Rielle Hunter is pissed, wants John Edwards to do paternity test

As most people probably remember, when the story broke about John Edwards’ affair with Rielle Hunter, the news was broken by The National Enquirer. The Enquirer has stayed on every detail of this story, and in turn, has broken several more John Edwards-related news. The Enquirer broke the story that Edwards was being investigated for fraud and misuse of campaign finances, all related to the affair.

Now the Enquirer is claiming that Rielle Hunter is really pissed about the way Elizabeth Edwards has come after her. Elizabeth is out promoting her new book, Resilience, and Elizabeth has been bashing Rielle as “pathetic”. The worst of it (for Rielle) was most likely Elizabeth and John’s appearance on Oprah, where they seemed to be presenting an image of familial dysfunction yet familial loyalty. Elizabeth told Oprah (regarding the affair): “There is no excuse for women to do this… Women need to have respect for other women.”

So Rielle is pissed. And she’s fighting back – the Enquirer claims that Rielle is threatening to come clean about her baby’s paternity. Rielle will demand that John Edwards take a DNA test to confirm that he is the father of her 14-month-old daughter Frances. The Enquirer has long claimed the baby Frances is John’s, but John and Elizabeth have stopped short of confirming it. When Oprah asked Elizabeth, Elizabeth said “I’ve seen a picture of the baby… I have no idea. It doesn’t look like my children, but I don’t have any idea.”

John Edwards’ furious mistress is demanding he submit to a DNA test, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively!

Rielle Hunter – the longtime secret lover of the disgraced 2-time presidential candidate – wants definitive proof that Edwards is the father of her 14-month-old love child Frances and is working with a lawyer to take legal action, say sources.

The blonde divorcee – who gave birth in February 2008 – was slammed in the explosive new book Resilience written by the ex-senator’s cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth.

The ENQUIRER was the first to expose the extramarital affair in 2007, and Rielle’s sudden move to determine paternity is a clear signal that she is no longer willing to protect the philandering politician, who still has not admitted that he’s the father of her baby. Edwards recently confirmed he’s also the subject of a federal probe into possible campaign funds misuse in paying off hush money to Hunter.

“Rielle – probably naively – now realizes she had held onto a false promise that if she continued to take part in the cover-up John had engineered, they’d be together in the future,” a close source told The ENQUIRER.

“She was willing to protect John for the sake of the child. She agreed to allow a crony of his to claim he was the baby’s father, and she even kept the name of the father blank on the birth certificate.

“But now she can see there’s never going to be a future with John – and she feels he’s lied about his promise to keep Elizabeth from trashing her in the book,” the insider divulged.

“Rielle is so infuriated by his and Elizabeth’s actions that she’s throwing her loyalty to him out of the window!”

The source added: “Rielle wants the paternity of her daughter Frances finally established. It could ruin John for good because even after admitting the affair, he vehemently denied being the father!”

[From The National Enquirer]

I’ve always believed the father of the baby was, in fact, John Edwards. Much as he and Elizabeth want to deny it and bash Rielle Hunter, they can’t ignore the questions surrounding this baby’s paternity. However, I don’t think John made promises to Rielle about how they would be together, or anything about their future together. I believe that when Rielle became pregnant and decided to keep the baby, John and his closest circle of friends orchestrated a half-assed financial and paternity cover-up, which included pairing Rielle off with one of John’s friends. What Rielle was most likely promised was money, not love or affection. Perhaps Rielle thinks that if the Edwards family is going to continue to come after her, she’s going to need a bigger slice of the pie.

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  1. Codzilla says:

    Politicians suck.

  2. photo jojo says:

    I can’t understand why women ALWAYS blame the other woman more than their man. Seriously – I get that ‘women shouldn’t do this to other women’ but hello! Your HUSBAND shouldn’t have done it to YOU! I love Elizabeth Edwards, she oozes class, and I would not presume to tell another woman if she should stay in a relationship or get out without knowing more details but this whole ‘woman solidarity’ thing has got to begin and end with not continuing to allow the cheaters to get off the hook!

