The Bachelor’s Nick Viall already slept with a contestant before filming


The new season of The Bachelor hasn’t even filmed yet and already it’s star, Nick Viall, has banged one of his intended. Nick was the runner-up on both season ten and season nineteen of The Bachelorette and appeared with former nemesis Josh Murray on season three of Bachelor in Paradise. Running out of bachelor-related options, Nick agreed to be season twenty-two’s front man. On the first day of shooting, the young ladies trotted out and whoops – one of them had already slept with Nick at a wedding. Here’s the shocker – being the stand-up guy Nick seems to be, he never called his hook up after they did the deed.

It’s probably safe to say she won’t be getting the First Impression Rose. Nick Viall hooked up with one of his contestants from the forthcoming season of The Bachelor long before the show was ever filmed, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly.

“During the first day of taping, all of the girls came out, and he actually had slept with one of them at a wedding and never called her again,” the insider tells Us.

Neither of the onetime bedmates acknowledged their past sexual encounter after reuniting on set, the source adds.

A second insider says Viall told producers that he “didn’t want any girls on the show that he already knew or had a date with” because he felt “it was a waste of a person being there.”

[From Us Weekly]

Without knowing the inner workings of the highly complex Bachelor guidelines, I kind of assumed nobody wanted people they’d already dated as contestants. Isn’t that the point, that no one else worked out so they’re now selecting from a network-approved pool of people? Is it weird that I am slightly impressed he recognized her? Even though neither admitted their prior dalliance on air, when the cameras weren’t rolling, Nick made his feelings about the situation know to the producers, saying, “That’s so f__ked up.” You know what they say, Nick, karma is a dish best served on a reality tv show.

Another story coming out of the Bachelor filming is that one of the episodes will focus on a Backstreet Boys concert in LA. In it, Nick and his gaggle will dance on stage with the band. Unfortunately, the contestants weren’t given much time to learn the choreography. According to Backstreet Boy, A.J. McLean, “I felt really bad for the girls because we only gave them 30 minutes to learn that whole dance routine, and the fear of God came over all of those girls’ faces.” It’s pretty hard to look sexy when terrified.

Let’s take bets as to how many “Viall” and “re-Vialled” puns will be made this season.




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  1. Scarlet Vixen says:

    He looks like that douche you hook up with when you’re drunk because he’s convinced you he’s amazing in bed, and then you realize part way thru that he’s actually horrible at it & you wish you could quit before the deed is even finished, but he thinks it was so great.

    And why is he wearing a toddler’s blazers??

    • hnmmom says:

      Ugh, he is so gross. Total douche. He looks like he stole Scott Disick’s clothes when he was passed out but this guy is a size bigger. Definitely stole Scott’s attitude and sadly that is a perfect fit.

    • LB says:

      You’re not far off — the bachelorettes that brought him to runner up on two seasons have both said he’s bad in bed.

      • Anna says:

        He’s also slept with at least 5 women in the franchise and hasn’t gotten a good rep about how he is in bed with them either haha

    • You made me laugh first thing this morning, thanks😀

    • amilu says:

      Hahaha. My only thought coming away from his photos is “what a douche.” But your analysis is spot on.

    • It'sJustBlanche says:

      They really scraped the bottom of he barrel for this one.

      Also, those jackets. Why?

    • Snowflake says:

      Been there, done that 😀

    • Bridget says:

      That’s pretty clearly (at least to me) the work of a stylist, so think of it this way: he actually paid someone to dress him in those tiny jackets.

  2. D says:

    I don’t believe for a second that anyone goes on that show to find ‘true love’, they want to be on tv and get their 15 minutes of fame. Attention not love.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      Does anyone actually believe people go on there to find love? They just want to get famous enough to be able to make a living by selling dental floss on instagram.

      I only watched Nick on BiP and he came across really good, but he probably did get the winner’s edit.

      • D says:

        Dental floss or detox tea….A lot of people watch that show, I think there are some who believe it.

      • Nicole says:

        I would say the earliest seasons yes. Because that was before reality tv made even the worst people famous. Now it’s definitely a career move to be on the show. I haven’t watch this show (minus a few after rose specials) since the first bachelorette and the following bachelor season.

      • Taiss says:

        Some of them really found love on the show have gotten married and had babies ( bachelorettes: Ashley, Desiree and bachelor Sean, BIP Jade & tanner) but I honestly think most of them just want to be on TV. Like this nick guy, he’s already tried 3 times on the show, it hasn’t worked out. Maybe it’s time to download Tinder.

      • Kori says:

        Some have though. I think it’s 90-10 though. 🙂 there’ve been 2 bachelors (about to be 3) who’ve married their choice (or the runner up) and 3 bachelorettes. And a few more who’ve met spouses through the larger Bachelor/ette universe. There are some though that the stink of famewhoredom just wafts off of.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        I think all of them went there for fame and some just got lucky and actually fell in love. Love is the by-product of the show, not the main goal.

