Miss California Carrie Prejean has nude pics (SFW)

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Miss California Carrie Prejean is the center of a new scandal that doesn’t involve her controversial opinions for once. Prejean shot to infamy due to statements during the Miss USA pageant in which she spoke out against gay marriage. In interviews following the pageant, runner up Prejean defended her right to an opinion and said she wouldn’t change her answer despite the fact that it may have cost her the crown. Prejean’s media blitz paid off and she was recently named the spokesperson for anti-gay marriage group the National Organization for Marriage.

The beauty queen’s new gig as a Christian advocate for “traditional marriage” could be jeopardized by nude photos circulating online. Last week we heard that the Miss California pageant had paid for Prejean to undergo breast augmentation surgery ahead of the Miss USA pageant. It looks like Carrie was so happy with her new boobs that she had to show them off for the camera:

The Internet is crackling about topless and semi-nude photos of controversial Miss California Carrie Prejean that are apparently about to be leaked. The first photo, which appeared minutes ago on TheDirty.com, shows a woman who appears to be Prejean standing, looking at the camera, wearing only a pair of pink panties and using a strategically placed arm.

Alicia Jacobs, the Entertainment Reporter at KVBC in Las Vegas, has seen all six of the photos and says some are much more revealing. She thinks they may have been taken after Prejean’s pageant-financed breast implant surgery about six weeks ago. The pictures are potentially explosive, particularly with the audience Prejean is now trying to cultivate….

We have attempted to reach Prejean’s publicist with no success. We did speak with a spokesperson for the National Organization for Marriage and, while they were aware of the photos, they do not yet have a comment.

[From OMG.Yahoo.com]

There is one photo of Prejean topless that is SFW and it’s the only one I’ve seen. It’s not that racy and is on par with the kind of “nude” photos you would see in a men’s lifestyle magazine. She’s posing in underwear and covering her chest with her arms. It looks Photoshopped to me as her hair is covering her neck and the head doesn’t quite match up with the body. I’m not buying that there’s a whole set of nude photos until I actually see them. This entertainment writer quoted by Yahoo! says they exist, but are they real or did someone just stick Prejean’s head on to different bodies? It’s controversial enough that this woman had her breast implants paid for by the Miss California Pageant, though.

Last week we reported on a story from the National Enquirer that Barbara Walters was considering asking Prejean to fill in for the token conservative on The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Walters is said to be considering replacing Hasselbeck permanently and Prejean could fit the bill. She’s personable, attractive and friendly, and is the kind of non-threatening ditsy conservative that Walters seems to favor. We’ll have to see if these nude photos are real. As long as they’re not that racy I can’t see how they would affect Prejean’s career. They may even help drum up interest in her now that we’re no longer paying attention.

Carrie Prejean is shown at a press conference for the National Organization for Marriage on 4/30/09. Credit: WENN.com

carrie prejean 010509

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  1. neelyo says:

    ‘They may even help drum up interest in her now that we’re no longer paying attention.’

    Then why this report?

  2. flourpot says:

    “She’s personable, attractive and friendly” Is it opposites day?

  3. boomchakaboom says:

    I had no idea a state pageant would pay for someone’s breast enhancement. That seems a little weird. And biased. And unfair. And unsavory. And FAKE.

  4. mel says:

    ***SHOCKING*** rolling eyes

  5. Ruth says:

    So according to the California pageant people, “ideal womanhood” is something you pay for?

  6. Ling says:

    Perfect selection of pictures, Celebitchy. In the footer image she looks like Snow White’s stepmother.

  7. Orangejulius says:

    I’m almost ashamed to admit that this put a big smirk on my face.

  8. liz says:

    she looks like the snottiest little stuck up brat ive ever seen. she really accepting fake boobs from a pagent, but flips out over stupid pictures from her teen years? seems like an incredible double standard and totally hypocritical.

  9. MARIE says:

    so, it doen’t change her mind that gay marriage is between a man and a woman. keep looking for more “bad” stuff about her but nothing is going to change. I support ms california all the way!

  10. anon says:

    no Marie, it most likely won’t change her stance on gay marriage, but it sure makes her look like a hypocrite with all her morality talk.

  11. kiki says:

    these ‘beauty contestants’
    sure do have skanky past. or is it just Donald Trumps pagent that seem to overflow with these women?

  12. anon says:

    wait…”gay marriage is between a man and a woman”?

    say WHAT?

