Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in a Paris hotel, she’s fine but ‘shaken’


As every gossip and fashion blog has been documenting in the past week, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West arrived in Paris for Fashion Week last week. This is an annual thing for them, regardless of whether Kanye is on tour (which he is, currently). They always go to the spring and fall Paris Fashion Weeks every year. Paparazzi trail them constantly, especially when they’re in Europe, and basically anyone could trace where they are at any given time, where they’re staying, and what jewelry Kim has with her. When I say “basically anyone,” usually that means fans and paps. But in Paris last night, that meant armed robbers.

Armed gunmen broke into Kim Kardashian’s Paris hotel room, taped her mouth shut and stole millions of dollars in jewelry and the emergency rippled quickly all the way to New York … where Kanye bolted from the stage mid-concert. There were 5 gunmen, posing as cops, who threatened the concierge and made him open the door to her room.

Our Kardashian sources say at least 2 gunman bound and gagged Kim with handcuffs and tape and then put her in the bathtub. We’re told Kim begged them to spare her life, telling them she had babies at home.

The gunmen knew exactly what they were doing … we’re told they beelined it for her jewelry and took a $4.5 million ring and a jewelry box. After the gunmen left she was able to break out of the restraints and called for help.

We’re told Kim was badly shaken but unharmed, calling it “the worst moment in my life.”

As for Kanye … he was performing at the Meadows Festival in Queens, NY — Yeezy was jamming in the middle of “Heartless” when he cut the music and made the announcement, stunning the crowd.

[From TMZ]

People Mag confirms that the armed assault and armed robbery took place at the No Address Hotel, and Kim’s children were not in the hotel room (or even at the same hotel?). Someone must have run on stage to tell Kanye what had happened because he really did leave mid-set, and most people assume he flew immediately to Paris to be with Kim. People Mag also says that the jewelry stolen from Kim is worth approximately $10 million, and I’m assuming the $4.5 million ring might be the relatively new diamond ring Kanye bought his wife a few months ago which she’s been showing off on social media, although the price tag at the time was reportedly $10 million (but who knows?). Surely Kim insures all of her jewelry?

Anyway, this is awful. I feel so sorry for Kim. If she insures her jewelry – how could she not? – then the financial loss won’t be anything significant. But the psychological trauma is probably extreme – I mean, they tied her up, forced her into the bathtub and she was begging for her life. All because some douchebags wanted her jewelry. It’s horrendous.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. QQ says:

    I Know yall and James Corden and Chrissy Teigen want me to feel suuuper bad about this but The Kids are safe and alright and so is she Sooo.. I Mean Is Unfortunate and all but these people live and thrive on this attention

    One thing Id say is that is super sweet that Kanye just dropped everything like us normies would do too Like I imagined there was more calculation involved in their arrangements so this is nice. bet he will give her more jewelry and write a song about it *shrugs*

    • AlleyCat says:

      I’m just finding this so hard to believe. She has a million body guards, and I just can’t imagine the five star hotel letting anyone (even people impersonating cops) upstairs while armed (and not actually calling the cops after). Why is this so fishy to me? I mean if this really happened, I feel horrible for her, but this sounds like a plot from a movie.

      • Nicole says:

        Kim is a narcissistic person but she wouldn’t go this far. First off she would never do something to mess with her money and kanyes by cancelling the rest of her trip and Kanye’s concert for a hoax. Second if she was bound and gagged like the police said then she would’ve had to go out and buy materials to make that seem plausible.

        Kim is a lot of things but she wouldn’t lie about this.

      • V4Real says:

        I believe it is real but a lot of us were saying the same thing about Lochte, that he wouldn’t make that up and he pulled the wool right over our eyes.
        It’s convenience that no one was with her, her kids were not there, no security and the thieves knew her room number. Not saying it didn’t happen but things like this could put doubt in people’s mind.

      • It'sJustBlanche says:

        Sorry, but that’s the first thing I thought too. Probably not the case, but I certainly wouldn’t put it past them. And where was her mom and everyone else she travels with?

      • D says:

        This is a problem with the Kardashians, they lie so much about everything..that when something happens and they tell the truth (if it is the truth?) no one believes them.

      • Kitten says:

        I’m with you guys and QQ-thanks for saying what I was thinking.

      • greenmonster says:

        @V4Real: I almost forgot about Lochte! Very good point.

      • Gardenia says:

        It really happened. It was reported on the French news this morning and the reporter pointed out that these types of incidents have been happening a lot in Paris recently. Oftentimes, tourists are targeted, especially Asian tourists, who are supposedly known for carrying a lot of cash. Things are rough in Paris these days.

      • Snowflake says:

        And it says she was handcuffed but broke free from her restraints. How do you break out of handcuffs? And she was there in the room by herself? Something smells fishy to me.

      • Redgrl says:

        Sceptical. Smells like a publicity stunt.

      • V4Real says:


        It was also reported on the news that tourist and Olympian athletes were being robbed in Brazil as well right? Just because it is happening doesn’t mean it happen to certain people. Like I said people were being robbed in Brazil which led a lot of us to believe that since it was happening Lochte was robbed too but we later found out it wasn’t true.

      • annaloo. says:

        Alley cat, I am with you bc I feel skeptical about it all too. I simultaneously worry that I am far too cynical, but so much is striking weird with me that I am waiting for more info to come in. Overall, I’m glad no one was harmed.

        I, too, wonder how Kanye was notified for him to stop midperformance.
        How did she get out of her restraints?
        The kids were at another hotel? Glad to know this, but weird…

        Oh, we live in a cynical age.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I find it REALLY odd that she should be traveling with $10M in jewelry, but not have any armed guards of some kind (either monitoring her room or the lodging itself). Not saying it didn’t happen, but someone who flashes big ticket items on social media is obviously vulnerable to this kind of thing.

        Even odder, it seem the robbers knew she didn’t have armed guards protecting her. I kind of wonder if she was set up.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        I don’t believe this story. The Kardashians absolutely would concoct a scenario like this. They will do anything for attention and the attention attempts will get more and more extreme.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        I’m *sure* it was all insured, right? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, if you get what I mean.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        I don’t know. Kris Jenner or Kim Kardashian manufacturing a lie on this level for attention and ratings would be more than just narcissistic- it would be stupid and costly to them (as it’s something that can easily be disproven by hotel staff and cameras. Kim K would probably get in trouble with the law) and it would also be permanently dangerous to her (and maybe the rest of her family too) since it would make them easy prey for ANY AND EVERY type of criminal (from thieves to much worse) in the future. Calculating criminals would know that they’d have an easier chance of getting away with whatever because of the public’s distrust and dislike for the Kardashians and Jenners. Don’t the kind of lies the Kardashians tell tend to be things that are more of a stress and inconvenience to others than things that would be actively harmful to themselves?

      • caitlinK says:

        I don’t believe this, period. Just a lowbrow publicity stunt for her lowbrow, low on brains show.

      • Ama says:

        Right! The receptionist would make a call to the room or the chief of security (we are talking about top notch Hotel) would at least guide the “police” up the the room. And she is NEVER alone. Not one picture without her entourage…even if it is just the person carring her bags. And the kids in differnt Hotel??? Give me a break, Kardashian!
        Being a VIP, I wouldn’t even open the door to roomservice. Might turn out to be a Paparazzi at best…

      • Jwoolman says:

        I’m sure the insurance company will investigate. They are very untrusting… But the police say this has been happening recently. Basically a home invasion away from home. Would she have been safer in a regular hotel?

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        I believe if the men threatened the concierge he would have to lead them to her or else face death? I feel sorry for her. I’m out of my element to respond to how to secure jewelry. I literally own nothing of value. I work and live practically naked so there’s really no need.

    • Lenn says:

      That’s a bit harsh. Ofcourse they thrive on attention, but I’m pretty sure they would have chosen to pass on this one. It is a very traumatic, violent experience that should not be underestimated.

      • sensible says:

        I find it hard to feel sorry for someone so obscene with their money, that they cart around a 4.5 million buck ring with them. Such excessive consumerism makes me feel kinda sick.

      • Megan says:

        @Lenn – Agreed. Fearing you are about to be murdered is traumatic. I feel sorry for her because it must have been horrific. Hopefully she will dramatically revamp her security strategy so this never happens again.

        @sensible No deserves to be threatened, assaulted and robbed. She is a human being first and foremost.

      • tealily says:

        In no sense am I blaming her for this event (obviously, this is the fault of the robbers), but this *is* why a lot of people do not share so heavily on social media. Safety concerns are a real thing, even if you have body guards. This is the flip-side of the attention that they do seek. I wonder if this occurrence will change her strategy.

      • escondista says:

        UGGGGHHHHHHH I am so with you, Lenn. When QQ and a bunch of fellow gossippers say that because she “flaunts her money” and “thrives on attention” means that it’s expected or okay for this sort of thing to happen it reminds me of people who say that because a woman “flaunts her sexuality” or “thrives on attention” means that it’s okay and expected for someone to rape her.


      • PrincessMe says:

        @escondista, came here to say the same thing. Fine, hate Kim all you want (I neither hate nor love her) but when she’s the victim of a crime, don’t victim blame or say “oh well, you’re fine” and act like it’s her fault. She flaunts her wealth so it’s fine for someone to rob her at gunpoint. Someone flaunts her sexuality, it’s ok for her to be raped then? Someone drinks at a bar and is less than “careful” then it’s ok for that person to be assaulted?
        If you doubt her, wait for more information, but victim blaming is not ok. It’s quite disgusting, actually.

      • annaloo. says:

        Yes, you’re right @princessme, but saying that you don’t believe her vs saying that she deserved or brought this on herself are two totally different things. I belong in the first camp only bc I find that it’s best to wait after the sensational headlines and things shake out before I have a rooted opinion. I definitely do not belong to the latter camp; no one ever deserves to be robbed or have any crime committed upon them.

