OctoMom lied, isn’t getting uterus partially removed


Ugh, Nadya Suleman was lying when she claimed she was having half of her uterus removed. OctoMom is having a myomectomy procedure done, which is where the fibroids are removed from the uterus. Just typing that made me a little nauseous. Anyway, OctoMom is now saying she “exaggerated” the procedure, and this myomectomy will actually improve her fertility. Jaybird was right when she did the original reporting on the story, OctoMom totally exaggerated/lied about the procedure and is now trying to walk it back. But no fears, because Nadya is still giving us her word that she doesn’t want any more kids. Right. Because fourteen is when you should stop and reflect.

Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman says she wants to clear up some confusion about her upcoming surgery.

In an exclusive new interview with RadarOnline.com, Suleman says she “exaggerated” when she recently said she was having half of her uterus removed and that she wouldn’t be able to have any more children. She says she’s actually having a “myomectomy”, a procedure in which doctors remove fibriods from the uterus.

She says the operation will actually “enhance” her fertility, but that she does not intend to have any more children.

Suleman spoke with RadarOnline.com as she took three of her older children to Griffith Observatory In Los Angeles, overlooking the beautiful Hollywood Hills.

[From Radar Online]

Fibroids are no joke, and I’ve heard of this procedure and procedures like it for women who have fertility issues. Myomectomy is in no way like a hysterectomy, partial or full. From my own research, it seems Nadya is correct when she says this procedure could actually improve her fertility. More little Sulemans are definitely possible. And this woman is crazy enough to do it, too.

Here’s Octomom out and about on April 28th. Images thanks to BauerGriffinOnline and Pacific Coast News.

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23 Responses to “OctoMom lied, isn’t getting uterus partially removed”

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  1. PrincessJay says:

    WHY are her 15 mins of fame still not up?

  2. Belle Epoch says:

    It’s none of the above. It’s a tummy tuck – she found a medical excuse to go in there, and now WE get to pay for it! That has been her MO all along. Ha ha, joke is on us. Again.

    Anybody see the video of her with the babies? This woman does NOT care about kids. It’s creepy the way she drops them and pokes them with those fingernails.

    If the babies make it to age 15, they are going to be very angry Goths.

  3. Gigohead says:

    Who ever called last week, you can collect your money now. I always knew this woman is a nutjob and was most likely going in for some elective tummy reduction or something.

    She unbelievable! I agree with PrincessJay, why is her 15 minutes of fame not over yet.

  4. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    Five minutes and blow torch is all I need…

  5. TaylorB says:

    I feel a persons body is their own business and I would like to be clear on that, however, and this is just my opinion in her particular case, it would probably be best if while they are rooting about in her naughty zone they just go ahead and spay her. I am sorry to say that, but this woman seems to be a pathological liar, who has had enough children and should focus on those 14 and not adding more innocent children as a panacea to her obvious emotional issues.

  6. TaylorB says:

    Belle said: “If the babies make it to age 15, they are going to be very angry Goths.”

    Holy hell that was funny as hell… I aspirated my coffee and can’t stop coughing. The mental image alone is just brilliant.

  7. photo jojo says:

    “Because fourteen is when you should stop and reflect.” LOVE IT!!

  8. BiggieShortie says:

    I bet she gave herself a nice tummy tuck/boob tune up for Mother’s Day.
    How on EARTH does she still have “supporters” who defend her against us haters when ALL she does is lie and manipulate?
    SHE chose to make her life public, even if she denies it left and right. She is selling her kids’ souls for media attention, and it is absolutely despicable.

  9. Kathy says:

    A good thing about Octomom being in the media is that there are more eyes watching out for her adorable innocent babies. Even her gross fake finger tips harbor germs and shouldn’t be anywhere near the premies! Maybe she’ll keep getting plastic surgery until her kids won’t be able to recognize her as their mother. She makes her life society’s business as long as we are paying for it. I hope the nannies caring for the kids are good people who truly love them and will protect all the kids.

  10. K.L. says:

    I agree that for once the doctors should do the right thing and give her a sterilization before she can potentially bring more children into the world and into harms way through neglect. She reminds me of those people who hoard animals in their homes. Unfortunately though, children don’t have the same natural resourcefulness and survival instinct, as say, a cat would.

  11. the original kate says:

    she is so loathesome i am shocked there are not califoria taxpayers with torches and sticks outside her house every night.

  12. blubb says:

    will she just go away already??
    she sucks as a human.

  13. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Yeah, I’m not normally EVER a person to say something like this, but I wish whatever doctor is doing this would just sort of “accidentally” sterilize her. I know it won’t happen, but I can dream. I’d be SO ok with it, because fourteen is MORE THAN ENOUGH.

  14. aleach says:

    the only time i ever see/hear about this lady is on this website. shes never on tv anymore (not anything i watch anyways).

  15. gg says:

    She exaggerated? She lied? That’s not like her …

    She said awhile back that the reason they were artificially inseminated is because her tubes are blocked, so I’m sure that’s true as well (not).

    In my experience, having multiple fibroids removed is soon followed by a hysterectomy if you are done having children. But she’s probably not done having them yet, the cow.

  16. ChristinaT says:

    biggie, i don’t think she has supporters, i think she just has people who choose to not give a crap, or at least defend her right to be a crazy human being.

    i don’t feel she’s “lying” to me or to anybody… she has no obligation to disclose anything to us, and i think we should just ignore it even if she chooses to do so.

  17. j. ferber says:

    No, I don’t think she’s done having children yet, either. Just like the Duggars who are pregnant every other year, she’ll just keep going because she can’t stop now. Babies are her business. The second she sees people are losing interest in her, she’ll get pregnant again. She can’t take care of 14; she certainly can’t take care of 20, so bring ‘em on.

  18. tasteT says:

    her next move will be:

    surrogate mother to some star or some sad rich couple..

    Let me stop, you guys crack me up!!
    We all know this is a sick SLICK chick!!

    She CAN stoop lower!

    ps.I thought those damn long creepy nails were out of style..

  19. SixxKitty says:

    Can she be de-sexed while shes there? She would never know, now normally I would never sink this low, but my God, its Octo-Mon, she should be tared, featherd and drawn then quartered for even concidering more children, bugger he ‘fertility’.

  20. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I agree, I can see her getting six more implanted to make it 20. She’s freaking INSANE.

  21. Victoria says:

    “If the babies make it to age 15, they are going to be very angry Goths.” Too funny! Sadley probably true. We can hope those poor children ONLY end up angry Goths.

  22. Nneikha says:

    Jesus!!she’s gotta be a real sicko!!!

  23. Snoopchew says:

    aleach: The reason she is no longer on TV is that the show that had exclusive rights on her used her for ratings and showered her with gifts for the sake of the children and then dumped her because she is an incurable psychotic.