Tom Brady will likely vote for Donald Trump on ‘Super Tuesday or whatever it is’

Last year, Tom Brady endorsed Donald Trump in a locker room interview. Brady was asked if he thought Trump should be president and Brady said, “I hope so…that would be great, he’d put a putting green on the White House lawn, I’m sure of that.” Brady also keeps a red “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker. After everyone freaked out about Brady’s locker-room endorsement, Brady called in to a radio show and tried to walk back his endorsement by explaining that actually he’s too stupid and disengaged in the issues to make an endorsement, which I also took as a tacit endorsement of Trump. Now that Trump’s unofficial campaign slogan is Leave No P-ssy Ungrabbed, reporters once again wanted to know if Brady is still sticking with his good buddy Donald Trump. Guess what? Yeah. After Brady walked out of a news conference last week when he was asked about Trump’s “locker room talk,” Brady has finally gone on the record. Again.

Tom Brady says he walked offstage when asked about Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” because he didn’t want to be a “distraction for the team” … but says he still considers Trump a friend. Brady called in to the “Kirk & Callahan Show” on Monday — when he was asked to expand on his relationship with Trump.

“I met him probably 15, 16 years ago,” Brady said … “We’ve played golf together many, many times and I’ve always had a good time with him. He’s been a friend of mine. He’s supported our team. He’s supported the Patriots. He’s been on the Patriots sideline a lot. He’s always called me after games to encourage me over the course of 15 years. That’s kind of the way it is.”

When asked why he shut down the “locker room talk” question last week — Brady said, “It’s just the way it is right now. Obviously there’s a lot of headlines to make, and I’ve tried not to make a lot of headlines. I’ve been in an organization where we’re taught to say very little, we have respect for our opponents and we don’t do the trash-talking. The thing I’ve always thought is I don’t want to be a distraction for the team. That’s what my goal is. Not that there are things I’ve said and done that haven’t been, but you try not to be. It’s just hard enough to win and prepare without the distractions so when you start having the distractions it’s even harder to prepare.”

So, is Brady even gonna vote?

“Yeah, I’ll vote … Maybe we’ll talk about it after Super Tuesday or whatever it is.”

[From TMZ]

For the love of God. I mean… I would imagine there are quite a few athletes (white athletes, if I may be so bold) supporting Donald Trump. But Brady’s refusal to even take a stand verbally on Trump’s brags about sexual assault says all I need to know about Tom Brady. “Obviously there’s a lot of headlines to make, and I’ve tried not to make a lot of headlines.” Tom Brady, Riddle Master. He is an enigma wrapped in a headline wrapped in obviousness. As for calling Election Day “Super Tuesday”… LOL. Just… lol…

These are some photos of Tom and Gisele at the premiere of Years of Living Dangerously last month. I just never got around to posting these! Gisele’s (alleged!) plastic surgery looks good.



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  1. Clare says:

    My Brady crush is officially over.

    • Sam Bam says:

      Isn’t his wife environmentally conscious? How can he support a man who thinks global warming was invented by China???

      • almondmilk says:


        I doubt Giselle is truly “environmentally conscious,” she probably got that rep from her years with Leo DiCaprio.

        As for Tom Brady.

        Great Football player. Pretty face. He has the prettiest face in his house at least. The end.

        if you’re a patriot fan you don’t need him to do anything but win. Would a win be sweeter if he wasn’t such an idiot and empty suit? Sure. Everyone wants a charismatic intelligent guy with character and integrity at the helm.

        He’s not it.

        I get the feeling if Trump ranks Giselle right in front of Tom and gives her a 9 body, and a 4.2 for face, Tom will be down with that if for no reason not to rock the boat with his golfing buddy. Hopefully Tom would not allow his pal to grab his wife’s or daughter’s crotches- then again, you never know.

        By the way, there’s ample evidence to show that Trump is not big into sports. Promotional things he can attach his name to(a bike race, a boxing match) sure….but a big sports and/or football/basketball fan….nah. Like a groupie, I think he likes hanging around the hottest guys or the hottest…anything. Which Brady is actually describing their friendship as. If Tom were a handsome loser Trump would not be around. Leading me to once again mull over my theory that Trump’s over the top misogyny and sexism towards women is really cover for his guy crushes…or just latent tendencies in general.

      • Miss M says:

        @almondmilk: FYI, Leo got involved in environmental causes after he started dating Gisele who was already involved. It was not the other way around…

      • almondmilk says:

        Really @MissM?

        Do you have a link (reputable, legit) of Leo saying Giselle was the reason HE became environmentally conscious? Or her saying it?
        I’d really like to read that.

        By the way, it’s just me- but Giselle seems just as sketchy, shallow and empty as her husband and Trump, IMO. It may have been that infamous NY Post cover of a purported Giselle in a Burkha stepping out of a limo and going in for plastic surgery in Paris. “BUSTED!!” it read.

        Which seems odd they would have splashed it full size over their cover since that essentially is a Trump family newspaper (Kushner, the owners are in laws of Trump via Ivanka- they’re the pro-Trump newspaper)

        If Trump is such great pals with Brady, why do that to his wife? Couldn’t he or Ivanka pull strings to not humiliate Brady’s wife?

        Is Brady being forced to say what he’s saying due to that job the paper did on Giselle?

        So many questions.

      • Amy says:

        Gisele is an ambassador for the UN’s Environmental program. So her “rep” has nothing to do with a relationship that ended over ten years ago.

      • Lightpurple says:

        @almondmilk, Donald Trump was the owner of the Jersey Generals, a professional football team in a league that competed against the NFL. He shows up in owners boxes fairly regularly

      • fanny says:

        More importantly isn’t his wife an immigrant ? Uuuuuuuugh

      • LOL says:

        almondmilk: NY Post? They don’t like the Patriots.
        She is not shallow and empty. You don’t like her because she was seen “stepping out of a limo and going in for plastic surgery” in Paris? Wow. I bet you don’t like all those other models who did the same thing. (Adriana was seen leaving her plastic surgeon office years ago.)