        There’s such puppeteering in Hollywood public image, I just think it’s not far-fetched if this was all preplanned (which would be – weirdly- a more tragic in my eyes).

      • PrincessMe says:

        I understand people not believing some people based on prior knowledge of antics. It’s a slippery slope because even terrible things happen to “bad” people too. In that case I would just wait and see what comes of the allegations before I say that it didn’t happen as if I know it to be fact.
        What I do have a big problem with is people acting like victims of crimes “deserve” what they got because they flaunted this, or flaunted that. Nobody MAKES anyone else commit a crime. So if I’m rich and I buy flashy crap, I’m no less a victim than someone who doesn’t flash it about.

      • Bettyrose says:

        ITA about victim blaming. If this really happened, it sounds terrifying, and I’m glad she got out safely, if traumatized. She did nothing to deserve being terrorized like this.

        But the fact that her credibility is called into question is on her given that her entire purpose in life is media attention, and today she’s possibly the most talked about person on earth. Having said that, insurance fraud is a crime, so lying about the massive theft of insured jewels would be a bad move, and I’m kinda thinking the K-clan isn’t that stupid.

    • Rachel says:

      Yes, I’m sure Kim is flying back to the US – cutting her Paris trip short, missing shows she’d been excited to see, fearing a city she previously loved – ‘thriving’ on how many headlines there are about her being attacked, tied up and robbed at gunpoint. /sarcasm

    • SunnyD says:

      I usually love your views on stuff, but if you were held at gun point and robbed and everyone was like ‘you’re fine, meh’ it would be a problem. She’s still human, I’ve had my broken into whIle I was home, she will never get over it. She will ALWAYS think about it. Come on, have a heart.

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        Yeah, not a fan of what the OP is saying here. Kim was TIED UP and BEGGING to be let go. I don’t care how much I dislike Kim, her antics, or her family, no one deserves to go through such a thing and then have people shrug it off as “unfortunate” and all “you’re fine.”

        Being robbed is traumatic AF. I wish Kim and her family healing and comfort.

      • Felice. says:

        I’m always worried about that happening while I’m home. Luckily I’m on the second floor and the balcony isn’t that high so I would probably climb down.

        I have a security bar so that would buy me time to get out.

      • QQ says:

        Well it seems to me, YOU guys are conflating my NOT Being Broken Up about this in any way (which I DID say is unfortunate) with Me Personally Wishing this on her or calling her a liar neither of which I did, what I DID Say is that these people (her and her Family) THRIVE on attention and you guys aren’t gonna really sit here and tell me this isn’t gonna be an entire season of them milking this much as they did with Lamar, Marital strife, fertility or lack thereof, their father’s name/anniversary, their brother’s depression and a number of other stuff… sorry but my sympathy extends to other people/things

      • Kitten says:

        I still agree with you, QQ. You didn’t say she deserved it, you were just being honest about not feeling sorry for her.

        The boy who cried wolf-when every single aspect of one’s image is a calculated lie meant to generate ratings or boost one’s brand, it becomes difficult to believe any claim.

        It probably happened, but I don’t blame anyone for being skeptical.

      • Marty says:

        100% agree with you QQ. It’s unfortunate that it happened, but I’m not losing sleep over a garbage human being.

      • Zimmerman says:

        I agree with Kitten and I thought the same. I hope Kim is not lying, but you never know with the Kardashians. I kept reading that Kim & Co were probably seething all week that the Cambridges were getting all the attention and now this. Not that that means Kim’s lying, but it is no surprise that people would second guess the Kardashians considering their history.

        Anyway, if it actually happened, I hope the guys are apprehended and Kim gets some trauma support that she would likely need.

      • V4Real says:

        I’m with QQ on this. I get what you’re saying and I agree.

      • Shambles says:

        QQ, I honestly don’t see where anyone said you were calling her a liar. To me, SunnyD was just surprised that you were like “eh, you’re fine,” about Kim being held at gunpoint. Of course you have a right to feel the way you feel about these people, but I also think it’s fair for some people to respond with surprise when you say “Meh, you court attention so I don’t really care.” She thought she was going to die, and she is a human being. You have a right to not give a f*ck, just as I have a right to think this is pretty damn awful regardless of who it is.
        I love the sh!t outta you, though, I hope you know this.

      • kanyekardashian says:

        Oh come on, don’t be so naive. This is all totally made up.

      • Down and Out says:

        I work in rural HIV clinics in Uganda and after several very lucky years without incident, I was almost robbed by men with knives the other day coming back at night into the city. The only thing that prevented it was a good samaritan screaming at them to leave me alone. I never carry anything that expensive on me–my laptop is probably the item I’d be saddest to lose–but it doesn’t matter. The experience shook me up and left me feeling violated. While I understand why these things happen and why I was targeted, I had no idea whether they were planning to hurt me. Anyway, point being–I don’t care that Kim is a multimillionaire publicity hound, I totally 100% feel sympathy for her. No one deserves this.

      • MB says:

        I agree and I am quite disgusted with the level of apathy from this group.
        The commenters here tend to come across as ever-so enlightened, providing a thoughtful range of diverse views on the bigger issues. But I guess that level of maturity is only reserved for posts that revolve around people of colour and cultural appropriation, or female celebrities that the peanut gallery have yet to add to their sh*t list.
        Just awful, awful form. Nobody is asking you to care deeply about this family or anything that happens to them; but in that case why bother commenting at all?

    • Nancy says:

      First of all, she was a victim, glad she wasn’t hurt. Kim and others like her post all of their plans online. People know where she is and isn’t. With all of the crazies in our world, these women/men need to be so careful not to pinpoint their locations. I think the celebs that don’t post their comings and goings do it for a reason…..they can become targets. She will have round the clock security now, but I thought she already did. I also find it strange she was totally alone, that doesn’t seem like her at all. In the end, she wasn’t hurt or worse and that’s the important thing.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Her security guy was out at a club with Kourtney.

      • Nancy says:

        Still strange, all that loot and one guy to protect it…who was it Jonathan Cheban. Like I said, she posts way too much info on her whereabouts. Plus since everyone knew she was at Fashion Week, what about her LA home. You know that had security. *Not trying to imply it’s her fault….she just needs to learn of the word private if that is possible in her world.*

      • Jag says:

        One security guy? And he’s out with someone else, instead of protecting the valuables with Kim? I think they could have had more security.

        Unless this is an alleged plot to get insurance money and having the solo security guard at a club was a convenience.

        My questions are: why did the concierge not call the police while the men were in the room? And why did the robbers not go through anything else, but instead went straight to the ring and jewelry box only? I’m sure that Kim has plenty of electronics which would be easy to carry and quick to unload. Her furs, bags, and shoes are worth tons, too.

        If it really happened, then I’m sorry she went through that. They lie so much that I just can’t believe that someone as rich as she is only took one security guard with her to Paris. Less rich people have entire security teams with them, depending upon the celebrity. It just doesn’t make sense.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      The guy who tried to accost her earlier in the week did these guys a favour
      His trial assault showed exactly how much security she had around her and it wasn’t that much
      One event could make everyone more on edge or make everyone a little more lax. I know in my workplace a good save makes us all behave one way or another

      No matter who she is this will make her feel unsafe even in a gilded cage

    • Blurgh. says:

      To all the Kardashian truthers: your lack of compassion and empathy says much more about your character than hers. She is a human being. NO ONE deserves that trauma.

      Your extreme knowledge of celebrity gossip shouldn’t remove your humanity. This stuff happens to people all the time, rich and poor. No one asks for it.

      You guys sound like an all male Reddit forum.

      • Tifygodess24 says:

        @blurgh oh please! No one has said that she deserved what happened. People are just skeptical and rightfully so, given her and her familys history of lying, manipulating, exaggerating, creating drama for ratings and headlines, their constant quest and need for attention, fame, money and so forth. You can’t cry wolf all the time and then expect everyone to give you the benefit of the doubt. Not to mention it’s just not one or two people wondering this. People are all over the blogs and social media asking the same things. So what does that say? Also there is nothing wrong with asking questions or being skeptical about anything in this life. But It also doesn’t mean they don’t feel for Kim either, especially if what she is saying is true. People can have more than one emotion or thought at a time. Funny how that works.

      • crtb says:

        I am disgusted by the comments on this site today. I have no love for this family, but I do have empathy when bad things happen to people. My first thought was that her children could have been in this hotel room. What does this have to do with Locke? Think of the hundreds (if not thousands) of people who are robbed in both Brazil and Paris every year. Are we going to doubt their stories because one spoiled athlete lied? Please do not use the excuse that they lie about everything else in their lives so just maybe they are lying about this. They lie because the public eats that crap up. The bigger the lie, the higer the ratings. If you are tired of their BS then stop watching their show, stop reading their tweets, stop following them on Instagram, stop buything their products. We the public created this monster.

      • Down and Out says:

        @Blurgh I totally agree. It’s one thing not to feel much sympathy for Kim, but to need to announce it in the comments section is really poor character. It does feel a bit like Reddit bro rhetoric.

    • Bobo says:

      I had the same thoughts QQ but then I felt guilty for thinking that way… it’s true they lie so much you just don’t know what to believe.

    • Wiffie says:

      I think of it this way- which is worse?

      Getting support and attention from something they made up.


      Not having support when it really did happen, because it’s hard to believe?

      I always err on the side of support, can because not getting it when you REALLY need it is so much sadder than getting “too much attention”. I’ll give someone an ego boost if it means they at least won’t be alone if it’s truly what they need.

      Compassion, people.

    • Gracie says:

      @QQ, Nobody HAS to feel bad about what happened. And nobody HAS to care. But her life was still threatened by a gun and she thought she could very well die. I don’t know anyone who likes the K-Klan (myself included), but I wouldn’t want to see any of them beaten or murdered or anything like that.

