Trent Reznor: Donald Trump & the GOP circus ‘stopped being funny months ago’


Trent Reznor has gone so mainstream, and yet it doesn’t feel like selling out at all, right? Reznor is more famous these days for his film scores rather than Nine Inch Nails, and it’s fine. It’s even welcome! Reznor won an Oscar for his score for The Social Network, and he continues to find consistent scoring work. He chatted with the Daily Beast to promote his scoring work on Before the Flood, the documentary about climate change directed by Fisher Stevens and produced by Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. Reznor comes across very well in this interview – he’s mature, he’s thoughtful and he’s pragmatic. He even admits that he enjoyed the GOP debates because he loved seeing them destroy each other, but like most of us, he knows it stopped being funny a while back. I would suggest reading the full piece, but here are some of the best excerpts:

He cares about climate change: “It being so politicized—and the repulsive climate that’s emerged the last however many years over whether you’re choosing to believe or not in facts—is absurd. In an environment where a Trump can rise to create as much chaos as he has, it’s alarming to see society devolve in a lot of ways. I have my own theories of what’s behind a lot of that—the dumbing-down and anti-intellectualism that’s taking place.”

No one believes in facts anymore: “With the distracted culture that we live in where we’re bombarded with entertainment options, 24-hour news, and the death of journalism through clickbait being the business model, and lots of people getting their news on Facebook, where it sure feels like a high percentage of it is false, and I can choose what version of reality I want to live in by what channel I watch my news on or whatever source I get that from. It’s functioning as entertainment masquerading as news. That climate has made it so we’re somehow arguing about facts.”

On the rise of Trump: “It is surreal. I’ll admit that I was entertained during the Republican debates and the whole process of whittling them down. It’s kind of fun to see a grenade go off and see these guys—I hate every one of them—be eliminated and humiliated. But it stopped being funny months ago. It’s sad to see the discourse be dragged this low. It’s absurd that this is even happening.”

He worries that it will be worse once Hillary Clinton is elected: “I’m absolutely terrified about that. Hopefully Trump will flame out any minute now, but the effect of him—or he himself—is not going to go away, and there’s going to be an awful lot of very energized followers. We all know they’re not going to say, “Well, let’s support Hillary because she’s the president now.” She’s walking into a terrible situation.”

What Hillary Clinton had to put up with in the second debate: “Oh, it was terrible. And you think, “Who would want that job?” What a humiliating and terrible ordeal to have to even put up with. Since it’s down to two people, there’s no question that 100 percent of my support is going towards her. I’ll admit that I was more enthused about Bernie in terms of the sense of upheaval and revolution. I’m not saying anything that isn’t very obvious here, but that passion and that ignition of feelings—of wow, we could affect change—is the same way I felt before Obama got in. I feel less passionate about Clinton, personally. It feels establishment and generally I think that turns people off.

[From The Daily Beast]

“I’ll admit that I was entertained during the Republican debates and the whole process of whittling them down. It’s kind of fun to see a grenade go off and see these guys—I hate every one of them—be eliminated and humiliated.” See, that’s sort of how I felt too. I felt a little bit sorry for poor Jeb! Bush (only a little bit) but the rest of those dudes can rot, and it was fascinating to watch how easily Donald Trump disposed of them. But past the primaries, yes, it stopped being interesting/amusing. Don’t get me wrong, the GOP is still devouring itself and there will be some kind of God-awful reckoning/blood-letting within the party, but everything past, say, April of this year has just been appalling/deplorable.

And it doesn’t surprise me that Reznor was more for Bernie, but I do have to point out… like, Trent Reznor is part of the establishment. He probably doesn’t want to say that, but dude, you ARE establishment.


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  1. K37745 says:

    And Trent Reznor stopped being relevant 25 years ago!


    (Sorry….I had to do it. Wassup, T-man! You were a huge part of high school for me. Never change).

    • lizzie says:

      disagree completely! i saw them in 2014 and it was one of the top 5 shows i’ve ever seen – including compared to previous NIN shows. he sounded amazing – better than ever. the band was a great lineup and it was undoubtedly the most arresting and incredible visual experience i’ve ever seen live.

  2. Arock says:

    Yep, id still hit it. *walks out of the room humming the chorus to head like a hole”

    • Kitten says:

      I would too dude, no lie.

    • Kaiser says:

      I would too! Forever. He & Henry Rollins have a lifetime pass to my nasty-woman parts.

    • Nasty Little Darling says:

      All day every day I would make it my one job. I would be willing to do that you know? Sigh imagine the amazing pillow talk with this one?

    • zinjojo says:

      Without a doubt.

    • Jensies says:

      Even kind of roided out like he is now, me too. Not even any guilt about it.

