Donald Trump got up bright & early this morning to tweet about Alicia Machado


It’s the last day of September, and I’m hoping that this election’s October Surprise is that Donald Trump is a tiny-fisted, baby-fingered, ill-tempered, thin-skinned loser who has no business near the American presidency. This week has been glorious though, and the latest polls reflect that: Hillary Clinton seems to be sustaining a significant post-debate bounce in nearly every swing state. USA Today also did their first-ever presidential endorsement, which was released yesterday. Their endorsement? Anybody but Trump. All of this would cause a normal presidential campaign to regroup, refocus, reassess. But in Trump Tower, Donald Trump woke up bright and early this morning… to tweet about Alicia Machado, the Miss Universe who dared to be offended when Trump called her Miss Piggy and Miss Housekeeping. He literally CANNOT LET THIS GO.

trump tweets

It’s been said so many times before, but please, pay attention to this. This is his temperament. This is how he would “govern” as president of the United States. He would hold grudges against beauty queens and start tweet-beefs on a daily basis. He would be appalled that a woman would have the audacity to A) gain weight or B) question him in any way.

Also: remember the “call Sean Hannity!” moment from the debate? That was when Trump was lying his ass off about his support for the Iraq War. Well, Howard Stern threw him under the bus this week too. Stern confirmed that Trump did support the war back in 2002.


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  1. SusanneToo says:

    Nasty, vile, vulgar, disgusting man. And, oh yeah, the Donald’s “sources” are I Heard and People Said.

    • doofus says:

      that’s what jumped out at me. he uses “a lot of people are saying” or “everyone tells me…” ALL THE TIME.

      also, he talks about the “disgusting past” of Machado. does he REALLY want to talk about people’s pasts? because he seems to HATE it when his is discussed.

      he is SO STUPID to keep this story going. GOP, come get your boy.

    • Rachel says:

      Whenever The Donald condemns something, such condemnation does not apply to him. Obviously. I really can’t figure it out. Does he know he’s doing it? Is he really just that oblivious to the fact that he epitomizes everything he condemns? Is he so pathological that he doesn’t even realize it?? I NEED TO KNOW.

  2. Felice. says:

    He’s really beating a dead horse with this, which shows that he knows what he did was disgusting.

    And I hate Stern but good for him.

    • Nancy says:

      I don’t hate Howard. Trump used to be a regular on his show and Howard has a way of making a person so relaxed, they forget they’re being watched and heard nationwide. Look at David Arquette. There is a myriad of incriminating statements Trump has made over the years and once on tape, he can’t deny them, even though he DOES. Vote

      • t.fanty says:

        Me either. Stern has mellowed with age and is a great interviewer. He wants Hillary on his show and she should do it.

      • Nancy says:

        t.fanty: I had my wisdom teeth pulled on September 10th and was home on September 11th 2001. Howard was there in the midst of the attacks on the Towers and I muted the tv and listened to him give a detailed account on what was happening. He didn’t abandon ship, he stayed there for hours and let us know what he was seeing. He has the reputation of being the foul mouthed womanizer…..some people just don’t get that was/is his radio persona, not him. I never forgot that day he kept me informed and always find myself defending him….not story related I realize, but he is skillful in making goofs like Trump spill the tea without even realizing it.

      • Erica says:

        @Nancy…I’m about 2 hours from NYC, and totally remember listening to Howard’s coverage on the radio that day as I was driving from appt. to appt. for my clinical social work job. I really appreciated him hanging in there and giving truthful reports about what was going on–it was both horrifying and riveting.

        I honestly couldn’t stand him until I saw his movie (Private Parts) which was surprisingly good and actually gave some insight into who he really is and what makes him tick. It was unexpectedly interesting and made me a fan.

        Also, as a former journalism major, I have massive respect for Stern’s interviewing skills. As it’s already been noted, he definitely has one of the best interview games in the biz!

        It would be my dream for Howard to moderate one of the debates.

      • Nancy says:

        Erica that would be sensational, but middle America would never accept it. As you indicated, his interviews are spot on. I saw Private Parts as well. It was funny and really did show his relationship with Allison and Robin. Fred was so funny and I truly believe that core group of Howard, Robin, Fred and Bababooie! made the show real. They were like family. Fun to go down memory lane. Makes me miss my 20’s when he was on the dial and I listened on a regular.

      • Lindsay says:

        Also he and his wife do some amazing things for abandoned animals, animals without a home, saving dogs and cats right before they are put down.

    • Evil Queen says:

      Howard Stern has a low brow persona, but he is actually a pretty decent guy. Glad to see he is standing up.

    • Felice. says:

      I will look up his 9/11 report.

      • Nancy says:

        You know Felice, on 9/11, I actually went online and listened to some of his show again. Funny how quickly we forget just how we felt on that day. He brought it home.

      • Konspiracytheory says:

        @Nancy – I’m in the NYC area, and also listened to Stern on 9/11. I agree, he and Robin did a great job that day. Every year I see the link to his 9/11 broadcast posted by friends on FB, but I don’t think I could handle listening to it again so ‘soon’.

    • Cat'sMeow says:

      Nancy, Howard does not have a reputation for being a womanizer. He is unpopular for a lot of reasons, but that is not one of them. I also listened to his 9-11 broadcast.

  3. lizzie says:

    i hope marla maples is going through her old VHS tapes to find one of their sex tapes and sells it for one. billion. dollars.

    • FingerBinger says:

      No no no no no no!

    • Christin says:

      Both exes are likely bound by agreements that keep their ‘chump change’ intact. My guess is that both women could make millions more on a tell-all, but cannot break an agreement with someone so litigious.

      • Lindsay says:

        Yes, that’s why Ivana wrote her “fictional” book, For Love Alone, after their divorce.

        About a model born in Czechoslovakia who marries and up and coming business man and helps him become successful. He works mainly in real estate and the model becomes one of the people in charge of interior design.

        Funny Summary:

        Which surprise, surprise he sued her for saying in was in violation of the NDA. Not only does he have ex’s sign them so does pretty much everyone he works with.