  3. Jess says:

    I think that Rielle is trash and should be treated as such. I would have dump John, but I’m guessing that since she is dying- she’s trying to make everything easier on her two young children. That means staying with a loser.

  4. queenie says:

    ditto photo jojo

    about time men are called out for the pigs they are when they double dip

    it would be a refreshing change for women to show solidarity on this and run the dogs down

  5. Iggles says:

    Elizabeth Edwards USED to ooze class. Now she’s pathetic.

    She’s selfish and playing the game ‘blame the woman’ so she won’t have to face the full reality of what John did.

    I have no sympathy for ANY of the adults in this situation. However, i think it’s unfair that Rielle is being slammed and people still think Elizabeth smells like roses.

    She basically doesn’t care about John’s child and doesn’t want paternity established so she would have to face her husband having an out of wedlock child. I think that pretty sick she wants them all (her children with John, and her husband) to ignore a child when they experienced the pain of losing a child in the past.

  6. MonicaBee says:

    Weren’t there rumors last year about a paternity test? If memory serves correctly, Rielle refused to have one done. I could be wrong, though.

    Regardless, if Elizabeth Edwards thought her heartbreak with this affair was over, she was WRONG.

  7. caribassett says:

    I hope a paternity test is done. every child should have both parents involvement.
    It is not the baby’s fault her parents are messed up :(

  8. Mojo says:


    Yes it takes two to tango.

    However, I’m a married woman and that puts me on team Elizabeth’s side. Women who cheat with married man are the scum of the earth and are the reason why women will never fully trust each other.

    I do blame John Edwards as well but c’mon there’s the harsh reality that women stab each other in the back without a care. Why would you want to sleep with somebody else’s husband… a man who has a family? Cause you don’t care about anyone except yourself.

    I will never ever trust women around my man. Women envy each other and covet thy assets.

  9. Mojo says:

    And BTW…I just wanna slap that silly smile off of Rielle Hunter’s face. What an ugly skank.

  10. lola says:

    I agree with the sentiment it was the MAN who owed responsiblity to his wife, not the other woman. He is the one who made the vow after all.

    Who knows what he told her. Or how believable it was. It is conceivable in this world that he figured his Wife was about to die and that is what the other woman bought into.

    Tacky and thoughtless maybe, but conceivable.

    Get over yourself people. Sh*t, and babies, happen. Now do right by the wee bugger, and either acknowledge and support it, or take the test be denied and shut the hell up.

    I think the Edwards are more upset they came out of this with bad press, frankly.

  11. Kay says:

    This Hunter chick seems to really be seeking revenge. I get that she really hate Edwards wife and want her last days to be hell. It’s sad that John Edwards was such a dumb ass to get invoved with this women. Hunter had to know he was married with no intention of leaving his wife before she sleep with him and got knocked up. Now Hunter wants every one to know this is Edwards child because I read Edwards sends Hunter at least 1500 hundred a month for else if not child support.

  12. SW says:

    Mojo, are you really serious?? You’d never trust a woman around your man? Wow, you must lead a pretty paranoid life! I’m guessing you also don’t trust your man either, right?
    I’ve been married right at 8 years. These past years have gone by with full trust on both of our halves.

  13. Codzilla says:

    SW: Agreed. I don’t even think twice about my husband being around other women. I wouldn’t have married him (and he me) if we didn’t trust each other completely. Otherwise, why bother?

  14. Jocelina says:

    I do think it’s important not to blame the “other woman” entirely, but in this case, Rielle Hunter definitely deserves a full fifty percent of the blame. There’s no way she could have been ignorant of the fact that John Edwards is married.

    I think maybe the reason that Elizabeth Edwards sounds more angry at Hunter is that she (Edwards) can (and I’m sure has) talk directly to her husband about how angry she is with him, while she has no contact with Rielle Hunter. These media interviews and her book are the only vehicle she has for expressing her anger at the “other woman.”