    • Shambles says:

      Twenty two seasons though. This show needs to die.

  3. minx says:

    This guy….!

  4. Louise177 says:

    Didn’t the girl know that he was “The Bachelor”? Even if she didn’t know until on set, I would think she would leave. Seems like she wants attention too. I don’t watch the show but I’m baffled why they would use somebody who’s been on so many times. It seems Nick is more interested in celebrity than finding a wife.

  5. Squiggisbig says:

    It’s hilarious to me that there was so much drama about Kaitlyn sleeping with more than one contestant yet this dude has slept with someone on every single iteration of this show he’s appeared on AND has slept with so many women that out of all the thousands of women who apply for the bachelor he still ended up getting someone he had a one night stand with. Double standards much 🙄

    • HarajukuBarbie says:

      How so? People are already calling him a douche and bad in bed, so isn’t he getting a negative judgement too. My first reaction is ew, gross to both situations. So how is there much of a double standard.

      • Squiggisbig says:

        Because they picked him to be the bachelor.

      • Lipreng says:

        It’s a double standard because the response to him was, “What a douche,” yet she received tweets like, “She should just crawl in a hole and die. I hope fans break her spirits so our kids can see that whoring behavior isn’t rewarded.” She also received death threats. Double standard.

  6. BeBeA says:

    I never have and never will watch this show. I just don’t like to see woman being silly over one man like he is the last man on earth, I do hope that a some point in this show they actually have women who say “you know I quit he’s not that great and I don’t want him”, or this show isbeyond total bull lol.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      To be fair, they make men act the same way on the Bachelorette. Last season the guys acted like Jojo was the first attractive woman they’ve ever seen.

    • Taiss says:

      A woman did, Andy. She was on the top 3 and she told the guy that she didn’t want him, he was disrespectful( bragged about having sex with an another girl) and she left. The girl he bragged about heard what he had said, but still hoped he’d pick her. He didn’t.

      What I hate is when they cry like they’re so in love with the guy. You’ve known this guy for a few weeks, his attention has divided between you and 10 other girls but already you’re madly in love? Come on!

  7. Merritt says:

    He is gross. And after being dumped by two women who have slept with him, it is clear that he is bad in bed.

    • Taiss says:

      Lol, he must be. I remember how he got when Andy picked josh, he acted like stalker, “I just want to talk”… I don’t understand why they picked him as the bachelor.

  8. Skins says:

    Is it me or are all this guys clothes too small?

  9. Montréalaise says:

    Does this guy have a real job, or has he decided to make a career out of appearing on The Bachelor franchise?

  10. Kori says:

    It’s weird they picked him because in following the show last season through tabloids there seemed one or two audience favorites to choose from. People hate this guy and while he may bring the drama you’re also undermining the point of the show and the rooting value. (It may be bs but that’s the premise anyway)

    • Locke Lamora says:

      The last season was so incredibly boring that the candidates from the last season were awful. Very boring, no personality etc. The only guy who was great (Wells) didn’t really fit into the usual bachelor type. People hated this guy but he got a really great edit in Bachelor in Paradise and a big part of the fandom love/like him now.
      I only started watching last season but I read Reddit a lot 😀

      • Please guide me to Reddit!! Basically I cut off my finger this past summer and was in such ridiculous pain that I literally couldn’t focus on any of my thinker tv shows. I saw Bachelor in Paradise on Hulu while checking for distractions alphabetically and that was my introduction into Bachelor
        World. I was instantly hooked and kind of couldn’t get over the premise of the show, and all the alcohol. Man oh man!! It was like jersey shore and survivor and bachelor all in one! SUCH TRASH!

        Of course I then had to watch Bens season and Andi’s season to see what everyone was talking about.

        I am only slightly ashamed of this. It’s so NOT me, but man did it help me through the pain this summer. The perfect nonsense distraction.

  11. paranormalgirl says:

    He’s wearing white skinny jeans. That’s all I need to know about him.

  12. QQ says:

    His clothes are so Preciously Small

  13. Annie says:

    I read on Reality Steve that the girl in question is Jade’s made of honor. They hooked up at Tanner and Jade’s wedding. So she used her connections to get cast on the show, regardless of what Nick wanted because producers like drama. I’m sure she wasn’t there for Nick, but for a chance at being on tv and copying everything Jade has done. I read she doesn’t last long on the show.
    Bachelor alumni has gotten crazy rich lately with their Instagram sponsorships, so if anyone can get on the show, then go on BIP, they will totally go for it if it means creating an online brand. It’s still crazy awkward though.

  14. JudyK says:

    Have to confess a guilty pleasure of watching the show. My addiction is fading fast, though, after watching my first Bachelor in Paradise which is/was total trash. I’ve never been able to stand Nick…not his looks, not his personality, and not his lack of ethics. Can’t believe he was chosen to be the next Bachelor over Luke.

    Think I’ve kicked my addiction.

  15. hayley says:

    Why do they keep using this jerk?? Does he have something on the producers or something?