Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, this is really happening


Holy mother of God, this is going to be… omg omg omg, I can’t even think straight and my heart is pounding, I’m so shocked. Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. They have been together since 2005, and they married in 2014. They celebrated their second wedding anniversary less than a month ago, where they allegedly got a hotel room for a night. But now it’s over????? OMG.

Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt and the trigger was a conflict over the kids… TMZ has learned. Jolie filed legal docs Monday citing irreconcilable differences. She’s asking for physical custody of the couple’s 6 children. She is asking the judge to give Pitt visitation. It’s significant …she does not want Brad to have joint physical custody … only joint legal custody.

Sources connected with the couple tell us … Angelina’s decision to file has to do with the way Brad was parenting the children … she was extremely upset with his methods.

We’re told there was no alleged “third person” … her decision to file was solely over Brad’s interaction with their children. Jolie, who’s being repped by disso queen Laura Wasser, is not asking for spousal support. Jolie lists the date of separation as Sept. 15, 2016. They married in August, 2014. They’ve been together since 2004.

[From TMZ]

It’s just about the kids? It’s not about those Marion Cotillard rumors, that Marion and Brad got way too close while filming earlier this year? The way this is being worded… I have no idea. What in the world did Brad do to the kids? What’s even going on anymore? Brangelina Is Over. Hope is dead. There’s no more joy in the world.

Update: TMZ updated their story with this: “Our sources say, Angelina became “fed up” with Brad’s consumption of weed and possibly alcohol, and mixed with what she believes is ‘an anger problem’ became dangerous for the children.” Anger problems, drinking and weed? Hmm…



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  1. tracking says:

    She has always highly praised his parenting, this seems totally out of the blue. And to go so far as to deny him physical custody? Isn’t it weird that they wouldn’t try to work out whatever this is with family counseling?

    • V4Real says:

      I need some popcorn , a glass of wine, some sticky icky or Loud to sit back and watch this shit storm that this post is going to become. 3, 2, 1, go

      • Hudson Girl says:

        Wow wow wow
        Maybe smoking pot around kids/ too casual about hiding it?

      • Rose says:

        I know! I’m meant to be cooking dinner from my kids now. Sod that. I’m here for the evening.

      • greenmonster says:

        May I sit next to you? This is going to be soooooo interesting.

      • Diana B says:

        Yep. Said the same thing downthread. This will get ugly at the speed of light.

      • SpecialK says:

        I was refreshing this site over and over waiting for them to post about this. 11am here. Too early for wine? 😉

      • minx says:

        It’s 10 am Chicago time, but I feel like I need a drink.
        I’m just really shocked!

      • CariBean says:

        Quote from Jezebel’s post about the pedophile ring involving Corey Haim. I tried posting a link but the post kept disappearing.

        “The closeted perv has never come out as gay — and even has children of his own.

        But in truth, the star behind the family-man facade is an evil monster who has led an extraordinarily twisted double-life.

        He was the “kingpin” of a child sex ring that ensnared Haim and Corey Feldman, multiple sources have told Radar over the span of a gut-wrenching, four-year investigation into the Hollywood scandal and cover up.

        “This dirty little secret is an open secret among so many in the biz,” revealed one showbiz insider.”

      • Kitten says:

        Puff puff pass, V4Real. I’m actually bummed about this because I loved them together. On the plus side? The inevitable fanbase implosion 😀

        Also, if people can have a glass of wine around a child then why would one or two pulls of a vape pen be any different?

      • Naya says:

        @CariBean Jeezus, that got dark fast. I see where you are going with that and it is a possibility but I’m witholding judgement for now…I really hope not.

      • huh says:

        Concerning the Corey Haim blind it’s Charlie Sheen. Everyone knows don’t know why the lerv hasn’t been prosecuted.

      • CariBean says:

        I hope you’re right. Time will tell.

      • fanny says:

        OHHHHHHHH HEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL NOOOOOOOOOOO. Mais qu’est ce qui se passe? What the hell is going on? And the kids ? OMG. Aniston must be POPPING THE CHAMPAGNE.

      • SpecialK says:

        I follow Corey Feldman’s Facebook feed and he posted about this last night saying he hopes this is true and the truth can finally be revealed. I have no hate for him- I can’t imagine how hard this must be for him. Timing IS suspect…but I like Brad Pitt, not a big AJ fan, but they seemed to work together. I hope for his family’s sake this isn’t related. ugh

      • Little Darling says:

        Honestly when I heard about this I felt like a kid who had an unexpected fire alarm at school and I’m in the yard looking for friends. Must get on Celebitchy and be amongst my people!!

        @cariBean, the kingpin would be much older than Pitt. Just saying.

      • SpecialK says:

        Enty posted this: This former child/teen actor turned Hugh Hefner wannabe/cautionary tale says that this in the news former A+ list mostly television actor raped the best friend of our former teen actor when the two starred in a movie together.

        Corey Feldman/Charlie Sheen/Corey Haim/Lucas

        and this:

        April 29, 2016

        He is an A+ list mostly movie actor and married to an actress. She is a foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress with a long time significant other. They have spent the better part of a month filming and having sex each day. She is in the country alone. His wife has been in and out of town.

        Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/Marion Cotillard

      • I Choose Me says:

        Holeeeee sh-t. My jaw literally dropped when I saw the headline. And all I can think is oh no! Here go hell come. Sh-t’s about to get crazy in the comment sections everywhere on teh Interwebs.

      • Meg D says:

        The BI is obviously not Sheen, it doesn’t remotely describe him (beloved family man image is the last way anyone would describe Sheen). I have little doubt he may have been involved, but he’s not the individual in this specific BI.

      • Becky says:

        Wow, I literally just saw this on a news feed. It’s all so sudden.

      • emma says:

        @Caribean Brad Pitt wasn’t a big actor in the 1980s, when the Coreys were kids, so I doubt that was him!

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        Hiddleston and many others should send Ms. Angie a fruit basket, the kind dipped in chocolate no less. She just handed them all a “get out of PR Hell free” card. Ain’t no media outlet got time for that….

      • Sarah says:

        I can’t believe people are shocked at this. They’ve been apart for a while. I’m sad for the kids but sometimes relationships born in cheating die in cheating. I have come to like her, so I hope she is doing what’s best for her.

    • Naya says:

      I know! I dont even know what to hope for… that she is spitefully using those babies as a divorce pawn or he is an actual danger to them.

      • Rose says:

        It’s so sudden.

      • Lilly says:

        It’s so weird to question his parenting ability so publicly. It sends out reg flags like ‘abuse’ and that they’re in danger.

        My money’s on cheating, but whatever the truth is, things sound like they are going to get messy…

      • Fiorella says:

        I trust Angie! What is wrong with brad???

      • Little Darling says:

        She’s never struck me as spiteful, or irrational. So unfortunately my gut says there is something to her actions. She loved him and thought he was a wonderful father.

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        I imagine they may end up permanently residing in different countries, since thats a long rumored issue between the two for years. Maybe Angie added that in not because he’s necessarily so terrible but, all things considered, it would be best for the kids to be with her. Otherwise, wouldn’t she be obligated to ship the kids back and forth between countries if they share physical custody? This way he can live next door if he wants to, but the kids don’t have to change their lifestyle.

      • Ronaldinhio says:

        AS a child of divorce herself I doubt she would use her children as pawns

        If it was an affair I think she would out him

        Mebbe just sick of his shit

      • nikko says:

        Team Brad (still love him) I don’t think he’s a danger to the kids. Maybe they’ve seen him high or drunk and that’s what Angie’s upset about. She shouldn’t use the kids to get at him, let him have joint custody and if he acts a fool, then go for visitation only. Thos kids are goingo to be very upset about losing their father especially Zahara.

      • Katherine says:

        nikko, how do you know Brad’s not a danger? You have no clue what’s been going on in that house. I wouldn’t blame Angie one bit if she was upset about the kids seeing Brad high or drunk, she has every right. And, I can’t even stand either of them. Angie needs to do what’s best for those kids, and she’s never been a spiteful person. Yes, the kids will be upset. But, kids often don’t know what’s best for them. That’s why they have people called PARENTS who are supposed to guide them.

    • KB says:

      That’s so bizarre, I mean she’d have to have good reason to want him to share physical custody.

      This is genuinely shocking to me.

    • Carla says:

      Of course she would praise him publicly and act like everything’s fine.

      That story about their hotel room night was probably false.

    • huh says:

      May I join you?

    • doofus says:

      TOTALLY OUT OF THE BLUE. I’m sad for them and their kids.

      but I also wonder WTF happened with his parenting?

    • ladysussex says:

      Sometimes it happens that when one is pi##ed at one’s spouse for whatever reason, one accuses the spouse of neglecting/mistreating/abusing the children and turns it into a custody battle, just to stick it to the other person and make his/her life a living hell. It’s an extremely selfish and wicked thing to do. And it happens. All. The. Time.

      • JolieFangirl says:

        IDK, sole custody — Ange wouldn’t do that for spite. Billy Bob probably sees the kids more than Brad does. And if living separately this long, with her watching kids like hawk (I thought that before this came out: “where’s Brad?”), there’s a reason she’d want control over custody. She’s in full-protection mode here.

        But she’s not asking for “supervised visitation only” either, so she’s not throwing him under the bus really. She just doesn’t think he’s making good decisions with the kids, and that’s legit.

        He’d better stay away from mentioning hormones though. I know her movie was bad, and she comes off as Hillary-style controlling to some (maybe is), but I think the kids would back her up if push came to shove. Brad needs to keep his mouth shut rn. He went all in, and it was for a reason. Whatever his deal is, if he acts right, I bet she’ll be reasonable letting him see the kids as they age. No mother of 6 would want sole custody unless there’s a problem.

        Yeah I know she has on/off relations with her dad, but if anything, she’d AVOID that kind of life for her kids. You don’t cut off your tits and cut out your womb and everything if you TRUST kids will be well cared-for if something MIGHT happen to you. And you don’t write that movie… damn, that was bad.

      • Naya says:

        Jon Voight has issues but I always said that her mother pulled a parental allienation move on them. Maybe Angie is doing as her mother did except using the courts to get her way. We often recreate our parents dynamics without knowing it.

    • someone says:

      Angelina’s mad about something to do it this way. Brad doesn’t strike me as an aggressive parent so I’m guessing it’s a lack of parenting that Angelina got mad about. Like he and Marion went off for a weekend and left all 6 kids with 1 nanny and the kids got into something naughty and that pissed Angelina off.

      • Brea says:

        Yep, she seems really pissed! They didn’t even announce it on a Friday!
        Thinking about it, they spent very little time together this year because of work.

      • Aussie girl says:

        I agree Angie is mad about something with Brad. crazy!! Oh imagine who they will both date next….?
        RIP Brangerlina

        Hit prediction; this thread will rack up the most comments at the end of the year!

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree too – something happened to prompt such a reason for the split. It doesn’t sound like a 3rd party or people who grew apart, but something bad, if she wants custody with only visitation for him. Considering how he’s been all about kids since they got together, it’s really surprising.

        I am legit shocked, and sad for their kids. I hope they don’t get put in the middle of some custody battle, the tabloids alone will be bad enough.

      • Ji-yun says:

        Not that it means anything, but isn’t Marion with Guillaume Canet?

      • theothercleo says:

        @Ji-yun : Yes, she is. And there are rumors that she’s pregnant with their second child . I saw Canet on a french tv show last night and he was very open about their Relationship. So, maybe Brad got Marion pregnant and Canet doesn’t know about their affair. Or, nothing happened and that’s not why Angelina wants a divorce. The second option makes more sense to me.

      • Nicole says:


        I did read Canet had an affair with Charlotte of Monaco

      • Trashaddict says:

        Angie strikes me as getting bored easily and if Brad was toking away all the time, I mean frankly people who are stoned all the time are pretty boring. Just like he said about Jennifer Anniston. It’s also just possible that neither of them was made for monogamy. But watch out when anyone in Hollyweird gets married, or “renews their vows” – that often signals trouble ahead-

    • OllieBird says:

      had to immediately come to this site to see the fallout

    • Whatabout says:

      Since we know very little but the timing. Maybe it has to do with schooling? I don’t know. I’m just swinging in the dark.

      Though it always seemed to come across that she was the more relaxed parent and Brad was a little more structured.

      • DahliaDee says:

        I’m willing to bet it’s something to do with Shiloh. Either that, or he neglected the kids while cheating.

    • OhDear says:

      I have a feeling that it’s something *bad* but she’s trying to preserve the kids’ privacy.

    • Little Darling says:

      I am wondering now if asking for physical custody has more to do with her lifestyle. If she has physical custody, she can choose where to live, how they’re schooled, where they travel and what they are exposed to on a day to day routine.

      • zinjojo says:

        Perhaps one of our legal celebitches can speak about this from a true legal standpoint, but I went through a divorce in California and it is NOT EASY to get physical custody of children if the other parent contests it in any way.

        So I wonder if Brad will challenge the request for physical custody. If that happens, then this may get very ugly and messy, and as we saw when Laura Wasserman repped Johnny Depp, her team is not afraid to throw dirt.

      • Sea Red says:

        I think you may be on to something regarding lifestyle/physical custody re: her potential political career. If she wanted to join the House of Lords she would have to live permanently in London. If she had sole physical custody of the kids, it would be much, much easier for that to happen I’d assume.

      • Esmom says:

        LD, that makes sense and I’d like to think it’s something like that vs something terrible and/or neglectful that Brad might have done. My impression has always been that his family means everything, I can’t imagine him jeopardizing that.

      • Little Darling says:

        @zinjojo I did too and you cannot imagine my surprise after relocating here because my ex moved from New York City where you can actually still file for physical custody and in most cases the mom is awarded it just by default. And Cali you have to have a real reason, usually backed up with a team of child psychologists and mediators to say on the record that your parenting warrants know physical custody.

        It’s not broken out like well they spent most time with their mom so she gets them.

        Hardest lesson of my life!!

      • Jellybean says:

        If she does want sole custody just because she wants to live in London and have full control then I will be extremely disappointed.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        @Little Darling, I agree. I think it is jumping to conclusions to assume that asking for physical custody has some dark background story.

      • Carmen says:

        What if he DOESN’T contest physical custody? To me that would spell either one of two things: either he doesn’t want to be bothered with responsibility for the kids, or else whatever Angie is alleging is true and he has no case. Either way, it’s bad.

        In any event, I hope Angie will continue to let Bill and Jane Pitt have regular contacts and visits with the children.

    • someone says:

      Maybe they did try counseling!

    • Sixer says:

      BBC right now is reporting that the court papers say there are “issues of substance abuse in the home”.

      • V4Real says:

        Please don’t tell me he was letting the kids smoke pot which I believe he still smokes.

      • Sixer says:

        That’s all they said, I’m afraid.

        In other news, British Twitter is calling it BrexPitt. I know there are a great many very sad fans today, but I’ll admit I laughed.

      • Nanea says:

        While I think the marriage’s ending is bad for the kids, I have to agree this BrexPitt moniker is funny!
        A big German newsmag, Der Spiegel, called it BrangeliNo.

      • nicole says:

        Wow, kinda shocked in a way, but they really havent been seen much together for a long time, but still cant beleive it, this could get very messy like Johnny Depps, it looks like it isnt going to be amiacable, wonder is there truth to the rumours about him on the movie set with the french actress, time will tell.

      • Jellybean says:

        Smoking grass on their huge estate? She would have to have more than that.

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        Angelina herself has a past filled with substance abuse. If she thinks Brad is leading her children down the same path I could see her swing to “its over” like a pendulum.

      • boredblond says:

        Hmm.. considering her past (?) use, it sounds a little like calling the kettle black…

    • Tara says:

      First strike. And she is really trying to make him look bad. I’m sure his camp will respond. This is her side of it right now, so…who knows the truth.

    • Kate says:


      I’m sorry, but this is hilarious. ‘GOD BLESS THE JOLIE-PITTS!!”


      I feel for the kids though. That sucks for them. I’m sure they’ll have the support they’ll need.

      • caitlinK says:

        While I certainly don’t see the break up of any marriage as even close to “hilarious,” I find the outpouring of shock and sadness, over a couple none of us knows, rather odd. But then, I find it even stranger that one would refer to it as “hilarious”, especially as, for whatever reason(s), it evidently does upset so many. At any rate, it’s really sad to me only b/c of the children. This will be hard for them. I couldn’t care much less about the lives of their over-privileged, spoiled celebrity parents.

    • SpunkyPR says:

      Who knows, maybe this is a way for her to get him to take her concerns seriously. It ain’t over until the divorce is finalized and based on Halle Berry not going through with her divorce, it can be retracted.

      • V4Real says:

        Jen and Ben are also still hanging in there.

      • Yup, Me says:

        It’s the new celebrity trend. Conscious Uncoup- Never Mind.

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        The divorce can but not the bit about substance abuse and anger issues. For such a private woman to air that out to the world as an ultimatum… I don’t buy it. This move has brought every facet of news and social media down on them, something they’ve worked very hard to avoid over the years. Who knows what will happen in the coming weeks and months, but this is real guys.

    • Megan says:

      I wonder if he was letting the older kids smoke pot with him?

    • JolieFangirl says:

      Isn’t this sad?! I never trusted that Brad, though. Since she wants full custody (and remains besties with her old romances), bet they’re fighting over how kids are being raised.

      Sad because the kids are too damned old for this shit. He married HER and waited long enough, he knew what he was getting in to, so he needs to keep his mouth shut.

      I KNEW that movie was a statement movie. Shit sucked, but she was sending him a message. “By the sea…” I wish she would have dumped him IN THE SEA with some concrete boots.

      (I don’t get into celeb shit that much, but when I do, I come here, lol!)

    • Yolie C. says:

      Page Six is saying that Jolie hired a private investigator who found that Brad and Marion were having an affair… Not sure how much stock to put in that…

    • Alexis says:

      I credit Jolie’s account fully. On the topic of “out of the blue,” life is really long and heavy drug use can change people. To compare with the Johnny Depp debacle, which is in all aspects probably more extreme than this, I doubt Depp was as out of control with his drug use and temper with previous partners. Pitt probably didn’t engage in the type of behavior Jolie found unacceptable until very late in their relationship. Pitt and Depp are also dealing with the realities of aging.

      Whatever it is, I’m inclined to think the divorce was NOT caused by an affair with Cotillard or anyone else. Or at least, not just an affair. Jolie seems too urbane and child-oriented to melodramatically file a divorce mid-week due to cheating. She might be intolerant of cheating, and want to unpartner after it, but I don’t think the divorce would look like this if all it was was an affair. Certainly not the full custody of the kids bit. Something like negligent child care and/or inappropriate drug use would be my guess. But that’s a lot less sexy than an affair and the opportunity to pit two women against one another.

    • g.lamerek says:

      We do not know what happens behind closed doors of our own family ,there’s no way to know 2 strangers. Sometimes love is not enough,especially when they’re children involved. Peoples mag site has comments and people are truly stupid. To quote some, what do you expect when she adopted so many kids, she’s not a real woman anymore.
      The main story is he has a substance problem,which makes sense with anger issues. If its reached divorce, i can only assume they have been trying to fix this. Obviously it did not work. I respect her devotion to her family and humanitarian work and Pitts also. We rooted for them but in the end its nobodies business.

      • emma says:

        Yes it’s true.
        And maybe with SO many children, and being so busy with movie-starring and humanitarianing, they neglected their relationship with each other.

      • Jwoolman says:

        Actually, anger issues doesn’t sound like weed. Alcohol is more likely to bring that out. Or sobriety….

    • Lindsay says:

      It is pretty clear what happened. According to my research gerbils live about six years, longer if they are well cared for, like let’s say jet setting celebrity pets… The same research indicates they bought the gerbils between Aug 22 and Aug 29, 2009. So they probably died recently.

      Y’all were calling them the Gerbils of Doom. Don’t you feel silly now? They were clearly the glue holding that relationship together.

      #GerbilTruther #WakeUpSheeple

    • HeyThere! says:

      How did I miss this yesterday?!?!?! I honestly can’t believe it!!! Somewhere she-who-shall-not-be-named is like finally I will quite being mentioned… 🙁 I’m sad for the kids. Brad most have messed up very badly. Idk. Idk what to think or say?! So crazy!!!

    • Va Va Kaboom says:

      I think the request for sole physical custody may be so they don’t have to ship the kids back and forth between countries. It may not be as bad as it sounds…. maybe? Its that part that shocks me the most about the announcement.

      • Sticks says:

        I agree Va Va. I think she’s coming out swinging not necessarily because he did something so terrible but that her lifestyle is so transient that she wants/needs to make sure she can manage her life more easily with the kids post-divorce. Brad may not want this so she’s making sure she’s got a leg up in the negotiations process.

    • Embee says:

      I think she replaced her drug addictions with the children/motherhood; no way she’s giving up the kids.