  15. SW says:

    Seriously, that ‘no trust’ thing will get you nowhere. You’ll wind up with a box of Kleenex to sleep with.
    I couldn’t imagine having a relationship where I didn’t trust my fella, really. I’m still laughing, Mojo, about that comment. Do you let your ‘man’ hold a job, go places? Cause my husband works with women, lunches with women, talks to other women…and I’m perfectly fine with it all. Cause I TRUST him!

  16. kiki says:

    on Oprah interview Elizabeth said that the only thing she asked of John was he be FAITHFUL to her, man of that didnt come back and bite .
    she kind of set herself up with that promise

  17. sarcra says:

    I thought John Edwards offered to do a paternity test, but she declined?

  18. Hanh says:

    The blame is 50-50 when both parties knows one or both are married. It takes two to have an affair. They’re both scum. The only time its not the “other woman”‘s fault is when she didn’t know the man was married which is obviously not the case with someone like John Edwards.

    Reille wants more fame, more money, and doesn’t want to look like the “bad guy” but come on, when you let everyone know about an affair, how else are you going to look? No one is going to feel sorry for either of those losers, just the wife and all the children involved.

    Elizabeth has every right to be angry. And if she chooses to stay with her husband for the sake of the kids, that’s her choice. I’m sure John gets a whole lot of yelling at home from her and the children. And what about Reille’s family? They’ve all shown up on TV saying how “good she is”. Really. Reille needs to be yelled at too.

  19. Your Friend says:

    i just love these “celebrities” who plan to live off the money and attention they get from the consequences of one night for the rest or their lives…they’re are worse then whores because they not only use themselves — they use ther kids.

  20. Jo says:

    I believe everyone – John, Elizabeth and Rielle – already know John in the father. I also imagine John, with Elizabeth’s knowledge, is already providing support for the baby.

    Do you really think Hunter would just fade into the background with nothing? There have likely been lawyers involved already to ensure the baby is acknowledged as an Edwards’ heir.

  21. Kathy says:

    Not only did John have an affair – he did it while he wife continued to deal with cancer, lied about it as part of a presidential campaign and paid-off Rielle with campaign funds.

    Elizabeth is leaving a legacy of axe grinding for her kids and their friends forever embarrassing them – not a nice note to leave on.

    Rielle’s kid is just her version of Monica’s blue dress stain – a way to prove she boffed a “big political player”

  22. Ned says:

    Rielle seems like a very naive woman.

    How do you know John didn’t hint or made promises about their future together?

    Don’t you know the things men say to get with women?

    He offered her a job, so she could stay close to him for a year, and then continued to give her money and take care of her.

    Sounds to me, he was definitely making sure she would get the impression he is very serious about her and wants her to stick around.

    It’s not like they even met when they worked together, so some sort of friendship and circumstances allowed it to grow into a romance.

    She met him at a bar. He slept with her and wanted her to be with him for years.

    Even if it was a one night stand – he made a lot of effort to make sure she would be with him and supported her financially (out of the public’s pocket).

    I think John must have promised her he will be an active father and would take care of her- but that she would have to keep quiet, but then went and gave people the impression he may not be the father.

  23. skldfj says:

    PHOTO JOJO- i agree with you 100%

  24. the original kate says:

    LMAO at her tiger-striped headband.

  25. mel says:

    Come on men will say anything to get the booty… I dont feel sorry for any of them except for the child who didnt ask to be here…

  26. KateNonymous says:

    So now she DOES want a paternity test? Why didn’t she want one before? (My guess: the money she was paid to prevent one has run out.)

    Although I thought Edwards had some interesting ideas in his campaign, he’s always been too slick for me to really like him. I believe the baby is his. I also believe he’ll do whatever it takes to avoid acknowledging it for as long as Elizabeth is alive. If he acknowledges the baby before that, it’ll be because he can’t think of any other stalling tactics.

  27. just a poster says:

    It is so much easier to be angry at the other person than being angry at your cheating spouse.

    If we think it is getting ugly now, just you wait until she finally he chose to do this, he chose to cheat.. and trust me, it will not be pretty.

