Vince Vaughn’s mom & his fiancee are going to kill each other

This story is hysterical. It seems that recently engaged Vince Vaughn is caught between two women – his mother and his fiancee, Kyla Weber. Kyla and Mama Vaughn (Sharon) are fighting all of the time, and if Star Magazine’s report is anywhere close to the truth, it looks like Vince’s mom needs to get a major grip.

Kyla and Vince are planning on moving into the Chicago residence he purchased in 2006 (when he was with Jennifer Aniston) after the renovations are complete. Ah, here in lies the rub. Mama Vaughn wants to oversee the renovations to her son’s house, and decorate everything to her style. And no, Mama Vaughn is not going to live with the engaged couple. Sharon is just doing this because she lives her wittle-woogey boy, and Sharon doesn’t want some nasty slut fiancee running in and changing the very special dust ruffle she picked out.

Kyla is obviously perturbed by these developments. Not just Mama Vaughn’s decorating, but the gross Oedipal codependency Vince and Sharon seem to have. Run, Kyla, run!

Vince Vaughn is caught between two women! The actor’s fiancee, Canadian real estate agent Kyla Weber, and his mother, Sharon, clash constantly – and mama’s boy Vince can’t do much to defuse the explosive situation.

“Vince wants to make both of them happy, but it’s rarely possible. Sharon can be overbearing and likes to have her way, and Vince doesn’t like to confront her and upset her,” an insider tells Star. “That makes it hard on Kyla. It was a problem when he was with Jennifer Aniston too.”

Things have been particularly tense between Sharon and Kyla since they both began remodeling and refurnishing Vince’s three-floor Chicago residence, which he bought with Jennifer but then took over after their December 2006 split.

“Kyla wants to make the changes, since she’s the one who’ll actually be living there, but Sharon is not thrilled about her ideas,” says the insider.

“Sharon already decorated the place the way she wanted it and doesn’t like it when people question her decisions. She flipped when Kyla changed the bedding!”

Although Sharon’s “claws really came out” after Vince, 39, proposed to Kyla, 29 – her dad confirmed the engagement in March – trouble has been brewing between the two women for months, says the insider.

“For Christmas, Vince got his mom and Kyla the exact same car, so Sharon wouldn’t be offended – but he didn’t tell Kyla. Neither Mom nor Kyla wanted the cars after they found out.”

Ultimately, the hard-charging mama bear is likely to prevail in the battle of wills. “Kyla’s really a nice girl, and she hates having all this drama,” says the insider.

“She;s beginning to pull back and just let Sharon have her way.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, May 18 2009]

I love that “mama’s boy Vince can’t do much to defuse the explosive situation”. He could tell his mother to chill, couldn’t he? He could, oh, I don’t know, take his soon-to-be wife’s side and actually stand up to his mother for two seconds. All I could think when I read this was “Oh, that’s why he never got married… he’s already got a wife, his mother.” Kyla probably thinks that if she stays, she’s smart. That old broad can’t live forever, right? But if Kyla was really smart, she would get the hell out of there.

Vince Vaughn and Kyla Weber are shown at the airport on 2/10/09 and in Mexico on the beach on 2/9/09. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. czarina says:

    While I can understand a man loving his mother and making an effort to keep a good relationship, I have no respect for Vince (assuming this story is even true) treating his mother as equal to his fiancee.
    It can be hard for some women to let go of their children and recognize that they no longer have top spot in their adult children’s lives.
    Nevertheless, Vince is the one who must take a stand and say ‘enough is enough’. He is being utterly selfish by trying to placate his mother and attempting to treat them as equals (buying the same gift for Christmas? Not just tacky but a little creepy).
    I agree with you Kaiser. I think Kyla should run.
    Frankly, if he had any backbone he would just sell the property he purchased (so publicly) with another women and had his mother decorate and buy something completely new.