    • escondista says:

      Her films tend to dictate the course of her love life. Last year, the couple starred together in her “By the Sea,” playing a glamorous couple vacationing together in France while their marriage was on the rocks.
      Suddenly their marriage was on the rocks.

    • Amanda says:

      Serious question?where the hell did all the die hard brangeloonies go?are they in mourning?I have not seen one of them on this thread.
      Are they not embarrassed to comment?
      Brad most have done something major for Angelina to divorce him.
      She is not a women who puts up with crap though IMO.
      Very interesting about Marion.
      Its Mr and Mrs smith all over again and now she is pregnant?
      Star magazine actually got this one right.
      I feel bad for those kids though
      Hope it stays relatively peaceful for their sake

  2. Anna says:


    • Aussie girl says:

      This has blown me away!!

      • EM says:

        Not me – I actually thought that they would burn out at some point but I think that there is a lot more than the reasons given. Perhaps he did cheat on her – always a cheater and all that (sadly).

    • Nancy says:

      No Mr. & Mrs. Smith Part Deux I’m guessing. It seems strange she’s always openly praised him as a father…….but she did cut her dad out of her life when he let it slip she had Maddox. She’s a strange one to me, but as always, it’s the kids you worry about.

      • Pri says:

        Hey guys, there is that story of Knox and Maddox fighting with each other in New Orleans where Brad was for his charity…apparently Mike Holmes stepped in to stop it. Maybe there are discipline issues?

      • Brittney B. says:

        Seriously? She didn’t cut her dad out of her life because he “let it slip she had Maddox”… she cut him out of her life for going to the press, calling her unstable, and saying she “needed help” BEFORE she even had Maddox. He could have jeopardized her adoption, and it was only the latest and most public example of him betraying her. They were estranged before that, too, thanks to his awful behavior during her childhood.

      • Aussie girl says:

        @PRI can you post a link pretty please or give more deets..?

      • Becki says:

        @Pri- I need to know more about that story, MIke Holmes got involved?! I Love that guy! So interesting LOL

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I know, I’m so shocked about this! Who knows what the real story is behind it all. Time will tell.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I’m not surprised. Strangely, when they wed was when I got the feeling that they were having problems. I thought it possible that they were having a “Band-Aid” wedding instead of a Band-Aid baby. Pure speculation on my part of course.
      I truly hope that this doesn’t get nasty because those children don’t deserve it. If Brad and Angie can keep their stuff so tightly contained for all these years then they can certainly do it now when it really matters.

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        I thought the same thing! Brad and Angie had the wedding as a bandaid for their children, likely after a rough patch to prove to the kids the family would stick together. From all published details it was the kid’s wedding, not Brangelina’s.

  3. TwistedDiamondHeart says:

    WHOA! Out of all the couples, I really thought they would make it.

    • TrueStory says:


      • Aussie girl says:

        Thinking more on the matter, maybe they classed over parenting styles. Brads parents are conservatives I think??? Perhaps he wanted to be more traditional by forcing Shiloh into more feminine stuff??? But truthly Brad doesn’t the “type”. This is all here say mind you. Oh to be a fly on the wall at their place.

      • Lic says:

        I’m shocked! Well, this is the gossip bomb of the year..and we all had no clue.

        @Aussie girl I don’t know, you can’t file for divorce just because you don’t like parenting skills of your partner – unless it’s something that puts the kids in danger of course. This will be messy.

      • V4Real says:


        Yep, very messy. Even Jen hasn’t made any complaints that Ben is a bad father. Shit has definitely hit the fan in the Jolie-Pitt household for her to accuse Brad of bad parenting after publicly praising him for his parenting skills.

      • Amanda says:

        How you get them is how you lose them…

    • nicole says:

      The problem is they have too much money, too many homes, too much everything and you are not happy when you have everthing, you really have nothing.

      • Lady Mimosa says:

        Wow, it always been about the kids, the whole relationship. I don’t think an affair is the problem, don’t they have an open marriage?

  4. Bex says:

    I actually gasped.

  5. kennedy says:


    They are the most talked about couple in the world – in modern cinema history – in tabloid history – IN… dear god, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!

    What was Brad doing to the kids?

    • greenmonster says:

      Very good question. Visitation rights is for the Charlie Sheens of this world, but Brad Pitt?

    • Nancy says:

      It has to be big as I said up thread, she always gushed what a good father he was. At long last the famous threesome nightmare is over! JK…..they will be fine…..but SIX KIDS who appeared to love their dad will now only get visits. Dayum………

    • East says:

      When I read that, my first thought was “drugs changes people, they become aggressive, marijuana is not safe”. Then I went to TMZ, and there it was: alleged substance abuse.

      • Brittney B. says:

        If you think marijuana makes people aggressive, you clearly don’t have much experience with people who actually use it.

      • SpunkyPR says:

        I believe alcohol was also mentioned which could lead to aggression but the people I know who smoke marijuana are very laid back and non-aggressive. Maybe it’s the kind of weed they get out here?

      • Tara says:

        I never in my life met an angry stoner. That’s not the true story.

      • Cookiejar says:

        I’ve been around a few, against my will. They don’t make people violent by consumption, but they tend to be violent by nature, they do engage in antisocial behaviour, after all, more likely to be violent.

        And before anyone sings the praises of weed, let me tell you: it smells nasty to all but the users, disgusting smell that will leave the place reeking, and dulls the 2nd hand smokers’ senses against their will. It’s horrible.

        When I had such specimens as roommates, it was the most miserable time of my entire life.

      • Brittney B. says:

        @SpunkyPR, mixing alcohol and weed can have adverse effects, but weed itself is pretty much the anti-alcohol, anti-aggression drug. I don’t even like calling it a drug; it’s a plant that grows in the ground and changes lives with its medical benefits.

        Not that weed can’t play a role in bad parenting… but no, I doubt it’s the kind of weed your friends get. There are basically two kinds of weed: sativa and indica, and many fall somewhere in the middle (hybrids). Neither are linked to aggression; both are linked to calmness and happiness.

        Also, @cookiejar… there are MANY ways to consume that don’t involve lingering bad odors (or any odor at all). Vaping, for one. Edibles, for another. I’m sorry your roommates had such poor hygiene and ventilation (it sounds like they smoked indoors, didn’t clean their pieces, didn’t vaporize, etc.) but please don’t believe your experience was universal. You’ve probably worked and socialized with plenty of regular smoker and weed users without even realizing it. Confirmation bias is real!

      • JenniferJustice says:

        I don’t believe this about pot. Alcohol maybe because that does make some people mean and abusive. But pot? Pot chills people. They don’t get aggressive – they get dopey. So, why even mention that? I don’t believe this is about what sh’es saying this is about. Something happened or she found out about something and it wasn’t drugs. Sorry, but AJ might be better than she was, but I don’t believe for one moment that she is solid sober all the time. I think she still dabbles, but doesn’t get caught up in it and I’m not talking about weed.

      • East says:

        Britney B.

        On the contrary. But I watch with sober eyes.

      • east says:

        I just want to clarify.

        It is not only my experience, but also friends who have lived with (and have children with) people who regularly smokes cannabis.

        People who smokes cannabis more or less daily can in the blink of an eye become aggressive, so aggressive it’s scary. These are people who work full time, who can keep it together most of the time, but all of a sudden they just completely changes. This is something sober people realize when they live with people who are addicted to cannabis. Is cannabis as dangerous as meth or heroine? I wouldn’t say that. Is cannabis safe? No.

      • Kitten says:

        LOL @ the demonization of weed on this thread.
        @Cookiejar-would you say this to a cancer patient who takes marijuana medicinally? No offense, but I would hope that the cancer patient would tell you to eff off if you complained about the smell of her medicine.

        Also, to echo what Brittney B said: what does my vape pen and weed candy smell like? Ah, I love people who know absolutely nothing about marijuana lecturing others about it. Funny stuff…

        @east-JUST STOP. Seriously. I mean, if you actually believe the lies you’re putting forth then I’m telling you this for your own good: the misinformation you’re spreading won’t mean much when marijuana is legalized for recreational use on a federal level. It WILL happen in our lifetime so you should get with the program sooner rather than later.

        (or maybe I’m just a case of a regular weed-smoker getting “scary” and “aggressive” LOLOL)

      • Sixer says:

        But even if weed and/or anger issues is the problem, it doesn’t necessarily mean he was behaving aggressively towards the kids.

        Perhaps she wanted him not to smoke in front of them? And they had rows about it during which he got very angry?

        Perhaps one of the older kids pinched some of Dad’s stash and smoked it? He didn’t think it was the end of the world and she did? They had rows about it during which he got very angry?

        I can think of dozens of scenarios in which one or other could get cross over something to do with pot smoking that doesn’t involve actual abuse.

      • Betsy says:

        Is it news to some people that marijuana causes aggression in a small sub-set of users, primarily heavy, long-term users?

        The father of marijuana research, Melchoum, condone decriminalization but didn’t condone recreational use (this from National Geographic). As an aside.

      • Meg D says:

        I love a bit of herbal relaxation myself, but the whole “it’s not a drug bc it grows out of the ground” thing is pretty silly. Tons of regular medicines are made from plants, and there are plants that will kill you instantly if you consume them. Heroin comes from plants.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I love it when people take minor events from their own lives and draw enormous conclusions and apply it to the entire world. Your experience does not prove anything, other than that is what YOU experienced. The science of weed doesn’t back up what you are saying, east.

      • vilebody says:

        Jesus, Kitten, calm down. These people were talking about their experiences, so there’s no need to claim that they’re lying or to accuse them of being mean to hypothetical cancer patients.

        It’s not demonization to say that I (or other people) had bad experiences with stoned people. I’ve had worse experiences with drunk people, and have yet to join a temperance movement against the demon drink.

      • Alexis says:

        I’m all for legalizing marijuana, and I do think it’s perfectly safe in nearly all cases, and that alcohol is on balance far more dangerous. But it’s not completely harmless. It’s a drug, just like other perfectly socially acceptable and legal drugs, and to argue that it should be legal doesn’t have to mean saying it is completely without possible risks or downsides. Every body is different, and not every drug is a good fit for every body. There are people who caffeine makes crazy and can’t have it. And even a cup of coffee can be dangerous when paired with the wrong substances, for people with certain health conditions, or when you drink too much of it.

        To bring it back to the matter at hand, I’ve seen it happen when one partner tells their straight edge partner that they’re just doing weed (which most reasonable people don’t mind), when in fact the drug-friendly partner is doing weed plus a variety of other, harder drugs. So marijuana is used as a legitimacy shield but is not the cause of the unpleasant or erratic behavior observed by the other partner. Obviously, the situation doesn’t end well. This latter situation is what I’m inclined to think occurred with the Jolie-Pitts, but who knows at this point.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        Sorry East. Marijuana is not responsible for aggressive behavior, on the contrary it can keep an aggressive person more calm.

      • Cookiejar says:


        To be blunt, if they need medicine, there is TONS in serum form, in such a way that doesn’t have adverse effects for everyone else. And since they go straight into the bloodstream, they’re a lot more effective.

        Other people’s rights end where mine begin. If I’m renting a place and some drugged up asshole lights up, he/she gets no pity from me. Being unable to sleep or see properly from the drugs affects ME, and no one has the right to do that to me, no matter how sick they are.

      • Sixer says:

        For anyone interested, here’s a list of drug harm, from a well known academic paper here in the UK. It lists both harm to user and harm to others (violence towards others, committing crime to obtain, etc). Scroll down for the table.

        One of the professors involved was advising the UK government on drugs policy at the time and it challenged the whole war on drugs thing so much that they sacked him. My understanding is that the subsequent evidence/research base pretty much confirms these results.

        Alcohol tops the list, largely because the antisocial behaviour associated with it causes harm to others. Cannabis is way down the list in terms of harm to user and harm to others.

      • Jeanette says:

        @Kitten TELL IT SISTER!!

      • Kitten says:

        Thank you for that link, Sixer.

        And no, vilebody, I won’t “calm down” because I’m tired of the stigmatization of marijuana, a drug that has improved the quality of life for millions of people, just because someone had a bad experience with one stoned person ten years ago. Have you ever thought that maybe the person wasn’t acting that way because of weed but maybe that person is just an asshole who happens to smoke weed?

        And YES I take it very personally when people accuse marijuana-users of being violent, aggressive, stupid, careless, or whatever other generalization you want to pull out of your ass. If I didn’t have marijuana, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night and it has literally changed my life in the best possible way. So sorry not sorry that some sanctimonious people here feel the need to pass judgment on what I SAFELY do in the privacy of my own home.


      • V4Real says:

        @Kitten you said it all.

        I love it when non-smokers think they are enlightening people on the use of weed. Please, just be quiet, you don’t know as much as you keep telling yourself you do.

      • Melly says:

        Pot smoker here. All the misinformation about pot from some people here MAKES ME SO ANGRY! GRRRRRRR
        Some people’s experience with pot makes me giggle because it sounds like Reefer Madness. Demonizing pot while having basically no knowledge of it. Super cool.

      • Nell Graham says:

        From my own personal experiences: my ex, who smoke 5+ times a day was veeeeerrrryyy mellow when he smoked pot. However, big however, when he ran out or was short money to get some between paychecks, the lack of weed caused withdrawal and this made him very aggressive verbally and emotionally. Do I think he had underlying issues? Yes. But if someone is so mellow and smokes excessively, I now tend to wonder why they smoke so much and what emotions they may be covering. I find people with a pot dependence get aggressive when they can’t get it, not when they smoke it. But again, YMMV.

      • North of Boston says:

        In my experience, friends who *use* pot recreationally are generally pretty mellow, or folks who like to wind down from time to time.

        But people I’ve known who *abuse* pot may be mellow at times, but can often be pretty insufferable: sometimes when they are using when they become *stridently* mellow (how they manage that, I don’t know but they do) and when they are not using they can be obstinate resisting doing anything that might cut into the time they are planning to get high and hostile/aggressive/dismissive towards anything/anyone who might stand in the way of their excessive use (whether it’s an employer, a landlord, a roommate, a parent, a spouse, partner or friend) But that is true of just about anyone I’ve known who has had a substance *abuse* problem. That’s not a problem with pot, that is a problem with the abuser. And if that is reason enough to outlaw pot, we should do the same with tobacco, alcohol, opiates, and well…chocolate too.

        Personally, I’m glad pot is available for medicinal use. It’s outrageous that the demonization of some drugs and moral grandstanding has prevented that for so long. My own grandmother declined it when she had terminal cancer because she thought it was morally wrong because of the “war on drugs” mentality that had been sold to society. It was her choice and we stood by her, but what suffering could have been alleviated if it was viewed differently by society.

        I’m looking forward to it being legalized so that adults can use it recreationally. There should be similar limits to its use as there are to alcohol: no OUI, no use by minors, etc. And there should be regulation and monitoring to make sure the product is safe and is what it claims to be, and isn’t laced with something dangerous. And there should be a clear understanding of the level of active ingredient in every offering so people know what they are getting. But it is not the bogey-man Reefer Madness and other propaganda would have us believe.

      • Jwoolman says:

        Marijuana doesn’t make people aggressive, quite the opposite. Medical people pointed this out when the US was going down the weird path of outlawing weed back in the 1930s or thereabouts (it was really a political maneuver, border states were making false claims about Mexicans on weed going on rampages when they really just wanted to get rid of them because of the Depression). Any reports about aggression in people smoking weed also included simultaneous use of other drugs, alcohol especially. Overuse of weed makes people annoying, not aggressive.

        The issue of second-hand smoke’s effect on people not interested in inhaling weed is a different issue (I wouldn’t tolerate a roommate doing that either, with weed or tobacco). But there are many ways to indulge in weed without bothering anybody else in the room. I used to fantasize about tobacco smokers using space helmets back in the day when their smoke was everywhere, inflaming my lungs and making everything stink of smoke long-term. Turns out there are less drastic solutions.

      • TotallyBiased says:

        Okay, guys, demonization and generalizations go both ways. Blanket statements in either direction regarding weed are pointless, as individual body chemistries vary greatly.
        Sixer, et al–the premise that pot is harmless (or low harm, anyway) to EVERYONE does ignore studies concluded over the last five years (including one of over fifty years duration) that found actual changes in personality attributable to use of the drug. USUALLY long-term use, usually beyond what you or I would consider recreational, and NOT in every subject. But the evidence is there that it occurs in some users. Sometimes it isn’t what reaction the usage causes, but how the individual personality begins to respond when certain symptoms occur.

        From one medical reference site:
        “The use of cannabis typically causes a sedative effect, making the drug less likely to cause violence in users than other substances such as alcohol and stimulants (e.g. amphetamines and cocaine).

        However, sometimes when people use cannabis it can cause fear, anxiety, panic or paranoia, resulting in an aggressive outburst. For most people, however, once the effects of the drug wear off, their behaviour gradually improves.

        Studies show that violence can occur more often among people who use cannabis regularly, rather than those who use it occasionally or not at all.”

        From the long-term study:
        ” In conclusion, the results show that continued cannabis use is associated with a 7-fold greater odds for subsequent commission of violent crimes. This level of risk is similar to the increased risk of lung cancer from smoking cigarettes over a similar duration (40 years). The authors suggest that impairments in neurological circuits controlling behavior may underlie impulsive, violent behavior, as a result of cannabis altering the normal neural functioning in the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex. ”

        Other studies indicate the strong possibility of genetic and environmental factors affecting whether or not long term use may cause behavioral changes.

    • whammos gurl says:

      Hahah…you’re comment made it to the dlisted comment section to laugh about!!! 😀

      • whammos gurl says:


        They are the most talked about couple in the world – in modern cinema history – in tabloid history – IN… dear god, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!

        What was Brad doing to the kids?”

        ^^THIS is the comment that made it to dlisted!!! 😀

    • C'est la Vie says:

      This is a serious subject. I have a relative in LA, who needs medical marijuana for actual anxiety related issues. Yes, he went to see a good doctor who prescribed it and this has helped him more than any other medication he has taken in the past. Now it is legal in Illinois, a bit harder to get but still available to patients, so a family friend who is very ill, is really looking forward to taking this. This is going to be legalized in the U.S. and it has taken long enough as it is.

      Though this did make me think of Reefer Madness too, Melly, LOL. Cmon, people, it’s not the 1930’s. Angelina Jolie smoked heroin for quite a while. I don’t think she should be bringing up drugs herself and then mentioning stability. Just a thought. And maybe try to make this as pleasant a divorce as possible for her family, instead of bringing this up in a manner that demonizes pot users around the world? To get back at her husband in some extremely public way? That’s one thing that’s not going to go down well with the many who need it now. You know Barack Obama smoked pot and I think he did OK.

      • Melly says:

        The demonization of pot smokers fails to acknowledge that you can be a shitty person who just happens to smoke pot. You can also be a really nice and normal person who just happens to smoke pot. Pot (assuming that you are consuming it within reason) isn’t going to change or alter who you are as a person.

      • C'est la Vie says:

        Melly, you don’t have to tell me. I completely agree. Though I have noticed, unlike certain other legalized drugs such as alcohol – it tends to mellow said user out. Generally speaking, of course.

        But on a more serious note, when it’s desperately needed medically, this demonization of marijuana is damned dangerous. I know I don’t have to tell you that, but others don’t seem to understand (or want to). Now that is troublesome. And in a case as highly publicized as this one – it’s going to draw so much attention to pot smokers everywhere.

      • TotallyBiased says:

        Firstly, the fact that she experienced substance abuse issues and has apparently fully recovered is exactly why she SHOULD be especially wary as a parent.
        Secondly, what is with the personal sensitivity? Has ANYONE said that, because Brad Pitt MAY have substance abuse issues and these MAY have some connection to his presumed long-term marijuana consumption, that ALL use of the drug for recreation and/or medicinal benefits is BAD BAD BAD???
        “Demonization” of Brad Pitt, maybe. “Demonization” of his drug of choice–a stretch. Some people do bad things under the influence of alcohol. Some people have done VERY bad things under the influence of caffeine abuse. Some people have committed crimes and even died due to their issues with opioids (admittedly this last has increased oversight on access of said opioids, and that can be a hassle to those of us that legitimately need them for pain management.) Maybe the people promoting beneficial and legal marijuana consumption should step away from blanket statements themselves and focus on the specifics: one parent MAY (as we ourselves haven’t read court filings where his drug use is delineated, have we?) MAY be behaving in such a way as to cause the other parent concern for the children’s long-term well-being.
        okay, rant over. 🙂

    • Carmen says:

      We may never know the whole story, but I’m guessing a lot of things factored into it. I doubt it was solely a parenting issue.

  6. BendyWindy says:

    I refuse to believe this. Refuse.

  7. Astrid says:

    This can’t be true. And she’s filing for custody of the kids!!!! The joy has been sucked out of my life

  8. Pants says:

    I saw this reported by NYDN and kept refreshing the site here waiting to see if you posted about it. I can’t believe this is real. 2016 is the WORST.