    John knew what he was getting into, and so did Riley. And I am not buying this whole “John had no idea and wouldn’t choose this in a million years” bit for one second. I will even venture out and say this is just the first time he has been caught.

  28. Sam says:

    It is so tiring when the wives bash the mistresses – wives need to bash their husbands instead! Women like Rielle wouldn’t exist if married men kept to their vows and kept it hidden in their pants…….. Elizabeth dear, leave Rielle alone – your beef is with your husband!!

  29. daisyfly says:

    Good grief, telling a woman whose husband has cheated on her who she can and can’t be mad at is trite and ridiculous.

    Let her feel her pain and deal with it accordingly. If she wants to lash out at Rielle, so be it. It’s not as though Rielle is an innocent party in all of this. If she wants to lash out at John, let her do so, too.

  30. Tess says:


    How ’bout extending the same courtesy to commenters who feel pissed-off by the deceptions foisted on them by the lowlife posers in this shabby psychodrama?

    If posters want to lash out, who cares?

    Elizabeth is bringing it up. Why?
    To sell books ( that means to make money) and to resurrect John’s political career.

  31. dubdub2000 says:

    @ Iggles: right on!

    Rielle didn’t do ANYTHING to Elizabeth Edwards, her husband is a grown ass man who is the one who made a commitment to her, who wasn’t raped and who could have said no.

    I feel so bad for that little baby.

  32. Anoneemouse says:

    What did this woman expect when she carried on an affair with Edwards? What is she pissed that Elizabeth is still around and hasn’t died yet so she can claim her man? I hope her and John Edwards end up paying dearly for BOTH their stupidity and complete and utter disregard for Elizabeth and her childrens’ feelings.

  33. daisy424 says:

    Ultimate betrayal, they are both pigs.

  34. Moore says:

    “Rielle didn’t do ANYTHING to Elizabeth Edwards”

    Yeah she did.
    When she knowingly, willingly stepped foot in a marriage she did not just mess with the husband, she messed with the family. His stank behind deserves more than half the blame that I’m hoping he gets at home but Rielle also does deserves to get every bit coming from Elizabeth. Act like trash, get treated like trash. No sympathy whatsoever for cheaters, him or her.
    I really hope she’s only with him to keep the children’s lives together before she passes.

    John needs to man up and take the test and Rielle needs to fade into the background. Her name will never recover and neither will his.

  35. Casey says:

    John Edwards is scum for having an affair, but Rielle is no innocent either. I can’t feel sorry for her. She knowingly slept with a high profile married man. Any sympathy in this scenario should go to Elizabeth and Rielle’s baby.

  36. daisyfly says:

    Tess: “How ’bout extending the same courtesy to commenters who feel pissed-off by the deceptions foisted on them by the lowlife posers in this shabby psychodrama?”

    Who exactly is foisting deceptions on those here? More to the point, which “lowlife poser” is foisting deceptions upon you?

    Put down the soap opera digest, sweetheart and calm down. You’re turning a simple post into some melodramatic soapbox.

    Tess: “If posters want to lash out, who cares?”

    Obviously you do. ^_^

    By the by, I never stated that one couldn’t bash either. I simply stated that she’s entitled to be mad at whomever she chooses. What we speculate doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, she’s the one who has to put her head down on her pillow and fight to get up the next morning. If she wants to be mad at either, it is her business.

    Tess: “Elizabeth is bringing it up. Why?
    To sell books ( that means to make money) and to resurrect John’s political career.”

    Explain to me just how exactly is she going to resurrect John’s political career? The only way he can do that is if he becomes a Republican (since adultery while your wife is ill and/or dying is perfectly acceptable) and I don’t see her campaigning on his behalf in that arena.

    Also, would her story be any MORE genuine if she left out the fact that she’s battling cancer while struggling with the fact that her husband is an adulterer? Hardly.

  37. Tess says:

    The low-life posers are the Edwards.

    Him and her.


  38. stellapurdy says:

    It always takes two and she knew he was married. Edwards and Hunter both suck for what they did. What strikes me the most though he knew about his wife’s cancer and yet he did this. Their selfishness knows no bounds and for that I hope they both rot in hell

  39. Katharine Jaynes says:

    Rielle doesn’t owe Elizabeth anything, she didn’t marry her.

