Kate Gosselin denies rumored affair with her bodyguard

Kate Gosselin looks shocked while she signs autographs
This week’s Star Magazine has a story that asks if the Gosselins of “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ have an open marriage. Dad Jon was famously caught carrying on with a 23 year-old teacher while staying several hours away at his parents’ house, a charge which he, Kate and the other woman deny despite the wealth of evidence. Star says that he might not be the only one who has been cheating. They stop short of saying Kate is sleeping with her bodyguard and rely on a “local” and “fans” to suggest that their relationship is suspicious. Not only is Kate maybe sleeping with the bodyguard, she kicked Jon out of the house and is making him stay above the garage. It sounds like the smart thing to do short of kicking him to the curb:

Amid Jon Gosselin’s latest cheating scandal — he’s been linked to 23-year-old teacher Deanna Hummel — Star has learned that he may not have been the first to stray.

“I heard Kate was getting way too close with her personal trainer, so Jon started cheating,” Trisha Berlin, a fellow Pennsylvanian tells Star. Kate is also being linked to her hunky bodyguard — known as “Mr. Gray” to bloggers.

Kate spends so much time with the gray-haired guard that it has led many fans to believe that he may have taken the place of her husband while she crisscrosses the county on her book tour…

Talk in town is that Jon has been kicked out of the bedroom and is now sleeping in a living space above their three-car garage. And a neighbor confirms to Star that he’s seen workers doing construction on the Gosselin’s garage – including putting in skylights.

“Jon goes out to meet other women because Kate has given him the cold shoulder,” explains a source. “Their relationship is totally over. There is no love there any longer. But it’s Kate’s idea to make it seem like they’re still together, because she wants the show to go on.”

[From Star Magazine, first two paragraph from their website, rest of story from print edition, May 18, 2009]

So Star did what it always does and took an already good gossip story and stretched it to the breaking point with speculation that was so weak they didn’t even bother to claim that it was true. Of course Kate Gosselin is using this as an attempt to rally against the gossip press in general, which first revealed her husband’s cheating. She got all worked up over this BS piece in Star that no one would have paid much attention to if she didn’t bother to dispute it. Kate categorically denied the story to People, and she also revealed that she has regrets about doing a reality show and putting her family and friends on the line for cash and fame:

Two weeks after stories linked her husband, Jon Gosselin, with a 23-year-old school teacher, Kate says she is now the target of tabloid lies. “The next story coming out from the animals that stalk us is about our security person and his family,” Kate tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Already the allegations they’re making about me are disgusting, unthinkable, unfathomable, and I am horrified.”

“These are people who absolutely love us and want to see us through to the end,” Kate says of Neild and his family. “Of course, both of them travel with us at times, and we’ve spent holidays together, because, in this situation, your circle grows smaller and smaller, and it’s very natural to become friends with your manager, your publicist, your security team … they’re the only people you have left. And now they’re coming under fire.”

With few close companions, and her marriage to Jon hitting a rough patch, Kate says she is terrified that this latest round of stories will drive away the friends she and her family have left. “I’m totally panicking, and thinking, ‘We are going to lose our last set of friends.’ I keep calling them, begging, ‘Seriously, I’m so sorry. Don’t run away from us.’ They keep saying, ‘We’re fine, we’re fine.’ But they have paparazzi in front of their house. It’s so upsetting.”

Most troubling to her is the realization “we opened our world to this,” she says, adding, “but we willingly made a conscious decision to put this out there. Our friends and family did not. I had no idea we would potentially take down the people that we love around us.”

She adds: “It’s like saying, ‘Thanks for your support, let me sic the paparazzi on you.’ It’s very very difficult. It leaves us, essentially, alone and friendless. It’s terrible.

Ultimately, Kate says she does not know what she can do to stop the insanity. “The scary thing for me is [the tabloids] are going to take information and create a story. It’s a matter of, ‘When will they stop?’ They’re going to keep going, and they’ll make up stuff to connect the dots.”