        In his businesses and presidential campaign, Trump requires nearly everyone to sign legally binding nondisclosure agreements prohibiting them from releasing any confidential or disparaging information about the real estate mogul, his family or his companies. Those subject to confidentiality agreements include senior advisers, campaign volunteers and even a maker of his famous “Make America Great Again” hats.

    • doofus says:

      eh, she doesn’t even really need to.

      if Drumpf wants to talk about disgusting pasts in regards to sex tapes, he should be reminded of his own wife’s past of taking racy photos. and not just nude photos, but so-called “lesbian-themed” photos.

      not that *I* care about either woman’s past – I’m no prude – but if Drumpf has an issue with one, he should have an issue with the other.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Oh hell naw! NO ONE wants to see a Drumpf sex tape. NO ONE. Oh lord now I need a MIB agent to neuralize me so I can forget I even read that.

    • EM says:

      Actually I believe that she received a cease & desist order years ago. I remember watching her on some show and she had made a few comments about him and then a few weeks later she looked petrified and said she couldn’t speak about him. Not sure what show that was but I felt bad for her….

  4. Shay says:

    I love how he insults her even further, when Hilary’s point was merely that he insulted her body and her race, not that she was an angel or paradigm of virtue, just that she deserved some respect. And then Donald continues to shame her for her sexuality. Great.

  5. V4Real says:

    It’s not my intentions to judge people by who they vote for or their political party, it’s their choice. I’m a Democrat and have friends who are Republicans. But now I am judging because anybody who votes for this pitiful excuse of a nominee and man is showing us who they really are and what they really believe.

    • FingerBinger says:

      I’m judging anybody who votes third party as well. A third party vote is a vote for Trump imo.

      • doofus says:

        not to mention, the biggest name third party candidates aren’t worth much.

        you have one anti-vaxxer who has said some pretty questionable medical things (considering she’s a physician) and one who doesn’t know what Aleppo is and can’t name one foreign leader.

      • Pretty much this, I was trying to stave off my judgement of those choosing 3rd party but geez…this week just revealed that there’s a reason (as there has always been) why 3rd party candidates REMAIN 3rd party candidates.

        Small world, small thoughts, small goals and when challenged incappable of competing on a larger stage. Hearing his supporters defend him, “Well I bet the average person on the street couldn’t name someone either!” gives me Trump vibes.

        The average person on the street can’t do long division, should we elect them too?

      • sherry says:

        It depends on which state you live in. If you live in California or New York, a third party vote is not going to matter that much. I’m in TN and know that it will go for Trump, so if I vote for Hillary or Johnson or Stein, it really doesn’t matter. That’s why you don’t seen Hillary and Trump campaigning heavily in solidly Blue and Red States.

        It’s the battleground states that the third party candidates could sway the election one way or the other.

      • K says:

        @sherry sorry but this year I completely disagree there are two people who stand a chance of being president and one is extremely dangerous as he is insane, unable to hear reason or be told anything he doesn’t want to hear. The other well she is just eh but she is smart, calm and measured.

        I don’t care if you think you are in a safe state it’s actually dangerous to vote for a third party because look at this man’s reaction to a beauty queen, what is he going to do with North Korea says something not nice about him? Because it will happen? Dont assume it’s safe because your state always goes one way. Ask England how that worked out for them?

      • Mary Mary says:

        Thank you finger: for speaking truth. This election is too important to throw away a vote to Trump by voting for a third party.

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        I’m so incredibly annoyed by the FBers going on about a 3rd party vote. Let your trendy thoughts rest for ONCE ye hipsters. Geez. Hitler is about to ruin the free world, and yet the Bros want alterrrrnative.

      • Jwoolman says:

        In this election, I think we really need to get the popular vote to the point where there is no question that Trump and his vicious ideas are thoroughly rejected. His supporters are not going to go away and we need to give a clear message that such hatred and racism is not acceptable. They need to know definitively that they are outnumbered, especially since there is a real chance that some of them may react to defeat with violence. The popular vote is typically too close and can even contradict the electoral votes. We can’t let that happen.

        Poll workers are already reporting some obnoxious actions by Trump supporters in early voting, although so far it is limited to loud-mouthed electioneering and pro-Trump t-shirts etc. that actually also count as electioneering (forbidden within a certain distance of the polling station). This is intimidating behavior, and some are also insulting the poll workers. If poll workers start trying to enforce the law or calling the police to do so, things could get ugly fast. There is no sense of civility among certain Trump voters. If they carry out plans to intimidate voters by unofficially challenging them as they wait in line and even just hanging out to watch them (which was also used as a tactic long ago to keep black Americans from voting), it will be a real mess.

        That’s why I advise not voting third party this time even if you think you are in a safe state that will deliver the electoral votes to put Hillary instead of Trump in the White House. There is more at stake than just electoral votes in this election, we have to think beyond it. Ordinarily, I would encourage voting third party if you do not want to vote for either major party candidate. But this is a very different situation.

    • Kitten says:

      Exactly. I’m no fan of Romney, but objectively I could see his appeal and I certainly didn’t drop friends for voting for him.

      …. but THIS shit stain? My god he is just a repulsive human, inside and out. I’m continuing to unfollow people who support this dude. I’m done being open-minded.

    • Roma says:

      I am Canadian and am in the US for work. Last night I made it my mission to sway the coworkers who are on the fence to vote for Hillary. I got 2 out of 4, but now I can’t look at the other 2 like same adults. I cannot understand how anyone can think voting for him is an actual option.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      My mother in law is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, wisest, nicest, sweetest ladies I have ever known, and she is voting for Trump because she is rabid, foaming at the mouth, vehemently opposed to Hillary. It is baffling.

      • Bre says:

        THIS! I know so many people (family included) who say they don’t like Trump but hate “Killary” so they will vote Trump. I think because the republicans can’t control Trump and can’t really make him look like a good choice they have instead focused their efforts on making Hillary look as bad as possible. Plus, lets be honest, if Hillary were a man she would just been a tough politician.

