Emmy Rossum in white Wes Gordon at the Emmys: classic or boring?

There were many women in white last night at the Emmys, and generally that would be a safe-ish choice (although I would be so worried about staining my dress with makeup especially) but some took it to the extreme with bizarre shapes and cutouts. Emmy Rossum was not one of those people. She was in a very classic Wes Gordon gown that made her look somewhat timeless. That dress could be worn in just about any era. That said, I would have liked to have seen some kind of detailing, like a subtle pattern or different fabric. Still, she was there as a plus one for her fiance, Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail, and to support William H. Macy, her costar in Shameless. Shameless has won some acting awards but it seems under-recognized for how long it’s been on the air (seven seasons!) and the caliber of show it is.


Also under appreciated is The Americans, one of my favorite dramas. Margot Martindale won for guest actress for the second year in a row, but that’s it. Hopefully it will take home some Emmys next year. Keri Russell was in this white Stephanie Rolland gown which was like a too-large mini dress with a train. I don’t get this at all, but let’s just look at how hot she is with Matthew Rhys. I love them.



Tracee Ellis Ross was up for lead actress in a comedy, which went to Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She had on a custom white asymmetric Ralph Lauren dress with a side cutout and a chiffon train. Someone tweeted us that this looked like Bjork’s swan dress without the swan but that was a much different dress. This really isn’t that bad.



Here’s Heidi Klum, in this custom beaded Michael Kors. This has a bra, a side cutout, a giant slit, one shoulder and one spaghetti strap. I’ve seen her look much worse, and this is averagely fug, for her. Stick that leg out.


Felicity Huffman was nominated for lead actress in a limited series, for American Crime, which went to Sarah Paulson. She was also there to support her husband, William H. Macy, who always kills it on Shameless. His category, lead actor in a comedy, went to Jeffrey Tambor for Transparent. Felicity and William have been married for 19 years and she always looks like she adores him. In fact she’s said as much in interviews. She was in Tony Ward Couture, in a long sheath gown with a tulle train that fit her like a glove. I really like the abstract leaf/floral pattern on the dress.



photos credit: WENN and FameFlynet

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  1. Chaine says:

    Keri– oh dear. This is what happens when you wake up, realize you have a red carpet to walk, but there is nothing to wear except a pillowcase and a sheet.

  2. CornyBlue says:

    I cannot believe Emmy has never been nominated for an Emmy while Macy keeps getting nominated time and again. She looks beautiful.

    • Lipreng says:

      I still can’t believe she wasn’t nominated for season two of Shameless!

    • Michelina says:

      Totally agree! Emmy is the real star of that show in my opinion. William H. Macy is an excellent actor, but Frank is barely even a factor on the show anymore. For me, Emmy carries it now. She deserves a nomination.

    • Coco says:

      It’s because showtime fought to have Shameless in the comedy category so Macy and Cusak could rack up the nominations as they are/were the better known stars. Emmy Rossum’s character/story arc is dramatic, not comedic, so it’s why she is never nominated, unfortunately. She’s the best thing about Shameless.

  3. Lucretia says:

    I love Felicity and William, but she looks like she’s had work done, which would be disappointing.

    Actually loved Keri’s look, but when she came out to present I was concerned she was going to flash us — super short! Then she twirled her train away from her left leg in what looked like a LEG flashback to Angelina.

    • lilacflowers says:

      Felicity looked like she had a lot of work done that went bad. I only recognized her last night because she was with Bill.

  4. Lipreng says:

    That picture of Emmy and Sam looking at each other is adorable!

  5. Gena says:

    Felicity looked gorgeous.

    I actually liked Tracee’s outfit a lot. I didn’t think it would be that controversial!

  6. lilacflowers says:

    Tracee’s spectacular earrings. That is all. That is all there needs to be.

  7. Aiobhan says:

    Tracee is the best of the bunch. I’m also a little bummed out that Tracee didn’t win ( I knew she wasn’t but I had a little hope) for Blackish because she is consistently fantastic and hilarious on that show.

    William H Macy is a fine actor but Shameless sucks so hard. It is ott and repetitive; the only reason I am watching it is because I have a bad habit of needing to finish every show that I start, even if I feel my soul slipping from my body when I watch it.

    Heidi’s dress is predictably atrocious. The only thing that I like is the color.

    Keri is a sad trombone.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      I actually LOL’d at your comment. I have the same compulsion to watch shows to the end, no matter how far past their prime they get. My current problem is Vampire Diaries (thank god this is the last season). I am very proud of myself for stepping away from a couple shows over the years–Criminal Minds has run way past it’s prime and started giving me nightmares, so I gave it up a few years ago. I’ve even started leaning toward watching shows that are already over on dvd because then I know there is a definite ending. That way I feel like the show and I are just casually dating instead of feeling like I’m signing my life away.

  8. Michelina says:

    Emmy is one of the celebrities whose closet I WISH I could raid. She has such great style and really knows what works for her. She looked beautiful. Tracee looked beautiful also.

    Heidi should’ve stayed home. That dress is tacky.

  9. QQ says:

    I don’t Understand Kerr’s Dress but It’s not Anna Clumsky’s Dress .. it looks Modern. Emily Is always a snooze, I Mean a Pretty snooze

    I Liked Tracy’s dress more from far away than Up close or even from the back, that ruching looked hideous from the back up close

    Heidi: Continually graded on a Curve.. this is objectively Awful/cheap Looking but for Heidi is a Win

  10. serena says:

    I’m sad Shameless doesn’t get more attention, because it’s a really good show. Also, they put William H. Macy in the comedy category?? Wtf, that’s not right. Shameless has many comic moments but it’s mostly dramatic.

    I saw a lot of commets about how Macy’s character is not that much important anymore, but I don’t think so. I think Frank is one of the backbone of the show, along with Fiona (Emmy) and they should both win for their talent.

  11. Pants says:

    Emmy and Felicity both looked stunning. Shameless might have gotten more awards attention if (1) they didn’t try to run in the wrong category (2) they promoted some of the other great talent they have/had on the show (Emmy, Jeremy Allen White, Noel Fisher) and (3) hadn’t started slowly ruining their great show after season 4.

  12. Pants says:

    Also, I love Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys. They’re both so great on The Americans and their chemistry is through the roof. I hope they both win someday!

  13. Mimz, says:

    I just came to say.. That Emmy looked ravishing, and that Tracee deserved to win.
    Also – We never saw it here at CB, but I have watched a few interviews of Tracee and Anthony, and methinks something is going on there.
    She never speaks of her personal life, but when they are together he can’t stop touching her. Not in a friendly way. And he separated from his wife of almost two decades shortly after Blackish began. I mean, marriages end, but he clearly has the hots for her.
    Also – on her IG she wished him a happy birthday recently, he said “thanks my tv fake wife and real life girlfriend”.
    Ok maybe I’ve been stalking them a little. (in my defense, now IG has an algorithm of some sort that when you see the pic on your newsfeed, it shows comments from people you follow or famous people – I’d never go fishing for comments, not even for gossip!)

  14. elle_gr says:

    what happened to Heidi Klum? I was just checking this list and saw this post of Heidi at the Emmys in 2007 and she looked stunning and elegant there and now she is looking sad and thirsty.. Such pity http://media.vogue.com/r/h_960,w_960//wp-content/uploads/2014/08/best-emmy-looks-3.jpg 🙁