother is dead and is not here to deny this ugly story. How desperate are they to sell a few magazines. Her breast usually get big after giving birth. She wasn’t hiding after birth, she and her family like most people were enjoying the babies that came. She herself said that her body in Lara Croft 1 was not a real representation of her real body. She does not have implants. Her breast after her children have seemed average to best. It is just an attack on her for no reason. I think mostly because she does not give a damn and will not waste time denying that which she does not need to deny. As she herself has said in interview. The people who want to believe the lies will and in a few months the truth comes out. Some of the critics need to do some research. Go and look at some of the stories printed about she and Brad. Come back and tell us how many of the original stories were true.. MY guess.. not many.

    But again some people will swallow any crap that is served up to them. Never using a bit of common sense.

  49. Ned says:

    “And, Ned, Mariane Pearl selected AJ to play her in this film. She could have requested someone else. Jennifer Aniston definitely could not have played this role well. ”

    Mariane Pearl sold the rights of her book to Plan B when Brad and Jen owned it together, when it was intended to be Jen’s film.

    She sold those rights long before Angelina had anything to do with that movie, at a time when Angelina had one movie disaster after the other (Alexander, Sky Caption etc.) and her career was about to be over.

    The last actress on Peals’ mind was Angelina.

    I don’t know if Aniston would have played that role well, but Anglina turned this role into a ridiculous parody with the worst accent and overacting in films’ history.

    I can’t think of a wost female performance in the history of film and I can’t think of a wost accent work of male or female in the history of filmmaking.

    Mariane Pearl and that important story, deserved better.

  50. sarcra says:

    “Perhaps that’s because after she gives an interview, she then complains that the magazine is “tabloid” for quoting her accurately.”

    It WAS a tabloid move by Vogue to put that quote on their cover. It’s something US Magazine, Star, NE would do. Vogue should have been better than that. They did it to sell copies. I totally agree with that assertion.

    And I very much doubt JA is “having trouble securing magazine covers.” The article doesn’t even say that, just that supposedly AJ got some covers for the same time period that JA wanted them. Which I doubt is accurate. Because this is a Star article. And I don’t know why anyone even discusses these rags and their shaky stories.

  51. Amy says:

    I have never heard something so stupid as to say that since these rumors are repeated, they must be true. To follow this logic Brad and Angelina should have broken up years ago, he should have gone back to Jennifer a long time ago, and Jennifer was supposed to adopt Shiloh. Rumors get recycled because people keep believing it everytime. Based on the excerpts, these are going to be boring books. At least 99% of this has been reported, even by Angelina, and it’s who cares “facts”. Does anybody care if Angelina used to have implants?

  52. DiMi says:

    On what planet do Angelina’s breasts look real. She has had implants, and she had a nose job. (Look at her totally different nose in Gia) She’s still gorgeous, but she has had work done.

  53. Ana says:

    “natural sag? you mean she has real boobs. that’s what they do when they are large and real.”
    Yes that’s what I meant (if you’re referring to my post.) They don’t stick out like bolt ons (Tila Tequila anyone?)
    And yes, there are people that are skinny with big boobs. I know someone who weighs about 100 pounds and has a c almost d cup. Another girl I went to school with who probably weighed about 200 pounds only had an A cup.
    Myself, I barely have any breast tissue. When I was pregnant my breasts hradly grew and I gained 34 pounds. I’m beginning to think there is something seriously wrong with me.

  54. Chicamorena says:

    Ned: grow up.

    You can’t chain a man to a marriage he doesn’t want to stay in with one child or a dozen. If he want to leave, he will leave. A bajillion abandoned mothers have found that out the hard way.

  55. TT says:

    seems to me there’s got to be some truth in this. and knowing how mixed up Angelina Jolie was when she was young — she used to cut herself — i mean that’s extreme — i can so see her being obsessive over someone in the business she was in — that being Jennifer Aniston.

    i can see that. let’s face it — she kissed her brother in such a way — as if he could have been her lover — on national tv. she doesn’t think the way most people think. that much we know for sure.

  56. Rox says:

    PJ, I also have to disagree with what you said. There are actually LOTS of big women with VERY SMALL BREASTS!And, on the opposite hand, thin ones with BIG NATURAL breasts. I am one of the last mentioned. Natural large C, and I weigh 135 pounds, at 5’8″.
    Now, about this all Star magazine BS article, I think that Angie should definitely sue them, for false allegations and moral prejudice.