  2. bros says:

    he always had traits of the giant man boy syndrome, and now we know why. i like my mother in laws far far away. preferrably in other countries.

  3. Because I Say So says:

    This story reminds me of overbearing Sacha Baron Cohen’s mama je’e. What is it with men not being able to stand up to their mothers? Are they adults or not? And especially being almost 40 it makes the fact that he can’t confront his mother particularly sad

  4. HEB says:

    gahhh mother in laws to momma’s boys are the WORST!!!!

  5. bella says:

    I think he bought the place by himself, not together with someone. I’m pretty sure it was a two-story penthouse and he bought the unit below it for his mother, unless it’s now been remodeled and it’s all one residence. Maybe his mother oversaw the work on it from the time it was purchased.

  6. Kathy says:

    I love my husband and he is a great guy – UNLESS his mother is around! If Vince wont tell his mother to back-off, then there is no hope for his relationship with Kyla. Wonder if the MIL had anything to do with Vince’s breakup with Jen – too many needy women at once?

  7. hotmilfchocolate says:


    i would’ve never pegged vince to be a damn MAMA’S BOY!

    oye ve.

    *eye roll*

    thank god me & my man can only tolerate BOTH our moms in only 20 minuite doses a piece.

  8. kiki says:

    Vince is a big time mamas boys His mother is a finicial planner and lost Millions of Vinces money in a hedge fund scam this is way back when he made thre Breakup with Jen A. he needed to recoup his money I stll think his realtionship with Jen started out as a business arrangement, publicity for the movie they made it also helped Jen image as beening a dumped wife. The Vince made a couple of bad movies that santa claus movie or example it looks like he recouped some of his money back and isnt doing too much work nowadays. as for his girlfriend.. run girl.. a mamas boy is a mamas boy as long as his mother is still around.

  9. bella says:

    The SEC said that most of the fund’s money was recovered and returned to investors.

  10. Cinderella says:

    When the guy walks 10 feet ahead of the girl, it speaks volumes.

    Don’t do it, Kyla.

  11. Orangejulius says:

    My terminally ill MIL lived with us for 4 years (yes, it took that long) and became the sole focus of my husband’s life. After 25 years of marriage we got divorced. She would actually say, “Our husband is home”.

    It wrecked my life and I’m still not over it. RUN AWAY GIRL!!!!!!

  12. kiki says:

    Sharon Vaughn once ranked one of Americas Top Money managers.
    but she fell for a scam.
    she sounds like a force to be reckon with. At least the people got money back then Bernies maloffs clients.
    The secret to a happy marriage
    move. at least 1000 miles away from your inlaws.

  13. jeannified says:

    She sort of looks like Angelina Jolie in that last picture…I’m just sayin’! 😉

  14. Run, Kyla, run! I’ve dealt with a controlling MIL for years, and it still sucks. My husband isn’t a total mama’s boy-he agrees that she is insane, but rarely stands up to her, because she will start crying to manipulate him. Thank God she moved and the visits are 2 times/year. Less is more with MIL’s.

  15. j. ferber says:

    The answer to “That old broad can’t live forever, right?” is yes, she can. If she’s living for Vince, she has a strong incentive to live. Add tenacity, stubbornness, competitiveness and control issues, and you have the recipe for eternal life. That old broad will live to 400.

  16. n says:

    Seems to me that when you marry someone, you forgo all others. And you stand up for them no matter what.

    Vince, stand up for that woman — and don’t let your mommy tell you what to do.

    what a woos.

  17. Aud says:

    Ugh, sounds like my ex mother in law. The only time my ex hubby ever lived away from mommy is when we were married. Which laste a year and was doomed from the start. Now he’s 34, still lives at home, mommy told him what car to buy, what clothes to buy, when he can and cannot leave the house. He makes close to a grand a week at the job she picked out for him, after he attended the college she picked for him.

