Tom Cruise makes Katie Holmes feel inadequate


New reports are coming out that Katie Holmes is close to a breakdown. What are the causes? Apparently, Tom has been pressuring Katie to have another baby. Katie promised to try after she finished her Broadway run in January, but a second pregnancy hasn’t happened yet. Tom has also been very forceful with his Scientology beliefs – the more Katie fights him on it, the more he pushes back. Added to this is Katie’s grief over her brother-in-law’s death, which has been rough for the whole Holmes family. Katie’s heart might be in Ohio, with her parents and her sister.

Katie Holmes looks brimming with confidence and without a care in the world. But behind the gloss, the 30-year-old star continues to suffer.

Now can reveal that the pressure from husband Tom Cruise, 46, to conceive another child is so immense, friends say she’s close to cracking.

‘Suri had her third birthday on 18 April and it was clear at her “princess party” how much Tom adores her,’ a source says.

‘But he hoped she’d have a brother or sister by now. They agreed to try as soon as Katie finished her Broadway play in January, but it hasn’t happened.’

This has put a strain on Katie, who’s struggled with feelings of inadequacy thanks to Tom’s constant scrutiny.

‘Tom’s control, through Scientology, has been almost unbearable for Katie,’ our source adds. ‘But the more she’s fought it, the tougher he gets. Never having any space to herself is stressful for her.’

With the recent tragic death of her sister Tamera’s husband Joseph Fretti on 12 April, Katie had been getting closer to her parents again and went back home to Ohio for the funeral.

‘It seemed like a good time to reach out to them,’ our source says. ‘She’s feeling the strain of being under the watchful eye of the Scientologists and wanted to build bridges again.’

John Duignan, a member of the cult for 20 years who knows people in Tom’s entourage, explains: ‘If she’s under pressure to provide another child, they’ll use very powerful mind-control techniques to help Tom get what he wants. Katie had been in New York, talking to real people and then she was back in the world of Scientology.

‘She could crack up. There are lots of suicides among Scientologists – it’s psychologically very damaging. At least she’s been exposed to outside influences. But it’s difficult to escape, especially with a child.’

[From Now Magazine]

What’s surprising to me is this is one of the first hardcore version of the “Katie’s leaving” reports I’ve read in a while. It’s strange to think that most of the rumors of TomKat’s imminent demise have sort of fallen away. Which makes me think this is probably crap, too. I have no doubt that Katie and her family are going through a rough time with a death in the family. And I don’t doubt that there’s always a struggle with Katie and Tom’s “faith” in Scientology. But I think Katie probably hasn’t gotten pregnant again because she’s not ready to have another child. And I suspect Tom’s fine with it. It’s weird, but Tom and Katie seem to have gotten into a pretty good marriage groove. Praise Xenu!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are shown at the Valkyrie premiere on 2/3/09. CImages thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. PrincessJay says:

    I’m sorry, but no amount of money would make me stay with a man that’s so controlling. I’ve heard in other reports that he controls how she dresses, speaks, even in career choices. And what’s with the whole scientology thing? Leave him Katie! I guarantee you’ll find another man that will treat you waaaay better and will not force you to do anything you don’t want.

  2. manda says:

    whatever, she knew what she was getting into. Or if she didn’t, then she’s an uniformed idiot. It’s not very hard to find articles about him and his lifestyle. Just wait, he’ll divorce her abruptly the way he did Nicole, so he won’t have to share any of his money with her.

  3. kap says:

    She looks awful. Either they are drugging her or some type of hypnosis. Think she’s afraid to leave because she’ll probably lose custody of Suri. Doesn’t seem like Nicole ever sees her two children and according to reports they are monitored when they speak to her by a Scientology handler. Who knows if it’s true, but that Scientolgy crap is quite unnerving. Remember when she used to be cute. They don’t call her Stepford Katie for nothing.

  4. OXA says:

    She looks awful because she sold her soul for the title of “Mrs Tom Cruise” it was not worth it and now she is screwed.

  5. ima says:

    I agree w/ manda. If the marriage is contractual or whatever, she’s an adult and knew what she was choosing. If she wanted to, she could have passed like the other three or four actresses/potential wives Tom auditioned.

  6. dew says:

    That dress is dreadful!

    Back to the story: How many times has she been out with Suri while Tom wasn’t with them? She could have made their getaway then. Since she’s the mother, none of her attendents/guards would have any say in it if she met up with an attorney.

    I guess she wasn’t thinking about it at the time. But if she’s starting to think about it now, how many times will we see her alone with Suri?

  7. Tess says:

    Speaking of psychological distress: look at the expression in his eyes in the pic above.

    that is un muchacho loco.

  8. overit says:

    She made a faustian pact with the devil…

  9. philo says:

    @Tess: LMAO!!

  10. KateNonymous says:

    That’s like parts of three pretty dresses mashed up into an unlovely whole.

    I’m not sure I have anything new to say about their relationship. I just continue to be glad mine is different.