      • RJ says:

        I know a lot of people like that-really nice and seemingly normal, but then I find out they support Trump. Total cognitive dissonance.

      • LizLemonGotMarried says:

        Hi, are you my sister in law? 🙂 My MIL is the kindest, nicest person who will bend over backwards for anyone, but she is a rabid Trump supporter. It’s disturbing.

      • adastraperaspera says:

        Yeah, we are having this situation with two of my sister-in-laws. My partner is aghast, but I’m just like, well… um… told you they were stuck in the white-suburban-1980s-cave, you know? They subscribe to the delusion that the repugnant Paul Ryan will have his hands on the reins, no worry. What idiots! Sad how this campaign is splitting families, but let’s be real–some of us, like my family, needed to wake up and see where the lines were drawn all along.

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        Notice every tweet trump starts with “crooked Hillary” this or that. It’s so textbook narcissist to project.

      • EM says:

        Nothing personal but I question how nice these people really are. A genuinely nice and moral person wouldn’t vote for Trump even if they hated Hillary. Perhaps they would vote for a 3rd party or not vote at all but to actively go out of your way to validate the actions and beliefs of this man is not what a nice person does. If you support him then there is something very lacking in your character.

      • hmmm says:

        @Size Does Matter

        1. Your mother harbours racist/bigoted sentiments.
        2. She’s a misogynist.

        It’s not difficult to be kind to your own ‘kind’.

        There is no way to spin this as acceptable, I’m sorry to say.

    • MC2 says:

      Size- I wonder if those people think about their hate vs their love for their fellow citizens? I don’t like Bush but if there was a candidate that was going to round up my neighbor or take away their rights then I would vote for Bush. I think people’s hate for Hillary is personal and very selfish. It makes me look down on people voting like they are just voting their agenda and not looking at being a member of a whole frickin’ society and what that means to be a responsible member- it doesn’t mean voting based on past grudges.

      ps- I have relatives that are voting Trump too and mean this to them, not just your mil. But my relatives are far away and distant so I got that going for me!

      • Exactly.

        There were plenty of ‘nicest sweetest kindest’ people (no shade to your family Size) that contributed to some horrific times in our nation’s history. I think it’s safe to say that if you can vote for this man there’s an ugly vicious core of cruelty inside you.

      • Snappyfish says:

        @eternal side-eye. I agree with you. If someone could vote for this awful man there is a slice of cruelty deep inside. I am finding myself quite saddened by some of the people I care about showing a willingness & in some cases an excitement to actually vote for this megalomaniacal racist xenophobic misogynistist. I’m having to re-think friendships & that is v v sad.

      • lizzieb says:

        I always want to ask the people who vehemently hate Hillary, “Gee, have you ever even met her?” How can you hate someone so viscerally and have never even met them?

      • Nicole (the Cdn one) says:

        This. I’m Canadian but I cannot understand how anyone can vote for someone who seeks to validate bigotry, misogyny and xenophobia even if he could not manage to legislate it. I don’t care who the person was, I’d cut them out of my life if their own selfish perspective caused them to endorse such a person who could cause such pain to so many.

      • hmmm says:

        @The Eternal Side Eye,

        Yes, yes, yes! Bottom line is if you vote for Trump you hate baselessly, you hate the other. You hate. Which means you are racist, bigoted, misogynistic, happy to support cruelty, which makes you cruel.

      • Jwoolman says:

        Eternal is so right. That was my first thought, how many sweet, kindly women provided the social support necessary for lynchings and cross burnings. Sweet and kindly to only your own kind doesn’t count. Trump really is bringing out the ugly buried under sweet and kindly façades. I don’t think anyone can listen to him for very long without hearing the hate. If it resonates, it’s because the hatred is inside the person listening. Their friends and family may be shocked only because it was never directed against them. But it was always there. It must be very hard, though, like suddenly discovering your mother supports Hitler. Changes everything you thought you knew about her.

    • lucy2 says:

      This. I’m registered Independent but I’m more liberal in my politics, which means I general vote Dem on the national and upper state levels. But I can understand people being more conservative and voting that way, especially in different areas, different generations, etc.
      But I am seriously disgusted by anyone supporting Trump.

  6. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    As if it was the most important information out of this debate !!
    He almost confirmed to pratice tax fraud

    • CariBean says:

      YES!! Why are we not seeing more reports on this??

      Donald Trump said he’s “smart” by not paying income taxes — and argued that if he did, the money would be “squandered.”

      • Oya says:

        Reports came out on taxes (foundation doesn’t have proper paperwork to collect money) and on illegal dealings with Cuba. I suspect these early morning rage tweets are to direct people’s attention away from that. And its working.

      • SusanneToo says:

        The WAPO expose of the Trump Foundation shows he’s quite clearly a tax cheater. Numerous instances of using foundation money to purchase personal goodies or to pay off legal judgements against him. Listen to Wednesday’s Fresh Air. It’s sickening what Trump does.

      • doofus says:

        And SusanneToo, let’s not forget his illegal business dealings in Cuba, pre-travel embargo lift.

      • Christin says:

        WaPo is doing some Watergate level of reporting right now, as is Newsweek, but his tweets are grabbing headlines today.

        This week, WaPo also had a guest article from one of the many small business owners who allegedly was short-changed by him.

        I finally read the full New Yorker interview with his ghostwriter (published this summer), and his opinion is that this candidate cannot maintain his attention, nor has enough interest beyond himself to be in the nation’s highest office.

        Finally, John Oliver’s show this week breaks down the scandals of both candidates. It is must-see for anyone still on the fence.

      • SusanneToo says:

        Add to all this his invitation to Russia to hack Hillary, his suggestion of a Second Amendment remedy for Hillary – why hasn’t this man been arrested?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I really wonder how the Cuba news could affect Florida. I think the rest of the country might not care, but it could make a big impact in that state.