    • Tara says:

      2016 does suck. Several of the best people I know have died this year too. Wake me up when we get to a better year.

      • pinetree13 says:

        …but every year will bring more deaths.

        Geez Pinetree, that was dark.

      • Tara says:

        Heh. True Pinetree 🙂 At first I conflated your comment with Panda’s …about “it” being because “Brad cheated.” Which made sense. Brad cheating causes more deaths. Me. Amusing myself. In my head.

  9. Panda says:

    I bet it’s because he’s been cheating on her.

    • TrueStory says:

      This makes sense. The “parenting” angle doesn’t. But it’s better for image to not out him for cheating. They haven’t been seen together in a loooong time. I figured this was coming.

      • Ms. Turtle says:

        It’s better for his image to be seen as a danger to his children versus cheating on his spouse?? In what universe??

      • tracking says:

        No no, cheating would be better than a bad dad rep. He talks about how important fatherhood is to him constantly.

      • ladysussex says:

        For who’s image? I think mistreating children is probably much worse for one’s image than having an affair. But it’s pretty evil IMO to accuse your cheating spouse of child abuse to “get even” with someone for cheating on you.

      • Azurea says:

        Better for HER image, you mean? Because being tarred with the brush of parental
        misconduct is WAAAAAY worse for his image. Think Woody Allen. I don’t trust Angelina at all. I think she’d manufacture this to punish him for whatever slight she imagines he’s committed against her. I believe her holier-than-thou image is a mask.

      • Emily says:

        How is him cheating (which, frankly, he’s already been caught doing and is almost expected) worse for his image than somehow mistreating his kids?

      • TrueStory says:

        She never said mistreating the kids! It said didn’t agree with parenting….could be anything.

        Getting with a married man and then him CHEATING makes them both look like idiots. ultimate I told you so. The parenting disagreement angle is fresher and harder to pin down specifically.

      • kibbles says:

        It could be a combination of both. Jolie finds out Pitt is cheating on her with a French actress (deja vu) and she is pissed off and embarrassed. She knows that Pitt smokes weed and drinks alcohol (no biggie if taken in moderation), but perhaps she has something bigger on him (like, he has smoked in front of the kids or has given one of the older kids weed and alcohol). Maybe she did not care back then, but it is a valid reason to state on paper when wanting physical custody in a divorce proceeding.

        I like Jolie but she’s human and she’s a badass to be sure. She’s older and wiser, but I can totally see her destroying someone who has done her wrong. This is going to get messy.

    • Lama Bean says:

      My thought too. Maybe she was cheating on him?

    • Bros says:

      I don’t think so. Wasser isn’t stupid and when affleck was cheating on garner, they were upfront about it. Wasser wouldnt risk casting aspersions on Brad’s parenting if there weren’t something legally beneficial about leading with that angle versus something else. and if it were baseless, he would certainly be able to use it against her. you dont usually lead with this, is wht I am saying, unless you have a pretty good, legit reason to do so.

      • Lilly says:

        I agree, the lawyer would have been over this before filing. But do we really think he’s just going to walk away with this blemish to his name? That he has nothing on her after all these years? She’s (pretty much) calling him an unfit parent, so either he did something huge (not smoking week around the kids) or this story is going to get crazy…

      • stinky says:

        the kids got into his stash – my money’s on THAT, although that’s certainly not divorce worthy. perhaps he was passed out on opioids and the kids were askew all over the place, unsafe, unsupervised, etc? Hard to imagine with the staff they surely have at hand…. hm.
        ALSO, I saw the headline in the grocery store YESTERDAY and totlly laughed to myself & wondered if tey buy all the crazy magazines w/ cover stories about them… I imagined them laughing and framing that one… so how did a mag have the scoop and have it as a printed cover story already???

    • QueenB says:

      how would that make sense form a PR pov? Brad would get away with cheating way easier than with doing something to the kids. most famous people cheat so it wouldnt be too shocking, people wouldnt like it that he cheated on an ill woman but no one would give him a pass for something with the kids.

      drugs, cheating etc are way better PR wise than the statement above reads.

    • Carmen says:

      That, plus possibly substance abuse issues and other problems. I think Brad still wants to be Hollywood’s golden boy, partying and playing around, and Angie does not have the time, the patience or the inclination to put up with it. She has six children to raise and the last thing she needs to deal with is a 52 year old man going through a massive midlife crisis.

  10. hogtowngooner says:


  11. Onerous says:

    Good god. Well this is actually just really shocking! I’m very sad for them and for their kids…

    • V4Real says:

      I’m sad for the die hard fans who thought they would never split. I wonder whose side they are going to take.

      Somewhere Jen is drinking Smart Water, while puffing on a cigarette while saying ” hmmm.”

      Though I myself checked the calendar just to make sure it wasn’t April Fool’s or they brought ” Punked” back. This was definitely out of the blue for most people. Wow, just wow.

      • Nancy says:

        I think they will side with her. I also think if the children are not being abused it should be the headline. With her saying no physical custody, it brings to mind horrible things and if untrue isn’t fair to Pitt. All these years then on September 15th he becomes a shit father. I need receipts. Lol, I just read your JA comment….soak it in girl.

      • Kitten says:

        lol V4Real..this is why I suspect cheating….

        Remember TheOriginalTiffany saying that she had close friends who worked on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and said there was absolutely overlap there?
        She’s a huge Brange fan and would have no reason to out them like that if she wasn’t 100% sure. I do think that Brad and Jen’s marriage was probably in a dire state at that time and maybe even all but over, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was still legally married at the time.

        So yeah…just speculation obviously but I wouldn’t be surprised..

      • Tara says:

        There was definitely an eye of the storm feeling around The Branj lately. Just silence. I wondered if something was going on. So… No divorce bloid stories = divorce imminent? Like on the Friends episode where Joey tells a jealous Chandler that you can tell actors are having sex b/c there’s NO chemistry.

        That said, this makes me sad.

      • Anastasia says:

        So you’re actually happy and gloating over the dissolving of a family?

        That’s gross. I don’t have a side here, and Anniston has been out of the picture for over 10 years. She’s mature enough to not be happy about this, I’m sure.

      • Betsy says:

        Ha to your mental image of Jen, which reminds me that I am always embarrassed how much I enjoy the various products she shills/is partner of – Smart Water tastes so good, several Living Proof products work so well, and several Aveeno products. I don’t even like her but the lady can pick endorsements!

      • SnowAngel says:

        I believe Brad was cheating with his co-star. Karma is a bitch, and sometimes she takes her own sweet time to come and bite you.

      • V4Real says:


        Take your holier than thou attitude over to AJ’s fan site. There’s no room for it here. No one said they were happy that they broke up.

  12. Loo says:

    Well I didn’t expect this.

  13. Naya says:

    WHAT?! I have taken a lot of heat here over the years for doubting the “perfect marriage” narrative but this? And the kids, really Angie? Your kids are divorce pawns? Should I be surprised though? She blatantly used them to promote movies so why not this? Ok, too much to process.

    • QueenB says:

      i never believed in the perfect marriage narrative but i still wouldnt have thought they would divorce. with power couples like this its not only about love and sex but about their jobs too so they usually stay together where other couples would divorce.

    • K says:

      Let’s not forget the oldest was adopted during her marriage to billy Bob and the image repair she had to go through at that time.

      But to basically accuse Brad of being a dangerous father that’s pretty drastic and horrible if not true.

    • Frosty says:

      Yep. I’m with you 😉

    • Applepie says:

      Totes agree Naya. Was awaiting the inevitable divorce from these too. Its Hollywood FGS. No marriage lasts, esp one as high profile as theirs….. I hate myself for saying it but IF Brad was unfaithful then its ALL KARMA! I do however feel for the kiddies. Perhaps a round world trip might take the little ones minds off it!!

    • lucy2 says:

      Marriage is hard enough for regular people, and extra hard for famous people with crazy schedules, so I kind of always assumed this would fizzle out or one of them would fall for another costar. I pictured them splitting but staying friends.
      Really wasn’t expecting it out of the blue and about the kids though.

      • Esmom says:

        Maybe they will stay friends as they co-parent. As someone mentioned about, maybe this isn’t about some sort of neglect by Brad but is a power move to help AJ relocate to where she really wants to be and keep the kids somewhat grounded. Physical custody with one parent kinda makes sense considering their lifestyle and how many kids there are — can you imagine splitting the week? How would that even work, they seem so atypical with their world travel.

    • g.lamerek says:

      NayA how did she use her kids as pawns to promote her films? When actors make an animation film,they all bring out the kids. Everyone loved asking about them,I never once saw either one use them. I’m not taking sides or attacking one over the other. For what ever reason,these two loved deeply,something big that could not be fixed happened. Let it be.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      Yeah, I would just like to point out that I got blasted on here a couple years back for daring to suggest that Brad and Angelina were screwing around while he was still married to Jen (not a Jen fan). Now you are all singing a different tune! I’m just reminding you all of this for the next time you want to jump down someone’s throat for having a opinion different than your own. For what it is worth, I had grown to like these two as a couple, although I didn’t like the way they started out. As for once a cheater, always a cheater, I am holding out hope that isn’t true in my household, but it pays to keep your eyes open.

      • V4Real says:

        @Zwella I’m a Pitt and AJ fan but I was right there with you saying they got together when Brad was still with Jen . I never changed my tune. It was the die hard loonies that came for people like you and me because Brad and AJ were or still might be their idols. This couple were like Gods to them and you couldn’t say anything against them without being accused of being a hater, jealous or a Jenhen. But where are the loonies now? They are real quiet today.

      • Trashaddict says:

        The stridency about Brangelinas is certainly pushing me towards die hard loonydom (or is it loonydoom today?). Truly sad, especially for the kids whom I think Brad won’t give up on so easily because I think he enjoyed parenting, but the wringing of hands, the clutching of pearls and the self-righteous “I told you so-s” are a bit over the top….this drama goes down daily all over the world. Two tears in a bucket, Mother F**k It.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      TBH, most stars aren’t going to discuss marital problems with the media. They will essentially lie until they are ready to get out. Normal folks do this too. “Everything is fine”….until it isn’t.

  14. Nur says:

    Hope is dead. Period.

  15. MrsBPitt says:


    • TrueStory says:

      They each have enough money…. that they don’t need to stay together “for the kids”.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        Just seemed like they valued their children above everything else, and would have really tried to stay together to give them a “normal” family….it’s got nothing to do with how much money they have…

      • Kitten says:

        There’s other reasons outside of monetary ones to stay together for the sake of the kids.

    • hogtowngooner says:

      Because “staying together for the children” is a great plan for everyone?

      • MrsBPitt says:

        Not saying staying together for the kids is a great plan….fgs….they just seemed to put the kids first…

      • Kitten says:

        Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.

      • Gretchen says:

        Putting kids first and divorce/separation are not mutually exclusive. It can be rough in the beginning but ultimately it is very often better for children to live with independently happy parents than two people who make each other miserable.

        My parents’ marriage was basically over by the time I was 3, but they ‘put me first’ and stayed together for 11 more, long years and the dynamic was fuqqed. When I reached 14 I had a chat with my mom and basically told her, run like the wind ’cause divorce is going to mess me up way less than this past decade has.

      • MoochieMom says:

        @Greatchen My parents did the same but I doubt it is is the same here. There were two of is, one marriage. No issues. We told the a lot to run and they didn’t. It was the end of my relationship with my mom but let’s not get to reality and gossip.

        WHAT THE HELL Gossip Cycle placement perfect. Wanted it out there. F the Emmy’s.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Can you say more about what that was like? I’m trying to figure out that dynamic. Can you identify a time point in that decade that would have been optimal? Not snarking, I am truly curious about this.

  16. Thaisajs says:

    Seriously, what on earth did he allegedly do to the kids that could prompt this? That’s a very bold statement. Purposefully so.

    • tracking says:

      I know, the gauntlet has been thrown. It’s making public the accusation about the kids not the divorce that is truly shocking to me.

    • woodstock_schulz says:

      Yeah, that statement seems to be intended as a veiled accusation of some kind…very strange to seek visitation only for the children’s father…

    • tealily says:

      Yeah, what else is going to roll out here…?

    • QueenB says:

      yeah there must be something bad because why else write this when they know there will be massive speculation around the world?

    • NYer says:

      Hmm…could there be a connection to the Corey Haim story out this week?

      Divorces a long time coming usually get announced on a Friday, where the story gets lost, especially from a couple with a HUGE profile. This was not that.

    • Jeanette says:

      Is Page Six reliable at all? They are saying she hired a PI and found out the boozing with cast members, and affair with MC, but that the weed and booze has always been a issue with them.

    • g.lamerek says:

      When you file divorce papers,they are made public. When she asks for custody,she must specify.Obviously she’s not going to write the details but the small info irreconcilable differences and reports that she is seeking sole physical custody, allegedly motivated by being uncomfortable with Pitt’s parenting style. She would allow Pitt visitation rights. There’s no malice in that, its legal papers that by law are made public and gossipers are going to take apart and spread lies. This is a private matter,let them be. As sad n shocking admit is, in the end, we don’t know them.

    • annabanana says:

      my theory and just MYtheory based on nothing but gossip and speculation is he got MC pregnant and AJ doesnt want her kids around his upcoming child hence just the visitation guaranteeing that they won’t mingle with Brads and MCs baby when AJ is not around

  17. Tiffany27 says:


  18. Val says:

    This CANNOT be happening! I just can’t believe it until I hear it from one of them. I’m in mourning…

  19. Jessie says:

    I saw the headline on People and immediately thought, “Poor Celebitchy!!”

    Seriously though, what a bummer 😟

  20. mom2two says:

    Wow. Very sad for them and the kids.

  21. littlemissnaughty says:

    I’m sorry, what? No. You need to post 10 sources and at least a confirmation from People until I believe that. WHAT? Where did that come from??? I’m not even invested in these two, in no way shape or form but this is huge. Good god.

    The kids thing though, it sounds shady as hell. They’ve been parents for so long and kept having kids. Why if his “methods” are so horrible that you divorce him??? There’s more to this, surely?

    Oh my god.

  22. Georgia says:

    Thank you baby Jesus! 2016 really is the year of gossip Christmas!!!

  23. nicegirl says:

    NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely shocked here, I seriously thought this was a hoax. 🙁

  24. Georgia says:


  25. Ms. Turtle says:

    Shocked (with maybe a little dash of schadenfreude). The wording makes it seem like he’s a monster to his kids. Not good.

  26. Kmac says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! This-is-horrible-news 🙁

    Also, I highly doubt he did anything to the kids. All she has ever talked about is how good of a parent he is, how great he is as a dad. I am going with Marion Cotillard. She kind of reminds me of a younger Angelina Jolie.

    • Lama Bean says:


    • SusanneToo says:

      It does sound like she’s beyond enraged about something and not the kids angle. Sad.

    • Alexis says:

      Marion and Angelina have a similar vibe, but they are virtually the same age (40 and 41, respectively). Angelina just seems older since she’s been through so much, health wise, and she’s so closely linked to Brad that people forget he’s 10 years older than her.

    • Carmen says:

      But holy moly, does Cotillard realize how bad this is going to make her look? She’s cheating on her partner with somebody else’s husband, who is also the father of six children. I don’t know if Brad and Angie were knocking boots before he and Aniston separated, but at least Angie wasn’t cheating on anyone as she wasn’t in a relationship at the time, and there were no children involved. And if Cotillard really is pregnant, and having an affair with Brad, whose baby is it? A 40 year old woman pregnant by one man while she’s having an affair with with another — or maybe she doesn’t know which of them is the father? How messy can you get? If I was Cotillard I’d head for the nearest convent and stay there until things got sorted out. The media are going to be all over her.

  27. Wise1 says:

    My husband and I were just talking about how different it is being married vs. living together – it is a BIG difference and likely forced a lot of issues out. Hoping the best for them – divorce is hard enough, divorce with children is even worse and add being in the public eye like this, that’s like ridiculously difficult

    • HoustonGrl says:

      This. I always thought it was strange that they didn’t get married sooner. Marriage is a big change no matter what the circumstances. Whatever was keeping them from getting married must have bubbled to the surface. I’m sad for them, though. Maybe they can still work it out!

    • kibbles says:

      I’ve never been married, but this seems so weird to me. How can two people live together for a decade like a married couple, then break up/divorce shortly after signing a legal document. Especially for a very wealthy couple, does it really matter? Does marriage really change the state of their relationship and way of life? I would think not by much. If there were problems not being addressed for a decade, maybe they should not have gotten married after all.

    • MoochieMom says:

      We lived together for a year before we were married and moved. I think that moving away was a good thing for me. Married after moving was just the adjustment to a new name. That sucked.

  28. Nopity Nope says:

    Does. Not. Compute.

  29. Incredulous says:

    Kids heading into teenage drug-experimentation years and Brad, reknowned stoner? I was under the impression he was a pretty good dad

    • Mich says:

      Ooohhhhh. That is a good take. I had immediately thought of differences over corporal punishment. Maybe a mix of the two? One leading to the other?

      Angie has her own history of drug abuse, of course.

      • tw says:

        “History” is being kind. I don’t believe it’s in the past.

      • LadyJane says:

        I agree. And her drug use is much, much darker than a few joints here and there.

      • Mich says:

        @LadyJane You and I don’t have any idea what Pitt’s current substance intake is. And there is no indication that Angie has continued to use.

      • NGBoston says:

        ^^^^ THIS Both what TW and Ladyjane posted. Read a BI within both in 2015 & 2016 on CDAN Re: AJ’s drug abuse with her old friend, Heroin.

      • NGBoston says:

        ^^^^ THIS what TW & Ladyjane posted. Several times within the last 2-3 years, read BI’s on CDAN about AJ’s substance abuse issues again. Heroin.

      • TrueStory says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if she was deflecting her own drug use.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if he was stepping out and cheating.

        Wouldn’t be surprised if her weight issues and disordered eating come into play.

        She struck first I think because she has the most to lose PR wise and Brad filing to divorce the mother of his 6 kids would be too much negative PR.

        I THINK they worked this all out in advance but I am surprised by the parenting angle.

        Only time will tell but this is indeed “breaking the internet” one of the biggest celeb divorces of all time only one that could possibly compare is if jayz and beyonce ever split.

    • Lyka says:

      But surely toking up with your teenager isn’t grounds for divorce, right? Although who knows, man. I don’t know these people.

      • Mich says:

        I would hit the roof if my spouse started providing drugs or alcohol to my children. This would 100% make me kick him out and seek full physical custody.

      • doofus says:

        “But surely toking up with your teenager isn’t grounds for divorce, right?”

        endangering the welfare of a child? um, I’d say yes. grounds for legal action, in any case.

      • Lyka says:

        Lol, I didn’t mean “providing drugs and alcohol” like some sinister operation to dope up your children. I meant allowing your teen to have some wine at dinner or sharing a smoke on a special occasion after they’re seniors in high school or something.

        Although for some reason I assumed their oldest kid was 17, and he’s only 14. Which I agree is much too young for parental licensing of drug use. But again, who knows if that line of thinking is even relevant! I have no idea what went on in this family’s home or what behavior prompted the divorce filing.

        And, dang @doofus, it’s super hurtful of you to project “endangering the welfare of a child” onto my comment. Kids 16+ who are smoking recreationally anyway and have no idea about their tolerance are not endangered by smoking a little with a responsible adult in the safety of their own home. You might disagree, but that’s your prerogative.

      • doofus says:

        well, “dang”, Lyka, you’re the one that brought up “toking up with your teenager”.

        sorry to be so “hurtful” but smoking up your 14 year kid old IS endangering the welfare of a child. I didn’t “project” anything.

        “Kids 16+ who are smoking recreationally anyway and have no idea about their tolerance are not endangered by smoking a little with a responsible adult in the safety of their own home.”

        neurologists and addiction counselors would disagree with that. at 16, the brain is still developing and pot smoking can affect that. also, that’s an age where mental illness can start to manifest and pot smoking can affect that, too.

        listen, I partake myself and believe in that it’s less harmful than booze and can have therapeutic effects, but I also believe that you shouldn’t smoke with your 14 year old.

    • Tris says:

      Very very good call. Betcha.

    • K says:

      I’m sorry with Angie’s drug history, she can’t take his children because of pot. You can’t take kids for that when its legal in California and pot seems to be all Brad does. To take children from parents it has to be extremely serious and drugs well no you can get help. The foster system doesn’t take rights from meth heads until an ungodly amount of chances.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        “seems to be” though

      • swak says:

        Agree with your statement about not taking rights from not only meth heads but other drugs also. Had a friend who took in her great-nephew. Her nephew committed suicide and mom was a druggie. It took three years for her to be able to adopt the young man. Court gave mom all the chances in the world.