  13. Tia says:

    Marie, get out of the ignaramous dark ages.. she is a wierd creepy conservative freak who is a sinner by posing nude and judges others who love each other.. give me a break. Do you think anyone but other wierdos give a sh** about what she thinks??? HILARIOUS !!

  14. ! says:

    By the way Celebitchy, she released a statement basically admitting it was her in the photos. She does not deny it.

  15. ! says:

    And whether or not they’re topless, completely nude, etc…the fact remains that its unChristian like to pose for the photos in the first place. I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home, my father is a pastor. And my parents would not even let me wear a tank top. To this day, even tho I’m now an atheist, I still don’t wear revealing clothing because its just not how I was raised and it makes me feel conspicuous. She’s a hypocrite, period. I can’t wait to see what these other photos are, ’cause rumor has it they’re worse than the one released.

  16. dizzybenny says:

    i’m going to wait for the sex tape! ;)

  17. jennifer says:

    May 5th, 2009 at 3:55 pm
    so, it doen’t change her mind that gay marriage is between a man and a woman.

    Shit, my mom & dad are gay?!?!?!? O_O

  18. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    !: AMEN TO THAT. I love how she goes on and on about being Christian and what it means to be a Christian, blah blah blah, but she accepts breast implants from the pageant (and I agree, that’s really weird and unsavory) and struts around onstage as a sex object AND has nude photos flying around.

    No thanks, I think I’ll get my advice on spirituality from a far better role model. She can stuff it.

  19. Trey says:

    All you typical loud mouth, narcissitic liberals need to get over yourselves and get a damn life. Just because someone doesnt agree with your beliefs you try and rip them apart. Its not just your world people! Personally, I could care less if 2 homosexuals want to get married. Hell, they have the right to be as miserable as everyone else. And as for Tia and Liz….Sounds like a bit of jealousy inviolved here. Try hitting the gym or maybe some weight watchers instead of verbally ridiculing others.

  20. Codzilla says:

    Why are people still talking about this idiot? Who cares what she thinks? The sooner we let it go, the sooner she disappears.

  21. Annie says:

    Cod, doesn’t commenting still count as talking about her?

    So according to the California pageant people, “ideal womanhood” is something you pay for?

    Obviously you’ve never been to California then. LOL Especially LA and Orange County.

  22. OXA says:

    Why can’t she shut her mouth and do the job she ran for.
    Miss California is supposed to represent the whole state, not just those whom she deems acceptable.

  23. Kathie says:

    So, she is such a Christian. What does God say about her mother’s FOUR, yep count ‘em, 4 divorces. Carrie’s father was husband #2. I am so sick of everyone listening to Miss Holier Than Thou’s opinions.

  24. alzero says:

    So show me the damn picture?? WTF you think I’m here for?!

  25. HashBrowns says:

    Color me unsurprised.

    Trey, someone can think someone else is ugly without being jealous of them. How high school of you.

    Personally, she’s one of the ugliest “beauty queens” I’ve seen. She has that dumb snarl face that she constantly does and looks not only like a moron, but like a total bitch at the same time.

    And yes, it is hypocritical for someone to say they live Biblically but they clearly do not.

  26. Apres Ski says:

    Does it count if the man is gay & the woman is gay, but they like each other, hence the marriage?

  27. Who Cares? says:

    Nice photo of her on ‘that’ site AND I agree with her comments.

  28. anon says:

    Trey, dear…she’s entitled to her beliefs.

    and we’re just as entitled to bash her for them. freedom of speech comes with responsibility. say whatever you want, but be prepared to deal with the consequences of what you say. It’s not just HER world, either.

    however, that’s not really what this is about. it’s not about her opinion as much as it is about her hypocrisy.

    she is espousing religious rules and using them to justify her position on something, and yet she saw nothing wrong with taking her clothes off for some pictures, or parading around on stage in scant clothing. not very moral of her.

    and, btw, it’s “COULDN’T care less”…if you say you “could care less”, that means that you DO care, at least a little bit. “couldn’t care less” implies that you couldn’t care any less than you already do.

  29. Codzilla says:

    Annie: Notice I said “we”, which includes me, too. I was simply trying to make the point that repeatedly getting your panties in a bunch over the moronic words of an idiot seems like a waste of time. And before you jump on me, I’m not dismissing the actual issue of gay marriage, just our refusal to let this woman slip into oblivion, where she so clearly belongs.