      • lucy2 says:

        SusanneToo, I just listened to that Fresh Air. I hope when the dust all settles, the IRS goes after him, with President Hillary Clinton’s blessing.

  7. Nancy says:

    This delusional piece of fabricated orange slices literally has me scared. I don’t scare easily. I do charity work at senior homes and there are residents who believe he is, in fact, the perfect man for the job. He’s not one of those government phonies. Scary again. He declared himself the winner of the debate bc of some internet polls. I am holding my breath until November because of the Americans who fear a woman President, think Hillary should be in jail (popular view in nursing homes) and believe his rhetoric. I know I’m not alone when I say please everyone exercise your right to vote.

    • Kitten says:

      That’s nice that you help the elderly, Nancy. You’re a good egg.

      And yes this trash heap is scary as hell.

    • Esmom says:

      I know, Nancy. I know educated, middle aged adults who have also somehow come around to him and it floors me. It’s beyond comprehension. One bright spot: a family in our neighborhood who owns a popular local business has a Trump banner splayed across the front of their house. At a party recently, a bunch of neighbors were talking about how they have quietly just stopped shopping there. As if Trump would do anything to help their business! SMH.

      • Algernon says:

        It’s not that I root for the economic ruin of Trump supporters, it’s that I want these people to realize that they’re going to end up on the wrong pages in the history books.

      • Christin says:

        Small business owners need to read up on other small business owners who experienced the majestic orange one and his alleged business tactics. It’s enlightening.

      • Esmom says:

        Algernon, I don’t think my neighbors are hoping to ruin this small business, I think by boycotting they are hoping the business owners will wake up and realize they are indeed on the wrong side of history.

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        People in my community are making plans to move into small employee housing in wealthy areas; it’s the goal to take their children out of public schools because under trump, the funding will dry up. This is a scenario whereby tax breaks for the wealthy happen by punishing the poor and middle class. Trickle down Reagan made a mess of public schools in california with “proposition 13” which literally took away all grants for the arts and sciences in low income public schools. Oh and ketchup became a vegetable for subsidized lunches- trump is bragging about the same trickle down “theory” from reaganomics. Hillary may be status quo, but at least there is a chance for the middle class to thrive- under trump? Not so much.

      • Jwoolman says:

        It’s not uncommon for people to spontaneously decide to boycott informally, refusing to spend their money at a place where the owner has revealed really unacceptable thinking or actions. We are under no obligation to buy from people promoting ideas we feel are dangerous and hateful. This is the risk any business owner takes when they decide to be public about such feelings. Trump is feeling that burn also – people with the money to actually afford his stuff are repulsed enough by his politics now that a significant number are taking their business elsewhere. People are spontaneously deciding not to buy Ivanka’s stuff because of her association with his campaign, and even suggesting to stores that they reconsider selling her lines. This is a very different situation than we’ve seen in other elections. But we haven’t had a racist demagogue running for President in living memory either.

    • Juls says:

      I’m guessing that any attempt to convince them that TRUMP belongs in jail would go over like a wet blanket?

      • Nancy says:

        I’m there to make sure things are run as they should be and to keep my eyes open. I do interact, but don’t want to step on toes. It’s never a secret how I feel about that man and I do take every opportunity to enlighten some of the folks…lol. I don’t know if he belongs in jail, but I do know he doesn’t belong in the White House, except maybe as a janitor or something… offense to maintenance people!!!

    • susanne says:

      Maybe if some of your older folks have trouble seeing, you could help them flip the right switch on election day!
      Not that I would ever be seriously in favor of election fraud. Angry Cheeto will be crying fraud once the polls start coming in. I can’t wait.

    • lizzieb says:

      The old people need to turn off Fox News.

      • Jwoolman says:

        Blaming Fox News may be a chicken vs the egg kind of thing. My aunt was a nurse and always said that people don’t change as they get older, they just get more like themselves. Those nice old people are attracted to Fox News because of what’s already inside them. Fox News may help amplify it, but they didn’t actually create it.

  8. mia girl says:

    Donald Trump is pure ID. It’s as simple as that.

  9. Jayna says:

    Dear Donald, you don’t call any young woman in your employ Miss Piggy or Miss Housekeeping and humiliate her by bringing cameras to film her working out because you say she’s gained too much weight.

    But keep on deflecting and not addressing the core complaint about your behavior and remarks to her. I’m sure your deplorables eat it up.

  10. Esmom says:

    Oh I remember the “call Sean Hannity” part of the debate very well. Who the F does that in a presidential debate?! I was speechless at how he responded to that question, when there are a million more mature and intelligent ways a thoughtful human being could have.

    And if I hear/read “Crooked Hillary” one more time I might just break my computer. Words cannot describe my revulsion for him.

    • tmot says:

      Poor Sean Hannity. No one ever calls him! What a loser. SAD.

      Trump is displaying the classic abuser behavior of blaming others for doing things that he is in fact doing himself. Honestly I think this is where the fat hating comes in. He has shifted my opinion on body shaming. Because I think it is perfectly ok to bodyshame a bully who bullies others for their own flaws.

    • K says:

      Not true Obama’s former speech writer has a podcast and he called him but Sean hung up.

    • lizzieb says:

      We should call him LDD. It stands for “Little Dick Donald.”

  11. Colette says:

    I am,generally, not one to beg but I am begging ,please don’t vote for this idiot.This idiot is going to destroy every relationship we have with foreign leaders.He is going to be tweeting about Angela Merkel’s body if he disagrees with her.He is going to be mocking some leader’s ethnicity.This idiot will have his finger on the nuclear button.

    • Nancy says:

      You’re right Colette, I’m sure the leaders of Russia, China and others are hoping Trump wins. He will make it easy for them to exploit us. Hillary is not my favorite person, but she does know the good guys from the bad. She’s been there and done that. Trump would be nothing but a puppet with those in the know pulling his strings. He doesn’t have the knowledge to lead particularly in foreign affairs, He is nothing but an over the hill playboy, tv host, woman hater who was handed his fortune and doesn’t have the balls to even show his taxes. I’m being redundant but don’t understand how he got the nomination. He makes Mitt Romney seem like a rocket scientist.