      But when you comment about how much you don’t care, you shouldn’t be all defensive and surprised that not everyone is on board with those sentiments. Another humans life was threatened with a weapon and they were restrained. Of course you don’t have to be bothered by this, but you can always just not comment at all. Posting something that communicates you don’t feel bad another person could have been killed is cold and callous, even if it is Kim K.

    • Krysten says:

      I’m not buying it. All the security guards she has especially after that crazy guy just tried to assualt her…my ass she was alone in a hotel room. It’s probably made up for attention because brad and angie have been dominating the news and she is dying inside not being the center of attention! Watch she will now have interview after interview about the incident blah blah blah

    • MC2 says:

      This convo reminds me of reading the Suess book “The Places You Will Go”. Some are great , some are kind of jumping and some pointing fingers……just wanted to say that I like the conversation. I appreciate us thinking about who we give sympathy to and who we don’t- and why. Aren’t there also levels in life?! Like I feel bad for xxxx but I am not going to be outraged & jump up & down for them?

      I feel bad that Shannen Doherty has cancer. Cancer is terrible. But….I didn’t like her six months ago & I don’t like her now. I don’t wish cancer on her but I wouldn’t go to a benefit concert for her either….I would go to another benefit though. That does not make me an a-hole.

    • Unclebob says:

      My mom travelled with her jewelry all the time. She always wore a spectacular, very valuable ring, but she never posted it on instagram, or other social media, she never posted that she was alone in her room with her ” $10m” of jewelry. She never flashed it to the public. So, I see this as either another stupid kardashian stunt, or just the plain stupidity of having to be in the news all the time and doing ego building crap that set her up for being robbed. Either one, actions cause reactions… Aren’t they losing billions of dollars with the show being canceled?….

    • Kelly says:

      Mighty convenient that the kids weren’t there. Sad to say. but I too am more inclined to see publicity stunt.

      Cryin’ wolf

      • dj says:

        @Kelly. Me too. There has been REAL news dominating lately like the Presidential election and a little about British Royals but mostly politics. I smell a tantrum behind closed doors. We have to do something big to get some media attention now! MMMMM. Just hypothesising!

    • Janet R says:

      I am glad she is okay and the kids weren’t with her and so on……but is it bad that my thought is the first thing that should have happened is they made her put some clothes on?…..too soon?

  2. Jwoolman says:

    But where were the bodyguards? I thought they were always around. Would they be off-duty for some reason? Or do they only hang around when she’s going out? Was she really completely alone?

    I don’t think she would have faked something like this that would interrupt Kanye’s concert, although the K Klan is infamous for boosting ratings by fakery. She’s lucky she only lost jewelry and neither of the kids were with her.

  3. CarrieUK says:

    All that’s said about her, personal views etc don’t come into it here.
    This is horrific and beyond traumatic, I hope she’s ok and I wish her well.

  4. Katie says:

    This is really scary!! I’m glad she’s okay because this could have turned out so much differently.

  5. Loopy says:

    Where was her security detail,camera crew, assistants?

    • Crox says:

      I know, right?

      My first thought when I saw the news was: oh my God, poor Kim.
      My second thought was: Wait a second. Didn’t her bodyguard proclaim himself bodyguard of the year last week? Where is her security team? And didn’t Kim really try to catch the headlines with her nakedness the whole weak but really failed? Is she doing over the top stunt? At this point, I wouldn’t put it past her.

      Whatever the reason, I hope she is fine.

  6. Kristen says:

    Wow, how terrible. Poor Kim. Thank god her kids weren’t there. As a new mom, my heart skipped a beat when I read that she begged for her life because she had two babies at home.

  7. huh says:

    I dislike her intensely but this is horrible. I’ve experienced armed robbery /home invasions and wouldn’t wish them on anyone. Glad she wasn’t physically hurt and wish her a speedy recovery. Also I feel sorry for her body guards. Kanye’s probably blowing a gasket right now!

  8. LittleTeaPot says:

    What happened to the Concierge that was forced to open the door? Wouldn’t he have contacted police? Kim broke her own restraints?? Millions of dollars in jewelry — in her hotel room? No body guards to be found? Do I even believe this?

  9. QueenEllisabet says:

    i think it’s a work

  10. Naya says:

    Not to victim blame but I’m surprised its taken this long. Other celebrities are trailed by paps and fans but they dont also feed every other detail of their life onto social media. Honestly she is a walking target. Its a good thing those kids are actually being raised by a nanny, their presence could have turned things very ugly.

  11. Betti says:

    Glad that she’s safe but where were her bodyguards? Thou in the UK/EU the only people allowed to carry guns are the police/army so her bodyguards would have been no assistance to her with armed robbers.

  12. lwilly says:

    On the next episode of Dynasty!

    • Nancy says:

      You’re right. Her entire life is one big reality show. I’m sure when she sought the limelight, this isn’t what she envisioned. I, like those above, have to wonder where her security was. She had to be terrified. She could have lost more than her jewels and furs. Glad she is ok, but man, can only imagine how she felt. It’s weird, I can’t think of any other celeb, D listed or not, that has this much bad luck overseas, or for that matter in the U.S.

    • Tourmaline says:

      Yes, I think the robbers hightailed it back to Moldavia

  13. TheOtherMaria says:

    This has to be an inside job via her security or the hotel staff….

    They knew her suite and where her jewelry was located, glad she’s alright tho.

  14. Emma33 says:

    Inside job? You’d have to know a LOT about the hotel, and her sleeping arrangements, security detail etc to be able to pull something like this off. Very scary for her.

  15. Lolo86lf says:

    This is indeed awful, poor Kim. She must have been so scared. I truly hope hope she insured her jewels. Awful things happen everywhere, even in Paris to wealthy people. By the way that see-through outfit she is wearing is kind of vulgar isn’t it?

    I am off topic now, but did anybody hear about Lindsey Lohan’s boating accident? She lost a finger.

  16. Jess1632 says:

    I would be crying myself to sleep for awhile. That is truly terrifying. Glad she is okay

  17. Nicole says:

    This is awful and what’s just as bad are the people mocking Kanye for daring to leave the concert. Not the people in attendance (they seemed concerned) but people online. Like how dare he get a phone call about an emergency and leave!
    Being robbed is traumatic. Being robbed at gunpoint and begging for your life seems worse. AND they were posed as cops?! Horrific.

  18. Louise177 says:

    I doubt this is fake considering the concierge was also held at gunpoint. I know Kim and Kanye are hated but faking something so dangerous is completely different than fake fights with her sisters. Also I don’t know if they are filming now but even if they are, they don’t do it 24/7. With Kim at home they may not have thought she was worth shooting anyway.

  19. Tifygodess24 says:

    There are pictures of her flying out of Paris with her bodyguard and stylist. She has a black blanket covering her body as she walks to the plane. So I’m assuming he’s flying to Cali where they will meet up.

    As far as the robbery, I feel for her if it happened. I really do. However- maybe I’m a j3rk for saying this- honestly the first thing that came to mind was publicity stunt. Kim has cried wolf so many times and while I would hope they wouldn’t stoop to this level, I also don’t think it’s outrageous to wonder it either given their history. Anytime she hasn’t been getting the attention and press she needs and wants , “magically” some kind of crisis, nude photo or publicity stunt pops up. And then bam the cameras are back on her, everyone is talking and she’s living her dream again. Not to mention Kim is constantly surrounded by security (she even made a post yesterday alluding to such) and an entourage so I find it a little difficult to swallow that she just happened to be all alone when this went down. To top it off her usual body guard just happened to be out for the evening guarding Kourtney. The whole thing is a little odd. But again I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I’m just explaining why myself and others may be side eyeing this cautiously.

    • Betti says:

      OK – even if her bodyguards were there, they are in Europe where the only people allowed to carry guns are the police/army. Her bodyguards would have been no use when dealing with armed robbers so they did the best thing and let them take the jewels.

      • SM says:

        I think that what TIFYGODESS24 is saying is that these people have sold their souls to the devil a long time ago and there is nothing they won’t turn into a publicity stunt. While it is horrible in any case (we were robbed once at home while we weren’t actually home ant the time of robbery but the sense of intrussion is horrible nevertheless) I got to side eye the dramatics, that she was alone, tied down and had to break away by herself. Is she ever alone?

      • Ama says:

        This is not true! Professionall bodyguards are trained to disarm exactly for this kind of scenario – having a gun pointed at you. Look up self defence arts like “Krav Maga.”
        Professionell bodygurads are not just former fat “bouncers”.
        BTW: what differnce would it have made, them actually ponting back guns??? Only the NRA thinks you can protect yourself with a gun a close range, especially if “face policeman” are knocking at your door. How can you pull a trigger with a gun pointed at your head??

  20. boredblond says:

    The sad thing is when most people just heard the first report of this, they assumed it was one more K tale, exaggerated for maximum coverage (I first heard it on CNN, and they reported that her spokesperson said nothing was taken).

    • greenmonster says:

      As you can see people still think it is a tale or exaggerated. But that is of Kim’s own making.

      What happened to her is absolutely terrible. I hate her with a passion because she and her family are shallow, narcissists and a whole lot of other awful things, but she doesn’t deserve being robbed at gunpoint.

      That so many people doubt her story is still of her own making. She has lied so many times, she is seeking the limelight without having any kind of talent and thrives on attention. If you lie often enough people won’t believe you anymore, as horrible as it is.

      • Erinn says:

        But – her lies aren’t in this kind of level. It’s not like she’s making up big lies about being robbed or attacked or anything like that. She lies about her relationships, or her butt, or her work that she’s gotten done.

        I can’t say that it is of her own making. The attention she gets – sure. The skepticism over her relationships and her appearance – sure. But when it comes to things like this – she has NOT brought this kind of speculation on herself.

      • greenmonster says:

        She married someone for TV. She wasn’t just pretending to be in a relationship – she faked a marrige.