      • K says:

        Doesn’t matter Amy if it is seems to be or actual, she can’t take his kids. I had a friend who was a foster family and they took in a child of meth addicts, this poor child went back and forth for years because the state kept giving her parents a chance until it got to bad and then finally after nearly a decade their rights were severed and they could adopt this child that they had since she was a baby.

        So yeah Angie couldn’t take Brads kids for drugs- it would have to be worse its the way it works. And honestly by looking at him you know he isn’t doing anything to hard.

      • g.lamerek says:

        Drug history is over 15 yes ago. Damn but we all have a history. WhT we do before kids n marriage is one thing and doing it now with kids is totally different. No one knows,she never accused him of drugs.

    • Annie says:

      That’s what I’m thinking. Though, perhaps (most likely), there were some major underlying issues, and Angelina seized on this as a classic opportunity of the “get mad first” school. Could be a red herring.

      That said, while this will be the biggest gossip story since they got together, I’m a little crushed, for the whole family’s sake. I was holding my daughter yesterday on line at Target and read the InTouch divorce headline and thought, ahh, 11 years of this nonsense. And then I wondered, which I never do, if maybe this time it might be true. There’s just been some underlying red flags.

      But what makes me sad is I suspect that while there are issues, these are two people who love each other deeply. We all have irreconcilable differences, because we’re all deeply flawed human beings. I hope they can get past whatever these issues are, work through the rage and sense of betrayal, and find one another again. But that’s probably a fool’s hope.

  30. Lama Bean says:

    First day I don’t immediately come for my gossip and I get this from twitter. WHAT?

  31. QueenB says:

    WTF? Holy Crap!

  32. Amy Tennant says:


  33. Diana B says:

    I’m still hoping this turns out not to be true. It seems so out of the blue. I need pop corn and my good glasses. I’m sensing this is gonna get ugly really fast.

    • doofus says:

      it’s on People. and one of my HS/FB friends who is a MAJOR editor there, posted it on FB, so…

      …yeah, it’s true. and sad. 🙁

    • Tris says:

      I’m going to update my rx for this one. Ordering new glasses….now! (Props to Diana!)

  34. Megan says:

    Wow… this is quite insane. He’s suddenly a bad father? I smell a rat.

    • kibbles says:

      Agreed. Both Pitt and Jolie seem to be devoted parents. People can change over time, especially if there are drugs and alcohol involved, but Brad never went into Johnny Depp territory. He probably smokes weed regularly and drinks casually. If he is introducing these substances to his children, it would be a cause for concern, but at least in my opinion not grounds for a divorce. That would be something both parents should be able to work out and Pitt seems reasonable enough not to do something like that if Jolie disapproved of it. There is something else going on and I suspect the affair rumors between Pitt and Cotillard are true and what really was the last straw for Jolie.

  35. Sabrina says:

    I’m shocked by this news. I’m curious to see how Brad will respond to her request for physical custody of the kids. It must have been something major to make her request physical custody & not joint custody.

  36. Dippit says:

    Well this is likely to get difficult. That the children are already cited as the ‘designated battleground’ does not bode well – especially for the children; an aspect not to be relished.

    Personally, I suspect they have been living somewhat detached from the other lives in many ways for quite some time.

    Good luck many CB’er, I understand that many of you are much more invested in this couple than I; I promise to try not to be too insensitive in comments as this unfolds.

  37. perplexed says:

    I’m legitimately in shock. I didn’t think I would be, but I am. I thought they would get divorced when they’re 70.

  38. K says:

    I’m not that shocked to be honest. The kid part yes that’s a big of a whoa but the divorce no. People projected their ideals about that marriage and relationship on them trying to make it into something impossible.

    • Yup, they became ‘the’ couple. Even the whole ‘love is dead’ thing.

      Come on, we don’t KNOW these people. We don’t know how much love was or wasn’t there or etc.

      • tmc says:

        She is a master media manipulator so people saw what she wanted from the beginning (and I think the mainstream media was sort of afraid/in awe of her). She grew up with some orientation towards show biz and her parents divorced, etc., she got savvy. What is amazing is that no one is ever able to find these things out ahead of time with her (other than what she wants). This is heavy.

      • K says:

        Exactly- I mean hope is gone, love is dead. They were a couple that started with an affair on a movie set, between two extremely good looking people who are excellent at managing the media narrative.

        They could have despised each other for years or been madly in love but we don’t know. I am going to venture a guess that they were pretty normal and had good days and bad days.

        But people made them the ultimate couple and people- Saint Angie etc it wasn’t real. And it is unfair to try and make it so.

    • Lyka says:

      I completely agree with you. But the kids thing is legit surprising because (even though I never cared about them as a couple) I totally bought into The Perfect Family narrative.

    • ladysussex says:

      Exactly this. I just don’t understand why people are so shocked. Statistically speaking, Less than 25% of 3rd marriages will last (this was the 3rd marriage for AJ) and it’s even less for couples who came together in an adulterous relationship. Simply being good looking and “cool” doesn’t increase the odds of marriage longevity.

    • swak says:

      Not shocked either. I feel sorry for the children but not for Brad or Angelina.

    • kibbles says:

      I wasn’t shocked either. They are human beings like everyone else. Celebrity couples divorce all the time, at a higher rate than people outside of the entertainment industry. There must have been a lot of strain on their marriage – from all the children they chose to have to her ongoing health struggles – it’s a lot to deal with even for a wealthy couple. This might not have been the life that Pitt originally signed up for. Sure, he probably wanted kids, but six? That’s a lot of responsibility for anyone who actually cares about being a devoted parent.

  39. applapoom says:

    Nooooooooo! Why am I even sad? I don’t even know these people.

    This is possibly going to be the most commented post on Celebitchy of 2016

  40. Heat says:

    I am completely gobsmacked.

  41. KB says:

    No way. She wouldn’t want to share legal custody if that were true.

  42. Karina says:

    I read this as “Breaking News” on CNN and immediately switched to the Celebitchy tab. Astonished beyond belief. Really sad for the children. Please tell me that this isn’t true. 🙁

  43. hnmmom says:

    Holy $hit!!!!! This is HUGE. Must cancel all plans for the day and sit by computer…. Very sorry about this. They seemed so solid. And I really, really hope this is not at all related to the Radar story about releasing the name of the high profile industry pedophile.

    • Carmen says:

      Wait, WHAT?!!?

    • doofus says:

      Just read that story, too.

      timing is suspect but I really doubt it’s him.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        I don’t think it’s him because I had the impression that guy would have been much older. Brad wasn’t a high-profile industry guy yet when the Coreys were first happening. Although it could be a guy Brad associates with.

      • lucy2 says:

        Agree with Amy, Brad would have been too young and unimportant back in those days, it’s someone older. If it’s true at all – Radar isn’t the most reliable.

      • stinky says:

        YES AMY T ! … now THAT THEORY DOES make sense….

      • Tara says:

        I have a really depressing guess about the pedophile BI.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        Me too, Tara, and I hope it’s not true

      • Tara says:

        Just to clarify, my BI guess isn’t Brad. I agree he wouldn’t have been in a position of power back in the 80s. My guess depresses me just as much tho. Hopefully I’m wrong.

      • Jwoolman says:

        Charlie Sheen was quite young at the time in question (a specific movie), I thought I saw he was in his late teens maybe or close to it. Don’t know how that compares to Brad’s age at that time.

    • QueenB says:

      honestly my first thought went there too but it does not make sense to have visitation then.
      “She is asking the judge to give Pitt visitation” that would not happen and he would also be legally be banned from interacting with them.
      apart from that Pitt is too young to fit.

      so no, lets not speculate with names about something so terrible. Radar are really bad. they should release a name and not let people guess about lots of innocent people.

      • hnmmom says:

        Yeah, right after I wrote that I thought it was a bad idea to post it. I take it all back, can’t even stomach a thought like that. The shock got to me. I think I go and edit my post, too. That kind of comment should not be out there. So taking it back in all ways if possible.

    • Lyka says:

      Nah, that’s unrelated. There’s no way Jolie would even consider joint legal custody if that was the case.

      • swak says:

        Joint legal custody, from what I understand (my daughter has gone through it), only involves in decision making – medical care, schooling, travelling, etc. I could be wrong. I wonder if she doesn’t want him to have joint physical custody because she travels quite a bit and takes the children with her and so working out the custody could be tough. Unless they went the route, 6 months with one parent, 6 with the other. Will have to wait and see.

    • Tris says:

      What what what???

  44. Juluho says:

    The custody thing is shocking.
    Can’t help wondering how Jen feels?

  45. Brea says:

    I gasped!
    I can’t believe that parenting is the issue. Why is she asking for sole custody?

  46. Jess says:

    Holy shit. That’s all I got.

  47. iheartjacksparrow says:

    Jennifer Aniston is going to be besieged by the gossip sites.

    • doofus says:

      I was thinking that. I hope she tell them to F off and leave both Jolie and Pitt alone.

      • Kitten says:

        ME TOO. I would love it if she just stays out of it and doesn’t comment at all. Even her silence would say so much…

      • lucy2 says:

        I would hope so too. She hasn’t had a relationship with him in over a decade, is happily remarried, and there are kids involved. If they go low, go high, Jen!

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I hope she doesn’t comment at all. If she does, I hope it’s a simple “It’s always sad when people break up” or “I wish them well.”
        She has been private about her wedding, we’ve never seen a photo. I think she’ll continue to follow that path, hopefully.

    • Ms. Turtle says:

      I hope she has the best PR people on the payroll telling her to shut her mouth. The worst thing for her is to appear smug.

      • Tara says:

        Meh. Just being out in her bikini or a cocktail dress, smiling with her hot husband and getting photographed will be enough for some to accuse her of being “smug”.

  48. LadyJane says:

    They didn’t even try to bury it on a Friday afternoon. Angelina is super media savvy. She knows how the play the game if she wants something quiet. And she wants this to play BIG. She is PISSED whatever it is

    • ladysussex says:

      Truth! AND she plays dumb about having a publicist, but she for sure has a publicist. Film journalists/insiders say that she has a 2-3 page (depending on who tells the story) document that one must sign before interviewing her, detailing what one cannot ask her about or talk about before she will sit for an interview. I think most people on here are too young to remember that AJ is actually BAT. SHIT. CRAZY.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Or perhaps by making it public she’s forcing him to confront the issue or issues. I can speculate all day just like everyone else but I’m waiting for more to come out.

  49. Sheila says:

    Lilac flowers I hope the veranda will be open soon for beverages. This is a shock, very surprised and dismayed about the shots fired over parenting skills. A very public shot and Angelina has lawyered up, not looking good at all. Dang it!

  50. Andrea says:

    This is epic—even bigger than Johnny Depp’s divorce.

  51. CidySmiley says:

    I am in shock. What did he do to the kids!? I burned my poor babies waffles I was so shocked! Oh my goodness to put in full custody what happened??

  52. Shijel says:


    I don’t give a damn about who cheated on who, everyone remembers how Brangelina got together in the first place. But if you’re going to bring up kids in such an accusation and -not- specify what has happened, it stinks a bit like an attempt to smear/let the public speculate.

    I don’t want to be one of these women who immediately side against Angelina, especially since her human rights work remains formidable, but this ‘I’m taking the kids’ without giving a good reason is an excellent way to tarnish someone’s reputation (child of divorced parents, happened to me). I’ll be seeing where this is going.

    • I think sometimes the mythology behind this couple became greater than their reality, we really don’t know what was happening behind their closed doors and as sweet as she could have talked him up to the press there might have been a very good ‘reason’ she’s moving fast and denying custody.

      Not throwing stones in any direction just saying it’s time for folks to put the Brangelina love away and start looking at these two realistically.

  53. Nic919 says:

    Lainey retweeted an article she wrote this June which had to do with Angelina wanting to sell the chateau in France and becoming a British citizen to sit in the House of Lords. Brad apparently didn’t want to sell the chateau.

    Who knows what is real but this will be taking over the news for the little while anyway. Maybe a focus on them instead of Trump will be a good thing.

  54. Moon says:

    Sept 15…something major must’ve happened for her to pull such an impulsive and strong move.

  55. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    Love is officially dead.

  56. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    She hired Laura Wasser? Whoa. She’s serious about this. I can’t believe she wants sole physical custody!

  57. Jusayin says:

    I was at the supermarket the other day and I think it was the Enquirer that had the title that they were divorcing and I was thinking to myself “wow! Imagine if that happens?” Were they actually right for once?!

    What I find most shocking is the wording used. I’m confused hasn’t she always said what a great dad he is? I’m worried if he was abusive or if this is just worded like this so she gets the upper hand. I mean both are devestating to the children. That’s 6 kids whose lives are upside down right now. I feel for them and hope they will be civil and not rake each other over the coals in front of their kids. Sad.

  58. Pandy says:

    What the hell? I’m sorry to hear this. Really sorry. Is Brad a sci or something?

  59. Elyssa says:

    My money is in this being over disagreements about spanking. I bet she’s anti spanking and he justifies spanking.

  60. MSat says:

    As soon as I saw the tier-2 media outlets running this, I came straight here! The ultimate authority on all things Brangelina.

    Just the possibility that we won’t even be able to USE the term “Brangelina” anymore is freaking me out! Deep, cleansing breaths. We will get through this.

    To file so quickly, out of the blue, and make such specific requests about the child custody arrangements is very telling. And… Knowing how brilliant these two are at controlling the narrative, I’m utterly shocked that they haven’t gone the Chris Martin/Gwynerh Paltrow route with a joint statement about how they still love each other, are committed to co-parenting, blah blah blah. The fact that TMZ had to dig this up through legal paperwork means that Angie doesn’t give a fuck what people think… And that is just…wow.

    It’s gonna be a VERY interesting ride, folks! We will endure!

    On a more serious note: I really do hope the kids are okay. 🙁

    • Tris says:

      It is very strange, as you say, that they didn’t do a vanilla joint statement. Sounds like she is throwing their dirty laundry in the ring. Sad for the kids. I really liked this family.

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah this is no conscious uncoupling. I cannot imagine that it’s as simple as a disagreement about parenting styles. She’s seeking SOLE custody? I mean…this has to be something more serious.

      • Tara says:

        Angelina doesn’t do the PR except to promote her movies, as far as I recall. Good, bad, milquetoast or jet black. She just doesn’t do it. So the lack of it with this doesn’t shock me.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I have no idea what is actually going on their relationship but a “conscious uncoupling” statement and behavior would probably be better for the children.
      I think Jolie is, indeed, very angry. While that’s normal, I would hope she controls it for the kids’ sake.
      No one is going to win if they try to throw each other under the bus.

  61. eto says:

    Whaaaaaaa? Is this a drill?

  62. Thatswhatshesaid says:

    Ok, I’ll say it. Jennifer Anniston is probably having a good day today.
    I feel for those kids though. Hope this family can work this through.

  63. Mich says:

    Knowing absolutely nothing (of course), my guess would be this has to do with the older children. Younguns are easy peasy compared to teens. Teens get into things that can make you nuts with worry.

  64. Wait what??


    I never even follow Angie gossip and even I know this is some…wow.

    Buckle in folks, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride in many a comment section.

  65. Amy Tennant says:

    I don’t think it’s Cotillard, unless Brad is wanting to leave her to be with MC. Because I think Angie would be able to forgive a fling for the sake of keeping her family together. It’s not like they can’t afford therapy or don’t have enough money and property to stay away from each other for a while. Oh no. I’d more readily believe the scenario of Brad toking up with the kids and saying, “If you do it, I’d rather you do it here…” Oh my goodness, this is so sad. All those kids. Maybe they’ll find their way back to each other.

    Then again. none of us ever really knows what goes on in another person’s marriage or family, and I don’t really know these people. I feel really stupid for being this invested in the lives of total strangers. We talk about them, but we don’t know them. I’m still very saddened for all eight of them.

    Granted, I don’t know AJ, but I can’t imagine her being vicious and using the kids against Brad. If she wants them away from him. I’m betting she has her reasons. Not that I know of course.

  66. CidySmiley says:

    Okay. Breathe. I don’t thing Angelina would file for sole custody as like.. a farce. Or a cheating cover up, I think something probably happened. I mean we don’t know how people are behind closed doors and we also don’t know what these celebrities are really like in their down time. I don’t think we can rule out that something didn’t happen. I had a friend recently file for sole custody simply because her ex husband didn’t know how to control his temper. He had never done anything to the kids, but the threat was enough.

  67. Bluesky says:

    Somewhere Tom Hiddleston is breathing a sigh of relief that now his breakup is not the big story anymore.

  68. shannon says:

    Own what the legalities are, but the custody thing seems minor to me. With both my sons I had physical custody and their dad got joint legal custody and visitation. It wasn’t because anyone thought he was a bad dad, that was just what everyone was in with.

    • popup says:

      Thank you. I was wondering if the logistics of their lifestyle would’ve made joint physical custody rather pointless. Doesn’t this make sense only if both parents live close to one another? Brangelina owns homes all over the world, and it seems like they may choose to live in different cities after this is all done.

      Angelina is OK with joint legal custody, which means Pitt will still have an important role in their upbringing, including schooling, medical decisions and religious instruction.

      • Esmom says:

        Yes, this is what I’m thinking two. Their lifestyle is so unconventional, with so much travel, that a typical joint custody agreement wouldn’t even be feasible.

        I think people are reading way too much into this and they are doing this for practical purposes.

      • swak says:

        Said the same thing up thread. Think it’s more the life style of both making it difficult to work out the living arrangements. But it’s not cool that it has been put out there so that the speculation is that he is a bad father.

      • Nothingtoseehere says:

        Quick note about custody in CA from one who lived it. Sole physical custody is tough to get without damn good reason. Sole legal custody is almost impossible absent major issues.

  69. Anna says:

    I don’t believe in love anymore!!!!

  70. Goldie says:

    WOW. I was never particularly invested in them, but I honestly thought they had a strong relationship and made a great team as parents. I’m shocked that they are not only divorcing, but apparently fighting over the kids.

  71. Squiggisbig says:

    Man…Laura Wasser did say there were more big splits to come!

    • Liane says:

      My thought too! And she said that back in March/April. Could it be this has been in the works since then?!

      • kibbles says:

        Perhaps Jolie was already secretly meeting with Wasser earlier this year to discuss a potential divorce and get her ducks in a row before making an official announcement. It’s very possible. You don’t just split with a partner of over a decade and the father of your children on a whim. Wasser may have known this was coming for the last six months.

    • Supes says:

      It blows my mind that she would make such a comment to the press! Hollywood is a crazy place for sure.

    • ^so much this. This has been planned for a while-maybe never to use, but ready to pull trigger whenever needed. Girlfriend don’t play, and she doesn’t leave anything to chance either.

  72. Brittney B. says:

    Angelina is clearly trying to protect the kids; legal filings can’t be locked down like everything else in their life, but it’s awful to immediately accuse her of using them as pawns.

    I feel awful for her and can’t imagine we’ll hear any details unless it comes out in court or it’s just THAT bad. This seems so sudden and serious. It’s been clear for years that tabloids have no big insights into their private lives, and they often work and travel separately, so I don’t think any recent rumors or lack of photo-ops point to this.

    I’ve been following her closely since 1998 and she never fails to surprise me… but this is a SHOCK. This was such a tight-knit family, and I hope the kids are okay right now.

  73. Mushymoo says:

    Now – no shade – but why is anyone surprised? Two narcissists together NEVER works! (Hey, I know I’ll get skinned for it but hear me out)

    I have a theory about Brad – he has always, ALWAYS, dated women whose stars were in the ascendant at the time. Look back on his history.

    Now to be fair, AJ’s career is, with best will in the world, not going that well. So who will be Brad’s next target? JLaw? (Or is she already passé?) Whoever it is, she’ll be flavor of the month.

  74. Sayrah says:

    Wow! I’m sad. I liked this family.

  75. tcbc says:

    Wonder if this is connected to the Radar Online story about the A-list pedophile.

    • Amy Tennant says:

      As I said before, I think that guy is going to be older than Brad. So I don’t think that’s connected unless it turns out it’s a guy Brad associates with on the regular. But we’ll probably find out soon.

      • Tara says:

        Pitt was born in 63, Haim in 71. Pitt would have absolutely been an adult at the time. And the actor involved is supposed to have happened several years after he was r*ped by the producer. So yeah, the age fits. Not saying it’s him, but….wow, the timing is whoa.

      • Tara says:

        I actually think it really is Cotillard. It’s not weed, I can tell you that. Let’s not pretend AJ is clean and has been the whole time she’s been a mother okay? And I don’t mean weed. If it is Cotillard, this is a pretty crappy move on her part if you ask me. But we’ll see.

