Chris Evans’ mom taught him how to tap dance in their basement

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While I’ve never really hopped onto the Chris Evans Train, I have to admit that these are some nice photos. Chris is one of several cover subjects for W Magazine’s October issue. ‘Tis the season… for multiple cover subjects. It’s sort of annoying, but what can you do? Chris gave a surprisingly long and surprisingly anxiety-free interview to W where he discussed his early years as an actor, whether Captain America is a virgin, and how he learned how to tap dance:

ScarJo says he’s a great singer: “Coming from Scar, that’s not fair, ’cause Scarlet is like a legitimate amazing singer….That’s very kind of her. I don’t know that I’m singing all the time, but that’s very sweet of her to say…”

What he does in between scenes: “I’m probably doing like a little soft shoe. I grew up tap dancing as well. My mother was a tap dancer, so we had a tap floor in the basement, and we all got lessons.”

His first movie: “I think the first three years I was out here, I did a pilot every year, and each year the pilots didn’t get picked up thankfully. And then around 2001 I got my first movie, another critically-acclaimed Oscar darling called Not Another Teen Movie. It’s very high-brow stuff. I had a banana in my butt; I mean it’s what you train for… I’m glad that I didn’t you know come out of the gates with the first thing being some huge critically-acclaimed success. It’s been very nice and educational. And I think this is a tricky industry where success can happen fast and it can really be a flood. And I think in order to navigate this business healthfully; it’s nice to have a slow drip. I think it really does ease you in to a certain frame of mind that I think if it comes all at once can actually be jarring and you may not adapt that well.”

He hasn’t been typecast:
“If it shakes out that way, it’s not because of how I think the industry will view me or how I think my perception will dictate my opportunity. For me it’s fueled completely by my creative appetite. You know I’m a pretty material guy and I think most artists – it sounds a little pretentious – but I think most actors are fickle, and what excites me one month may not the next. And so for me it’s truly about just whatever I’m hungry for as an actor, and it usually incorporates some level of variety.”

Upon being told that Captain America “might be a virgin.” “That’s possible too. Well, that’s the one thing [he’s scared of because] I think he still hasn’t quite found his footing. But I think they do a good job of making him care about things. You know if you show that he has something that can touch his heart, if you see where he emotes, even if it’s privately, you see him be affected by love in some capacity, whether it’s the love of a woman or a friend or you know a responsibility, whatever it is. He believes in something and loves something and he’s affected by it. And so when you see him kind of in that pain or show that compassion, I think that’s what humanizes him and makes him interesting.”

[From W Magazine]

There’s also an interesting part where he’s basically asked if he regrets signing the six-picture contract with Marvel and he says that he used to focus on the negative stuff (the time commitment, having to say no to other projects) but he’s come back around on it and now understands that Marvel is probably the best thing to happen to his career. I didn’t know he tap danced AND sings. Now that I know that, I kind of want to see him do an old-fashioned musical, like Gene Kelly. As for Cap being a virgin… yes. I think he is. Unless you guys want to write some hot slash fiction about Cap and the Winter Soldier.

Here’s the W video, where he talks about girls and movies and stuff.


Photos courtesy of W Magazine.

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  1. Grant says:

    Cap is totes saving himself for Bucky, obviously.

    And too bad Not Another Teen Movie was (and remains) hilarious. It’s the perfect spoof of all those soapy teen dramas that were so prevalent in the late 90′s/early aughts.

  2. Div says:

    He looks good here and he comes across as charming. I’m definitely interested to see his post Marvel career.

    *Also, did Marvel pay/make a deal with the tabloids to not dig into his relationship with Jenny Slate and the timing with the dissolution of her marriage? I know he’s not that big a star but he’s a solid B lister and it is kind of a juicy story and the tabs usually pounce on that sort of thing…..Then again, it may just be the double standards where men get a total pass and the media goes over the top and tars and feathers women when it comes to romantic misdeeds.

    • twiddlebird says:

      I think there is a double standard, but I think the biggest factor is that Jenny Slate isn’t Hollywood pretty. If she weren’t so average (some even say unfortunate looking), there would have been more of a scandal. Because or her unremarkable appearance, I think there’s a cohort that views her dumping her husband for Cap as a win for average dorky types.

    • CC says:

      Their relationship is fishy and Tumblr found tweets of hers that are really awful, that anyone else would be dragged for. But she’s a quirky actress dating her hot, dream boyfriend. So, people give her a pass.

      • MissyB says:

        I’m glad people are realizing the trash behind this relationship. Too bad the media don’t give a damn though. Beloved tap-dancer is making a fool of his fans, while he should show more respect.

      • LotaniaHerndez says:

        The deleted posts are sick! There was one in IG from February where she’s posting about some amazing shoes that she’s she’s gonna wear on a date with her “future heart-mate”! This while still living with your husband of 3yrs and just after going to a premiere with him! Who does that?! Shameless!

