Priyanka Chopra & James Bond producers aren’t interested in Tom Hiddleston


Here’s what I know for sure: Tom Hiddleston forced Priyanka Chopra to twirl at the Emmys, because he is a Twirling Despot. I also know that someone – who??? – wants everyone to think that Tom and Priyanka really hit it off over Emmys weekend, and that they exchanged numbers. I also know that Tom’s publicist desperately wants his client to NOT be defined by the Glorious Tiddlebanging of 2016. Everything else is just speculation, but that’s what we know for sure. So is Priyanka Chopra ready to play this game, or has she already played her part? A source tells the National Enquirer that she’s not interested in Hiddles, but it’s mostly because she doesn’t want any focus on her love life right now.

Tom Hiddleston’s post-Emmys flirtation with Priyanka Chopra has had tongues wagging, but a source told All the Buzz that Priyanka has no interest in the role of rebound girl!

“Priyanka was the center of a huge scandal in India – accused of being a married star’s mistress,” the snitch spilled. “The last thing she needs is more heart-related headlines!”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

I’ve heard similar rumors about Priyanka from her Bollywood days. I have no idea if those rumors have any truth, just that a lot of people familiar with Bollywood gossip are convinced that Priyanka has a pretty shady romantic history. Of course, it’s also possible that Priyanka just isn’t into Tom at all. And it’s possible Tom just used Priyanka for a quick PR injection to change the subject from the Tiddlebanging and Tiddlesplit.

More bad news for Hiddles? Deadline reports that Daniel Craig is still absolutely the “first choice” for the next James Bond film. As in, Barbara Broccoli would rather have the grumpy devil she knows rather than a Tiddlebanging idiot who wears “I Heart T.S.” t-shirts.



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  1. MI6 says:

    This is great news on all fronts.
    PS I know I am late to the party, but I saw ISTL this weekend and OMG, what a performance from Mr. H. He stood out in a morass of mediocrity. Such a talent should not be wasted on James Bond.

    • Secret squirrel says:

      I think he has future James Bond villain written all over him. All this speculation about being Bond doesn’t mean he can’t be in a different role in a Bond film.

      • Erinn says:

        That’s what I was thinking when the Bond talk first started – I’d rather see him as a Bond villain, honestly. And I think he’d have more fun with it.

      • crtb says:

        Not getting it. I am just not seeing him as Bond. Bond is suave and sexy. He doesn’t have those qualities. I can’t even see why his name is even part of the discussion of who should be the next Bond.

      • Justjj says:

        He totally needs to just be the hapless British fellow in a romantic comedy who bumps into Julia Roberts because she works at a coffee shop and little does she know he is an international star and then he meets her again at a dog park when their dogs sniff one another’s butts. That is what I see when I think of him. Not villian. Now who could be a Bond villian for real? Serious question. And I could have seen this coming… A guy telling you to twirl… Almost as annoying as a guy telling you to smile or no? Pretty sure it’s close.

    • browniecakes says:

      James Ivory of Merchant Ivory wants Tom for Richard II. That’d be good for our boy.

      • lightpurple says:

        But Ivory is pushing 90 years old and he has been making this claim about Tom, Damian Lewis and Richard II for several years, only in Italian magazines. I don’t think it will happen.

      • Uh-huh says:


        No, perhaps not. Shame, sounded like an interesting idea.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I’m not really a fan of Tom Hiddleston, and I didn’t really like “ISTL” (even though I sat through the whole darn thing) but he was actually REALLY good in it. He was the best part of that shitfest.

    • virginfangirl says:

      Tom was amazing in that role. And the role was so far from his true self, so very impressive he pulled it off so well. What a shame the movie itself wasn’t good.

      • MI6 says:

        He really was amazing. I’m glad I waited to see it because I am reminded of how talented he is, apart from this tabloid nonsense. Just a gifted actor. That performance stayed with me on par with Coriolanus.

  2. tegteg says:

    Bring on the Bollywood gossip, please! I’m dying of curiosity over here.

    • Carebare says:

      Many people think she had an affair with shah ruhk khan, the biggest Bollywood star.

      • LAK says:

        His wife seemed to think so.

      • Juliet says:

        Yep. The first one to break the news about the affair was actually the German media. ( SRK is popular there). As they saw the two kissing and all on streets and in clubs while shooting. The Indian media spoke about it in length and many reliable sources confirmed it.

    • Spiderpig says:

      A friend of a friend works on Quantico and says she’s very demanding and rude to the crew.

      • Becky says:

        That kind of behaviour comes back to actors I’m sure.

      • AlmostThere says:

        That’s the exact opposite of what people say about working with Tom. I think Tom would not tolerate that if he saw it. He’s said he finds that behavior very troubling and uncalled for. Judging from how he goes out of the way to be gracious to everybody, even to a fault, I don’t think they’d last very long IF any of this is true.

    • Dana says:

      Apparently she was so reviled in Bollywood for being a homewrecker that she had to flee and look for work in the US. The man she allegedly was seeing, Shah Rukh Khan, has been happily married since he started acting and this is the first and only cheating scandal he’s been involved in. It was the talk of the industry for months.

      The movie series they worked on together has been put on hold indefinitely because of the uproar the scandal caused. I think she won’t be recast if they ever do the 3rd film.

      She’s very insidious, no one likes her in Bollywood because of her scheming. She has very few legitimate industry friends. I think she’s very ambitious which is great but she doesn’t hesitate in throwing people under the bus.

      • tegteg says:

        Woahhhhh. I don’t know anything about her Bollywood past, obvi, but all of her US interviews seem contrived. As if she’s crafted this persona that will be likeable and agreeable… but more so than I’m usually used to reading, if that makes sense. Like nothing feels genuine in her interviews, whereas usually a little bit of the noncrafted person will seep through.

      • Original T.C. says:

        “she was so reviled in Bollywood for being a homewrecker that she had to flee and look for work in the US. The man she allegedly was seeing, Shah Rukh Khan, has been happily married since he started acting and this is the first and only cheating scandal he’s been involved in”

        I swear we women can sometimes be our own worst enemies! So an internationally famous married man has an affair with a little known actress and SHE’s to blame for using her eeevill (LMAO) ways and holding a gun to his head FORCING him to cheat on his wife? This upstanding man that apparently has been faithful to his wife since the beginning of time?

        We can continue blaming women for unfaithful men until the end of time but guess what? Your man, husband, boyfriend, brother, father will still cheat even if it’s with a sheep. How about holding men responsible for lacking morals and self-control? Oh that’s right, we still want to continue deluding ourself into believing seductive evil women are the problem not the person who promised to be faithful, trustworthy and care about your feelings!

        So bizarre and unrational. Yet cheat on a man and he will kick YOU to the crub in a heartbeat and become buddies eventually with the man you cheated on him with as they bond over how skanky you are!

      • virginfangirl says:

        If the article was about the man she had an affair with, I’d hope negative comments would be flying his way. But this article is concentrating on her. So no surprise she is the focus. It’s wrong for a married man to cheat, but for me anyway, it’s also wrong for a woman to have an affair with a married man, being that ultimately his wife is the one you hurt.

      • Cecilia says:

        I watched several episodes of Quantico (meh) and as the saying goes Priyanka couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag.

      • Celeste says:

        “Apparently she was so reviled in Bollywood for being a homewrecker that she had to flee and look for work in the US.”

        This is literally not true at all. I’m Indian, and PC is still well known and fairly well liked in Bollywood. She was literally in one of the biggest onscreen hits last year (Bajirao Mastani) AND she won Best Supporting Actress at one of our biggest award shows. She’s also been in a bunch of popular films in the past few years (Barfi, Mary Kom, DDD) and won awards left and right. She didn’t go to the US to “flee” India; that’s absolutely ridiculous. She’s an ambitious lady who wants to do more work in the world’s best known film industry.

