Mark Wahlberg raps about spanking his 13 year-old daughter ‘black & blue’


During a week of “What Were They Thinking?” I offer into evidence: Mark Wahlberg. Mark brought his thirteen-year-old daughter Ella on the Dan Patrick Show to promote his new film Deepwater Horizon. Ella was given a mic and when the attention turned to her, she asked her father to rap. The hosts said they would take a break so Mark could come up with something, an offer Mark declined. Instead, he not only took the opportunity to humiliate his daughter on air, but he chose some very dubious lyrics, considering his criminal record for assault. Here is the clip of the segment:

In case you don’t have time to watch it right now, his impromptu lyrics were these:

I’m your 45-year-old father and I got to rap/ and if you keep misbehaving I’m a give your behind a slap/ It’s called a spanking/ Later on in life you’re gonna thank me/ ‘Cause all the advice that I’m giving you is good for you/ and if not, your butt and behind is gonna be black and blue.

Mark explained that Ella had lost her phone privileges as punishment for something she did. Apparently she felt that this was worse than the punishments her brothers receive. Mark said her brothers wouldn’t care if he took their iPads because, “They’d just go throw a ball or bounce their head off the wall and they’d still be happy. You live for the phone, so I got to get you where it counts, kid.” For what it’s worth, I agree with the idea that you need to find the punishment that is most effective. Taking one thing from my son would have little affect on my daughter. However, that is the last point on which I am going to agree. Most outlets are calling this adorable. I do not.

As I said, Mark was sentenced for assault when he was a teenager. Regardless of anyone’s personal views on spanking, there are laws that dictate when corporal punishment crosses into abuse. “Black and blue” is one of them. So one the one hand, this shows his arrogance about being exonerated in the court of public opinion. On the other hand, I just really feel bad for Ella. I don’t know the dynamic here. Maybe Mark declared he hates rapping and his kids ask him to do it to needle him. Even if that is the case, his clap back was pretty severe. Plus I am suspect of the inequality of punishment/crime in the Wahlberg household. Mark’s views on boys v. girls are pretty antiquated, I imagine he thinks boys will be boys and likely punishes accordingly.




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  1. QQ says:

    #NeverANYCountryForMarkWalhberg I’m a Proud Card Carrying Member of the “Always F*ck This Guy” Club

  2. Swack says:

    Dumb move!

  3. Falula says:


  4. Mia4S says:

    Well what to you know! A teenager who committed racist, violent acts grew up to be a piece of garbage! What a shock.

    I have no time for this guy, and particularly not for his antiquated views on women (motivated no doubt in part by being a “strict Catholic”). Hey strick Catholic! How did you forget to marry your wife until you were three children in? I thought Jesus frowns on that? 🙄 Just another hypocrite.

    • Betsy says:

      The thing is, lots of teenagers do really, really awful, violent, terrible stuff. The question is can they make amends, grow up and turn it around. In Marky Mark’s case, it seems the answer is no.

    • megs283 says:

      Please don’t drag Catholicism into this.

  5. Frosty says:

    Still a jerk after all these years. Wonder how his application to have his record expunged turned out.

  6. Mel M says:

    I tried to like the Walhbergs after watching Donnie in Band of Brothers but ugh, can’t do it.

    Also, someone got my three year old son a shirt for his birthday that says “Boys will be Boys” and it just bugs. I’ve only put it on him a couple of times and I’m thinking next time I’m in his closet I’ll just toss it.

    • jocelina says:

      Ugh, so gross. I have a hard time throwing away gifts because I’m afraid of hurting people’s feelings, but I think I would toss that one. That’s such a disgusting sentiment – not only does it encourage horrible behavior in boys, it implies that boys and men are somehow less capable of self-control than girls and women. I kind of get the sentiment when it applies to little kids, but it isn’t just little boys, it’s toddlers/little kids in general. I would totally buy a “Toddlers Will Be Toddlers” shirt for my almost-two-year-old.