  57. Natasha says:

    I am not a particular fan of either Angelina or Jennifer… but my sympathies lean a bit more towards Jen…

    Anyway, this is just further fodder for the celebrity obsessed hordes of people who buy the mags (I dont buy them)… there is probably more sympathy for JA because she is alone, cant find a decent man (after Brad) and has been bagged by that player John Mayer recently (again)…

    AJ on the other hand has the guy, the kids and I would say the better looks (her face)…

    I guess people find it hard to imagine that someone should have it all, especially when some of it came at the expense of another’s unhappiness…. and while Brad is not blame-free in this, people seem to forget that and just concentrate on the two women… that is the oddest thing to me! He chose to leave Jennifer… but then again he is a guy and some of them get blown away by looks/body and a promise of things he (obviously) wasnt getting at home…

    About the boobs – in some photos Angelina’s look really fake (although extremely well done) but in others, it’s really hard to tell because they are covered too much to tell… Unless you’re her surgeon who did it (and cant say it was done), then you cant know for sure…

  58. Chicamorena says:

    Well, if Brad left for a promise of things he wasn’t getting at home, then obviously he wasn’t happy at home. If a guy is happy at home he stays home.

    I can feel sorry for Aniston up to a point. But her problems are largely of her own making. The divorce must have been painful but she made it worse by bleating off to the media and launching the pity party. And if she can’t find a decent man after Brad, she needs to look at how she comes across to guys. She meets a man and right away she’s all over him, all touchy-feeling and breathing in his ear. She acts very clingy and needy. She needs to back off and give them space. Let the guys chase her instead of her hanging onto them like a leech.

    As for Mayer the Player — she has nobody to blame for that fiasco but herself. She knew he is an inveterate womanizer and she jumped into that with both feet. And what woman with any self respect goes running back to a man who publicly dumped and humiliated her?

    She’s 40 years old and she acts like a teenager who doesn’t have a clue. She needs to grow up and start taking responsibility for her situation.

  59. whatever says:

    Good points and well said, chicamorena.

    I think both women have issues, and I don’t get the constant obsession over these two. I wish people would move on.

    Some of the hatred directed at both women is really disturbing. It’s funny that fans cry when someone says something negative about their favorite celeb, while they say the nastiest things about the other one. Then, they try to justify their hate by saying, “well, Jolie deserves it because she’s a homewrecker and a whore” or Aniston is a “childless barren loser” or whatever. Nobody deserves that kind of behavior. It’s really disgusting and makes me wonder about their mental well-being.

  60. Juss says:

    Her poor children will have to one day read all this. You gotta feel for them. She should never have been allowed to have children. She obviously is mental and needs help and she is getting none.

  61. Josephina says:


    I understand that you possess the lowest form of disrespect for Jolie. However, Marianne Pearl and Angie were good friends then and are still good friends today. Marianne defended her approval of Jolie playing her in A Mighty Heart in front of the Black Community when they expressed disapproval of her choice as well. Mariane was also on the set, providing input and assisting Jolie. Marianne said she was satisfied with Angie’s performance, that Angie did a wonderful job representing her. I get that you thought she was horrible; however, that movie was nominated for several awards as well.

    How many times does Brad have to say in interview that he wanted children with Angie? Are you deaf? He is not a trapped man. You cannot keep a man when he does not want to stay. THAT was the problem with Jen and Brad- he ddnot want to stay. They split up and he quickly moved on with his life. Jen…not so much. She has been struggling with her choices in men – including Brad. She has yet to find a man that is a good fit for FOR HER. She has had this challenge for, what, over 11 years now?!?! If you count her ex-fiance, Tate Donovan, it goes back even further. I do not know that many women that have failed that many times in relationships in their lifetime. This woman is 40 yrs. old. And John Mayer? Come on, get serious. No more excuses. Putting the blame of Jen’s “misfortune” on Angelina, and then slandering her character to justify this triangle, is truly dysfunctional.

    I used to think quite highly of Jen, until this “triangle” crap spawned out of control. She made the HUGE mistake
    of going on Oprah, of all shows, and expressing her “bewilderment” of Brad and Angie pictures taken by the paparazzi in Africa. “I was shocked…the whole world was shocked.” As if that was not enough, a few months later she did the now infamous and distasteful interview with Vanity Fair in the summer of 2005. At the time she was dating Vince Vaughn. (Apparently, he was NOT ENOUGH of a distraction for her to move on with her life.) She and her friends went on about Brad in interview. She could have stopped the interviewer but instead she revealed her pain. I mean, who does this? It’s over, plus you have a new man in your

    Anyway, she let the world know that she was hurt, and implied that she was the victim, a.k.a the woman scorned. That was way too much information, and it tugged at the hearts of any and all who have been dumped before they were ready to handle it. A war had begun and people took sides.