        I really hope some of the commentors here who clearly know nothing about PC’s past would refrain from making stuff up. And I am truly no fan of hers.

      • SKF says:

        Ah so SHE is reviled desire the fact that HE is the one who was married and who made vows and who owes his wife something. Much like Angelina gets blamed for Brad leaving Jen but apparently Brad is just an innocent puppy. Typical. You can’t force a man to cheat. They make that decision themselves. Priyanka may be an unpleasant person but it is not cool that she basically lost her Bollywood career over this but his is still going strong.

      • Mridha says:

        @Celeste what are you talking about? Bajirao mastani was hit because of other two actors and pc regretted that she even played that character cause it was such a pathetic role. I don’t like the movie either as it glorifies cheating, affair.

    • JoyBells says:

      The most recent rumor/gossip is her having affair with the biggest star of Bollywood-Shah Rukh Khan. His wife after coming to know of the affair,is rumored to have got together with other Bollywood star wives and blacklisted her from all social events in Bollywood.
      The previous rumor was with Akshay Kumar in early 2000 while working together in a movie- “Andaz”. The movie was a huge hit and it was her breakibg role of her career. Usually in Bollywood if the lead actors give a hit movie,they usually work in more movies together. But after that movie,they never worked together again. It was said because Akshay Kumar’s wife sort of banned him from ever working with her again. Till date they have never workee together again.

    • rays kirt says:

      Very few people can carry off that Vulcan deformed flat boobs dress, not even sure she fully did, but she is stunning. Like, let me double check I’m straight, kinda stunning. Dayum. Ugly AF dress up on top

  3. Chef Grace says:

    He was papped leaving a Gold Coast gym.
    The decription of his tired old gym clothes made me smile. He did have a pair of half gloves on. Like his kinky blinky ones from his Boris Karlof meets The Village People shoot.
    I think old Hiddles played us all well. :)

    • tintin123 says:

      @chef grace agreed

    • virginfangirl says:

      It’s the SAME sneakers that he’s had for three years that baffles me. Shouldn’t a runner change out their sneakers?

      • Dara says:

        As much as he runs, the soles should have worn through by now. Someone suggested earlier he had found his Goldilocks running shoe and bought every pair he could find in his size. Somewhere in the greater London area is a storage unit stacked to the ceiling with identical shoe boxes.

      • virginfangirl says:

        Probably true of all his favorite workout gear. I can totally relate, especially with shoes. In fact, just found a dress shoe I love in black so ordered 2 more pairs in tan in blue. Who needs diversity when you can have comfort!

      • Bonzo says:

        I confess to doing the same with trail running shoes. Once you find the perfect shoe, you buy up as many as you can afford; the next year’s model won’t feel the same.

    • The Hench says:

      Ah, the one set of ‘tout en noir’ gym kit. I like to think of Hiddles in his hotel room every evening with a sandwich bag of Persil, patiently rinsing out his PE kit in the sink. You just know that bathroom has a Legendary T shirt hung over the shower head, black shorts over the bath taps, black socks draped over the bath edge and (inevitably) black smalls on the towel rail. Every night.

      • Chef Grace says:

        @The Hench thank you.
        I am glad to know someone else had a vision of him washing out his gear. Hopefully he has extra shoes.

      • Lightpurple says:

        I think the workout gear gets put in the hotel laundry bag after each use and is ready the next morning. There’s a little more variety in his London running gear than his travel running gear. A little variety. Not a lot as he only has 12 articles of clothing

      • virginfangirl says:

        I imagine he shops and buys 3 of everything he likes.

      • spidey says:

        @ virgingirl I’ve been telling everyone for months that he bulk buys all his clothes in sets of six.

      • virginfangirl says:

        Well then I completely agree with you!

  4. Lahdidahbaby says:

    In the old days, there used to be a thing about young women becoming “soiled” after their innocence was taken by a man. These days that has become a sort of Swiftian Trope in Reverse: like young damsels of yore, Tom has been soiled by his dalliance with Swift and henceforth he holds no interest for any of the eligible female celebrities of any real stature.

    …Because after all, who wants the guy who wore an “I heart TS” tank in full view of the paps? Done-zo, Tom.

    Who will be her next victim?

    • Secret squirrel says:

      Prince Harry according to some rags…

      (In jest I’m sure)!

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        I think Harry’s too real to go for Taylor. She could never lead him around by the…uh…nose, like she has done with others.

      • Secret squirrel says:

        Yes, but could you imagine… Princess Tay Tay. Her Royal Highness Taylor of Swift. #royalsquadgoals, future queen of BriTAYn.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Lol, Secret squirrel!

    • lightpurple says:

      She’ll get back with Eppie Calvin.

    • Cranberry says:

      Naah, genuine female celebrities with real stature wouldn’t be swayed off someone for trivial “I heart TS” tank gossip/tabloid fodder.

      Besides what’s that compared to Priyanka’s torrid Bollywood past where she appears to have had a pretty public relationship with another very famous married man trying to pass if off as mentor/pupil thing, but no one was buying it because of inappropriate PDAs caught by paps.
      That’s the gist of what I could quickly gather. It sounds like there’s a whole shit storm of Indian or Bollywood gossip and media over this and plenty of gossip junkies that probably know a lot more.

  5. Nicole says:

    *giggles* This summer is probably going to be high on the list of regrets for Tom. No one ever comes away from Swift with pleasant feelings (says a lot about her doesn’t it?). Poor Tom.

    Good news is his interview (Interview mag) with Benedict came out last night so that’s some positive press!

  6. Sally says:

    Yes, Priyanka is still very much the talk of the town in BW for being the lover of the biggest Indian movie star ever called Shah Rukh Khan ( He is the second richest actor in the world). Still blinds and news about their secret meetings until date. He is married with three kids. Their affair started in 2011 when they shot a movie in Germany called Don2. Many even says that they got married in secret. Both she and him never denied the affair nor spoke about it.

  7. Juliet says:

    Priyanka is still seeing SRK; Shah Rukh Khan. Everyone knows in India.

    • Mommy phase says:

      Really? I thought pulling strings to get piggy chops busy in the US and havin AbRam pretty much redirected SRK back to the fold, that and Gauri co-owning Red Chillies and Mannat pretty much brought him to heel.

      • Juliet says:

        His wife doesn’t co own any company of his or even the house. She said it herself in one of her latest interviews. And beside since the rumour of them priyanka never seen with anyone else but SRK. She also keeps hinting at him in her IG snd tweets.. Quote some of his words and all. Also, him stopped wearing his wedding ring…

  8. BradyIsBack says:

    Why are we still trying to make this guy happen?

  9. Betti says:

    No one wants Tay Tays sloppy seconds Tom needs to just focus on his career and stop with the bond and fame hustling.

  10. GossImp says:

    Okay so isn’t it an open secret that he is bisexual and that all of this is to paint him as a ladies man so that he would be eligible to play Bond?

    • Londongal says:

      Whuuuut? According to who? Sources please!

      • GossImp says:

        According to a source close to Luke Windsor. Why anyone would want to work with Windsor and Public Eye after this Tiddlesome summer is a mystery to me.

    • tintin123 says:

      @gossipmp really? and how did you get that close source of luke? and if he was an open bi then why did he claimed to be straight in an interview?
      A close source of luke told me tom kicks puppies twice a day. see I can do that too.

    • Becky says:

      In about 2013 there were apparently rumours in theatre circles that Tom was gay and involved with Windsor. I put it down to idle gossip as he’s obviously dated women in the past, had a serious gf in 2011, and there’s plenty of video evidence of him checking out and flirting with women.

      As Fanty has pointed out before, he’s not gay just British.

      Gossimp, who is this source?

