Donald Trump probably won’t take Carrie Prejean’s crown

Today will be the day when Carrie Prejean finds out if she’s allowed to keep her Miss USA runner-up status. Guess who’s deciding? None other than Donald Trump. The news conference will be this afternoon, and no doubt The Donald will be all over it. As we reported last week, the crux of the pageant problems wasn’t so much that Miss California was anti-gay marriage, it was the contractual violations. Carrie’s Miss California contract demands that the beauty queen can only do interviews with the consent of the pageant committee, which Carrie violated. The contract also shuns endorsement deals, which Carrie also violated with her endorsement of the National Organization for Marriage. Also at issue: the topless photos that came out, which Carrie had sort-of lied about to the pageant committee:

The final decision over whether Miss California Carrie Prejean can keep her crown will be reached by Tuesday, Miss USA contest owner Donald Trump told FOX News.

Trump said there are “things to look at,” but, “hopefully it will be a positive decision.”

A news conference will be held Tuesday to announce Prejean’s fate, Trump told FOX and Friends.

Prejean was named first runner-up in the April 19 Miss USA pageant during which she responded to a judge’s question by saying she favored limiting marriage to a man and a woman.

Since then, the state pageant has been investigating whether the 21-year-old violated her contestant contract by making public appearances with groups opposed to same-sex marriage and by failing to reveal that she had posed in her underwear as a teenager.

Trump skirted around questions as to whether Prejan’s photos violated any pageant rules.

“Most of these girls are models,” Trump said. “They do things that are not necessarily a bad thing. And look, Carrie is a seriously good looking girl. Because of her looks, [they] are making such a big deal with this.”

Co-directors of the Miss California USA pageant Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler and Prejean’s representatives are close to a resolution on the issue, Lewis said Friday.

But unless Prejean relinquishes the job on her own, “Trump ultimately makes the decision” to disqualify her or not, Lewis said.

[From Fox News]

I doubt The Donald will force Carrie to step down. The Donald has an affection for women like Carrie, so he’ll probably just make her apologize publicly. It’s not like she’s even the Miss USA – she’s just the runner-up, for God’s sake.

This comes out as TMZ is reporting that the Miss California pageant sponsors are confirming that Carrie fibbed about when those topless photos were taken. When the photos were first released, Carrie released a sanctimonious statement saying that she was underage when the photos were taken, and that we shouldn’t judge her. She wasn’t telling the truth, apparently. According to TMZ (who is quoting a Miss California sponsor), the photos were taken well after Carrie turned 18 years old:

Those topless photos of Miss USA California Carrie Prejean were taken after she turned 18, according to one of her former pageant sponsors. This contradicts Carrie’s position that she posed for the pics when she was only 17.

We obtained an e-mail sent by the sponsor (we were asked not to use his name) and he says Carrie sent him one of the topless photos after January 6, 2009, asking “if she was in good enough shape for the Miss USA Pageant.” The date is significant, because that’s the day Carrie got a boob job. The former sponsor says the pic was post boob job and she was well over 18.

TMZ obtained 4 topless photos a week ago. Her rep contacted us and said Carrie’s position was that she was naive at the time she posed. Then we got a second email stating she was only 17. As a result we did not publish the photos. But the sponsor says he’s positive they were taken when Carrie was a full-grown adult.

[From TMZ]

Meh, I’d bet the photos are probably from more than a year ago, just judging from her hair color. It’s a shame Carrie wouldn’t get her crown removed for all of this. It would be nice to see her taken down a few pegs. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll see some contrition at the news conference this afternoon!


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  1. Tia says:

    She is such a stupid bimbo.. she needs to STFU then and represent California not try and stretch her 15 minutes of fame by being a HUGE hypocrite !!

    WIERDO !!!!!!

  2. NotABeatuyQueen says:

    Trump did this with Tara Conner. He can’t fire Carrie after he didn’t fire Tara for clubbing with Miss TEEN USA in tow (and kissing her) and then having drug related problems, all while she was reining Miss USA. She was in violation of the law, not just pageant rules. Carrie’s not the first, so if he did fire her she’d have ample ground to sue them probably.

  3. bros says:

    her pre-boob job body is apparent in these pics.

  4. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    Oh Donny, you always take the moral high road and never appeal to the lowest common denominator for publicity, do you ?

  5. AlaskaJoey says:

    What the freak is she wearing? Man, it looks like a leprechaun threw up on a rainbow.

    Donald Trump is pond scum, and normally I refuse to pay attention to this pageant because it’s not real. Only Miss America is real, in my opinion!

  6. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    She’s gross-looking. Can she just go the hell away? Permanently?

  7. Amy says:

    I don’t know if the crown would be taken away. Carrie has pretty much stopped being Miss California. She won’t even talk to the organization, only through a publicist. I think Donald likes to be controversial. Everybody wanted Tara to be dethroned and it would have been justified but Donald let her keep it. I wouldn’t be shocked if Carrie stepped down since she thinks campaigning against gay marriage is a lot more important. Donald did take the crown away from Miss Nevada a few years ago. There were some really racy photos of her. It was a few weeks before Tara which was why people were shocked she kept the crown.

  8. Henry says:

    It is apparent that after receiving an answer from Mss. Prejean that homosexuals abhor, the shameless sodomites managed to manipulate the harlots of the press, shifting the issue from same sex marriage to Miss Prejean irrelevant moral character, who gave an honest answer in line with her believes to a question posed by opportunist sodomite Perez Hilton AKA, Mario Lavandeira, who has no qualms in using Miss Prejean, and the American Pageant Organization to farther promote his perverted agenda. Anyone that believes two men having anal sex constitutes a normal alternate lifestyle establishing a natural right for same sex marriage is a moral deviant therefore he is deficient in all he does, and he must be barred from public service alongside all homosexuals.

  9. camila says:

    Well said Henry!!

  10. sypder says:

    To look at ended up being beginning, My family and i shown admiration for good everyone. Ever since So i am unwanted, Document enjoy style everyone. ( Any. M. Heschel )