The Weeknd cut his dreadlocks for his new ‘Starboy’ album art: yay or nay?


The Weeknd (Abęl Tesfaye) has some really big fans, and they obsess over every part of him, from his body to his music to his girlfriend to his hair. Abel’s fans were flat-out obsessed with his fat dreadlocks, and I remember reading that some fans had even given his individual dreads special names. Well, sad news for those people… The Weeknd got a haircut!!! Abel showed off his new look on his Instagram and Twitter when he posted the new promotional image for her latest single, “Starboy.” That’s actually the name of his album too.

I wasn’t expecting a new album from The Weeknd so soon, I’ll admit. His last album, Beauty Behind the Madness, was released in August 2015, although he had been releasing singles from the album for months prior to the album release. Beauty was his first album working with co-producers and co-songwriters in LA, like Max Martin, and Abel said that he was actively seeking mainstream pop music success, which he got in spades. I would imagine this new album will be similar, in that there will be some very radio-friendly songs combined with some more experimental stuff. “Starboy” seems like a good combination – it features Daft Punk! You can listen to the track here.

As for Abel’s new look… I’m okay with it, although I did enjoy his dreads. They were so fat!! And I loved how he styled them.


Photos courtesy of WENN, The Weeknd’s social media.

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24 Responses to “The Weeknd cut his dreadlocks for his new ‘Starboy’ album art: yay or nay?”

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  1. Locke Lamora says:

    He’s an misogynistic asshole, so nay to whatever he does.

    • Sarah says:

      What did he do? I don’t know anything about him

    • Lucy says:

      +1000! A few years ago when members of his crew were busted for trafficking underage girls here in Toronto he was very very quick to delete any association with them off his social media.

  2. QQ says:

    *Body is Ready For Scumbag Abel Mixtape Trilogy Kissland Times* DO NOT @ ME THIS IS MY MUSIC TO LISTEN TO HIGH OR WHILST DOING THE SANS ROPAS, IDC about how whatever he is in his lyrics, I’m grown *shimmies in anticipation*

    also this got me into Teddy Afro and Ethiopian music and Indeed he brings his roots to it

    P.S;. I still hate the last cd overall (Not Hate but deffo not Daily stan … as I do with all his previous “Before Blowing up” music.. Truly Who Advised that Ed Sheeran Duo!!?!?)

  3. Jessie says:

    His dreads were a homage to Basquait!

  4. Almondjoy says:

    Looking good, Abel! He can grow them back out any time he wants.

    Now maybe he’ll stop getting asked dumb questions like “are you able to wash your hair?” 😩

  5. Lucy says:

    Will miss the Basquiat dreads, but he looks really good now!! Can’t wait to hear the song (can’t do it right now).

  6. Hudson Girl says:

    I’m a little sad about the cutting of the dreads. But, think it was smart to change up his look. Pop music people have short attention spans.

  7. MissMerry says:

    first thing I thought of when I saw his album is called “starboy”

    Home Movies did it first.

  8. Jusayin says:

    He’s still cute and talented either way 😍

  9. NeoCleo says:

    I think he’s really handsome with shorter hair.

  10. Colette says:

    No biggie he only wore them to be”different and stand out”.
    He told Rolling Stone he would cut them if they ever intefere with his sight.

  11. Bread and Circuses says:

    I really love that top image!

  12. pinetree13 says:

    Better with the shorter hair! I hated his previous hair style. It didn’t suit his face at all and I felt like he was just trying to add inches to his height.

  13. Danielle says:

    He looks great. I’m a big fan of natural hair, but his old hair looked painful.

  14. Commo Sense says:

    looks great either way.

  15. Minina says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion they were fake anyway! He looks like had a hair transplant too, and those dreads just seemed way too thick to be 100% his, I think there were lots of extensions involved.