      • amilia says:

        @camil a close source of luke told me tom is secrately kitty kiiler. :p

      • Annetommy says:

        Sorry but this “he’s not gay he’s British” annoys me a bit. If it means “he’s not gay he’s posh English”, then it should be said, though I still don’t agree with the premise. But Britain includes Scotland – so eg Sean Connery, Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle, Brian Cox; and Wales – so eg Richard Burton, Timothy Dalton, Michael Sheen, Christian Bale. They don’t seem very stereotypically gay to me. And the idea that somehow one can always spot a gay person by their manner is kind of worn out. Anyway, I should probably lighten up….

      • Bonzo says:

        Her exact words were, “He’s not gay, just really, really English”. Written by an English ex-pat and we all had a god laugh about it. Englishmen, especially the poshies, do come off as effeminate in comparison to American men, in general. No need to debate semantics; it was a joke.

      • spidey says:

        It is still there on his account if you want to check:

        Molly moo ‏@mccourt_molly 29 Jan 2014

        @Markgatiss do you and Tom hiddleston come out after your matinee show of Coriolanus? X

        Mark GatissVerified account
        @mccourt_molly I’m already out. And Tom’s not gay.

      • virginfangirl says:

        Just looked that conversation up. Mccourt said the question was misinterpreted. I think mccourt was asking if they could come outside after the show, maybe to meet the fans I guess. But Mark is a bit of a wise ass, so he purposely took it the wrong way. Funny.

      • spidey says:

        @ virginfangirl. Mark deliberately took it the wrong way for fun. But given that he is gay and old enough to have know real prejudice, I doubt if he would have responded like that if Tom had been gay, and having worked with him Mark is likely to know he isn’t, rather better in fact than some who are saying he is.

      • virginfangirl says:

        I completely agree. I don’t think he would have “went there” if Tom was gay.

      • Annetommy says:

        Englishmen come off as effeminate compared to American men? I see no evidence of that at all, though I suppose it depends on how you define masculinity. If it’s about carrying guns and driving hummers and wearing cowboy hats, Americans definitely win. Just to make a few more stereotypical references.

      • Bonzo says:

        I agree. I don’t think Mark would have made a joke about whether or not Tom is gay if he actually WAS batting for the other team and trying to keep it undercover.

        He’s just really, really English/posh.

      • virginfangirl says:

        Thank goodness. Still a chance for us.

    • seesittellsit says:

      It is absolutely an “open secret” and I’m not even sure about the “bi” bit.

      And speaking of Tiddles, I saw trailers for KONG: Skull Island over the weekend, and almost everybody in it says something . . . except the lead, who, oddly, does not utter a single word in the trailers. Like, whut?

      Anyway, I’m sure Ms. Chopra doesn’t want any focus on her love life, and neither does Tom, except focus specifically directed away from the truth.

      As for Bond – I happen to think better of Craig than many do, including as an actor, but he’s way past the sell date for Bond. For heaven’s sake, give it to Turner already!

      • Cranberry says:

        Just because you keep pushing that there is an “open secret” doesn’t make it true. Nice try. Again.

        Considering all the people that have been all over his business over the years and still nothing credible has arisen to support your claim is very telling about you. If you don’t have anything, you should pipe up and stop trying to start rumors.

      • virginfangirl says:


      • Uh-huh says:

        He dated the actress Susannah Fielding I believe for a quite a while. I have no reason to suppose that relationship wasn’t genuine (and fairly serious). Don’t know about his current private life of course but anonymous claims on the internet are not indicative of very much to me.

        Also well-spoken, well-educated, and ‘artsy’ (I won’t say posh as a lot of people seem to think that’s a pejorative term for some reason) doesn’t automatically = gay. Why should it?

      • Lightpurple says:

        You must have seen a different trailer than I did because the only voices I heard were those of Samuel L Jackson, John Goodman and John C Reilly and that last is heard but not seen unless he’s the guy who is only seen from behind in the middle and at the end. Brie, Tom, Jason, Corey, and Thomas were all seen with no dialogue and John Ortiz isn’t seen or heard. Tom is shown a lot in the trailer

      • AlmostThere says:

        – correction–

        should have been: “If you don’t have anything, you should pipe *DOWN* and stop trying to start rumors.”


  11. LWithHearts says:

    Can they please cast Idris already! Jesus.

  12. SMD says:

    OMG Secret Squirrel do not go there! She has probably entertained the notion…quick someone ask Colin to make me a pitcher and send it over. I have a feeling, just an Itty bitty hunch that she and Kate would not hit it off. Thoughts?

    • Secret squirrel says:

      Tay and Kate would definitely be polite in public but then in private pull each other’s pigtails and kick shins and a lot of “but Miss, she started it” to the Queen. You know, like typical schoolyard Prima Donnas…

      I’m kinda sad it won’t happen now!

      • smd says:

        I think it would get heated! Who has the most outrageous hat, who flirts more inappropriately at charity events, who spens more on atrocious shoes…. I’ll say this, Taylor seems much more comfortable with and doing charity events and she’s a chameleon. It will be interesting to see if she can mature both personally and professionally, hope so. Glad to see you Secret Squirrel I’m tired of all the Kim K posts. Violence against women is horrid, no matter how much I loathe the K clan no one deserves to be tired up, robbed and terrorized! Bring back the glorious Tiddlebanging, heart swans of fudge, staged photo ops, romantic dinners, teased hopes of an over the top engagement..Sixer and I need a build-a-bear engagement. Now,of course I want those Afghans as bridesmaids!🐕

  13. Bonzo says:

    Now that he’s tabloid with nothing substantial to talk about, Tom is gone back to being boring.

    What’s much more interesting is that a cool Australian TV show just showed up in Netflix last night. Check out Cleverman, US ladies. Now I have 3 shows that I’m going between including Revolutionary War spy drama, Turn and Luke Cage.

    Sixer, are you here? I also saw Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Is that any good?

    • SMD says:

      Bongo, they are so far off. His real loves are Esmerelda, Calliope, Yvonne and those fur lined slippers. Only the adoring looks of those girls can heal his crushed heart from the giddy summer of madness!!

    • Bonzo says:

      Tabloid *fodder*

    • antipodean says:

      Hi Bonzo, I’m sorry I’m not the esteemed Sixer (who has been MIA for the last few days. Maybe she is bottling/freezing more fruit), but I’m here to endorse you making the time to watch Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. It is very interestingly done, and once you get into it, is quite intriguing. Of course it has the sublime Eddie Marsan, who must be one of the busiest actors around at the moment, so it is worth the effort.
      The Cleverman series is also worth seeing, one out of the box from the Aussies, and a very thoughtful concept, not entirely unlike the promising looking Westworld.

      • Bonzo says:

        Thanks antipodean… I saved it in my list for future viewing. I’ve been watching Cleverman on the BBC and now I can finish it early via Netflix. I know little to nothing about Aboriginals or their mythology, so despite any writing or pacing deficiencies, have enjoyed it.

    • Sixer says:

      But the Aladdin slippers were a brief snippet of non-boring!

      Sorry am MIA. Loads of work. Several deadlines. Also gotta make a work pitch London trip this week. Back soon!

      Everyone should watch Cleverman. It’s my favourite thing of the moment. Also, Luke Cage broke UK Netflix. I’m waiting until everyone else has binged.

      Bonzo – Jonathan Strange is a bit on the Marmite side – everyone had said it was an impossible adaptation to achieve well. I was on the pro-Marmite front and absolutely loved it. Like antipodean, I think Eddie Marsan can do no wrong. Also, remember me telling you about National Treasure on C4? It’s an acting tour de force. My other favourite thing of the moment. Oh, and one more: if you like a bit of poetry/spoken word, BB2 had Kate Tempest live on Saturday night and she killed it – it made fantastic viewing. Look out for David J Pugilist at the end. I love him.

      That’s me over and out until deadlines are met!

      • Bonzo says:

        Whew… lots to look up when I get back from my run! Thanks as always, Sixer dear. Hope you hit those deadlines and can come back to play soon!

