The PFW Louis Vuitton show featured some, um, interesting fashion?


2016 is the year when the “Balmain Army” became a thing for some reason. The Balmain Army is nothing really – it’s just a group of celebrities and models wearing Balmain. Very few of them are actually being paid by Balmain to be part of said “Army.” Still, I guess it’s smart branding, because I was reminded of the Balmain Army with these photos from Wednesday’s Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week. Could it be that Nicolas Ghesquiere is trying to create his own Louis Vuitton Army out of sullen white women with bad hair? That’s one thing the Balmain Army has going for it: diversity (and good hair). LV? Not so much.

Here are Alicia Vikander & Michelle Williams, both brand ambassadors and models for Vuitton. I don’t think either woman is bringing much to the brand, nor do I think the brand is doing much for them. I will say this: after all the milkmaid looks, I don’t think Vikander looks bad here. Michelle’s dress is absurd though.




Okay, Lea Seydoux’s ensemble isn’t that bad. But it doesn’t really look like LV either – this could be A Pea in the Pod for all we know. Also: Lea is such a pretty pregnant lady! She’s just glowing.


Miranda Kerr came out for LV. That’s interesting, I guess. I wonder who will do Miranda’s wedding dress when she marries Evan Spiegel?


Oh, Sophie Turner, what are you wearing?


Adele Exarchopoulos’ LV is made of NOOOOOOooo.


Karlie Kloss, a mullet dress and new bangs trauma. This look is a whirling dervish of fuggery.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Chaine says:

    Love Miranda’s look. The rest are either boring or bizarre.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      The dress is cute but the colours are awful.

    • tegteg says:

      I love the look AND the colors! Sure, they burn the eyes a bit they are so bright, but I still think they look good.

      I like Alicia’s look too, but I can see how it could be considered boring. I’m just happy she doesn’t look all twee and like a twelve year old milkmaid. Sophie’s makeup and dress REALLY age her. She looks about thirty there, which is crazy. Most unflattering look of all, imo.

  2. Locke Lamora says:

    Alicia and Jennifer look amazing. I love their looks head to toe. I love those shoes.
    Michelle Williams also looks cute. She’s one of the rare women who look good with platinum blonde hair.
    Lea has Marion Cotillard’s “something smells rotten” face.
    All other dresses are fugly, but I do like Karlie’s bangs.

    • tegteg says:

      Yeah, I can’t get past the disgusted look on Lea’s face to see her glow. Is that a French girl thing or is it just a coincidence that Marion does it too?

      • IseeParis says:

        After witnessing it firsthand in some posh parts of the city I would say it’s rather a Parisian look haha Maybe both are just tired? Léa is still gorgeous though

  3. Katerera says:


  4. Skyblue says:

    Please tell me those horrid boots aren’t on the verge of staging a comeback?

    • HeidiM says:

      They are! And as a woman with big feet, I’m not looking forward to it. Imagine those in a 10 or 11. Jaysus!

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Good god, my first impression of the whole gaggle was, “Gah! Those horrid boots!!”

    • isabelle says:

      They are 90s has rolled itself into fashion and refuses to budge. The boots with the thin short dress was bad enough the first time and here we are again. Pull out those Doc Martians ladies cause they are back!

  5. tback says:

    Is that Demi Moore in header photo?

  6. LizLemonGotMarried says:

    What is wrong with me? I don’t hate these items at all. I especially love Alicia’s look and Michelle’s dress,

    • Kitten says:

      Dude I am super-duper-into all of it, except the cut-out stuff.
      Those dresses would be awesome without all those unflattering holes. Ugh.

      Michelle looks AMAZING. And the first pic is just effin’ cool…like, those are my kind of peeps right there.

  7. ds says:

    Well I love the shoes

  8. AuntSass says:

    Loooove Alicia’s jacket and top!! The rest of these clothes are hideous.

  9. AG-UK says:

    Boots ok rest no, I do like Michelle’s outfit look and her hair.

  10. AlleyCat says:

    I love Miranda’s dress and Alicia can pull off anything. Why does this site hate bangs?? I need them, I have a ginormous forehead. I like Karlie’s hair!

    • Bridget says:

      Because most bangs look mumsy. Jennifer Garner’s bangs? Mumsy. Cute angled bangs are fine, though.

    • Ducky la Rue says:

      @AlleyCat – I will join you in the ginormous forehead corner, with my bangs. I suspect the people complaining about bangs do not have the giant egg-shaped alien head that I do. Bangs may not work for everyone, but they are flattering on me. 🙂

  11. Jade says:

    I actually love Karlie Kloss’s hair here but i like messy rock and roll hair

  12. cr says:

    Michelle looks like she has fungus or coral growing on her boobs.