      • Christin says:

        He thinks Palin is great, too. I am genuinely concerned about the future of civilization, not just our own country, if someone so willfully ignorant and temperamental is allowed to be in power.

    • Sarah says:

      If we vote for him, Colette, we deserve all the hurt we’re going to get. Sometimes, I think this is the only way Americans will learn to grow up about having leaders “you can have a beer with.” We are big adolescents. Ugh.

    • Jwoolman says:

      Imagine if he wakes up at 3am and decides to launch the missiles as a change from tweeting….

  12. Thaisajs says:

    I really, really hope he continues this at the next debate, which will be in a town hall format with undecided Americans asking the questions. He needs to face real people and answer real questions.

  13. Lindsay says:

    He is also now claiming the debate was rigged.

    • embertine says:

      Oh, OK. Edited.

    • doofus says:

      oh, I saw some comment on FB yesterday about how HRC was “signaling” Holt with “poker tells” to get him to ask “hard” questions of Drumpf. I think the source was that Alex whatshisname info wars site.

      right. it was all well and good until he found out most people thought he lost, then it was excuse after excuse as to why he stumbled. couldn’t POSSIBLY had been his lack of prep.

    • Lindsay says:

      His complaints were about his microphone and Lester Holt. He actually said that

      It is sad that we think so little of a Presidential candidate that the New Yorker essay gained traction (Quite a few people, myself included, fell for a New Yorker article. Trump supporters even agreed with his fictional quotes!) It is both hilarious and scary that it was completely believable.

      Trump blasted the format of Monday night’s debate by claiming that the presence of Clinton was “specifically designed” to distract him from delivering his message to the American people.

      “Every time I said something, she would say something back,” he said. “It was rigged.”

      He also lambasted the “underhanded tactics” his opponent used during the debate. “She kept on bringing up things I said or did,” he added. “She is a very nasty person.”

      Turning to CNN, Trump criticized the network’s use of a split screen showing both him and Clinton throughout the telecast. “It should have been just me,” he said. “That way people could have seen how really good my temperament is.”

      • Juls says:

        He was so ill prepared that he didn’t even bother to Google the definition of “debate” then I guess.

      • Christin says:

        People are saying his campaign preppers attempted to coach him, but he was disinterested and had the attention span of a gnat. I also heard this morning that he’s apparently mad at his campaign staff, so he’s back on his own tweeting rampages.

      • Ooh that’s good, angry foaming at the mouth Donald is the best Donald for losing. They managed to reign him in a LITTLE with the latest campaign manager but if he’s rebelling they’re going to be unable to stop him from screwing it all up.

      • lizzieb says:

        His coke had too much “cut” in it.

      • lucy2 says:

        “Every time I said something, she would say something back,” he said.
        Yes, Donald. That’s how DEBATES work.

        First he claimed he won. Then he claimed his mic wasn’t good. Then he claimed Lester and Hillary were in cahoots. And now he’s saying it was all rigged because she responded to what he said. Dear God.

      • Jwoolman says:

        There apparently really was some problem with fluctuating volume from his microphone in the debate hall itself, although everybody watching on tv had no trouble hearing him.

        But instead of just alerting someone to the problem at the time so it could be fixed, he waits until afterward to claim “somebody” was deliberately modulating his microphone and so it was all a conspiracy to make him lose the debate. He claims that 50% of his brain power was focused on dealing with the microphone issue… Doesn’t sound promising for a Presidential candidate to get that distracted by a tech problem.

        I actually wonder if he messed with the microphone himself to have an excuse. The debate commission is investigating the problem. Trump says the microphone worked fine two hours before the debate started when they were checking it out.

  14. Lilacflowers says:

    A major party nominee for the President of the United States just told us to check out a sex tape.

    I want to go back to reality now, please.

  15. O_o_odesa says:

    On one hand, Alici Machado was the perfect bait for Trump. On the other hand, the media is again distracted from the real issues.

    • Sarah says:

      I think the way he responds to this kind of bait is actually a real issue. To me, the most real issue to discuss re: Trump is that he does not have any real policy proposals or positions on issues, he just has this bluster and vitriol, an inability to admit mistakes, an inability to let things go, and a willingness to insult anyone at any time. His temperament and character are the only real issues when it comes to Trump.

  16. Lolo86lf says:

    The way he is acting now is exactly the way he would act if elected president. What would he do if the leader of another nation does not agree with him? Start a war or something. His wife better not gain a pound of he will dump her for someone else. Donald is a sexist egomaniac.

    • Lindsay says:

      Yep. He already said he would have skipped the G20 summit if they hadn’t provided him with stairs and a red carpet. Unlike our weak President who just used his own stairs.

  17. Brittney B. says:

    Let me get this straight… if you look like Melania and come from her side of the world, low-budget sexual photos are “art” and your immigration status shouldn’t be called into question.

    If you gain a little weight or come from a South American country, you’re a disgusting immigrant of questionable legal status with a “terrible past” that probably includes a sex tape.

    See also: if Trump thinks he OWNS a woman, but she dares to have a mind or body of her own, she’s trash and he never liked her anyway. He is every man I’ve ever met at a bar.

    Hillary was right to zero in on this story, because it shows his sexism AND his racism so clearly.

    • Lindsay says:

      I believe he is racist but I don’t think he put that much thought into it. Melania is a Trump and as such she should never be questioned, disrespected, or disparaged. Although undoubtedly looks help if you, as a woman, want him to have any sort of basic human decency toward you or pretend your life has any meaning.

      It was very strategic on Hillarys part. Even if he didn’t think that deeply about it or consider the two situations analogous others will.

  18. Blurgh. says:

    I respectfully disagree. This is a distraction. Pay attention to the failure to disclose his taxes. Pay attention to the fact he did business with Cuba during the US imbargo. Pay attention the shady so called foundation. All those damn bankruptcies.