    • amanda says:

      I really doubt it. Brad Pitt may have been an adult when Haim was still a child, but he was in University in Missouri in the early 80s while Haim was being victimized in Hollywood. Robert Downey Jr, Jeffrey DeMunn, Charlie Sheen, Jeremy Piven, James Garner, Gary Busey are all more likely candidates as they were actually in movies with Haim during the right time period. But that list isn’t exhaustive. It could literally be any one of those men or the many more with whom he starred in films. It looks like Pitt didn’t even land a named role until 87.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      I’m thinking it was John Travolta for the pedo…

      • Minnieder says:

        OMG yes

      • greenmonster says:

        Yip, that was my thought as well. Just thinking who is A-List today who was very famous in the 80’s? John Travolta was still a household name back then because of his success in the 70s and he is still A-List by name recognition.

        Charlie Sheen is not known to be a family man.
        Jeffey DeMunn and James Garner might have been to old for a young kid like Corey Haim to relate to.
        Robert Downey Jr. – no idea, but somehow I don’t believe this.
        Jeremy Piven – was he even that big back then? I don’t think so.
        Gary Busey – again maybe too old to relate to, also to weird to relate to.
        Mel Gibson – wasn’t someone quoting a BI (I know it’s just a BI and not the truth written in stone) that this creep is mostly known for movies? Has Mel done any TV work?

        John Travolta makes the most sense to me. He was still a very well known face and name although his career was on the outs. He had a boyish charme and looks and I could totally see, how a young actor like Corey could fall for and trust him.

  76. shelly* says:

    Gossip gold, this sounds like the opening salvo in a really nasty split.

    I don’t want to believe that he’s a danger to his children, but Hollywood people are pretty scummy if you look below the surface.

    People will be team Brad-ing and team Angelina-erring all over the place.

  77. Isa says:

    normally, I just eat popcorn and watch the shenanigans but this one.. …my stomach hurts! I don’t know why! the weird visitation thing? argh, (shakes fist at 2016)

  78. Div says:

    I’m shocked about the shot about the kids and this coming from TMZ and not a celeb friendly outlet like People. Also, they supposedly separated on September 15th and are divorcing 5 days later???????

    I mean they seem to be leading separate lives but they could have gone with a “we drifted apart but plan to co-parent” instead of all this drama. Also, I honestly think Angelina must have some serious dirt on him. I’ve never commented on this before because I knew it wouldn’t go over well, but her weight issues seem to indicate some sort of serious issue. I know she has been ill and stressed and is naturally thin, but she has access to the best doctors and still is clearly at an unhealthy weight….So she possibly has an eating disorder or something he could use against her, and she still has enough leverage for the kids.

    I mean I know Brad smokes pot but would she really divorce him if one of the older kids found his stash? That’s bad, but not divorce bad. The fact that this all went down in five days too…I wonder if they won’t go through with it

  79. JRenee says:

    Together for 10 years before marriage, 2 years after marriage and now this.
    I can’t imagine that he will be denied joint physical custody!

    I am sad for the kids. They are shown with him as much with her.

    • Carmen says:

      What if he doesn’t contest it? That might say a lot.

    • Jwoolman says:

      Maybe the arrangement won’t really affect the way they’ve been handling the kids at all. Not unusual for the parents to be in very different places, the kids migrate from one to the other and not necessarily all six together. They’re set up with a school that makes it easy to keep up online and they have individual tutors who travel with them.

  80. seesittellsit says:

    I thought Cotillard was Fassbender’s real squeeze while helping Vikander up the stardom ladder at a studio mogul’s insistence. What is this power Cotillard has over men?!

    I can just hear Aniston as she smiles into the mirror this morning, repeating, “Revenge is a dish best served cold, revenge is a dish best served cold, revenge is a dish . . .”

    Or, alternatively, “All things come to him who waits.”

    I don’t think there’s enough popcorn in the local Trader Joe’s for this . . .

  81. minx says:

    When they got married I thought they were obviously confident about their relationship. There was no reason AT ALL for them to get married unless they were both committed to each other and their family.
    So something must have happened.

    • Jwoolman says:

      I think the kids were pushing for them to get married. The wedding was certainly all about the kids. The parents didn’t seem in a rush. Maybe the kids were worried about the parents’ relationship back then, or it could have been from what other people or kids were saying to them. For whatever reason, getting their parents to legally marry each other was important to the kids.

  82. rlh says:

    I saw it coming years ago. Brad did an interview where he made some sort of philosophical comment about how happiness in a relationship is always tinged by the sadness of change that is inevitable. He had made similar comments when married to Aniston. No shade to Brad; I kind of agree with the sentiment. But I remember thinking; Oops…there’s the end, already in his sights. I am surprised it lasted this long.

    • SusanneToo says:

      I remember a similar interview he did with VF early in his marriage to JA and I thought, “Oops, sounds like foreboding.”

  83. Jane Q. Doe says:

    I feel stupidly upset about this. And bad for their kids, most of all. I’m sort of hoping this is a “I’m not kidding, now shape up or we’re done” shock filing. Y’all know Angie would be all MamaBear about the kids though.

    • CorruptLobbyist says:

      I also feel stupidly upset! Agree w/ everything else you wrote as well. It’s just so strange to feel actual sadness about a celebrity marriage.

  84. Maya says:


  85. Roujos says:

    Could this be linked to the Cory Haim story????

    • perplexed says:

      What Corey Haim story?

      • LAK says:

        Radar online has a story saying Corey was repeatedly sexually abused by a hollywood superstar who remains a big star today and with equivalent power.

        Whenever Corey’s abuse comes up, most people think it’s someone with a public record of bad behaviour who is always in trouble and is unashamed of his poor lifestyle choices, but the way the radar story is written, the abuser sounds like someone else entirely who has a very good publuc image, complete with children.

      • Mich says:

        @ LAK – I think Charlie Sheen is the one who has been pointed to in the past. He was in a movie with Haim…I think.

      • Shutterbug99 says:

        Oh wow! I would have thought older, though?

      • LAK says:

        @Mich: If i understand the story and think about all the different rumours about Corey throughout the years, it seems CS was the first when they were shooting LUCAS, but this story is saying a different hollywood person abused CS in later years. No one would describe CS as a family man even if he does have children.

      • Pepper says:

        Wouldn’t it need to be someone a bit older than Brad though, or at least someone who got famous a bit younger? The Radar article said the abuse happened in Haim’s mid-teens (so the late 80’s), and that the abuser had power and influence then. Pitt was older than Haim, but he wasn’t at all famous til the early 90’s, and not a big star with power and influence til the mid to late 90’s.

        I’m just praying it’s not Tom Hanks. The Radar article makes it sound like it’s someone who’s just flat out loved and respected by all, and I’m struggling to think of anyone else who fits. Hopefully it’s just Radar overplaying that aspect.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        Sheen has been talked about with Haim in Lucas, but if he’s the family man with the wholesome reputation, I’m Princess Diana. I think sadly it may be a case of Sheen AND some other guy whose name is about to come out

      • LAK says:

        Pepper: please no. Not nice Tom Hanks.

        Then again, we have Bill Cosby to show us how wrong we can be.

        My interpretation is that there were 2 people, one CS and the other this so-called family guy that is beloved by the public.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        I heard that name mentioned and a couple of others, but they all could be wild speculation trying to fit the BI

      • Scotchy says:

        This is a bit weird, but has anyone thought about Robert Redford?? I only suggest him because a family member knew an escort he used to hire in the 70’s. He was a teenager at the time.. When I saw the blind I thought of him….I could be off as they didn’t star in a movie together did they??? The whole thing is so gross and disturbing.. Power and fame can make some people turn dark fast..

    • Mia says:

      My thought too. Will we ever know?

      • shelly* says:

        I’m thinking of one actor who starred in a film with Haim (the lost boys) and Feldman (stand by me) who no one has mentioned, he was in his twenties at the time but on quite a hot streak.
        I hope I’m wrong.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        I don’t know if he has the wholesome reputation that BI suggests, but it’s a thought. Speculation on this one is dangerous. I have a couple of thoughts of my own, but I don’t want to put them out there.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        As I mentioned upthread….I’m voting Travolta

      • Amy Tennant says:

        OK, Travolta was my first guess. There have been ample red flags about his lack of concern about consent. I also had a wild thought about someone else, but it would be irresponsible to name him because it’s baseless speculation

    • QueenB says:

      1. Angelina would not ask for visitation then and Brad would not be able to legally see his kids anyway.
      2.Brad is too young.

      • jeanne says:

        i have a feeling that’s charlie sheen. he worked with corey haim on Lucas and there are rumors going around that he raped him at the time.

    • Onerous says:

      Good lord. Not likely at all. Brad Pitt is not the guy you’re looking for in this blind item.

  86. Ginger Gal says:

    and by “poor parenting” she means he stuck his peen into some other woman.

  87. Christina says:

    What is happening!?!??@?@?@

    Separation date is 15/09.. that’s last week. What could happen that force her to file so quickly? They have been through everything together. 11 years and 6 kids. How could one throw all that away?

    • swak says:

      Maybe it was already in the works and she was keeping it private and therefore did not separate until ready to actually file. Just a thought.

  88. L says:

    Not surprised. I said on this website in the comments on their wedding photos that she looked reticent. I don’t think she is a stable person. I’m not bad- mouthing mental illness either, because people I love dearly struggle with it. She has a history of making rash decisions and then throwing herself into them full force. Very consistent with borderline personality disorder. It is terribly sad when a family is broken up, so I hope it is not too hard on their children.

    • minx says:

      We really know nothing yet.
      Her decision may be a completely logical one because of facts that haven’t come to light yet.
      It’s just too early to tell.

    • Artemis says:

      She has said herself she’s impulsive. They had 5 kids in 5 years so Pitt was impulsive too. Then they are a BPD couple, not just Jolie 😉 We’ll see the true reasons come out very soon.

    • Nymeria says:

      I thought something seemed off from their wedding photos, too. Still can’t know if it has anything to do with this – but you never know. The kids need to write a tell-all.

  89. Carmen says:

    News reports are saying Angelina became “fed up” with Brad’s consumption of weed and possibly alcohol, and mixed with what she believes is “an anger problem” became dangerous for the children.

    Oh boy. This does not sound good. Brad has said on several occasions that Angie is a very devoted and protective parent. If he was getting stoned in front of the kids there would be hell to pay.

    I’m wondering if Brad is going through some existential midlife crisis or if he’s simply a textbook case of emotional immaturity.

    • holly hobby says:

      He had his midlife crisis when he backed out of his marriage to Jen A and took up with Angie. He is known love em and leave em. Remember he was engaged to Goop for one hot minute? Also Juliette Lewis?

      • LAK says:

        GOOP cheated on him. She has been very open about the fact that she broke them up.

      • Artemis says:

        Yeah Pitt got cheated on A LOT! And yup, he had his crisis when he realised his marriage with Aniston didn’t work anymore. They were in therapy since the start of the marriage.
        He’s always had a pretty long relationship, at least 2 years. And Goop was ‘the love of his life’ until she cheated on him. Can’t blame the dude for moving on after betrayal and he was a young man in his previous relationship. He had a good love life before being with Jolie, that’s hardly something to use against him. He’s only human.

        That said, when him and Aniston split, he moved on so quickly. I wonder if they didn’t have Shiloh barely a year into their relationship, they would’ve lasted this long. They had a kid every year for the first 5 years, like that was crazy. Maybe she can deal with the strain of child-rearing but he’s just tired now? He is 10 years older than she is, would not surprise me at all.

        And he was always and forever a stoner. If he’s mixing now, that’s different though but weed has been a constant. I don’t think Jolie would divorce for that because she knew this.

  90. Jeanette says:

    I bet he is just like any other cheating man..puts his pants on one leg at a time..and she finally got her can full.

    He wasn’t a monogamist to begin with, he just hopped aboard the parent train and rode it til he found a place to get off. She was wild too, but she grew up and he probably didn’t as the story usually goes.

  91. Hannah says:

    She ensures the bit about his parenting becomes the core of the public discourse. As always with her, the other person is the big bad.

  92. OSTONE says:

    OMG!!! I am in shock and disbelief. I am in a work meeting and I am considering playing sick to hang with you guys..

  93. QQ says:

    Someone Said This Is Angelina’s “Lemonade” but they called it Pumpkin Spice Latte
    Me and My sister are currently gaming WHO tells my mom… I “Won”

    • QQ says:

      Update: My Mom FURIOUSLY cussed me out, I screen capped for my Sister she said I DID THIS to piss her Off.. I. LIVE

      • Jade says:

        That is amazing, I kinda love your mum

      • Jade says:

        That is amazing, I kinda love your mum

      • Jade says:

        That is amazing, I kinda love your mum

      • Jade says:

        That is amazing, I kinda love your mum

      • Jade says:

        That is amazing, I kinda love your mum

      • QQ says:

        I’m delighted ( not about the divorce !!) just the fact My Ma Lost her entire sh*t at me cause she is a Card Carrying Brangeloonie So she is SUPER in her feels, Incidentally IDK I never saw this as a Forever thing for either one of them,Also Provided there is NO Mudslinging This could STILL be a successful 12 Years together… like in my head, you supported and Loved each other had cute kids, will raise them in Co-Parent Mode but Like I Didn’t have my Eternal Hopes Pinned to this union Making it?

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I love the thought of you and your sister mixing it up over who gets to “tell”! Thanks for the laugh. Condolences to your poor Mama.

      • QQ says:

        Tulip True story, sent my Sister the screen shot and Told her “You shoulda handled this”, she goes: BWahahah This is delicious and Yes, I would have been Gentler than you!!!! My mom Called me a BIRD OF BAD NEWS

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I have to admit that when I read this, the first thing that I did was to text my sister while she was at work. The “what????” was priceless. Both of us want to be the first to know anything so we can text the other. She called immediately during lunch so we could start to hash it out (what happened, what will happen, etc.).
        I know it is sad especially for the kids but it is gossip Christmas for real!

    • Jwoolman says:

      Gee, in my family, my brother and I were always saying “Now, don’t tell mom, but….”. We kept her blissfully unaware, or thought we did. That was every other sentence when he was telling me about basic training just before he was off to Vietnam (lousy lottery number, mom wanted a recount because of his flat feet, he should have had bone spurs).

      I always figured that if I ever got married, I would avoid telling mom for a couple of years. Or decades. We really kept mom out of so many loops… Lovely woman, but with anxiety levels through the roof.

  94. Anguishedcorn says:

    I just can’t with this year anymore.

  95. Georgia says:

    Sooo many thoughts rushing to my head right now… how is brad going to react legally? Will he file his own divorce petition? Who will give up the dirt first? will Kim kardashian run in the street fully naked to get attention? Will Kim and Kanye try to divorce or will she get pregnant again after running down the street naked? How relieved is Taylor swift that she doesn’t have to go outside for a few days since people will no longer be looking for her reaction to tom and priyanka maybe hooking up? And most importantly, will Jennifer Aniston also get a divorce? Is she calling brad to console him? Is she running behind Justin’s back and having secret meeting with brad? What will Chelsea handler say? So many thoughts…..

    • sanders says:

      love your post Georgia!!

    • minime says:

      LOL! So many questions, so little answers!

    • minx says:

      Lol! Love the notion of Kim frantically trying to grab attention for herself, because this is going to suck up the oxygen for a looong time.

    • Abby says:

      People on my Facebook and random celeb articles are laughing about this. JA memes, etc. How can you laugh when the home of 6 kids is breaking up?

      I’m not devastated, but I’m really sad for those kids. It’s not funny, I don’t get why people are being so gleeful.

      • Abby says:

        oops this was not supposed to be a comment on your post sorry! It was supposed to be on its own!

        Re: your comment, EXACTLY. I love it!

    • Georgia says:

      I feel like we need a comment from Jon voight right about now. Make it messier.


      Plot twist: jen calls angie: giiiiirrrrrlllll lets have drinks and talk about it!!

      There’s just so many ways to go about this….

      • Georgia says:

        Plot twist: Marion is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is.

        Plot twist: Jennifer Aniston anouncing that she’s finally pregnant after all of these years.

      • Dot says:

        If Jennifer and Angelina don’t get together, I’m gonna be super disappointed. They’d make a cute couple, plus it’d make people’s heads explode.

      • Jen says:

        Plot twist: Jen and Angelina have been having an affair with each other all these years!

      • Trashaddict says:

        Oh my dear Celebitchies! I love your WICKED brains…..

    • MarieFrance says:

      @georgia – that really gave me a great laugh! Especially the Kim part!

      I think there will be Goop reunion in the future for Brad – just an affair. I could see Angelina getting together with a high profile/accomplished woman.

      • Georgia says:

        Omg that would be amazing! Brad and Gwyneth together again!!!

        Or plot twist: Clooney announces he’s left Amal for Brad!!

    • LinaLamont says:

      “will Kim kardashian run in the street fully naked to get attention? ”

      HAHAHAHAHA. *gasp for air*

      “Will Kim and Kanye try to divorce or will she get pregnant again after running down the street naked?”


    • I Choose Me says:


      Any other couples planning on splitting, now is the time to do it as the focus will be on this for a while.

      Also, I bet Donald Trump will have something to say about this.

    • Scotchy says:

      Ha ha ha!!
      I love it!!

  96. Evie says:

    What even is this year?! I’m shocked! They always seemed so solid

  97. eggy weggs says:

    In that recent profile of the celeb (and high-stakes) divorce lawyers, one of the attorneys said that these divorce agreements are nailed down in advance. I bet that’s what the hotel celebration was: hammering out their divorce. Ooooo, this is going to be interesting.

  98. Jaana says:

    I think Angie got bored. Plain and simple.

    • Carmen says:

      Or she outgrew him. She’s a lot more intelligent than he is, and she seems to be sick and tired of the whole Hollywood scene. And she has a lot of irons in the fire whereas he seems to just want to make movies, fool around on the set, get high and/or drunk and generally act like an overgrown fratboy. I think he’s going through some delayed midlife crisis and she doesn’t have the time or the inclination to deal with that. JMO.

      • L says:

        I think you’re giving them both a lot of credit. I really don’t think either one of them is ‘bright’.

  99. Ashley says:

    They aren’t even trying to do the whole drawn-out, year+ co-parenting route of Garner/Affleck, Martin/Paltrow? Angie is MAD. Eh, whatever. You can’t build your happiness on the pain of another, or so they say. Their relationship began with him cheating on his wife. Karma will always get you.

    • Stella says:

      There was no cheating between Brad and Angelina, when they got together he had been separated from Jen for a year, even Jen herself admitted this. Also Jen took Justin from Heidi Bivens remember, so she herself built her happiness on the pain of Heidi Bivens, so when is her karma coming?

  100. holly hobby says:

    It could be philosophical differences in childrearing. Brad grew up white bread midwest. Angie did not have a typical childhood. It could be she did not like it that he’s trying to actually parent the teenagers (you’re the parent, not the friend).

    Or he could be having an affair and in that case I’m not surprised. How you got him is how you’ll lose him

    Somewhere out there, Jen Aniston is smiling.

    • Stella says:

      Since even Jen herself said there was no affair, and her and Brad had been split for a year before he and Ange got together, I don’t see why Jen would be smiling, since she did the same to Heidi Bivens. And remember she cheated on Brad with Matt LeBlanc.

      • Lady Mimosa says:

        Jen, said he cheated emotionally. No need to bring Jen into this, the thread is not about her. Jen and Brad were legally married when Shiloh was born.

      • Stella says:

        Nope, Jen didn’t say any such thing. She admitted that Brad told her he had feelings for Angelina, but that he was upfront. That is not cheating, physical or emotionally. Also, Shiloh was born in May 2006. Brad and Jen were divorced October 2, 2005. So she was not born when Jen and Brad were legally married. Lastly, holly hobby brought Jen into it, not me.

    • Camille says:

      Can’t we leave Aniston out of this. They split up years ago, she was his starter marriage.

  101. HK9 says:

    ?????? :-0

  102. Jeanette says:

    TMZ is saying weed and that makes sense she doesnt want the kids around it.

    Sorry but he was doing that when they met, old dogs and stuff.

    • minx says:

      Drunk or high driving, perhaps? With the kids in the car?

    • Amy Tennant says:

      I’m thinking if it’s drugs, he’s gone beyond the weed and booze he’s always done, or else it’s become a bigger problem than it was before. Especially if the kids are participating.

    • Mich says:

      Over time, the effect of drugs and alcohol on the brain changes as the brain chemistry changes in response to constantly being bombarded by them.

      I was a very happy drunk until I became a very angry drunk. It is a story told a million times a day in “rooms” across the world.

  103. Mia says:

    Roujos: that was my thought too.

  104. Tash says:

    Hah! I bet tabloids are wringing their hands gleefully. I wonder who their next hook-ups will be.

  105. khaveman says:

    Not coming to ANY conclusions yet — I’m pretty shocked. Need more information!!!!! :-O

  106. Zut alors! says:

    I am sad for her and the children. With that said, I hope she can get her mojo and her happy back. She got so much crap and abuse because of this relationship. Hopefully now she’ll concentrate on herself and the children.