        Sam: He did not say if he’s voting for Trump.

    • Kitten says:

      Where did he say he was voting for Trump??

      LOL he said nothing of the sort. He just said he’s voting and no, he’s not gonna talk about politics because that’s not how Belichick rolls.

      He plays golf with the guy and apparently they’re friends which is a shame. But NOWHERE did he say he was voting for Trump. You can have a casual friendship with someone but that doesn’t mean you think they’re equipped to be the president of the United States.

      It f*cking blows my mind how TB can make headlines for saying absolutely nothing smdh. The Pats players never talk about politics and they don’t make political statements.

      • Dippit says:

        I have to admit I’m not reading anything there that says, explicitly, he’s voting for or endorsing Trump.

        Unless he says so outright, then his vote is between him and the ballot box. I am a firm believer in the privacy of the voting booth unless someone actively states an intention or campaigns for a preference in advance.

        Whenever I canvas doorsteps I am always respectful of those who wish not to disclose their intentions. Sometimes I can think I glean what way they lean but unless explicitly stated I leave it to their 30 seconds in a booth with an ‘X’ and a pencil.

      • original kay says:

        That’s just it, he didn’t say anything. Which is what people post celebs/athletes should do. Decline to comment.

        And when he does people still put words in his mouth. Strange.

      • lightpurple says:

        @Kitten, right? He has never endorsed a political candidate. He said very similar things when Kerry, with whom he also golfs AND goes on bike trips, ran for President. These people come to Patriots games and charity events he attends. He maintains a professional friendship. He is very close with some of the Shrivers. He goes on Kirk & Callahan every Monday during the football season. Patriots players are instructed to keep discussions of outside matters to a minimum to avoid distraction from the team and the games. Even the players who are participating in the Black Lives Matter anthem protests have kept their discussions of it to the bare minimum. Devin McCourty explained once what he was doing (raised fist after the anthem, while wearing flag socks), explained how he had discussed it with his family members who were serving in the military, and that was it. Patriots players don’t discuss politics or much of anything else beyond the most recent game and the next game. They barely discuss their own injuries. A guy could lose an arm and they would still be “we’re seeing how things go in practice.”

      • Erinn says:

        I find it questionable that he literally says “he’s been a friend of mine” because that makes me really wonder what kind of people Brady considers friends. With everything that’s come out recently, I’m not sure I’d have phrased it that way even IF he considers him a good guy. Sure, he isn’t dealing with political Trump on the golf course, but it’s not like he’s a vastly different person in his personal life/ ‘normal’ career / political career.

        But at the same time – I think Brady is a good football player- which is a good thing because he doesn’t seem like much of an intellectual. So I’m not going to read into his words TOO deeply because honestly, he kind of word salads sometimes.

        That still brings to question the whole role-model thing. I’m of the opinion that celebrities shouldn’t be ANYONES role model. There are so many other people in the world who are better for that title – but at the end of the day, kids are looking up to athletes as gods. I think a simple “He’s been a good golfing buddy, and he’s a big Pats fan, but I don’t want to speak about politics” would have served him better.

      • AlleyCat says:

        I think the hint that’s he’s voting for trump is that he has a “make America great again” hat. No one who dislikes Trump would have that in their possession.

      • Marty says:

        @Erinn- agreed.

        On one hand, he didn’t come out and explicitly say he was voting for Trump. On the other, he’s made it a point on both occasions to say Trump is a good guy and a good friend. And at this point in the election, saying that makes me think y’all have the same views on things. So at the very least, it’s problematic.

        Just say you don’t want to discuss your political views and move on. Don’t sprout gibberish and nonsense as a way to give a non-answer.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        Kitten, to be fair, Clare didn’t say her crush was over because TB is voting for Trump. I don’t even think he will vote for him. And no, he doesn’t have to comment on politics. But as a human being and public figure, for him to still stress that Trump is a nice dude he plays golf with? Well, okay. That’s his prerogative. I’m sure he’d be super jazzed if Trump grabbed his wife’s p*ssy some day. At this point, it’s not about politics. It’s about denouncing a disgusting excuse for a human being. If it’s the team’s policy to not comment on politics or make political statements, then maybe now is the time to change that. But even if that’s not happening, he could’ve at LEAST spared us the golf story. I can’t with people who insist on telling us about that time Trump wasn’t a total d*ckish desaster. It doesn’t matter. What is that supposed to tell me?

        Going back to Giselle, I’m sure she can tell a story or two about the modelling world and men who randomly grab women and girls.

      • Chicken says:

        Why is backing up dumb-dumb Tom Brady the hill you want to die on?

      • Shark Bait says:

        @Chicken lol. I don’t even like football, so I don’t get it. I grew up outside Philly in the middle of Eagles country and now live even closer to the city. I would not fight tooth and nail to defend the honor of an Iggles quarterback (even if we had a winning team). And especially if they complimented Trump.

      • Anna says:

        @Kitten it’s pretty clear he’s going to vote for Trump. I don’t know why you’re trying so hard to defend a guy who clearly could care less about people knowing if he supports Trump.

      • Erica_V says:

        Kitten I came here to rage against my man but no I don’t see him saying it either.

        I would love if he went on K&C (WE MISS YOU JOHN DENNIS!!!) on Nov 14 (for those who don’t know he calls in every Monday to go over Sundays game) and say Yes I voted and I voted Hillary but I’m not going to hold my breath.

        Because it’s still mid season and like you said Bill is Football> Everything else in life.

      • jwoolman says:

        Exactly. He could be voting for Hillary or writing in Donald Duck for all we know. He just says they are friends who have played golf together. Doesn’t mean he thinks Trump is Presidential material.