      • spidey says:

        @ Sixer Good luck with the work pitch

        Glad you’re still around, thought you may be having the same problems I’m having getting comments to stay?

      • lightpurple says:

        Glad all is well. Take some lemon drizzle to tide you over on the trip.

      • Eve says:

        @ Sixer:

        Got a new shank (mixed with a brass knuckle — actually, a brass knuckle with a hidden shank). Just a heads up.


      • Bonzo says:

        But who are you gonna fight over??

        We know it won’t be LEGS or the Otter.

      • antipodean says:

        OMG, Eve, I was just thinking over the weekend, we haven’t seen nor heard from you for the longest time. I was hoping you were still on board CB, and doing well. Funny how people I have never met stick in my mind. We/I have missed your comments, so good to hear from you, and your trusty shank!

      • lightpurple says:

        Is it still Joel Kinnaman or have you moved on?

      • Eve says:

        @ Bonzo:

        Oh, I’m not going to shank anyone. I was just updating Sixer about my shankless status.

        @ Lightpurple:

        I still have a crush on Kinnaman, but it cooled off a little (don’t like his new girlfriend). Oscar Isaac has pretty much taken the first spot on my list ever since I saw him for the first time (in “Agora”, by Alejandro Amenábar). I mean, that crazy crush on Kinnaman was a momentary thing.

        I actually take offense when I read Lainey’s “I saw him first” every she writes about him (Isaac). I’m like: “No, you f*cking bitch! You DID NOT see him first!!! *I* did”.

        There’s also the guy who composes The Game of Thrones sountrack — Ramin Djawadi. Google him and you’ll see what a babe he is. Scratch that, I’m going to save your time:

        @ Antipodean:

        I’ve been struggling. Things have gotten A LOT worse ever since I lost my favourite cat (Bruna). I need some closure but it’s looking like I will never have that. My heart is crushed every single day since December (last year). I was in the ICU when it happened, somebody else let her escape while I was unconscious for 8 days. The whole story is really sad so let’s leave at here.

      • lightpurple says:

        @Eve, sorry to hear your grieving for dear Bruna continues. Do take care of yourself.

        I am quite familiar with the adorableness that is Ramin Djawadi. And his work on the season finale of GOT still haunts me. So good. So spine-chilling.

        Oscar is yours. Lainey had better watch out.

      • Eve says:

        @ Antipodean:

        The situation in relation to the above mentioned “former friend” is really serious. It may become a legal issue. She keeps running away from a confrontation and, honestly, she’d better be.

        My sister is terrified of what may happen when I finally see her again. Even I, myself, am. I don’t know what I’m capable of when I get physically close to her. I’ve lost my beloved cat because of this person who I thought was my friend.

        In fact, I heard from someone who knows her (the “friend”) and my sister told her (my sister) that if she knew I was going to move in with this person, she (the woman who was her landlord) was going to warn us and advise me not to do it.

        The more I hear stories about her, the more I know I was walking into a trap when I agreed to their (her, her husband’s and a friend of them) enterprise — live in a small farm, but in separate houses. They planned a business that anyone could see, from a mile away, it would go wrong. I went to live there because my sister and I thought I could have some peace. Now I live in a nightmare, 24/7.

        I wrote her a letter that have yet to be sent — losing my cat was not the only wrong thing she did — but I’m waiting how things are going to play out (the letter may be used agaisnt me).

      • Eve says:

        @ Lightpurple:

        Read my reply to Antipodean.

      • Eve says:

        @ Antipodean:

        What a mess that third paragraph is! I meant that there is someone who knows both my sister and the former “friend”.

        This someone (a woman) was the “friend’s” landlord for almost ten years. She told my sister she could write a book with what she knew about the former “friend”.

        “That girl, she (the woman) said, is nobody’s true friend”. She’s a “friend” as long as she can use someone. She has no empathy for those who can’t help her (financially, physically, etc.) one way or the other.

        So…in short, I ACTUALLY moved in with a sociopath/psycopath who I thought was correct and a great friend.

        Shame on me. I should have known. There were some red flags. I ignored them. But, in my defense, I had never been fooled like that before.

      • Eve says:


        Sorry, Lightpurple, all the replies were meant to you (not Antipodean).

        I’m a mess today. And probably tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. I’ll come back after I shake off some of the embarrassment I’m feeling now.

      • Bonzo says:

        Eve, sorry to hear it’s been rough after the loss of your beloved feline. *hugs*

        Come back when you want to blow off some steam. We miss you and your snark.

        ETA: Oscar Issac is tied for first place ( with Joseph Gordon-Levitt ) on my list of celeb crushes. Hiddles dropped off my Friday Five after he decided to screw Swifty. Can’t have that brand of sausage with my biscuits now.

      • virginfangirl says:

        I hope the site of Loki again brings you back to the Hiddleston dark side.

      • antipodean says:

        Hi, Eve, again, I had to go out for a few hours, so have just got your reply. I cannot tell you how sad I am that the whole Bruna situation has blown up like it has, and you are in more turmoil as a result. As if losing your beloved friend (Bruna) is not enough, it sounds as if this nasty person has betrayed you in the worst way possible. May karma come around and bite her in her most painful spots! I am thinking good thoughts for you, and don’t you ever, ever, feel embarrassed about venting to your friends here. I say this to all the people I have a particular loyalty to, and I say it to you, there is only one side of the story as far as I am concerned, and that is YOURS! Virtual hugs from the ether of the web to you, and I hope each day gets a tiny bit better for you until the pain fades.

      • lightpurple says:

        @Eve, no need for you to feel embarrassed. You’re among friends here. But if you feel the need to shake just for the sheer joy of movement, shake away.

      • Eve says:

        @ Bonzo, Virgingirl and Antipodean:

        First of all, thanks to all of you.

        Bonzo:: "rough" is not enough to define what I've been through. It's been really bad sh*t. I'm living for my sister — but I still think she'd be better off without me.

        Virginfangirl: I LIKE Hiddleston. It’s precisely for that reason that I come here to comment on his posts. But he just makes it (mocking him) so easy I can’t miss the joke. Sorry.


        I DO feel betrayed. Used. Abused…and an idiot. But I would leave it alone if only Bruna showed up but it’s like looking for a needle in a haystake. Not even with my sister and I distributing some flyers with her picture, offering reward. Not even with me screaming her name and nicknames, under a super hot sun, did the trick. I still plan to find a way to search for her once a week until I die. But the odds are against me.

        She was lost in a place she didn’t know. And every single day I wonder — is she still alive, if so…is she being able to hunt her food? Is she being fed by some family? Did someone find her cute and take her in? Is she able to find shelter when it rains? And that goes on and on and on and on till I start crying like a baby (which is like I am right now).

        About the friend…last I saw, the place was trashed — grass growing everywhere, their renovation of the small house was underway and they (she and her husband) ran out of money. All her savings were put into buying a car (the place is far from the capital) and renovation of that damn house she found so “so cute she fell in love with”. They’re depending on her husband’s parents help to find a place to live (her husband’s parents are building some small houses for rent, apparently).

        But wait!, there’s more — she owes my sister money. Money that my sister only asked for because my sister’s husband recently asked about this rather expensive item that was bought for me to live there (she borrowed it from me and when we went there to pick up the rest of my things she begged my sister for the item to stay there because they needed it).

        At the time she assured my sister she would return the item or pay for it. My sister contacted her somehow (phone or Whatsapp) and asked about it (the item). Her answer: “Tell me how much it costs and I will deposit the money in your bank account”. So far…no deposit. My sister doubts she’s going to pay so she (my sister) just wants the item back. That’s why it may become a legal issue.

        Did you think it was over? Nooooooooooooooooooooooo. Back in 2007 she borrowed three dvds from me (never returned). While we’re living in the same place, she borrowed a t-shirt from me — I even forgot about it when I saw with the t-shirt and admitted to have worn it many times. I then said: “keep it”. It was a super comfortable black t-shirt that could fit anyone like a glove.