        And no, that does not equal an attack or robbery, but let’s not pretend Kim is just telling little white lies.

  21. Eva says:

    This is absolutely horrible, but what is also horrible is that my first thought was “oh it’s the Kardashians, it must be faked for press and ratings”.

    Shame on me for thinking that, and shame on them for making that my first thought…

    • Div says:

      I had the same reaction.

      I know it is terrible, but my first thought was this is a family who puts on instagram every moment of their lives. It would have been a lot easier for the thieves to slip on in to the hotel room while Kim photographs herself, her bodyguard, and her family at some after party or fashion show. I highly doubt this is made up, but considering their notoriety at pulling stunts and the weird nature of the theft….people will be talkin’

    • grabbyhands says:

      I don’t think anyone needs to beat themselves up too bad for thinking that-it is a perfectly normal reaction considering who we’re talking about here.

  22. Chaine says:

    Nothing but sympathy for her. What an awful experience.

    • Crimson says:

      @Chaine: I agree with you. The people whose first thought is that Kim was faking this for publicity’s sake have never experienced the feeling of violation a victim is left with, or their first thought would be compassion. We were robbed (husband home alone in another part of the house), but thanks to some good luck no one was injured (the burglars were armed). The first thing we did was change all locks. It took two years before feelings of apprehension and dread left me every time I walked into the house. Valuables were gone and cherished possessions (old, sentimental items) were purposely ruined, but when an armed stranger enters your safe space all bets are off. Kim certainly has my sympathy on this.

  23. Moirrey says:

    Horrifying. Hope she’s ok and that she will get her stuff back, and that those criminals get what they deserve. (I’m serious)

    Also, the first photo on the bottom – what kind of godawful sleazy sh*t is that?? I’m sorry, I had to.

  24. Tris says:

    She managed to break out of handcuffs all on her own? I call total b.s. And him receiving a phone call in the middle of a concert – about something that happened seven time zones away? I get leaving, but an aide running onstage in the middle of a song to report ‘your wife is fine but…’
    And where did they get the quote that she begged for her life and said she was a mother with babies at home? From the robbers? From her?
    The whole thing stinks like two people jealous of the attention another couple is getting for divorcing.

    • Snowflake says:

      Yes! Let’s be real, kim does not seem to be very involved in her kids lives, that doesn’t sound to me like something she would say. If they reported she said not to take her favorite pair of shoes, that I would believe. It had to be something big to upstage Brad and Angelina

    • DTX says:

      Just an FYI…musicians wear inner ears (like small headphones) to be able to hear themselves over the loud amplification of the performance arena/hall. It is also possible to be able to communicate with them through a mic only wired to the inner ears and not the speakers meant for the crowd. This is absolutely possible. Plus the article never said he received a PHONE call on stage, it actually said an assistant informed him briefly during a quick mic change right off of the side of the stage…also possible. I’m sure that his security detail and hers are in communication to be able to relay a message so quickly. I mean, how quickly can you send a text or make a phone call?

      I get that no one likes them…etc. But it just feels really icky to discredit her right off the bat just because she pulls minor stunts (which are usually superficial/about her body or relationships and no one gets hurt, police called, etc). I actually believe this because unfortunately she is very detailed on social media about her whereabouts and one can easily case her security details just by looking at pics or trailing her for a few days.

      • Tris says:

        It’s not that is it not physically possible to be given a message onstage, it is that it would be ABSURD/UNLIKELY/UNNECESSARY, and I don’t believe it.

      • DTX says:


        Not trying to be rude, but have you ever worked back or front stage at a music venue? It is absolutely NOT absurd/unheard of etc. I have actually performed on stage many times when I was a professional musician, so you are very incorrect. This is extremely plausible especially for an experienced performer with tons of audio tech available to them. I didn’t have a fraction of what Kanye has & even I had this setup and could have received a communication like this easily.

  25. GreenBunny says:

    That sounds terrifying and awful. And I know nothing about stolen jewelry, but what can they even do with her stuff? They are huge memorable pieces from name brand jewelers, so not like you can sell them without anyone noticing. I guess it becomes black market stuff that sits in a vault somewhere?

    • SMD says:

      Greenbunny, I have a feeling lots of people would love to have her jewelry. I’m sure it would fetch top dollar being both expensive and identify able as Kim K’s. Truly hope it didn’t happen the way it is being reported. It must have been terrifying. Serious lapses in security and she makes it easy to track her with so much snap chatting, tweets, posts. I’m always incredulous when people flash these huge engagement and anniversary rings. Thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. Really? You don’t think that’s a target folks. Be careful@!

    • I Choose Me says:

      The jewels would be taken out of the settings and probably sold to someone who knows how to fence such things.

      • Crimson says:

        Yes, criminals like these usually have what is called a “criminal enterprise,” an extensive network of people involved to seamlessly dispose of jewelry and valuables… from the person who removes the settings and melts them down, the one who files off and smoothes over serial numbers, to the fence who already has buyers waiting from all over the country/world for a gem or item. It is done very quickly.

  26. Snappyfish says:

    How horrifying for her. It does sound like they must have had inside information of her comings & goings. I can imagine how shaken she must be. On a superficial note, I have always admired the engagement ring Kanye gave her. I hope that wasn’t the ring they got. I’m not a fan of this woman but truly am sympathetic to her in this awful event

  27. grabbyhands says:

    Add me to the jerk list because honestly my first thought was “RiiiiiighT”.

    I’m skeptical because well, it’s Kim Kardashian and the family is in no way averse to creating drama if they feel like they’re not getting enough/the right type of attention. Additionally, you’re talking about a celebrity in a city and a country that has been on intense high alert due to the attacks on Paris and Nice recently. I’m sure the hotel is no stranger to high profile celebrities and if I was hauling around 10 mil in jewelry, I sure as hell would have had an impressive security detail around at all times. That’s a lot of barriers to get through.

    Having said that-it would be scary as hell and I’m glad no one was harmed physically.

  28. Gippy says:

    Scary! The K’s have a lot of fakery, but I can’t see them doing something brazenly illegal and easily able to be proven wrong. The only motivation would be for attention, and they’re still getting the that before this incident. I don’t think that these would have to know that much about the hotel, but easily could’ve stayed there before in cased the place. They’re posing as fake cops – the concierge took them to her room and let them in…all they’d have to know is the body guard was out. The unarmed bodyguard with Kourtney (do they really only have one bodyguard??).

  29. Tray says:

    Major side eye. She broke through her restraints? Where were her babies? And body guards? Too much is conveniently like a bad movie.

    • swak says:

      Don’t think the babies were in Paris as we have not seen them papped with Kim at all. Usually you see one or two pictures with the kiddos anywhere they go. She also said she had two babies at home, so that could indicate that they were not in Paris.

  30. Alix says:

    Imagine having $10 million worth of anything to steal…

  31. Jaana says:

    I hope this wasn’t a publicity stunt and I hope she will notice how over exposed she is and really try to more private.

  32. huh says:

    The fact that no one from her family’s tweeting about it is probably the biggest indicator that it wasn’t a publicity stunt.

  33. Shutterbug99 says:

    If this happened like they are saying, then it is a truly scary situation, and she’s lucky she got out alive.

    That said, this should be a message to Kim and her ilk to stop showing off every inch of their charmed lives on social media. Not only is it vulgar in the extreme, it also leads to situations like this. I’m just surprised it took this long to happen!

    • SMD says:

      Shutterbug yes! Several athletes and rappers have recently been robbed. Why, publicly showing off jewelry, cars, electronics and then their location. Of course you can be a target! My momma used to say any real ring over 3 carats would be dangerous in the NY neighborhood she grew up in….you didn’t flash your wealth otherwise it would be taken.

  34. kibbles says:

    The loss of jewelry means very little – it is all likely insured or can be replaced. Being held up at gunpoint is truly traumatic and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Many people around the web have commented that they think this is a setup to steal attention from Brad and Angelina. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. If that is the case that would really be crossing the line and the backlash would be severe, especially after how they just exposed Taylor Swift of being a liar.

  35. BradyIsBack says:

    The thing that has always amazed me about the Ks in Paris is the amount of paparazzi surrounding them. For the most part, Paris is lauded for not having any and celebs love going there because they can roam around freely unimpeded. Its just so weird that there are so many that catch their comings and goings.
    I hope, for her sake, that this isn’t just an attention-getting escapade gone wrong but sadly that’s my first instinct with this family. That definitely would be scary if it really happened. Here we go, though, with a round Kim headlines just when I thought it was over.

  36. HeyThere! says:

    Wow. Poor Kim. This is awful. My mum was robbed at gun point a long time ago. Literally ruined her life. She can’t get past it. Doesn’t leave the house. They never found who did it. She lives in fear everyday YEARS later.

    • Wilma says:

      That’s awful for your mom! Life really changes when someone uses violence against you. It took me about six years to stop crying when loud noises startled me. In the end I tried something, I’m not sure what it’s called in English, where you need to recall your trauma and your therapist tells you to move your eyes. It sounds crazy, but it really helps!

      • Lurkingweirdo says:

        @wilma…that’s called EMDR over here in the states (although now I can’t recall what that stands for). Tremendously useful when my life crashed after discovering ex-hubs secrets life. Highly recommend for moving beyond trauma. I’m glad it helped you, too (((hugs))))

  37. original kay says:

    1. I hope the kids are ok. Where are the kids? with what’s his face in NYC and Kim in Paris, where are the kids?

    2. She was okayed to leave France? Is there not an active investigation happening? The police involved, statements, etc? I don’t know about the wheels of justice, but they turn that quickly? That she could leave the entire country that very night?

    Someone please enlighten me. I am baffled.

  38. Cool Character says:

    I would feel bad for anyone to robbed.

    Poor Kim but I karma is a bitch.

    I knew something bad would happen to her. You can spend the whole summer trying to hurt people for something not to bite you back.