        Her poor husband Dean only filed for divorce in late May, long after the cute “fairy tale ” romance was exposed.

        But as we’ve seen last week Karma is real. And yes the double standards! Chris has done exactly the same thing as Angelina. Where’s his scathing video from Chelsea and all the press.

    • XYZ says:

      His PR is killing the story I guess. Notice how any article about him recently does NOT mention Slate. Where’s she’s dying to be associated with him: mentioning him in articles (dating Captain America is “lovely”), posting pictures from his house, etc. she’s never had this much exposure and she’s milking it. He’s probably paying for her pr too..

      And her (not so old) tweets are horrendous. Fat shaming, homophobic and transphobic, but she’s very quick with her delete button. Luckily tumblr has the screen shots. She’s been cleaning up her Twitter act to please Cap too, only tweets about her dog (that’s dying of lack of care) and pseudo-philosophy in the line of his fake Buddhism.

      • Sigh... says:

        She also tweets sexist things (I mean, if a dude texted he wish unknown women would flash their genitalia at him and then he could make them forget, Men-in-Black-style, women wouldn’t take issue with it?).

        He’s nonexistent outside of the Marvel Machine (besides well-timed/-placed PR), and she’s still relatively unknown, so she’s ignored/invisible compared to the Dunhams, Sheldons, Azaleas, Banks out here…

    • The Recluse says:

      Yeah, if he had stolen Eva Mendes from Ryan Gosling, there would have been hell to pay.
      But for now…crickets, which works fine for his PR people, I suppose.

  3. Lucy says:

    I’ll take this opportunity from Cap Eyelashes to express my unhappiness over Agent Carter being cancelled and not picked up by Netflix. So here goes: UGHHH.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      My boyfriend has been inconsolable on this issue. He has been spinning plot lines that Agent Carter might somehow find a time machine of sorts and summon Ming Na Wen’s May and Chloe Bennett’s Quake back to work for Hayley Atwell’s Peggy.

      • Lucy says:

        That would be pretty amazing, really. I did love seeing the actors campaigning on twitter and interviews for the show to come back. Oh, well.

  4. Looty says:

    I have come to really love Cap, I think I never fully appreciated the appeal of dignity until this election season.

  5. Britney says:

    Wow, before “dating” a married problematic chick, when something was posted about him there would be a decent amount of comments (mostly positive) about him. How many fans has he lost over this!

    • wood dragon says:

      The thing that hits me is that if that sort of dubious person is who he prefers, what does that say about who he truly is as a person?

  6. guest says:

    Maybe some are like me, waiting for phony to disappear, so I can care again. I want to see him in some Great stuff !! but Unfortunate face over shadows everything for now.

  7. Mo says:

    Thought I was the only one excited about the Cap/Nomad…switch up, but nope others are too, thank god, felt I was alone in this. The Russo Bros are brilliant so it should be cosmic….Miss Irrelevant has no impact on anything….he got to the top of his game….not her. She needs to go sit down where she belongs and be quiet.

    • Fire Rabbit says:

      Oh yea, the Russo’s were sooo excited over his costume. Cut down his chest, salivating over his belly button they were. I remember that interview. How excited and impressed they are by SS and his skill as an actor. How RDJ is so accomplished and effective an actor in handling Starks story arc. Can’t wait to work with those two again. Yeah. But don’t worry, CE will have a great costume cause you gotta work with what you’ve got.

      • Mo says:

        I remember the article too, I guess ones interpretation of an article hinges on ones outlook on life. The comic books move along and the Russo brothers are doing just that, Cap goes Nomad. So…….

    • Bren says:

      If only she would sit down and shut up. Her twitter was ridiculous today, who talks about pms, the world is full of intelligent, accomplished women, we all cope. And I hate to say it I’m looking forward to IW too. I’m hoping my rage will subside by the time it comes out.

      • pato says:

        So if you are intelligent you can´t talk about your PMS? I think I am intelligent and I talk about my PMS a lot. The week before the period is the worst, I hate it so much I even asked my gynecologist if I could had surgery and remove everything down there (I won´t have kids and I don´t have sex, so everything in that part of the body is useless). I am sure he considered sending me to a shrink lol. Everything gets out of control during that week, and then for two days when the period starts I am in so much pain most of the time that I can´t sit straight. The docs haven´t found anything, they said it´s normal, one of them some years ago even told me that it would go away once I had children. I guess he tought we were in the 19th century. I hate the PMS and the period so much I need everyone to know, if you are one of the lucky ones that that goddam thing doesn´t affect or affects you midly, I doubt you get it, and I envy you a lot. If it affects you until the point of being bedridden but you can cope and you don´t feel the need to hate everyone (as I do), please tell me how to do it (seriously) because for two weeks every month I completely hate being a woman. So I understand her tweets about it.