        She never returned a piece of jewelry that was a part of a set. Unique. I asked her about it and she was dismissive: “Didn’t I return it? Are you sure about that?”. I have a pretty damn good memory, thank you very much.

        They (again, she and her husband) “borrowed” things, tools for their renovation and my sister actually HAD to go and ask about it — explanation: my sister held me back and told me to stay by the car while she was going to ask for the tools (because if it had been me, she would have lost some teeth).

        So I was there, waiting near the car, out or her sight (of course) when her husband passed by and gave me the evil eye, can you believe this? Believe it because it happened. Now comes the reason for the quotation marks in the word “borrowed” I used above, here is goes:

        They took the tools WITHOUT even asking me. They went to my small apartment and took the tools WHILE I was in the hospital. One of the tools isn’t even the same thing anymore because they WORN THE THING OUT while, I repeat, I was in the hospital (I spent about 15 days there, 8 in the ICU, 7 — or more — in the infirmary which was a living hell, you have no idea of how much I missed being unconscious in the ICU.

        But I have another surprise for you — more sh*t happened. It’s just that this comment is already so f*cking long and they (shit that happened) were, let’s say…small sh*t.

        P.S.: Back in 2007 I borrowed one of Stephen King’s “Black Towers” books from her. She started asking me about her book after about five days. I didn’t even finished reading. I returned it right away. The very next day. Was taken aback by the aggressive way she asked for her book and how short it took for her to ask me for it.

        P.P.S.: There is another one: a (true) friend of mine lent me his HBO’s Rome’s entire second season. I thought it would be cool if she saw it. I told him I was going to lend it to her. The first season was mine (which at some point she returned it). My friend’s one? I had to ask her about it relentlessly. She kept saying she couldn’t find it. Only after a really long time, she returned it.

        Again, one of the dvds cases was all mangled.. I apologized to my friend profusely but let’s face it: I shoud have bought him a brand new one (he was ok about it though).

        See it? Red flags all around (the jewelry piece happened in 2007 as well). It’s like I f*cking deserved it.

      • antipodean says:

        Dear Eve, I can’t tell you how sorry I feel about this despicable person. Sometimes one is just unlucky to cross paths with these low lifes. I hope your rage can lessen over time, it sounds like this person deserves the hottest seat in Hades. I know you have mentioned your lovely sister before, thank the heavens for her. I hope some of these things will be resolved for you eventually, and you can find a modicum of peace. I am thinking good thoughts for you.

      • Eve says:

        Small correction:

        “I even forgot about it when I saw her wearing the t-shirt and she admitted to have worn it many times. I then said: ‘well…keep it’. It was a super comfortable black t-shirt that could fit anyone like a glove.”

        @ Lightpurple::

        Thank you, dear. But every time I tell something about me, I feel exposed (like, butt naked exposed). It’s the internet. Things never go away on the internet.

        ETA: Thank you, Antipodean. But I was played, plain and simple. I own it. I was an idiot and a low life, as you say, got the best of me. Serves me well — I ended up losing the light of my f*cking miserable life.

      • Eve says:

        Again…what is an Eve’s post without a typo or mistake? Not an Eve’s post (I know, hypocrite…making an Idris’s third person talking impression I critized downthread just hours ago).

        I meant Stephen King’s “Dark Towers” books/series.

      • virginfangirl says:

        Some people in this world are just pieces of s**t and prey on others. Hope you can find some peace.

      • Eve says:

        @ Antipodean:

        I need a confrontation with that a**hole, but that may be not safe (for her, mostly) yet. My sister keeps telling me to “let it go and that she would be mortified if she had to see me going to jail” (her words, I swear).

        Fun/ironic fact: there’s a Brazilian band called “Luxuria” and one of their songs mentions “hate/hating” — “Hate is the poison you drink expecting someone else to die”.

        My point: my rage will never lessen, I fear. I have a really hard time letting things go…especially the negative ones. It’s poisoning me. It’s been killing me slowly, I know that. But that’s who I am.

        There is a whole history behind how I adopted Bruna. A hard, long, difficult history of how I found her, fed and took care of her in a vacant lot until I finally could bring her home.

        This one will NEVER go away. I’m gearing up to sue the hell out of her (the “friend”). If I don’t meet her in person by any chance. I know where she works. I thought many times about visiting her at the place but then I remember that it could become a total disaster, with me being cuffed and all that sh*t.

        My blood boils when I hear or read her name. She’s lucky I’m aware of the repercussions if I hurt her.

      • Cranberry says:

        @Bonzo – I can’t believe you think they had sex.

      • Bonzo says:

        Cranny, I do believe they did. It probably was like — to quote Fanty again — two blonde praying mantises getting tangled up. I’ve found it best not to imagine those two doing the nasty; it always appears awkward and contrived. Much like TIDDLES as a couple.

      • Sixer says:


        Please, please, please stick around until after I have finished all this work!

        I am awfully sorry your friend wasn’t a friend at all, and about your cat.


      • Cranberry says:


        Naah. I think they’re relationship was on the level of affection only. I know they were kissing, and it’s very suggestive that they stayed at a hotel/resort together for several weeks in OZ, but they could have still just been hanging out getting to know each other. I’m sure they were in a deluxe suite with more than one bedroom. Tom has always been conscientious and respectful with women. If either of them weren’t ready to be that intimate, he could very comfortably just carried on with affection and grand romantic gestures of wooing.

      • virginfangirl says:

        At the age of 26 and 35 I think they most definitely slept together. Or they have really good will power. Or maybe I’ve been watching too many episodes of Friends and think everyone behaves like them.

    • lightpurple says:

      Since we’re discussing things to watch, I know Bonzo has seen it but for anyone who hasn’t, I strongly recommend The Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Which actually does have a bit of a connection to this thread’s topic as it is directed by Taiki Waititi and stars Sam Neill, director and actor for Thor: Ragnorak. And I am beyond thrilled that Neill is going to be in Thor: Ragnorak. I’m hoping for some Jurassic Park references with Jeff Goldblum.

  14. inkheart says:

    oh heck nawwww. not mr elbow eww

  15. inkheart says:

    I hate the bond character so much and how they treat woman like garbage. I would be angry if tom takes the role. No just no.

    • Secret squirrel says:

      I agree. I dislike Bond’s mysoggynistic ways and the same repeated boring formula used for the plot lines. Put it on the shelf for a decade then bring it back with a kick-ass female in the lead.

      • smd says:

        Yes, thank you oh squirrely one! How fresh this would be to rework the lead angle and put in a kick but female? It is well past time! I honestly don’t know how appealing I will find Daniel Craig in the next role now that M, Dame Judy Dench is gone. They had such great chemistry, it was the better part of the movies for me to watch their witty dialogue and relationship.

  16. tintin123 says:

    was tom ever interested in her? don’t think so. according to the vids of emmy it was her who looked flirty and touchy whereas tom kept his hands into pocket. not to mention the women giving her serious side who was sitting behind.

    • virginfangirl says:

      She definitely looked quite animated. He looked quite passive.

    • lightpurple says:

      And he flew back to work in Australia within 48 hours. And stories about them keep popping up on Indian media. Sounds more like her people are pushing the stories to promote the new season of her show.

      • mridha says:

        @lightpurple exactly. even they asked het cousin about it. Indian media still pushing it only to promote her, cause she is a nobody in HW and hooking up with somebody like Mr.Hiddleston would give her much attention.

    • AlmostThere says:

      Where is this video some have mentioned of them backstage or something and there’s a women sitting behind them giving her serious side eye?

      • TotallyBiased says:

        Almost–it’s from the Emmys Backstage Camera footage. If you can find just the clip, that’s better…otherwise it is about 190 minutes in to the over six hour main video! Some clips cut it, and you miss the two times the lady behind her reacted. Also, upon rewatching, Priyanka doesn’t make full contact with him like I remembered, but her hands are frequently hovering. Plus hair-flipping and arms behind the back to push out the chest moves.

