Linda Hogan rejected from Brooke’s b-day; No one wants Nick’s reality show

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Just in case you thought the Hogan family had put their issues with each other aside, I’m here to tell you… not so much. They’re also still really big on lying and fabricating the truth, considering they’re giving very different versions of a story, only one of which can be true. Brooke Hogan turned 21 last week in an appropriately tacky party at Pure nightclub in Vegas. According to Brooke, she invited her mom Linda – with whom she’s been estranged – to her birthday part, but Linda didn’t bother to show. According to Linda’s people, she was never invited.

Brooke Hogan was all smiles as she celebrated her coming-of-age last week at Sin City’s Spago Restaurant alongside her boyfriend Stack$, father Hulk, brother Nick and a few close friends — but notably absent for the intimate affair was her mom, Linda Bollea.

Brooke reached out to her mother numerous times and let her know that she was more than welcome at any of her birthday celebrations and that she would love her to be there, but Linda chose not to attend, said a source.

“Linda was really, really hurt,” another source told Tarts. “But Brooke has sided with her father in all of this, she was adamant about not celebrating with her mom or extending an invitation.”

Following dinner, Brooke partied with (and couldn’t keep her hands off) her beau inside PURE nightclub while typically protective Hulk looked on disapprovingly.

[From Fox News’ Pop Tarts]

It’s hard to side with anyone in Hulk and Linda’s divorce, considering how reprehensible their behavior has been. It’s not surprising that Brooke would be creeped out by her mom’s relationship with a 19-year-old former friend of her younger brother Nick. But her dad also said he understood why OJ Simpson killed Nicole Brown, so you’d think she’d want to stay far away from both of her parents.
In related Hogan news, near-killer Nick has wanted his own reality show for a long time. Because he’s such a wonderful, special person and not one of the world’s greater assholes. Unfortunately for dear Nick, no one’s willing to touch his show – or much of anything having to do with him.

“I want to do where I’ll make the most money,” Nick said [to Hulk in audio tapes of Nick's jail phone conversation with his dad during his incarceration] , his father adding that he’ll produce the show and make his son the owner.

But so far Nick hasn’t [had] any luck with that controversial show of his, with an insider telling Tarts that the production companies and [sic] hesitant to even touch it. A rep for VH1 (the network behind “Hogan Knows Best” and the spin-off “Brooke Knows Best”) confirmed to Tarts that there was nothing in the works regarding Nick.

Although the now 18-year-old has made the move to the outskirts of Tinseltown and still has high hopes of making it on the big-screen.

“He wants to start his own charity,” a source close to mama Linda said. “He wants to make a name for himself.”

[From Fox News’ Pop Tarts]

Um, a charity for what? If I were to be forced to list 10,000 adjectives that describe Nick Hogan, never ever would I say anything along the lines of “cares about others.” Obviously he wants to start his own charity to try to look like a better guy than he is. Though to be fair the guy who robbed my neighbor’s apartment is better than Nick Hogan is, so it wouldn’t take much. Surely he doesn’t need to start a charity to improve his image. When you’re considered nothing but scum, anything is a step up. Hell, he could just slow down at a yellow light once in a while and people will think he’s a little bit less of a douche bag than he is.

Here are the Hogans at Brooke’s birthday party on May 5th in Vegas. Images thanks to .

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  1. boomchakaboom says:

    I find Hulk to far less obnoxious than Linda Hogan – even with the O.J. comment, which I understand, actually.

  2. browning says:

    With all the money that they have you would think she could buy herself some clothes and shoes that fit! Unless theres not a mens big and tall shop where she lives.

  3. Shannon says:

    It’s a shame that nepotism runs rampant in Hollywood…and since this Hogan chick makes a living exploiting herself, I feel no shame whatsoever in saying she is dog ugly. If her last name weren’t what it is, she would be rejected by every talent agency in Hollywood. She would not be on anyone’s red carpet and no one would want to take a picture of her. She is friggin ugly! Now, Rumer Willis was dog ugly at one point too, but it was obvious she was maturing into her facial features (maybe some plastic surgery too???). Anyway, she looks better now. This Hogan chick on the other hand will always look like this. Both she and her mother are ugly and the Hulk is certainly no prize either!

    Wow…she is so ugly. I hope she read this and retires from…whatever it is that she does.

  4. I am 41 and I look younger than Brooke. I can’t decide if I think she looks more like a cougar or a tranny…..discuss. As for Nick, I would watch a reality show of him taking care of the poor kid that will be a veg for the rest of his (tragically cut short) life. He should have to change diapers, feed, clean and financially support that kid. I bet that kid wishes Nick had actually suceeded in killing him. I know I wouldn’t want to “live” that way. Shameful, trashy family.