  30. Annie says:

    Why would I jump on you? lol

    I’m just as guilty LOL.

    I can’t stand her! And dammit, I admit to seeing a “Prejean” post, rolling my eyes and clicking anyway.

  31. Bobby Ewing says:

    Well, you all knew this was gonna happen. Think about it – for one Carrie Prejean is pretty dang hot to begin with. I guess that is why she is “Miss California”. But if there are nude and topless pics like these 6 out there to be seen of a hot girl like this – you KNOW they are going to come out. Its a given. But can you blame people for not wanting to look


    I mean look at these pics – she is smokin!

  32. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Trey: I happen to be Christian myself. But I’m not a big hypocrite who goes around beating the pots and pans about how religious I am, while spouting off bigoted nonsense and strutting around as a sex object and having nude pics taken of me.

    She’s a hypocrite and an idiot.

  33. Ling says:

    You know, in this case, I actually do advocate paying lots of attention to her and commenting hatefully to our heart’s content. This is not the same as a celebrity who pulls stunts for attention or to further their own career. Prejean was in obscurity before the pageant, and now she’s notorious, and according to her released statements, she hates it.

    So let’s lay it on thick.

  34. Bob says:

    Nowadays most female celebrities have nude pictures floating around somewhere. Time to stop being prudes people. There’s nothing wrong with naked pictures.

  35. credit says:

    Holland love her!!!
    much kisses for you
    (we all know she’s very honest. I praise her for that)

  36. stewie says:

    Bob, you’re yet another who misses the point.

    it’s not the fact that she has nude pics floating out there.

    it’s that fact that she posed for the pics and yet tries to come off as “living biblically”.

    to paraphrase a former president, “it’s the HYPOCRISY, stupid.”

  37. Larry C says:

    So, it’s okay for her breasts to be covered by a bathing suit but if they’re covered by anything else she’s a filthy sinner? Oh, yeah that makes a lot of sense. You alleged Christians out there might want to rethink that argument.
    Also, she didn’t go out of her way to condemn gay marriage. She was asked her opinion and she gave it Should she have lied and given the politically correct answer? That wouldn’t have been hypocritical.
    What is hypocritical is the absence of tolerance shown for her opinion by pro gay marriage folks who expect others to be tolerant of them.

  38. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    Interesting pic, doesn’t make her look like a snide stuck-up b*itch at all.

  39. JRook says:

    Geez, like it isn’t obvious she will say and do anything to extend her 15 min of fame. Bottom line is she came in second and thus might want to show some class and let the winner enjoy the media coverage she earned. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear that she and her PR and business managers did not release the photos. As for her views on anything, frankly her opinion is no more noteworthy than anyone else on the planet.

  40. jared says:

    I can’t believe all the talk hype this girl is getting for stamdimg up and holding to her morals. She is a good looking gal and hey no one but the haters are opposed to her posing nude. Maybe the gays should be smeared for plastering her nude image all over the net.JERKS!! anyhoo let her live her life.

  41. mr.awesome says:

    that’s why i’m aiming to go to hell!! coz once i’m in hell i’ll probably have a better chance of bangin’ prejean. c’mon peps! do you actually think she goin’ to heaven??..

  42. Larry C says:

    There’s one person responsible for all of the attention and positive press she’s received. Namely, the gay judge who asked her the question and then threw a vile hissyfit about her answer. He accomplished as much for gay rights as OJ did for affirmative action. If anyone is a self promoter in all if this it’s him.

  43. Jenna says:

    I am almost willing to bet that Perez Hilton hired some crack team to hack into the woman’s computer and get anything he could out of it. O_O Hey… it’s possible. :P

  44. John M says:

    It’s funny how many people preach tolerance … until someone disagrees with them. Then they become the most intolerant people around. Way to go Carrie for standing up for what’s right.

  45. Ron in Calif. says:

    She is hot as hell. Leave her alone. I want to bitch slap those little gay boys.

  46. Ron in Calif. says:

    She can be naked all she wants. How could you not love her. If you people dont want her I will gladly take her.

  47. N Waff says:

    Let me guess, the same liberals who defended a 15 child year old child, Miley Cyrus, being photographed topless are now bashing the adult Carrie Prejean for the same. This is just another example of the schizophrenic morals of liberalism.
    This has nothing to do with morality but everything to do with those who hate Christians and Christian morals doing everything they can to smear and bash Christians. It sounds to me like Prejean regrets these pictures. Yes, Virginia, there is an Anti-Christ and many followers.