  11. OXA says:

    I changed my mind, no one makes you feel anyting,she is choosig to feel inadequate.

  12. goaheadandyellatme... says:

    I’m confused…..didn’t we all read that her sister was leaving her husband on the grounds of cruelty? How can she be broken up over a man who supposedly emotionally tortured her sister?? I think this must just be another made up story.

  13. Katharine Jaynes says:

    I have to disagree with you Kaiser. They may present the facade of happiness, but it’s blatant from Katie Holmes face she is not the girl she once was. Watch an interview with her. She repeats herself, she has no personality, absolutely everything is “wonderful” and hunky dory. I really do believe that Tom could be pressuring her to become pregnant. I also believe that the relationship between them has Tom in the position of control. The dynamic of an older man with a younger woman can often result in feelings of inadequacy in the woman. Feelings that would only be intensified when the man is a rich, powerful, movie star. Tom pays for everything. They spend time their time with his family and his friends. To top it off Tom has achieved a level of career success that Katie has not, and her career has not exactly improved since their marriage. Although being a mother is a fulfilling job, Katie’s career had a lot of promise and I’m sure it has been hard for her to see her acting dreams remain unfulfilled.

    Ultimately though, who knows? Scientology is shady. Personally, I still think Katie is on a 5-10 year contract marriage similar to Nicole Kidman’s. Her time is not up yet.

  14. kiki says:

    do not feel sorry for Katie
    she knew what she was getting into
    where would she be without Tom?
    staring in a eposide of CSI thats where.

  15. abbizmal says:

    Run Katie Run. That said, that is one fugly dress. The poor girl is trapped and is probably afraid of losing her child completely, like what I think happened with Nicole. Maybe she was thinking about staying until Suri is grown, and another child would lengthen the sentence. That scientology crap is scary.

  16. Pandora says:

    Umm, Manda….he left Nicole abruptly because she got pregnant the old fashioned way to her personal trainer…! Thus his famous quote “Nicole knows the reason…”

  17. Pandora says:

    having said that….he’s a nutter, and she’s probably too far under his grip/spell to run sadly.

  18. judy says:

    Uh Pandora, Nick kept the fetus so they could run DNA on it incase Tom said the baby wasnt his. I think that baby was his but what Nick did was NOT believe in COS . He can say all day long that baby wasnt his but that baby tissue happens to be frozen just incase he tried that.

  19. Sunnyjyl says:

    That is a crazy dress which I both love and hate at the same time. If only it were shorter. (Well, that just describes Tom — silly me)

  20. Wanda Gray says:


  21. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Nope. This marriage is a sham and it’s only a matter of time before it’s over. Of course then Tom the Freak Monster and his people will go to any lengths to make sure no information about their marriage ever gets out. Just like he’s done with Nicole.

    The guy is sixteen kinds of creepy, for real.

  22. daniel says:

    well bottom line she stays with him, he must be doing something right! lol! Some woman like guys who are very aggressive, forceful, and controlling, it gives them a feeling of being taken care of. Most women with half a brain would balk at this idea but there are some woman out there who are insecure. No doubt she is one of those.

  23. Ned says:

    What happened to her breast? She needs a bra ASAP.

    Why are we not surprised that Katie was unable to get pregnant by Tom?

    Could it be the same reason that none of his ex wives couldn’t get pregnant?

    All these stories about poor poor Katie are ridiculous.

    She chose to be a gold digger and thought that by marrying Tom she would become a Nicole Kidman.

  24. Ned says:

    Her career was over until she married him, and now that she got us talking about her all she does is whine.

    That’s the bargain of every gold-digger.
    You have to be around a man you don’t love and it would make sense he would want to have children together.

    Katie wants the perks but not the obligations that come with being a gold digger.
    It ain’t gonna happen, girl.

  25. Juruz says:

    Um. “he hoped she’d have a brother or sister by now.” ?? She has an older brother and sister. Anyone remember the kids Tom and Nicole adopted?

  26. geronimo says:

    A pretty good marriage groove??! 😮

    You are joking, aren’t you, kaiser?! Katie never looks or sounds anything less than beaten down and damaged in pics and interviews. I still feel sorry for her, only because she’s stuck with him because of Suri, and could never have imagined what she was getting herself into when she hooked up with him.

  27. barneslr says:

    “I’m confused…..didn’t we all read that her sister was leaving her husband on the grounds of cruelty? How can she be broken up over a man who supposedly emotionally tortured her sister?? I think this must just be another made up story.”

    This was still someone who was a member of her family for a long time and is the father of her nephews. When couples decide to divorce, it’s usually a painful process because there are still often very strong feelings for one another. It’s not like wake up one day and say “I am divorcing you” and then instantly shut off all feelings toward that person. This is why divorce is so painful. Even if he was cruel to her (which we don’t know…a lot of things get said during a split that may or may not be entirely true), there still may have been feelings of love. Many couples that divorce still have love for one another; they just realize that they cannot live together for whatever reason. So, yes, it is entirely reasonable that the entire Holmes family mourn the loss of this person who was part of their family for so long, even if there were reasons for them to want him out of the marriage. I’ve mourned the deaths of a couple of uncles of mine that had been divorced by my aunts years ago. Just because they were apparently not the best husbands, they were good uncles to me and I have fond memories.

