Why did Tara Reid smear makeup on her face for a selfie?


I side-eyed Amy Schumer’s need for attention yesterday. However, Tara Reid just made Amy’s antics look positively demure. Tara is in New Jersey filming a movie called Worthless. At least I think she is – Sunday she said she was flying to Philadelphia to film it. Worthless is, according to the writers and cast, a feature film that addresses bullying. To promote the movie, Tara thought this would be a good idea:

Everyone be kind to each other. This is what bullying looks like. #Worthless

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Oh.My.God! Ignoring the fact that this photo gave me flashbacks of my toddlers getting into my makeup, why would a person post something like this? Obviously, since Tara chose not to say anything other than that extremely misleading caption, several concerned fans flooded her comment section. Which is, let’s face it, what Tara was trolling for. And she probably thinks she is entitled to such fetch tactics because she’s elected herself as an anti-bully spokesman since she feels she’s a victim, most recently of Jenny McCarthy.

“Tara is a positive person who is against women tearing each other down,” Reid’s rep told ET in a statement at the time. “She was bullied on Jenny’s [show] and felt ambushed. She came into the show with a positive spirit and was in a happy mood. It was very unfortunate how Jenny shifted the conversation for her personal gain when the whole focus should be on Sharknado 4.”

ET sat down with Reid last February, when she candidly shared how negative comments about her body has affected her.

“I’m a human. If you cut me I bleed,” Reid said. “I’m just like everyone else. I think that when people are famous, they don’t realize that they are actually human.”

[From ET]

Wait, Jenny shifted the conversation for her personal gain? Didn’t Tara just try to convince the world she been beaten? When she re-posted the picture to Twitter later, she mentioned it was for the movie. So I guess that means it’s not self-serving at all. Sure, Jan.

I decided to look into this movie because I really didn’t want to detract from a message about anti-bullying. I even listened to an interview from the co-founder (yes, he calls himself co-founder) of the movie, Chris Cardillo, Sr. He spends a six and a half minute interview discussing how he and Rob Hawks wanted to make a movie that’s a powerful dissection of how systemic bullying is. If you listen to this interview, you would think this movie is going to be a tear-jerking Oscar contender.

IT’S A CHEAP HORROR MOVIE! Plot: Girl wants to be a part of popular girl’s squad. Girl is ridiculed. Girl disappears. Fifteen years later, “Karma” finds popular Girl and teaches her a lesson. And Cardillio said he thinks it should be shown in every school in the country. No wonder Tara thought her post was a good idea, because apparently the film’s “message” is to tackle bullying with scare tactics and, I assume, a machete. Just look at the movie poster, does that look like a film that will show a bully the error of their ways? Or will this simply become a How To manual for the wrong person? Sorry, if anyone wants a story about bullying, leave these clowns to their greasepaint and cleavers and pick up a copy of Judy Blume’s Blubber instead.




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  1. Mrs. Welen-Melon says:

    I’d love to see Tara Reid get work as a Gilmore Girls-type tv mom.

    • EyeRollin says:

      She used to be cute back in the “American Pie” movie days. What the heck did she do to her face? Not sure she could pull a series though. She looks like she’s growing a shark fin on her back, i wonder if it’s the result of bad posture?

      • Hummus says:

        I was just about to comment on her protruding shoulder blades I don’t get it? She is really aging prematurely, her arms are covered in excess skin. What a shame. I loved her in Josie and the pussycats back in the day

      • Sea Dragon says:

        Her arms are covered in sheer material from the dress. Lol

  2. Chaine says:

    IMDB does not list her in the movie’s cast, so is this just a cameo role?

  3. LuluPolly says:

    Pull your pants up, woman.

  4. Patricia says:

    Wait, that’s the makeup for the movie? Meaning some makeup artist did it and it’s going to be filmed? Mind boggling. It looks like she was high on something and smeared different lipsticks on her forehead. That’s really for a movie?
    I can’t deal. She’s become the definition of budget.

    • greenmonster says:

      That’s what I’m wondering as well. I looked similar just two weeks ago – when a five year old put ten eyeshadows on my face.

  5. Jenna says:

    Isn’t this just make-up for the movie to make her look beat up?

  6. Dolkite says:

    Good call on “Blubber.”

  7. Grant says:

    Lord, she was so sexy in Urban Legend. What happened?

  8. NeoCleo says:

    That sheer dress is a nightmare.

  9. nicegirl says:

    I love Judy Blume.

  10. Red says:

    She looks malnourished.

  11. Alex says:

    Tars auditioning for whatever happened to baby Jane?