[From People]

Kate doesn’t really get it, because the best way to deal with these fake stories is either to issue a denial statement through a PR person, ignore it, or quickly blog or twitter that it’s not true without making a big deal out of it. Don’t let us know that it’s getting to you, iron lady! This kind of crap goes with the territory and you have to let it blow over without feeding it. I read that story in Star and it sounded so fake to me that I didn’t even bother to repeat it. Kate shouldn’t either. The stuff about her husband, well, that’s another story.

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  1. Abby says:

    Kate is the type who can’t stand to let any little thing go. I mean, Jon eats one too many bites of mashed potatoes and she’s all over him like asap. I’m sure all this gossip is literally killing the control freak inside of her.

  2. b says:

    I can’t stand this woman and I cannot muster one ounce of pity for her. She is a money driven, rude, and disrespectful person who likes to throw her “but I am religious” beliefs around when it suits her.
    I do, however feel horrible for her CHILDREN. Now, perhaps she will think 2ce about doing another season.

  3. seriously dude says:

    I feel like if she could put her EGO to the side they could maybe work this marriage out. But until she drops herself down a peg or two they are over. You can tell by watching them.

  4. anna says:

    Hahaha “Kate spends so much time with the gray-haired guard… while she crisscrosses the county on her book tour…”

    Um.. isn’t the job of a BODYGUARD to be with you most of the time guarding your body??

    I buy John cheating as a passive agreesive way of hurting his wife – I think Kate is too Type A and focused on making money off her family to do something that would jeopardize the “8 little paycheques.”

  5. Lauren says:

    Kate was a mouthy control freak, even before they got married-go to archive footage of their show that has clips of home movies, when her hair was long & in a ponytail. I don’t understand why they got married at all- Jon is a quiet devil with a roving eye, and Kate is overbearing & hypercritical. This marriage was doomed long before these 2 narcassists had children. I wish we could go back to the old way of having children, and if you are unable to, then adopt! IVF is causing utter destruction to humanity, and these “multiples” are used for profit. I am throughly disgusted by this fake family.

  6. Gigohead says:

    I know who Kate doesn’t have an affair with: Her hairdresser. I’ve never seen such a tacky hairstyle since the late 80′s. My God. Please grow out the back and blow it down.

  7. caribassett says:

    Wait, wut?! She has a body guard? ROFL

  8. Codzilla says:

    Gigo: Agreed. Her hair is nothing short of atrocious.

  9. amelia says:

    body guard? she needs a body guard? spare me.

  10. Karen says:

    @ Gigo – ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!

  11. Abby says:

    @Gigo – soooooooo true!!!!

  12. Carrie says:

    In defense of Kate’s harshness toward her husband on the show, we the viewers only see a tiny bit of what their life is actually like and I bet it makes better TV to show Kate being harsh to her husband than being loving. And we as viewers tuned in to catch these moments and light up message boards about them and the producers think they need more moments like that to make the cut. Jon and Kate and their children need to take time out of the spotlight and try family counseling. With all these reports about him seeing this teacher and her seeing her personal trainer or bodyguard the children are being forgotten. They just need to go away and forget about money and focus on their family.

  13. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Carrie: they got rid of the old producers because KATE wanted more control over what goes into the show. So she could totally change how she comes across like that (snap!) if your theory was correct.

    But face it: that’s how she treats her husband and always has. Even when she’s being *nice* to him, even early on in the series, she’d still roll her eyes every time he said anything, sigh like she’s so put upon by his stupidity, insult him, treat him like he’s three, interrupt him, order him around like a servant, you name it.

    Now, he’s a grown man and has, for whatever reason, chosen to put up with that all these years.

    But the show has put it out there for all to see.

    As for her statements that she hates what publicity has done to her family? Sure. If she really hated it so much, she’d call a stop to it, all of it, yesterday. But no, they are currently taping season FIVE.

    It’s all about the money and her controlling things. The end.

    And her hairstylist HATES her.