        All this means is that Trump hasn’t behaved obnoxiously in Brady’s presence. People do show different sides of themselves in different circumstances. My guess is that Brady has never listened to a Trump rally or a debate. And the hat would be nice except for the association with a racist demagogue… But Brady hasn’t seen that side of him.

      • Kate says:

        He keeps a cap with a Trump campaign slogan in his locker. Why would he possibly do that if he doesn’t support Trump?

        Also, he’s Tom Brady. Dude’s not hamstrung by the Patriots policy of not talking politics. He’s not gonna lose money or be sidelined. He was given the opportunity to speak to Trumps past sexual assaults without coming out as a Dem or Rep, and he chose to call the man a friend and talk his way around the vile crimes his ‘friend’ committed. If he doesn’t want to talk politics at all he should have said that and nothing else, but instead he talked up Trump’s friendship and his support for the Patriots. He vouched for him. That tells me everything I need to know about the man.

      • LOL says:

        Kate: the hat was a gift. It doesn’t mean anything.

    • doofus says:

      well, I never really had one but my opinion of him was “he’s a great QB but kind of dumb”.

      now I know he’s more than “kind of dumb” and he supports someone who mocks disabled people and sexually assaults women.

      my apologies to the Pats fans out there, but this guy has made it pretty clear he’s not distancing himself from Drumpf. he clearly called him a friend. he could have said something a little bit less controversial, like “we’ve played golf together and I used to consider him a friend, but lately he’s said some things I don’t agree with and can’t support.”

      go F*CK yourself, Tommy Boy.

      • Josefina says:

        This. Maybe he didnt explicitly say he was voting Trump, but hes talking about their friendship and not his “locker room talk” (which a lot of atheletes have spoken against).

        For me it’s pretty simple. If you’re not positively anti-Trump, you’re awful. Because Trump literally has all the negative characteristics a politician could have. If youre not bothered by the idea of a man like that being POTUS – you’re either just as bad as Trump is, dangerously apathetic, or dangerously stupid. I think its the latter case with Tom Brady. But tbh, I’d say those 3 options are just as bad.

      • Shark Bait says:

        Yeah, he seems dumb. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed he didn’t want to say anything negative about Trump to incite the furor of his fans (see the whole kneeling for the anthem/Colin Kapernick backlash), but now I’m thinking it’s the other way around. He doesn’t want to say anything bad about Trump because he’s his buddy.

      • Pleaseicu says:

        Tom is a great QB but, yeah, he’s kinda dumb. Or willfully blind. Dude has a thing for associating and defending shady con men. There’s Trump. He also went into business (and managed to rope the Patriots org into the mess) with his “trainer” Guerrera, a man who’s been sued multiple times and gotten in trouble with the federal government multiple times for his cons…er…health claims and health products. This biz partner was caught taking advantage of cancer patients and heart disease patients with his bogus health claims. Some product he was pedaling claimed to prevent and/or cure cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. He and Tom even tried to claim that some bogus “natural” health drink Tom was spokesperson of would prevent and/or cure brain traumas and CTE associated with violent contact sports (i.e. NFL football).

      • Original T.C. says:

        As a Black woman I would NOT keep a “Make America great again” hat even if handed out by the coach. That IS a political statement that was passed out by a politician. If the Pats don’t make statements about politics then why allow a statement by a politician be kept in the team’S locker room? Do they think we are stupid?

        I will sooner be kicked off the team than have to stare at a Trump campaign banner everyday that reminds me of a racist who believes in stop and frisk, spreads racism about minorities, says Mexican-Americans are rapist, engages in sexual assault, calls Muslims terrorists, engages in tax fraud, charity fraud. I would be throwing up in my locker hourly.

        Tom Brady is a rich, good-looking White male who will be given the world on a plate with Trump’s election. He is already friends with Trump and is treated well by him. Golf buddies spend HOURS of time together, you don’t think Trump trash talks women during those golf games?

        Brady doesn’t care about how horrible everyone else who is not a rich White Man will suffer under a Trump administration. He is at the very least selfish and at worst providing good character witness for Trump PR. Disgusting.

    • Dubois says:


  2. OSTONE says:

    Dense, this one.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      “Dense” is a compliment! He’s a freaking moron AND a liar. No integrity at all. You don’t have to be Einstein to realize how absolutely awful Trump is – not only to women and minorities but for the country. Apparently all that matters to him is his money. What a little bubble he must live in. Ew.

      • Lorelai says:

        I’m giggling because I know you meant “dense is a compliment!” sarcastically, but in his case I really think it’s true. He’s as dumb as a bag of hair.

        Super Tuesday!! 😂

    • Snappyfish says:

      He is and always has been a tool. An extremely dull tool. Ever since his Michigan Days. Just look at him….(to use his friend Trump’s expression) you can literally hear the DUH going off in his brain. I expect it is a constant 24/7 hum.

      • Justjj says:

        Tool also came to my mind. He is a tool. He is all the obnoxious dumb jocks from high school and frat bro keg stands in the world personified to me.

  3. Kat says:

    Well that’s why they have him doing sports instead of rocket surgery, I should think.

    • t.fanty says:

      Dang. You’re not kidding.

      Even Ryan Lochte is shaking his pretty little head over this one. He’s so dumb that he doesn’t even know to be embarrassed about his ignorance.

      I’ll bet this is killing Damon, Affleck, and Evans.

      • wood dragon says:

        Poor Evans. He idolizes that team and Brady so damn much. If they were a baseball team instead, he’d be running around out there as their bat boy.
        Feet of clay, just like Evans – and everyone else.

    • als says:

      There were many athletes that took a stand against Trump’s insulting ‘locker room talk’, it was a post about this here on CB.
      Brady is just one of the athletes that has nothing against that kind of attitude and it says something about him.

      Brain surgeons or not, some athletes have defended their own dignity and stood up, refusing to give Trump ‘locker-room’ protection. Brady chose a different route.