    This smells of an inside job.

    • Lenn says:

      karma is a bitch? I’m sorry but please inform us what she has done to anyone that would justify this.

      • Michelina says:

        “Karma is a bitch” in other words, “I’m mad as hell that Kim is ridiculously rich and can afford to be opulent and flashy, but since I’m not, she deserved this”

        People are really being super extra about this. I mean DAMN! I don’t love Kim, but I wouldn’t wish what happened to her on a single soul on this planet. People really are hateful.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      “You can’t spend the whole summer trying to hurt people for something not to bite you back.”
      Please tell me that by ‘spending the whole summer trying to hurt people” you’re not talking about her little exposing Taylor Swift thingy? Because to imply that getting robbed at gunpoint is some kind of universal justice for exposing someone else’s dishonesty requires some cray cray levels of stanning.

  39. Donna says:

    I feel bad for Kim. I just don’t understand how this is even possible with all the security at the hotel as well as her own.
    That hotel is done.

  40. paolanqar says:

    That ring has been photographed/posted on social media so many times that it would be impossible to sell it or wear it without being arrested. I’m sure at some point she will get her jewelry back. Probably all of it.
    This speaks volumes about how naive Kim is. She flaunts her wealth at any given occasion and it was only a matter of time that this would happen. Even I knew where she was staying at and i do not follow her whereabouts. For someone who has bad intentions it only takes twitter to find out where everybody is and find out when she is going to be alone.
    In fact I am happy that her kids are never with her, this could have been much more disastrous if children were involved.

    • swak says:

      My sister-in-law won’t post where they go on vacation or any pictures on FB until they return from the trip. She emails family to let them know where they are going. So, yes in the respect she is naive.

      • mellie says:

        My husband is the same way swak, there is no posting when is on travel for work and I am home alone with the kids either…it’s just better to be safe than sorry!

      • Jwoolman says:

        I’m always careful to use “we” instead of “I” when talking about myself in public with strangers. Okay, I’m including the cats… But it’s not wise to advertise when you’re the only human in the house.

        Once in the grocery store I mentioned to someone that I had to get home quickly to relieve the babysitter. Didn’t mention that Senior Cat was the babysitter and a lively 8-week old kitten was the babysat…. She really was a pawful, though. Still is, years later.

  41. lithe says:

    I hope she immediately seeks out good psychological counselling to deal with this trauma. How absolutely horrifying. At some point, she had to be wondering if they were terrorists.

  42. Ivy says:

    Okay let’s set things straight for all the skeptics.
    1. This is not for the sake of her show because they’re not filming right now
    2. Her bodyguards were likely not there because it was 3am and the hotel was locked. The concierge only let the robbers in because they were initially dressed as police.
    3. Her children are back in Calabasas with the nannies and her mother.
    4. While Kim is totally a narcissist, she would never mess with the law and is very serious about her finances.
    I’m just glad she wasn’t sexually assaulted.

    • paolanqar says:

      Let’s hope this will serve her to rethink her whole existence and put a halt to her being so shallow and vacuous and maybe use her resources to do some good.

      • Macheath says:

        I don’t know…I think that’s a little unfair.

        I’m not championing Kim, but I don’t see how her opulence or love of the spotlight should be used against her when she is the victim of a crime. Just as I do not see how the way a woman dresses, drinks alcohol or how many sexual partners she goes through in a day should be used to admonish her if she is assaulted. A crime is a crime and is the fault of the criminal entirely.

        She is generally a ridiculous person but this was a very scary thing to go through and not very appropriate for schadenfreude. I mean, I don’t remember her doing anything even closely equivalent to this.

        I may be proven wrong but until then, it strikes me as pretty horrific for her perceived social crimes to be used to justify thinly veiled glee or divert the conversation away from a terrible crime towards a tone deaf lesson on being less of a show off. 😕

      • paolanqar says:


        I agree. What happened to her is terrible and thank god she wasn’t sexually assaulted.
        I was just saying that maybe this will make her realize how shallow her life is and maybe it’ll give her time to rethink her success and start doing something concrete with her wealth.
        If it happened to me, it would be a huge wake-up call.

      • Michelina says:

        @paolanqar I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. Who are you? Robin Hood? You have no business telling anyone how to spend their money and to expect someone who is extremely wealthy to live like a pauper so that you don’t have any reason to feel jealous that your life is less fortunate is ridiculous.

        Also, despite the fact that I tend to not be able to stand Kim half of the time, I would say that the amount of money she brings every year is pretty “concrete.” I’m sure her bank account is enormous. She has enough money to never work another day in her life. She does charitable things. Maybe not as much as others, but again, who are you to basically say she should be Mother Theresa?

      • Tifygodess24 says:

        Wow michelina you read a whole lot into those few sentences, didn’t you? So dramatic. Good Lord. Pretty sure how you responded isn’t at all what was said or was trying to articulate. You need to chill, people are allowed to have opinions. And just like you said what business do you have or who are you to say otherwise? Oh and the jealousy defense, is seriously over played and so childish.

  43. Jess says:

    With all the coldly calculating BAD people in the world, I have come to appreciate the Kardashians. They are shallow in their interests and their family drama is sometimes a mess but they do not seem the type to do something like this. This is awful awful awful. ROBBED at gunpoint in your own home?! Most people including reality stars are not targets to the same level as politicians or oil tycoons. They just go about their lives expecting peace and so I guess it’s understandable to me that their security game was weak.

  44. Jess says:

    Also, say what you will about Kanye, I really love that he left his show. This is an emergency. Absolutely. Full stop.

  45. Sarah says:

    I think the majority of you are disgusting, vile, hateful, mean spirited, bitter people. Y’all act like Kim has personally done you wrong. In no way has her life personally impacted hers. You don’t have to watch her show. You don’t have to read about her antics. You don’t have to listen or watch her interviews. You don’t have to visit her social media accounts. Those are things you CHOOSE to do. She has NEVER forced any of you to pay attention to her. The fact you are pathetic, sorry excuses for human beings are of your own making, not hers. Don’t put your behavior onto her. She don’t know you. She didn’t make you the way you present yourself online. You are disgusting all on your own, without any help from her. And you should feel bad for thinking horrible things about her, enjoying her misfortunes, celebrating her downfall and laughing at her being robbed. It does make you awful. It does make you human garbage. It does make you inhumane. From what I can tell, no matter what I may think of Kim, she’s still better than the majority of you by a long shot. I have never heard of Kim being in any way as worthless of a human being as the ones I have read on this site and elsewhere.

    • Crox says:

      I have read her being awful to others … Often.

      And I don’t think people here wish her ill. We are only doubting the story. If it is true, it is awful. Nobody deserves that. But the story strangely doesn’t add up and with her history of manufactured drama, well, some of us are not (yet) convinced. Even the timing … This whole week has been about the Brangelina divorce and Kim really tried hard to get the attention to herself, showing her crotch and all. Unsuccessfully, because well, who cares? And now, with this, finally she’s got the headlines again!

      The truth is for the authorities to decide, tho!

    • Moonstone says:

      Wow! Talking about being bitter…

    • Katherine says:

      Totally agree. I think it’s easy for society to brainwash the humanity out of people. So much of this seems like sexism to me.

      On an article that said “she begged for her life,” the comments were disgusting– saying they wish her life was taken. People don’t hate men like this unless they are actually guilty of IDK…an actual crime. But she had a sex tape and takes selfies so she deserves trauma. Fuck these people.

  46. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t suspect Kim, but I do suspect that someone in the hotel was in on it. Where were the bodyguards?

  47. laur says:

    I feel bad for her, must’ve been so scary. However I think the only thing she’ll change is having more security rather than being more private because that’s her life, her source of income. She is unfortunately the queen of oversharing and I think that’s how these folks knew where she was. Even if they’re caught, the jewellery will be long gone. If they were smart enough to dress as police etc then they’ve probably already found black market connections who’ll break the jewellery down to be sold on.

    Glad her kids weren’t with her and she’s fine physically. Jewellery can be replaced. She can afford the best counselling if she needs it. I hope she doesn’t use this for storyline. I really, really hope she reevaluates how much she shares online. Again, NOT victim blaming (I work with victims for a living) but as others have said, it’s potentially so so easy to know what she’s doing, and there are bad people in the world who take advantage of that unfortunately.

  48. Cheryl says:

    I feel awful for her. The feeling that you are about to die…. it’s a horrible trauma.

    I was just listening the radio this morning and John Lennon came on singing Imagine, and I just thought, yeah, this could’ve ended differently. It has before. People are crazy and evil.

    So sorry, Kim. Get thee to a shrink and start working through the event now.

    • Embee says:

      I had the same thought. Trauma is something very, very different from normal life. It can take years to process it. I sincerely hope that she gets help to heal and doesn’t just afford herself the luxury of not facing it. I’m also terribly concerned that she was assaulted and is not revealing it for privacy purposes (which I champion and agree with).

      • TotallyOld says:

        Know it’s much later after your comment, but I so agree with you on the assault part. I wouldn’t reveal if it had happened to me, that would be private for my husband or maybe mother. Pray she only lost her material things and not herself in this terrible event.

  49. Tw says:

    This is horrific, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a very Marie Antionette feel to it.

  50. swak says:

    Just wondering why someone (anyone) with that much expensive jewelry not put it in the vault in the hotel (of course I’m assuming there is a vault as it is a 5 star hotel where many important people stay).

  51. mellie says:

    I truly hate this for her, how awful, I cannot even imagine how scared she was and I’m very glad nothing horrible happened to her. But please Kim, stop posting $hit. When you post a picture with a $4 Million ring on your finger it’s just too tempting for some. We get it, you have stuff…stop.