      • Mel M says:

        Yes thank you! I feel bad plus I’m in no position to toss away clothes but I’ve just felt uneasy about it every since I opened it. I am also all about giving my kids outgrown clothes to friends with new babies but I do not want to pass this one on. And yes, love the toddlers will be toddlers lol

    • Betsy says:

      I believe Lonely Planet recycles fabric. 😉

  7. Bridget says:

    I just can’t with this man.

  8. SillbyBee says:

    SERIOUSLY? What is it with so many of my adolescent crushes turning out to be complete douches?

    • Denise says:

      I know. I go back to the Tiger Beat days and everything seemed so innocent then. It wasn’t, but we didn’t know about it.

      • SillbyBee says:

        It makes me sad for those days…when, you are right Denise, it was happening but we just didn’t know.


        Growing up sucks

        Except for whisky. Whisky rocks. And I’ll need a lot more of it if the world keeps going this way. 🙂

  9. Clare says:

    Why is this abusive, racist and violent scumbag still a thing? Surely there are plenty of moderately talented/attractive dudes out there so we can exile/ignore the scummy ones?

  10. Sheila says:

    It is a perfect example of who he is and what he believes. Black and blue is not funny, it’s not ok to joke about beating a child. Sigh, sign me up for the newsletter and I won’t go see any movies he is in or produces. Nope, not supporting him. When is he going to be actively called out for his machismo BS????

  11. nicegirl says:

    What a disgusting display – this man is all types of WRONG.

    Just lost a viewer of ‘Deep Water Horizon’ – I am not interested in helping this man buy his groceries.

    Best of luck to his kids.

  12. hey-ya says:

    …there was another star the other day who was passive boasting how their toddler kept dropping the fbomb..thats how it goes in some families…I absolutely love some Wahlberg movies…she teen challenged him publically & he went with it…so hes still the dad & shes still the daughter…thats how I saw it anyway…

  13. mkyarwood says:

    Disgusting, and really suspect. I would have expected an abuse story coming from this marriage, rather than Brange’s.

  14. H says:

    He’s still pond scum. I boycott anything he’s in.

  15. The Other Katherine says:

    He is, and has always been, a complete asshole.

  16. Wow says:

    No one thinks that maybe he was just joking around….

    Like when I got into real trouble as a kid my parents would say ‘you’re gunna get it, I’ll spank you black and blue’ but it was just a threat because I never ever even got a spanking. It was just a figure of speech that meant I was in real trouble.

    I realize at the same time that child abuse is a very real thing that many children grow up with.

    Seeing as how they’re on a tv show or radio show, whatever it is, it looks to me as though his daughter is almost taunting him to do it, like she doubts he’ll actually go through with it. Like come on people, he’s obviously joking and even she knows it because she’s embarrassed and trying to cut him off.

    • Veronica says:

      My mother used to threaten us with “spanking us black and blue” as a kid. It was meant more to instill the fear of actually crossing her, but she never actually went anywhere near that far. I assumed he meant it in the same vein. I’ll agree that he’s still a douchebag, though.

  17. Cat87 says:

    After reading the comments a feel a lot of people her lived very shelter lives. Maybe is a cultrual thing or if you’re raised with more traditional parents. I don’t find what Mark is saying offensive. What’s offensive is how he is saying it and it’s to his own child, his daughter. But when it came to spabring, all three of us got it and I am the only girl in my family. Sometimes if we did something that truly pisser off our parents they spanks us even harder, to the point we are sore. And still had to deal with our stuff being taken away, not able to go outside or watch tv. But my parents are from up north and grew up in the ghettos. That’s how they were raised and raise us the same way. Consider Mark comes from a working class Irish family. He most likely got his ass kicked around by his dad. But one a child hits teenage years, the spankings don’t worl and some kids become worse if you continue to smack them around as punishment.

    I don’t wanna say what Mark is joking about is funny. But simply a byproduct of how he was raised and believes this is the best way to discipline your child.