  5. OrangeFace says:

    I’m just so sick and tired of hearing from those orange tanned, bleach blond freaks. Who cares what they think or have to say? I agree that Brooke would not be doing anything if she wasn’t who she is. I mean she looks 50 years old. She needs to stop with the orange tan already. I’m still LOL @ Nick and his charity. He needs to pay for the poor guy he turned into a vegatable.

  6. Jeane says:

    I thought that picture was Linda. Yikes.

  7. ash says:

    She looks SO OLD. Her skin is ghastly. *shudders* It’s a 50 year old man in drag.

  8. *sUpEr*StAr* says:

    Did she fall in some mud face first before entering the club?? or is it just me? LOL… I am not one to say mean things about ppl but common I have to say “go wash ur damn face girl!… or boy maybe??” I’m confused!

  9. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I’m not even being snarky, but I can’t tell if that’s the mom or the daughter? Which one is which? Is Linda the mom?

    The mother and daughter look the same age.

  10. HS says:

    wow she is looking major tranny in the face!

  11. bdthomp says:

    That dress would be so attractive if it weren’t so damn tight/short. I think I can see her navel crater!

  12. Annie says:

    I like Pure. Good club.

    And I adore the dress. Just not on her…girls of her size shouldn’t wear things that tight…

  13. Meimei says:

    There’s no way that is a bio-woman (or 21)… I’ve seen MANY far more feminine drag queens.

  14. janey says:

    Haha, stripey orange ‘n’ brown legs

  15. Valensi says:

    It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who thought that trainwreck in the photo was Linda!
    Seriously – she needs to ease up a bit on the spray tanning, and maybe invest in some Kardashian-like cocktail dresses.
    … Christ, her face makes me so distraught.

  16. SW says:

    Does anyone here live in the Clearwater area…cause isn’t that the area where Brooke sometimes lives?
    I’m in LWR…thankfully I don’t have to deal with any sightings of her. But I’m curious…does she always go out in public dressed in shit like that??

  17. Codzilla says:

    She really, honestly looks like a man. Bizarre.

  18. Meimei says:

    Oh, yes, Clearwater. All that ScientoLOLogy “wisdom” is leaking out and making things like this happen. Explains a lot. :P

  19. SW says:

    Well dang, MeiMei, you just might be onto something there. I never looked at it that way!

  20. loldongs says:

    Brooke Hogan looks like a Wookie that had an unfortunate incident with a flamethrower.

  21. MB says:

    Yeah…I thought that was Linda too. Yikes is right. What an awful, horrible, tacky family.

  22. aleach says:

    oh my god. while i was reading this story, i literally scrolled up like 3 times to look at this girl (?).
    just a bad, bad look.
    look at her compared to that chick standing beside her. she looks like a giant orange tranny wearing a teal ace bandage.

  23. Marianne says:

    I never thought someone could actually look this orange! Yay for my pale skin…

  24. Rosebudd says:

    I am not the “church lady’, but this is an example of satan at his best. A family divided, confused, selfish, self-absorbed all in the name of money. They have enough and shld. chill out and enjoy each other today. Will there ever be ENOUGH MONEY for them. Nick, if you read this, go to school and go around to schools or wherever to discuss drinking, driving and racing. Be humble.

  25. lawyergirl06 says:

    Her boyfriend’s name is “Stack$?” How did I not know this? Dude, I wonder what Vo-Tech he graduated from. Stack$, bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  26. Ashley says:

    How in the world did they get a man to wear a blue dress? They must of paid him alot!!

  27. the original kate says:

    god, this family is so trashy. when will they go away?

  28. Joe says:

    I can’t imagine into the furthest depths of my mind, someone actually thinking, “It’s Brooke Hogan’s Birthday. She’s having a party. I want to go!” Who is this woman’s fans?

  29. Magsy says:

    The whole damn family ought to be arrested and put in jail. What a crew!
    Give the public a break from these weird Hogans.

  30. Lola_gets says:

    I love the way the whole family parades around like they deserve applause and all is well… Hulk your son is just about a murderer and your “daughter” is a no talent, trashy skank who has extremely bad taste in men! Vh1 needs to pull this awful show and hopefully all the hogans will sink into obscurity.

  31. melissa says:

    I did think at first it was linda, but then I realized it was brooke. I think they are both real pretty and brooke is a very sweet person from what I’ve seen in the show. I had never seen so many bad comments posted together. All you people are just haters!!! I bet your all fat and deep inside wished you had her body. So just shut up and go hate someone else. That’s why there is that saying…”Dont hate the player. Hate the Game.”

  32. I think she would be pretty if she got rid of the orange tan and lost some of that muscle mass.

  33. Jemma Bond says:

    That reality show was the begining of the end for the Hogan family.