      • doofus says:

        yup, and I think that alone is very telling.

      • Kitten says:

        Ok but that’s how Kraft and Belichick run the Pats organization. Notice that NOBODY on the Patriots commented publicly about Trump’s “locker room” talk and that’s always been their policy–focus on football and leave the politics to other people.

        Also, are we going to apply these same standards to every athlete? Because as als said, a LOT of athletes avoided the discussion of “locker room talk”. I guess that’s “very telling”….

        Blah. Who cares. I’m done with this thread.

      • doofus says:

        “that’s always been their policy–focus on football and leave the politics to other people.”

        well…except when their star four-time winning SB QB talks about what a good friend Candidate Drumpf is to the team, and except when that same star QB keeps a Drumpf campaign hat in his locker with the press in attendance.

        and no, we’re not going to apply the same standards because not all NFL players are friends of Drumpf. the reason I think this is more telling than others not speaking out is because of his friendship with Drumpf, on which he has commented publicly and made known. it wouldn’t be so hard OR controversial for him to state that he doesn’t agree with Drumpf’s words on sexual assault or his mocking of disabled people. he doesn’t have to bash Drumpf overall, but he can denounce his words. I mean, we bash celebs all the time on here for not denouncing someone they’ve worked with or are friendly with, like Diane Keaton and Woody Allen…when they say “well, he’s never said “X” or done “X” TO ME…”

        I know this must be hard for you, Kit. If it were my QB who were friends with Orangina, I’d be bummed.

      • Shark Bait says:

        Kraft and Belicheck seem awful, too, so to me that’s not really a good defense. Again, my home team is the Eagles so I know about having douche canoes represent your city (including the fans 😉 )

      • Pleaseicu says:

        I wonder if the lack of comment from the Patriots players is due to the culture of the Patriots organization? Or how much of it is players fearing reprisal for speaking out against the candidate openly supported by the team owners, head coach and HOF QB? The Kraft family, Bill, and Tom are all big time Trump supporters…sorry, friends of Trump. (Kraft especially. IIRC he’s been to Trump rallies and fundraisers more than once this election cycle).

  4. Locke Lamora says:

    He’s voting for Trump because he just thinks with his wallet and any kind of allegations of Trump wont affect him. He’s a rich white guy, Republican policies only benefit him. There has to be a level of social insensitivity for people who vote republican, not just in this election, but in general.
    And he’s an idiot, that probably factors in it.

    In the weirdness that is the American view on race, is Gisele considered a Latina?

    • OriginallyBlue says:

      Latina/o isn’t a race though. There are people from Latin America who look like Gisele and others who look like Naomi Campbell and everything in between. Gisele is white though.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        I am aware of that. But the way Americans classify race isn’t the way the rest of the world classifies race, so you can never know.

      • OriginallyBlue says:

        True, but I doubt Americans would classify Gisele as Latina because she doesn’t “look it” I think people have a certain image in their heads when they think of a particular race and if they can clearly see something other about you they will stick you in whatever box they deem appropriate. Plus not knowing the difference between race, ethnicity, nationality.

      • Hannah says:

        Gisele is white and rich, so she’ll take a pass on the immigrant issue, just like Melania.

      • teacakes says:

        @Originally Blue – I very much doubt you’d find too many Americans who DON’T consider someone with Gisele’s background, appearance and accent to be Latina.

      • perplexed says:

        Doesn’t Latino/Latina apply to culture rather than race?

        She speaks Portuguese, not Spanish, so I’m not even sure if Brazilian nationals are counted as Latino/Latina.

        Her heritage is German, which I think would help her to be perceived as white in America. I mean, Ted Cruz is Latino, and people describe him as a white Latino or white. Basically, neither his being Latino or white seem to cancel each other out.

      • Miss M says:

        Gisele is Latin. The terminology Latin, which is used improperly in USA, means that your language derives from Latin. That being said: Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian are languages originated from Latin. Based on geography, Gisele is Latin American, as Brazil is located in South America. However, she is not Hispanic, as Brazil was colonized by Portugal and not Spain.

    • Shell says:

      Shocking!!!! Not. His priveliged world as a rich white man wouldn’t change at all under a Trump presidency and he’s too dense to think about anyone else.

    • Kitten says:

      WHERE did he say he’s voting for Trump?
      Did I miss something??????

      • als says:

        Kitten, I know it’s hard but come on!
        He has been public about his friendship with Trump, no word that he agrees with Hillary, no word on the ‘locker-room’ talk.
        Who do you think he will vote for? You think Tom Brady, the Winner, will vote third party?

      • Kitten says:

        You still didn’t answer my question.

        There’s no quote from him saying that he’s voting for Trump. Yeah, he’s friendly with Trump, which has been common knowledge for the past 10 years.

        He’s registered Independent, als, so who knows who he’ll vote for…
        But if he had ACTUALLY said he was voting for Trump, it would be breaking news here in Boston. We are a VERY democratic, left-leaning city and needless to say, people around here love TB. It would not go over well if he said he was voting for Trump.

      • lightpurple says:

        Patriots players do not discuss politics one way other. And, because of lawsuits under prior ownership, locker room talk is regulated. Players who have outside issues (DUIs, domestic violence, etc) do not last long with the Kraft ownership.

      • als says:

        @kitten: he did not say he is voting for Trump here or anywhere. I deduced it from previous info about him and Trump.
        To be clear, different people here, including lightpurple and yourself have offered the info that the Pats players have a policy about not making political statements. Fine.
        However, had Brady not said in that last year interview that he would like Trump to be president (a post that I remember) I wouldn’t even have known they were friends or golf buddies or whatever.
        At the time of that interview, Trump was în the running to get the nomination I believe, which means he broke the Pats’ no politics rule.