  48. CeeJay says:

    Larry, You’ve said it best. We’ve all worked towards tolerance for gay rights yet the pendulum seems to have swung way too far in the other direction (which usually happens in these types of situations). I’m beginning to get a little embarrassed about how all of this is playing out. I’m pro “tolerance” and that means tolerant of everyone’s opinions and lifestyles. Isn’t passing judgment on someone else’s values the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve here? Re-read some of the posts here and you will see what I mean. There is blatant animosity and anger toward this woman for giving a direct answer when asked her “opinion” of something. Shame, shame shame on all of you.

  49. hyporcite says:

    I has EVERYTHING to do with the Chtistrian Right Preaching Their own Morality onto others, while Not heeding their own words.

    Christrian Right (AKA the party of “NO”) says “Don’t have premarital sex, Don’t visit prostitutes, Don’t have Gay sex, Don’t do Drugs, don’t etc…” While they are pandering for sex in restrooms, having affairs, or addicted to Opiates like Rush.

    I have no problem with her photos, hell, I like to look at them, But don’t be a hyporcite.

    BTW, the bitch is stupid. “we are in a free country to choose”. If we were “free to choose” we wouldn’t be having this conversation!

    Lesson for the day: Don’t be a hyporcite!!

    Her photos are is NOT the issue, Her NOT disclosing them IS the issue, A clear violation of the pagents rules.

    So let her be fired and she can continue to be a hyporcite for the Right.
    In a few years she’ll be unwed and pregnant preaching abstinence.

  50. Eric says:

    Perez Hilton and all the rest of the people bashing Carrie should be ashamed of themselve. She spoke the truth and stood for her beliefs. Just because they are not your beliefs does not mean they are wrong. She is a strong beautiful women who is honorable and graceous. She is just as entitled to her opinion as you are. Leave her alone! This blog is a disgrace!

  51. Trashaddict says:

    N Waff, Just what the hell (oops, no pun intended) do you think a liberal is?
    Let a liberal tell you this: topless Miley Cyrus pics are just as disgusting; it’s all mercenary pandering to the god of $$$. Miley’s selling herself (or her dad is?) just like Miss Cali Girl is. It’s all the same.
    Consider the “liberal” opinion as being anti-hypocrisy, not anti-Christian.

  52. Dilip says:

    Where are the nude pictures ? I am yet to see just one !

  53. Hooty says:

    Idiots. Where in the bible does it say you can’t be nude? Do you jerk-offs even read the bible? Just because she doesn’t think that the anatural selection of eating one’s own kind (read between the lines dumb-asses)is wrong and she beautifies herself, plastic or otherwise, does not make her immoral, nor a hypocrite.

    Christians cuss. Christians like sex. Christians even like dirty sex. Christians make mistakes. Christians just (try to)follow Jesus Christ. We need him, that’s why we follow him – it doesn’t insure us from issues, nor ensure one of perfection; Far from it.

    Just like feeling good about the fact that you like tofu, saved a tree last week, and have a soft place in your heart for the poor freaks, doesn’t mean you have an IQ over 70.

  54. SHAFTER says:

    I just don’t understand these gay having a say about this whole issue, look i happen to agree with anyone marrying someone they love. But i do not agree with anyone that will rubbish someone that disagrees with their view that maybe unfavourable to their pursuits and find now that i may change my view on gay marriage as they seem to me to be unreasonable people in point being that we hetro beins have accepted all that they have dished out to dated.
    hey it all takes time be resonable your gay rights will always lose to our free speach.

  55. Billy Bob American says:

    When thinking of piece of s**t human beings, this woman climbs to the top of the charts. She represents everything I abhor about right wing Christians whom have basically ruined our country and planet over the decades. On one hand they spout “Christian values” then drive the less fortunate into the ground, burn resources, start wars, and line their pockets without care or thought of what it will do to the rest of humanity or planet. She truly is the poster child of self important, self inflated, egotistical human waste we have. PUUUUKE has more value. SO put on more make up, pump in some more silicone, discuss the importance of your clothing budget and disapear into OBLIVION PLEASE!

  56. Mark says:

    If Carrie wants to be biblically correct she needs to refresh herself on this passage.

    “Do not judge LEST YOU BE JUDGED yourselves. For in the WAY you judge, you will be judged; and by YOUR STANDARD OF MEASURE, it shall be measured to YOU.” (Matt 7:1&2)

    Christians though always seem to forget this verse. Imagine that!