      • AlmostThere says:

        Thanks TotallyB. 190 minutes in. That’s very helpful. :-)

  17. spidey says:

    How many times are the tabloids going to the run with the not Bond story?

    It can’t be his PR pushing this.

  18. Eve says:

    As in, Barbara Broccoli would rather have the grumpy devil she knows rather than a Tiddlebanging idiot who wears “I Heart T.S.” t-shirts.

    Took the words from my fingertips. Bitch!

    P.S.: When I saw the pictures of him, wearing that t-shirt and a temporary tattoo, surrounded by people who were at least ten years younger than him…I shook my head and said to myself: “Game over, dumbass”.

    P.P.S.: The t-shirt AND a temporary tattoo, for crying out loud! That equals face painting at kids’s birthday parties.

    • lightpurple says:


    • Bonzo says:

      Welcome back, Eve.

      Not only was the game over when 3 weeks of pap walking culminated in that embarrassing tank and tat, but he basically confirmed that the Thornfield girls’ calling him a fameho’ back in 2013 was right on the money. All the talk about being “only about the work” and “not being interested in the circus of celebrity” was an egregious lack of self-awareness at best and outright lying to prop up a false image at worst. Now we all know just how far TommyAnnE will go to get some much wanted attention.

      I feel secondhand embarrassment for him now every time I see his picture. He’s gonna need a lot of water under that bridge to erase the memory of his epic PR fail with Miss Forever 13.

      • Uh-huh says:

        Still reckon it was prompted by Crimson Peak, ISTL and (arguably) High Rise not setting the world alight. Too many setbacks, and therefore he’s perhaps not been getting the offers, the attention and the success he’d hoped for at this point. If those three films had ‘made his name’ and knocked it out of the park he probably wouldn’t have stooped to that kind of nonsense I’m guessing.

      • Dara says:

        @Uh-huh, that is my working theory as well.

        @Bonzo, I’m not sure I will ever be able to reconcile the “only about the work” version of Hiddleston with the spectacle we witnessed this summer.

      • Cranberry says:

        @Uh, @Dara
        I agree. I think he was ‘seriously advised’ to get more US exposure and name recognition after CP and ISTL didn’t fair well. He had other big projects coming up fast, Emmys and SI which costs even more to make than CP’s $50 mil. He was complying with what was expected of him in terms of doing everything reasonable to assure the BO success of his up coming projects, Not for Bond. Also he doesn’t have enough HW clout to put his foot down without there being any repercussions. It was a window of opportunity he felt compelled to accept and naively treated it like some kind of acting job that would just be accepted no matter how contrived it looked cause that’s how the game is played, and everyone is in on it. I believe that’s the reassurance he got from his agency. It was a bad decision on his part, but I don’t think he did it for his own need for attention and fame. I think it was jumped on and hashed out by others and sold to him as something he has to do to make up for 2015/16 loses and assure the success of 2016/17 project releases.
        @bonzo , back in 2013 he may have meant every word of what he said. I don’t think he realized to what extent the biz will go and ask/demand of actors to sell their selves for a movie, or as you say, he thought he would never be in that position.

      • Bonzo says:

        Uh-huh & Dara: I agree with that theory. He may have decided that publicizing his private life was his last hope to getting the profile boost he had hoped his 2013 – 2015 work get him. Too bad he picked someone as immature and disrespected as Swifty — that move blew up in his face. Now that it’s over — the only mainstream press he’s getting is whatever clickbait articles are being generated by bottom rung tabloid rags looking to eek out a few more clicks post breakup. In the long run, it really didn’t serve him well since he looked like a tit and another one of her silly squad of sycophants.

        He may have gained some new fans, but judging from his Twitter follows, it wasn’t significant — only about 200k.

        I think he’ll be looking for another high profile relationship with someone that is well liked by the masses. Maybe he should hit up Jen Garner since it appears she may be getting divorced after all. She’d do the pap walks with him and has everyone’s sympathy for being Ben’s cuckquean and all. Otherwise, I stand by my recommendation of JLaw, tho’ he’d have to be ok with not doing the arranged pap strolls since she seems to go dark when she’s not promoting anything.

        Cranberry, I would have respected Tom more not to have stooped to that level to get his name out. Even if that’s how the game is played, plenty of actors don’t resort to those tactics and stand by their principles of truly being private and letting us know them primarily through their work. They also remain gainfully employed doing so — my internet boyfriends of Oscar, JGL & Keanu fall into this category.

      • Eve says:

        @ Bonzo:

        Keanu? Did I just read the word Keanu on your post? So, we dig both Oscar and Keanu…

        *reaches out for a certain something*

      • Cranberry says:

        @Bonzo, I sincerely think he doesn’t have a good handle on the business end of things, ie. PR and representation. I tend to think there’s also a bit of a cultural thing that complicates these dealings too. It’s not that he doesn’t have people that have and are helping him but expending into the HW system means his former connections may not have as much pull, and he’s just in the mix of a giant agency without someone looking out for him and ‘handling’ his career and PR.
        So he’s having to do what seems to be the set game plan for several talented Brits trying to crossover. For Calvin it worked beautifully because he’s a musician and very establish in his field. He just needed that little US mainstream exposure to make his name known and therefore get much better label contract$.

        But with actors it’s a different story. Unlike musicians, the perception of an actor can change dramatically from one role to another. An actor has to be careful with his image that he’s recognizable but still not get pigeonholed. And it’s much easier if they have the right look and if they’re young. There’s just way more factors that determine an actor’s success.
        The HW film industry is a beast, and I can understand that some actors have to make tough choices cause a lot is riding on them. Every decision is a gamble including inaction. So while I don’t think it was a respectable thing that he did, realistically I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to finally get to that level and be told your future in HW all hinges on name recognition and BO numbers.
        But no, not everybody stoops to these tactics, but all actors have different paths. JGL and Keanu are LA boys. They grew up with access to people with a lot of connections. Not saying they’re not talented or didn’t work hard to get where they’re at. They did. But just as TH has had advantages being posh. Young actors that grow up or live in HW for a substantial amount of time get way more opportunities to make the necessary connections in HW circles (something just being po$h won’t get you btw). Another reason why some of the best, most successful Brit actors transplant to HW or at least have a 2nd home there they live at half the year. It’s all about making deals and knowing the right people.

      • Bonzo says:

        Eve, I’m happy to take your leftovers, dear. Or, I’ll just retreat into my nerdy love affair with JGL.

        Cranny, none of the Brit actors that have found crossover success here have resorted to those tactics either, with the possible exceptions of Pattinson or Cavill. This is why I think Tom stands out for his willingness to prostitute himself to achieve greater fame. He seems to want it so badly he’ll make the choices that a reality TV star would make, trying to climb the HW ladder. His colleagues aren’t pulling those kinds of stunts. I think he’s got a lot of insecurity and can’t be satisfied with simply staying busy, doing projects that excite him. I think he *needs* that grand scale success in order to be satisfied. While Loki has been good for him, he hasn’t gotten that role that launches a bigger HW career, such as Fassy’s “Shame”, Cumby’s “Sherlock”, Lewis’ “Band of Brothers” or Laurie’s “House”. Luck has a lot to do with that and it would be nice to see him relax a bit and enjoy the fact that he has a good career — better than most actors and appreciate it enough not to feel the need to pull the PR stunts.