  14. pebbles says:

    her publicist? her security guard? And she doesn’t know how to “stop the insanity??” Come on, Kate. Just give up the fame game, go back to your family, and work on making those kids feel loved. Oh, and kick Jon to the curb.

  15. Ashley says:

    Why does this chicken-head need a bodyguard? If anything, she needs a damn stylist to tell her to get rid of that rats nest on the back of her head!

  16. *sUpEr*StAr* says:

    He cheats… she cheats… they all cheat! everyone’s even! can we just let it go already?

  17. elusive says:

    Lauren – You are a moron! To catogorize every individual who utilized ART to create a family as a money hungry, destructer of scoiety is a huge, and wrong gerneralization. IVF is about making families for people who are reproductively challenged, not about creating reality shows. Is it OK that crack heads across America can reproduce like rabbits, but some people can’t with out help, and would like to TRY for their own biological children? Individuals like Kate & the Octo-moron are exceptions to the rules, and had Dr’s who were unethical. The should never be held up as “what IVF is about”. I wonder how many of your friends have used ART and never told you because you are a bigot. I hope you never have to be told you can’t have children. Also, there are many other things that are causing the “destruction of humanity” IVF isnt one of them. Get a grip.

    As for this situation, anyone who has watched the show could see this coming. Kate is a harpy and Jon is passive aggressive. The only ones I feel bad for are the children.

  18. valupack says:

    Looks like she got a boob job

  19. czarina says:

    Please go to the house in your neighborhood that has several small children (not even 8…say, three or four) and see how the wife and husband behave.
    Very likely, they will be curt, impatient, brisk and cranky because they spend all day dealing with small children, which is exhausting and stressful.
    Why on earth is everyone so hysterical about how badly Kate treats John?????? I watch the show and frankly I have not found her that bad.
    So, unless she gazes at him adoringly, coos and tells him how wonderful he is, then she is a “harpy”? When, exactly, is he ever “nice” to Kate? I don’t mean indifferent and too lazy to work up any sort of emotion, but actually makes an effort to be kind to her?
    Or (a shocking thought) actually gets up off his a$$ and makes a real effort (instead of just shuffling around until he is asked or told to do something).
    John makes me mad because he is a total passive aggressive and in doing so he makes Kate look like the “nasty” one while he is “oh, poor John picked on by his wife, etc.”.
    I don’t know if any of you know true passive aggressive people, but I do and I know they manipulate situations to make themselves seem laid back and “nice” while the other person (often a spouse) comes off as pushy, angry, snappish and mean. (I have a good friend who has gone through this with her husband so I am particularly sympathetic to Kate at the moment!)

  20. elusive says:

    Czarina – I never said jon was a saint. Only that they have both equally contributed to their poor marital state. Jon plays the silent cold shoulder, and she plays the yelling control freak…and im sure the truth is somewhere inbetween on both of them. Is Jon right for cheating…no….it’s the ultimate passive aggressive move…I dont want to end my relationship so I’ll cheat and make her end it.
    That being said I dont think Kate is innocent in all of this either.

    And again .. I feel badly for the children.

  21. j. ferber says:

    Lauren, I agree that Nadya Suleman and the Gosselins used their IVF multiples as a modern-day version of a circus freak show. Instead of touring around the country, the camera comes directly to them. Very good point. But I do disagree with your opinion of IVF. Most procedures don’t produce multiples. One is lucky to come out of it all with one child (which is what, luckily, happened to me). I think men especially (in my opinion) are more reluctant to adopt children and would rather try for a biological one. And Elusive, you can disagree without name-calling. That’s not what this site is about.

  22. jenn says:

    whatever their situation is i feel so badly for the poor little kids.

  23. elusive says:

    j. ferber
    After being at a rally for IVF funding, and being told by many people of the same beliefs as Lauren that I’m a bad person and going against “god”, Let me tell you I’m a little hot under the collar about being called a “destroyer of humanity” I think that moron, and bigot was very restrained consdering. Also, plainly by their definition I’m not incorrect – she holds uneducated and simple, closed minded views on IVF. I’m trying not to make a personal attack, but being told im ruining humanity seems like a personal thing to me.