  57. SixxKitty says:

    Her face looks like concrete in that last pic, geez, shes aging right in front of me!!! My eyes, My Eyes…
    Not a fan…

  58. mikey says:

    I’m a lapsed Christian but, given the latest twist w/Carrie Prejean, am mulling a return to the flock. I’d be even more motivated, though, by any shots-in-waiting of Ms. Calipornia with, say, Ms. Texas, hosing down their pooches on a hot day or at home, “whipping” up a souffle in a 700 Club apron.

  59. Scooter says:

    I’m surprised how critical people are of someone who says they are religous yet are so sensitive when the believers say anything about their lifestyle. A true believer is a sinner. Anyone who claims not, is a kook! Are faith leads us to be more Christ like. MORE! is the key word there. At least we try. We haven’t given in to every selfish desire just to get noticed….Besides, from what I know, she was no more nude then your average model in Victoria secret. I think a lot of people need to muture a little. We have biger problems then this.

  60. Christiantoo says:

    It’s so like hypocrites like yourselves to think that Christians are sinless. This is why God sent His only Son to die for our sins, because the Lord lived as man and felt the temptations of evil…like you. We Christians believe the Lord died for our sins and we ask HIM (only) for forgiveness.

    WHO died for YOUR sins? WHO do you ask to forgive you of YOUR sins? …yeh, who has no sin throw the first stone.

  61. Naughty Monkey says:

    Naughty Monkey is a fashion footwear company.
    Naughty Monkey does not make political statements in the hiring of its models.
    Naughty Monkey also does not ask the political views or beliefs of the models when hiring them.
    Naughty Monkey is an equal opportunity organization.
    Naughty Monkey used the services of Ms. Carrie Prejean prior to the Miss USA 2009 pageant.
    There is no ad campaign currently being run by Naughty Monkey involving Ms. Prejean.

  62. Bodhi says:

    @ Christiantoo, Hooty & all the rest…

    Show me a passage where Jesus condemned homosexuality. I’ll wait for ya…

    Oh WAIT! Thats right, Jesus never uttered a single word about homosexuality. Not a one. He was busy preaching love, understanding, & tolerance. He hung out with tax collectors, prostitutes, & every other manner of “lower society”.

    Homosexuality is condemned in the Old Testament (aka the Torah) which btw Hooty, also takes issue with Noah’s nakedness. Re-read your Genesis.

    And what the fuck does being an environmentalist have to do with this discussion? Are you implying that people who care about the environment &/or support gay rights are mentally handicapped?

    Edit: Oh & she looks like a complete raging bitch in that last picture

  63. Wilbur says:

    As long as isn’t against premarital sex she’s my kind a gal!

  64. Raquel says:

    One would hope that our Miss America contastants would at least have some class.

  65. O says:

    I think she is correct. Marriage needs to be between a Man and a Woman. Unions need to be between gay couples.

  66. Tristen says:

    Her Photos arent NUDE … nude is penthouse or something like that….and the treatment of this woman for just speaking her opinion has been rediculous…THIS IS AMERICA and she has the right to FREEDOM of SPEECH … she was polite and respectful and gave her opinion…this witch hunt against her is pathedic and all of you people who insult her need to grow up….the pro gay marriage group better hope all who dont believe in gay marriage dont treat you in the same way as you are treating this young woman…SHE HAS A RIGHT TO HER OPINION….

  67. gena says:

    the passage of condemming homosexuality? obviously you have never read about the destruction of sodom and gamora..homosexuality was the whole reason for it. I dont think these pics are slutty at all, they are very tasteful, and get real most know it they looked like her, you would be having your pics taken by any boyfreind,girlfreind, you know!