  13. Nev says:

    Alicia looks happening.

  14. SBS says:

    I understand the reasoning behind being a ‘brand ambassador’ (money, free stuff, publicity) but they all still look miserable to be there.

  15. Bex says:

    Sophie Turner’s dress is one of the worst garments I’ve ever seen and yet she somehow seems to be pulling it off?

    • kay says:

      I cannot believe I am saying this but I actually love it…or love it on her? Ugh. I cannot believe I like it. Lol.

  16. leigh says:

    Is Alicia Vilkander a good actress? She looks EXACTLY the same in every photo I see of her. Boring. She looks really, really boring.

    • Minxx says:

      Thank you for stating the obvious. Alicia Vikander has zero charisma and dead eyes. But she’s tiny and here she looks like she’s the biggest lady in this group (and that includes Nicholas Ghesquiere) – how f** up is that? LV fashion is the definition of fugly. Dior comes close second.

  17. Cee says:

    I loved everything and need Vikander’s coat/jacket. However I can’t afford the original LOL

  18. Macheath says:

    Either Alicia is taller than she looks or all the others are tiny.

    Her look is 100% my style and I would wear the hell out of it. Except the trousers would not be cut offs – they’d be skinny and tucked into the boots. Love it.
    Not a fan of any of the other outfits I’m afraid.

  19. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    The boots are poorly made and fit no one properly — look at how they crumple when the wearer tries to lace them to fit! Or else nobody is wearing their proper size and they are laced to corset-vice-like proportions. AK’s look like they are on the wrong feet!

  20. Mar says:

    Miranda looks great but the rest are awful.

  21. anoy says:

    They all look so skinny and hungry. Poor thangs.

  22. K says:

    I don’t care for much of Ghesquière’s casual wear. The gowns that he designed for Alicia’s awards season last year were great, though. I hope he will do the same for Michelle. No combat boots, though. Ugh.

  23. I Choose Me says:

    I love what Alicia’s wearing. I like her styling too and she has such great posture. Michelle Williams is milquetoast fug. Lea looks great. I like that sparkly silver top and she really is glowing. Sophie Turner and Karlie some how pull off their looks for me. I think it’s because they look poised on confident.

    Oh and the boots, I love the boots even though my short self couldn’t wear them.

  24. moon says:

    I don’t hate these outfits, but they look like something H&M would put out in their basic hipster collection. I have 3 of those boots from H&M for 40 bucks each.

  25. Lydia says:

    Really, people actually love Vikander’s look here? I… don’t get it. She looks SO basic & bland, like Monday morning at any middle America office, complete with weekend hangover & ‘need coffee’ face. Are people overstating it because it’s the least offensive of the bunch?

    Although, I actually like Michelle’s look, she does twee better than Vikander, I think because she doesn’t look 12. And I like Adele’s dress too, she looks like she came out of a sci-fi movie, and that to me isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I mean, that look isn’t for Monday at the office in Minnesota, but it’s cute for a club or bar or fashion show or something.

  26. FF says:

    Wtf! Vikander *doesn’t* look like a milkmaid?

    Is this real life?

    Also: Why, Sophie Turner, why?

    Only Michelle Williams carries off her look.

    Mostly I’m just wishing LV would stop doing this to otherwise attractive young women.

    • Andrea says:

      There was a dress she wore in a recent premiere that made her look just like a milkmaid.

  27. phlyfiremama says:

    I think Jennifer Connelly is the best dressed one of the bunch!! Michelle is 50 shades of “Shower Curtain, Interrupted”. What a mess of a dress! I would love for the mullet dress to disappear entirely, but Sophie Turner looks gorgeous anyway~from the mullet up. Karlie Kloss is at best “meh” to me; I couldn’t pick her out of a skinny blonde white girl lineup anywhere. Miranda Kerr looks fabulous.

  28. karen2 says:

    …puhlese do not dis Olivier R…ever…hes probably had to work himself nearly to death to attain & keep his place in fashion…its tough being a fashion genius year after year…just review the dross displayed during LFW…cripes…

  29. anon says:

    They all look so thin, hunrgy and sad. Even Connelly who is a goddess. I hate it

  30. Cat87 says:

    I never really like LV, it’s overrated, bland and has no substance to their design. I like Balmain because my god, they make the female form look absolutely gorgeous. Also those who wear it are more ‘diverse.’ LV is way to posh for its own good and very picky about who represents their brands.