  52. Michelina says:

    Kim definitely has my sympathy because that is a nightmare scenario! One of my best friends was robbed at gunpoint while she was alone and heading into a restaurant one night and the aftermath of that was ugly. She had some serious emotional issues for a very long time and eventually even had to seek professional help… it was odd how it crept up on her. She was fine immediately after, but as weeks passed, she became increasingly paranoid, had nightmares, was jumpy and had difficulty controlling her emotions. I can’t imagine what the aftermath will be for someone who was tied up and had an even longer, more drawn out experience.

    The Kardashian/Jenner family is the very picture of opulence and extravagance. A lot of people are talking about how she just posted a picture of the new iceberg of a ring that Kanye gave her as an “upgrade” to her engagement ring, and the fact that it was one of the items stolen last night.

    Between them flashing their wealth and constantly posting on IG and Snapchat, it is a wonder that something like this has not happened already. They would all be wise to be less flashy and spend less time on social media. As a matter of fact, I just heard this morning that Kim said on social media that she was alone, without security, and this was only hours after she posted pictures of her jewelry. Not exactly smart, but who expects to be robbed, right? Wasn’t it Kylie who was told by cops to show less of her life online after people tried to break into her house after getting into her gated community?

  53. FF says:

    I’m glad she’s okay that could have ended badly. Don’t care that she’s a famewhore, she’s also a mother.

    Between this and the creepy guy who tried to kiss her butt she needs a new security detail. And Paris hotels need better security in general.

  54. Lola says:

    She was in a “hôtel particulier”, which means a big house in Paris. Not a Hotel in the traditionnal way. There was only a receptionist. So no lobby to walk trough or to know which room is hers. Also, social medias are to blame. She shows her jewellry on twitter and instagram and post where she is every second of the day. At some point people with bad intentions are going to come across her posts. You have to be careful of what you post on social media because it can attrack the wrong kind of people.
    That being said I hope she is okay because it must have been horrible for her.

    • FF says:

      The people that decided to rob her are to blame, really. The rest is just stuff she could have done that may or may not have been preventative.

      People not all over social media have been robbed at one time or another so if they wanted to rob her they would have looked for an opening. The fact is, people decided to rob her. The blame game just makes everyone else feel safer.

      • Jwoolman says:

        Social media can attract more than robbers. Some people get fixated on the famous especially, although anybody can end up with a stalker. People really need to be more cautious, especially with their kids. Exposing kids on social media and pap shots just makes it impossible for them to have anything resembling a normal life when the parentals are famous. Kanye initially was going to keep the cameras off Nori so she could have some normalcy. What happened to that idea?

  55. nicegirl says:

    I feel so bad for Kim, this is horrible.

    How terrifying to go through that experience, I am a mom and I would beg for my life for my children, too. I hope she is ok. I cannot imagine an experience like that would leave your heart quickly.

    Thank God she was not hurt.

  56. serena says:

    God, this is so awful. I thought she had bodyguards with her all the time, though?

  57. Shambles says:

    When Lamar went into a coma, the very first comment thread was full of a ton of people making it about nothing but how much they hated the Kardashians. I was extremely disturbed by that at the time, because regardless of how you felt about them, that’s not what it was about in that moment. A man was in a coma and could have died, and literally all people wanted to focus on was their hate-on for the Kardashians.
    And here we are again. A wife, mother of 2, and human was tied up at gunpoint and forced into a bathtub. And some people only want to focus on how much they hate the Kardashians (QQ, know that this is not directed at you, this is for people who are using this forum to blantantly call her a liar). People will jump on any chance to hate the Kardashians, even when completely inappropriate. And I find it really disturbing.
    Why do we get to pick and choose which women deserve our sympathy and which do not? If you were horrified by Johnny Depp’s treatment of Amber Heard, or disgusted by Brad Pitt’s drunken plane antics, then I believe Kim deserves just as much of your compassion. When we start drawing lines that decide which women deserve sympathy for horrible events and which do not, we’re going down a really slippery slope. IMO, if we’re going to do anything about this culture where women are immediately doubted when they report their traumas, we have to believe ALL women. #EvenKim.

    • Kitten says:

      It’s funny you should mention that because I was one of the people defending Khloe and expressing sympathy for Lamar. I was really turned off by all the comments that I perceived to be callous, indifferent, or just plain inappropriate given the circumstances.

      Fast-forward a year later and we’ve had Khloe rushing to Lamar’s hospital bedside with a camera crew in tow, a suspiciously-timed book reveal and release, a People magazine cover featuring Khloe who just *had* to talk about Odom’s addiction and subsequent hospitalization, and numerous reports of Lamar Odom BEGGING that he and Khloe’s private phone calls be kept OFF of KUWTK.

      So yeah..that marked the last time I would ever let these people make a fool out of me.

      If Kim got robbed at gunpoint, then that’s too bad but f*ck if I ever stick my neck out for any of these scam artists ever again. Lesson learned.

    • QQ says:

      I see you Shambles, I *heart* ya too I wasn’t feeling any type of way or “defensive” about my position or disrespecting your POV, It Is what it Is, Like I said and Stand By My Sympathy Allotment goes to other people… In Fact MC2 had the rights of it but I didn’t know where to even comment to speak to that or you so it goes here, we all Dole out our feefees as we see fit to whom we see fit, when we see fit, I’m not about to feel badly about that…

    • Keaton says:

      Well said @Shambles. I’m not a Kardashian fangirl but I’m a bit shocked by the hate being thrown Kim’s way in this situation. An event like this can destroy a person’s life. I feel tremendous empathy for her and I don’t think it’s her karma for lying about plastic surgery, showing off her wealth, showing off her naked body, making millions despite having no discernible talent, or egads daring to tweet something Taylor Swift said to her husband on tape. I don’t see how these choices are relevant at all.
      What she went through is sickeneing and scary and I hope she’s OK.

      Also, like someone said above, the fact the family isn’t tweeting about it makes me think it really did happen and is not a hoax.

  58. Fanny says:

    How come there is no witness to the incident? Was she alone in her apartment, how is that possible when she always travel with an entourage? Also was there any cctv footage of those men going inside her apartment?

  59. Sasha says:

    It just shows how deep the disgust of Kardashians goes when in my head I understand I should feel pity for her but instead I am incensed that she is able to grab more headlines with this.

  60. gene123 says:

    I hope she will stop constantly posting her schedule and whereabouts on twitter/snapchat/instagram. I think they really underestimate how easily they can be tracked via info they willingly give up.

  61. NOLA says:

    I feel traumatized just reading about what happened to her. I can’t imagine what Kim must be feeling right now. This could have turned out so much worse – sexual assault; kidnapping; battery; murder. Thank god her children weren’t there.

    I am appalled at some of these comments. I’m in no way a Kardashian-fan. But she’s a human being. Saying she deserved it because she over shares their wealth on social media is akin to saying a rape victim asked for it by dressing sexy.

  62. FingerBinger says:

    This should be at least 2 or 3 episodes of keeping up with the Kardashians.

    • Josefina says:

      That’s the first thing I thought. If this really happened then that’s awful, but I dont think it’s too crazy to think they’d pull a stunt like this. And if it is real they’ll turn it into money, like they did with Lamar’s disease, Rob’s depression, and North’s existence.

      • TotallyOld says:

        Y’all are crazy! Pulling a stunt like this falls into criminal territory and I’ve yet to see any of their previous stunts (and yes they have pulled lots of stunts) equal this event. She could be prosecuted for filing a fraudulent police report, if trying to scam insurance company, she could actually go to prison. Kim did not get where she is today by being THAT stupid. Shallow and fake as hell yes, but don’t kid yourself into thinking she would risk imprisonment for faking something this horrific. I don’t like any of Kardashians so I’m not an apologist for this crappy family but come on guys, get real and think about the implications of her doing something that stupid!

  63. OhDear says:

    Wow, that must have been scary. I hope she’s ok.

  64. Stefanie says:

    It is horrible and I am sorry that happened to her but this is the risk you take when you show off your wealth an consumerism so publicly. She should also re-consider showing off her kids just for fame – next thing that happens is that some psycho kidnaps them when they are talking a walk with their nanny. The risk she takes because of vanity is insane.There was also one fashion blogger who used to show off her extensive collection of hermes bags etc and based on the info she gave on her blog it was an easy deal for thieves to break in while she was on vacation. Rich people should be careful and private – the only problem Kim has is that this is basically the only thing she and her whole family has going on-being public and thirsty for fame, no other talent whatsoever.

    • Sasha says:

      ” She should also re-consider showing off her kids just for fame – next thing that happens is that some psycho kidnaps them when they are talking a walk with their nanny”

      Exactly. That is the reason the kids pictures are blurred in the UK newspapers.

  65. Kori says:

    I can understand that given their history of faking things for the show, being famewhores extraordinaire and coming on the heels of Lochte, there being doubt about this. But making a police report and, if an insurance claim is filed, is a crime. The Kardashians may not be that smart but they are shrewd and that would be pretty stupid. So I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and sympathy for what must’ve been a traumatic experience. As for the restraints, they could’ve been those zip-tie handcuffs and, if left alone, could be broken out of so I’m not saying 100% no way to that either. And some news reports say that the concierge was restrained and made to take the robbers up to the Kardashians room (having to point out which one it was). If that’s true then that’s an additional layer which would add credence because 1) involving someone else in a fake incident would be really bad–either they’re innocent or in on it and can be a weak link and 2) if true provides a witness to the situation.

  66. Ana says:

    She didn’t deserve that….

    but, we don’t deserve that family!!!

  67. Josefina says:

    Also Im sorry but the dress sexy get raped comparison is completely far off.

    You’re not making a rapist’s job easier by wearing tank tops. There is zero basis to think wardrobe plays any role in your chances of getting raped. If you’re exposing your wealth all the time, carrying unnexessary ammounts of money with you (give me one logical reason to carry that much jewelry on a trip), telling people of your location, etc… You ARE unnecessarily putting yourself at risk. Did she deserve it? Of course not. Does her silliness make her a very easy target for these type of things? Yes.