      • Cranberry says:

        Bonzo, he’s not on the same footing as those actors. It would have been nice had he been patient and been more secure, but don’t know if he *needs* the grand success as much as you believe. It’s hard to say since the biz is so cut throat. You either go big or go home is commonly the way things work in HW. He’s obviously decided to go for it big and is following the game plan set out for him, but I think he’s been warned if his upcoming projects don’t do well he’s not going to get Alist roles. As you say maybe he should just have accepted that. He still would have a good career. Then again, he’s 35 and HW waits for nobody. Maybe, no matter how ignoble, it was worth following this course if it would possibly keep him in the game while he’s still young enough by HW standards. Although not admirable, it seems sensible from that pov.
        I totally see what you’re saying though, and he obviously needs a better adviser and more solid acting footing would do him better personally and professionally, not PR stunts in a blind attempt to secure BO sales. After reading the Interview article, I really think TH should be listening and taking a cue from Benny. BC seems to have good insight on himself, acting and life in general, and he seems to genuinely care about and support Tom. TH needs better advisors and caring, knowledgeable friends. I do agree he should slow down and listen to them and just act rather than chasing the rabbit down the HW rabbit hole. It would be healthier at the least.

      • Cranberry says:


        “…young enough by HW standards *for the roles he wants*

    • Uh-huh says:

      He really did make a tit of himself didn’t he?

      I can’t fathom it, I really can’t. There’s video footage of him wearing that tank top at that dumb beach party and he looks so awkward and uncomfortable. It’s one of the most cringe-inducing things I’ve ever seen.

      • spidey says:

        I wonder if he didn’t think the paps would be there? Only sensible explanation I can think of, that he was just acting about at a party

      • Uh-huh says:


        My view: I don’t think so. I think the whole thing was a deliberate set-up. His presence at the party and his attire was entirely for the benefit of the media – agreed to and planned in advance. If he looked uncomfortable or like a fish out of water I think it was simply because it was stupid, OOC fakery for the cameras and *he knew it was*.

        But then I’m of the opinion that the whole ‘relationship’ was only for PR anyway. I know some folks on here do not share that view and think it was a real fling or something that was shamelessly exploited for the publicity, but I’m not one of them. Everything about it looked phony and scripted to me from the start.

        I can certainly understand people going off Hiddleston after this. For a man who was so fond of blathering on about ‘authenticity’ (and keeping his private life private), he really shot himself in the foot.

      • spidey says:

        @ Uh-huh i think it is slightly possible that he just wanted some fun for a month or two then got on the band wagon, and yes it hasn’t done any good for his image. It backfired spectacularly. Hopefully he has learned from it.

      • TotallyBiased says:

        Does it matter to anyone that Idris laughed and said in an interview if his lady gave him an “I 💟” tank, he would wear it?

      • Eve says:

        Idris, as hot as he is, talks about himself in the third voice/person. Something I personally find extremely embarrassing so…wearing a tank with “I heart someone” printed on it? Second strike, Idris.

      • spidey says:

        @ TB actually that was quite a nice deflection.

    • TotallyBiased says:

      Well, the temp tats on all of them were put there by a face painter at the party, so that fits.

  19. Dara says:

    On a slightly different note, for the first time ever I downloaded one Tom’s Twitter Songs of the Day from iTunes. That Bon Iver song is so very much Tom I thought he might have written it himself for a minute. I can see why Lainey laughed and laughed at him about it, but it touches on a lot of things he has been talking about for years when interviewers ask him to reflect on life, fame, etc. There are even Latin and Greek references, and mentions of hiking in the highlands. No surprise at all he felt compelled to tweet about it.

    • MI6 says:

      Yeah, Dara, agree. That was deep. Methinks he’s feeling the repercussions of the summer of TomF*ckery.
      And also blocking some unsavoury fans on Twitter. That’s gotta leave a mark.

  20. Mary says:

    She still in love with SRK. Since their affair rumour she never being seen with anyone but him. Interesting how she right away let her team denied anything with Tom while with SRK she never did.

  21. LisaT says:

    I’ve always thought of TH as a serious but nerdy guy who could laugh at himself. Yet, it’s amazing to me that people and the tabloids are stilling having a go at Tom for a three month summer fling. It was fun to have a go at him while it was going on, but now its just boring. Is TH thirsty in regards to his career? Yes, you can’t be in the entertainment business and not be driven. What Tom still has going for him is that people who make the business decisions can see beyond the current PR environment. Is anyone calling Idris Elba out on the way he conducts his personal life? Where is the tabloid coverage of Johnny Depp given that the first trailer for the next Pirates of the Caribbean was released? Perspective . . .

    • third ginger says:

      There’s a lot of truth to this. The proof that few beyond gossip circles care about this anymore is the total lack of jokes about Hiddleston at the Emmys. If Kimmel had thought the industry itself cared, he would have gone for it. Certainly, there were things to laugh at this past summer, but it’s October. IF Hiddleston fails to get any more good parts in film or TV, then the people making extreme predictions about career damage will have a point. Sorry. the biggest story in show business right now is one with no laughs whatsoever. It’s Nate Parker.

      • spidey says:

        Very sensible – he hasn’t committed a crime, or done anything wrong, just rather silly. If that is a career finisher then heaven help us.

    • Ninette says:

      Truth! Hiddleswift has not damaged Tom´s career. An why should it? he didnt do anything wrong.

      • virginfangirl says:

        I bet it’s done some good. My niece, who never mentioned him, now a stalker fan. I watched 3 of his movies since the Taylor fling. Maybe it was worth the embarrassment. Time will tell.

      • Uh-huh says:

        It’s made him look rather foolish and (IMO) lacking in integrity. I don’t think it necessarily means permanent career damage though, no. He may just be no better off than he was before; he’s either suitable for certain roles based on his talent and looks, or he isn’t. More people may be aware of him now – which is good in some ways actually. But the initial impression he’s created on people who might not have heard of him before isn’t all that positive. That’s the problem.

      • Bonzo says:

        Ninette & virginfangirl, I think the comment sections from online publications indicate that his image has taken a hit. Tom has never had pervasive negative press like what he got from dating Swifty. He looked like a desperate C-level actor trying to sleep his way to the A-list. It wasn’t a move that gains him any respect as an professional and since it was laughed at by virtually every publication covering it (not just gossip sites), it’s probably not going to garner him better roles than the ones he’s currently getting. We may not know if he’s up for anything prestigious for six months or more since Marvel may have a block on his schedule between November and June with Infinity Wars filming.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        You did see his latest Newzoids, right? Sorry, this guy is a laughing stock:

      • Cranberry says:

        @LisaT – You hit it.

        Sure he took a lot of heat for Hiddlswift from online gossip and tabloid commenters, but there is a distinction between the gossip/tabloid world and industry decision makers that see the gossip media for the business it is and know how it manipulates and rides a story til it’s dead and buried. Because of this they really don’t follow or make judgements on an actor based on the gossip mills. They’ve got more reliable analysis tools and access to experienced game players for the real skinny to determine what a real problem is and what can be airbrushed away. There’s few times the entertainment media and gossip media have negatively affected insider decisions and that’s usually because of a real scandal that is too big and ugly to ignore, and even then, it all depends on the actor, the timing, and how much $ is already tied up in any pending projects.

      • Uh-huh says:


        Is he a lock for the Infinity Wars thing? I’d be surprised if he wasn’t in it – seeing as Loki is a popular character – but I haven’t seen any official confirmation of it.
        Even if he is in it, I’d be sceptical as to how much screen time he’d get. I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot of characters in there all vying for attention.

    • Original T.C. says:

      Hollywood is run by men. In the male view of things having a messy personal life like Idris is par for the course and considered pretty normal for other male stars. See Clint Eastwood and a LONG, Long list of male celebrities.

      Johnny Depp is luckily only because he has years of good will and considered a male bro while many of those male executives are probably not sympathetic to Amber Heard which is sad.

      However in the US male machesimo world, you never, ever, ever want to look like a chomp: hanging out with the Queen of pre-teens, wearing tiaras or girly tattoos, sparkly Swifty t-shirts, girl water slide parties etc. it’s like the old manga going out at little girls slumber parties! UNLESS it’s being done ironically or as a joke played on Ms Pre-teen Princess.