  107. tealily says:

    I figured it would be “Brad smokes weed.” Like we didn’t already know that. I hope it doesn’t turn out that he’s another abusive rage monster. Somehow, I just don’t see it with this one, but time will tell.

    • Div says:

      Which is odd because it seems to be implying that he’s a rage monster stoner? Everyone knows he smokes weed, so it’s weird that they are trying to throw that out there like it’s some huge deal in the press. If she was tired of his stoner ways, I would think they would come up with a better cover story too?

      Something is super fishy about this whole mess on both sides.

      • tealily says:

        Exactly! Either something big went down on Brad’s end of things, or Angie is playing sh-t up to cover for herself in some way.

      • Kitten says:

        ITA. I think the weed stuff is just a cover. Again, only speculating but…

      • Artemis says:

        Dude even smoked at work (Tarantino quote). Angie knew this and if she really had a problem with that (she is an ex-addict after all), she should not have started with him in the first place. There is more to come, it’s Wasser after all and her BBT divorce was not clean or private. She was never shy of spilling the dirt.

  108. shelly* says:

    Angie knows Hiddleston is a free man and made her move…

  109. Shutterbug99 says:

    I’m shocked that everybody seems to be shocked by this?!

    I’m not. Not at all. Personality wise, Angie and Brad were always a weird match for me! (I’ve said this from the start). I’m surprised they lasted this long.

    Edit: OK, just saw the ‘weed and booze’ line – but Brad has always smoked weed. Maybe his habit is out of control, or he did something to put the kids at risk.

    I haven’t heard any cheating rumors. I always thought she’d be the one to cheat, not him. I’m a huge Angie fan by the way; I just never saw him cheating on her.

    • QueenB says:

      how are they a weird match personality wise?

      • NotBlonde says:

        She’s very controlling and he’s more laid back. She always seemed like this Hollywood Royalty Untouchable Ice Queen whereas Brad always seemed like a chill bro who liked to hang out and smoke weed.

      • Shutterbug99 says:

        They always struck me as a case of opposites attract – as in I’ve always seen him as relaxed and laid back (or maybe that’s just the weed!) whereas I’ve always read Angie as being, well, the complete opposite of that. And that can work in relationships where opposite personalities balance each other out – it can also, in certain cases, really not work.

        In any case, I stand by the fact that these two were never a lasting thing for me.

    • tealily says:

      I thought the same thing. As for the weed, maybe it’s a situation where she’s cleaned up her vices and he hasn’t?

      • Shutterbug99 says:

        My first thought when I read the report was: physical abuse. That is just the first thing that sprang to my mind. But then, maybe he put the kids in danger while he was high? Who knows. Not us. Not yet at least.

      • tealily says:

        I really, really hope that’s not the case.

  110. Anna nuttall says:

    Oooh this story is going to be huge. However heart breaking for the kids. This totally took me by surprise.

  111. Jenni says:


  112. QueenEllisabet says:

    they were no fairy tale. He cheated with her and probably on her. She seems like a head case anyway

  113. Div says:

    Hm. I’ve always liked Angelina more than Brad but the update is making me a little suspicious. Brad’s an angry stoner (a paradox) and only possibly an alcoholic with anger issues? She’s been mad about this for ages but only decided to separate and file for divorce within the last week? All of this reads as off… is very, very odd for a family with six kids to separate and file for divorce within that short of a period. It reads like they had a massive fight and one decided to impulsively file for divorce while still in the throes of anger. I really, really hope she isn’t using the kids as a tactic in the divorce but after Laura Wasser blatantly lied about several things in the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp case….I wouldn’t be particularly surprised.

    If anything, I would think they would divorce because Brad seemed to prefer France/New Orleans and Angelina did not.

  114. pio says:

    about their daughter’s sexual orientation perhaps ?

  115. Solan says:

    “Disso Queen”? What does disso mean?

    Anyway, this is sad news. They were a great couple that seemed really in love.

  116. NOLA says:

    I’ve seen people suggesting on Facebook that it might be related to that blind item from Radar yesterday about an A-lister and a Hollywood pedophilia ring (involving Corey Haim).

  117. Bex says:

    Page Six is alleging Cotillard is involved

  118. Mia4S says:

    Guys can we stop with the whole connecting this to the pedophile Radar story. It doesn’t fit the facts and is too horrendous an allegation to make lightly. It’s clear that absuser was in a position of power at the time the abuse happened. Pitt was nobody until Thelma and Louise in 1991 when Haim was 20 years old. Even then, he wasn’t a star yet. Besides if it were true you think Jolie would offer visitation?!?! TMZ is now talking about substance abuse. That sounds far more likely.

  119. eileen says:

    What’s so shocking? Angelina Jolie seems like a nice,caring woman but has a track record of failed relationships-how many times has she been married? I am sure it is from her childhood experience with the death of her mother and I sincerely hope she has help with that. As far as Pitt I know very little except he was a player. I feel for the children.

    • msd says:

      She used to be one of those people who jumped in head first when she fell in love but she got over that when she grew up. A couple of long term, serious relationships (that should have been cohabitation instead of marriage) then being with someone almost a decade before marrying again … that isn’t a terrible record for a 41 year old imo.

  120. Toniko says:

    I think if it’s really about kids, it’s because he started prefer biological over adopted, idk why, but i always had that vibe from him.

  121. Jade says:

    Oh this is already getting dirty. To drop this on a Tuesday and make accusations about drugs and liquor, this is going to get messy!! You want to keep a divorce private and not feed the gossip machine you do it on a friday.

  122. minx says:

    I’m curious, how exactly is she “acting crazy”?

  123. Elizabeth says:

    BBC update freaked me out that it must be true. Her lawyer stated to BBC: “Robert Offer said the actress filed for “dissolution of marriage” on Monday, adding the “decision was made for the health of the family”.” Who is robert offer? Is laura the lawyer or robert?
    No mention of custody/visitation etc. But wth happened? Maybe something happened when she was visiting refugees just a few days back…were the kids with Brad?
    And if Brad had alcohol issues would they really be cultivating wine in their french home?? And Brad co-adopted the kids right from the start, what went wrong?? 🙁

    This is so sad , especially for the 6 kids.

  124. detritus says:

    I’m waiting to find out more.

    I trust nothing from Laura Wasser’s mouth. It actually makes me trust Angelina less.

    I’m getting wigged out with the Corey Haim stuff and I was reading Pitt was suspected and thought it was bunk. Please still be bunk. I dont want another Depp. Offering Maddox a joint or something bad but nothing BAD bad please.

    Next thought
    Wasser would have put this with the Depp divorce if possible. She’s talked before about packaging divorces together. Makes me think something came to light, or something happened to precipitate this.

    • AbrarAk says:

      Depp’s kids defended him and we never heard about him being a danger to them, so..

      • detritus says:

        Oh no, I’m not saying he was abusive to them. I am a tinfoil hat wearer extraordinaire, but I think he kept his abuse to his lovers.
        I was more speaking in the please let it not be TOO explosive. Cheating is ‘perfect’.

  125. Pepper says:

    Wow, the loonies are going to lose their freakin’ minds, so many of them are so, so invested in the health of this relationship.

    It’s not a big surprise though when you look at the last few years. They went from barely being apart for years to spending weeks apart to spending months apart. It seems like it’s been a long time since they were really living together rather than just meeting up somewhere neutral for a short stint before going back to work.

    I wonder if the marriage wasn’t meant to be a band-aid of sorts.

    • Brittney B. says:

      I’ve been a huge Angelina fan for years, but there’s no reason to lose my mind… and to be honest, I was never personally invested in this relationship. Just fond of her as a human being and public figure, and sad when she has painful experiences. Was pretty neutral when they got married, too… maybe because I’m in a long-term relationship with no marriage plans, and (like you) I view marriages like theirs as symbolic of something else.

      Gets a little able-ist and presumptive to assume that her more vocal/loyal fans are unstable and unhinged, though. We’re a diverse bunch.

    • Stella says:

      The Loonies on BOTH sides; the Anistonloonies as well as Brangeloonies, because Anistonloonies have always had an unhealthy investment on hating on them and wishing them to break up.

  126. Jayna says:

    The perfect couple with the perfect family divorcing. The meltdown over this is going to be massive by their fans.

  127. Robin says:

    If someone will cheat with you, they’ll cheat on you.

  128. Charlie says:

    And here we thought Tiddleswift would be THE gossip of the year…

  129. KiddVicious says:

    I seriously doubt this is as sudden as it seems. For all we know they’ve been separated for a while and their hotel anniversary tryst was when they decided to pull the plug on it.

    My first thought was “what about their wine?” Then my husband said “it will taste like Brad’s tears”. LOL

    I believe it’s about drugs. I think Brad is probably a little more lenient with the older kids, maybe Angelina doesn’t want them heading down the same path as her and becoming addicted. But only they know the truth. I doubt we will ever know.

  130. D1115 says:

    Cue the “Brad runs to Jennifer for sympathy” etc headlines!

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Aaaargh! I hope not! If that happens, that crap should be shut down immediately by their agents.

  131. Sare says:

    Theory: Brad knew who did what in regards to the Corey Haim story. He admitted as much to AJ, who no longer feels she can trust him around the kids after his having been part of the cover-up.

    Total speculation. But the timing is….strange.

    Other theory: Brad cheated, and AJ wants him and his future flings around the kids as little as possible. Maybe he didn’t even bother to hide his cheating from the kids…?

  132. Aubrey says:

    Whoa. Refresh, refresh!

  133. BadAssCompass says:

    I feel like Angelina is overprotective ever since her mother died and probably overly sensitive to everything from world injustice, women issues to her kids’ well being especially now hitting menopause. And she is very strong willed. I don’t think Brad is an aggressive dude, stoners rarely are, but he probably has kept a ‘taste for life’ and this is where the irreconcilable differences started to occur. Also, he probably cheated in some way. This is how you avenge it, by taking kids away. Classic. It could be Marion since she’s beautiful, accomplished and kooky, plus her marriage does not seem to be going that well and i can’t imagine any other HW actress daring to break Brangelina up.

  134. N says:

    She filed already. Either they’ve been secretly hammering out their divorce details for awhile now, or this is out of the blue. We’ll find out depending how long it takes the courts to finalize it. Something tells me that this was an impulsive decision.

  135. joannie says:

    This is no surprise. I could feel this one coming for awhile. I feel bad for the children. I really don’t think Angelina is the stable one and she’s a master manipulator.

  136. Cinderella says:

    The only theory I have is Marion Cotillard is expecting. That would bring about some serious Angie rage…drug accusations, bad parenting accusations…timing the filing with the pedo scandal. Yikes.

  137. sanders says:

    I can see how she would want physical custody. She did adopt her children while single, before she became involved with Brad. Being a mother is probably the bigger part of her identity. Who knows if the marriage went south and she is using whatever she can to be the primary parent or if he is indeed a danger to the kids.

    • BadAssCompass says:

      didn’t Billy Bob Thornton share custody od Maddox at the time?

    • tealily says:

      They weren’t all adopted before her marriage to Brad, though. And some are their biological children.

      • sanders says:

        yes, they weren’t all adopted before, but my point is that she adopted before hooking up with brad and continued to adopt more kids and have some of her own. I think being a mother is a significant part of her identity. She may not like the idea of sharing custody with him, right or wrong.

      • tealily says:

        Ah, I get what you’re saying. I just don’t see why Brad shouldn’t get shared physical custody of the kids too, unless something truly shady and harmful really did go down. I sort of doubt that it did, though. (I could be wrong, obviously.)

  138. CarolinaBelle says:

    Wow! Surprised at this news. I honestly believed that they were not legally married and that their wedding in France was a publicity stunt. Looks like I was wrong. I really liked them as a couple.

  139. LMB says:

    Angelina has said many times, in countless interviews (when asked about her affair with Brad), that they would explain to their children that they met the love of their lives – their soulmates – during the making of that movie. If I was Angelina, I’d be the last person to admit in legal documents that it was an affair seeing as how my last two marriages were products of an affair. Her image up to this point was remarkable with the work she has done (and rightfully so) and the proactive stand she has taken with her health. The old Angelina is now a mother and activist and doing good in the world. I’m not saying she’s not, but just saying this is the Angelina we see today.
    She could have “Katie Holmes’d” him and he’s just as surprised as we are. Brad will file something.
    Did he spank or punish a kid too harshly???? Weed doesn’t make you violent, alcohol absolutely, but weed??????

  140. Alix says:

    It’s been a long time since any celebrity news truly shocked me, but this did it!

  141. Cookiejar says:

    Have a feeling that she caught one of her teens smoking Brad’s weed, or, alternatively, they got into arguments over him doing it with the kids around, something to that effect. And yes, I’m aware she did/does drugs, but maybe she doesn’t want her kids to get into it as well.

  142. Jayna says:

    They will clamp back down on info coming out.

    Brad is just tired of moving a huge family every three months with security guards, cooks, five teachers/nannies and setting up house. He’s exhausted and irritable. LOL

    I never thought they would last forever until the last two years. Then I thought they had made it ten years or more and looked strong and would.

  143. Shutterbug99 says:

    CDAN is running with a blind item revealed story on Brad and Cotillard ‘having sex each day’ while filming.

    I know, I know…

    • Div says:

      Yeah, but CDAN has been busted by several sources, including the New York Post, as basically making sh*t up 99% of the time but doing it cleverly enough that people are afraid to sue. Like their Marion story was just a guess, as other tabs have been on this angle for ages, and now they are nipping at Page Six’s heels since they reported an affair.

      • Shutterbug99 says:

        I know! That’s why I said ‘I know, I know’. 😉 I’m almost ashamed of myself for even mentioning CDAN!

        But now everybody seems to be running with the Cotillard story – along with the substance abuse story.

  144. Mia4S says:

    New York Post has the Marion Colltiard affair as its main headline! Not reported as a rumour, they have it as a story! Oh this is going to be ugly!!!

    Also hella awkward movie promotional tour coming!!

  145. Ayra. says:

    No way.

  146. hey-ya says:

    …they can say what they like but I think its about money…like so many divorces…hes working his socks off all year making movies…she gives it away….with six kids each with 2 nannies something had to give cos they aint billionaires…my friends told me I was wrong when I said Michael Jackson was broke…but….

  147. Colette says:

    It’s sad but it’s not hopeless.
    How many celeb couples have filed for divorce yet are still together like Patrick Dempsey and his wife.Halle and Olivier?
    Maybe this will be a wake-up call for Brad IF it’s true he has a substance abuse issue.
    Well ,we know what will be the cover story on EVERY tabloid.The tabloid editors are in hog heaven.

    BTW I hope Brad isn’t using Kush,my neighbor left her boyfriend because of that sh##.

  148. Lucy says:

    All I did was go out for a few minutes to get lunch…completely out of the blue!! Whatever happened, very sad news. They seemed happy together.

  149. Frosty says:

    Come on, no moping. No one’s dying, thankfully, and they will always be family. Instead, let’s pair them off. Angelina and who? Brad and who?

  150. mayamae says:

    I think Brad’s response will be very telling. If he doesn’t push back hard, it will lead me to believe that her accusations are true. I think they had a very unconventional relationship, and I think they were very forgiving of each other’s foibles. I’ve never thought Angie was a saint, and I’ve always believed they cheated well before he was divorced. But I don’t think Angie would go so hardcore if there wasn’t truth in what she’s claiming. And I just don’t see her being so uptight about recreational drug use. I think it’s more likely that Brad is an alcoholic, in denial, and refusing to get help. Maybe this is her tough love. I just don’t think she’s quite that vindictive. BBT basically rejected Maddox, yet she didn’t smear him and remains friendly with him. Her kids (and her reputation) are too important to her to start a custody battle and launch accusations of parental incompetence. I think she gave him an ultimatum

    • minx says:

      I think this all makes a lot of sense.

    • mayamae says:

      @Minx, my computer crashed in the midst of that post. I think substance abuse and anger issues go hand in hand, and she gave him an ultimatum and is now following through on the threat. It doesn’t mean the love is gone, and doesn’t necessarily mean the marriage cannot be saved. It simply means she’s serious.

      • minx says:

        Mayamae, I really did think you made a lot of sense, your post didn’t sound fractured at all. I think we’ll see how Brad reacts, and as you said, that will tell a lot.

    • Lyka says:

      The NY Post has a front page headline saying Pitt cheated, but the article itself employs an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink logic. He was cheating, drinking too much, partying all the time, taking hard drugs off set during “Allied,” hanging out with Russian prostitutes, spending too much time with John Voight, having a mid-life crisis, and wanting to stay embedded in Hollywood when Jolie wants to move into other professional circles. Who knows.

      • Carmen says:

        I can totally believe this. He’s always impressed me as a somewhat shallow dilettante, like a middle-aged frat boy who doesn’t want to grow up.

    • greenmonster says:

      It is already getting dirty. He says none of her claims are true and she is putting a paparazzi target on their children with her accusations.

  151. Kelsey says:

    Got the CNN notification on my phone and held up the school drop off line to come over to celebitchy! Can’t wait to get home and get fully caught up

  152. PutneyRose says:

    I’m shocked like everyone else. In my own experience years of alcohol and weed abuse on the part of my ex did cause major parental issues and he was abusive, we divorced after 20 years of marriage. That was my situation. I don’t know if that is what happened here, but if it is I can understand how this marriage would not work anymore. I’m sure we will find out the real reasons for the split in due time. Its very sad for all involved.

  153. paranormalgirl says:

    Awww, that’s too bad. It’s sad when a marriage ends, even if it ends for the “right” reasons.

    • PutneyRose says:

      It was and is incredibly sad. My youngest son smokes weed 24/7 because he lives with my ex, who sees no problem with. I worry about the direction that my sons life is heading.

    • Betsy says:

      This is a level of reaction I can cosign!

  154. Sometimes it not what he did, its what he didn’t do. Pot can make him passive or careless. The world is coming to an end. No more ‘cool couple’.

  155. Guesto says:

    Well this is unexpected to say the least…

    I smell, not weed and careless parenting, but serious betrayal.

  156. Alex says:

    On the daily mail says that she hired a private eye and he was having an affair with marion cotillard

    • minx says:

      I can believe he had an affair, but I just don’t think that would be enough to break them up. AJ seems pretty open minded and unconventional; maybe they both strayed at some point, who knows.
      My sense is that it had something to do with the kids, maybe complicated by an affair, and she just threw in the towel.

  157. Jeanette says:

    Harper’s Bazaar is saying Affair. Who knew they were even tabloidy?

  158. teacakes says:


  159. Justpassingby says:

    Marion Cotillard is pregnant btw. It’s all over the french news….

  160. Jayna says:

    Everybody is blaming Brad. She’s obviously mad the way she filed divorce. I don’t think he’s a bad dad. I could believe he’s having an affair with Marion because their marriage is strained. She caught him cheating and is hitting him where it hurts, his perfect father image.

    • Chicken says:

      I don’t believe the Marion thing. I just don’t think that SHE would go for Brad. I think she’s pregnant and I think it’s her husband’s.

    • Esmom says:

      I was also wondering why everyone is blaming Brad. If I recall, he allowed Jen to be the one who filed for their divorce as sort of a courtesy. Maybe the already agreed on the terms and having Angie file is a way for her to keep her dignity and manage the narrative? I’m not saying this is the case, but OTOH how do we know it’s not?

      • greenmonster says:

        But would Brad let Angelina file for divorce by citing he is a bad father and only asking for visitation rights?

  161. Lily says:

    Oh. My. Freaking. God.

    As for the Marion Cotillard rumour, according to the French press, she is allegedly pregnant with her second child with Guillaume Canet. If it’s true, I doubt she has something to do with the Brangelina split.

  162. MoochieMom says:

    Seem out of news sync. Right after Emmys. They wanted this out there, BIG.
    I’m so sad.

  163. Ana says:

    Omg Jennifer must be happy today lolol

  164. Neil says:

    Maybe real maybe not. When I hear it from a source that isn’t TMZ, People or Celebitchy then I’ll consider it a done deal. Till then…. Monogamy is a hard sell in this day and age but I always said to anyone listening that whether or not their relationship would endure wouldn’t invalidated the time they did share with each other even if it turned out to be only a brief moment in time when measured against the fullness of their lifetime; they have shared a lot and both have come far. My only hope is, if this story is true, is that Angelina’s complaint against Brad is a complaint against his ideas and practice of child rearing and not from ANY kind of abuse. For example Brad might be too old school for her beliefs on raising children and Angelina might be just be too idealistic. In other words, a scenario without ugliness.

  165. Cee says:

    Whatever he has done to cause this reaction, AJ has him. If not why even mention the children? She will get what she wants in exchange of not stating what, exactly, his parenting consists of. Imagine if it is hitting? Or drugs? Brad Pitt would have to do some serious PR damage control to keep his career.