  24. whatevs says:

    @czarina, I used to think the same thing, considering I’m a little bit like Kate in a number of awful ways. But after watching the show long enough it’s become clear that she openly hates him and vice versa. It might be an exaggeration for the cameras, she might be subconciously punishing him, who knows. They have issues that are really none of my concern.

    The thing that bothers me the most is her raging ego and obnoxious sense of entitlement. She comes across as very ungrateful, in any given situation, and it’s become hard to watch. They are far from poor and struggling, yet they (her more so than him) wander around the country accepting donations from people that probably can’t afford to donate in the first place. Everything is almost always comped, they pay for next to nothing, yet still expect people to give them more money and free shit. Money that’s probably going to her fake tan, designer clothing, expensive makeup, and baboons ass hair-DON’T. All I can say is, those kids better be able to go to the college of their choice TWICE. They’ve earned it and then some.

  25. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    whatevs, very well put.

    czarina: my husband and I have gone through some serious major stress in our nearly 20 years together. I even started to list it all out and it got too depressing to re-live it.

    However, my point is that, while people might be curt and impatient at times, or cranky, that is nothing compared to how Kate acts on a regular basis. She isn’t just impatient with him, she can barely stand to be in the same room with him. There’s a big difference! And my husband and I have never been so hateful to each other on a regular, on-going basis as I see Kate being to Jon. It’s gotten to the point that you can’t even watch it, it’s so uncomfortable.

    That’s not just being “curt.”

  26. Miranda says:

    Maybe he wouldnt cheat on her if she would do something with that nasty hair of hers!

  27. tess says:

    lauren: adopting is very expensive, the wait is long and many couples do not qualify for adoption. my husband and i tried to adopt after we learned we were having fertility issues. we were turned down because i have epilepsy and because we had been married for less than five years.

    i agree that k & j’s multiples have turned into little cash calfs, but your comment about IVF causing destruction erases any credibility you may be seeking.

    DO agree with another posters comment that it looks like kate bought some new b00bies!

  28. czarina says:

    @Whatevs–everyone obviously sees things differently. The ironic thing is just tonight my daughter had the show on (older episode) and John was actually being really nasty to Kate (they were out somewhere with the kids) yelling: “It’s like you haven’t had eight children before!” (going out with, he meant) and you know, Kate just backed right down and said “What am I doing wrong?” (and sincerely asked that–not being sarcastic).
    And in that she reminded me so much of my friend, I felt so bad for her.
    Maybe this was an older episode and things hadn’t gotten as bad, but I thought as I watched it that, public behaviour aside, I bet she loves him more than he does her.
    And if that is/was true, maybe that is why it is harder for Kate to hide her anger and frustration than John (who doesn’t care as much).
    I guess it’s too easy to judge people based on a television show when the truth is people can be very complex and a constant surprise.
    I would also add that a lot of the companies that give Kate & John free stuff do it because their show is giving them free advertising in return.

  29. Miss C says:

    I find it hard to believe that Kate treats her husband like this because he’s a good, caring guy. We do not know what goes on inside of their marriage, and if this is his first time of cheating. He always struck me as the type of person that has to be pushed, repeatedly, for him to accomplish or help with anything. I dated a guy for a year and a half that was like that, you could talk to him about stuff until you were blue in the face (try talking about the same issues 50+ times and getting nowhere) but he didn’t listen until you got in his face and started yelling. It gets frustrating and I can’t imagine that all those children would help that frustration. Just my take on the situation though, feel free to disagree.

  30. b says:

    Destruction of humanity?? What a leap of logic!??

  31. Miss K says:

    Does anyone find it funny that this affair talk came out at the same time as Kate’s latest book? Sounds a little bit like publicity for the book to me!

  32. John Bumpus says:

    I can’t stand the overbearing witch. Take that stupid show off the air. Who wants to see them pretend to be a family? Not me.

  33. Jasmine says:

    @John i agree with you..she is overbearing witch, cheating and other…