    I have another friend in a marriage like that. Idk how she has made it over 10 years. MIL calls her a whore, worthless slut, b**tch, lazy, all kinds of things in front of her 5 kids. (She has never cheated to deserve it). Calls her on the phone just to tell her she’s a b**tch. And her husband has never once stood up for his wife. At this point they are married in name only, she wants out.

  18. Chicamorena says:

    Hold up — this story came from Star magazine?

    File it under B for Bullshit.

    Anyway, I’m happy to report I had an experience the total opposite of poor Kyla. My ex-mother-in-law was a sweetheart. As a matter of fact, I liked her a hell of a lot better than I liked my ex. I always wondered how a fine, sweet decent woman like her spawned a turd like him. We got along fine until the day she died.

    I also get along great with my own daughter-in-law. I call her my daughter because I’m very fond of her. She’s making me a grandma in a few months.

  19. Jazz says:

    My parents were both married before they met each other and they both had mother in law from hell stories to tell. Now a friend of mine is going through the same thing with her MIL. I hope it doesn’t happen to me! lol

  20. Chicamorena says:

    Wow, all these MIL-from-hell stories. What’s the matter with these moms? Once your son is married, mom needs to let go. I’d bite my tongue in half before I criticized my daughter in law. She’s a fine woman, loves my son very much is a very good wife to him. He’s happy, so I’m happy. And I stay in the background and respect their marriage. Maybe that’s why we all get along.

  21. Ned says:

    Why would the mother decorate their apartment?

    This sounds really creepy. I had no idea Vince had such issues.

    A man needs to be a man and make sure there are some clear boundaries.

    and buying the same gift indicates some sort of competition and ego issue on the mother’s part.

    This is way too creepy for me.

    I met a guy like that once, and that ruined his life.
    Same is true for brothers and other family members who act as leeches.

    Those “family members” usually are after the money – and the rest of it is just a way to get more control over Vince’s life.

    Vince needs to be a man, or he will ruin his life.
    I am not kidding.

  22. Magsy says:

    Run away Vince Vaughan fiancee. The whole Mama’s boy thing never works out, or if it does it’ll take years. Mama should be happy someone’s willing to marry him and take him on anyway.

  23. Anoneemouse says:

    SOLUTION: Let Vince buy his mommy her own home to decorate as she chooses. Let the wife-to-be be in charge of renovations to the home they will call their own.

  24. lalala says:

    The picture Star uses in the magazine is definitely not of Vince’s mother.

  25. msanthropist says:

    Bear in mind that VV played the ultimate creepy mama’s boy in the remake of Psycho. Sharon should remember what happened in that relationship and back the hell off.

  26. Ice-Ice-Baby says:

    Personally, if this were true it would be all over the magazines, and also there would be tons of pictures of him partying with friends alone.

    I can’t see Vince being that kinda guy to do that, and I believe this to be false because his PR had denied the rumors. Maybe it’s just someone that wants the 2 to break up so they may have started all this, also this is from STAR magazine, they’re KNOWN for all their LIES and vicious gossip, same with InTouch magazine.

    And if Sharon was really being like this, which I again can NOT see her being like this then I’m 1000% (that’s right ppl a THOUSAND percent) sure that Vince would put her in her place.

    According to People Magazine, there was a report of them 2 together at a spa cuddling and reading magazines while waiting for their treatment. So THAT right there MUST tell you guys something….. RUMOR RUMOR RUMOR!!!!

    And to add a cherry to top it all off, HIS PARENTS were at lunch with them! Also, the day they got engaged when it was announced a “source” claimed that Kyla has met all of Vince’s family AND they ALL LOVE HER!!!!

    Think about it people before jumping on Vince saying rumors and stuff like that.

    I won’t be surprised once I hear that they got married, if not at least when there wedding will be held and where abouts. Or she’s expecting HIS baby after the wedding at least.

    All couples have their ups and downs, maybe it’s just one of their “downs” but it still doesn’t mean they’ll break up though.