  166. Anna says:

    I think both Marion Cotillard and her husband had been rumoured to be cheating on each other in the past so not a surprise

    • tracking says:

      The French have different mores about fidelity. I always thought the Jolie Pitts were more European in their views as well. I doubt the real story is infidelity, unless Jolie felt she and especially the kids were neglected while he was often off doing his own thing.

      • Anna says:

        Yeah I’m doubting those rumours now as well. Him cheating with his co-star in an upcoming movie seems like easy bait.

  167. N says:

    LOL. Gossip Cop is going nuts, trying to backtrack over all those “marriage is in trouble” stories that they denied. I think it’s silly to even mention that she filed on a Tuesday and not a Friday, not in summer, not before a holiday weekend, blah blah. Who cares? No point in delaying the inevitable. A celebrity divorce will get mega attention regardless of when papers are filed.

  168. AceMom2 says:

    WHATTTT??? O. M. G!! I can’t believe this is really true…. I sat here with my jaw on my desk and stared in disbelief at the screen when I read it. I just can’t… what the hell happened on Thursday (Sept. 15) to piss Angie off enough to: 1) file for divorce immediately and 2) ask for FULL physical custody of the kids. I’m in shock, for real. Didn’t see it coming and certainly didn’t expect her to publicly come out with the reason that she’s not happy with his parenting. This makes no sense to me!!

  169. Adella says:

    My only thought from this is she’s ready for her next move into politics. A few sites in June were reporting that they were having problems because she wanted to move to the UK and even get a seat in the House of Lords. She seems to be moving in a new direction with her focus on the Syrian refugee crisis and European Union politics and even her stint as a visiting professor at the London School of Economics later this year.
    If he isn’t supportive/interested than maybe this is her way to move on, but if so, it’s a low blow to attack him on his parenting/pot use. Added to that what someone noted above. Getting married (even after living together many years) can also change the dynamic. Only time will tell since this is just the first shot and we have yet to hear from Brad.

    • perplexed says:

      Was she interested in UK politics? How would that work if she’s an American citizen? This is a genuine question.

      • Cee says:

        By becoming a british citizen. She already has an honorary damehood.

      • Adella says:

        If you google ‘Angelina + House of Lords’ you’ll find a lot of info on her interest and work. She would need to become a UK citizen and could then be appointed to the House of Lords. They abolished the rule of being a ‘natural-born citizen’ in 1948. The gossip in June was that was why she wanted to sell the Chateau in France (their wine business) and move to the UK and Brad didn’t. Maybe she has her eye on becoming a Baroness?

      • perplexed says:

        “By becoming a british citizen. She already has an honorary dame hood.”

        But that takes time. Although for her, I guess they’d fast-track it.

      • Cee says:

        Given her reputation as a humanitarian she could begin to cultivate her presence in the UK and begin her work there. I have no knowledge on the UK’s inmigration or citizenship process, though.

      • Starkiller says:

        How would it work? I would assume she’s taken an interest and educated herself on the topic. Your comment indicates that you’ll find this incredibly hard to believe, but there are actually a handful of Americans who can read and speak in full sentences.

    • Kate says:

      If her goal is to stay involved with international politics and law, getting involved in British politics would be completely pointless post Brexit. London used to be a hub for it, but in a couple of years it won’t be.

      • Sixer says:

        Not sure about that. Brexit will bugger up many things but the elite of the international NGOs and international human rights institutions – the area Jolie is interested in – won’t be going anywhere. That said, I take all this “interest in international humanitarian politics ambitions via Britain” stuff with a heavy pinch of salt. She could do that stateside if she wanted.

  170. Lambda says:

    Well, they had a good run. Too bad it’s turning acrimonious. Brad was always punching above his weight with Angelina, but I hope they’ll remain buds after a while.

  171. MaryJo says:

    What’s the record for the number of comments on a post?

    • SusanneToo says:

      During the BCumb heyday I think it nearly hit a thousand at least once.

      • QueenB says:

        lol those were the days. when people thought Cumberbatch was the biggest famehoe. they had no idea what Hiddleston would become.

  172. serena says:

    This is it. I’m so shocked and kind of devastated.

  173. TrixC says:

    Her rep said it is for the “health of the family”. That’s an odd word to choose and makes me think it’s about a substance abuse issue rather than a cheating one.

    • N says:

      Or because the whole co-parenting “unconscious uncoupling” crap is just that — crap. Only makes people miserable. Look at Affleck and Garner (who STILL HAVEN’T FILED).

  174. Joanie says:

    Jennifer Aniston must be cackling while drinking the biggest glass of wine on earth.

    • Lambda says:

      I don’t see that happening. She’d be an idiot if so, given there’s children in the middle and it’s been more than a decade since her divorce.

    • Tara says:

      That makes her sound like a witch. Maybe she’s hopping on her hot husband for a nice ride, and then going out to dinner barely giving this a thought instead. I’m sure there’s some satisfaction. Wouldn’t there always be in a situation like this? But cackling? I doubt it’s that important to her anymore.

      • QueenB says:

        i agree. not only that but she will be asked so much about that. thinking about that alone will not make her happy.

    • Stella says:

      Doubt it, considering how she got together with Justin when he was with Heidi Bivens. And she also cheated on Brad with Matt LeBlanc, remember.

      • Tara says:

        Stella honey stop repeating that as fact. Matt’s crazy dad, made that claim. I highly doubt it’s true, but i have no way of knowing and neither do you. Matt has a father in his series ‘Episodes” that it seems is based on real life. You should feel badly for the guy instead of spreading this manure over some weird obsess*on you have.

    • Elle says:

      What…..Brad & Angie’s wine….lol

  175. The Original Mia says:

    I’m shocked by the divorce, but one thing I’ve never doubted was Angie’s love for her kids. So for her to come out this fast with a divorce plus physical custody, tells me that Brad has done something to endanger one of their kids. Be it allowing the older ones to puff or experiment with something and that was a line Angelina couldn’t forgive.

    I feel sorry for the kids. Divorce sucks.

    As for the JenA fans cackling about this…she’s got her own marital problems to worry about. I doubt she’s too concerned about this.

  176. B n A fn says:

    I’m a big Brad and Angelina fan. I’m shocked!!!!!. Can’t believe this. I hope if he has substance abuse problem he will seek help and keep his family together. Maybe Angelina is telling him she is serious, he has to get his $$&&@@ together or lose his family. I’m wondering if he allows his to smoke weed behind Angie’s back and she found out and called her lawyer. One thing for sure, Angie don’t play around, she is a very honest woman. She talked about her health to the world when she could have kept quiet. Hope they work it out, 😩.

  177. I Choose Me says:

    Welp. 2016 is definitely the year for this ish to go down. Wonder what astrologists have to say about the absolute banana pants this year has turned out to be.

  178. Candies says:

    I am glad this happen 2 months after I get rid of jp craze and take something else. It would’ve made me more sad . Its still sad it ended like this.
    She always want to own the kids since she has nothing else going and that seems always her plan .she wouldn’t let him be seen with the kids as she can’t share that side of the PR. He wouldn’t know what to do with her not that he is anything all roses…ah I hope they won’t drag this for ego and public consumption and personal gain. Wish them luck and to think those adrob kids and start a new era co parenting and friendly ness together. Get smart be smart. Everything will pass so stay still and weather. Tough advise from former fan or tiny bit still lol

  179. AtlLady says:

    Those poor kids! For years before they actually married, both Brad and Angelina said they were getting pressure from the kids to marry so they finally did. Now, the kids are the main issue of the break-up? That is a big burden for them to bear.

  180. Suzanne says:

    Damn…look at all the comments!!! I’m reading and waiting for someone to yell APRIL FOOLS…but noone did! HOW did this happen? These two were like they were in heat every time you saw them walk the red carpet. Just proves they’re both great actors!

  181. babsie says:

    She’s a former addict. If he’s refusing to give up pot, or increasing his addictive behavior, I can see her flipping out. It’s definitely a surprise. And seeing as how they so scrupulously handle their images, the fact she made a parenting comment speaks to something….

  182. Ginger says:

    After I saw this on FB I came straight here to verify. I’ll admit I did not see this coming. And after reading about why, Holy Moly! I initially went through something like this with my ex until he went to rehab and has remained clean. But he had to do that first before I’d agree to joint custody. I feel for Angie if this is true.

  183. Nahla says:

    Team Jen since 2005 :). Karma at its finest

    • Jeanette says:

      I am always and forever team Jen, but this is not karma. Not at all. There are 6 kids involved and their hearts are broken I am sure.

    • Stella says:

      Don’t think so. considering how she got together with Justin when he was with Heidi Bivens. And she also cheated on Brad with Matt LeBlanc, remember. So if that is true then Jen will be due to get twice the karma back considering she did far worse.

      • Lolamd says:


      • Jeanette says:

        Far worse? LOL..possibly the same thing, but not worse. Also, the Matt LeBlanc stuff was his estranged father spouting off-not credible at all.

        Not every Jennifer Aniston talks out their ass about Karma. If this were Karma that would mean 6 children were getting “karma.” That’s just stupid.

      • JustSaying says:

        Stella aren’t you tired of posting the same response over and over? Why are you so invested in protecting Angie or slamming Jennifer? I have no horse in this race, just asking.

        You’ve defensively posted this response numerous times on ppls comments on this article, just seems odd to me that you feel so strongly about strangers/ppl you don’t even know? A bit obsessive really.

      • Tara says:

        I know, that Matt LeBlanc stuff is so ridiculous. Doesn’t Stella watch “Episodes”? I actually feel sorry for Matt for having a father like that and I wouldn’t feel right posting that kind of stuff. It’s just not right.

    • Bobo says:


  184. Twinkle says:

    I can’t deal. I love them. I really thought they were so good together though I knew something was wrong because they haven’t been see together for a long, long time. I’m so sad.

  185. Cerys says:

    I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did. They always struck me as an unlikely pair who were more of a PR exercise. That said, they did last longer than I expected and I feel sorry for the kids. Divorce isn’t pleasant for anyone. I’m sure it will all come out in the wash soon.

  186. Bxhal says:

    I am so f***ing saddened, tears are welling up in my eyes, what happened to growing old together? I shipped them so hard, to me they were unbreakable, now it’s all over? So hard to believe. I read this title on the homepage and screamt out loud in a public setting “OMG! NOOOO!” . Wow, i know nothing lasts forever (so what makes love the exception, thanks Outkast) but still…I’M NOT OKAY! May the God of love make this ok? Ugh, my heart, the kids, so sad. Why?????!!!

  187. Meg D says:

    I’ve met Angie a bunch of times, she regularly brings her kids into the museum where I work. She always struck me as a pretty great mother, really invested in her kids’ happiness and knows a lot about them as human beings and individuals (I meet a lot of parents out with their kids and a lot are sadly not).

  188. TrueStory says:

    Cotillard being pregnant by Brad makes a lot more sense than it should. This is wild.

    • tracking says:

      It would be consistent with his apparent mid-life crisis, but I’m pretty sure she was just photographed with her partner in the last few days.

      • Minxx says:

        She and her partner have a movie to sell and it was an obvious pap stroll since they haven’t been attending each other’s events for a while. Besides, Marion has to salvage her reputation at this point. This is getting very interesting.

  189. tracking says:

    THEORY: it’s true she does want to leave Hollywood behind (not much there for her anymore) and move to London to pursue her humanitarian/political work. He enjoys Europe, but wants to stay in LA, in the thick of things. In order to take the kids with her, she must have physical custody. Maybe something specific happened, or maybe she accumulated enough evidence to work the custody angle in her favor (and, as the primary, I’m sure she feels she deserves physical custody). I can’t imagine he won’t contest this though.

  190. TrueStory says:

    Another theory – her star was fading after numerous super skinny red carpet appearances and the by the sea flop.

    THIS is the most PR either of them could EVER ask for.

    Sometimes in Hollywood the careers and fame come before any and everything logical.

    • my3cents says:

      This is the week(s) all other stars can literally walk around naked Hollywood boulevard and still not make the news .

      Still sad though…

  191. Marianne says:

    Whats weird is that I was watching By The Sea while this news broke….

  192. adastraperaspera says:

    Dear god, could this announcement have come after Hillary is elected, instead of now?? I think this is a Trumpbomb of some kind, meant to kill off libs. Seriously, though, I’ve really liked having the Pitt/Jolie kind of family (progressive and loving) in the public eye for so long. I always assumed they had a healthy open marriage with few strings. Hmmm. Hopefully, A’s shots across the bow are just to force his hand to settle her way, and not something that will rupture a positive co-parenting relationship.

  193. tekla says:

    wow, this makes me feel better about my divorce 😀 I thought they were meant to be

  194. Venus says:

    JFC, 2016 sucks.

  195. xguss says:

    Brad had enough and let her file. He was tired of her crazy need for more children when she couldn’t handle the ones she had.
    Add into that equation, junkie, anorexic and a woman that did not want to socialize with any of his friends or have friends of her own.
    No definitive decision has been made one way or another on Shiloh’s gender. This is really about him cheating on her with an A list actress.
    They both have had affairs throughout the years but always on the down low with not so famous people. She is going for the jugular and really needs to tone it down because what Brad has on her is explosive.

    • Lambda says:

      Yeah, and you know what? She also wanted to switch production from rose to red wine, plus the rumor that she’s behind the recent crop circles in Britain – all that was to much for Brad.

    • Stella says:

      Crazy need for more children? Their last child was like 6 or 7 years ago. Also none of what yo usay about her not socializing, or any affairs, is true.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Do your write for a tabloid? It sure reads like you do.

    • tealily says:

      How do you have affairs if you don’t socialize?

    • Ennie says:

      And then some dare to say that the crazies are the fans…

  196. Jeanette says:

    A “raging stoner???” Bullshit.

    More like raging alcoholic.

  197. Stephanie says:

    @Kaiser, I want a special shout out in the New Year’s post for calling this the top post of the year and the most commented.

  198. Reece says:

    Stunned. Speechless. For real, no sarcasm.

  199. Aiicia for reals says:

    OMG OMG this is crazy!
    Ok so I do not believe for a freaking second that she filed for divorce because of weed, shit is ridiculous! As if Angelina who used to do all drugs under the sun, and is not some vanilla person, is gonna be divorcing because of that. bitch please
    Angelina is a person who comes across as vindictive, she probably found out about some affair, and wants to punish him with the whole kid thing now, and at the same time look all cool like she didnt get cheated on.
    Best gossip since she had the affair with Brad, karma is a bitch

    • Stella says:

      She didn’t have an affair with Brad, even Jen repeatedly denied that. Also, considering how Jen got together with Justin when he was with Heidi Bivens. And she also cheated on Brad with Matt LeBlanc, remember. So since Jen did far worse than Brad and Angie, the karma train will be hitting Jen twice as hard.

      • Buckley says:

        We heard you the first four times Stella.

      • KiddVicious says:

        Of course Brad and Angie had an affair. Angie has even said Mr. and Mrs Smith is where they fell in love. And Jen said she “chooses to believe” that Brad didn’t cheat on her, basically saying she’s burying her head in the sand.

      • Heather says:

        Aicia, I agree with you.

        Yes, Angelina is a vindictive and a media manipulator. She tried to destroy Jennifer after she took her husband – most women would be a little more hat in hand. She planted those fake stories about Jennifer not wanting to get pregnant, when in fact Angelina knew she had miscarried very recently – I have never, ever forgotten how nasty and self-serving all of that was. Angelina always has and always will be mentally unstable in my book. Watch out Brad, because she is coming for you this time.

        As for these allegations of bad parenting – There is no reason to attack the father of your children in the press. I don’t care what the excuses are. If you want to divorce, shut your mouth and get it done. If he needs rehab, stage an intervention. It is immeasurably harmful to the children to attack each other in the papers. Everyone keeps saying what a great mother Angelina is – well, I disagree. Great mothers do not act like this in a divorce, they put their children first. With this type of storyline she is putting herself first. My take is that she is an ego maniac who is obsessed with her media portrayal and who has a history of drug and alcohol issues of her own. She’s clearly got an eating disorder and has had it for many years. She also smokes cigarettes and out of the other side of her mouth says she had all of these surgeries to prevent cancer…it just doesn’t add up. Not a fan and never will be. Now take a lesson out of the Amber/Johnny drama and divorce quietly without all the mud slinging.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Completely agree that attacking each other in the press is awful particularly for the children. The smart move would be to keep it contained, closed and classy. These first salvo makes me think that that isn’t going to happen.

      • Betsy says:

        @Heather – I hadn’t heard the miscarriage thing. If true – ouch. That’s always been my feeling about Angelina, but that’s low.

      • Amanda says:

        Lol give it Stella.
        You are so delusional repeating the same be ad nauseum
        It’s over,go home

      • Ducky la Rue says:

        @Heather – “She planted those fake stories about Jennifer not wanting to get pregnant, when in fact Angelina knew she had miscarried very recently”

        Citations, please. I know, it’s not the big story of the day, but I have only ever seen these allegations cropping up in the comments sections of gossip blogs, never in a real article. Can you cite any legitimate source for these rumors? Because I’d be interested if they could actually be substantiated.

  200. Christin says:

    This isn’t really shocking to me. The only blanks to fill in were ‘who will file’ and ‘when’. I feel the same about his sometimes co-star Julia R’s marriage.

    Just as WaPo has shed more light on candidate DT’s shady charity as of this morning, this celebrity story will get more attention.

  201. Brad's B says:

    How you got him is how you lose him.

    • Stella says:

      So that was true then when Jen cheated on Brad with Matt LeBlanc….she lost Brad that way. Also she will lose Justin the same way she got him, since she took him from Heidi Bivens who he was with for 14 years – Heidi was devastated. Just saying.

    • Nymeria says:

      That is exactly what is going on here. Angie’s pissed that he’s been boning Cotillard, but she can’t use that angle because public perception of her will become more negative; after all, she’s the one who cheated to snag Brad. She’d be a hypocrite if she used that angle. No, use the kids as a prop – people always react emotionally to kids – and it makes Angie look like a deceived victim, because THE KIDS AREN’T BEING PARENTED PROPERLY. Which, btw, I believe is true, but I don’t believe his parenting style is what actually prompted the divorce filing. It’s all PR spin to preserve that precious Q-score.

  202. JennaR says:

    What??!! Nooooo!!!!!!!!

  203. B n A fn says:

    For all the people calling karma for Angelina I’m sure there is karma for Jen knowing she “stole” Justin from Heidy. I don’t see this as karma because six young children are involved. Hope he gets his $&&@@ together and be with his family. I know Angie is still friends with her first husband and she is still friendly with Billy bob. So hopefully they can get over this hill in the road. One thing I believe, Angie does not play.

    I also thought it was strange that we have not seen them together for several months, I remember seeing her brother accompanying her to nyc a few months ago, thought it was strange but did not pay much attention to the gossip. Whatever it is, it’s not sudden, something was brewing. Wishing them the best, especially Angelina.

  204. VegasSchmagus says:

    THIS news totally broke the internet – sorry Kim Kardasian West’s ass with a champagne glass on it.

  205. A says:

    This is so sad. People suffering is sad.
    I hope this is truly the best for the kids and not just some strategy to hurt BP.
    I also think it was drugs and alcohol. Not an affair.

  206. Amanda DG says:

    No matter how happy Aniston is with her life right now, you know she’s grinning from ear to ear today for another reason. How you get them is how you lose them.

    I’ve never cared about Brad and Jolie being together or apart, but it is a shame for their kids.

  207. Nina says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. Angie’s increasingly haggard appearance was a huge implication that something was wrong. I hope that this will be good for her, and that she begins looking healthier.

  208. Bxhal says:

    The only fitting words are from Kygo even as my heart breaks into a million pieces:

    “Our debut was a masterpiece,
    But in the end for you and me,
    Oh, the show, it can’t go on…
    We used to have it all,
    But now’s our curtain call,
    So hold for the applause,
    And wave out to the crowd,
    Let’s take our final bow
    Oh, it’s our time to go,

    And indeed they did, they shone bright and showed us that in a town full of fakes, you can indeed find love in a hopeless place.

  209. B n A fn says:

    I remember Zz is Asthmatic. I’m wondering if Brad was smoking in the house and Angie was just fed up with his behavior. I am lost and trying to find something that make sense because I’m a big fan. I guess I have to wait until Angie says something because she is an honest person and will tell the truth if she does say something.

  210. Bliss51 says:

    “Grandma Bliss, my school project is on the year 2016. What are your memories?”
    Settling herself in her rocker, “Sweetie, that was the year President Trump was elected, but really the red flag was the death of a much loved British actor, name of Alan Rickman. I shed an ocean of tears on that one. After that 2016 went to hell in a hand basket.”