    Im latin, robbery is an everyday thing here. And I can tell you it happens A LOT less when you’re minimally careful. Thieves dont choose their víctims at random. At least not the smart ones.

    Im not saying she deserved it, but calling her out on being careless is on a whole different dimension from blaming rape on your clothing.

    • Rachel says:

      re. the ‘unnexessary’ (sic) amounts of money and jewellery, she was at fashion week and likely was being paid to wear jewellery. So to call it excessive, and thus imply Kim is partly culpable, is kind of unfair when it’s her job to wear it and be photographed doing so.

      Did she tell people her location or post it on social media? I’m asking because I honestly don’t know. If she did then that’s silly, but I’m tired of people claiming the robbery happened because she ‘flaunts’ her expensive jewellery on Snapchat etc. Kim would be a target for robbers even if she didn’t post images of her jewellery, because she’s well-known for being very wealthy.

      A few famous footballers live in my old town and at one point their houses were robbed regularly when they were playing abroad. In one incident the wife and children of the player were in the house when the thieves were rummaging through their things. No one claimed they were somehow culpable to some extent for a) having a house, b) it being known where they lived or c) being away at a foreign match when the robbery happened. I think a lot of the backlash against Kim is phrased to sound concerned when it’s really a dismissal of her because she uses social media a lot.

      • Josefina says:

        When I said exposing your wealth I meant physically carrying lots of money with you. Her Snapchat has nothing to do with this.

        I worded that badly but my comment wasnt so much directed at her. She’s extremely rich AKA very unlikely to get robbed. Bodyguards, connections, tight security systems, etc. greatly reduce your chances. Middle class people don’t have any of that making it easier to rob them. A good loot is a moot loot if you get caught. There’s many essential differences between rape and robbery, from the way society treats them, to the profile of the assailant, to the circumstances it happens in, etc. and I wanted to point that out. Comparing the two is apples to oranges.

        Armed robberies and to a lesser degree house robberies have a more reduced frame of evasion. Non violent robberies very often can be avoided with some caution. This was not a non-violent robbery, clearly, but it does stand as a chance to point out how these crimes work and the things that people can do to avoid it.

      • Rachel says:

        Sorry, I just feel you ‘calling out’ Kim as ‘careless’ and saying her behaviour was ‘silly’ and makes her partially culpable for the robbery is kind of beyond the pale. The jewellery was expensive, but as I said above, it’s her job to wear and be photographed in said jewellery. She only had 1000 euros in cash on her, which must be peanuts compared to how much she spends on her credit cards when she travels. Kim, for all her faults, didn’t publicise where she was staying or the fact that she was alone in the apartment at 2am. Your original comment suggests her actions (carrying ‘unnecessary’ amounts of money, telling people her location) made her more of a target and deserves to be ‘called out’, which I think is unfair to Kim.

      • Josefina says:

        As I said I worded that wrong, and armed robberies are a different case. There was nothing Kim could’ve done to avoid that, and I don’t think her flashy Instagram pics had anything to do with it. It’s not like she has to show her specific goods for people to know she’s rich. When I said “her silliness”, I meant the fact that well… she is a pretty silly person so robbing her wouldn’t be hard if she weren’t so rich.

        I’m just saying rape and robbery are extremely different crimes and that victim-blaming in rape is very different from calling out carelessness on robberies.

    • PrincessMe says:

      It’s not a far off comparison. Maybe a tank top doesn’t “make the job easier”, but what about a short skirt as opposed to pants? You said she’s basically “enticing” robbers by making it known that she’s rich. Are women “enticing” rapists by showing that they’re sexy by wearing tight clothes? Are they careless too?
      She posts pictures of her body on the internet too, would you think she was careless if someone forced their way into her home/hotel and raped her (God forbid)?

    • Macheath says:

      I respectfully disagree. I’ve seen it enough times: the places a woman goes, how much she drinks, whether or not she was alone and the clothes she wears are often used to discredit her account of rape. Thus making the rapist’s job easier. I don’t think it’s about wearing tiny skirts and crop tops making it easier to disrobe someone. Of course nobody should think like that, but it happens every single time.
      I think the point is that there are parallels with victim blaming. Even people not flaunting their wealth get robbed all the time.
      Rapists don’t choose their victims at random. At least not the smart ones.

      It’s fair enough if people don’t feel sorry for her, but it’s another thing to then accuse her of lying or blame her for the actions of professional criminals (not saying you did that, but it’s all over this thread).

    • Goldie says:

      What about people who are sexually assaulted while they are intoxicated or passed out? Would you blame them for “making the rapist’s job easier” because they chose to drink too much and weren’t able to fight back?
      Regarding Kim making her whereabouts public… She was at fashion week. I don’t see how she could hide that. If she actually posted the name of the hotel she’s staying at, then that was risky move, but I haven’t heard that she did that.

      ETA: I just read Macheath’s comment. You expressed what I was trying to say better.

      • Josefina says:

        When someone gets drunk and it leads to rape, they were at a circumstance when drinking was the expected thing to do (say, a party). I can’t make a case for the drinking being necessary, but it’s hard to say they are stupid for doing so. Can’t blame them.

        I covered the rest on my previous replies.

      • TotallyOld says:

        Supposedly it’s more of a residence hotel and supposedly Kanye owns a portion. I guess some would call it an extremely expensive boutique hotel. So robbers would possibly know she would be somewhere in that place whether she posted on SM or not.

  68. Margo S. says:

    I can’t believe they were able to get to her. Didn’t she have security and body guards outside of her room? She better have that now!

  69. Happy21 says:

    I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt here and as much as I loathe this entire family to the ends of the earth, what she has gone through here is absolutely terrible.
    The skeptic in me, however, wonders about her ability to break free of her restraints when they are saying the robbers used handcuffs. You can’t just break out of those things without being Harry Houdini. The only thing I thought was that she was able to rip the gag off and use her hands to dial for help. I think perhaps a little more detail may have to be used to clarify these details to silence the doubters and skeptics.

  70. me says:

    So they weren’t good at restraining her if she was able to get out of the restraints as soon as they left…that’s odd. Where was her security? I’m glad everyone is ok…she’ll probably have PTSD from that…wait who are we kidding, it’s Kim Kardashian, she’ll be back to her nude selfies soon enough. Good thing her kids were not there…they could have kidnapped them. Scary.

  71. whatthewhat says:

    i have to say i am absolutely disgusted by the comments basically saying ‘eh they’re famewhores’ so either no big deal or she had it coming. y’all are horrible, and need to learn about compassion. so gross.

  72. MellyMel says:

    I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before now! That family is so public with everything they have and do and you can easily find out where they are or what they’re doing via social media at any given moment. I don’t want to victim blame but hopefully this is a lesson for them to keep some things more private (like a 4 million dollar ring) and be more mindful of their security. I don’t like Kimberly at all but I do feel for her. This must have been traumatizing.

  73. Frosty says:

    Horrifying. The part where she was begging for her life because of her kids is just heart breaking, as it would be for any parent :(

  74. Amelie says:

    I hope Kim is ok, this sounds incredibly terrifying but also hopefully a very severe wake up call for Kim. She constantly posts where she is, shows off her jewelry on social media, and we know everything going on with her. She is lucky she escaped unscathed. If anything, she will now think twice before posting her whereabouts, jewelry, clothing etc. God forbid her children had been with her (or maybe that’s why the thieves struck since they staked her out most likely on social media and realized her kids were not with her). Not her fault at all and she did not deserve this but she made it super easy for them to track her because she is so accessible on social media. Not to mention the paparazzi constantly trailing her.

    She’s a mom now. She can’t overshare anymore and going forward I hope she is very careful about what she chooses to post. This is the downfall of fame. You crave it until it compromises your safety. Then it’s no longer fun and games.

  75. Sasha says:

    The robbers picked a very good target,
    The whole heist is very Robin Good like. Here we have a completely useless, vapid, shallow human who flaunts her wealth. While there are so many struggling and starving people in the world. And she does nothing to help.
    This is the kind of thing over which revolutions happened.
    And we all grew up seeing Robin Good as a good guy and the uncaring rich as not deserving pity.

  76. Kri says:

    Very scary stuff.I’m glad at least the babies weren’t there.As to thone saying they aren’t “filming right now”…they are ALWAYS FILMING.

  77. The Original G says:

    This had to be incredibly traumatic.

    Y’all know KWUNK is just a TV show, right?

  78. Aubrey says:

    Kanye had some really good, on top of it handlers. The guy ran on stage and wouldn’t leave until Kanye came with him.

  79. nyc rich says:

    “no name hotel”:, it’s the very private Hotel Particulier Porrtales at 7 Rue Pronchet.

  80. Sansa says:

    This situation is way too serious to be a stunt and PMK would never bless this. It reeks of an insider at the hotel or closer who set her up. They will be caught…I think poor Kim just got the wake up call of her life. She said she thought she was going to die and I believe her that’s going to take some time to get over she is probably going to suffer anxiety etc. She is way over the top and make you roll your eyes but Kim is not a bad person keep an open mine , it’s ok poke fun and Kim is in on the joke ( props to her Ching $$$) but I am giving her the benefit of the doubt. Kim hope you get your goods back and recover, stay home with the kids for now. It’s too bad going to Paris was ruined for you, that’s beat.

    • Jwoolman says:

      I’m sad that this happened to Kim, but make no mistake: she is not harmless. She is a mean pathological liar and so self-absorbed that it harms her children, who are used as unwilling props. She has deliberately smeared people like her ex-husband and has used lies to hurt other people as well. She has treated certain people atrociously, such as her brother. Her behavior is damaging to others.

      That doesn’t mean she deserves to be terrorized like this. She is not evil incarnate, but I would never say she “is not a bad person”. I do think her mother damaged her and her siblings, but at some point we all have to take responsibility for our own bad actions.