  28. poopoo says:

    Oh such experts in mind control. Sometimes I am amazed at the lack of understanding some of you have. I find it hard to believe you could possibly understand mind control, with such ill will and lack of knowledge on said subject. She was the perfect victim that is why Tom went crazy when he knew what he had in her. A very naive pliable girl/woman. Innocence is not a crime. Falling victim to sever mind control can happen to anyone. She will never get out of this mess. Not with her daughter, I think she realizes this but is paralyzed by her fear of losing Suri. She has no clue as to what she was getting into. She was won over by his false magnetic self. Happens to a lot of people.

  29. Annie says:

    I don’t call bullshit on this.

    I wrote a paper on scientology back when I was a green girl (rofl) and while that doesn’t make me an expert by any means, I’ve read many many many stories that are so similar to Katie’s and many ended in at the very least, serious emotional distress.

    I don’t doubt for a second that they’re pressuring her (they being Tom and the Scientologists) because frankly, they truly believe they’re doing the world good. That’s how they get you. They convince you that it’s everyone else who is backwards and that, unlike all the other faiths, every decision they make is based in logic. (BULLSHIT.)

    It’s a sick and perturbed cult and she really should get out. I mean guys, think about the fact that it’s been banned in several countries. Doesn’t seem like a harmless “religion” to me…

  30. PJ says:

    Katie is looking very thin. Maybe she’s doing it on purpose to look like her friend Posh Beckham, but Posh has a tiny frame and is much shorter, so she looks fine being super-thin.

    Katie has a different body type–she’s taller than Posh and has a larger bone structure–so when she’s that thin, she looks unwell, it is not attractive.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Katie was an absolute fool to have proceeded with this relationship without doing some very serious research into Scientology first. How can I tell she didn’t do it? Because she married him anyway.

    It’s not just Tom she has to free herself from now, it’s the whole “church.” I’d imagine it’s highly likely that a Scientology minder was sent with her (or after her) to both New York and Ohio. That’s how they operate. Once you’re in, they never, ever leave you alone!

    And just like Nicole, she may as well just forget about taking her daughter with her. Odds are good that if she leaves, she’ll never see the kid again.
    I’d say that’s a pretty good reason to avoid having another kid.

    Scientology routinely takes “unruly” members of its Sea Org and disappears them to secret locations where they can be beaten, starved, or worked half to death as punishment for simply wanting out. This won’t happen to Katie because she’s a celebrity, but that’s the kind of group she’s up against.

    Good luck, Katie!

  32. pepsigirl says:

    i m sorry to hear that he pusher her too much and too hard on her and please give her space time and she will get pregant any time if u push on her too much and there wont might get pregant and too much stress as much abuse wife

  33. LLP says:

    If someone was scrutinizing everything I did, I would look tired and stressed too….leave them both alone, they are entitled to the same privacy that we all expect….what is wrong with all of you anyway???? Have you nothing else but idle gossip to fill your time with?? Shame on you!!

  34. JUSTINE says:

    all i have to say is that Tom Cruise is the biggest jerk actor there ever is he always wants ppl to do more than wat they can do like with his wife he wants her to get pregnet well wat if she doesnt want to well she doesnt and wat does Tom do he pushes her that doesnt make anything better it just makes things alot worse than wat they already are i used to like Tom cruise but now that ive seen wat he is now and how he acts and treats his wife and pushes her and other ppl well now i think very different of him he is my least favorite actor as for right now if he ever changes the way he acts then maybe ill consider him as a good actor and a good person but as for right now he is far from my favorite

  35. Bubbles says:

    Who cares about how long they are going to be together Katie is stressed out and looks like she is on crack her cheeks are sucked in an that ugly ass dress has got to go. If Tom tells her how to dress then it seems like he is the one with the problems not poor little Katie. Baby please eat something.

  36. Bam Bam says:

    She’s still nothing but his breeder.

  37. bambi says:

    Either way Katie learning her lesson for better or worse; the whole scene will have to run its course.

  38. MissVickie says:

    I’m from Ohio, up near where Katie Holmes is from. She wrote off Ohio for the most part. Now noone cares. Seriously. She sold her soul all right. In fact, she pisses most of us off from these parts. NOT a very home-minded girl exc. maybe for the death in her family now to MAKE her. She’s a little bit of nothing, trying to copy skinny women and use all the money to be a “fashionista” – come on, wouldn’t we all be into couture fashion if we were her? it doesnt make her good at it.

  39. Magsy says:

    There they are– Crazy Eyes and Sad Eyes!