      It’s considered de-masculinization and makes you a joke among other men even if it’s behind your back jokes. I’m just explaining why this is an on-going joke from an American media and masculine POV. It’s even worse probably because he seemed like a serious respectable guy before. If Sean Penn had done this, he too would have gotten his man card pulled and made a national laughing stock. Does not mean that Hiddles won’t get jobs, just means he will be a topic of jokes for a few more years

      • Miss Melissa says:


      • Willow says:

        Problem with your analysis is that messy as along those people are, none of them came off as pussy-whipped wimps despite their actions. That is where the problem lies. His fans may have thought it was cute, but does that shirt and those lame/terrible photoshoots don’t look like a leading man for a romantic or lady killer movie or action movie in the eyes of a studio executive or producer.

        And if there is still any doubt about what I wrote please remember The Crow remake that he openly went for, but the studio turned around and offered it to someone else despite doing his own screen test. That is for your team to handle behind the scenes.

      • Bonzo says:

        On that note — correct me if I’m wrong — Ryan Reynolds was not caught on that water slide or adorned with a silly love tattoo. The only picture of him has him looking like he was wishing to be somewhere else.

      • Eve says:

        @ Bonzo:

        Exactly! Reynolds looks like he’s blank staring at the horizon (probably hoping that that picture wouldn’t hurt his recently success — and regained reputation as a leading man — with Deadpool).

      • Uh-huh says:


        Yes. Nail on head. Everything about Hiddleswift was lame and juvenile. It seemed to be marketed to tweenagers and made TH look like a wimpy, immature doofus. Really not a good image for someone who either (a) wants mature leading man roles or (b) wants to be taken seriously as an actor. A big mistake.

      • Willow says:

        Um, Reynolds is not going to tell his heavily pregnant wife, of what, five years, NO. That is one of those “I am doing this to keep the peace in my family” things. If Reynolds was doing this a a couple weeks into a relationship with Lively, he would be made fun of too. That picture of him looking completely over it saved the day for him.

      • Bonzo says:

        Exactly, he was there because his wife wanted to go. He did the right thing by going with her and appears to have not participated in all the PR shenanigans, thereby maintaining his dignity at the end of the day. His expression in that porch photo is what I would have expected from a 39YO man after a day of Taymerica.

      • LisaT says:

        The Hollywood formula is no longer so simplistic. It used to be that you had to be a macho/dominant guy or pretty/gorgeous woman, well liked and/or a high Q factor. Yes it is run by men. But the circle of men/executives/producers is churning very fast these days. Currently, TPTB can no longer predict who can consistently open or carry a movie. Even franchise movies are not predictable any longer.

      • Cranberry says:

        The problem with these analysis’ is that the mainstream media world does not portray him like this. They may have taken amusement at TayAmerica at first, like Colbert, as well as some entertainment sections of a few respectable publications, but they’ve been off this for some time now. Even when Colbert was making fun of them, never harped on Tom the way the gossip rags do. How could he? 1) It would have been mean not funny 2) Most US ms didn’t know TH enough to laugh at him for anything more. It would have all landed flat.
        The only people that are still gawking over this are celeb gossipers, and the tabs like DF that will dredge up anything and make up stuff to get clicks. It may come up now and then in some comedic entertainment like Newzoids in UK, but the fact is Hiddlswift doesn’t amount to much more than gossip and tabloid fodder.

  22. spidey says:

    Someone posting on DF has suggested TS stands for Tilda Swinton!

  23. browniecakes says:

    How long did it take for Jake Gyllenhaal to shed Taylor in the press? Every time I Google Tom Hiddleston, if her name is not in the headline, it is in the first paragraph.

    • Eve says:

      I can picture Gyllenhaal shuddering every time he hears her name. Or their names in the same sentence.

  24. Sarah says:

    There’s never been any proof substantiating the rumors of an affair between Priyanka and SRK.
    Not one. Nothing but “sources” spouting crap without any solid pictures/video to back their claims up.
    What’s worse is that SRK got through this scott-free but Priyanka was and is continued to be blamed as is evident from the comments here.
    Seriously, does anyone think someone as controlled, media-savvy and ambitious like Priyanka would get involved with a married man who is 20 years older than her and has kids?

    • virginfangirl says:

      Yes. I’ve often shaken my head at the decisions of intelligent adults.

    • Hadi says:

      SRK is 16 older than her not 20. I understand you want to defend her and all but truth of the matter we had pics of them even at 3: 00 am together same with pics from Germany of her having her finger in his pocket. And various reliable sources from the industry spoke about it and many friends as well whom SRK fought with and deleted from his life for interfering into his love business Mind you I condemn the man more here since he is married not her at all. She is was single when she met him. But let’s not act as there was no truth to it. It has more truth more than many affair news in BW at the moment. Having said all that, It is her life at the end of the day and his in that.

  25. Payal says:

    Hiddleston is single so not PC’s type.

  26. Nibbi says:

    whatevs. i’m just fixated by how wrong his face makeup always is.

  27. Hadi says:

    I bet she is still seeing/in love with the BW superstar called Shah Rukh Khan. They have been linked for years and none of them came forward and denied it. Even Shah Rukh being reported that he has warned many news channels from asking him about it.

  28. Eve says:

    Googled “ShahRukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra”. Results:

    Maybe they’re just very close friends…

    Damn, she was gorgeous back then.

  29. virginfangirl says:

    It’s hard to gauge what the average person thinks about Tom after his temporary lapse of judgement, because most people don’t stalk his every move like us or others who are commenting on him.
    But the two women and one teen I know heard and thought very little about the Tshirt fiasco, but he has become more recognizable to some of them.
    One of the woman thought he was attractive before and still does (she knows him because of his Loki roll since she has children). The teen has fallen for him hard since Taylor. The other woman can’t see what we see in him because she just doesn’t find him very attractive, but I honestly had to show her what he looked like. Even with all this exposure she had no idea who he was.

    • spidey says:

      Well there are many people who aren’t really interested in film or theatre. I have a couple of friends who can’t name famous actors from over the years (like when doing crossword) and they sound almost proud of the fact!

  30. DSA says:

    I love how you called Daniel Craig “grumpy”, LMAO. Grumpy and pouty.

  31. Ed says:

    Tom is not her type. She loves them manly and powerful. Shah Rukh Khan and her being the talk of BW news and fans for a few years now. Being seen even after midnight near her home or his.

    • Mridha says:

      Shah rukh kihan is manly? hahahahaha….

    • Steve says:

      I just checked Shah Rukb Khan stuff and their interviews. She seems so into him. He has such a sexy husky voice and manly sexy features. Quite well spoken and witty with great hair! Planning to watch his films now. Seems like a huge thing in India. People are going crazy when he just wave outside! wow.

      • anya says:

        Srk has a sexy(?) husky voice. Ok give me time to digest the information. Nope I can’t . HAHAHAHAHA. And his movies? Oh yeah 56 year old man trying to act like 26 years old romeo, heroines are old enough to be his daughter, with shitty songs in the middle of the movies, some dishum-dhasum( fighting), stolen storyline from English movies, Sheeplike laughing (literally) no wonder his recent movies tanked. SRK is not the new generation’s idol.Many of the people in here are illiterate so they don’t know the ugly side of him.He is not a huge thing anymore. The younger, more attractive actors are taking over the market now. Good luck watching his movies. Be sure to keep a vomit bucket while watching.

    • angela says:

      Oh please like Tom is ever gonna date her. Nobody is talking about her except for the indian tabloids.

  32. smd says:

    Eve, I’m fairly new to the comments section at CB but I can tell you are much loved and appreciated here. I am sending you good thoughts and vibes all the way from GA! It is heartwrenching to lose a beloved pet, I’m so sorry. Give yourself time and space to grieve. Also, one of my fave quotes for you.
    ” Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
    ― Carter Crocker

    ((HUGS TO YOU))