    All this other stuff us meant to distract us from the real evidence of his gross inability to lead anything, let alone this country.

    • Lindsay says:

      That information is already out there and it hasn’t gained traction. There is a different set of rules for him and her. Also, a large percentage of his supporters are ride-or-die, nothing will change their minds. As the great Stephen Colbert said Hillary “had to be confident but not smug… commanding but not shrill, authoritative and not coughing,” along with a laundry list of other requirements, while Donald “had to not commit murder… on camera.”

      The supporters that do know about it explain it away and I don’t think you’ll ever be able to convince them he is a bad business man. These are people that use the fact he has a plane with his name on it as evidence he is a billionaire and good at business. They say things like:
      – “Look how he bounced back from bankruptcy. Most people would quit or never reach their previous heights but his empire is bigger than ever. He will be able to that for America!”
      – “He knows how to exploit the broken systems so he will know how to fix them!” (1. It’s his accountant that knows, I doubt he contributed all that much to the planning to minimize his effective tax rate 2. Why would he do that? He would have to actually START PAYING HIS FAIR OF TAXES. Something he has gone out of his way and hired and paid people to avoid doing! But whatever…)
      “He is holding Crooked Hillary accountable by saying he will release his tax returns when she releases the 31,000 e-mails!”

      The undecided voters are people who haven’t been paying any attention. This isn’t two well qualified candidates with strong policies and nuances to sort through. You don’t have to get down to the nitty gritty to understand it. Trump especially is a very “gut reaction” candidate. Either his belief resonate with you or they don’t. So other than making them watch the debate or one of Trump’s rallies maybe an OTT, sexy, scandalous situation might make them pay attention or even bring up his alleged involvement with the NY Mob, people are also fascinated by mobsters. They won’t care he won’t release his taxes. They weren’t going to read them anyway. The Cuba thing is also not very interesting and we are working with Cuba again. How bad could it be? Non-profit law and investigations into how they operate is also a pretty dry subject. So maybe a beauty queen with a sex tape will finally break through their lack of curiosity and wall of apathy.

      • Exactly Lindsay.

        Sad to say THIS could be the thing that pulls those last clinging to “He’s just not PC! He says what we’re thinking! He could be different!” defense of him from voting for him.

        There were a lot of articles post-debate that discussed how him constantly interrupting Hilary hurt him largely with a female audience who’s tired of dominating overblown men who treat them similarly in the work place.

        His most loyal supporters don’t care if he hasn’t paid taxes for his entire life, they’d likely clap and say how smart he is for not doing so. But those that were undecided will see that it isn’t just a joke how easilly he’s baited into tweeting like a rabid dog. They’ll wonder why a grown man can’t reign it in to focus on being a better President. They’ll realize this stopped being funny and that THIS man could well be in charge of their lives soon.

      • isabelle says:

        Cubans in Florida will be paying attention about Castro and it could flip Florida to Hillary if they turn out heavy. Hillary only needs one swing state, one. He needs most of them and can’t afford to lose Florida. Even if America ignores it, it only takes Cubans to care about it to flip the state.

    • isabelle says:

      This!! One of his tricks when the truth comes out about his business dealings he always starts a Twitter rampage. Just like he did at the debate, it how he changes the topic.

    • Patsy says:

      Totally agree, he is very cunning, a survivor, so why were all Really Donny STFU you did not say that, he’s happy because were not talking about his admission that he doesn’t pay tax. I pay more tax than this guy and I have a mortgage, bills, kids. Strewth he’s a slippery one.

    • Persephone says:

      This is where the Dems ground game coming into play, these issues may not be able to hold the media’s attention on a national scale but the Clinton team can use them on the local level. When Trump praises Putin they have people on the ground talking to communities of Eastern European decent, especially in the swing states. I bet they have people in Florida right now driving home the message about Trump and Cuba.

  19. eggy weggs says:

    I googled “Eric Cartman as Donald Trump” and a little quiz of “Who said this — Trump or Cartman?” quotes came up. The “South Park” creators once described Cartman as the garbage that lives in everyone’s souls and, honestly, Trump has stolen line-for-line from Cartman’s playbook. It’s funny on the show. It’s totally not funny IRL.

  20. SusanneToo says:

    For the first time in its history USA Today endorsed a candidate-HRC! And for the first time in its 126 year history the Arizona Republic endorsed a Democrat for President!

    • Anon says:

      Unfortunately USA Today didn’t endorse Hillary. It said Trump was unfit for the Presidency, gave cogent reasons, and then it ruined the article by the spectacularly moronic suggestion that people should vote with their conscience, including for down ballot candidates or writing in their own suggestion. Which everybody with half a brain knows is a vote for Trump and is more likely to make this woefully unfit man the next POTUS.

      • Jwoolman says:

        If they otherwise would have voted for the Republican candidate, a write-in vote for Donald Duck is definitely helpful in keeping Trump out of the White House. It also gets their vote counted so his percentage of the popular vote is lower. Just staying at home and not voting at all won’t accomplish that, although it will reduce his votes.

        Yes, it would be nice if Hillary didn’t have to deal with an obstructionist Republican Congress. But people have the right to vote their conscience, which may be to vote for Republicans in Congress. The crucial thing is to persuade them that they don’t have to vote for Cinnamon Hitler Trump, they can split their ballot.

    • Lindsay says:

      They endorsed not Trump. Still it is historic and hopefully good for Hillary. An Arizona newspaper also endorsed Hillary making it the first time in something like 127 years they endorsed a Democrat for president.

      I was so relieved to read 4chan and another troll site worked together to vote Donald Trump as the winner in the first debate. A really scary number of polls on smaller media sites had him as the winner, in some by a landslide. They were polls posted on smaller media sites (metropolitan news papers from all over the country, local news programs from network affiliates – not the big guys like national news channels or major network news broadcasts) Thank God it was a hoax!

    • SusanneToo says:

      Thnks for the correction anon. I haven’t seen USA Today(should’ve checked)and just repeated what I heard on tv.