        I don’t follow Brady, the Pats or any team closely because I am not much into football, I mostly read about him here on CB posts and comments. If you think Brady will go with Hillary, ok. But If he won’t go with Hillary, he’ll never say it out loud for the exact reason you have mentioned about Boston. I am guessing at this point, many people that will vote Trump are staying silent, even outside of Boston, even non-celebrities. We are left with guessing and deducing, until the day when proof comes out.

      • Lightpurple says:

        @Als, as I said above, he made similar statements about John Kerry when he ran for president. In addition to golf, he has done bike trips with Kerry. He is also very close with the Shriver branch of the Kennedy family. As for the hat, Trump left a bunch of the hats in the locker room, it isn’t like Brady himself brought the hat. Trump has been a football groupie for decades and is friendly with lots of owners and players, that doesn’t mean they are going to vote for him. On any given Sunday, Gillette draws politicians and celebrities of all types and Kraft welcomes them and gives access to the team.

      • doofus says:

        but lightpurple, when has Kerry or any Kennedy said things as disgusting as Drumpf? that’s part of it too. if Kerry or a Shriver/Kennedy went around insulting women and minorities, and bragging about sexual assault, I’d have an issue with anyone who was “friendly” with them, too.

        but this isn’t about which (OTHER) politicians he’s friendly with, or which party they belong to. this is about a disgusting person running for prez and a high profile athlete who won’t speak out about the disgusting things his candidate “friend” has said.

        as for the hat…yes, Drumpf brought them into the clubhouse and “left” them there, but Brady CHOSE to put one on display in his locker, front and center, when the press was present.

      • Tifygodess24 says:

        Kitten – this thread went exactly where I thought it would go. That’s why I stay off of anything to do with Brady or the Pats on this site. Sad but true. Morbid curiosity made me look and I see it was a mistake. And you’re correct, No where did Brady say he was voting for Trump and the brief comments he has made, that people keep using as evidence to shill their version, Brady made back before crap started really hitting the fan. And how long ago was that hat in his locker- oh that’s right back when he wasn’t even the candidate. His experience with Trump has probably been the complete opposite from what we have seen on the campaign trail. So I’m sure that’s why Brady said what he did then. He also never said Trump was his BFF, knew everything there was to know about Trump- so to blame Brady about Trump is ridiculous. I love when speculation and assumption are turned into fact because of how someone “feels”. One of the biggest issues we have now a days. And no that’s not just referring to this nonsense. Aside from all of this I have learned as a die hard pats fan not to even bother arguing anymore because people will believe whatever they want even if it’s not true.

      • Shark Bait says:

        He can’t say it explicitly because Boston is a very blue city and New England is typically pretty blue as well. He knows he’d get backlash as opposed to an athlete in a red state. I get it, I do. But it just seems like he is being way to careful not to call out Trump which speaks volumes.

      • Lightpurple says:

        @Doofus, to many of those who despise liberals even mentioning a Kennedy without going on a diatribe about Chappaquidic is treason.

      • doofus says:

        Tifygodess, a couple of things.

        yes, some of those things Brady said a while back, before a lot of the stuff about Drumpf came out. however, Brady JUST said, one day ago, about what a good friend Drumpf has been. AFTER all the mocking of the disabled and the misogyny and the racism and the Islamophobia and the sexual assault came out. he had a chance to say “well, he’s been my friend for a while but I just can’t support the things he says.” he did not. he used the old “I’ll avoid commenting on that” after he already did comment and people wanted to know more.

        and regarding the hat…it was pictured in his locker in Sept 2015, AFTER Drumpf announced his candidacy, in June 2015.

      • doofus says:

        lightpurple, yes, I am aware of the Kennedy who drove drunk off of a bridge and killed a woman.

        but that is a false equivalence and not exactly relevant to this discussion.

        I don’t/didn’t see Brady talking about what a great friend Ted Kennedy was and how much he supported the team. even IF he had said anything about the Shriver family and how friendly they are, you’re talking about an event that occurred before Brady was born and has NO relevance to his friendship with the relatives of the perpetrator of the act.

        Drumpf, however, is alive and well and STILL making disgusting statements. and Brady has said he is friends with Drumpf, as recently as one day ago.

  5. als says:

    Brady is in habit of giving plane rides to his bro Affleck and his nanny turned mistress. His choice was to be expected.
    I think this reflects poorly on Gisele’s push that she has a perfect man by her side. She posts so many lovey-dovey pics. But what does her perfect man speak about in his locker room?

  6. Tila says:

    He’s f*cking idiot. That is all.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Phew. Thanks, Tila. I’m not a sports fan, even of our Australian sports, but I’ve read quite a few articles on your Mr Brady, especially here on CB. Geeez, he seems as thick as two short planks.

  7. Bethy says:

    He’s really not very bright, is he? Stick to football, Tom.

  8. embertine says:

    BREAKING NEWS: spoilt white man with s*** for brains voting for spoilt white man with s*** for brains. Nation in shock.

  9. Brunswickstoval says:

    My superficial comment of the day but he really is a great example of the ugly / pretty face. I know I’ve seen him photograph well but these ones? Not so good.

    Or maybe it’s knowing his politics that makes him ugly now.

    • Taiss says:

      Lol, right! He’s so pretty and ugly depending on the day. It’s weird. Like dude pick a side.

      • ElleBee says:

        I agree. He’s handsome sometimes but in those pictures he looks like a caricature of a handsome guy. He’s like a bad Ken Doll. Weirder to me is that Giselle looks like she could be his half sister.

  10. Seraphina says:

    Of course he will. I’m sure he’s up to par on where they stand in the issues as well. But he can always go live in Brazil with Giselle if the country tanks.

  11. Seraphina says:

    Of course he will. I’m sure he’s up to par on where they stand in the issues as well. But he can always go live in Brazil with Giselle if the country tanks.

  12. wood dragon says:

    Yeah, he’s a real inspiring example. I don’t even want to imagine what Trump says around this bone head.