  211. Candies says:

    More of my way or the high way is the cause if their main issue…angie ego ( good btw) can’t take cheat against her though I doubt brad is that crazy nor marion so that theory zero .
    They both be OK if smart. Brad doesn’t need to react. Angie need to say nothing further. Sadly but surly they both soon in 3-6 month with some hot arm candy or something…
    Itsnt bad unless you make it. It has been shakey for a while.k 92016

  212. Secret says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she’ll rescind the filing? I can see them putting out a joint statement saying, “After much consideration we have decided to give it another chance, yada yada…”

    This theory fits best with those who think there are mental health (Borderline personality) issues at play with her.

    • Amanda DG says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised either. This seems to be a move to “wake up” Brad from whatever he is doing wrong with the kids or his relationship.

  213. Athena says:

    “for the health of the family” — such an odd statement..”health”?? A couple who went through her elective mastectomy together…something must be very wrong. Hope they withdraw.
    But nowhere on BBC or CNN do I see Brad being called out as a bad parent. Maybe they want to live in different countries and given the ages of their kids Angelina figured its better they are with her. But that reason is not gossipy enough for tabloids.
    Its still so shocking though.. She was just in Jordan, work as usual and 2 weeks later..this!!

    • Betti says:

      From what is coming out she seems to have had enough of his lifestyle – he’s a known pothead and has been for years plus he has always liked to drink a lot. Granted she is no angel but she could be going public to get him into rehab.

      It has categorically been stated it’s not because of an alleged affair.

      • Artemis says:

        Please, they both can let their hair down. Yes, Pitt is a known pothead but she likes her drink. She LOVES her wine. She had a bottle of Grey Goose under her table (at some awards show with Tilda Swinton at her table too). When she’s out with the kids, she was also pictured with red wine.

        Like, it’s no crime but maybe his way of relaxing and enjoying life got out of hand because he’s self-medicating? He was unhappy and using loads of weed to dull himself back during his Aniston years remember?

        I think that despite her fun-loving ‘bad’ side, in recent years she has become more political and less Hollywood. Whereas his focus on making the world a better place is still through mainly Hollywood. Her friends are political figures and Pitt is the guy who gets along with everybody but he’s distinctively less political. Also Jolie going through her menopause, must’ve been hard. It changes your body…aging is hard enough as it is for vain famous people so maybe that’s also added pressure. But I doubt those details would come to light. The children might be one of many issues but the easiest/best one to use to gain the upperhand in the media?

  214. Athena says:

    I am based in europe so I have 2 it so easy to get someone’s divorce filing papers? Dailymail etc are publishing Angelina’s filing! Is that a public record?
    Also does a parent askign the other parent ot only have legal custody imply the other one is a bad parent??
    Also – its weird that Angelina’s address is listed and Brad’s address is listed as UNKNOWN, L..A..or is that the real story??

    Also weird is the listing of the kids name, instead of chronological order, Shiloh is listed last Its not even alphabetical..strange…and so sad

    • LAK says:

      Court filings in the USA are public record. has offices in USA, London, Australia.

      TMZ pays court clerks for tips and copies of court filings, which would have been uploaded to their site and or the information shared/sold to DM

    • Cee says:

      Actually unless my eyes are deceiving me, the order is WRONG! Look at their birthdates – Knox’s is down as 2008 and Shiloh’s 2006?

      Am I the only one seeing this?

      ETA: My bad, the doc in that link was blurry. TMZ has the docs up and you can see it clrearly.

    • Cee says:

      I love how Shiloh’s place of birth was listed as Africa, not the actual country LOL

    • TheOtherSam says:

      @Athena the address in the paperwork for Jolie is her attoney’s, not her home address. Since Brad doesn’t likely have a divorce atty lined up yet (further boosting the theory that this all came on quickly and with little to no warning for him) the address line is blank for him.

      It would be known that the paperwork is public record in CA and would end up online, no intelligent attorney or paralegal would ever put their actual home addresses on it.

  215. EM says:

    ‘I am very saddened by this, but what matters most now is the well being of our kids,’ Pitt said in a statement to

  216. MoochieMom says:

    I cannot read through the whole thread but does Colin at least have something on the covered porch for us? I’m going out and can bring back the things we need on hand.

  217. Ennie says:

    Ghosts from that website with the double consonants are coming out of the woodwork. Sigh.

  218. JESS82 says:

    laineygossip just posted a VERY interesting article saying that drinking was a “major issue” and that she wanted him to “get his s**t together” and that something “sensitive and delicate” happened recently that necessitated the urgent filing

  219. Peggy says:

    Dr. Drew was RIGHT about this relationship years ago! Even though he apologized for it, he said it was unhealthy and when they break up it was to be nuclear! I wonder what he’ll say now? I wonder if Dr. Phil will even comment? It’s gonna be a some time for journalist for the next few weeks!

  220. LinaLamont says:

    I laughed out loud at the Huffington Post headline.

    • LinaLamont says:

      I laughed out loud at the Huffington Post headline.

      Also, why is this shocking? I’m shocked that people are shocked.

  221. TheOriginalMe says:

    Here’s my 2 tiny cents: Angelina sees herself a global political figure. He? While a simple, nice man, not the sharpest tool in the toolbox and therefore not particularly useful to her in terms of where she wants to be or how she wants to be esteemed by the world, which seems to be very important to her. Over a decade ago, it was cool to be with the ‘coolest guy’ in Hollywood however it isn’t any longer and hasn’t been for a while from what I see (a complete stranger, I could be wrong, but I don’t think so… they are very different to one another..). So, at this stage, he was simply in the way of her aspirations and Angelina has no time for that. She takes/gets what she wants. Fine. But the way she’s going about it… Is not nice and indicative of a meanness. In any case, I for one, never saw a great love there. For a great Hollywood love, we have to look at Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Lastly, the two seem to need to be with a partner. I won’t be surprised at all to see them w someone new within a year’s time if that. My prediction for her, is some influential political figure… and for him? Some sweet and simple arm candy.

  222. Rhinomite says:

    HAAAAA! hhahahahaa hell yes, finally St Ange gets her comeuppance! OF course she and her lawyer as spinning this as Brad’s fault, but everyone in hollyweird KNOWS its her heroine habit. I hope for the kids sake he fights her for custody.

  223. Pmnichols says:

    In these situations, whenever there are children involved, I feel for them. It’s a shame that nothing can be private anymore and that they will be able to see/read/hear all that is going to be said about the divorce. Hopefully they (both) do the right thing and put the children’s interests first. I could careless about either one of them. Only they will know the truth of what occurred and caused the relationship to end. Quite sad.

    • Artemis says:

      Jolie can be private. She had all those operations and their wedding ceremony was kept out of the public until they were ready.

      This media circus is happening because Jolie wants it to happen. She has her husband by the balls and he has to play according to her rules now.

      I feel for her kids too. Whatever he did, she could’ve kept it quiet, she should put their interests ahead of her own. Maybe she’s doing it for the custody claim but it’s so indicative of the person she is and always was. Anybody thinking she’s not highly controlling and obsessive about her image, should have their answer now. She’s fascinating!

      • Marlene says:

        Yes, they could easily have done this in a civil fashion, but for some reason she has chosen the nuclear option. This was certainly plotted and planned with the “leaks” to the press. It seems rather selfish, I don’t see how this can possibly be best for the children?

  224. Lotta says:

    The kids was the best thing that ever happened to Angelina.
    Angelina was the best thing that ever happened to Brad.

  225. Camille says:

    Well I have to admit I find this split somewhat shocking, they seemed in it for the long haul, 12 years together in Hollywood is a long time, that’s also pretty good for a couple that many thought would fizzle out quickly. They’ve been through a lot as a couple and as a family and I don’t know how anyone could be ‘happy’ about these two splitting up, after all it is a large family that is breaking up, not just a couple that started with a fairly controversial beginning. I feel really sorry for their kids, and I wish them all nothing but the best.

  226. Nico says:

    Honestly, I just wanted to comment to be a part of Celebitchy history. The amount of comments on here is insane. Anyway, everyone stay strong. We still have Tom/Rita, Posh/Becks, and Goldie/Kurt.

    • Hannah says:

      🙁 hate to break it to you but two of those couples are in shambles at the moment! But yay for Kurt and Goldie!

      • Nico says:

        WAIT WHAAAT? HOW? WHERE? WHY? Please, today has been rough. Woke up to this, and I got a ticket. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

    • GingerCrunch says:

      That is about where my level of interest is in this “news”. Having been a Celebitchy reader for a few years now, I’m more interested in this website blowing up than another Hollywood marriage coming to an end.

    • Bonzo says:

      Nico, this thread doesn’t come close to beating the top two most commented threads on this site — Cumberbatch’s wedding (922 comments) and his then-fiancée’s red carpet debut (929 comments)! Those were the days!!

  227. LilyT says:

    Yes, she seems angry.. But this also probably is not a split second anger decision. She’s gotten a lawyer and released a statement, she’s decided on the exact sort of visitation she would like Brad to have. Yes, I think initially she was furious about something.. But she’s had time to think and still feels strongly that this is the best choice for her and the kids. That’s really sad for everyone involved. I hope it works for the best out in the end.

    • My Assessment says:

      She’s been looking sad the last year or so. I thought it was her op but she looked depressed at Hamilton.

  228. YupYepYam says:

    This is all Taylor Swift’s fault! She must be doing this so people will tstop talking about Priyom Hiddlespra

  229. xboxsucks says:

    can i just cry here?

  230. Reece says:

    Out of curiosity, what is the record number of comments one post has received?

  231. Phyllis says:

    Oh God – what will happen with Brad’s latitude/longitude?!?! 😢

  232. Beluga says:

    A guy at work told me earlier and I thought he was joking 🙁 I really thought these two would make it.

  233. JeanGenie says:

    The kids will be fine. They will continue to have an extraordinarily interesting and luxurious lifestyle, and they will have relationships with both of their parents. Divorce sucks for all children, but I have a feeling the Jolie-Pitt kids will be a-ok. If not, then at least they’ll be able to afford brilliant therapists, on the reg.

  234. bunny_ears says:

    I saw this on The Guardian and raced over here to read this.



  235. Patty says:

    I thought they’d stay together but 12-14 years is still a long time. Hopefully, the kids are okay. I don’t care how much money your parents may have, divorce is always hard on the kids.

  236. pwal says:

    I feel like I was punched in the face. Imagine how the JP kids feel.

    I suspect that she did this as a wake-up call for him. If he’s abusing a substance, I hope he gets himself to a legit, no-nonsense rehab program NOW, so he can get himself and the family back on track.

  237. TheOtherSam says:

    My astrologer friend just reminded me that Mercury is still retrograde but getting ready to turn around. Many activities done during this time get turned over or withdrawn.

    She feels this was filed in haste and will possibly be withdrawn in the coming weeks.

    • Harryg says:

      Mercury retrograde really does make things go weird! Don’t sign contracts, don’t buy electronics.

  238. pato says:

    I haven´t read all comments yet but it seems that the ones that says karma point to Jolie as if she were the only guilty one about Pitt and Aniston´s split. He could have said no, to her and to Cotilliard if the gossip is true. And if that´s the case, then it seems that he prefers to engage in an affair instead of facing his partner, that´s not very brave.

    I can´t say if I like her or not because I don´t know her, but I admire how she has managed herself in that mysoginst place Hollywood and the movie industry is and how she, even if it´s PR, has drawn attention and headlines to a lot of issues men don´t give a sh*t about.

  239. Twink says:

    I’m sad, I think they were the real deal. I had just watched By the Sea and I really liked it and I even thought they were one of the most solid couples In HW.

  240. shayla says:

    Irony: The angry, vexed, seething frustrated posts about the demonizing of marijuana all the while telling us how it calms them down, helps them sleep better and aids in anxiety problems.

    Next time…smoke before you post….

    • Annie says:

      Right?? No way I was going to jump in there, but having lived with a 2x-3x a day pot smoker who had to be institutionalized, having an uncle who’s a daily smoker and has had psychotic breakdowns, and knowing (very well) several other people who were daily smokers and also the only people I know to ever make “scenes” in public… I’m skeptical.

      Correlation ain’t causation, and many people use weed to self-medicate, and poison is in the frequency/dose. Nevertheless, the stuffed ears, shrieking, utopianism, illogical arguments and name-calling employed by some true believers may be more than just coincidental.

      That aside, everyone’s got problems, and everyone’s got things that trigger/magnify those problems. Let’s hope the Jolie-Pitts can work through this somehow. Seriously, America needs something to keep us all together this year (jokes, jokes…)

  241. Loca says:

    I knew this was coming. They’ve looked really miserable together the past few years and Angelina’s weight issue if someone is either gaining too much weight or getting too skinny there is always and underlying issue. I always felt like Angelina had a lot of fake smiles on the red carpet and always just hung all over him. If people are truly in love it’s not about a show or gifts it’s just about that being able to be together and that’s all that matters.

  242. hjj says:

    DOMESTIC VIOLENCE toward the kids when he was drunk. She tried to let it go, but couldn’t.

    I am certain.

  243. My Assessment says:

    My assessment of this is he’s been absent for the last year at least – from the marriage and kids – or at least since By the Sea. She’s intense and neurotic and they’ve drifted apart. I don’t believe he’s actually a bad father but she’s playing it up in the media (1) for revenge at his losing interest and (2) to make sure she keeps her great-mum image instead of being cast as the jilted wife. His team has started leaking to TMZ and it seems he is pretty angry about her playing this angle. Have a feeling it’s about to get ugly.

    • EM says:

      The idea of her being a perfect parent is an illusion. A PR thing. Good parents don’t hire armies of nannies.

    • tracking says:

      This is possible, but it is playing with fire to promote the bad dad angle without hard proof. Especially since this definitely hurts the kids–unless she were absolutely outraged about something specific that happened. Which he still hasn’t denied by the way, just a generic statement about being a good and safe dad. Regardless of whatever he might have done, I agree she would not have gone this nuclear (again, hurting the kids) unless their relationship was seriously on the rocks though. Clearly she is determined to get primary physical custody of the kids and not have to negotiate with him about where they live.

  244. Jwoolman says:

    It’s possible this is an ultimatum to get him into therapy, if he really is having alcohol and anger issues. So I wouldn’t count them out yet.

  245. Lindy says:

    Well damn…. I’ve finally gotten to the bottom of the comment thread. I’m not shocked. They always seemed like an odd match to me. But sad for the kids.

  246. Sara says:

    First Depp, now Pitt. Is every guy over 50 having a mid life crisis in Hollywood?
    Totally sad though. They were the best power couple.

  247. amilu says:

    Is this the greatest amount of comments on any Celebitchy article ever? I think it’s definitely the most I’ve ever seen.

    *edit* I see now that it was the Benedict Cumberbatch story. Hard to believe!

  248. Vox says:

    I’ve never been invested in celebrity relationships, and when I saw this on the cover of the local gossip rags recently I rolled my eyes because they’ve only run that story 13,000 times before.

    I’m honestly shocked, I really thought they were the real deal. Although, I can absolutely buy Angelina divorcing someone if she thought they weren’t a fit parent for her kids. No matter what people say about her, I 100% believe she would die for those kids.

    We’ve heard stories for years that she disapproved of the weed and drinking, perhaps it really was true. Maybe she loved him so much she kept overlooking things she felt were wrong and things finally reached a head and she decided enough was enough?

    I can’t believe I actually have FEELINGS about this.

  249. Truth says:

    Brad NEVER victimized anyone and he is not a cheater by nature. Brad and Angelina both clarified in PERSON and in print that they did NOT have an affair. People recycling old lies and misquotes ( that were denied and clarified by Brad multiple times, which the media tried to get rid of the evidence of). Funny, how Aniston’s fanbase disregards all of her shady behavior ( and scandals that were covered up) but now they feel entitled to lie about cheating from Brad. Now people are going so far to recycle misquotes that lead to false spin by the media to paint it as a “confession”. They ignore how Brad every single time, discredit those quotes by maintaining his romantic relationship with Jolie began after his separation. People forget Aniston continued to deny the cheating allegations as well.

    They always maintained the truth: Jolie was not the cause of the divorce. Brad always maintained that they became romantically involved after his separation/breakup, and the triangle was manufactured by the press. He clarified that the film continued to shoot months after his breakup which is the truth. Angelina described her positive working relationship. People ignore Brad’s denials as well as hers and the numerous instances he kept saying it began afterward which is the truth. Any material from his sources on this matter got removed from the web. The media and Aniston’s PR team was hell bent on milking this fake scandal/betrayal forever to malign a good couple. Even Aniston herself repeatedly stated there was no infidelity. The original quote from Jolie was doctored by the media outlet.

  250. Bxhal says:

    Came here in the morning hoping it was all a bad dream but nope, the article still stands, the earth still rotates and my baes are no more 🙁

  251. Kid Kodette says:

    I could not believe until I came here on Celebitchy to validate…
    This is so so sad! My favorite celebrity couple! 🙁
    I really thought they were ALL IN and unbreakable… An unconventional but happy family.

    Maybe they grew apart in the past years; her having others life aspirations; him still wanting the same glitz and glam Hollywood lifestyle… Being apart, not making time and taking care of their relationship anymore?

    There is really something about the way it was announced… So “out of nowhere” and not all PR prepared as usual. Angie is really mad and don’t give ?%?&!

    I refuse to believe it. I hope they will find a way to make it work and be together again!!!

  252. Snazzy says:

    What is hilarious is that my facebook is exploding with “well she’s a homewrecker, she deserved it”. I mean really, after all these years, people can’t let go of the poor Jen, evil Angie narrative, even now. I mean what, when Brad was married to Jen, did he just trip over his feet and his peen happened to land in between Angie’s legs? Why as a society, when something goes wrong in a marriage, do we consistently blame the woman? It’s annoying AF

  253. EM says:

    Now the dirt will come out. Funny how she now implies he is a bad parent, when she has always praised him. How much of a parent is she when she has nannies for each child?

  254. Lorena says:

    I still can’t believe it. They were together for forever in my mind.

    Both always struck me as nice people, so I hope this won’t get ugly…
    But well, you never know I guess.

  255. Kassie says:

    So surreal.

    • Wurstbonbon says:

      weird, right? I can hardly believe it. I have read this page including comments thrice now and I still cannot believe it.

  256. PITT Crisis says:

    She grew (more), he still wants to play AND be a grown up sometimes.

    Mr Pitt and his midlife crisis, thats all.


  257. Mew says:

    When they got married, there was talk about prenup that if they divorce, Angie gets full custody of the kids. She had her exit ready. I wonder what happens to Brad tattoos now. She probably never marries again, just has lovers from now on… But this is just wow. After all this time I thought this day would never come. Wow.

  258. RANDY says:

    Brad Pitt lost a lot of friends when he started a relationship with Angelina. He may have felt alone during the marriage and started to rebel. But who knows.

  259. OSTONE says:

    Still shocking to me! Brad is already leaking stuff to TMZ too, how Angelina was reckless because she put a target for them and the paparazzi and saying all claims are untrue! Plus they just posted he is fighting for joint physical custody and that he won’t let her take his kids away 😱

  260. Karla says:

    I don’t understand any surprise. People projected a lot of fantasy and expectation onto this couple. There is no ‘perfect’ love. There is no ‘happily ever after.’ Couples fall in and out of love all the time. It certainly is sad when a relationship comes to an end, but it is hardly a shock. For celebrities especially, the idea of monogamy is incompatible with their lifestyle.

  261. Fatima says:

    I really am saddened by this. I feel like my parents are getting a divorce. It’s not so much the divorce itself, but the fact that it’s so acrimonious. A part of me is still hoping they’ll get back together, but that hope is fading fast.

  262. Guest says:

    First time posting ever in all the years I’ve been reading celebitchy!!! I’m STILL IN SHOCK!! Hoping they resolve issues and get back together!! With 6 kids I really thought they were in it for the long run 🙁 ….I’m not on any side just want them together as a family again. And my goodness the comments everywhere and here are just ridiculous!! Nobody knows what’s really going on, so not sure why people are speculating and coming up with all kinds of craziness!

  263. Delilah says:

    It has taken me three days to finish reading all the comments. Even though I’ve seen more recent posts I promised myself I’d finish this thread before I moved on. But before I move on I have to weigh in on some reflection(s). Celebitchy’s commentors never fail to disappoint. I always find their perspectives incredibly informative, enlightening, entertaining and resonate. For that reason I have to say bravo and keep up the good work. I am married and currently am faced with the very same issues presented. I married a non-substance user who due to overwhelming life stressors—work, housing, family and fertility issues—began abusing MJ and alcohol. He only decided to change his ways when he saw I was on my way out the door. It may be projecting but I could see if Angelina is doing this as a last resort to get Brad to change. Mind you that is not why I put my foot out the door…I just reached my breaking point and he knew it wasn’t a bluff. Fear of losing me was greater than his addiction. I’m not saying this is the case with everyone—that the user decides to make such a big shift on their own since one often needs professional help to truly accept help and recover. What I am saying is getting over that first hurdle of acknowledging the problem and need for rehab…only happens when the user is confronted with fear of loss of something more significant in their eyes than the substance. In effect, hitting an ultimate low.