      • Anon says:

        I was so disappointed! I saw the reports like you did and was reading the reasons they gave as to why he was unfit. And I was saying “yeah, that’s amazing, I didn’t know that, that needed to be said……OH. DO NOT SAY THAT.” It is such a cop out. There are times when the brave thing to do is to hold your nose and vote tactically, and when saying “oh yeah, I followed my conscience” is just self-indulgent.

  21. littlestar says:

    I would like to know why more hasn’t come out about his lawsuit with the woman who claims he raped her when she was 13/14. Does anyone know what’s going on with that?

  22. Coconut says:

    What’s the story on Donald’s mother? I never hear about her.

    • Christin says:

      New Yorker did an article on her in June. She was a Swedish immigrant (imagine that) who died in 2000.

      On a purely superficial note— She and her son share(d) swirling orange-hued hairstyles.

      • Louisa says:

        She was actually from Scotland, not Sweden.

      • Neelyo says:

        I thought she was Scottish. I was curious about her too so I googled her. I wanted to know what kind of a number she did on him to make him who he is. Though knowing his dad, once she had her children she was probably kicked to the sidelines.

      • Annetommy says:

        She was from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. I read an article where Donald went to her family’s cottage with a posse of journalists and spent about 20 seconds there for a photo opp. He didn’t even bother looking around the very small cottage. Says a lot.

      • Christin says:

        You are right, because the article mentioned he had business interests (golf course) in her home country, but will hardly mention her immigrant background.

    • holly hobby says:

      His sister is a US District Judge:

      Judges are not allowed to comment about politics but I wonder what’s going through her mind. She was nominated by both a repub and dem so she’s solid.

  23. NGBoston says:

    While Alicia Machado’s past BEFORE her entry into Trump’s is indeed shady (and she is at it again with controversy for her 15 mins of fame). – it still is digusting that she was fat shamed by DT’s Beauty Pageant and that DT makes the sexist, rude and outragous comments he does about people. He does have many positive things to say and add for other women he likes– but damn what does this say about just one of his serious charachter flaws.

    Male or female– if the King of NPD does NOT like you- he calls you horrible names and goes all in. One one hand I would not mind seeing him unleash his special brand of hell and go all in on ISIS and their followers…. On the other hand obvioulsy DT’s wrath and being too much of a loose cannon would not a good President make in our current domestic and global/international standing.

    No no no no no Donald! But he should keep talking bc he is rapidly losing more votes from women of all walks of life. He will self/sabotage and implode with all his rantings,
    tweeting, interviews, statements,
    Etc. Can’t help himself !

  24. isabelle says:

    He is really going off his rocker because of the Newsweek article that came out yesterday, exposing the lies around his charity and Castro dealings. Some pretty serious stuff came out yesterday about his financial dealings with Cuba and his s called nonprofit wasn’t properly licensed to even receive donations. He does this everytime a financial scandal comes up. and wants to change the topic. He wants the media to be talking about his crazy versus the messiness he has created financial with his business and so called charity. Sure he is crazy but hope the media & Hillary campaign turns and focuses on the real story of him doing deal with Castro and the what appears to be fraud in his so called charity. Believe with everything he ran for the presidency to gain for power for his name brand not to actually. The financial scandals is what he fears the most.

    • Jwoolman says:

      It sounds as though he sent people to Cuba to test the waters for an illegal deal, but decided against it for whatever reason. But the Cuban American community in Florida will understand his intent was to bypass the embargo, so it may not fly very well with them if they approved the embargo. The older generation especially.

  25. Saks says:

    I think he is fueling this on purpose. He still saying the vile misogynist racist things his supporters love, and while everyone else gets obviously outraged, it takes away the light from the things that could really take votes off him, like the Cuba businesses or the tax fraud.

    Anyway, vete a la chingada Trump, we Latinos are not going anywhere and I really hope my people don’t let him get to the whitehouse.

    • lizzieb says:

      Thank you. I’m counting on our Latino friends, our African-American friends, our white women friends to turn out for Hillary and hopefully we can beat him. Combined, we are a larger group than the gross icky men who are going to vote for Trump. I’M WITH HER!

      • Saks says:

        Yes, lets hope everyone do their part. Some members of my family living in the US will be able to vote for the first time and they are rallying hard for Hillary. We are still trying to convice my cousin who wants to vote Green Party, this is not the year.

        Believe me, election day is going to be nerve-wracking not only for the US but also for Mexico. This election may seriously hurt my country in many levels if Trump is elected, so everyone here will be sleepless following the development.

  26. Ennie says:

    How is he criticizing her for her past when he did this to her when she was still a teen (and his employee) back then?
    She’s said she became troubled because of that episode, and it triggered bulimia. His terrible entitled sexist attitude is bad enough. He has no place to criticize her character as an adult, but he should take a look at his own actions.

    • NGBoston says:

      @ Ennie- her past is HER PAST. Before the Cheeto-Dusted one came along and ran his hokey Pageant. Still! To fat shame and call her a PIG? Screw you, Donald Trump and look in the mirror bc you are not thin anymore you borderline porky/paunchy, windbag, bloated old Man!

      And he is critisizing her and will continue to do so bc he is a jackass, sexist, lummox with major Douche Canoe DNA in his genes. At this point I do not think Americans expect less. He is being laughed at everywhere. Almost like in the beginning when he announced. Other than his most ardent of supporters and those drinking his Kool-Aide- does anyone really take him seriously ?

      Get real. Don’t let this Gas Bag and his minions fill Americans mind with the shock and fear. It is blatantly obvious (no matter how unconventional and anti-establishment) Trump remains—his sanity, political . experience and temperment are all highly questionable. One or two of the previous mentioned not even a question. A fact. He has no political experience and sanity volatile temperment- tremendously under scrutiny all of these traits and on full display on a continual news-loop 24/7.

      || This is HUGE HUGE I TELL YOU! BELIEVE ME! (Points finger puckers lips, snorts inhales reaches for water.||

  27. JRenee says:

    This is vile, nothing new & sadly more to come.
    The hinges were already loose and now they are discombobulating. This is horrible.