  68. sam says:

    Carrie Prejean is claming that she is being attacked because of her views on same sex marriage. Maybe. “Christens” have attacked and condemned anything and everything they don’t understand through all of history, with impunity. Remember the Winston Salem witch hunts. Keeping women and minorities from the vote. Opposing civil rights and killing Dr. King because he dared speak. Opposing J.F. Kennedy for President because he was Catholic. Opposing inter-racial marriage… I can go on and on. Now it’s the homosexuals they are after.
    They continue to use the bully pulpit to impose there narrow views and shove there form of morality (as Prejean did) down the throats of captive audiences. They attempt to hold the rest of us to a higher standard then they live by. Why? Because “as christens we are not perfect, we are forgiven.” The implication is, we have the Lord in our hearts and you don’t, therefore we, not you, are forgiven.
    Ms. Prejean, this is the history that you voluntarily attached yourself to and you continue to perpetuate. I watched as you stood before the world proclaiming your “christen morals,” whatever the hell that means. You as a “17 year old” christen posed semi-nude to advance your standing in this world (not christen like). Then you had a boob job, I personally don’t give a rats ass. However if your God is all that, why did you feel the need to change what he created? You lied on your Miss America application. On top of all that you (and all christens) want to tell the rest of us how we should live.
    I don’t know if you deserve the attacks from the rest of us. I do know that the rest of us, today and throughout history have never deserved the death and destruction that your “christen” attitude has and continues to cause throughout the world. May your God bless you. As for me I denounce your kind of God.

  69. Brad says:

    What the hell guys? Just because she is a Christian does not mean she herself is the Lord. She will sin. Everybody has sinned. She is not perfect. Not to mention.. why do people keep calling her little miss holier than thou? She RESPECTFULLY said she disagrees with gay marriage. She was not mean about it, not hateful in any way.. she simply agreed to disagree, and you people try to visciously rip her apart because she has a different belief. A pretty popular belief at that. I thought people who support gay marriage are suppossed to be accepting and tolerant.. not close-minded and hateful.

    Secondly, since when is posing nude a sin? I don’t think God will give two shits. We came into this world naked. The human body is God’s creation, so why is it a sin to reveal it? Answer: It’s not. AND, on top of that, she reavealed NOTHING! She is covered up.

    People, you need to learn to accept that people have different beliefs than your own. People talk about Christians being close-minded.. yet progressive liberals are the most hateful, most close-minded people ever. Because she had a different political opinion, these dirtbags attack her womanhood, her looks, her faith, her parents, and her intelligence with nasty personal attacks.

    You people make me sick.

  70. Bodhi says:

    gena~ Re-read my comment. I said that Jesus never uttered a word about homosexuality, which is 100% true. The passages condemning homosexuality are found in the Old Testament (& its condemned in more than just the Sodom & Gamora story), the part that was around WAY before Jesus. Jesus never said anything about homosexuality.

    Seriously people, read the Bible, the whole thing, before you use cherry picked passages as weapons

  71. Larry C says:

    Bodhi, homosexuality is is not just condemned in the Old Testament. It’s also condemned in the New Testament in Romans, I Corinthians, I Timothy and Jude. Jesus preached for a few years so there are likely many things from his sermons that didn’t make it into the abreviated account in Mathew thru John. Why would Jesus even need to preach against sodomy? A person doesn’t need to be religious to figure out that it’s not a good idea for a man to put feces on his genitals. Just from a public health standpoint, sodomy should be illegal. The morality of it is a separate issue.

  72. yawn says:

    wow a lot of hoopla over what some girl says.. she only knows what she’s been brought up to believe.. between her family and her surroundings..

    and they are certainly milking these pics arent they… most people would have forgotten about this girl pretty quickly.. but first the rumor of pics.. now more rumors.. now someone has them.. was she 17 or 18… this girl is going to become even more famous from all of this..

    good for her =)

  73. yawn says:

    oh and anyone have a link for the pics.. even tho i hate fake tits i still wanna see them.

  74. Jedi Rock says:

    Look, I believe in equal protection under the law for any citizen/taxpayer protected by the U.S. Constitution. I may not agree with Carrie’s views but she did answer the question truthfully and should not be punished or criticized for being honest. That question should of been applied to all of the contestants or not asked at all. She’s still very young and has not experienced life as a mature adult. When she realizes one day that one’s faith or religious views are their own and that the U.S. Constitution doesn’t discriminate based on being straight, gay or bi. Equal protection under the law means just that! Equal protection! Read the constitution. I don’t want anyone pushing their religious views on me but I’m tolerant of others views. I have my own beliefs as does everyone else but the U.S. Constitution should unite us all to have a free conscious and different points of view. “Give to Cesar what is Cesar’s and give to God what is Gods. Jesus of Nazareth. Let be tolerant of one another. Variety is the spice of life ;->

  75. man says:

    men! I would like to see them!!! :)

  76. Obrazki says:

    She is really nice though! I will put her pic on the web

  77. tapety says:

    I am in love with her… no kidding :)