      • onnie says:

        Pato, I completely feel you. Period is a bi*ch, it gives me physical pain and real trouble. But I’ve grown out of the “I need to complain about it” phase.

        I have a friend who works as a headhunter. I asked him to be very honest with me whether there’s gender preference in certain jobs and he says yes, cooperates often prefer men. There’s this one time he introduced an experienced female designer to a PR agency, but the agency called back in several months, said she often left earlier or took sick leave during her days of the month, which dragged the whole working process. Hence the agency wanted a man instead.

        See what’s happening here? A woman lost her potential job opportunity because some other woman was lazy on her work and used Period as an excuse. I hate cooperates for doing that but it’s the real world. It’s an everyday story.

        THERE IS ABSOLUTE NO GOOD in strengthening the “weak, hysterical” female image during periods. We are better than that. I work equally hard during my painful periods because that’s what I am paid for, and because I know complaining won’t change a single damn thing except strengthening the emotional & fragile female stereotype. So as a feminist, I find it very juvenile to whine about your PMS relentlessly instead of trying to control or live with it.

      • Mino says:

        Exactly. Her actions and speech contradicts what she claims herself to be. She is the opposite of what I deem as a feminist in so many ways. I’ve stopped following her for a while, but everytime someone retweet her posts and I happen to see them, I get the pretentious and fake vibe. It’s like she’s trying to be someone else and she’s trying too hard. I wouldn’t wanna put myself around such a person. She’s an emotional black hole.

  8. K.T says:

    Ohhhhh, Rough comments on this post. I’m still rooting for this couple but I’ve realised I must be not judgemental on cheating & buff actors trying to expand their audience…obv a teeny fan group intersection, lol!

    • Jess says:

      Keep on rooting for them, even though Evans isn’t the faithful type. Oops, but neither is Jenny.


      • A says:

        Evans will cheat on her if he hasn’t already. Jenny seems to suffer from low self esteem so I’m sure she will put up with few sidechicks before calling it quits.

  9. guest says:

    It’s Hollywood. We build them up, they believe us for some reason? They get caught, we Drag them. They rebuild and we sing their praise how accomplished and effective they are! lmfao

    • meme says:

      Tru. But the ones the claim not to be Hollywood fakes are the worst. Pile on that PR bull when it suits them yet pretend to be so normal.
      I’d have more respect (but not much tho) if they were straight up. We messed around while filming cuz that what actors do. We can’t tell fiction from reality. We did it again. I stole a mans wife cuz I can and I traded my husband in for an upgrade.

    • Div says:

      True, and in all honesty I’m not particularly judgey about infidelity in Hollywood. One of my faves used to be Sienna MIller, after all. Half of Hollywood seems to have open relationships or affairs….so monogamy doesn’t seem like a big thing. Cheating is a shitty thing to do but I can also see how it happens when they are constantly on set around people who shower them with adoration. Doesn’t excuse it, but I can see how people can make that mistake. If one of those right wingers who goes on about family values and preaches homophobic stuff is caught with a young piece, then I would side-eye them a lot more than some singer or actor.

      I guess it just startled me because this is the sort of story that would practically kill the career of a female actress or singer and the tabs seem to be completely turning a blind eye. It’s also a bit disheartening to see the hypocrisy in that there are women calling Angelina Jolie a “homewr*cker” (stupid term anyway, since if anyone is a homewr*cker it’s the idiot who strays outside their own home) for something that happened TWELVE years ago while giving Brad a complete pass and fawning over guys like Evans.

      Point is the double standards are annoying, even if the tabloids overreact to infidelity in the first place while underplaying abuse :(

  10. penela says:

    If Mama Evans can teach him tap dance, she probably should consider opening some other courses like: Methods to Stay Away from Needy Opportunist 101; Appreciation of Comedy: Sex Jokes & Drug Abuses; How To Get Away with Adultery; And finally, 10 Ways to Get your Married Girlfriend a Divorce. Come on Evans, don’t be 4F.

    BTW Captain America is still as great as can be.

  11. A says:

    someone posted Jenny’s old tweets on Tumblr and you can see gems like “If I had the memory eraser from MIB&i could really use it, I would make some men show me their d—tips& then I would erase their memories” mind you this is the same chick that does interviews about her feminism even though she has no idea what CONSENT means and how important it is for all the genders in the society. But if you still think this is funny just know that men with mentality like this will spike your drink at a party cause they don’t own a MIB memory eraser.

  12. serena says:

    I’m totally for Cap and the Winter Soldier.

  13. DSA says:

    Go crawl back into your icebox, Cap.

  14. guest says:

    What if Evans wants to get out, how is he going to do that? I just can’t see it being a normal, “look this is not going to work out”, split. She seems to go from one extreme to another in her reactions.
    Pms is an excuse, she just as easily gets angry in restaurants, ubers and planes! She even took pics of her ex in the middle of an argument and posted them !

  15. A says:

    deleted my comment. edit: wrong thread