  13. Lucy2 says:

    Super Tuesday? Wow. Stupid Tuesday, apparently.

    Tell him it’s November 28, and show him the tape of trump telling everyone that’s when to vote. Problem solved.

  14. Syko says:

    One more reason to dislike him.

  15. Tate says:

    My opinion of Brady was already pretty low, so…..

  16. L says:

    My take is he was being very passive around the topic. He has been friendly with trump in the past and I think he was being playful in his first answer about the golf course on the White House law. Trumps pps then put then gifted the hat to him. It seems like he does not want to answer these political questions and he knows that whatever he says will make headlines. I don’t think he actually supports the Donald politically but is not about to embarrass a acquaintance publicly.

    • Esmom says:

      I sorta got that too but boy he did a horrible job. Next time I’d say “no comment” would suffice.

      • doofus says:

        yeah, all he has to say is “I’m not commenting on politics or my voting habits. ask me about football.”

    • lightpurple says:

      He never answers political questions and he was just as friendly with John Kerry as he is with Trump and said pretty much the same things when Kerry ran for president. He says Trump has been friendly, he doesn’t exactly come out and say whether he is voting for him.

      • Kitten says:

        Jesus thank you! Are people actually reading what he said or just the headline???

        He’s been friends with DT for a long time. It’s unfortunate, but it is the way it is.
        I have a feeling Giselle is for HRC and won’t let Tom vote Republican this year 😉

      • lightpurple says:

        I doubt we’ll be seeing many votes for Trump in Brookline.

      • Kate says:

        I’m reading that he chose to answer a question about Trump’s history of sexual assault by calling him a friend, and a friend of the Patriots.

        He didn’t say no comment, he didn’t say ‘I don’t talk politics’. He talked Trump up with zero disclaimers.

    • Shark Bait says:

      Could you imagine the Donalds insults to Brady? The cheating, aging, not very good looking Tom Brady… not very good at golf… bad cheater… Sad. Seen Tom Brady up close, very ugly. Overrated.
      It would be a damn mess!

  17. Soror Bro says:

    I’m not surprised Brady hasn’t taken a stand on Trump’s brags about sexual assault. One of the things this election has taught me is that most people won’t acknowledge that their preferred candidate has any faults. I guess they figure it’s their job as a supporter to talk them up. Not down.

  18. Bageera says:

    I love Gisele and have been a fan since I opened my first vogue in December 1999 (I still love her) I took a deep breath when she started to date Tom Brady because I really do think most of the flak is because of him…I find him so repulsive! He plays devils advocate, he doesn’t seem to support his wife, he thinks being ambiguous makes him neutral, and infact it makes him somewhat irresponsible. Also, I hate the way he dresses (everything is so badly fitted) more than anything! Slightly petty rant over. It’s amazing how angry I feel towards anyone defending Trump at the moment and I’m not even American.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      In their couple,it is her the boss.He is probably a nice passive not ugly and not bright guy

  19. Nancy says:

    Of course he’ll make a good President. I mean I played golf with him, that’s all the qualifications for President I need. What a doofus.

    • Patricia says:

      Sad. And all the more obvious that issues that greatly affect and trouble minorities are nowhere on his radar. Must be nice to not fear a Trump presidency because you are the “rich, white, male, Christian” that Trump panders to.

  20. Cannibell says:

    Super Tuesday? I was suddenly reminded of the Scarecrow’s tune in the Wizard of Oz.

  21. SM says:

    Well. It only is natural. What this campaign showed that there is a large group of priviliged, ignorant, out of touch white male, who feel opressed by feminism, equal rights and civil liberties. In this particular case, at least he is in sports and does not trg to be all smart. What I fail to understand though, how a woman who is independant and is not brain dead as Melania (which is what I think of Gisele) can stay and raise kids with someone like that.

  22. OriginallyBlue says:

    Of course. None of the issues affect him and his family and he obviously doesn’t care about anyone else.

  23. Mia4S says:

    So I know there’s a certain segment of men who would lick the boots of any NFL player (come at me) but can the sane among us agree that this guy seems like a bit of a garbage person?

  24. grabbyhands says:

    Jaysus, what a frigging moron. And not just because of Trump.

  25. Ariel says:

    Per some sports articles I’ve read, many white players are voting for trump- and it’s causing stress in the locker room b/c obviously trump is a racist and that doesn’t sit well the black players.
    Brady is protecting his vast wealth – trump will cut taxes on the rich.
    Hopefully there is unpleasant karmic justice for Brady down the line.

    • anon says:

      Do you think Hillary Clinton is goign to raise taxes on the rich? Of course, not. She is going to raise taxes on middle class people like us. Hate Trump, vote for Hillary, but at least understand the issues..

      • jwoolman says:

        No, you’ve been listening to Trump, not Hillary. Trump ran an ad doctored to make it look as though she was saying she would raise taxes on the middle class, conveniently omitting the crucial word “not”.

        Taxes on the rich used to be significantly higher. A Republican President cut those taxes, claiming it would stimulate the economy. Which it never does, because rich people don’t spend more when they save on taxes. They invest more because they can afford the risk of losing what they invest. They already are spending as much as they are likely to do. But if you reduce taxes or give tax credits to people in the middle class and below, you really do stimulate the economy because lower income people do spend when they have more money in their pockets. They get things they’ve wanted or needed but couldn’t afford before. Economic uncertainty in those income brackets has a bad effect on the economy, because they reduce their spending significantly if they’re afraid of losing their job or have hours cut. That can make or break local businesses. The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday because in a healthy year, spending on that day will bring stores into the black (profit rather than loss). Poor spending on Black Friday means the stores are still running a loss (in the red) which they might not make up if the trend continues through the December holidays.