    • Victoria1 says:

      Omg he was one of my rock gods and still is love NIN and Trent sigh…

    • Wurstbonbon says:

      Me too. Forever. Also still producing very awesome music. Let’s not forget that 😀

    • EG says:

      He is looking so hot! Less pasty and angsty than in the 90s! Mmmmm I’m back in your fan club Trent…

    • Flora says:

      Hell Yeah! I worshipped at the altar of Trent Reznor, like every little black-clad emo youth. Still remember buying The Downward Spiral and listening to it in my little bedroom. Trent changed my life for ever. Such a smart and talented man. I really wish he would start touring again with NIN, preferably with Danny Lohner, Robin Finck and Charlie Clouser in the band.

    • The Recluse says:

      Interesting that Reznor was born the same year as Keanu too! Wood dragons have a certain je ne sais quo, non?

  3. Nasty Little Darling says:

    Ah Trent. He is the type of man who would destroy me in real life with his thoughtful, well spoken, brilliant curmudgeon ways. I have been a fan since before I knew how amazing Pretty Hate Machine really was, and I’ve continued to grow and evolve with him since I was about 13.

    No surprise he was more on board with Bernie, but I also like how even though he hates them all, he is one hundred percent with her, and says so.

    Be still my grey colored heart.

  4. Kitten says:

    “I can choose what version of reality I want to live in by what channel I watch my news on or whatever source I get that from. It’s functioning as entertainment masquerading as news”

    THIS all day every day.

    I love him. I understand why he feels that way about Bernie v HRC. It took me until the third debate to be sold on Clinton and now my enthusiasm for her nearly matches what I felt for Bernie.

    I can’t help but think that as a white guy, several of the issues that HRC trumpeted and openly supported during the final debate aren’t ones that directly affect him, so of course he won’t be as enthused. That being said, I do hope that HRC gets a stronger push from lefties like Reznor to do right by the environment, because that’s an issue that matters very much to me as well.

    • Nasty Little Darling says:

      That’s such a huge downside about this particular set of debates. They simply didn’t give Hillary the proper chance to expand on subjects like environmental issues, LGBT issues etc. She might have been able to sway some more to our side because surely Trump would slump there.

      • Kitten says:

        I SO much agree with you. The first two debates were hardly debates and through no fault on HRC’s part. The last debate she was FINALLY allowed the chance to shine and she came through like a 300 carat diamond.

        It was so different being reassured by a woman (YES!) that she will protect our bodily autonomy and it was such a nice touch for her to come out of the gate touting LGBTQ rights (another YES!).

      • Nasty Little Darling says:

        Right, debate is her jam, and when she was finally able to have a moderator who could keep the conversation rolling and give her the chance to speak without being spoken over, MAN did she make some orange marmalade jam out of Trump. It was hair raising to watch, I’m serious. I too was listening because I was at work, and I truly heard her. She made sense, she stayed focus, she took jabs when they were appropriate and preached when she could. She touched on a lot of issues I do feel strongly about and she discounted the absurdity of what he was spewing. I mean, that’s some serious leadership material.

        She did not waiver and she did not give up hee power to him by even giving him a moment of pause when she called her nasty. Not a flinch not a pause.

        Or, in language Trump can understand, she’s rubber and he’s paste. Whatever he says bounces off of her and smacks him in his orange face.

  5. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    He forgot to be idiot and talentless and he is very pragmatic above all.

  6. Aims says:

    That’s how I felt too. It was amusing watching the Republican implode from within . It was absurd and my feelings was they can be crazy by themselves and they can leave us alone . Now the crazy is at our house and it’s a scary . I have such respect for Hillary for the reason , you have to be strong to keep taking having to deal with crazy. Ordinary you would just dismiss it, but in this situation she has to deal with it .

  7. kay says:

    Mah boo (heart emoticon)

  8. Starkiller says:

    “Months ago”? How about “years ago”, or better yet, “never”?

  9. GingerCrunch says:

    Adore!!! More posts on hot, intelligent guys who hate Trump! *NIN will always ALWAYS be relevant*

  10. als says:

    I can’t listen to anyone working with DiCaprio anymore. Leo has stopped being funny a while ago as well.
    Where did the money for this documentary come from? Apparently, the money for The Wolf of Wall Street came from Malaysia government through his rich friends.

  11. FF says:

    It was never funny, tbh.

  12. pinetree13 says:

    LOVE NINE INCH NAILS AND TRENT!!!!!! That is all! /fangirling

  13. Lorelai says:

    This is neither here nor there, but I loved the score he did for “Gone Girl.” Thought it was perfection.

  14. raincoaster says:

    Trent Reznor is rich, but he’s not the establishment. He deliberately got himself out of his major record label contracts and released every album since Year Zero himself, in radical new ways that made them accessible even to the poor. I can’t fault him for taking Hollywood’s money. If he didn’t take it, they’d have just given it to some slick pop machine instead. And he’s working on a new NIN album right now, for which I cannot wait.

  15. Jackie Brown says:

    Gimme a Trent Reznor & Rob Zombie manwich before I die