  40. mE says:

    Rielle doesn’t owe her anything? That is absurd. How about a little common decency for your fellow human being? That alone would have precluded her mowing another woman’s lawn, YKWIM?

    I don’t know how much credence there is to this but as far as not asking for a paternity test sooner, supposedly it was part of the deal with child support that she didn’t ask for one. Who knows?

    As far as the Republican thing that is pretty stupid. It is like saying that leaving someone to die horribly while you go think up an alibi for your stupidity is okay with all Democrats. Chappaquiddick anyone?

    I’ve said it before here and I’ll say it again, assholery knows no party bounds.

  41. DiMi says:

    John Edwards is a wealthy man. If that is his child, he should support her. Both he and Hunter behaved badly and they both hurt Elizabeth, but Elizabeth is an adult. The priority should be the child. Always the child.

  42. barneslr says:

    Hunter is a stupid whore that has no right to be pissed. If she didn’t have sex with married men, she wouldn’t be the subject of such scrutiny.

    You are what you do. If you take illegal drugs you are a drug abuser. If you have sex with a married man you are a cheap whore. Simple as that.

  43. ms adamantia claus says:

    I’d kick this chick’s ass til my kneecap caught fire – cancer or not. Iggles you are a complete idiot – the woman was betrayed while she’s fighting for her life – this goes beyond blaming another woman, ELizabeth’s cancer was common knowledge and Hunter was obviously gunning for Edwards with an agenda. The twistedness of her intent is the reason to despise her. Anyone who’d push up on man who’s wife is PUBLICLY dying of a disease is sick and self absorbed to the point of idiocy.

  44. JUSTINE says:

    i have no clue who she is but i dont think she should do that thats not really fair at all thats really ironic and odd that somebody would do such a thing that makes John Edward look bad. Rielle is a trashey person and has no respect for anyone but herself i dont hate her i just think shes not that great of a person and should do John a big favor and stop wat shes doing.

  45. Kerry says:

    This whole set up is unbelievable. Cheating is not uncommon and a lot of people have gone down that road. But this is repulsive. The woman is DYING and this is what he does? I’m sorry, but Elizabeth needs to take care of herself and to hell with the two of them. After what Rielle has done, the little tramp can fall back and keep her mouth shut tighter than she did her legs. And considering the condition Elizabeth is in, I think she entiled to handle only what she’s willing to put up with. Let her have some peace in her final days, and I hope Edwards and his tramp never have any peace in their lives for what they’ve done. And as far as the child goes, Elizabeth has no obligation to it. That’s John’s problem.

  46. Junglered says:

    Their are women and men aka Golddiggers who seek fame and fortune from whom ever. I remember a woman tryin to get child support from Michael Jordan, for her child who died right after birth! Believe me Ms. Rielle didn’t refuse paternity without a reason.. It’ll come out that Mr. Edwards was probably paying her just to be quiet. And now the whore is talking. The same thing happened to Bill Cosby.. He was paying child support to a woman.. and once the child became an adult she wanted to be part of the Cosby family..A paternity test proved that Cosby wasn’t the father. Cosby paid hush money for atleast 18 years to save his marriage.

  47. Come on Rielle did not committ to Elizabeth. I think the blame goes to John and any other married man that cheats. People dont realize what they have told the other woman and the lies that seem to be so real at the time. But in any event the crime on the marriage belongs to the married partner. They are the ones who have a committment to their spouse or significant other not the person in the affair. In my opinion both have been cheated on the spouse and the other woman!!!!!

  48. Lou Lee says:

    Affairs happen because of a willing “other woman”. Let’s admit it, men are dogs. They will hump on anything that is offered to them. This skanky, old haggard, gold-digging, bleach-blonde opportunist will get her karma someday to have hurt another woman already faced with the eventuality of death. How callous can she be by putting herself into their life. Someday, maggots will eat her flesh alive for her punishment.