Benedict Cumberbatch shows off his haircut in Hong Kong: love it or hate it?

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First: Benedict Cumberbatch is on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly. It’s a preview of Doctor Strange, obviously, which comes out the weekend before Election Day here in the US. Will people actually leave their homes to see Benedict Strange perform magic tricks, or will we all be glued to our TVs in the final stretch of what is likely the worst, most depressing, most offensive campaign in modern American politics? I don’t know. I suspect that the true-blue Marvel fan-boys and fan-girls will see the film on opening weekend. Everybody else? They might wait a few weeks.

What does EW say? Not much right now. They released one quote from Bendy: “It’s a peculiar one — Strange by name, strange by name.” As in, prepare yourselves for a really weird story. Rachel McAdams is probably going to turn into Night Nurse, which I’m sure means something. Benedict also recently said that he thought he was going to have to turn down Marvel’s offer to play Strange because of his schedule, but Kevin Feige was so hellbent on having Cumberbatch that they completely changed the production schedule to make it work for Bendy.

Benedict and Tilda Swinton were also in Hong Kong earlier today for their first promotional stop for the film. Benedict has gotten a rather drastic haircut and I HATE IT. I’m not saying he should always have his Cumbercurls flowing in the breeze, but his face doesn’t really work with short hair. You can see some additional photos here of Benedict and Tilda Swinton. Just one thing: I really need the Daily Mail to stop referring to any Asian country or city as “the Orient.” We’re not living in an Agatha Christie novel. There’s no need.

Photos courtesy of Getty, EW.

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  1. eggy weggs says:

    He needs something to break up the line of his forehead. I mean, fivehead. I mean, tenhead.

  2. lightpurple says:

    Is he going for a center part? The cut looks better on Tilda.

  3. EscapedConvent says:

    No bueno. He needs more hair around his face. And I like to be able to see what season and date it is simply by looking at the length of his hair.

  4. Pri says:

    Don’t mind the cut….he looks younger. Also, am Marvel-ed out.

    • Tris says:

      I’m Marvel-ed out, too, but not Cummer-ed out. He won my heart with Sherlock, and it will take more than a buzz cut to kill my buzz.

      • RedOnTheHead says:

        Ditto Tris. I don’t find him attractive at all but I do love him to pieces in Sherlock. There are plenty of really great actors that aren’t conventionally attractive but don’t get the same kind of derision about their looks as Benedict does. I don’t understand all the hate for him on this site. It’s not like anybody has to marry him and carry his babies; you can just choose to watch his movies and tv shows. Or not. I don’t see what his looks have to do with it.

      • Bridget says:

        @RedOnTheHead – that’s because you’re just a year or two too late. Folks on this site went CRAZY for the Batch for a while. And then the pendulum swung the other way. It’ll probably swing in the other direction again at some point.

  5. Moxie Remon says:

    Um, he lost his mojo, that is, if he ever had one.

  6. freebunny says:

    He could have done some effort, like shaving and have a good suit.
    The short cut makes him look younger, but it’s not flattering for his kind of face.

  7. Lightpurple says:

    He could pass as Adam Eppie Calvin Wilkes Harris’s even less attractive older brother

  8. QQ says:


    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Insert *you in danger girl* gif.

      Personally I think he looks like the end result of a peeled cucumber and asparagus having a baby.

    • Sixer says:

      But but but – he looks better here than he usually does!

      Since I live in post-Brexit Britland I’m going to decide that any opinion on any Brit offered by any Johnny Foreigner DOESN’T COUNT.

      (I am joking, just in case anyone doesn’t notice).

      • Timbuktu says:

        For real, Sixer, I am not a huge fan of his short haircuts, but I think he looks young and great here.
        I think that was unnecessarily harsh. There are a lot of celebs that I don’t find attractive and it amazes me that someone does, but I don’t think that people who like them are “bending over backwards”, even if it puzzles me to no end.

    • Lightpurple says:

      The way Tilda has her face turned ever so slightly away is making me laugh. He looks less than fresh.

      • Timbuktu says:

        Oh, come on, really? His “stans” get crazy flack for analyzing his body language in photos with his wife, but it’s ok for “reasonable” fans to surmise that Tilda turned her face away on purpose and it’s because he’s less than fresh? It’s 1 photo! She could have been smooching him in the next frame for all we know! I actually think he looks very fresh here.

      • Bee says:

        Tilda is 55 and Benedict is 40. Compare the difference. Fresh is not a word I could use to describe him here, or anytime. And neither of them look like they want to be there. Guess that’s what happens when “thespians” sell out to the conglomerate.

      • hermia says:

        @Bee Hear hear!

    • Sasha says:

      Now apply the same comment to a woman. If you can find an actress who is unattractive that is, outside of the theater. But in real life, you know there are women with less than perfect proportions. What are they supposed to do? Nobody is There is more to a person than looks.
      I think it is great that there are actors who can make it without supposed to like them?

      perfect looks.

      That reminds me, there is a Russian folk song which starts with
      ” Why do girls love handsome men?
      Their love (of good looking men) is not reliable”. ))

    • Eve says:


      Can’t dodge the question and choose death, ok? Can’t wear ear plugs either. One of these for a weekend filled with the best money can buy and oh, lots of dirty sex:

      a) Benedict Cumberbatch (lights on) or

      b) Donald Trump (lights on, too).

    • Aoife says:

      “a morphing blob of raw dough on a weird exoskeleton ffs”
      Er, harsh much? And what’s with the phrase “raw dough”? Too white?

      • thek says:

        Now now, Aoife, dont call out her ra/cis/m, you’re gonna get all of celebitchy ‘snarking’ against you XD

  9. Sixer says:

    I think he looks less unbangable there than he usually does!

  10. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    Bendy is a talented guy but his thirsty ways have put me off him as an actor and from watching his performances. Success has turned his head and made him quite insufferable.

  11. SusanneToo says:

    I’ll probably see DS straight off, but the haircut – nah.

  12. bread says:

    He needs some volume in his hair to counter-balance his long face. This cut only accentuates his huge forehead.

    By the way, are we not talking about the white-washing going on in this film anymore?

  13. TotallyBiased says:

    I just don’t think stubble works on him at all. Especially on his upper lip. Think I’d be more into the hair cut if he’d shaved and dressed with a little more care, but that’s just me.

  14. Johan says:

    When he went to Japan 2013, seemed very happy. Surprised and impressed at the warm welcome. Many smiles, merrily interviews and he looked very young. I still love BC’s Tokyo pics and videos.
    He in China 2015 looked very sad, tired and older, talk in a subdued voice, no cheer.
    He didn’t looked like a newly-married guy.
    He in Hong Kong is totally like a clown. I don’t think it his original cheerfulness.
    His conversations are slightly awkward. How melancholy!