        Trump has promised to cut taxes for the very rich like himself and eliminate estate taxes, which only apply to the very rich. His tax policies, if implemented, will put millions of dollars in his and his children’s’ pockets. Meanwhile, helpful government programs will be cut for lack of funding. The Republicans in Congress have pushed forward reductions that have even affected the IRS and Medicare staffing, which affects respectively monitoring of tax compliance by the very rich like Trump and having staff to help people on Medicare deal with their medical expenses.

        So unless you are in the 1%, you’re hitching your wagon to the wrong star. Trump will drastically reduce income from taxes on the rich, leading to cuts in beneficial programs, and will drastically increase the national debt and therefore the yearly interest payments. Eventually this will lead to increased taxes on everybody just to barely keep the government going. If he engages in as much warmaking as is likely, that will also push up the national debt quickly. Wars can take decades to pay off.

    • Snowflake says:

      Unfortunately I know several black people who are voting for Trump. I don’t get it…….

  26. SM says:

    On the other hand I would not have any difficulty believing that this is how he does the locker room talk. Hence marriage to a model who aspires to be beautiful and be objectified by her husband which I am sure they both see as a successful marriage.

  27. Wren33 says:

    I took that as a non-answer, not saying he is voting for Trump. He is basically saying Trump is a long-time friend and has always been supportive, so he is not going to come out and trash him, but also that any statement he makes, in support or in defense of, would create headlines and distract from the football-related headlines he should be generating. But obviously, he doesn’t understand or care about the seriousness of all the allegations if he thinks that statement is not going to create headlines itself.

  28. Skins says:

    I don’t think Tom is too bright. Only 2 things can fit into his mind, football and Gisele

  29. sara says:

    I don’t get how most people are shocked that Brady will vote for a misogynist and that Brady himself is a complete idiot. I always thought his lack of brains and bigotry was known.

    • Kitten says:

      His “bigotry”?
      Wow, that’s a new one!

      • original kay says:

        are you ok Kitten?

        You seem a little overwrought on this thread.

        ((hugs)) it will all be over soon, just a few more weeks. I know when Canada was voting last year I was distraught for months, thinking Harper might get reelected.

      • Linda says:

        @originalkay. Are you feeling better now that we have had Trudeau for prime minister. I know that after a year I am not. I feel like I am living in a nightmare. Things are getting worse and worse for my family. And yes I am from Alberta and no we were not oil patch workers. Just regular folks trying to make a living but things are tanking. Economic doom in our country with nothing being done for us out here.

      • TRJ says:

        @Linda I too am an Albertan, and ALL of my household income is tied tangentially to the oil patch (I am the lower income earner, but have more job security, and we’ve just had to plan for the worst). I blame a lot of the hardship on decades on conservative government mismanagement – much of the economy is tied into a boom-and-bust natural resource, instead of TRYING to diversify. Also – things started to turn down before both the new provincial AND federal governments took over.
        Considering Harper’s plans for a “barbaric practices hotline” obviously targeting a specific segment of the population, as well as that horrific Bill C-24, I’m sure as hell glad for the government change.

      • original kay says:

        To my fellow Canadians (hi!!)

        I am in Ontario, and things are not great here either. Rising costs of absolutely everything means we often do without.
        But that’s more the province.

        As PM, yeah, I am happy, very much so. The transparency is much needed. Harper hid away everything he did, for good reason, since what he was doing was turning us into the USA Republicans.

        The only place I am NOT happy is C-51. After a year the Liberals have done nothing to change any of it- it’s not acceptable and they need to step up and give back the rights guaranteed under our Charter.

  30. JudyK says:

    He doesn’t appear all that bright to me.

  31. Sam says:

    He can vote for Trump if he so chooses. My problem is he was asked twice about the “locker room” talk and instead of saying yea that’s not locker room, it’s inappropriate etc he just bends around the bush and that’s not okay with me. Hes the face of the NFL. I’ve always been a Brady supporter and I love watching him play especially because he was an underdog and rose to the top. I was rooting for the Patriots to win the SuperBowl this year just to spite Goddell and so Brady can win his fifth ring. Not having it now. Now I’m hoping the Cowboys with their rookie QB and rookie running back win it. Imagine Dak Prescott winning the super bowl for the first time and it being for “America’s Team.” Oh it’ll be so sweet seeing all those white guys down south bitter because a black man brought the Cowboys back to their winning ways.

    • Shark Bait says:

      Yeah I’m sorry but that’s not “making a political statement” or whatever Kraft doesn’t allow. He could just say yeah that’s not locker room talk, I have a wife and a daughter and I hope everyone would be respectful to women and that’s all I’m going to say about that. No one would have been talking about this if he hadn’t joked about his friendship with Cheeto and had that hat in his locker. Walking out of the press conference made it a distraction. I know Boston sports fans are hard core, but is this really what you want to fight to defend? He can be a great quarterback and a terrible human being.

  32. adastraperaspera says:

    Here is how I think Brady and Trump are connected. Gisele was discovered at age 14 by the Elite modeling agency, founded by Trump’s very good friend and business associate John Casablancas, who is credited with creating the “supermodel” brand. Gisele would most likely have met Trump early on in her career, because around that time Casablancas was helping him with the founding of Trump Model Management. I think Trump was involved in some way with introducing Brady to Gisele.

    Starting in the 1970s, Casablancas showed Trump that the easy way to gain access to young, vulnerable women was to create modeling agencies and beauty contests as lures (such as the Elite Model Look contest, in which Gisele placed fourth). You can find many reports on how Casablancas operated as a debauched pedophile. New reports are finally beginning to emerge that claim Trump Model Management trafficked in women, bringing them to the U.S. and housing them in “model apartments” where they were subject to many labor abuses. (See Mother Jones article on this.)

    • adastraperaspera says:

      Let me just add to this that Brady didn’t say he’s voting for Trump. Deciding not to answer a question about it can’t be counted as an endorsement.