  81. Amanda DG says:

    Taylor Swift strikes again!! In all seriousness though, I’m glad KK is okay. What a scary ordeal. A few random thoughts though…KK does have bodyguards, where were they? There was only a concierge and no additional security at a prominent hotel? Sounds odd to me. Also, how do the thieves expect to get away with all those jewels? It seems it would be easy to trace any sales back to them. Lastly, I remember a clip from KUWTK years ago when she was married to that other guy and she lost a diamond in the water and how she flipped out about that. 10 mill this time? Her head must be exploding.

  82. Tracy says:

    Substitute “armed robbery” for “sexual assault” . Guess the narrative might change then? I guess you really do have a “perfect victim” in your back pocket now don’t you?

    Hypocrites, the lot of you.

    • Sasha says:

      There is a lot of anger towards people like her. She is not a bad person per se, just clueless and self-absorbed etc etc tec. But neither were all those French and Russian aristocrats killed in the respective revolutions by people who were driven beyond desperation. And various other people killed in popular uprisings.

      She is the epitome of everything that was wrong with today’s society, Sure, she deserves our pity. But she is also repulsive at the same time.

    • Goldie says:

      I agree Tracey. I’m no fan of the Kardashians, but I’m surprised by how quick people are to dismiss what happened to Kim.

      Ironically, people often defend sexual assault victims by saying things like “Rape and domestic violence are the only crimes where the victim is not given the benefit of the doubt. If someone says that they were robbed, no one would say that they are lying.”

      I guess people will have to stop using that line, since this incident has shown that people are accused of lying about all sorts of crimes, especially if they are not a ” perfect victim.”

      • Kitten says:

        It’s not about Kim not being the *perfect victim* (and I REALLY resent that insinuation), it’s about Kim and her family consistently lying.
        People who consistently lie are often not believed–sad but true. This is why character witnesses are brought into a trial, because although in an ideal world, we’d take everyone’s word at face value, we also know that people are fallible and as such, they don’t always tell the truth.

        Check the Lindsay Lohan thread from today and you’ll see a similar attitude in the comment section. The only difference is that nobody is even attempting to defend Lindsay Lohan, whereas the sanctimonious comments shaming others for not instantly believing Kim’s story are pretty prevalent here.

        Also, there’s a difference between taking a story with a grain of salt, and actively wishing that something terrible happens to someone or insinuating that a victim deserves to be victimized. Most Kim-defenders here seem to be glossing over what is actually being said and jumping straight to the affected piety and smug preachiness.

        I have a friend who is a notorious liar. Ok, so he’s not ALWAYS lying but he often GREATLY embellishes stories for effect. He once told me he had two people break into his house with guns when he had a couple friends staying over.
        I didn’t NOT believe him…but I didn’t instantly believe him either. I still don’t know what to think of it because the story was SO outlandish and crazy and because, well I know that he exaggerates and even tells white lies.
        Did I accuse him of lying? Of course not. I showed sympathy, shock and concern and acted like a good friend would, but I didn’t entirely believe him either. Why should I be shamed because I’m naturally discerning? Why is my judgment considered callous or worse yet, inferior to those who believe every single thing they hear?

        Not instantly jumping on the Poor Kim Train doesn’t make myself or any other commenter here somehow less compassionate.
        Critical? Yes. Cynical? Probably.
        Tired of lies for the sake of ratings? Yeah most definitely.

      • Goldie says:

        @kitten, I admit that I don’t really follow Kim Kardashian, so maybe I’ve missed some of the huge lies that she’s supposedly told. With Lindsay, I can at least understand the skepticism, because she has a history of lying about very serious matters. Like the time that she high jacked an suv and then tried to claim that the “black kid” did it. I also think there’s a difference between lying about how you got injured( which a lot of people do) vs creating a story about a serious crime being committed against you. From what I’ve seen of Kim, she hasn’t given me a reason to believe that she’d tell a lie of this magnitude.
        People are entitled to their opinions. I wasn’t trying to be smug. I was just genuinely surprised by the seemingly inconsistent remarks by some on this boards.

        P.S. I’ve always really liked your posts so I’m certainly not trying to come down on you.

      • Macheath says:


        I usually love your posts but I don’t think it’s fair to call people sanctimonious for the opposing view. It’s not a stretch at all. I’m sure you wouldn’t describe your posts about other matters as sanctimonious even when you’ve gone against the grain.
        If the consensus here has generally been, “there is no such thing as a perfect victim”, why does that change because the victim is Kim Kardashian? I believe that’s what we are trying to get at and I believe the comparison with the treatment of women who are assaulted/raped is very apparent and valid.

        Apart from her fame whoring ways, I don’t see anything in her that would deviate from that narrative. Being a famewhore has nothing to do with being held at gun point. Even if she does go on to milk the situation, it still doesn’t change that it happened and it’s still an awful thing to go through.

  83. LA says:

    Don’t harp on me…. but the more pics I see and read about this story the more it seems fake-ish… it’s all sooooo perfect. Down to the song Kanye left to…

    why isn’t she running into the hotel to see her babies, why isn’t Kanye touching (comforting) her AT ALL when walking into New York hotel…Her make up is perfect ( I’d be crying and shaking) and All her “before heist” pics look so smug like “if you think this outfit is crazy news, just wait” and the statement is such a shoulder shrug to me “she’s fine, but shaken” I say these things because I have been jumped by a gang with a gun and I was not fine.

    • Jwoolman says:

      I think her kids are in California. Kanye never seems to get close to her. And she did have a long flight to recover a bit…. Anyway, I don’t think we can tell from this that she made the whole thing up. My guess is that she might have embellished simply because she lies like other people breathe, but it really did happen and it really was a traumatic experience. Time will tell, insurance investigators are more relentless than police.

    • rudy says:

      I wondered the SAME THING. That says miles about Kimye.
      He was not touching her AT ALL, only holding his cell phone in the hand hear her.
      She does seem touchy feely with her family so….that is very sad. Not even a shoulder hug.
      But….this relationship, which from the beginning I believed was fake, never ever rang true. Their chemistry is non existent. She got what she paid for. Attention. Not love.

  84. Nolita says:

    “And remember, this is a human being you hate so much, one who has never actually hurt anyone. You hate her because she’s annoying. As though annoying is reason enough to hate at this level.”

    That sums it up.

  85. I Choose Me says:

    Where did my comment go?

  86. Bee says:

    Whether this is real or fake, when you post photos of $5m diamond rings on social media, don’t be surprised when robbers come knocking. Clearly no one “deserves” this, but a smart person doesn’t invite trouble. This family could quite possibly have chosen “likes” over their lives. Maybe they’ll do the whole world a favor and reign in their narcissistic ways which is spreading like a cancer on the younger generation who mysteriously look up to these people for some reason. We can live in hope.

  87. Sea Dragon says:

    I want to add that if true, I expect she’ll post pics of the damage the tape on her face caused. I’d imagine it’s worse than a bandaid and would leave marks. Horrible thought, right? I know but they’ll want to prove themselves.

    Also, they have so much money they can easily pay for secrecy. Happens all the time.

    Again, I feel bad for the doubt. I’d actually prefer to discover the incident was made up. No one deserves the level of terror and trauma. :/

  88. lightpurple says:

    I cannot stand this woman but I am glad she was not physically harmed beyond what duct tape can do to one’s face. That said, this reinforces some basic rules:

    1. Call the police! Both Kim and the woman in the downstairs bedroom made phone calls while the robbery was in progress. To the bodyguard, not the police. And then the bodyguard and one of the sisters raced to the apartment, again without calling the police. Dial the police number, throw the phone under the bed and scream, including where you are and what is going on while you’re screaming. Or just scream. They can trace and it is much, much easier if you’re using a cell phone with the GPS turned on.

    2. Leave your jewelry and other expensive items at home in a safe place when you travel. This one is on almost every travel safety list.

    3. Don’t flash your jewelry. Of course they knew about that ring and that she had it with her. She herself has been flashing it around and posting pictures of it.

    4. Know the escape routes from your hotel room and get out!

  89. Nibbi says:


    Mostly i feel bad for the city of Paris, which is already reeling from dropping tourism revenues after the November terror attacks. People are going to start thinking even more that it isn’t safe to travel here, but I feel like in this case it’s better just not to, like, travel around with 10 million in jewelry and be a narcissistic reality star dropping bling and instagramming every second of one’s life.

    Ultimately this will play out for the better for her. More attention, sympathy, blah blah.

    Poor Paris.

  90. Nibbi says:

    Also, she’s starting to look like Cher. Not the early Cher.

  91. Sansa says:

    after reading more I am curious how a bathroom door locks. It locks on the inside right? Is it that they locked the door and closed it from the outside, can’t she still open it.? Odd details…

  92. KatnissforKaepernick says:

    The lack of empathy by some of the people commenting today is appalling. A mother of two babies was robbed at gunpoint! She thought she was going to be raped or killed & some of you can’t even muster a bit of a compassion. And we wonder how Donald Trump is running for President?

  93. Moon says:

    No one man or woman should have to go through this. But I understand the public’s lack of empathy towards her. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who got robbed when that same someone and her family is ostentatious about their wealth and nepotism, through what many see as essentially money for doing shady work like dodgy weight loss pills endorsements and a brainless tv show. I think Kim is very hard working and she basically founded the trend, but as the face of our shallow social media obsessed culture and all its ills people are projecting dislike for what she stands for. Hence the lack of individual empathy.

  94. Piper says:

    If Kim was tied up and her mouth covered in the bathtub, how did she see the robbers get away on bicycles? Conveniently , the phone call to Rob was made while he was filming his failing show with Blac Chyna. We have a right to be cynical, this family has done so much for publicity, we’d be fools not to question this. I’m surprised Kim could leave the country in less than three hours after such a major crime took place. Wouldn’t there be plenty of questions needing to be answered ?