  28. Sharon says:

    Trump has no respect for anyone or anything except for the good old dollar sign. One thing he is not is a gentleman. The man is a pig!

  29. Tate says:

    My one beacon of hope was Nate Silver’s 538 polling. I watched in horror the last couple of weeks as he showed the race continuing to tighten every day leading up to the debate. I think the day of the debate he had Hillary at a 55% to win and Trump 45%.

    Post debate, the numbers have turned around and Hillary is looking stronger. Today he has her at a 67% chance to win.

    Get out there and vote people. This guy really is unhinged.

    • lucy2 says:

      I watch that like a hawk too. At one point Hillary was almost at 90%, and I’ve been cringing as it evened out. Thankfully she’s inching back up. And she’s leading on all polls on real clear politics, except the LA Times, which always skews for Trump.

    • Christin says:

      I’ve been checking his site as well. Even though my state is one of the solidly red states, I am still voting.

      For those in later time zones — No matter what TV exit polls claim, please ignore them and vote regardless. I still remember what happened in election 2000.

  30. NGBoston says:

    IMO, I believe HRC will attain enough delegates to win

    However, you would be sooo surprised in my State which is uber liberal and typically votes democrat– how many ppl are disgusted with both candidates but do not trust HRC or want another Clinton or Bush back in the white house so are the silent majority who are not going to show up to vote at all.

    This is of concern for many states across the nation. It is obvious HRC is enjoying a well-deserved post debate bounce… But what of the last two debates and all this other mud slinging between now and then. I think it turns off so many people and confuses those of us who do not like either candidate all the more. We feel stuck !- –so !!! Green Party sucks and useless and we cannot vote
    for the Cheeto- Dusted Douche Canoe or Hitlary the Untrustworthy one. Never mind Lyin’ Ted. HRC lies constantly, waffles, vascillates and talks out of both sides of her mouth. I ran in to her once after she stepped
    Dpen as SOS in NY where she was doing an impromptu platform for Women in Goverment as a Guest Speaker. When finished she went back to a separate gallery area to grab some food from
    a caterer and a cup of coffee. She had to ask for help on how to use a Keurig Coffee Machine. ?????

    She is so out of touch with Middle America that she says she is going to fight for! Another reason I can’t wrap my
    Head around all the things she promises and claims she will change about America. I dont believe you HRC and I cannot stomach you Donald Trump!


    • robyn says:

      The world is begging you to PLEASE give Hillary a chance!! The alternative is unthinkable.

    • Annetommy says:

      NGBoston, she’s out of touch because she can’t use a particular coffee machine? That’s some leap. I’m so technologically inept I can hardly use a toaster, some of us don’t like machines.
      As for “another Clinton”, would it help if she changed her name back to Hillary Rodham? Of course it wouldn’t.
      If you don’t like her, look at the alternative. You can’t always vote for a candidate who makes your heart sing with gladness. Sometimes you have to vote to stop a downright nasty,unhinged demagogue-in-waiting who has no relevant experience. I hope you do.

      • Kitten says:

        This. Everything right here.

        Maybe she’s just a Starbucks drinker who’s never used a single serve coffee maker before?

    • hmmm says:


      ” When finished she went back to a separate gallery area to grab some food from
      a caterer and a cup of coffee. She had to ask for help on how to use a Keurig Coffee Machine. ?????”

      Could anything show your privilege and condescension than this statement? I am not well off and I don’t have fancy machines and don’t know how to use them, and many people who are well off don’t have fancy machines. This is your standard by which to judge the worthiness of a candidate? Get thee back to the dark side.

      You also mention that Clinton lies. That’s it? Without proof?

      Instead of focussing on the issues, you focus on the shallow. Might as well be a Trump acolyte.

    • Jwoolman says:

      You’re saying Hillary is out of touch because she didn’t know how to use a Keurig coffee machine?!? I wouldn’t know either, and I have a Ph.D. in physics. I’m just a little younger than Hillary, and we didn’t have such machines in our youth. Besides, my family wouldn’t have been able to afford one (the initial expense and the continuing expense). My mother’s idea of luxury was buying a better quality jar of instant coffee to dump into her cup. That’s not being out of touch with Middle America, it’s being not upper class with money to burn.

      Check out Hillary’s website to see her real policy proposals and her real background.

  31. robyn says:

    Can’t figure out a coffee machine, doesn’t want people to see her PERSONAL emails, has a Foundation to raise money for suffering people in the world and wants everyone to donate … even people from Muslim countries. This vs shallow … lies every minute … out of touch in an ivory/golden gilded Trump Tower. Funny how things get twisted around. I saw a video by Tom Green called Do The Donald, maybe you want to check it out.

  32. virginfangirl says:

    Trump believes in the trickle down theory. I call that the “piss on you” theory.

  33. chicizano says:

    Hillary does not have all the votes she is counting on.

    Does she understand my life as a Latina woman? Can she relate to the prejudices I may have suffered when she has never had to deal with any of the same? She is a millionaire, she has money, great privilege and power. Siempre! So I am pretty certain other than being discriminated against in her first Presidential run against Obama,she has not felt discrimination as much as the masses of which she seeks to represent.

    Never would I or my family vote for Donald Trump. He is a racist idiot.

    • Jwoolman says:

      Hillary wasn’t born a millionaire. Neither was her husband.

      And she may not have faced discrimination as a Latina, but very definitely as a woman. That’s why she’s so tough. A weaker person would have folded years ago.

      If you insist on your politicians directly experiencing everything that you have experienced, you will have to wait for Latina women to run across the board — for Congress and for the Presidency and every other office on the ballot. Don’t hold your breath too long. And if you get what you want – what about everybody else whose experiences are different from yours?

      We don’t need clones of ourselves in public office. We just need people who actually listen to other people’s experiences and have some empathy.

  34. reg says:

    Trump is an idiot, he looked out of his league in debate, Hillary will win