  33. Piper says:

    I’ll be so glad when this election is over . What’s up with the public shaming of people who don’t think along the exact same party lines as you? I think voting is as personal as religion and it’s rude how the media is forcing public figures to tell who they’re voting for, just for a headline or to label them.

    • Lorelai says:

      Piper, generally I would agree with you.

      But this election is NOT just about “thinking along party lines.” The GOP’s candidate is openly racist, sexist, an unrepentant liar, degrading…the list goes on (plus, if recent reports are to be believed, a serial sexual assaulter, as well) and on, and on. He is a garbage person and a national embarrassment. Anyone voting for him *deserves* to be publicly shamed.

      If it was Mitt Romney we were talking about, I think most liberals would shrug and go about the rest of their day. Most Democrats I know are pretty respectful of moderate Republicans and points of view other than their own. But being a Trump supporter is, at this point, showing a very ugly and/or ignorant side of yourself.

      This has gone waaay beyond “party lines” and differing viewpoints. Can’t you see the difference? (I’m asking this honestly!)

    • Timbuktu says:

      Since when is religion “personal” in this country? Christianity has been extremely “in your face” in American politics for decades…

  34. Kori says:

    Trump trumpets Brady’s comments all the time and it’s not corrected or asked to stop. Bob Kraft and Belichick have appeared with him and made glowing comments. No endorsements officially but there are relationships going back 15 years. I think they’ll vote for him but I don’t think they’re going to endorse. That’s a pr headache in the football season.

    • Shark Bait says:

      The three of them are good at their jobs in the football world, but seem like shit humans so I’m not surprised.

  35. Ann says:

    He’s an athlete. They are all dumb.

    • mellie says:

      Haha…yes, this….let’s quit listening to anyone else and vote by using our own intelligence and formulating our own opinions. Our course, this election is an easy no-brainer, but these celebrities who think they are Socrates, please, just stop…go act, play, sing – we got this guys!

    • MellyMel says:

      Well that’s a tad unfair & a played out stereotype. There are many athletes that are extremely smart and know what’s going on politically. Tom may not be one but no need to be rude to a whole group of people you’ve never met.

  36. Thaisajs says:

    “Maybe we’ll talk about it after Super Tuesday or whatever it is.”

    That was in the primaries, hon. We’re in the general election now. Way to knock down those stereotypes of the pretty, dumb athlete.

  37. perplexed says:

    Well, I’ve defended his diet choices but the Super Tuesday comment does sound air-heady.

    I can’t see where he actually says he’ll vote for Donald Trump though. He might or he might not, but I can’t see where he’s actually stating outright which possibility he’s choosing. The part where he says Donald Trump is his friend weirds me out, but I still can’t tell who he’s voting for.

  38. Eric says:

    Since Brady’s net worth probably exceeds $100M, I would guess he’d vote Republican. The family’s combined net worth being more than two times that means that they’d both vote Republican.
    Not sure why it’s that important really. He’s one vote. Vote your conscious whether you agree or disagree.

    • teacakes says:

      Is Gisele even a citizen, though? I don’t think she gets to vote for anyone…

    • Lightpurple says:

      So, net worth always determines political affiliation? BTW, many Republicans are not voting for Trump.

  39. holly hobby says:

    Ok Tommy I hope you keep your wife and daughter away from the Dumpster. His reason for supporting him sounds vapid too.

  40. mayamae says:

    Some of the most measured, intelligent posters become different people on Tom Brady threads. It’s like someone hijacks their name.

  41. Eric says:

    Wealthy Americans tend to vote Republican because the GOP likes tax laws that shelter wealth with tax loopholes for capital gains, inheritance, and cash losses. The GOP has been doing this in one form or the other since the Nixon years.

  42. j says:

    No surprise the NFL teaches players to “say very little”. It is a horrible, hypocritical institution. They actively politicize themselves with bonerific displays of support for the military and their phony altruism pink campaign for women (ahem, sorry I mean daughters and mothers). They forcibly insert players into their sociopolitical agenda, and then deny them the right to speak. What a f–king terrible organization, I honestly can’t even stomach the sport anymore.

  43. Neo says:

    So lame. He clearly has an eye to keeping all connections going so he can keep up his lifestyle after he retires.

    She’s ridiculously good looking and her surgery is done well enough that she doesn’t look at all plastic. If she really cares about the environment, it’d be nice to see her use her position to take a stand against Trump here but that’d be asking her to make an actual sacrifice for her cause and I think we all know how unlikely that is to happen. It’s sad that Saint Angie is the exception, not the rule. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people who had so much going for them would do more with their lives than just glide along on a neutral setting?

    • Nina says:

      I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I think she is truly one of the most unattractive people I’ve ever seen. And he’s starting to match her unattractiveness? I don’t get it.

  44. L says:

    He reminds me of Lurch from the AF movie.

  45. CF98 says:

    I don’t remotely like Tom Brady since his Michigan days(I hated him long before it was popular to do so) BUT I’m not really bothered by his comments here. I mean he usually talks about football and rarely about his personal life(despite being in a high profile relationship).

    Who he votes for is his own personal decision. I don’t rely on famous people to sway my vote and anyone who does is the bigger idiot here and has nobody to blame but themselves.

  46. Susan says:

    I would be more interested to know how Jimmy Garropolo is going to vote. Come on, Jimmy, don’t disappoint me!

  47. HoustonGrl says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwww. He’s clearly had one too many concussions.

  48. Kate says:

    I think some people here need to realise you can support a sports team without liking the jackasses that play for said team at any given time.

    If Brady played for a different team the Pats fans here would be tearing him to shreds.

  49. LOL says:

    This article is ridiculous. He endorsed Trump? No, he didn’t. You know it’s not true.
    “He tried to walk back his endorsement by explaining that actually he’s too stupid and disengaged in the issues to make an endorsement.” Stupid? No. He is SMART.