    She should have just admitted that she was jealous that Brad moved on with his life so quickly. Naturally, she was stunned with the fact that Brad established a very real and serious relationship with someone else, and it included having and raising lots of children. Attacking Brad’s woman does not change his choice, fate or the fact that he willingly moved on.

  62. sissoucat says:

    Ana : nothing’s wrong with you, just a few posts earlier I wrote I had the same experience !

    See the positive aspects : at least when our breasts deflated post-pregnancy, they only deflated by a little bit. And we don’t have stretch marks all over them.

  63. karen says:

    Well said and good points Josephina. I think you have a mature outlook on these three. Unfortunately, most people want to paint them as black-white, good vs. evil and that is silly and unfair.

  64. Chicamorena says:

    To Whatever: I could not agree more. Some people seem to live to hate on these women. Jolie is not a homewrecker or a husband stealer (you can’t steal anyone without their consent) and Aniston not having children doesn’t make her barren or a loser. Maybe she just doesn’t want kids. Although unfortunately, that is still a no-no among the minivan majority that make up most of her fan base.

    This whole mess reminds me of the Taylor-Fisher-Reynolds triangle 50 years ago. What a doozy that one was. But within a couple of years all of them had moved on and remarried (Taylor and Reynolds actually became close friends), and everybody found something else to talk about.

  65. Ned says:

    there is a difference between “choosing” Angelina for a role, which was not the case- and the movie was tailored and bought for Aniston.

    Hence, Angelina took not only her husband, but also her script.

    Just because Pearl was game and was nice to Angelina and tried to help with the project (for obvious reasons) is not quite the same thing.

    Brad did go through a midlife crisis.
    Insread of buying a shiny red car like many men do, and flirt- he already owned all the cars and toys, rich boys have, so he was having an affair.

    Angelina needed to give him a stronger reason that will compel him to leave his wife.

    So despite of Angelina’s principle to never have biological children (which caused huge tension with her previous husbands), she knew Brad really wanted to be a father, and with her pregnancy- he would have to leave his wife to avoid a scandal.

    So off they went to Namibia, instead of caring for her dying mother, they lied a bit about the actual birth date, and the deal was almost done.

    Problem was, that all men seem to run away from Angelina once her true colors are more and more apparent.

    Her new stategy, was to collect as many children and give Brad as many reasons she can- for him not to run away, like her previous husbands did.

    Now that Brad need for change have subsided and his midlife crisis is behind him, he craves the stability and social life he once had.

    Angelina never wanted biological children.
    She has had such a crazed collecting and giving birth for obvious reasons of insecurity and her fear to be dumped again.

  66. Rox says:

    Ned, I do not agree with you. People’s minds change. Haven’t you changed your mind about stuff through your life? I know I have. Angelina Jolie is human too, although some of us seem to put her against the wall and regard her as the “homewreker”. Maybe AJ had those ideas before (of not having biological children), but probably she had not met at that time the right man to do that with. As both of them stated in various interviews, Brad and Angie consider each other soul mates, the love of each other’s life. Even in a perfect world, such as we see from the otside AJ’s and BP’s lifes, there are problems, quarels. Nothing in this world is milk and honey…Those guys have wonderful children together, who deserve to be left alone by all those hateful articles.
    Coming back at what someone said earlier, about AJ’s life not long ago…well, we all did things in life which we regret. No matter what we did, for our children, we’ll always be THE BEST!

  67. JEN says:


  68. Kristy says:

    First, Star is obviously embellishing. However, there is some truth to this. Jen was supposed to be in a Mighty Heart, but since it was produced by Brad, he gave it to Angie. Also, Jen is not by all means a terrible actress. She is just stupid and makes stupid choices. The Good Girl, for instance. Next, any person in psych 101 could believe some of these items about Angie. She is self-destructive and self-loathing because of her past and her daddy issues. Even if she didn’t have breast surgery, it is more than obvious she had rhinoplasty. I’m sure she met Jen who was the golden girl at the time, and wanted what she had. It’s logical. And there’s always been stories about how Angie never felt like she fit in Hollywood, and who’s more of the popular girl than Jen. Now, Angie is Queen of Hollywood. So there’s truth, but lots of hyperbole.

  69. COCO says:


  70. BOYS says:


  71. Raguelle says:


  72. WENDY says:

    God knows the truth. IF SO, what a disgusting/Evil/Fake/Manipulative bitch!
    (Notice: I meant, if so! IF she didn’t do that, then there’s no need to discuss.)

  73. Elle says:

    Girls… Stop disssing good looking women who possible might have chemisry with someone, no matter married or not. You seem to forget: the person in a committed relationship/marriage is the home wrecker…! Right? Yes. Think before you trash. Thank you women… Wake up and blame the married person pleeze…!!! If single, free to be… Free to do… Period!